Hands Are There


Hello my friends

How’ve ya been?  We’re still hanging in there day to day
waiting for it to warm up.  We had but only one day a few
weeks ago with 87 degree F temperatures and all other
has been in the 50’s, 60’s and lower 70’s during the day LOL.
Yeppers,  the nights are still a bit frigid.  Judy and I have
gotten caught up into those virtual world games like Pet
Society,  YoVille and Farm Town hehehe.  We are actually
having fun doing it.  Although most of my crop died at Farm
Town because I forgot to reap the harvest LOL.  Oh well,
that’s life.  I planted some more hehehe.  We’ve also been
playing a game called Virtual Family from Big Fish games
and that has killed a little time.  Other than that, Judy and
I still play our hidden object games off and on.  We play
those games when we can’t find anything on TV to watch :).
Yep, here at the Pearce’s household it’s just a rockin with
excitement hehehe.  The Houlton Farms Ice Cream shop
has opened up again for the summer and Judy and me have
already paid it a visit to get Shake a Sunday’s LOL.  Yes
we are silly.  So if ya can’t be silly once in a while,  what
can ya do to make the boredom to cease.  I think being
silly is great in the correct timeframes LOL.  We must be
serious also when necessary.  There is such a thing as
over doing it hehe.  Judy gets a kick out of the weirdness
that comes out of my mind at times LOL.  I will make up
new lyrics to songs and turn them into goofy town LOL.
I’ve always had a poetic mind.  God saw fit to give me a
very enlightened way of wording.  Judy will sit over there
and just watch as I write multiple poems at the drop of
a hat.  LOL she calls me the haiku master :).  I ain’t, but
it’s nice of her to think so hehe.  Well other than all that I
have already told ya about,  there ain’t much else going
on around here.  My daughter called Friday night and we
talked for a long time.  Her daughter (my granddaughter)
Sami is having health issues.  It’s sad to say,  but she will
have health issues all her life being she was born with
Spinal Bifida.  She’s getting around like a champ. She
has even been riding horses in contests.  Jamye said we
will have to find a way to get me down there so I can
watch Sami ride.  I hope that day comes to be.  Yet now
days it doesn’t seem to be in our funds, plus I don’t do
planes well due to my health issues.  Yet we will try to
find some method one day of getting there to watch her.
On that day and time,  I will most surely be visiting as
many of my friends and family as I can before having
to return home.  One day,  yes one day!  On a brighter
note,  On Judy’s next two days off on Wednesday and
Thursday,  we are heading back to Houlton Farms
for some more ice cream LOL.  Of course that is only
8 miles away.  Yet when we decide to eat our sweets
at home,  I have to hold the melting ice cream in hopes
of it not falling in my lap on the 8 mile journey LOL.
Yes our life is exciting ain’t it hehe.   God gives us ways
of dealing with the boredom as well as the troubles that
life throws our way.  We will many times forget to
seek for the tools to use.  Don’t forget to look.  God’s
Hands are there to pick you up when you fall down.
With that said I reckon it’s time for me to be taking my
little visit to that place of recollection from past things
written to that place I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE
and see what word or phrase I can dig up to use for
today’s brand new poem.  So it’s away I go like a flash
of lightning. OK maybe just a little flicker hehehehehe!
I believe I found a good title.  Now let’s see what I can
do with it.  Here goes nothing hehe yet I hope not!!!

Hands Are There

God’s Hands are there
in the midst of a storm
to heal you in moments
that you feel forlorn.
His Hands are waiting
with Jesus design
as we each walk on
in our time to time.
When you are weary
and scared half to death,
let Jesus help you
to gather your breath.
His Hands are there
even when we can’t see,
for they may look
like someone like me.
His Hands are waiting
each day that you breathe
and you can bet that
He will never leave.
His Hands are there
in test after test
to send you an angel
when you’re needing rest.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2009

Well, I sure hope that made some sense to ya.   Hopefully
I worded it clearly.  I know,  many times I didn’t see the
answers,  but it was only due to me not wanting what God
had sent me.  You do remember the story about the man
with his house being washed away and he shunned all the
help that came his way saying God will save me.  He then
ended up at the gates of Heaven and asked,  why did you
not save me and God said hey,  I sent ya a man in a row
boat and a man in helicopter,  but you turned them down.
That’s life!  We often look for the wrong answers.  Let
Jesus help you today as some angels come your way.
I guess I need to be telling ya what I tell ya every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku as well
a brand new Christmas poem to add to all the others :).
I wrote em all yesterday (Saturday).  Hope you enjoy em.
Ok,  it’s time for me to be hushing and trying to find that
old off switch on myself hehe,  but before I do that,  I want
to wish you a most wonderful week.  Remember Jesus
loves you and we do too.  Ok now where’s that off switch
at this time???? Found it this time where I left it LOL.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

Let Not The Dwindling

Dwindling are memories
that time has forsaken
while days move onwards
just like eggs and bacon.
Links to the thoughts
that memories provide
sometimes will dwindle
on times ticking ride.
So take the memories
of today and tomorrow
and paint some pictures
without any sorrow.
Be thankful for all those
of day after day
that live as the memories
of a wonderful way.
Don’t let them die.
Keep them always alive
by providing the moments
that live deep inside.
Let not the dwindling
of goodness you’ve seen
to fade from your mind
and also your dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
May 30,  2009

When The Flowers

Till timeless flowers
are grown in the spring
all of the moments
will show anything.
Maybe some weeds
in a certain array
will then just paint on
in their certain way.
Maybe some hillsides
with trees they’re bestowing
just might paint pictures
of all that is growing.
Times in a bottle
the scenes may be found
when they’re unleashed
to here there around.
Till timeless flowers
are painted so right,
God will just display
another day and night.
Yet when the flowers
of colors arrive
they will show surely
that spring is alive.

©By Bill Pearce
May 30,  2009

The Winds Fine Design

Winds in performance
will blow things around
and they are sometimes
a different place found.
Winds as they’re blowing
in April May June
will make the patterns
of what’s coming soon.
All of the pictures
in real times parade
will be found blowing
the new days outlaid.
I try to follow
with camera in hand
as each performance
is found oh so grand.
Winds of a turnstile
are blowing so true
in with the blessings
from here thereunto.
Clouds seem to follow
the winds fine design
painting the skies up
most every time.

©By Bill Pearce
May 30,  2009

No Matter Born

Friends are a family
as family is friend
that are not needed
the bloodlines depend.
Sometimes a friend
is much closer found
deep in the heartbeat
of love that’s around.
Friends are a family
gathered so true
as time is counted
to me unto you.
We are the portholes
to family and friends
as we’re connected
to time without ends.
No matter bloodlines
and no matter born
a true friend that’s gathered
will not be forlorn.

©By Bill Pearce
May 30,  2009

Before You Go Through

Sometimes doorknobs
will need to be turned
so as to enter
with lessons well learned.
Sometimes windows
will need better seen
so it’s important
to take time to clean.
Sometimes minutes
will seem to rush on
leaving beginnings
without any dawn.
Yet it’s the doorknobs
of patterns so well
that give the lessons
to help us to tell.
Sometimes the windows
that we’re looking through
will show the lessons
what we are to do.
Yet many doorknobs
just need left alone
so to be moments
that we’ve never known.
Thank God for guidance
as time moves along
and all the doorways
that made you more strong
and when you find then
those doors thereunto
ask God for guidance
before you go through.

©By Bill Pearce
May 30,  2009

My Daddy’s Lessons

Heard as an echo
is a voice from the past
lessons from daddy
that I learned then at last.
Heard are the pages
I turned all too quick
that were the reasons
the times were so sick.
I heard an echo
of my daddy’s words
that seemed as lessons
of times flock of birds.
Daddy’s fine judgment
was found in a time
not as the greatest
for my point and time.
Yet I am older
and know now today,
that my daddy’s lessons
now show me the way.

©By Bill Pearce
May 30,  2009

Godly Restraint

Where is the picture
and where is the paint
when all that’s displayed
is cannot and ain’t?
Where is the wisdom
from not trying to
when in fact lessons
are needed to do?
Where is the journey
and where is the force
when ones refuse to
let time run its course?
Where are the hopeful
and where is the love
when ones will walk on
and just push and shove?
Where is the picture
and where is the paint
when ones don’t use some
Godly restraint?

©By Bill Pearce
May 30,  2009

Let Today’s Journey

Open the window
and let in the view
of all the flavors
that God gave to you.
Open your minds eye
and look deep inside.
You might find journeys
to times greatest ride.
Open the window
and hear every sound
that is the accent
of all there around.
Let in the blessings
that God has displayed
and let them blossom
and be Heaven made.
Let today’s journey
to be oh so sweet
as you let Jesus
to come and complete.

©By Bill Pearce
May 30,  2009

Dusk Unto Dawn

I am now waiting
for summer to end
and bring December
to me as a friend.
I am now waiting
for Christmas and more
to come in singing
on through seasons door.
I am now watching
the seasons prelude
as May is ending
with coming of June.
I am now standing
with arms stretched out wide
while I am waiting
that Christmas time ride.
I am now dreaming
of seasons to come
such as fall’s painting
the seasonal sun.
I am now waiting
as time marches on
while I am dreaming
from dusk unto dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
May 340,  2009

Love Keeps Me Alive

Hard are the times
when loneliness lives
as time is displayed
what takes and then gives.
Hard are the moments
of so far away
as time is displayed
in my day to day.
My friends and family
are echoes I find
that make the lonely
to live in my mind.
So many miles
from this point and on
seem to remind me
of all that is gone.
Hard are the times,
yet I will survive,
because I have found
love keeps me alive.

©By Bill Pearce
May 30, 2009

for May 30,  2009

Ways are a journey
needed with some direction
to fulfill the path.

Glances of eyesight
might be found as perturbing.
Take care where you look.

Let’s not be the judge,
but let Jesus guide your heart
while watching someone.

Hazy is the day
that shadows over sadness.
Look for the sunshine.

People come and go
as we make friends here and there,
and some stay intact.

Dandelion days
are the patterns of pictures
with sneezes to come.

Gradual inclines
will strengthen the body and soul.
We need resistance.

Many will follow
if you make your path to shine
and not to just brag.

Many temptations
will come with each dawning day.
Harness your wanna.

Kindling’s of fire
seem to imitate the scenes
of love and money.

Life down a river
might be floating for a while
until it finds land.

Tomorrows findings
may be surprises good and bad.
Just hope for the best.

Yesterday is gone.
Let the lessons live inside
as you move ahead.

Do not and will not
are words many over use.
Use them all wisely.

Jumping in the wind
leaves the moments to be hurled.
Keep good foundation.

Some are the jesters
while others just watch and wait
to look for a laugh.

Seeking a minute
leaves the hours to be yearned
when waiting for time.

Our likes and dislikes
are the foundation of sorts.
They make me and you.

Some see things half full
when others see half empty.
Choose which is better.

A fun bit of day
makes the time go by faster.
Take time to enjoy.

A boys skinned up knee
will later become lessons
to help another.

Let your mind to dream
when some troubles come to you.
A dream can revive.

©By Bill Pearce
May 30,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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Hello my friends

How have you been.  I hope you are having a peaceful
Memorial weekend.  It’s quiet around here as usual :).
The wind is blowing with a slight chance of rain and it’s
65 degrees F with a high of 70.  A few days ago it got up
to 87 degrees,  yet that was very short lived.  I reckon
we won’t have much extremely hot weather.  Yet,  it does
make up for it when winter arrives LOL.  Last winter got
down to 50 below zero F hehehe.  That is what you get
when you live up north :).  We’ve been getting prepared
for our next picture taking venture which should be real
soon.  We’re waiting for some really great weather, but
mostly for the flowers and trees to begin blossoming and
all, adding some color to the pictures.  That shouldn’t be
too long of a wait.  I can see the changes already in the
making.  Judy and I have finally splurged and gotten us
high speed wireless internet.  It’s been a long awaited
journey.  I’ve had dial up since about 1994 hehehehehe
and from 12 Kbps to 28 Kbps to 33 Kbps to 56 Kbps and
never ever connecting at the top speed of either one,  it’s
been a long haul LOL.  Yeppers, we’re connecting now
at 100 Mbps and loving it.  It’s really nice to click to go
to MySpace, FaceBook, Tagged, etc and get there the
very same day ya clicked it LOL.  Most days it was a
long wait with always having to reload the pages due
to something not loading hehehe.  Also it was always
a pain in the rear when waiting for a really large email
to finally download or send.  The funny thing is,  the
Pioneer wireless tower is located on Drews Hill which
is that hill you see outside our front door LOL,  so we
have no trouble getting a signal hehehe.  It’s especially
nice when I wanna download a new game that is like
about 100-500 meg :).  Yeppers,  we’re happy,  also
being Judy can stay on line all the time now without
fear of tying up our phone line.  Yes I am still a land
liner.  I don’t do cell phones #1 cause they’re too small
and I cannot see that good #2 because they’re too
small and my fingers are huge #3 because they’re just
too small.  #4  because I just prefer a land line.  So
that’s it!  Ok so it’s off of the internet issue hehehehe!
Those little yellow flowers are doing what they do
every single year and that is turning billowy white to
begin throwing their seeds all over the place.  They
will begin their sprouting once again later at a much
grander scale,  achew %^&%$ achew.  We’ve been
though enjoying the breezes with the windows open.
At least we can air out the house a tad………………..
Sorry hehehe I had to stop to sneeze and tell another
brain cell goodbye LOL!  It looks like though that
God is beginning His painting once again.  He has
such a wonderful brushstroke.  Even the little yellow
flowers/weeds are pretty.  God can do wonders with
the smallest of things and make them the greatest.
Let God have a chance with you.  You might find
out something about yourself that you never knew.
You may have tools that have yet to of blossomed.
Well Judy just walked in at 1:56 PM and so I guess
I need to be winding this up.  Needs to wind up this
windy day LOL,  so it’s away I go to that place of
recollection through past things written in search
of a good word or phrase to use for today’s brand
new title for the brand new poem, To that place
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I believe
I may have found a good title.  Now let’s see what
I can do with it hehe!


A chance to blossom
and chance to grow
is what daily
Lord God does bestow.
To become blossomed
and to become grown
it takes some moments
of time so atoned.
Let every footstep
of which that you take
to be filled with lessons
to blossom and make.
Let not your yesterday
to become your today.
Make yourself blossomed
a more better way.
Leave all the squabbles
of an unending hue
to become more blossomed
with Jesus in you.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2009

Ok,  so that’s it.  I hope ya liked the poem.  I know
it may not be one of my greatest LOL.  I hope it at
least made ya think.  As I said before,  Judy is home
from work now,  so I need to be winding this up so
I can fix her and I some dinner.  Her twin sister and
her hubby are coming over this evening so I’m looking
forward to that.  We always have a good visit.  Ok so
I guess it’s time to be finding that off switch,  but I
reckon I need to be telling ya what I’ve been tell ya
every week and that is I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  I didn’t write them all Friday night though 🙂
as I have in the past.  Nope, I wrote them all yesterday,
(Saturday).  I figured I would wait till Judy got home
from work and write while she vegged hehehehehe.
I hope ya like a few of the poems and maybe a few
of the haiku.  If in fact you understand haiku. There
are many that don’t,  so don’t feel alone hehehehe :).
Ok,  with that said,  have a wonderful week and
always remember that Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now where’s that off switch hiding this week??????
Found it in the back of my mind 🙂 see ya CLICK

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S.  Oh yea,  I wrote yet another Christmas poem.
Actually two,  but the second titled Sounds of Nature
can also be considered as just a seasonal poem :)…..
and the count of all the poems and haiku together is
11 poems and 22 haiku LOL!!!!!

Now on with the poems.

It Takes A Learner

Tricky circumstances
seem to make both me and you
to do some things we may or may not
really want to do.
Situations pave us
as timeframes run their course
somehow guided by the power
of Gods greater force.
Tricky situations
might make or break our day,
yet sometimes a leap of faith
can get things on their way.
Situations teach us
as timeframes come and go
and they give us all the lessons
that’ll help us grow.
Yet it takes a learner
to find from circumstance
that the things we learn each day
can make each day enhance.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Tasty Textures Painted

Vivid is the color
of sky blue and cloud white
as it paints the greatest picture
there within my sight.
The colors seem united,
bonded with much love
as they paint the scenery
up there so high above.
Vivid are the pictures
transcending passed the sky
painted with the Godly paint
up there so very high.
I find within the pictures
the settings oh so grand
that they even show the fingers
of God’s Holy Hand.
It seems that God is holding
all the vivid scenes
there within His greatest grasp
as great painted cuisines.
Tasty textures painted
within the sky I see
are the blessings from Lord God
as gifts to you and me.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Docks Of Future Days

Beginning is the journey
to here and there alike
as we each will say and do
the things we may or might.
Our pathways are unloading
the journeys to and fro
that of which is the beginning
to where all we go.
It takes a bit of judgment
to choose what is so well
and to not just lead our lives
unto the path of Hell.
Beginning is the rhythm
to tempters drums parade
as we choose what not to do
and what that’s Heaven made.
Beginning is the journey
to here and there agin
which that sometimes lead us to
a place we once have been.
Our pathways are unloading
to docks of future days
and in turn the times unleashing
red,  blues,  greens and grays.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Find A Little Peaceful

Wait with a flower
with patience to bloom
and let the moments
to sweetly consume.
Wait with a flower
as time moves along
and let the sunshine
sing a sweet song.
Leave all your problems
away from the sight
as you wait calmly
for flowers delight.
Wait with a flower
and do not fall prey
to all the burdens
of day after day.
Find a little peaceful
within a mere flower
and you will blossom
in times every hour.
Then when you’ve blossomed
and peaceful is found
continue on living
as the world goes around.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Clouds Way Up High

In the white clouds
I saw such a scene
as a field that was white
that should of been green.
This surreal cloud sight
in the sky overhead
seemed to even have
a little flowerbed.
The flowers were white
and fluffy surreal
yet they were textures
that I couldn’t feel.
Then as they floated
and moved as they do
they seem to display
a river of blue.
This bit of river
was formed by the sky
as it peeked out from
the clouds way up high.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

People Need People

People watch people
in time here and there,
yet many people
will never give a prayer.
People need people
to pray for the truth
and to help people
to move from uncouth.
People need people
each day of our lives
and it takes prayerful
to help us survive.
People need Jesus
as days come and go
while people need people
to learn what to know.
Choices are given
as each day’s at hand
and people need people
to help understand.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Make New Traditions

Traditional moments
from times long ago
are the very values
that help ones to grow.
Many traditions
that times pass along
are the very moments
that help ones be strong.
It’s in our traditions
we find who we are
as we learn from then
of time from afar.
Yet some traditions
may need to just cease
for they are filled with
much anger not peace.
If your traditions
are not seeking good
then you may need to
seek what you should.
Make new traditions
to become better seen
as all the blessings
with a Jesus Christ scheme.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Dreams To Fulfill

I’m awaiting Christmas
with love in my heart
as the days flow by
and time does depart.
I’m awaiting, Christmas
with eyes open wide
as it lives always
in my heart deep inside.
I’m awaiting that day
of a Christmas detail
to come and let snowflakes
to surely set sail.
I’m awaiting Christmas
of snow white for free
with the decorations
that I’ll surely see.
I’m awaiting that day
of blessings delight
with all the settings
that light up the night.
I’m awaiting Christmas
as dreams to fulfill
with Jingle Bells playing
and snow on the hill.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Time To Partake

Some see a journey
as a trouble ahead
and others see journeys
of hopeful instead.
Some see bridges
as things not to cross
and others see bridges
as ways from the lost.
Some view each morning
as sun shining bright
and others see mornings
with not much delight.
Some find the struggles
as they move along
and others see hopeful
to help them be strong.
Some see the weeds
in their life through and through
and others see the things
that will help me and you.
Some are nearsighted
and cannot make sense
of all that has happened
from here and past tense
and others are looking
at the future to see
what that is hopeful
to be what will be.
Some see the journey
as trouble to take,
yet others see it as
a time to partake.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Fever Filled With Hay

Little bitty breeze a blowing
in a windy day
let your guidance that you follow
take you on your way.
I see you may of lost the path
of which it is to blow,
so little bitty breeze a blowing
this is where to go.
The path of which you see ahead
of your fellow breezes
also carries all the things
that fills my head with sneezes.
Little bitty breeze a blowing
won’t you change the mind
of all that are blowing briskly
here from time to time?
I would be so grateful to you
if you’d try at least
to make your fellow breezes turn
and give a little peace.
Blow those little yellow flowers
another way today
and let my sinus’s get a break
from fever filled with hay.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23, 2009

The Sounds of Nature

Mornings are blessings
with songs in the breeze
as the wind rustles
the leaves on the trees.
The sounds so elating
are heard if you listen
to all the blessings
worth times reminiscing.
The sounds of nature
are sequenced in tune
March, April, May
with the coming of June.
July comes sounding
its tunes as it will
with August coming
to surely fulfill.
September, October
are then sounded true
as they each welcome
their sound so anew.
Leaves on the trees
all fall to the ground
with all the colors
that rustle with sound.
Then is December
and sounding so right
as it brings Christmastime
joy day and night.
Long last the season
December portrays
is that of wintertime
with snowy days.
January follows
and continues on
with all the blessings
of breezes at dawn.
The cold winter winds
will blow there and to
as they go onwards
the way that they do.
February’s pathway
then comes in to sing
soon will be March,
April then Spring.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

for May 23,  2009

Gather a flavor
as a taste you remember
and bring it alive.

It’s the highs and lows
that will make each day unique.
Remember the highs.

Jumbles of questions
fill pathways of a newborn.
There’s so much to learn.

Years will fade away
when we think of long ago.
Now needs attention.

A glancing billow
of a breeze of thoughtful time
ignites memories.

With stage after stage
we are each as the actors
sometimes with no script.

Take your dreams travels
in the heartbeat of your mind
when troubles are great.

When holding a gun
you can make the decisions
to load or unload.

The nudge of a day
and the warmth of the sunshine
makes it all worth while.

A glimmer of hope
may be found in unlikely
if you look inside.

Look for the magic
while you continue your life
and you may see it.

Values of blossoms
are sometimes underrated.
There is no price tag.

Find in a gully
some simple twigs just floating.
Imagine a boat.

I hear the chirping
of the birds of summers day.
They are a sign.

Within a moment
is time itself to harvest.
Seek good time to reap.

Think not of sadness,
but of what that can be gained
as sad comes and goes.

Travel with today
in its journeys far and wide,
even if they’re inside.

If you hear breezes
that are blowing near by you,
they may be singing.

Songs of a drifter
as he travels on his way
will be of lonely.

Forces of nature
make wonderful sights we see.
Mankind tears them down.

Just for a moment
let your heartbeat to mellow
and you will survive.

Smell the aromas
of the scenes of far and wide,
then look with your eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Places Plotted


Hello my friends

I hope you have not blown away :).  Boy it got windy up here
the other day.  I thought we were gonna wake up in the next
county LOL.  The wind blew our underpinning off and I had to
go and find the pieces and put them back hehehe.  Well,  today
is a lot less windy.  It’s sunny and supposed to get up to about
68 degrees F.  Yet it’s supposed to rain this evening.  I thank
God that we live on high ground,  because all those that live in
the lower lying areas have had their share of flooding.  Yet it’s
the fact that we live on high ground that brings us all of the high
winds LOL.  Hehehe guess ya gotta give a little to get a little.
Well other than our weather,  all seems to be Ok in the Pearce’s
household.  I’m hungry and may stop ever so often to grab me
a bite to eat LOL.  Don’t mind my chewing hehehe!  Oh yea,
our electricity was knocked out when a tree limb on the side of
the road got tangled up in the lines.  It also knocked out our
telephone,  but they were only out for an hour or so hehehe.
Ok now for sure off of the bickering about the wind LOL hehe.
Judy’s place of business is still short handed and all.  The phone
company finally got our phone number changed after a month
and a few days had gone by from the day it was supposed to of
been changed LOL.  The way it got changed,  was by me finally
getting mad enough to call them and tell them that I was just a
stones throw away from reporting them to the Better Business
Bureau.  They got nervous and changed it within 30 minutes 🙂
and said they would wave the number change fee hehehe,  due
to my trouble with them.  So all is well on the Pearce’s home
front on that issue hehehe.  Judy’s oldest daughter came by
Thursday and brought Rylee.  She wanted to take Judy on a
belated Mother’s Day dinner date,  so they went out to eat at a
Chinese restaurant.  I heated me up some little White Castle
burgers and ate by myself.  Those burgers ain’t that bad,  yet
they ain’t that good neither LOL.  They did fill me up though!
I sure hope my daughter is able to make it up this summer.
That would be GREAT.  I miss her and Sami.  My mom is
talking about coming up again this summer as well.  Believe
it or not,  my mom said my sister wants to come again also,
so we shall see.  Maybe Peggy will be in better spirits than
she was last year.  I hope so,  cause I would love to spend
some time with her.  We’re like night and day,  but I love
her tons.  She still thinks of me as her little brother and has
trouble thinking of me as an adult even if I am bigger than
her and 52 LOL.  She’s 5’7″ and I’m 5’11 on a good day
when my spine isn’t disfigured due to arthritis.  Yet now days
I tend to look more like 5’10” due to my degenerating disk
in my back.  It’s an inherited problem I acquired from my dad.
I now understand why he had to move his whole body to look
around LOL.  Of course I have been like that for years now.
It’s part of life.  Ya gotta deal with all of the flubs and fluffs.
Well,  I have one more bite of my itsy bitsy Croissant to take
and I will be through hehehe.  Done!  That should hold me
until Judy gets home from work,  then I’ll fix her and I some
real food LOL.  Yet that is a few hours from now,  so on with
the journal.  God’s paintings are getting quite colorful as the
weather warms up.  Yeppers those little yellow sneeze maker
flowers are getting quite abundant outside LOL.  I think they
are dandelions or something.  Hey,  I ain’t a weed expert :)!
Yet I do know that they are weeds.  God makes em pretty
so that we can at least enjoy them.  I hate it when the wind
starts blowing because it starts shaking up the seeds within
them and spraying their pollen.  That’s when I begin my
little venture through sneeze ville LOL.  Or as Judy would
call it,  my alergies from Hell hehehehe.  I tend to do it in
rapid fire mode when I begin sneezing *&%&*.  They say
that every time you sneeze,  another brain cell dies.  At that
rate,  I won’t have any left,  if of course there are any left 🙂
as of date LOL.  I may have just one really active brain cell
hanging on for dear life 🙂 and the rest have been sneezed
into the dandelion hemisphere leaving this one to do all of
the thinking and it needs some sleep LOL.  Yet,  as I said,
the colors are shining right up.  The grass is greening right
up and being I have hay fever LOL,  I have much to look
forward to hehehe achew.  Why do they call it HAY fever
when rarely Hay is involved?  That has always puzzled me.
Judy and I are busy plotting our courses for our next days
picture taking cruise.  I have a number of places plotted
out for us,  but we will more than likely do a lot of just
driving wherever to see what we can find.  That seems to
work for us often.  Yet we have once or twice ended up on
roads from Hell.  One year we got stuck on one such road
when we tried to cross a bridge, but our wheels fell into a
BIG hole and left the car sitting on its frame hehehehe.
Thank God a man came by and pulled us free.  God was
surely looking out for us on that day,  being neither of us
could see why that man was even down there and neither
us ever got his name.  He was gone before we could think
to ask.  God is always looking out for us,  yet many times
He sees more to gain by not stepping in,  but many times
such as that day,  there was rain in the forecast and it
was getting dark and if it rained again,  that part of the
road was guaranteed to flood again being that was what
washed the bridge away leaving the car laid on its frame.
God sends angels to watch over us and help us when we
are in dire need of help.  So often though we will send the
angels away and refuse their help due to pride and not
wanting to do it their way.  Don’t push your angels out
of your life.  Don’t let ego get in the way of your recovery.
With that said,  I reckon it’s time for me to be taking my
little trip back through past things said to try and find a
word or phrase to use for today’s brand new poem,  So,
it’s away I go to that place of recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.   I believe I’ve found a good title.
Now let’s see what I can do with it!!!!

Places Plotted

All our journeys
here and there
need us always
there in prayer.
Never head out
leaving true
all of prayerful
not with you.
Places plotted
need to find
journey’s essence
prayerful mind.
So let Jesus
be your guide
as you let your
prayers reside.
Don’t just head out
without prayer.
Let God guide you

©By Bill Pearce
May 16,  2009

I hope that made some sense to ya.  I’ve learned the hard way
what can happen if you leave God out of your life.  It leads to
a path of destruction.  Don’t let your journey be a Hell bent path,
yet don’t expect life to be a bed of roses either LOL.  There’s
gonna be problems for sure hehehe!  Ok so it’s time for me to
be telling ya what I tell ya every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  I wrote them all Friday night.
I hope some of them make it into your heart.  I did write a lil
funny haiku that you’ll get a laugh about when you get to it LOL.
I don’t even have to tell ya which one it is hehe. You’ll know!
I reckon I need to be finding an ending for this,  being it looks
like I will be having to edit it by myself the same as last week.
So,  I must begin that search for ye ole off switch on myself,
yet before I do that I must wish you a most wonderful week.
Remember Jesus loves you and we do too.  OK,  where’s that
off switch hiding this time??? Hehehe there it is behind that
one lowly brain cell that’s hanging on for dear life LOL,……
See ya,  CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

Fingers and Hands

The weather was windy
as time moved along
and I stood watching
the moment real strong.
The breeze turned cartoon
as a wolf with a breath
while it blew onwards
until it found rest.
The day turned peaceful
as wind did subside
and left there so jumbled
its breeze faring ride.
I stood there watching
from my window view
as I watched onwards
the way that it blew.
Nature with essence
disclosed so to be
only what many
will ever really see.
Turbulent breezes
with fingers and hands
show us the power
that God has at hand.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Timeframes We Find

Timeframes like clockwork
are arisen and fell
as things will happen
from Heaven to Hell.
Timid persuasions
might live day to day,
but many people
need a much harder way.
Sometimes it’s needed
for ships run aground
for ones to ever
to ever come around.
Timeframes like clockwork
are prepared so to say,
but it takes bad times
to make many pray.
So God allows it
the timeframes we find,
because He knows truly
that they’ll change our mind.
Yet many actions
are found in a rage
as their confusion
is on center stage.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

With A Little

With a little smile
a day can be changed.
With a little hug,
life is rearranged.
With a little hope
someone can be spared.
With a little love
the pain can be beared.
With a little peace
the war can subside.
With a little time
God can live inside.
With a little breath
ones can give a smile.
With a little action
ones hope can compile.
With a little moment
of just you and I
we can change the world
with a God felt reply.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Magical Ways

Flowers are growing
as springtime arrives
while I look onwards
at all of their lives.
Seeds are abounding
as springtime’s parade
while rain and sunshine
helps them be made.
Flowers so colorful
make me to sing
about all the beauty
that’s found during spring.
Springtime’s amazement
is found in my eyes
as I look upwards
at the fast changing skies.
Peaceful is painted
with colors so bright
during the daytime
and also at night.
Flowers are growing
as springtime displays
all of its wonderful
magical ways

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

The Threshold

Music is playing
yet all that I hear
are all the rhythms
of sounds in my ear.
Patterns of drumbeats
all form in my head
while all the music
has many things said.
I hear but only
the heartbeats that drive
as it is playing
what keeps me alive.
Music is playing
the rhythms in time
as I make wordings
of rhythm and rhyme.
I seek but only
the peace that is there
found in the patterns
of rhythm in prayer.
Peace is the threshold
of music I hear,
because it can help me
to see things more clear.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Determine Your Ride

Open the morning
with a bit of a smile
and you might find then
some more to compile.
Open the day with
a smile and a laugh
as you move onwards
away from the past.
Don’t let the bad times
of days that you’ve seen
to just determine
what other days mean.
Today is a new day
and yesterday’s gone
so take a deep breath
and just move along.
Open the morning
with a smile from inside
and you might surely
determine your ride.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Lessons From Seasons

Years go quickly
as days move ahead,
and many choose to
stand there in dread.
Leave all the junctions
of timeless detail
left on the platter
of Jesus Christ trail.
Today and tomorrow
are ours each to find
as years go quickly
in our time to time.
Let Jesus guide you
to now from the past
and you’ll find goodness
from your aftermath.
Lessons from seasons
that went like a scream,
might turn the nightmares
into a good dream.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Pictures Delight

Pictures are painted
of God’s day’s unfurled
as all the flowers
all over the world.
We miss the boldness
of pictures of paint,
because of our eyesight
of isn’t and ain’t.
Pictures are captured
as we photograph
all of God’s glory
that sometimes sneaks past.
We do not see all
of God’s handiwork
and so we’ll often
just snap shot the dirt.
Pictures are painted
each day by His Hand,
yet we will often
just look passed the land.
Open your eyes up
and view what God’s done
with this great planet
and our moon and sun.
He’s given so much
of pictures delight
so to enhance our
each day and each night.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

To Help You Unwind

Let every problem
to fall from your heart
and then let Jesus
to set it apart.
Let Jesus help you
to somehow begin
a life that is better
and lesser of sin.
Surely you’re human
and cannot choose well
the things that are Heaven
and things that are Hell.
Let every problem
to float from your mind
as you let Jesus
to help you unwind.
He knows we’re human
and therefore will fail,
that’s why He’s given
a Heavenly trail.
He paid the price
for our daily sin,
yet we must love Him
to ever get in.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Better Than Yesterday’s

I’ve counted blessings
and somehow lost sight
of all the moments
of my wrong and right.
I’ve taken shelter
in past that I’ve known
and it made moments
I needed atone.
We have each counted
the good that we’ve done
and lost the sight of
what needs be begun.
Have you left visions
of past times replayed
left on the turnstile
of all that is made?
Quit counting blessings
of things done and said.
Start making blessings
to now move ahead.
Make today’s journey
much greater to find
than what was yesterday’s
one point and time.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

for May 15,  2009

Every fragrance
of spring’s design with flowers
is more than pictures.

Grasp onto a dream.
Hold it as a pot of gold,
for it could come true.

Highways of the mind
sometimes travel far ahead
leaving now as ghosts.

Time is a fragment
that’s counted as a rhythm
a bit out of tune.

Heaven is waiting
as Satan tries to confuse.
Let Hell stay in Hell.

Winters style romance
is a snowy white picture
with love in the air.

Harvest your thinking
and display it as the words
needing to be said.

Grains of sand blowing
make the here to there to change
one piece at a time.

Moving a mountain
takes but only ones patience
to wait and to see.

Blind is a looker
that only sees what’s ahead.
Take a look around.

Peace is the river
that flows as many blessings
given from Lord God.

Ahead’s tomorrow
and behind is yesterday.
Look for tomorrow.

A beginning starts
as paths are written in time
leaving our footprints.

Well minded people
need to look in the mirror,
for they may be wrong.

To shatter a lie
we each need to be honest
and let the truth live.

A simple haven
may be where ones feel safer,
yet they are exposed.

Listen to your heart.
You may hear its own rhythm
keeping you alive.

Portholes to places
make many journeys easy,
but maybe real bad.

Shifting our footing
leaves us sometimes unstable.
Let God guide your steps.

Hold real deep your breath
and then let it leave your lungs.
Breathe in with ease then.

A donut that is glazed
marks pictures of policemen
while they’re off duty.

Leave the windiness
of scenes found in troubled times
as winds that have blown.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Where The Beauty Is

Animal’s Greetings
Happy Mothers Day

Hello my friends

How’ve ya been?  I hope you’ve been keeping your head
above water.  I actually mean that literally for all you that
are in the flood districts.  We had a bit of a rain storm last
night while Judy was over at her sisters house and I was
forced to drop off line and turn the PC off with all of the
lightning LOL.  I was gonna watch TV,  but yet the storm
caused the satellite to lose its signal for 2 hours off and on,
soooooo I sat and stared at the walls LOL.  I was going to
go with Judy to Trudy’s and Dennis’s,  but my intestines
told me otherwise.  Oh well,  Judy made it home a little after
9 last night and we played a word game until time for her
to go to bed.  If you’re one receiving the stationary version
of my journal,  then ya may notice that I have yet to catch
Judy long enough to get her picture LOL,  but I will hehe.
Though the stationery pictures are basically to show you
what it’s looking like up here.  Yes things are greening up
quite nicely.  Those little yellow sneeze maker flowers aKa
weeds are also growing,  All around our house LOL!!!!!
The flowers are pretty,  but they do keep me sneezing :).
Tis funny hehehe,  hay fever with no hay hahahahahahaha.
Judy had to go into work at 5 this morning due to them
still being short handed and all.  I hope they finally hire
some people so that she can get back to her regular hours.
The weather up here has been rainy for the passed week
and it seems to be also in our days to come.  I feel sorry
for all those in low lying areas,  being they have already
gone through the flooding caused from all of the melting
snow.  Oh well,  that’s life.  Yesterday it got up to 71 F
degrees,  yet it rained most of the day and all night long.
It’s supposed to only get up to the low 50’s today though,
and 50’s and 60’s for the rest of the week.  This is spring
up in Northeastern Maine.  Yeppers,  it may do like it did
last year and not actually warm up till summertime and
spring has passed LOL.  Last year we only had to use
our air conditioner 2 days hehehe.  It’s a far cry from the
weather in Texas LOL,  yet I miss home terribly.  Yes I
said home.  Texas will always be my home state.  I can
never see myself as a Mainer by heart.  It’s pretty up here,
but it will never replace my home and will definitely never
replace my friends and family that I miss so awful much.
I wish I could just beam back and visit them :(.  Yet, my
daughter said that they are planning on flying up one
weekend this summer maybe if things go well.  That will
be great.  It would be great to see Jamye,  Sami and Wil.
Not sure if Wil will be able to come though being he is
in the military and all,  but God willing,  he can come.
I have never met him,  but he seems to be a good man,
husband and father.  Maybe my mom will also make it
up this summer.  Her and my sister drove up last year,
but I think my mom wants to come up by herself this time
for some reason hehehe.  I’ll let you figure it out LOL!!!
Judy and I are doing a lot of planning for different places
to go to get some scenery photos.  I have already plotted
out us some directions to head.  Now we are waiting on
the weather and her and I to feel up to the drive and
all 🙂 LOL.  It’s taxing on us both,  but when we get to
where the beauty is,  we tend to forget about the long
drive getting there.  I also usually take pictures as she
is driving,  so we have a lot of scenery pictures of the
drives we take to and fro LOL.  It makes the drives a
little more enjoyable as we both hunt for bathrooms
all the way thereunto and back hehehe!  So, you can
see how God has been providing us with the tools to
make each day better.  God gives us each one the tools,
but we sometimes forget to use them as we let life to
become a drudge rather than seeking for the blessings
that God has provided.  Don’t let life to become as a
day to day dismal turnstile.  Look for the highlights.
They may be hidden deep within the woodwork of time,
yet God has provided a way for you to smile.  but it’s
up to us to seek to find that smile and turn that frown
upside down.  I guess it’s about time for me to begin
my little journey back through passed things written
to see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s away
I go to that place I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I do believe I found a good title.  Let’s see what I can
do with it now LOL!!!

Where The Beauty Is

All of the scenery
from here unto there
may be well hidden
and needing a prayer.
It may take searching
to find what to view,
for maybe the beauty
is hidden in you.
Where the beauty is,
you just may not see,
because of the troubles
of a moments degree.
Open your minds eye
and look deep within
where the beauty is
you might need begin.
It may be a minute
or a second or two,
but there’s some beauty
just waiting to view.
Leave all the issues
of troubles galore
outside the beauty
that knocks on your door.
Let yourself see it
where blessings reside
as you use minds eyes
to look deep inside.

©By Bill Pearce
May 10,  2009

I hope that made some sense to ya ;).  Yeppers,  I’m a
rambler LOL!  I reckon that’s how I am able to write
so many poems in one setting.  I did virtually the same
thing as I’ve done the passed few weeks.   I wrote all
of my poems and haiku Friday night.  I have no idea of
how I am able to compile all my thoughts from a week
into poems and haiku in one night,  but I do.  I wrote 10
poems this time and once again I wrote 22 haiku hehehe.
22 seems to be the magic number LOL :).  Oh and yes
I wrote yet another Christmas poem.  At this rate I will
beat my record of number of Christmas poems from last
year which is around 74 poems LOL.  If you would ever
like to read my Christmas poems from the past, then check
out my friend Ben Geurts Old Fashioned Christmas site.
His link is at the end of this email as well as a link to his
Drawing Art site.  You will surely be blessed with all
that he has on his sites.  Well,  I reckon it’s about time
for me to be searching for ye ole off switch on myself,
but before I do that I must wish you a wonderful week.
Remember Jesus loves you and we do too.   So Ok now,
where’s that off switch hiding at???????searching,,,,,,
found it.  See ya hehe,  CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

Mornings Design

Yearning for morning
to come and display
all of the good times
to be in that day,
I sit here watching
the time ticking on
yearning for morning
to display the dawn.
Yet it is patience
that displays so true
yearning for morning
the way that I do,
for I know morning
will soon come to be
in it’s own timeframe
for me to see.
So as I sit here
awaiting the phase
I watch the passing
of coming of days.
Time in its porthole
will come so to shine
while I am yearning
for mornings design.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

Do Not Turn Wildly

I turn the pages
of all that I see
as I walk onwards
through my history.
We read the stories
of willingness way
turning the pages
of day after day.
I turn the pages
as best that I can
so I can display
my life’s shifting sand.
It is the pages
of things said and done
that are the footprints
up under the sun.
I turn the pages
at one at a time
so not to miss out
on my own design.
Do not turn wildly
the pages you read,
for it is patience
that gives what you need.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

Give Someone Friendship

Ones in the weather
might have shattered views
while they are wearing
some times warn out shoes.
Ones in a threshold
of then to today
may have the burdens
that may not display.
We may not see them
the ones weathered place,
due to them hiding
with a smile on their face.
Ones in the weather
may just seek to go
without ones knowing
of their to and fro.
So let Lord Jesus
to guide what you do
and maybe ones then
may then trust in you.
Give someone weathered
a hand they can hold,
for it is friendship
that’s better than gold.
Give someone friendship
in light of the day
and they may also then
be the same way.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

So To Remember

Springtime has risen
as grass turns to green
and I see flowers
that simulate spring.
Maybe just small ones
of a yellowish sight,
but they’re the flowers
that I do delight.
It’s the beginning
of springtime’s parade
as God is displaying
everything made.
Springtime has risen
and now on the trees
are pages budding
of greenest of leaves.
I take my camera
to snap shot each view
so to remember
how spring started new.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

In The Woodwork

Glancing at woodwork
I see on each wall
stories of timeframes
of which did befall.
I read the stories
of time and agin
while I see woodwork
with words that begin.
I find my glancing
is dancing around
searching for stories
to surely be found.
There in the woodwork
are marks to remember
as every image
is times burning ember.
There in each essence
is written real clear
there in the woodwork
to see not to hear.
Words are so silently
read as I look
here in the woodwork
of times written book.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

God’s Wing Of Prayer

Withered a flower
may just blow away
when it is windy
in April and May.
This may be journeys
of rhythm and need
so that the flower
can spread out its seed.
Wind gives it chances
to flourish and grow
though now it’s withered
to just merely blow.
So if you see it
take hold of the view,
for you may see then
a life so anew.
Seeds on a journey
to Heaven somewhere
as they are carried
by God’s wing of prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

Nightmare Filled Pie

Jumping with hurry
and not setting still
may leave you standing
at waits windowsill.
Sometimes impatience
can shatter your dreams
leaving you seeing
just waiting filled screams.
Jumping with hurry
and not peace of mind
may leave you standing
with nightmares to find.
Let all your jumping
be made day to day
as you are led by
Lord God as you pray.
Let Him to guide you
in your by and by
and you want jump in
a nightmare filled pie.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

Passed All The Lonely

If you are lonely
and wish to see clearer
say a hello
to the one in the mirror.
You’re not alone
if God is inside,
so let your heartbeat
to open up wide.
Let Jesus in you
and lonely will fade
as you find friendship
is then surely made.
If you are lonely
and cannot see true,
then why not let God
to live within you?
Then let your friendship
to blossom and grow
passed all the lonely
that you used to know.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

Until Christmas Day

Gently the seasons
have left in their trace
a bit of the winters
upon the Earth’s face.
Segmented timeframes
are gently bestowing
all I remember
of winter and snowing.
I see the shadows
of winters for free
there in the essence
just living in me.
Christmastimes glory
in seasons parade
seems to march onwards
as time is outlaid.
I find the pictures
of Christmas and more
living inside me
just like then before.
I seek the pastures
of all I delight
covered with blessings
of Christmas snow white.
I know the seasons
will change as they will
and I’ll see white snow
on our windowsill.
Seasons are changing
and time will foretell
when I will hear then
that Christmastime bell.
Yet now it’s springtime
as seasons portray,
but I will wait on
until Christmas Day.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

I’d Rather A Little

More than a handful
can leave you awry
if it is more than
you need do or die.
Less then a handful
might be just enough
so as to help you
when your times are tough.
Sometimes a handful
is not all that good,
because it is not what
your life really should.
Sometimes a little
is better to hold,
because it is truly
what lives unto old.
I’d rather a little
than a lot no so grand,
because it is better
to hold a strong hand.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

for May 8,  2009

Steps in a journey
are footprints to tomorrow.
They lead from today.

Gold studded doorways
leave some people just wanting,
yet not knowing why.

Things are trivial.
Life’s the important issue.
Things will come and go.

Leave yourself some room
for patterns of yet to come
and you’ll surely grow.

Hearts of the dreamers
are the painters of pictures.
They give us each hope.

Scenes in a picture
show the winters on display
as Christmas blessings.

A blade of green grass
grows greatly in the distance
soon joined by others.

The grandest of times
in a tune that is playing
is a signature.

Glass tainted people
as they run and jump about
may fall down and break.

Tempers in storm clouds
may seem as more than lightning,
but may be just thunder.

Sad is our lifestyle
if we let people make us
what we’re not to be.

Hard times are gathered
while our seeds of lessons grow.
Life is a teacher.

A little flower
growing just outside our door
has chance to blossom.

With every moment
there’s a second that’s wasted.
Do the best you can.

Dilly dally time
in a world full of hurry
leaves many impatient.

A little heartbeat
with a bit of prayer water
can outshine the sun.

In an open field
there’s pictures in the making
waiting yet to grow.

Hold your tempers time
while you struggle on ahead,
for this too shall pass.

A perfect picture
may have flaws that are not seen.
Flaws make it perfect.

A lifetime of waves
in an ocean of heartbeats
makes time run ashore.

Slight is the glimmer
of a light bulb burning out.
Its time is numbered.

A hear the morning
with its sunbeam of silence
as braille on the wall.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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Beautiful Handiwork


Hello my friends

So how have ya been?  We’ve been doing better these
passed few days.  Judy’s place of business had a little
down fall when two employees quit and it left Judy to
have to work on one of her days off,  but they have since
hired a new guy.  It’s a guy that worked there a long
while back when Judy worked there, so he is familiar
with it all and learned all the new stuff rather quickly
as Judy did.  So Judy is only supposed to work 4 hours
today so to not add anymore overtime for those people
to have to pay LOL.  Judy goes back to her old regular
schedule starting Monday.  Anyways,  we did manage
to take our drive up to Grand Falls Canada Wednesday
before she had to go back to work Thursday.  We got
a lot of great shots,  to which some are in the stationary
that you see if you are receiving this in stationary style :).
If you’re not,  then I am so sorry.  If you want me to
send you some of the pictures,  let me know.  Otherwise
we may upload a few of em to MySpace and FaceBook.
I hope you have had a wonderful weekend.  It’s been
a same old one for us thus far LOL.  Yet Judy should
be home by noon today.  She went in at 8.  The weather
is quite nice today.  It’s 59 degrees as I speak and it’s
supposed to get up to 62.  That’s Fahrenheit folks LOL!
Did ya ever notice that Fahrenheit and Celsius become
the same number at -40 hehe!  Yeppers it all evens out
right about there.  OK so it’s onto another less math
filled topic LOL.  As I said before,  Judy and I managed
to get to Grand Falls Canada and we also stopped and
saw the longest covered bridge in the world which is
also in the stationary.  We had a nice time taking photos
and an even nicer time looking at the pictures when we
got home.  Of course we were almost not allowed back in
the states,  because we did not have our birth certificates
that we did not need to enter LOL.  Yet after a while
of briefing and all,  and listening to my Texas accent 🙂
they determined that we were Americans as it said on
our drivers license LOL.  I won’t get into all the dumb
questions they asked me that involved my life way back
in 1980 hehehehe.  Oh well,  it was not too bad of an
interrogation LOL.  We are back home on American
soil and happy to be. They asked us when we planned
on returning to Canada and we both looked and each
other and said RETURN???  Yea right LOL!  After
what we went through getting in and getting out , we
don’t plan on wasting our time on getting a passport.
Surely by then they will have changed the rules AGAIN.
Yeppers,  we had a good visit,  but don’t plan on going
back anytime soon hehehe.  OK so it’s hopefully off of
that topic LOL and onto another.  It’s looking more
like spring every day up here.  The grass is greening
up nicely.  I haven’t seen any signs of flowers though.
I guess they are waiting for the weather to stabilize :).
No sense in sticking your head out if you’re gonna get
frozen shortly after huh hehehe!  Yet I do not see any
freezing weather in the near future for us.  Close,  but
no cigar LOL!  Springtime is most surely coming close,
but me thinks summer will beat it LOL.  The seasons
are yet beautiful to gaze upon.  God paints His pictures
with the most wonderful paint.  His paint is love based.
Take the time out today to look out around and find
all the beauty that God has painted for you to view.
Let the stresses of the day to bleed away as you gaze
upon God’s beautiful handiwork.  Listen to the breeze
as it rushes here and there.  If you cannot see God’s
beauty where you are standing,  then search for yet
another place to stand.  Now,  I think it’s about time
for me to be searching for the word or phrase to use
for the title for today’s brand new poem,  so it’s away
I go to that place of recollection of past things written,
to that place that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I do believe I may have stumbled upon a good title while
reading back through.  Now let’s see what I can do
with it hehehe!!!!

Beautiful Handiwork

The sights and the sounds
of all there around
are the tempters so sweet
that none can compete.
Scenes such as flowers
I’m amazed there for hours.
All of God’s glory
is in today’s story.
Written in the waves
of the day after days.
A single little sight
seen at daytime and night
is the beauty of The Hands
of God’s painted lands.
Look with your heartbeat
and feel in your mind
the sights and the sounds
God gave us to find.

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2009

I hope you enjoyed my rambling as well as the poem.  I try
to switch to different styles ever so often.  Yet I mostly like
the lyrical and haiku.  Well I once again did not write any
poems until Friday night.  This time I wrote 12 poems and
22 haiku in 3 hours LOL.  It seems to work best for me to
wait and compile all that I have seen and heard in the week
into one night and write.  Don’t ask me.  Ask God!  He’s the
one that gave me this gift.  Anyways,  I hope you like some
of the poems and haiku.  They each tell a story of something
in my mind.  We each have stories within us.  Find a way
to express them.  Share with a friend or paint a picture or
better yet hehehe write a poem.  God’s given us each one
gifts to use,  yet many of you do not know fully what your
gift is.  Pray about it and do what comes natural.  You may
find you’ve been using your gift all along and didn’t even
know it hehe.  Gifts fall into many different categories.
The gift of friendship, love,  heart,  trust and then the gifts
of artistry of many categories, such as song,  voice,  poetry,
painting, sculpting etc, etc!  Let God help you find your
gift in life.  Oh yea,  I wrote another early Christmas poem
this time.  I hope you like it LOL.  With that said,  I guess
it’s about time I were searching for ye old off switch on my
typing hands hehehe, but before I do that I must bid you
farewell.  So have a wonderful week and remember that
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now where is that blasted
off switch hiding at this time LOL?  Found it.  hehehe see ya,
CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

This Spring

Windows are opened
to let in a breeze
with all the flavors
of flowers and trees.
Spring has arisen
or so in may seem
to be slowly changing
to more than a dream.
Times door is swinging
with inwards and out
as it allows all
the sights thereabout.
The scenes arriving
are more than a view,
for they are gathered
as each one anew.
Found on a windowpane
are segments of light
seen as our daytime
and also our night.
Open your window
and take in the scene
of all that God has
given this spring,

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

Sometimes The Story

Somehow a story
will turn inside out
and leave ones thinking
a little with doubt.
Sometimes the story
might seem out of phase
when ones that hear it
don’t know of the days.
Somehow a story
might find it is heard
by ones surrounding
a little absurd.
Listen real closely
to words that are spoke
for you might learn that
it is not a joke.
Sometimes the story
that seems a bit sad,
might be a journey
of just what they had.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

Spring Times Design

Pictures of moments
are taken and seen
found as the photos
of New England Spring.
In our surroundings
are found day to day
the ending of April
beginning with May.
We took our photos
of here thereabout
as we went onwards
are Canada route.
With all the pictures
we gained quite a view
of all surroundings
of here thereunto.
Pictures paint stories
to read and discern
so we again then
can one day return.
All of the photos
of that special time
we can remember
as spring times design.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

Don’t So Quickly

Holding a pattern
leaves journeys ahead
without a waver
of something instead.
Learn of a different
pattern to be
as you go onwards
and see what you see.
Don’t let a moment
to slip passed your sight
as you hold patterns
of left maybe right.
Let yourself blossom
with lessons to learn
then you’ll have patterns
to help you discern.
If you’re too fearful
of what that could be,
you may not ever then
have sight to see.
Lessons come daily
from things that we do
and they’re the blessings
to help me and you.
Tools may be hidden
in what’s seen and heard
so don’t so quickly
just count them absurd.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

Peaceful For Free

Heard is the sound
of a breeze blowing by
while I sit counting
my who, where and why.
Felt are the rhythms
of breezes in time
as they paint pictures
of their own design.
Heard is the ticking
of the clock in the room
as it in someway
just seems to consume.
Breathed are emotions
of heartbeats array
while I sit counting
my day after day.
Heroes are portraits
of segments I find,
for they are God’s gift’s
that clear up my mind.
Heard is the sound
of the silence and me
as all the blessings
of peaceful for free.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

A Tunnel

Time is a tunnel
that we may not see,
for we are looking
at just a degree.
In a mere moment
our time well ahead
may turn a corner
to somewhere instead.
Time is a tunnel
that we sometimes view
as it is someone,
but just isn’t you.
Many times ventures
of ours that we meet
may find the footing
with much different feet.
Time is a tunnel
that connects thereunto
as we continue
to do what we do.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

I Was Just Thinking

I was just thinking
about Christmas day
and why so many
just throw it away?
I was just wondering
about what and where
and why so many
just say they don’t care.
I think that Christmas
should live all year long
and be within us
where it does belong.
I was just wondering
about many things,
such as the blessings
that Christmastime brings.
I was just thinking
about how today
could be much brighter
with a Christmas array.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

Love And Care

One by one people
in a two by two world
leave their alignment
just a little unfurled.
Ones in a threshold
of steps to and fro
sometimes will falter
with where they’re to go.
One by one journeys
are found two by two
as many head on
their own way anew.
Don’t leave a loved one
with only one sight.
Take on the pattern
of what that is right.
Love is a blossom
that God gave to grow
so do not hurry
to just let it go.
Love is a blessing
that we are to share.
So let your heartbeat
give ones love and care.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

There All The Time

Deep in my mind
I can feel and can see
what that the future
is bringing to me.
Sometimes the pictures
are clouds of a sort
and I remember
a weather report.
Rain in the passed days
of segmented time
seems to encompass
right here in my mind.
Within a moment
I find I can view
a much clearer setting
with a sky that is blue.
Deep in my mind
I feel and can see
much of a moment
that’s living in me.
God given segments
of blessings and more
seem to come into
my timetables door.
While I am thinking,
I see and can feel
those Jesus blessings
of a fragrant appeal.
He’s right here with me
in my heart and mind
and I know truly
He’s there all the time.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

Try Helping

How do so many
just go on their way
and leave so many
in trouble each day?
How do so many
just ignore the view
as they continue
to do as they do?
How do so many
keep on as they stride
when they know truly
we know they have lied?
There are so many
that just act insane
leaving so many
with so much to gain.
Let Jesus help you
to find how to be
and then try helping
maybe someone like me.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

Maybe The Dream World

Wages of dreamers
are ventures to gain
that maybe someone
may think that’s insane.
A dreamers forte
is greater to find,
for in a good dream
there is peace of mind.
Wages of dreamers
are blessings to be
yet in the real world
may yet have to see.
So be a dreamer
and don’t let it die.
Let the good dreaming
to help you get by.
Maybe the dream world
will turn oh so true
if it is something
that you are to do.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

I’ll See Blessings

Winter is leaving
with footsteps each day
as it makes white snow
to just melt away.
Winter has weakened
and left in its wake
springtime’s conclusion,
there is no mistake.
Springtime is blooming,
yet slowly to be
as I watch each day
and see what I see.
Here and there blossoms
are making the scene
as they paint pictures
of coming of spring.
Soon will be summer
and fall will return
and I’ll see blessings
I’ll surely discern.
Then winters moments
will come and display
snow again falling
on most every day.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

for May 1,  2009

Heavy are burdens
if they are carried inside.
Let Jesus have them.

Learning is rhythm.
Time is the crescent wrench
that connects each beat.

Too many heartaches
make for a cold heart to grow.
Let time warm your heart.

Witness a flower
as it blooms deep in springtime.
It’s God’s Hands at work.

A flowing river
carves pictures in its journey
as patterns in time.

A moments second
connects minutes to today
as time moves along.

A waterfall flowing
cascading over the way
has its own beauty.

Jumbled up people
in their worries so endless
can find peace in God.

Now in my vision
I can find myself gazing
at another day.

Tomorrow’s not here
so let today be what’s seen.
Keep clear your focus.

The hard times will come,
yet they will most surely pass.
Let time run its course.

Marks on some paper
might be the very essence
that display anger.

Sometimes a meaning
gets itself lost in our words.
Let actions speak loud.

Glass hearted souls
might break if not careful.
Let God to mold you.

Learn to be patient
as the hands of time move on.
Take care of right now.

Much of a sear
is a sight that’s mistaken.
Your sight could be wrong.

Turning too quickly
the pages of your lifetime
might leave you perturbed.

Efforts of many
give the blessings greater chance
to fulfill Gods will.

Look at your shadow
and watch how it follows you.
You are its keeper.

Each step that you make
leaves a footprint in many
no matter how far.

Hang on to your life
even if bad times are today.
Life is a great thing.

A storm in the mind
makes it hard for a moment.
Let Jesus give peace.

©By Bill Pearce
May 1,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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