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Hello my friends

The snow stopped coming down early this morning and
our friendly neighborhood snowplow dude came and did
our driveway to the back of our car.  I might get out and
dig our car out tomorrow,  but of course it’s supposed to
snow a few more inches tomorrow LOL.  It’s –1 F right
now.  I went out and started up the car to let it run and
charge the car battery a bit,  being it seems our battery
is having trouble holding a charge in this cold.  So next
month when we get paid I will be buying us a new battery.
The one in it is the highest amperage that will fit in our
car.  I bought it the second year we were up here being
it was beginning to do what it’s doing now.  It’ll be OK
till we get paid.  I’ll just have to go out every evening
and start it up and let it run for about 15 minutes or so.
So,  what else is happening around the Pearce’s Place?
Not much.  We’re still doing our daily things.  Looking
for something good to watch on TV and playing with
the boys.  Benny and Milo are still as ornery as ever.
Benny is having a blast playing in the snow.  Sometimes
it’s hard to get him to come in the house,  but after a bit
the cold weather beats him out and he’s ready to come
in to warm up looking like a little snowball LOL.  Yep,
it’s been a winter wonderland express these past few
days :).  Benny and Milo are outside right now,  though
I’m pretty sure Milo is maybe ready to come back in
now.  He does his thing and is usually barking to come
back in right after.  Benny on the other hand will give
me those eyes like,  come out and play with me LOL.
This time he ran to the door and looked at me sort of
saying are ya gonna come out.  I said maybe tomorrow.
It’s too cold right now.  He paused a moment and then
came running inside.  I could swear that those boys
can understand me LOL.  Of course,  my nick name
is Animal ya know hehehe.  They can pretty much tell
by the tone of my voice and the words that I’m saying
what I am wanting them to do or not do.  I tell Milo,
you don’t want me to raise my voice do you?  I have
a loud voice and can yell even more loudly hehehehe.
He will most cases do as I have asked.  Benny is still
a pup and he’ll often test me hehehe,  but in the end
he obeys.  Right now Milo is behind me saying he that
he wants a treat,  but I told him to hush.  No more out
of him hehehe.  Benny went and laid down in his bed
and Milo laid down right behind me.  They’re good
boys.  Judy and I love them and they love us back :).
It’s time for next topic.  Judy and I went to Subway
last Wednesday and got us sub sandwiches and also
stopped by WalMart and bought us a few groceries.
I had to get our neighbor to jump our car off that day
being our old battery would barely turn over. Since
that day I have been going out each day and starting
the car and letting it run for a few minutes to charge
the battery :).   After I started the car up Friday
I drove to Houlton and went WalMart and got a few
things we forgot Wednesday and then stopped off and
got Judy and I some Dunkin doughnuts.  Judy was
still asleep.  LOL,  I took a few pictures of my trip
by just holding my camera near the dashboard and
snapping pictures.  Thank God our road wasn’t busy.
We do live out in the boonies ya know.  There were
a few cars,  but I stopped taking pictures until they
passed me by.  All of the pictures actually came out
pretty good.  They weren’t cockeyed and blurry :).
I made it home safely.  Being with only one good
eye and a low irreparable  potassium level, my right
eye gets weak very quickly,  so that was about the
max of my driving LOL.  I made it home in one piece.
I woke Judy and said ya want donuts and she sprang
up with a hungry look :).  The boys laid on the bed
waiting to see if they were gonna get some doughnuts,
but they only got some dough Not’s hehehe.  We had
donuts leftover for breakfast Saturday.  It snowed
some more Saturday and it snowed on into the night.
I could hear the snowplows going up and down the
road all night.  We’re expecting more snow Monday.
Though Monday’s temperature is supposed to be a
ridiculous high of 36 F.  It’s 0 F right now hehehehe.
It’s only supposed to be 36 F degrees for about an
hour tomorrow and then drop back down.  Weird or
what?  The high for Tuesday is supposed to be 9 F.
I think our car’s battery isn’t bad. It’s just having
trouble keeping up with the weather changes LOL.
I know I am hehehehe.  Both Judy and I are feeling
the aches and pains of the weather changes.  We’re
staying warm and that’s good.  The furnace hasn’t
needed me to reset it but once since I poured a can
of 911 oil treatment in the tank.  It might of had a
bit of moisture in it from last summer being it was
empty all the while.  That’s why it’s best to keep a
full tank of gas or near it.  Moisture will often be
acquired when a tank is empty or real low as the
sunshine beams in the early morning dew drops.
Ok next topic.  Hmm,  there’s not much else to tell.
The boys are both sleeping in their beds between
Judy and I.  Milo snores LOUD hehehe.  Benny is
slowly but surely beginning to snore.  Nothing like
his big bubba though LOL.  I just took a picture of
them lying there so peacefully 🙂  I sure wish I could
sleep that well.  For that matter I wish I could sleep.
It takes Judy every bit of a minute or so and she is
out.  It takes me sometimes 5 or 6 hours to be able
to nod off for a few minutes.  Sure wish something
would work to ease my pain and let me sleep,  but
there is nothing and trust me,  I have tried it ALL.
LOL oh well,  at least I cat nap and that’s better
than nothing hehehe.  My old body seems at times
to be alien to this world :).  Hehehe I’ve had a few
people say that I didn’t seem like I was human :).
I am LOL!  God has given me a different style of
format than others.  I know not why,  but I’m alive
and happy to see the snowflakes fall from the sky
and the sunshine make paintings with the clouds.
I might hurt every day,  but I am still thankful for
every breath I breathe.  Don’t let the pitfalls of
life to steal away your smiles.  Find a smile in the
blessings all around you.  Look up at the sky and
see the beauty.  Find someone frowning and give
them a smile.  You might be surprised at what a
little smile can do for you as well.  It might even
blossom into the real mccoy.  Say a prayer before
you start out your daily journey.  You might find
that prayer as a charged up battery helping you
to begin your day.  LOL Milo is snoring big time!
I guess it’s time for me to begin my little journey
back through all that I’ve written here to see if
I can find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s
away I go,  to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  It
looks like I may have found a decent title,  but
I’ve gotta check to see if it’s not one that I have
already used.  Nope,  ain’t used it,  so here goes.

Every Breath

With every moment
a breath is to breathe
found as a turnstiles
time to believe.
Every breath surely
is one yet to do
when you awaken
to each day brand new.
Lose all the gasping
of terminal times
and paint some big smiles
in each days designs.
Find daily blessings
in all that you see
within every breath
the best you can be.
Don’t let your yesterdays
breaths to an fro
become as the only
way that you know.
For every breath will
give chances to breathe
another ways turnstile
which to perceive.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 26,  2014

So,  there ya go.  I hope that came out in a way that
you understand it LOL.  If not, then maybe next time.
Milo just woke up and he’s at the watering trough :).
I think he woke up when I asked Judy what was for
dinner LOL.  Both of the boys got up and followed
her to the kitchen hehehe.  I might fix them some of
their canned dog food in a bit.  They have 2 pans of
dried dog food in the floor,  but they only eat it when
they are too hungry to be finicky hehehe.  It’s some
healthy food.  The canned food is Meatloaf and they
love it,  but I only give it to them ever so often being
I want them to eat the dried food, being it’s better
for them.  We do give them treats time to time,  but
I try to not over do it,  being they are not meant to
be eaten as a meal.  If they get grumpy and begin
barking at us to give them a treat I’ll point at the
pans in the floor and say,  eat that.  If that don’t
work,  I’ll pour a little onto their can food dishes
and they’ll eat it LOL.  Not so bright are they 🙂
Hehehe,  we love em.  Our home would be empty
without the clippety clop of these little boys and
their loving eyes followed often by barks hehehe.
Thank You God for all that You have done for us.
Now,  before my rambling becomes the length
of a freaking book,  I think it’s time for me to
be telling you what I tell you every week and
that is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yep,  10 more poems with 2 of them being sort
of Christmassy.  Also I wrote 22 more haiku for
all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope a few
of either or both find a way inside your heart.
Now it’s time for me to try and find that silly
off switch,  but not before I wish you a most
wonderful and God filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now to find
that dad burned off switch that is horrible at
hide and seek LOL and I think I spotted it in
the midst of my aspirins hehehe.  How it got in
the bottle is a wonder ;).  Anyways,  Gotcha,
see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Timeless Portions

When stormy skies
come into view
there might be
a rainbow too.
Scenes well hidden
now and then
might be waiting
to begin.
Timeless portions
that life knows
might be as a
river flows.
Gathered fragments
river rocks
might be schools
of our hard knocks.
Things we see now
as distortions
might be lessons
timeless portions.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2014

Things To Remember

In but a window
of yesterdays dream
things to remember
flow like a stream.
Things we have thought of
wanted so well
things to remember
might set them a sail.
Momentous journeys
our footsteps have made
become as shadows
of times lemonade.
Things to remember
that we have been through
could be the lessons
that say what to do.
For when repeated
doorways are found
things to remember
might come back around.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2014

Seasons Doorway

As winters snow
falls down to Earth
it finds a place
to start rebirth.
Born as winters
seasons doorway
gives to see.
Given as a
gift of love
white snow falling
from above.
is painted white
seasons doorway
such a sight.
Snowflakes falling
as a blessing
meant for me.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2014

Signs Of Christmas

Colorful lights
red, green and blue
signs of Christmas
come in view.
A manger scene,
a star above
displays Christmas
and God’s love.
Signs of Christmas
are well found
when there’s snow
upon the ground.
A Christmas tree
stood proud to view
showing lights
red, green and blue.
A child so young
finds songs to sing
found within
a wanted dream.
Signs of Christmas
with a glance
are of blessings
song and dance.
Scenes of beauty
become found
with Lord Jesus
all around.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2014

Nobodies Road

Times we’ve forsaken
and left there to die
a nobodies road
becomes it’s reply.
Times we’ve forgotten
that brought us much joy
become as nobodies
our times employ.
Allowing those moments
to slip through your grasp
might bring you sadness
that’s found from the past.
For nobodies road
is a journey through time
that oh so many
don’t claim yours or mine.
Sometimes it takes for
a nobodies view
to become as somebodies
that’s found thereunto.
Don’t let poor judgment
to loose out on time,
for nobodies road might
be so divine.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2014

In The Stillness

A winters eve
brings snow of white
lasting on
into the night.
In the stillness
of the view
are flakes of white
and me and you.
We find ourselves
footprints in time
within footsteps
yours and mine.
Those quiet dreams
that flavors pour
in the stillness
is a tour.
Then our shadows
in the night
are of stillness
snow so white.
We stand and watch
the snow float down
as it lands
upon the ground.
In the stillness
we can see
hand to hand
both you and me.
Holding tightly
to the days
with our fervent
snowy gaze.
Flakes of white
fall here and there
giving us
an answered prayer.
A scene of beauty
far and wide
now best seen
from us inside.
Through the windows
we can find
in the stillness
peace of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2014

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce ME 🙂

As Pages Turn

If you move on
with lying eyes
you might find
your own demise.
The scenes ones see
at daily glance
might not give
a truthful stance.
As pages turn
and books are found
a liars groove
might hit the ground.
Let your wording
show what’s true
that is really
within you.
If you move
with lives deceit
you might find
your own defeat.
You’ll lose the trust
within a friend
as pages turn
and tear and bend.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2014

As A Flower

With every heart
there is a bud
as a flower
filled with blood
and this flower
found in time
can be loving
so divine.
As a flower
blooms in spring
a true heart
can shout and sing.
Giving essence
of its view
as it’s wanting
someone true.
Sometimes flowers
hearts we see
are just beating
for a bee.
Seeking solace
in one sting
and not waiting
best to bring.
Let your flower
have the time
to find true
its best design.
As a flower
bloom and grow
showing beauty
in your glow.
Don’t let weeds to
become found
all that’s planted
in your ground.
Let Lord Jesus
show the way
as a flower
day to day.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2014

Till Then

With hearts waiting
till then is
as sought design.
On through springtime
then through summer
till then is
what’s over yonder.
Found as echoes
till then shows
wanted blissful
Christmas snows.
Scented winter
Christmas dreams
found within
some frozen streams.
Till then becomes
hearts desire
that’s found raging
as a fire.
Wanting till then
now to be
winters view
so Christmassy.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2014

A Winters Realm

The sight of snowflakes
blowing around
there and to
with a windy sound
brings alive pictures
painted so free
in a winters realm
so abundantly.
The essence of cold
chills to the bone
in a winters realm
with snow that’s blown.
Turnstiles of breath
are enter through
with a winters realm
of there and to.
The mixture of scenes
connecting each page
are a winters realm
of age to age.
Displayed as ventures
that blow all around
is a winters realm
with sight and sound.
Seen as snowflakes
and heard as the wind,
a winters realm
will twist and bend.
It might have times
that might overwhelm
found in the journey
of a winters realm.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2014

for Jan 25,  2014

Looking for true love
might find you a disaster
if not the right time.

Pacing your running
will give you a better chance,
so do it in stride.

Before existence
is a time that existed
before you knew it.

Life in a hurry
will give you many worries
found through desire.

Seeking a pathway
without first looking both ways
could find disaster.

Winter brings snowflakes
as a seasonal delight
to outshine the cold.

Believing your own lies
could cause you to have no friends
when they see the truth.

Beginning walking
without first donning some shoes
might tear up your feet.

Minutes will tick on
with different walks of life
leaving ones confused.

Learning a lesson
is often tried and tested
as our lives move on.

Mornings will differ
as each season transpires
with its own viewpoint.

Without the seasons
each day would become boring
for we all need change.

Snow that lands in place
might soon become a snowman
if it’s not too cold.

The evergreen trees
hold the snow on their branches
as some ornaments.

On a windy day
you can hear snowflakes voices
speaking through the breeze.

Throughout a footstep
there are footprints laid in place
that tell where you went.

Seeing’s believing
or that’s what they always say,
but then maybe not.

Links to a person
are often found deep within
and not what you see.

Model citizens
could be a liars havoc
waiting to be found.

Trying to outdo
what another shows to be,
might find you empty.

Heartbeats of true love
will often find some sadness,
but love will give strength.

Seen as a picture
our days will often highlight
God’s every design.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Judy’s New Poetry book 🙂
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂


Hello my friends

How are you doing?  We’re doing pretty well.  Staying warm.
The weather is being crazy still.  It’s snowing pretty heavily
right now and it’s 28 F degrees.  So all of that snow that had
melted away is being replaced quite quickly LOL.   I just went
out and started up our car to let it run for a bit and charged up
the battery.  Cold weather is hard on batteries ya know.  We
have some new neighbors,  although they might not last any
longer than our previous neighbors hehehe.  Time will tell :).
Yeppers,  The neighbor exchange rate seems to be at a high
rate up here for some reason.  While I was out starting the
car I also took a few pictures around our place.  Yep,  snow!
It’s pretty to look at,  but we’re very happy that we do not
need to go anywhere :).  I almost slipped and busted my old
behind again last night when trying to find Benny and make
him come back in LOL.  Fortunately I thought before I put
all of my weight on the front step hehehe.  I had hold of the
doorway and touched my foot to the top step and noticed
it was iced over hehehe.  Now though with snow on it,  it’s
not so bad.  I would shovel it,  but I think I’ll wait until it has
finished snowing LOL.  It’s supposed to slack off and stop
by Monday morning early.  Benny can’t get enough of the
snow hehehe.  He loves to play in the snow as he bounces
around like a little rabbit and sticks his face in it hehehe.
He’s a regular little snow dog.  Milo has gotten to where
he will walk around in it and explore.  Judy made her and
I some cheese danish for breakfast yesterday and we’ve
still got half of it for our breakfast today yummy.  It’s not
something I could eat very often,  but it is good.  I’m not
much on sweets.  Judy and the boys are in the bedroom
so to let me do my writing.  It’s hard to write when Benny
and Milo want my undivided attention hehehe.  They will
scratch on the door time to time wanting to come in here
with me,  but Judy makes them stop.  There’s not much
to report other than our landlord got our Mailbox back
up a few days ago.  He was having our mail sent to his
house and then he would bring to us for the time that our
mailbox was down buried in the snow due to the snowplow
hitting it LOL.  Hopefully that won’t happen again.  Our
mailbox wasn’t damaged,  just the post that held them
all up.  One of the mailboxes has been messed up since
last year,  but we haven’t had any long term neighbors
that used it so it’s never been replaced.  It’ll still hold
mail.  It’s just a little mangled LOL.  We got a new box
a year or so ago and it’s still intact.  Benny has begun
barking once again at our new found neighbors every
time he hears a car door or an engine LOL.  I’ve gotta
go through that thing again of letting him know that
they live there and to get used to it :).  He’s our little
guard dog/doorbell hehehe.  Yep,  if somebody pulls
up in our drive and knocks at the door,  he will bark
until he knows we know about it.  After we have shown
him that we are aware,  he hushes,  up until the next
noise LOL.  I think I liked it better when he didn’t
bark hehehe.  Though,  he was just a puppy when we
got him and he hadn’t yet learned that he could bark.
He definitely knows about it now LOL!  Milo will wait
to see if it’s worth barking about before he joins in :).
Judy just brought me the last of the cheese danish
and so I’m gonna stop here and eat…….chewing……..
Ok,  so I had to stop for a minute,  being it is a big
hunk and it’s really sweet hehehe.  I guess I’ll see
how much more I can write before I am able to eat
another piece 🙂  I just looked at the pictures that I
took when I went out to start the car and they came
out pretty good.  I mean it’s snow and white is white
ya know hehehe.  Yet,  I do love to watch it as it
falls from the sky and paints its many pictures within
the scenery making its own.  Time for another bite
of danish hehehe.   We took Benny and Milo with
us to get their new dog tags.  Of course they stayed
in the car,  but they enjoyed the ride as they always
do :).  I got some great pictures on the way to the
New Limerick Town Office.  I’ll put a few of them
in my stationery.  Photography is one of my biggest
loves.  I enjoy writing and playing music,  but it’s
the photography that helps my other passions to
thrive.  God gave me these passions and I thank
Him every day for them.  I have yet to understand
how I can write so much more than most people
with my writing 10 poems and 22 haiku in just a few
hours.  I have learned to just accept my gift and
do as well with it as I can.  We all have our special
gifts,  but we may not have become aware of them,
or the right time and place has not presented itself
for the gift to begin to shine.  Some gifts might be
caregiving for there are so many that need them
that have that special glow.  Never find yourself
jealous of another’s gift,  for you might find that
they are not so proud of their own,  but don’t let
pride become your destruction,  for if you let your
ego to grow too large,  it can destroy your gift.
Find the joy of our many blessings that might go
unnoticed in our day to day lives.  Often we will
see a wondrous scene that makes us smile and
not realize that it is a blessing.  Now I believe its
time for me to take some more bites of my danish
and finish it up and then begin my little journey
back through all that I’ve written here to see if
I can find a good word or phrase that I can use for
the title of today’s brand new poem.  So here’s
the last bite…………chewing yummy yum………….
Ok,  now off to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I believe I found a good title.  Now let’s see if
I can do anything with it hehehe like put some
words to it that make any sense :).  Here goes.


A pretty sight
so timelessly
is often found
Pictures taken
with our eyes
of the trees
and of the skies.
A picture box then
comes in place
to record
a smiling face.
of hearts desire
makes a time
again transpire.
Scenes remembered
in our minds
is of the times.
Blessings painted
we can see
is often found
Times that passed
and are no more
can make them soar.
Those recorded
of some snow
or deep blue seas
then become
a endless day
not gone away.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 19,  2014

So,  did it make any sense to you?  I hope it did, but
if not,  SORRY hehehe.  It’s still snowing outside and
it looks like I will have to do some shoveling in the
morning,  but not much.  There is not much else for me
to report from up here except I should be getting my
PC that has Windows XP and Outlook Express on it
back in the next week.  That’ll be nice.  Then I will be
able to do my journals without having to bump Judy
off of her PC LOL.  If they would only fix this darned
Windows 8 to where Outlook Express worked on it
I would be slightly happy.  But that’s not even half
of the problems.  Windows 8 isn’t compatible with
most of my old programs that I’ve used for decades
and the compatibility setting doesn’t work for them.
Thousands of dollars worth of my software will not
work on this piece of garbage.  I have managed to
get some programs to work,  but they crash all of
the time due to the screwed up Windows 8.  Oh
well,  Microsoft says they’ll cease the updates for
Windows XP by April,  but that don’t matter to me.
As long as you have a good Anti virus program
as well as a Malware program there shouldn’t be
a problem.  Yes the programs that they put out
there that are for Windows 8 might not work on
it,  but I could care less about that right now :).
So,  it seems that I took off and rambled a bit
again didn’t I LOL!  I guess it’s time for me to
be telling you what I tell you almost every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yep,  10 more poems with 2 of them be sort of
Christmassy.  Also once again I wrote 22 more
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope
1 or 2 of the poems or haiku make you think and
maybe even smile.  Now I think it’s about time
for me to begin my search for that confounded
off switch that loves to try and play hide and seek,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful God
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Ok,  so where’s that silly off switch
hiding this week?  I see ya you silly thing LOL.
Once again,  hiding behind my Mountain Dew
is not the greatest place to hide.  Ya know I do
take a drink ever so often hehehehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Hazards Driveway

Folds of rhythms
holes reside
hazards driveway
Scenes so bumpy
pathways found
as some holes
upon the ground.
Hazards driveway
comes and goes
when it rains
and when it snows.
As a washboards
minutes time
hazards driveway
seems to rhyme.
Repeated turnstiles
echo through
hazards driveway
there and to.
Bringing forth some
bumpy trails
from a driveways
own details.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17,  2014

Leather And Silk

When found together
with many one day
leather and silk might
make a display.
Some found as leather
and some silk at heart
joining together
to make things to start.
Combining the portions
of each found design
into a new detail
for others to find.
As leather and silk
with different shoes
we create doorways
different views.
Learning from another
and how they think
we can find lessons
much better in sync.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17,  2014

Don’t Blame God

When troubles come
don’t let yourself find
just one to blame for
that point in time.
Look and see your part
within that display
and learn much better
what made it that way.
Often things happen
just timelessly found
as our humanity
goes round and round.
Sometimes a problem
will sit on our shelf
displayed from something
brought on by our self.
So don’t blame God for
all that goes wrong,
because many things are
just dusk to dawn.
Look for the reasons
and you might just find
a roller coaster ride
that ends up just fine.
Sometimes the doorways
that we enter through
need then to be there
for a much better you.
So don’t blame God,
for He loves you so,
and things might be needed
to help you to grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17,  2014

Limits On Life

Life is a pathway
sometimes so blind
found with some portions
that many don’t find.
Seasons of heartbeats
will end in strife
as then so many
put limits on life.
Life is a turnstile
that we are to view
not meant as limits
on all we’re to do.
Many will leave their
lives hopelessly
not seeing what all
can be possibly.
Possibilities live
in each you and I
while many put limits
on life and don’t try.
Let God to help you
find strength deep within
to find a better you
as new days begin.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17,  2014

A Christmas Dream

As seasons pass
we might remember
that great time
amidst December
A special time
that comes to play
found awaiting
Christmas Day.
A Christmas dream
of Santa Claus
found with Children’s
oohs and ahs.
The great dream
with Christmas snow
and old Santa’s
The seasons pass,
but dreams survive
keeping Christmas
so alive.
A Christmas dream
of hearts desire
burning as
a Christmas fire.
Stockings hung
with smiling faces
found above
some fireplaces.
The season grows
as time ticks on
a Christmas dream
from dusk to dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17,  2014

Winter’s Window

Morning arises
with seasons to view
as pages turning
the way that they do.
Now winter’s window
has opened so clear
to show the pathways
of it so sincere.
Yet after wintertime
soon will be spring
found within doorways
with birds that will sing.
Often when winter
has passed on it way
ones will look back then
with wanting array.
For when the weather
turns warm to transpire
many will bicker
when they then perspire.
Let not the seasons
to leave you in woe
search for the blessings
in winter’s window.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17,  2014

A Card Of Love

When someone
has lost their smile
in their minutes
moments mile.
A card of love
can lose the frown
by making it
turn upside down.
The lives of many
might find favor
in a card of love
with friendly flavor.
For it sometimes
only takes
a card of love
to stop Earthquakes.
A heart that’s lost
a point and time
a card of love
can heal the mind.
Don’t let someone
walk alone
in their sadness
flesh and bone.
A card of love
can help them out
when their life has
fear and doubt.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17,  2014

Christmas Quest

Through the door of
dreamers minds
a Christmas quest
seeks wondrous finds.
Dreams and schemes
of different ways
found within
those Christmas days.
A Christmas quest
is found displayed
in a summertime
Seeking savored
Christmas views
found in summers
tennis shoes.
Many dream of
all the best
found within
their Christmas quest.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17,  2014

Look And See

Find the blessings
in your life
and cease searching
only strife.
Look and see what’s
good each day
and find joy
a wondrous way.
Search your mind
to find some peace
from a moments
own release.
Lose the sadness
other days
and find good
beyond the greys.
Look and see
what God has done
every day
through His Own Son.
You might find
a smiling face
through the love
of God’s Own Grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17,  2014

Clinking Chains

Lives of turmoil
find dismay
seen within
their day to day.
Clinking chains
of their desires
become burning
raging fires.
Clinking chains
of there and then
become times
remember when.
Seasons pass with
much regret
clinking chains
that can’t forget.
Lose the wanting
bringing pains
of the certain
clinking chains.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17,  2014

for Jan 17,  2014

Many remember
only the bad times they’ve found
and not the good times.

Life is a turnstile
that often begins to rust
due to lack of use.

Simplicity soars
when common sense is used well
dealing with the facts.

Lessons from a dog
say when not to bark loudly
and when to speak up.

Beyond a turnstile
are answers to some questions
spawning more questions.

Looking through windows
might bring about many views
that find you trouble.

Looks of a liar
can be hidden behind verbs
sweating profusely.

Lines are misgiving
when they lead many pathways
filled with illusion.

As winter subsides
it shows a weakened venture
that gives way to spring.

Long term arrangements
will often change many times
before they are done.

Lengths of a roadway
don’t determine where it goes,
just the mere distance.

When flowers will bloom
they make scenes to see and smell
that enhance our world.

Lives of a catfish
are as days on the bottom
waiting to be caught.

Looking passed today
tomorrow might seem cloudy,
but it might clear up.

Looking too closely
might show flaws unimportant
that make no difference.

The garden of life
might have some unwanted weeds
that become flowers.

Hearing a bird sing
brings alive the sounds springtime
with fluttering scenes.

Searching for snowflakes
might find you with neck aches
from looking skyward.

Minutes are just time
that become as mere shadows
of what that has passed.

Long awaited love
could become much more spicy
if found with patience.

Knowing someone’s name
does not mean that you know them
for names are not blood.

A scene from today
might become a reflection
seen in tomorrow.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
It can also be found at Barns&Noble and Amazon
Judy’s New Poetry book 🙂
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂


Hello my friends

It’s another week gone by and the weather is as ridiculous
as ever LOL.  It’s 37 F degrees right now and we’ve got
tons of slush outside.  It’s supposed to be a high of around
41 F degrees tomorrow and mid 40’s to about Wednesday
then the temps supposed to start dropping back down to the
30’s Thursday and the teens and 20’s by the weekend,  so
we should be getting back to our more normal temperatures
by next week LOL.  Winter has a long way to go before it’s
over with up here ya know :).  There have been a number
of ice related accidents up here.  One which our landlord
slipped and fell on the ice and broke his neck in 2 places.
He has a neck brace on now,  but is pretty much laid up
for a while.  He has had to hire people to do his job for a
while and one of them ran into our car with the snowplow
and ripped the right side of our bumper and clipped the
car right behind the tail light.  The tail light still works
and all and the rip isn’t all that bad so I think we’ll let it
go,  being our car is almost 20 years old and that little
bit of damage to the insurance company would not be
worth fixing.  They would maybe try to give us another
car that might end up in worse shape than ours hehehe.
Ours runs and gets us where we’re going.  We’re not
that concerned about what it freaking looks like LOL.
Though I might get out in a few days and putty up the
rip and gash with some body bond.  I used to years ago
do body work,  but have long since retired disabled.
Life goes on.  LOL our car’s in better shape than I am.
Well,   what else has gone on in our part of the world?
The other morning when Judy let the boys out to go
potty,  Milo slid down the steps and both of them had
trouble walking on the ice.  Judy said that Milo did the
splits.  The driveway was more like an ice skating rink.
Since then,  the ice has melted so they are able to walk
on it OK.  Yet,  when the temp drops back down,  all of
that water will refreeze and here we go again hehehe.
More snow is predicted as well.  Benny will most surely
love that.  Hehehe when it was raining he didn’t want
to go out so he held his bladder and all as long as he
possibly could LOL.  Yet with the first sight of snow
flakes,  he’s aching to go outside and play in it LOL.
Yep,  Benny is like his dad.  I love to play in the snow,
but now since we have them,  I’ve gotta make sure
I’m out of range of their potty paths hehehehehehehe.
Benny will hop around in the deep snow,  but will only
go potty where it’s not so deep or he can walk on top
of it hehe such as places where the snow plow has
plowed and packed the snow.  Milo doesn’t like to
trudge in the deep snow much,  but last night he was.
LOL he kept hitting a soft spot and falling through.
I kept and eye on him until he made it back inside.
I always keep an eye on them both,  just in case they
get in trouble and their legs sink to where they can’t
get out.  Yet so far,  they have made it on their own.
Thank God for Benny’s sweater hehehe.  if it were
not for it,  I would have one heck of a time finding
him hehehe.  He’s white ya know :).  Judy and I have
been still trying to stay well.  Ye ole allergies have
returned.  Actually they never left,  but the flu bug
was overriding them a bit LOL.  The sneezing sound
is heard pretty much 24-7 around this house hehehe.
So what else is there to talk about?  We bought us
another 100 gallons of heating oil,  which makes 300
gallons we’ve bought since November.  We should
now have enough to last us the rest of the winter 🙂
300 gallons cost us around 1200 dollars.  It’s much
cheaper than our first year up here LOL.  In 2007
when we moved up here heating oil was around 4.30
a gallon or thereabouts.  We were always running
out and being that Judy had a heart attack when we
got up here,  my Social Security was the only thing
money wise coming in and it made it hard to make
it day to day.  Thank God for good friends and my
loving mom.  Ben a good friend of mine in Holland
sent us some money to help us along and my mom
also sent us some money for heating oil.  Judy’s
sister Barb helped us as well.  If it weren’t for them
and our landlord,  we would of frozen to death.  God
took good care of us.  My writing continued on as
always.  I believe that my sharing my good will was
something that God saw that needed rewarding :).
I thank God for giving me this ability to share my
many thoughts through journals and poetry.  My dad
said if I didn’t use them they would be taken away.
Yet God gives time for the right moment to come to
be for the gifts to become seen and used.  So many
will throw their gifts to the way side and follow but
only a darkened path of want.  I did that for many
years,  but I woke up before it was too late.  Now I
share what I learned from then and am still learning
as time goes its way.  Don’t let the walls of wanna
hide the good things that God gives each day.  The
walls of wanna can leave you empty with hindsight
looking back wishing you had not of wanted.  I have
many regrets from my past,  but the past cannot be
changed.  I can though use all that I learned to try
to prevent others from taking that long lonely road
of existence of an empty life.  God is there for us
one and all just waiting for us to turn around and
seek His guidance.  He will send help often in the
strangest forms.  An angel He sent might turn out
to be a person that just happened to show up that
is dressed in a heavy coat in the hottest of summer
such as I had happen.  He made sure that I was well
and fed and then went away without even saying
goodbye.  Not one of my friends that I had made
down at Port Aransas had even seen him and did
not know whom I was talking about.  I mean the
guy was afoot and no one saw him or could recall
of him.  I never got his name.  Back then I went by
Animal and not many knew my real name.  I just
called him dude or friend.  I learned to believe in
angels then.  If it had not been for him,  I would of
died of starvation.  I had gone 2 weeks without food
and walked 2 miles down the beach every day to
the Gaff to get a free glass of water.  That is where
my friend met me and sold some costume jewelry
and bought me a burger,  fries and a coke.   After
that, he walked with me back to my truck which was
out of gas that I was sleeping in and often under it.
I had my drums with me,  but only played my bongos
on the beach after the first time of setting my drums
up and spending the rest of the day beating the sand
out of them LOL.  Anyways,  my friend stayed with
me up until I met three guys Al,  CJ and Doug and
we started up a little band.  We also all got a job
building condos which brought us in a bit of money.
All of the sudden I noticed that my friend was gone.
The one that had come to my aid!  I didn’t even
get the chance to thank him.  God saw that I was
in a better light and my friend was sent to maybe
some other soul that needed help.  I hope that you
found some peace inside of my past venture that
brought me where I am today.  Remember,  God is
always there.  It’s us that turn away.  We get all
caught up in our self will instead of what’s best for
us and we lose our direction.  God will sometimes
send an angel to try and help us get back on track,
but an angel can’t make us do what we should do.
That is still left up to our self will.  So with that
said I reckon it’s time for me to begin my little
trip back through all that I’ve written here to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that might work
for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s
away I go to that place of my recollection that I
always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think
I may of found a good title,  but must make sure
I haven’t used it already hehehe.  Nope,  I ain’t
used it.  So,  in my best Jackie Gleason voice

Where I Am Today

While days go uncounted
and minutes tick on
I’m where I am today
for passed days are gone.
The lessons as rivers
poured on many miles
seeing many frowning
while seeking for smiles.
I’m where I am today
through ventures I’ve seen
some just as nightmares
and some as a dream.
The portions of trouble
that poured on my head
were often just due to
my own way instead.
Not seeking God’s better
and looking away
I’ve found many lessons
where I am today.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 12,  2014

So there ya go.  I hope that makes at least a little
sense to you.  There’s not much else to write about.
I might have to stop here being Judy fixed us some
biscuits and mine have syrup on them which requires
my undivided attention lest I drip it all over me LOL.
Finished!  I had to wash the sticky off of my hands
before I started back,  but I’m good to go now hehe.
I poured the boys some dried food in their dog pan
and they’re eating now.  The Pearce’s Place is alive
with the sounds of crunching and munching hehehe.
I guess I’ve said about all there is to say except of
course what I tell you almost every week and that is
I wrote some more poetry and haiku.  Yep,  10 more
poems with 1 of them being a Christmas poem and
22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.
I hope you find a few of either or both that brings
you a smile or makes you think.  Now,  it’s time for
me to try and find that not very elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful God
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  Ok,  so where is that darn off switch this
week.  I hope he’s found a better hiding spot than
last week :).  Nope,  I just threw my wet paper
towel over to the right of my PC desk and I can
see him poking his head out from behind it LOL.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Scenes of Winter

Snowy white
each day and night
with a chilling
frosty bite.
Scenes of winter
will reenter
found at glance then
front and center.
Pages turning
we’re discerning
winters snow
what ones are yearning.
Scenes transfixing
with what winter
was premixing.
Moments display
night and day
scenes of winter
and it’s way.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11, 2014

Stillness of The Day

The morning comes surely
with wintertime’s snow.
Stillness of the day
is found in the flow.
Time seems at idle
with chilling frost found
as stillness of the day
makes nary a sound,
but when the winds blow
the stillness of the day
is found as a moment
that’s been blown away.
Yet then most surely
a new day will dawn
with stillness of the day
that you thought was gone.
Bringing in dream worlds
alive evermore
as stillness of the day
will once again soar.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2014

Serenity Snow

While within winter
with dawns morning breeze
a serenity snow
is found in the trees.
Billows so fluffy
within every view
become my serenity
snow through and through.
The waves of snowflakes
falling so freely
become the displays
found very breezy.
Floating like feathers
of ice in my gaze
the snowflakes fall down
in wintertime’s days.
Seasonal journeys
I’ve found to and fro
are my days of comforts
serenity snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2014

Winter Rain

As cold of the morning
is found snowy white
there might be a dawning
of winter rain flight.
For as the weather
will change with its view
the winter rain might then
rain down on you.
Frost bitten shadows
of seasons in sight
might then become as
a cold day and night.
Driven by wintertime
carried so bold
the cold winter rain
will surely unfold.
Within the glimmers
winter rain and snow white
there are the moments
with dreams found in flight.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2014

Crystal Clear

As sleet fills the view
with all so sincere
the ice then becomes
found so crystal clear.
Seasons of slipping
and sliding away
the crystal clear ice
will make its display.
Playing little games
such as see if you stand
upon crystal clear
that covers the land.
The stage will then glitter
in the bright morning light,
but hide fast away
in the darkness of night.
Crystal clear settings
of wintertime’s way
becomes as a hardship
for many each day.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2014

Search For Christmas

When sadness finds
your mind and heart
search for Christmas
to impart.
Let those sad times
fade away
while you search
for Christmas Day.
Don’t let Christmas
become found
as just a day
that comes around.
When sadness shows
its ugly face
search for Christmas
to replace.
Find a smile then
deep inside
as you journey
Christmas ride.
Learn that Christmas
lives and breathes
and can help one
that believes.
Don’t let Christmas
fall from view.
Search for Christmas
within you.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2014

Inner Universe

Within ones self
are worlds unknown
that are learned
as they have grow.
The inner universe
found unseen
becomes a searchers
wanted dream.
As years will pass
the thoughts they had
will maybe change
a different fad.
The inner universe
time will tell
often does not
show so well.
Ones confusions
will disperse
searching the inner

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2014

A Minutes Link

A minutes time
that comes and goes
is linked together
highs and lows.
A minutes link
might rust away
leaving shadows
bitter grey.
A simple time
of minutes past
can be linked
to shadows cast.
Truth of actions
will become
a minutes link
of beating drum.
Be the best that
you can be,
a minutes link
that’s good to see.
Let not seconds
to display
a minutes link
of useless way.
Try your best now
as you think
not to let your
minutes sink.
See the goodness
you can do
a minutes link
that lives in you.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2014

Now Awaken

When the night sky
fades from view
find the wanting
good to do.
Now awaken
dawning sun
show what all
that can be done.
When the moonlight
is no more
let your heartbeat
sing and soar.
Now awaken
to the sky
full of blessings
now to fly.
Cease your slumber
now awaken
to what now can
be partaken.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2014

Oh So Vast

Amidst our oceans
waves roll on
dusk to dusk
and dawn to dawn.
The depth of all
of then and past
is found as that of
oh so vast.
Things we’ve never
ever seen
but just dreamt of
in a dream.
The oh so vast
that shines of blue
has mysteries
we wish to view.
The deep blue seas
of times details
flows with captains
ships and sails.
Many ventured
times of past
are now stories
oh so vast.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2014

for Jan 11,  2014

God gives us choices,
but it’s up to us to choose
the right direction.

Some find a journey
as just a bitter path
and some find blessings.

When storm clouds arise
remember there are rainbows
and look to find them.

Hope is a moment
that many will lose sight of
due to their struggles.

The shadow of time
can turn into a haunting
if truth does not live.

A heartbeat will thrive
if it allows love in it
for love never dies.

Peace is an echo
of many that gave their lives
for us now today.

Belief in Jesus
won’t get you into Heaven.
You must love Him too.

When in a snowstorm
look for the tracks there and to
that might lead you home.

Moments are wasted
as many watch them fly by
and yet do nothing.

Nows afterimage
might look worse than expected
leaving you regret.

The times that display
could be just an illusion
in a desert of thought.

Looking for trouble
might find much more than you sought
making you rethink.

Going on pure looks
might lead to finding hateful
wrapped up in beauty.

Nobody’s perfect,
but many will try to be
and end in sadness.

Morning brings blessings
that we each can discover
if we will just look.

Lessons come with time,
but some try to hurry time
finding destruction.

The lines on a face
will often tell ones story,
but some will hide them.

When winter snow falls
it paints a wonderful view
with snowflakes of white.

Many a flower
will be covered with snowflakes
while waiting for spring.

Kindred type spirits
find their way inside our lives
as heartbeats connect.

Beyond a footstep
are emotions we gather
as footprints in time.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
It can also be found at Barns&Noble and Amazon
Judy’s New Poetry book 🙂
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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My Animal’s Greetings site below
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂


Hello my friends

It’s yet another year and another dawning stage.  Did you have
a Happy New Years.  Judy and I did as we always do.  We sat at
home.  New Years morning we watched the Rose Parade on TV.
New Years Eve Day we drove up to Caribou to visit and give the
grandchildren their Christmas gifts.  They weren’t much,  but we
wanted to get them something.  We had a nice visit.  I took a lot
of pictures of our drive and a few of our visit,  though the lighting
in the house made it hard to get a non blurry picture LOL, but we
got a few good ones.  Benny and Milo enjoyed the trip and all,  but
they were happy to be going home.  It was cold.  The weather is
seeming to be warming a bit beginning today.  It’s started off the
year with some weird weather LOL.  We’ve had subzero temps
for the passed few weeks,  but beginning yesterday it has begun
getting a bit warmer.  It’s 23 F degrees today and supposed to be
in the mid 40’s tomorrow yet dropping back down to freezing by
near midnight and then Tuesdays high supposed to be near 12 or
so.  Yeppers,  it be bizarre,  but welcome none the less hehehehe.
Our little car has had trouble starting in the subzero temperatures
and from what I hear,  we’re not alone.  Those low temps are hard
on car batteries.  It’s still white as ever up here,  though some of
the snow might melt away tomorrow and create a hazard when it
refreezes into ice.  We have a freezing rain advisory beginning
around 10 PM tonight that supposed to last until around 10 AM
Monday morning.  There’s supposed to be some snow mixed in
with it.  Who knows,  we might get more snow than freezing rain.
OK,  so what else is going on around here?  Hmm.  good question.
There’s not much of a change in our little household.  Judy bought
Benny and Milo some new Christmas sweaters.  They have them
on right now and they look so cute 🙂  They look like little Santa
suits with the black belt around the middle.  We love our little
boys.  I can’t visualize our lives now without them.  They have
completed our home.  The boys love to play and be played with.
Yep,  they’re spoiled and love attention LOL.  I don’t think Milo
ever really knew what it was like to be loved.  When we got him,
he didn’t like to be held,  but now he practically tries to jump
in my lap LOL and when I put him down he does a quick 360
and then hops up asking to be held again hehehe.  Benny then
tries to get in the middle of it,  because he wants to be held also.
They are two loving brothers even if they’re not related.  They
will play chase through the house from time to time which is
cute as ever.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to believe that Milo
is 7 years older than Benny hehehe.  Milo is 9 and Benny is 2.
We’re still planning on driving to Texas this year.  I can’t wait!
The weather and our finances will be deciding our venture as
well as the status of our car :).  OK,  time for a change of topic!
I just poked my head into the bedroom and asked Judy if she
wanted me to fix us something to eat and she said she just ate
a bowl of cereal,  so she’s good.  So,  I might be fixing me the
same or maybe a couple of eggs and sausage in a bit.  I have
not eaten yet today.  We went to WalMart yesterday evening
and bought some necessities and then stopped off at Subway
and got us some sub sandwiches to bring home and eat while
we watched TV.  It’s been pretty quiet around here aside from
the occasional barking of the boys hehehe.  Yet,  all in all,  it’s
pretty peaceful.  They are in the bedroom with Judy lying on
the bed watching Friends on TV.  I’m getting a little shaky so
I’m gonna stop right here and fix myself a bowl of cereal —.
Ok,  I feel a little better now.  I still may fix us some eggs and
sausage when I finish this unless of course Judy wants me to
fix her something else which is always possible LOL.  I can’t
think of anything else to report from up here at the Pearce’s
Place.  God has been good to us.  He’s made sure we had all
that we need.  I just went to take my bowl to the kitchen and
get me another soda water and Benny and Milo followed me
back in here.  They were curious to what I was doing!  They
are now back in the bedroom.  Our house has most surely been
blessed.  Thank you God for keeping Your Mighty Hands over
us protecting us and guiding us.  Thank You also for the many
angels that you’ve sent to watch over us.  I know bad things
will still happen,  but all will be well,  for we know that You are
in control.  Sometimes drastic things must happen to make us
open our eyes.  Often we don’t realize what we had until it is
taken away.  Appreciate the people in your life.  Don’t let
time slip away without you showing your love.  So many will
fade away without knowing how to say I love you and sharing
a day with a friend.  Learn the true power of love and friendship
and you will also learn the true meaning of life.  Let God guide
you through prayer.  Ok,  so I reckon it’s time for me to begin
my search back through all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So I must visit that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.   I think I may
have found a good title,  but must check first to see if I haven’t
already used it LOL.  Nope,  ain’t used it so it’s good to go :).

Many Angels

As storms arise
and life is found
not with so much
solid ground,
many angels
come to be
the strength for all
both you and me.
Those timeless days
that only show
rain and sleet
where all we go
so many angels
will be there
watching with their
love and care.
The paths we lead
from thereunto
many angels
are with you.
As protection
hands of love
they are sent
from God above.
Things will happen
sinking sand
that we might not
but many angels
see the course
guided by
God’s Holy Force.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 5,  2014

There ya go.  I hope you enjoyed my rambling and maybe even
the poem LOL.  The boys are wanting to come in here with me.
They are scratching at the door hehehe.  I heard Judy tell them
that they can’t because daddy is busy writing hehehe.  I guess
I need to find an ending to this and let them in :),  so I guess it’s
time for me to be telling you what I tell you every week and that
is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems
with 1 being a Christmas poem and also once again I wrote 22
more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you find
one or two of either or both that bring you a smile or make you
think.  Now I do believe it’s time for me to begin searching for
that (almost but not quite) elusive off switch,  but not before I
wish you a most wonderful God filled week and a happy new
year that brings blessings in abundance.  Now,  where is that
off switch hiding this week?  Hmm,  I think I see movement
from behind my respirator LOL.  It isn’t the greatest place
to hide dude being the inhaler isn’t that large hehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Lightning Bug People

When seasons pass by
then many are gone
as lightning bug people
from dusk unto dawn.
Many will be there
but a moment to blink
then found so quickly
as seconds to think.
So often neighbors
will come and then go
as lightning bug people
that blink to and fro.
Yet sooner or later
a true friend will shine
not as a lightning bug
time after time.
One might be lit up
with home fires burning
not as a lightning bug
I’ve been discerning.
Yet there’s so many
that’ll just move along
as lightning bug people
from dusk unto dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Snowbound Roadways

Guiding the driving
of here unto there
are snowbound roadways
of wintertime’s where.
Scenes with the displays
of seasons delight
snow covered roadways
that come into sight.
Glittering shivering
each snowy day
leave us found thinking about
April and May.
Wintertime’s thresholds
that each day we view
are snowbound roadways
then thereunto.
Timeless the snowflakes
glitter and fall
landing on tree limbs
and over all.
Windows we gaze through
show winters days
and also portions of
snowbound roadways.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Blissful is Morning

Sunshine with shadows
on branches that sway
brings alive blissful
that’s found day by day.
Morning comes sharing
what it only knows
whether it’s raindrops
or sunshine or snow.
Scenes are found ticking
as timeframes array,
blissful is morning
within its own way.
Allowing the sunshine
to take on its course
brings alive blissful
that’s with no remorse.
So let the displays
each day is adorning
find you with heartfelt
blissful is morning.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

I Can Be Lonely

As pride grows too large
the I becomes sad
leaving so many
with time that you had.
I can be lonely
when your ego takes hold
making your lifestyle
found oh so cold.
Don’t let the I word
become all you see,
for there can be happiness
in you and me.
A forest of tree limbs
might hide the best view
for I can be lonely
living in you.
Egotistic lifestyles
can become seen only
as that of sadness
for I can be lonely.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Blessings So White

Beyond every snowflake
a glimmer is found
that which is Heavenly
seen on the ground.
Even in a blizzard
there is a good prayer
that can bring hopeful
times which to share.
Blessings so white
in a wintertime way
reflect in the sunlight
a snowflakes array.
God gives us wonderful
days which to grow
sometimes with raindrops
sometimes with snow.
Even on some days
of each time we see
there might be sunshine
for you and me.
Yet in the mindset
of winters delight
there can be seasons of
blessings of white.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Linked Together

When lonesome meets someone
a chain link is made
connecting together
some lifestyles inlaid.
The links can be tarnished
or polished complete
when lonesome meets someone
in good or conceit.
Two linked together
can grow to much better
and then in turmoil
have strength which to weather.
Yet if the linking
is not meant to be
the ones linked together
might end in debris.
So if you are seeking for
someone to link
make sure your reasons are
not on the brink.
When lonesome meets someone
it could be complete
or end up with problems
somewhere down the street..
Let God to guide you
through now and forever
and you’ll find the best then
love linked together.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

After The Day

The season comes quickly
as sparkles of light
found within Christmas
in each day and night.
After the day then
the season grows dark
for many people
will cease of that spark.
Found after Christmastime
many move on
with their own journeys
from dusk unto dawn.
It seems that so many
are needing to find
after the day
a great Christmastime.
Not letting it die
or just fade away
ones need to find Christmas
after the day.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Living For Today

If yesterdays troubles
live in your mind
there is no room for
nows point in time.
Living for today
is a blessing to give
not letting yesterday
choose how you live.
Let loose of past times,
search through the grey
by letting God guide you
living for today.
Don’t let those people
that judge who you are
to prevent you from being
God’s shining start.
True we will falter
but peace can be found
by living for today
on God’s solid ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

This To Shall Pass

Now is a journey
that yesterday thought
maybe not completely
how that we sought.
Left might be right ways
and right ways be left
seeming as a journey
as somebody’s theft.
Time finds a way to
connect every dot
with pages we turned to
a little or lot.
When many struggles
come into your view
this to shall pass then
timeframes anew.
On days beginning with
a bad shadows casts
remember my friend that
this too shall pass.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Winters Serenade

The winds blow briskly
with snowflakes displayed
found in the season
of winters serenade.
Journeys of white stuff
floating around
seem as a dream worlds
wintertime town.
Winters serenade
becomes every sight
billowed with pictures
painted pure white.
Even at nighttime
the winters serenade
displays as wonderful
snowy Kool Aid.
Shifting so swiftly
in the night light of wind
the winters serenade
shall not soon find end.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

for Jan 4,  2014

Life in the fast lane
can cause many accidents,
so slow down a bit.

Knowing a person
might not conclude everything,
for details might hide.

Minutes tick slowly
as a hurried person thrives
seeking tomorrow.

New days perceptions
bring many different views
from our young to old.

Places we’ve been to
leave many memories found
inside of our mind.

Yesterdays turnstile
might not be the best for now,
for you might have changed.

A hard learned lesson
will be remembered longer
than one read about.

Days become echoes
of our yesterdays journeys
if we allow them.

No is a wording
that many will hear often
and still do it wrong.

Often ones judging
won’t see their own reflection
in what they’re saying.

Lives awakening
are often in form of eyes
searching for answers.

Yearning for pleasures
could find a journey to Hell
without happiness.

Beyond a flower
lives the bloom of existence
found within a bud.

Changes in stories
might show some details of lies
that are not kept straight.

Peace found in morning
comes when accepting moments
being as they are.

Life can be Heaven
if your peace is in Jesus
allowing His blessings.

Minutes are hours
connecting seconds to time
that becomes a life.

Within a snowstorm
holds the shadows of winter
as glimmers of white.

Holding someone’s hand
can give them much needed strength
to handle the bad.

Looks in a mirror
only reflect what that’s seen
and not what’s within.

The evergreen trees
hold some snow on every branch
creating pictures.

The heart of winter
lives as breezes blowing snow
and a chilling frost.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
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