Connected By Love


Hello my friends

It’s been getting cooler with every passing
day where we live. Yep, it’s looking like
summer has moved on. We brought Judy’s
flowers inside to keep them from freezing.
This evening Judy and I are going to take
our cameras with tripods outside to try to
get some good pictures of the moon. Yep,
it’s supposed to be spectacular. Beginning
at 6 PM the moon will be seen growing in
the sky to become a super moon and then
at 10 PM become a complete solar eclipse
and blood moon. We can’t wait, but wait
we must being we have no control over it.
Hopefully we’ll get some great photos of it.
Until then, we will just have to wait LOL.
Ok, next topic. Benny and Rocky have
been having fun as we took them out for
a field trip 4 days last week. They played
chase and wrestled in the grass and I got
a few great videos of them doing that and
both Judy and I got some great photos of
them. They also play chase in the house
running from one end of the house to the
other and then stop from time to time to
wrestle. Rocky will often let Benny win,
but we both know that Rocky can whip
Benny’s butt hehehe. We’re still having
a few problems with Rocky making potty
in the house, but it’s getting less and less
each day. From what I have learned, it
seems that Shih-tzu’s are the hardest to
train being that they’re one of the most
stubborn breeds of dogs. Potty training
is best done when they are just a month
or so old or younger. So getting anything
in his little tiny brain is gonna take time,
but I’m sure he will one day wise up LOL.
In the mean time, we keep an eye on him
as best that we can and keep paper towels
and pet stain and odor sprays handy at
all times hehehe. We love our little boys.
They’re like our children in a big way.
We haven’t heard anything from Judy’s
brother Ricky, but assuming he is OK.
Judy is going up to see him Wednesday,
being he has a doctors appointment in
Presque Isle that day. I reckon me and
the boys will hold down the fort and we
might even take a field trip while she’s
gone. Time will tell. I’m sure we will
find something to do 🙂 Mine and Judy’s
14th wedding anniversary is this coming
Friday Oct 2, 2015. Can you believe
she’s put up with me for 14 years LOL?
Yea, I know, hard to believe, but she
has hehehe 🙂 We’ve had our share of
bad days, but have had an abundance
of wonderful days. We’ve found that
we like many of the same things. Of
course nobody likes everything as the
same, for we all have our differences.
It’s learning to accept the differences
as what God made them to be. Though
many will make choices and try to put
them off as the way they are instead of
owning up to their bad choices. I have
made many bad choices and I have had
to pay the price for them, but today I
try to choose better my future and let
the past remain in the past as best that
I can. Of course even that at times is
a trial and a half LOL. That darned old
memory tends to tamper with what that
needs to be left alone. Judy and I have
found many blessed events to come into
our lives in forms of many things such
as wonderful photos that we’ve taken
that help us remember fantastic places
as well as awaking to the snow falling
down in the dawn of morning. It has
a magical feel to it, or at least it does
to us. Summer sunrises and sunsets
bring the warmth of God alive in our
hearts. Watching our little dogs play
and bounce around the house puts a
smile on our faces. There is so much
that we are thankful for that there is
no way I could possibly write it all
down in a few words. I’m still hoping
that my daughter and granddaughter
along with her boyfriend and his son
can make it up for Christmas. I told
Brian that they will need to bring up
some warm clothing. Not just Texas
jackets hehehe. Also to be prepared
to drive in the snow. It’s pretty much
a guaranty that there will be snow 🙂
It hasn’t missed a year yet at least
not in the almost 8 years that we’ve
lived up here LOL. Hopefully nothing
prevents them from coming. Right
now at 4:48 PM it’s 69 F degrees and
clear, so it should make for a great
viewing of the super moon. I might
wait to send this until we have gone
to take pictures of it, but maybe not.
If not, I will put a few of the pictures
in next weeks journal if in fact any of
the pictures come out good enough
to share 🙂 Judy and I both have a
tripod so both of us will be taking
pictures. I’m pretty sure that Benny
and Rocky will be outside with us
curious to what we’re looking at 🙂
My grandmother had a great 108th
birthday last Sunday. She has been
a wonderful grandmother and friend.
We’re connected by love. She knows
I love her and I know she loves me.
I will never forget all of the special
times we had together. Her and my
Pawpaw were like 2nd parents to me.
I miss all those days of long ago, but
they are alive inside my mind. I’m
sure that we will all meet again in
Heaven when that time comes to
be. For me, I’ll continue to do my
best to share the laughter and smiles
with others that my Pawpaw shared
with me. My grandmother always
had something good to eat and she
would often sit in the floor with me
and my cousin Melody as we would
play board games by the fireplace.
Judy and I are daily creating many
memories to share with our grand kids.
Our kids have all grown up and are
now with lives of their own, but we
hope that we are showing them that
love isn’t about money. It’s about
doing your best to move foreword
not letting bad times of yesterday
to ruin your future. Today’s a new
day and time for forgiveness for
the past, so to find true happiness.
Yes it is hard, but with God, all
things are possible. I’ve screwed
up many times in my past with my
decisions being I was young and
dumb, but I am trying my best to
move forward and not let the past
to destroy my future by reliving it
always. Let God help you to find
that place of forgiveness and not
just forgiving others, but that of
yourself. Now I believe it’s time
for me to begin my search through
all that I’ve written here to see if
I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title of today’s
brand new poem. So, it’s away I
go to that place of my recollection
that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I think I found a decent
title just a little ways back in my
rambling. I hope I can write a few
words that make sense. Here goes.

Connected By Love

When life finds an ending
there’s time to begin
life through a heartbeat
that souls enter in.
Connected by love
with distance not found
ones are united
on God’s higher ground.
Peace is then feathered
and flying with grace
connected by love
to that Heavenly place.
Then everyone that’s
gone before you
will be there just smiling
with life found anew.
Connected by love
so many will find
life at the ending
with new peace of mind.
Heaven’s great valley
will open up wide
connected by love
as we go inside.
Then as the pathways
of others unite
connected by love
will then see the light.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 27, 2015

Ok, there ya go. Yea, I know, not that
great hehehe. Oh well, it’ll have to do 🙂
It’s 5:30 PM and still 69 F degrees. That
was supposed to be the high for today and
I guess it held its mark LOL. I now have
Benny sleeping in the floor right beside me.
Rocky is sleeping behind Judy hehehehe.
I guess they wore each other out playing.
Their second wind should come in a little
while LOL. Judy is over there writing on
her Sci-fi novel. I’ve gotten a little behind
on editing it. I guess I need to try and get
caught up, but my right eye gets tired fast.
My left eye is useless due to a stroke, so
my right eye has to do all the work hehehe.
Oh well, I’ll get it done. I have a prayer
request for my good friend Brian Palmer.
He has cancer and they are doing all that
they can to get it, but prayers can most
surely do wonders. Now, I guess I need to
tell you what I tell you almost every week
and that is, I wrote some more poems and
haiku. Yep, 10 more poems with 2 of them
being sort of Christmassy 🙂 Also I wrote
22 more haiku for all of the haiku lovers
out there. ENJOY 🙂 So, have I forgotten
anything? Hmm, I can’t think of anything,
so I guess it’s time to start searching for
that not too elusive off switch, but not
before I wish you a wonderful weekend
or whatever’s left of it and a blessings
filled week. Remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now, where are
ya hiding, ya little switch like varmint?
I see you. Attempting to hide behind
my mom and dad’s picture might have
worked if you hadn’t been peeking out
from behind it hehehe. Ya silly thing.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Yesterdays Blessings

Things gone unnoticed
as time ticks away
might be the moments
we notice today.
Yesterdays blessings
and answers to prayer
might be the minutes
we thought as unfair.
For many blessings
are often just seen
that of a nightmare
not as a dream.
Yesterdays blessings
will come when it’s best
as God reveals them
those times oh so blessed.
Yet our own viewpoints
might not see so clear
the best of yesterdays
blessings sincere.
Time has a way of
displaying the reasons
often much later
found in the seasons.
Yesterdays blessings
just might coincide
within our future
on a prayer driven ride.
So don’t let your heart to
fill up with sorrow,
because you might find
a better tomorrow.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2015

The Moon Experience

Stars are twinkling
shining bright
with the moon
in dark of night.
The stage is set
for song and dance
the moon experience
with romance.
Every portion
of the night
displays scenes
with some moonlight.
The moon experience
comes in frame
sometimes with
a famous name.
A super moon,
full moon maybe blue.
is an experience
that we view.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2015

A Prayerful Time

Those simple days
that now have passed
a prayerful time
is shadows casts.
Times remembered
joyful true
a prayerful time
was great to view.
Childhood ways
with innocent eyes
a prayerful time
is how time flies.
Moments of bliss
from frames of God
now have displayed
times applaud.
All grown up
from each land mine
lessons were learned
a prayerful time.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2015

Heaven’s White Snowflakes

Snowflakes found falling
find places to land
creating viewpoints
of Heaven so grand.
Heavenly portions
float from the skies
landing in places
where much more applies.
Building a picture
for many to see
Heaven’s white snowflakes
are seen fabulously.
A dreamers dream
so fluffy to float
Heaven’s white snowflakes
are as a love note.
Heavenly blessings
with wintertime’s style
Heaven’s white snowflakes
will create a smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2015

A Child’s Eyes

Thinking of Christmas
a child will explore
sweet thoughts of presents
when in a toy store.
Walking passed windows
with displays so nice
seen in a child’s eyes
are nary the price.
For they see Santa
at nighttime so deep
bringing them toys
when they’re fast asleep.
A child is believing
and not filled with doubt
for they perceive magic
what Santa’s about.
A child’s eyes sees hopeful
where we are so blind
so sometimes it’s best to
seek a child’s frame of mind.
Not letting doubtful
to just bring you down
a child’s eyes can help you
to remove that frown.
Find the Christmas joy
that you had one day
and let it to live on
in a magical way.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2015

Invisible Flowers

Fragrant aromas
that you cannot see
display as flavors
to a small bumble bee.
Invisible flowers
that are not exposed
hidden by moments
that eyesight is closed.
Times in the darkness
their true smell empowers
seeming just like
invisible flowers.
Often in the daylight
their aroma might come
greatest with blossoms
up under the sun.
Yet many times though
the moment might be
invisible flowers
that you cannot see.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2015

Creating Smiles

We can create them
with just but a gaze
as ones will see us
with curved up displays.
Smiles maybe forced,
but might turn out true
when in reflections
you see smile at you.
A mirror reflects back
but has no perception
of what that’s false
a smile of deception.
So creating smiles
can be done when at home
looking in the mirror
when you’re all alone.
Then as you head out,
that smile you display
just might become true
in a wonderful way.
And when people see it
they might find their styles
learning their own way of
creating smiles.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2015

Disasters Recipe

Allowing passed days
of turmoil and pain
to live forever
in all you attain
is disasters recipe
with time to explode
carrying baggage
on down the road.
Yesterday is gone
so don’t hold so tight
to things you have done
that did not go right.
Learn from disasters
to not repeat them,
make them as lessons
to help you to swim.
An ocean of time
can make you a fool
if you let passed days
into today’s pool.
Remember the good times
and learn from the bad
and don’t let disasters
to be all you’ve had.
For now is a journey
to help you to see
lessons to learn
from disasters recipe.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2015

The Gift Of Life

God with His greatness
created you and I
to share and be thankful
until the day we die.
But so many people
live only with hate
and the gift of life
is not in their trait.
God gave us wonders
as a sky up above,
a fantastic painting
that’s filled full of love.
He gave us the flowers
and trees oh so tall
with leaves of green
that change in the fall.
There’s so many things
that we fill full of strife
which really should display
the gift of life.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2015

Wonderful Secrets

Looking through visions
of timeless recalls
wonderful secrets
are like bouncing balls.
Taking on lifestyles
of their own display
wonderful secrets
are found day to day.
Many with children
seeking delight
of Santa’s sleigh bells
heard in the night.
Wonderful secrets
of sugarplum fairies
bringing them dreams
of Christmas so merry.
Christmas Eve comes
with them counting sheep,
Santa Claus comes
when they’re fast asleep.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2015

for Sept 25, 2015

Mornings of sorrow
can be changed into a smile
if you so desire.

Left handed people
in a right handed cosmos
can change perception.

The signs found on walls
that have anger upon them
might just be old news.

Counting stars at night
brings sleep into your eyesight
as many are there.

Beyond what we see
could be a different view
that we know not of.

Perceiving a smell,
might send you the wrong idea
if near sulfur plants.

Written deception
that’s found in a newspaper
can create scandals.

Belonging to now
allows yesterday to rest,
for it has moved on.

Making up stories
about someone you don’t like
will come back to haunt.

Lost in a whirlwind
our minds might one day become,
due to lack of sleep.

When choosing a friend
look passed what your eyes can see
and look deep within.

Find time to relax
when you have done all you can
and then try again.

Selecting moments
needs knowledge of the moments
before selecting.

Dividing people
due to racial perception
shows how dumb ones are.

Religion argued
is not making God happy,
for we’re His children.

The worriers face
holds lines that display patterns
as their recordings.

Flowers of summer
will soon wither and pass on
if not taken in.

Stuck with a shadow
that yesterday put on you
needs you to change it.

Too tight the minutes
gives no room for any growth,
for growth needs time.

Our childhood ventures
can still live on in our minds
when we are adults.

Jumbled emotions
can come from too much hurry
and no time to think.

The sunrise canvass
is painted with God’s fingers
and Heavenly paint.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 25, 2015

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A Little Birthday Poem


Hello my friends

I hope you have been doing fairly well. We’ve
been doing pretty good. The weather is getting
cooler with each passing day. Today’s high is
supposed to be 64 F degrees and right now it’s
64 F at 3:30 PM. Tonight’s low is supposed to
be 39 F or around that. We’ve taken the boys
out for more field trips in front of our house and
Rocky is loving it. Benny has always loved to go
play in the field, but Rocky was hesitant in the
beginning, but now he’s ready to go. LOL we
had to leave them home the few times we went
to town for groceries and stuff being it was just
a bit too warm to take them, plus we are still
not totally trusting Rocky to not go poop in the
car just yet. Anyways, when we got home the
other day, I went in and let them out of their
crates and they made a beeline for the door.
When I opened it, they both ran out. We said
OK boys go potty and I think they misheard us
and they both started heading out to the field.
We managed to catch Rocky before he set off
his electronic fence collar. Benny doesn’t wear
one anymore, so he ran out quite a ways before
he noticed that we weren’t behind him and he
came running back. We’ll take them out in
the field this week. OK, now for some great
news. Today is my grandmothers birthday
(my moms mother) and she turned 108 years
old. I’ll put a few of her birthday pictures
in the stationery that my mom sent me. I’ll
also put in a couple of my grandmother and
me from last year when Judy and I went to
Texas for a visit. I wrote grandmother a
little birthday poem and sent it to my mom
and she said she would take it to her and
read it to her. Grandmother and Pawpaw
were always in my life. They both taught
me so much. They were like second parents.
I miss the old days back when we would
work in the garden together harvesting
crops, They grew everything and the food
always tasted so great. Grandmother used
to can her own foods. Pawpaw and me
spent many a night out on Lake Tawakanii
fishing and would come home by sunrise
and clean the fish and hand them over to
grandmother to fry up for dinner. Yep,
those were the days. I thank God for all
of those memories. Judy and I are making
memories of our own with the these two
boys and yes of course our dearly departed
Milo. Milo will always be a part of our
family. We see a lot of Milo in Rocky even
if they were not related other than being
dogs. It seems that Benny learned a few
things from Milo. Used to be that Milo
would bark for treats and Benny would
reap the rewards LOL, but now Benny
does the barking for treats and Rocky
reaps the rewards. Judy has got Benny
talking now sort of. He’ll ask for treats
in different tones and sounds LOL. Him
and Rocky were active yesterday and
Benny had decided to rest for a while
and I caught a video of Rocky using his
different toned barks asking Benny to
play with him hehehe. I’ll upload that
to my Facebook 🙂 These boys make us
happy every day. They might get on our
nerves from time to time, but most of
the time they are a sight to see hehehe.
They do make it hard to write at times
when they are wanting our undivided
attention, especially Rocky LOL, but
aside from that, they are good boys 🙂
Judy’s been making some memes using
their pictures. I’ll put one of them in
the stationery. Of course like always
if you’re only receiving my journals via
plain text style, you won’t see them.
Sorry for that, but webmail and most
AOL will not display stationery email.
Stationery email is email that has been
formatted rich text (HTML) if you did
not know that. If by chance you have
changed your means of receiving your
email to an email browser that will
accept stationery email and you would
like to start receiving it, then send me
a little email asking to be changed and
you might want to include the email
address you’re wishing to be changed
if you are sending from a different
email addy than what you’re currently
signed up to receive from me. Other
than that, I will be able to use the one
that you emailed from 🙂 I might one
day in the future start sending using
my other email address, but I’ll let
you know if and when that day does
occur. Until then, this is it hehehehe.
LOL I had to go to the bathroom a
moment ago and when I was done
and opened the door I looked down
and saw that I had a little body guard
watching the door. Rocky was waiting
for me to come back to the PC room
hehehehe. The other day when I went
to the bathroom he followed me there
and then shortly began barking at the
door for me to come out LOL. The
little guy missed me hehehe. Though
that can get old after a bit LOL. Yep,
our little home is filled with love and
excitement hehehe. OK so it might
not be exciting to you, but it is to us.
Oct 2nd is mine and Judy’s 14 year
wedding anniversary. We might have
to wait to celebrate till we get paid,
because both of us are pretty much
strapped for cash, but we shall see.
It’s hard to believe we met in a little
Yahoo Poetry egroup back in 2001
huh. Yep, April 1st 2001 was the
day that I got my first email from her.
It’s been a life changing experience.
I would of never allowed a dog to
stay in the house, but here ya go 🙂
God has managed to put two people
together from different aspects of life
and make them united. We found
that we had more in common than
we ever could of dreamed of. Yep,
God knows what He’s doing as always.
He’s put many people in our lives that
have helped us to grow. I thank God
for our family. My daughter and my
granddaughter not to mention all of
my new family with stepdaughters
and step grandchildren. They are a
blessing of abundance. I am getting
more excited by the day thinking about
my daughter Jamye and her daughter
(my granddaughter) coming up this
December for Christmas. I’m looking
forwards to meeting Jamye’s boyfriend
Brian and his son. I hope that nothing
happens to prevent their trip. I hope
they don’t mind staying with us in our
tiny mobile home. We aren’t rich by no
means LOL, but we are rich in love and
The Lord and that’s the best kind of
rich 🙂 So, I reckon it’s time for me to
be taking my little trip back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So, it’s away I go to that little place of
my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found
a fairly decent title near the beginning
where I spoke of the poem I wrote for
my Grandmother 🙂 So here’s another
one for my Grandmother. She deserves
many more, but I do have my limits 🙂
I love ya bunches Grandmother and
wish I could be there in person to wish
you a Happy Birthday, but this will have
to do. Maybe my mom (your daughter)
will read this one as well to you. Tons
of hugs and kisses. Now, it’s time to
give an effort to write a poem using
this title. Here goes 🙂

A Little Birthday Poem
(Happy Birthday Grandmother 108 years)

With every episode
of my own childhood days
I can remember
your wonderful ways,
so I wrote you a little
birthday poem true
that’s of my memories
that I have of you.
Every single moment
that I can remember
burns as a blessing
the brightest of ember.
A time long ago
when we used to play
Yahtzee and Monopoly
day after day.
Me with my cousin
and you with your smile
warmed by the fire
as time did compile.
You are now older
and wiser in mind
as many years passed
time unto time.
You’ve seen so much
as the years went on by
one hundred and eight
that just seemed to fly.
So now I am writing
how you’ve made me grown
through all your love
in a little birthday poem.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 20, 2015

So 🙂 did I put ya to sleep? I hope that you
enjoyed my rambling and maybe even the
poem to my Grandmother. I love her very
much. I wish I could be there to wish her a
happy birthday, but it’s just not possible at
this moment. I hope she likes the poems
I wrote for her. Judy just went and let in
the rugrats 🙂 Rocky is now right behind
me squeaking on his squeaky toys hehehe.
Benny is lying down under the folding chair
that we have in for whenever Christian our
grandson wants to visit. We spend most
of our time in here either watching TV or
writing. OK so we both spend a lot of time
on Facebook. We’re retired. We go for
walks ever so often when taking the boys
out for field trips. Yes, we do more, but
is there a reason I must write it down?
LOL I thought not! Mom sent me some
pictures that were taken Friday of my
Grandmother at the nursing home. They
celebrated her birthday then being that
a lot of the workers would not be there
on the weekend and they all wanted to
celebrate with her. I haven’t much else
to tell you aside from what I normally
tell you every week and that is I wrote
some more poems and haiku. Yeppers,
10 more poems, but no Christmas poems
this week. Also I once again wrote 22
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there. I hope you can find one or two
of either or both that you like. Now it’s
time for me to be searching for that
not so elusive off switch, but not before
I wish you a most wonderful weekend
and a most blessed week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now,
where could that confounded off switch
be trying to hide this week? I use the
word TRYING very loosely hehehehe.
Hmm, I think I see movement behind
my saltshaker hehehe. Yep, once again
caught hiding behind something that is
not that large to hide behind. Will you
ever learn? Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

My Inner Thoughts

Those thoughts I think
inside my head
are often what
are thought not said.
My inner thoughts
will take a ride
time to time
when I look outside.
The scenes I see
with colors born
my inner thoughts
then do adorn.
Inside my mind
I can create
a scene of time
another date.
My inner thoughts
are often found
alive and well
when I look around.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

Certain Hues

Colors displayed
red and green
and some more
that eyes have seen.
Certain hues
will come on stage
of the time frame
age to age.
People watching
colors change
green to brown
and rearrange.
Autumn’s scattered
with the sight
colors painted
day and night.
Reds and greens
with browns and blues
are displayed as
some certain hues.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

Now And Gone

Wantings wished for
dusk to dawn
might soon turn to
now and gone.
Life has ways of
changing place
what you wanted
changed its face.
Storms of troubles
come from greed
getting what you
do not need.
Now and gone
is situated
maybe better
For so often
life moves on
showing what that’s
now and gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

As Years Go By

My time found
that swished and swayed
becomes an echo
that’s displayed.
Scenes remembered
given a try
becomes lessons
years go by.
Tiny fragments
I remember
might become
the brightest ember.
What was just
a moments time
became as my
certain rhyme.
As years go by
I change each day
and what once was
is a different way.
Yet so many
never tried
to get to know me
deep inside.
So with that said
I move on
as years go by
and then is gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

Looking For Stars

At night with moonlight
I’m looking for stars,
but often only finding
Venus and Mars.
Yet as I gaze up
at the sky oh so dark
the stars start to twinkle
as their lights embark.
Looking for stars
in the middle of the night
gives me a neck ache
when looking for light.
Then as if magic
the sky is found full
stars that are twinkling
that look super cool.
Designs in the starlight
are painted so fine
while looking for stars
of a unique design.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

God’s Love For Free

God gave me blessings,
but many I missed
as I continued
my own bucket list.
We all will so often
not see what that’s true
and miss all the blessings
God gave me and you.
Those times when struggling
and out on a limb
you may not of found that
true love is Him.
He sends us some angels
to guide here and there
and you may truly never
know that they’re there.
They might be an angel
someone that you see,
but you may not know
they’re God’s love for free.
He’s there just awaiting
for you to realize
that all you have to do
is seek His Devise.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

A Short Path To Smiles

As each day moves forwards
some frowns might appear
as time exposes them
year after year.
A short path to smiles
is a journey well taken,
maybe by a giggle
or something mistaken.
The journey through life
might become bestowed
as only your sadness
down an old bumpy road.
A short path to smiles
might be found on the way
that you have eluded
and found Hell to pay.
Take a little journey now
with not many miles
and look for the laughter
a short path to smiles.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

Dreams Found In White

Summer is ending
and losing its stride
as I am steadfast
with dreams found in white.
Now’s just illusion,
but soon I will see
dreams found in white
as my reality.
The colors of autumn
will soon be displayed
the colors of paintings
as bright lemonade.
Dreams found in white
will surely expose
wintertime’s doorway
with many things froze.
Snow on the driveway
with signs that I’m older,
for I have now gone and
bought a snow blower.
Now as I’m awaiting
to test that things might
my snow blowers charged for
dreams found in white.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

Clean Out Your Closet

Don’t let your baggage
to become so much,
that many find you
a bit out of touch.
Clean out your closet
and make room for now,
for if you don’t then
less good you’ll endow.
You’ll only find things
that you once had viewed
better that moment,
but now misconstrued.
Clean out your closet
and let God help you
find a much better
lifetime to view.
Don’t let the baggage
to become so large
that it is all that
daily takes charge.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

My Grandmother
(I love you Grandmother)

She was a person
that I looked up to
and my grandmother
is still that so true.
She taught me to cook
and do many things
like creating life
with the knitting of strings.
Now she’s much older,
but still has that smile
that makes me happy
though distant the mile.
I love my grandmother,
for she helped me find
life in a new way
with my own design.
Her birthday is here now
and that is so great,
for she’s still alive at
one hundred and eight.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

for Sept 19, 2015

Many find stories
as only a waste of time,
but they give us growth.

Even the most boring
can enlighten with some words,
but maybe later.

Joining together
with two hearts beating truly
shows differences.

Not looking forwards
could cause you much destruction,
for the past is done.

Deceptions doorway
opens with some fish stories
that were not so true.

Witnessing a crime,
but keeping it to yourself
could come back to haunt.

Rubbernecking people
will often cause accidents
while trying to see.

Many months of snow
will come as winter grabs hold
until it’s springtime.

Pages of ones life
might not concur with their book,
for they might have changed.

Living as a fool
will most surely be displayed
in all you acquire.

Our reality
might not be what we perceive,
for it might be fake.

Life in a bubble
will prevent you from living
and growing stronger.

The looks of a thief
have no designated style,
for they look like us.

Aboard a vessel
sailing on the oceans waves
you might become green.

Ones stupidity
might turn into a landslide
if they never learn.

Desires of the heart
are often clouded by thoughts
wanting another.

Within a snowflake
holds many different views
to bond into one.

Summertime’s passing
might breathe a sigh of relief
in ones hot natured.

Less of our judging
will allow others to bloom
into good people.

The flowers of spring
are remembered through summer,
but lost in winter.

Today’s legacy
finds tools through our yesterdays
to heighten our view.

Repeating problems
will only make them greater,
so learn from the past.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2015

My wife Judy’s Poetry books 🙂
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Heaven To Join


Hello my friends

Here I am once again with a little more
rambling. I hope you are doing well or
as well as possible. It’s been rather nice
around here. Judy went over to her ex’s
house Labor day to spend time with her
daughters. She took Benny and Rocky
so to give me a break from them for a bit.
I enjoyed the time alone and even wrote
a poem about Judy and I and it’s a long
one LOL. I told her I would probably
write her a poem, but it turned into a
freaken story titled Here Is A Story 🙂
Judy came home early and she said it
was starting to rain when she left. She
took tons of pictures and many of them
are of the boys playing with their little
cousins Peanut and Khione. They were
tired little pups when they got home 🙂
LOL Judy was tired too. We looked
at all of the pictures she took and then
I copied them to my PC. We took the
boys on a couple of field trips last week.
Rocky has gotten to where he loves to
go for runs/walks in the field in front
of our home. Him and Benny run side
by side and play chase. Milo used to
do that with Benny up until he started
getting sick, The poor guy wanted to
keep playing with Benny, but he was
just not able. Benny’s little brother
Rocky can wear him out hehehe. He
always wants to play. Benny was like
that when he was younger, but he has
slowed down a little since then. Yet he
still loves to run and play and boy oh boy
was he excited when we headed out to
the field and this time Rocky ran right
along with him. We heard Benny give
out a bark that we never heard before 🙂
It was a bark of joy. Rocky up until
then would only come out a few feet in
the field, because when we first got him
we did him the same way as we did both
Benny and Milo and made him wear
the electric fence collar which would
not allow him to go into the field and
one day when he went too far, he was
shocked. But now that he knows the
boundaries the same as Benny, we let
him go outside without it. He was just
leery of going out with us, but I guess
that day he really wanted to play with
Benny and he chanced it and he was
so excited. He will still not go out there
without us as is the same with Benny.
They know that we are to be with them.
Benny will often follow me out to the
mailbox and wait for me on the other
side of the road in the driveway. Then
run ahead of me heading back to the
house hehehe. Milo used to do the
very same. Rocky might do that in
the future, but he’s still learning what
he is and is not to do. So only in time.
Today’s high is supposed to be 69 F
and right now it’s 67 F at 3:00 in the
afternoon. Tomorrow’s forecasted
high is 67 F. I am so excited to get
a chance to test out our new snow
blower. I know I’ll still have to use
the snow shovel on parts, but not as
much. At least hopefully not as much 😉
Judy and I cannot wait to see Rocky’s
reaction to his first sight of snow 😮
For all we know, he might love it as
much as Benny does. Benny simply
loves snow and we have to wait for
him to get tired or too cold before
he will come back in without a fuss.
We might have 2 snow dogs on our
hands hehehe. Rocky has begun to
do many of the same things as Benny.
We often look out and they will be
both lying underneath the car side
by side. OK, next topic. We haven’t
heard much from Ricky except he is
having more health issues. Kidney
stones and bladder infections. He
needs your prayers. He is in the
nursing home and he is happy. He
has made a friend there and that’s
something he has never had. Before
he always stayed to himself. I guess
being at the nursing home brought
him out of his shell a little bit. He’s
a good guy. He is struggling with
the loss of his leg beneath his knee
though. He’s lucky that is all that
he lost. Gangrene can take your
life if not careful. So, what else is
there to talk about. Rocky is in a
feisty mood wanting to play hehehe.
I managed to trim some of the hair
away from his eyes so he can see,
but not without a bit of a struggle.
LOL he doesn’t like the scissors, but
I got it done, sort of hehehe. We’ll
wait a while to give him and Benny a
haircut until after winter as we have
always done. We might trim them
up just a tad once in a while such as
from their eyes, but they’ll need the
hair to keep them warm when they
are out in the snow playing. It does
get rather cold up this way. I called
my Aunt Anna the other day and she
was excited to hear from me. She
is my moms oldest sister. We had
a nice talk. I try my best to keep in
touch with my family and friends,
but I can only do so much. Anna
now has our phone number, so she
can call us 🙂 I wish I could snap my
fingers and visit all of my family and
friends, but I can’t, so I do what
I can. My mom is doing well. We
keep in contact always. I wish her
and my sister could come up for a
visit. My sister Peggy was wanting
to come up and asked if mom was
wanting to and I said that the last
time I talked to her she said she
wanted to. Who knows, maybe in
the next year they’ll make the drive
up again. They came up in 2008
shortly after Judy and I had moved
up here, but Peggy had some stuff
to tend to back home so they had
to leave early. I hope yall can make
it up soon. There is so much to see
that you didn’t stay long enough to
see. I have been chatting with my
daughters boyfriend Brian and he
seems like a nice polite guy. They
are coming up for Christmas and
bringing my granddaughter Sami
and Brian’s little boy. It should be
a wondrous time. They have never
seen snow as we get up here being
they are from Texas the same as
me LOL. I was blown away when
I saw all the snow. LOL up until
April of 2008 I thought our house
was sitting on a snow mound LOL.
We moved up here on the first of
December or thereabouts. I have
a feeling a few snowball fights will
occur and maybe even a few tries
at making a snowman and snow
angels hehehe. Anyways, that’s
about all I have to ramble about.
God is always number 1 around
here. He has made sure that we
have all that we need and protected
us from danger. We know that
when our time is up within these
bodies, we will find our way to
Heaven to join those that have
gone on before us. Judy and I
know that we will always be a
family for even in death there is
life. I praise God for all that He
has done for us and that He will
do. I hope that you have found
a relationship with Him and have
allowed Him to work within you.
If you haven’t, then why not today?
Now I believe it’s time for me to
begin my search back through
all that I’ve written here to see if
I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title of today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I
go to that place of my recollection
that I seem to always like to call
I found a halfway decent title just
a few lines back. So, let’s see how
I do with it LOL. Here goes!!!

Heaven To Join

Time is a bubble
that many will bust
left in the middle
of their lack of trust.
Heaven to join
becomes just a time
with many doubting
what all they will find.
With our believing
brings faith to arise
Heaven to join
those now in the skies.
That wondrous place
that is Holier true
is Heaven to join
together me and you.
For our existence
is that of a while
connecting with others
a time to compile.
Let God to live now
inside of your heart
then Heaven to join
will be your depart.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 13, 2015

So, how’d I do? LOL I know, it ain’t
that great, but I did my best with what
I had. It’s 67 F degrees at 4:30 PM and
Rocky is still wanting to play. Judy let
them outside a bit ago and little Rocky
decided to go exploring a little further
than he is allowed to without us and
Judy was at the door hollering for him
to come home. I stepped out the door
and yelled Rocky and he came running.
He heard me and knew he was in trouble
LOL. I have one of those voices hehehe.
It’s like my dads was. A lot of people
say that they think of my dad when they
hear me speak, plus I have his green
eyes as well and his white beard LOL.
Life continues on in the Pearce’s Place.
I reckon it’s time for me to be telling
you what I tell you almost every week
and that is, I wrote some more poems
and haiku. Yep, 10 more poems with
1 being a Christmas poem and 1 being
a really long story poem 🙂 Also once
again I wrote 22 haiku for all of the
haiku lovers out there. I hope you can
find 1 or 2 of either or both that you
like. Now I believe it’s time for me
to be searching for that not so great
at hiding off switch, but not before
I wish you a most wonderful weekend
or whatever’s left of it and a most
blessed prayerful week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now,
where’s that darned off switch hiding
this time? Oh for Christ Sake, not
behind my respirator agin. You do
know I have asthma don’t you, you
freaking nut, don’t you????? LOL!
Try a little harder next week will ya.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Here Is A Story

Past becomes echoes
of yesterdays dreams
ones wishing true love
on starlight moonbeams.
Here is a story
of how miles inlaid
the time of a porthole
that Lord God had made.
Two sat so lonely
just looking for friends
as God entwined
a time with loose ends.
Knots were tied surely
as time moved along
and here is a story
how two became one.
A little poetry club
of so long ago
found on the internet
had them to flow.
The past came alive
and flourished a start,
two found together
with one beating heart.
Time then was counted
to days then to meet
one on a plane
and the other to greet.
Those two together
then went for a ride
finally in person
with true love inside.
Their hearts were a twitter
as miles went their way
and two later found
a great wedding day.
Yet there were things
that the other had to do
as he got on the plane
and away he then flew,
but he promised his love
that he would return
in time to be married
so have no concern.
He returned a little later
a month or so true
to be her loving husband
with life started new.
October the second
2001 found them married
and a month later
true heartbeats they carried.
Southbound to Texas
they drove oh so far
to live life together
as God’s shining star.
They had normal problems,
but still found a way
to keep God within them
with day after day.
Here is a story
about two loving souls
now found together
connected with goals.
The heartbeats united
are Judy and I
joined with some others
from Heaven so high.
The end of November
2007 displayed
us on a journey
December portrayed.
Up north to Maine
new life was begun
us with the blessings
from Jesus God’s Son.
White snow was falling
and landing in place
finding our new home
filled with God’s grace.
We saw many moments
some good and not so
joined with the journeys
as our lives did grow.
The struggles we found
made us much stronger
as we continue
our lives a bit longer.
Then with the ticking
of times changing hue
our little family
much greater it grew
Now we’ve got doggies
that bring us much joy
as they bounce around
with every dog toy.
Life’s so abundant
with us holding tight
Here is a story
how God did unite.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 7, 2015

To Judy Ann Pearce
From William Earl Pearce II

The Midnight Moon

Stars are shining
with moonlight
amidst the moment
in the night.
Scenes are pictured
painted so
with the starlight
times bestow.
With each segment
times attune
connecting with
the midnight moon.
After midnight
it moves on
the midnight moon
to early dawn.
Changing places
in the sky
the midnight moon
will just fly by.
Then as sunrise
comes in view
the midnight moon
is somewhere new.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

Storms Of Winter

Summers demise
comes with some colors
painted with leaves
and many others.
Then as the leaves
all fall to the ground,
soon there is winter
with white all around.
The storms of winter
start out with ease
displaying stages
of white snow on trees.
Painting with passion
the snow makes a sight
displayed as winter
found oh so white.
Each scene is patterned
with its special way
as storms of winter
perform their display.
Seen by a camera
while found front and center
December brings us
some white storms of winter.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

The Sound Of Happy

When life tosses trouble
and smiles are not found
sometimes a sound can
turn that around.
The sound of happy
from some little thing
can help a storm cloud
find shades of spring.
A small little dog
playing with a toy
brings forth the happy
to fill you with joy.
The sound of happy
can also be heard
from that of nature
with the tweet of a bird.
The sound can be also
a memory of yours
that brings a smile
which laughter secures.
The sound of happy
can be what you chose
found as a moment
you visioned a rose.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

So Distant Thoughts

Beyond what’s seen
are things I recall
so distant thoughts
from time frames so tall.
Every single second
comes back with a glance
so distant thoughts
from each song and dance.
Each minute studded
with music we made
my bands of time
I wish would of stayed.
Recalling the joyful
sessions recorded
now are the moments
that are not afforded.
My first little group
we played oh so fine
a learning degree
that was so divine.
We wrote songs together
and made little tunes
often in the shade
of late afternoons.
Those days I remember
so well in my heart
I wish we had never
seen to depart.
Life brings alive
a journey across
a universe of times
so distant thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

Perfection’s Illusion

Some think they’re perfect,
but it’s just illusion
while they are filled with
so much confusion.
Yes we are perfect
in God’s Eyes for sure,
but what is human
is sinful allure.
We each have a way
of doing what’s wrong
even if we think
it’s part of our song.
Perfection’s illusion
comes with a gaze
leading so many
down bitter sweet days.
Yes we are perfect
as God made us true,
but our sins are uncovered
in me and in you.
We each make mistakes
so perfectly wrong
as we learn lessons
as time moves along.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

A Winding Road

Footprints we make
while walking along
leave many trails
while singing our song.
A winding road
that catches our step
might then become
a time frame inept.
For as the pathway
becomes bestowed
with many rocks found
on down the road,
your own way intended
might end in despair
as you find out that
you’re going nowhere.
You might need to ask
for God’s help that day
and then allow Him
to show you the way.
Then a winding road
will display a path
away from confusions
own aftermath.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

The Sound Of Christmas

A little child’s heartbeat
that sleeps in the night
dreaming of Santa
and each Christmas light
becomes as a picture
painted with smiles
as sugarplum fairies
in wintertime styles.
The sound of Christmas
are what many hear
as jingles and jangles
of that time of year.
Heard on the radio
Christmas songs playing
with words of Jesus
and many found praying.
The sound of Christmas
is what many find
when they’re awakened
with its own design.
The seasonal blessings
that then come alive
become as excitement
for it to arrive.
The sound of Christmas
is found in a heart
ones that are waiting
for Christmas to start.
The joy and laughter
that comes in to shine
is the sound of Christmas
Lord Jesus designed.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

Secrets Of Time

Hidden from many
some times might be
things we imagine,
but are reality.
Secrets of time
are often in place
hidden in formats
of our smell and taste.
Often the secrets
are not hidden well,
but many find them
as much more to tell.
Scenes in the distance
we might just discern
as secrets of time
with a much different turn.
Not what’s imagined
and sought for to find
some moments might be
just secrets of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

Disturbed Shadows

Night finds some shadows
as glimmers of fear
often in darkness
when sight is not clear.
Disturbed shadows
with pictures inlaid
as many nightmares
that your dreams have made.
Yet disturbed shadows
might be many things
that in the daylight
fills life full of dreams.
But in the night sky
with moonlight and stars
disturbed shadows
are fearful night scars.
So when at nighttime
some chills are exposed
remember they might be
just disturbed shadows.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

for Sept 12, 2015

Lost in perception
we might entwine our own views
and not understand.

When riding the wind
the wings of an eagle spread
to catch a smooth ride.

A footstep in time
can often be misconceived
due to the lack of.

Deciphered journals
might be wrongly understood
with you in the dark.

With the first snowflakes
comes the coldness of winter
with much more to come.

Left handed people
might find a lot of conflicts
in right handed worlds.

Many aromas
are not made to appeal us,
but to give warning.

Past to the present
brings forth many ideas
that might change in time.

The length of a foot
changes when describing fish
and what got away.

Various turnstiles
bring beginnings of trouble
and others bring peace.

Amidst true passion
holds ingredients for love,
but sometimes all wrong.

Disabled people
are not totally crippled,
for they still have God.

Painting a picture
needs the thought of an image
and canvas to paint.

Grandeur illusion
finds many living a dream
when it is not true.

Summers scenery
will soon fade away from sight
leaving us autumn.

The promise of change
comes when one can’t continue
the way they’re going.

A fool and his thoughts
will often find him trouble
from all his nonsense.

Camping in the woods
you might come across some sounds
that keep you awake.

Pointing at others
draws attention to yourself
and how that you are.

Aromas of clouds
come as seasonal moments
with raindrops to fall.

Winter winds will blow
bringing life from fallen snow
creating pictures.

Distant memories
can be tools to bring us smiles
if used correctly.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2015

My wife Judy’s Poetry books 🙂
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Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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Since The Beginning


Hello my friends

We’re still kicking up the dirt around here.
Judy and I have been enjoying the weather
and watching the days fly by. The boys are
doing good. Rocky is right behind me now
playing with his squeaky toys. The weather
has been nice. It’s getting cooler with each
passing week. I went on line last Thursday
and bought us a 40 volt battery operated
snow blower from SEARS. It will sure be
great not having to shovel so much. Yes I
know, I’ll still have to shovel around the car
and a few places, but it will help us to be
able to get out of our driveway without me
breaking my back trying to clear a path.
Also it will work great to make poop paths
for the boys. As long as I get to it before
the snow gets above 6 inches. Much above
that and I’ll have to use the shovel. That’s
OK! It will take the load off of my back
and shoulders. I do love to watch it snow
and see the beauty that comes in sight as
the snow lands and starts decorating. Our
grandson came to stay with us yesterday.
Saturday was his 14th birthday. He said he
wanted to stay the night also so Judy got
in touch with his mom (her daughter) and
asked if he could stay and she said yes.
He slept on the recliner in the living room
as he always does, but I think he stayed
up all night playing with the tablet that
his Uncle Dennis and Aunt Trudy gave
him for his birthday 🙂 I think he comes
for our Internet hehehe. Oh well, We
enjoy him being here. We watched a few
Dragonball Z videos and some videos
on the Youtube. Judy and I bought him
a birthday cake and we all went to town
and got us something to eat. He wanted
pizza so he got pizza. Judy and I got us
some sub sandwiches from SUBWAY.
It was a nice day. Judy and I have been
still working on Rocky and trying to get
him potty trained. Last night was the first
night since we started putting him in
his crate to sleep, that we let him sleep
out of it with Benny. LOL and the first
thing he did, was head over to the crate
and climb in hehehe. I went and petted
him and he sort of came out, then he
got out and went and laid down beside
Benny in a doggy bed. I think he was
just a little bit confused, but he soon
fell asleep and he didn’t make potty in
the house, YEAH. If we can ever get
to where we can trust him more, we’ll
start taking him and Benny with us agin
when we go somewhere, but the last
time we took him, he made a freaking
stinky mess in the car and it took me a
while to clean it up. Fortunately we’ve
got the rear seats covered with a dog
protection cover, but some poop still
got on the seat, so I had to scrub it
with cleaner. It’s good as new now 🙂
But we’ll wait a little longer before we
trust to take him with us and Benny
has gotta stay with him, because he
doesn’t like to be alone. I’m sure that
in a week or so we’ll be able to take
them both with us. Of course we can
take them with us if we’re going for a
short drive or not leaving them in the
car alone for any amount of time, but
the time Rocky made his mess was
when we went to Walmart. LOL and
little Benny had climbed up into the
front seat to try and get away from
the mess. LOL he couldn’t stand the
smell and believe you me, it was a
stinky ride home UGH. Anyways,
off to another topic hopefully not
about poop hehehe. Judy is in here
now browsing the Internet. Christian
stuck his head in here just a bit ago to
say good morning. LOL I can’t wait
for the first good snowing so I can
use our snow blower hehehe. I’ve
never owned one, but then again I
am from Texas and there’s not much
use for a snow blower there LOL.
Yes, I have lived up here for over
7 years now, but I had been doing
Ok with a shovel, but I ain’t getting
any younger 🙂 I turned 59 last week
and my body turned what feels like
100 hehehe. It’s been through Hell
and back. Where is Heaven when
you need it LOL? I guess we’ve got
to take the bad with the good huh.
Yep, I enjoy taking pictures of God’s
beauty, but sometimes the journey
to the photos gets the best of me 🙂
I was taking a little trip back through
all of our old photos from Texas last
night. Ones we took down at Port
Aransas and thereabouts. Watching
a few of the videos that we took of
the ocean sure made me smile. We
have thousands of pictures and many
videos that bring back the memories
of our favorite places. I wish digital
cameras would have been out when
I was much younger. I’d have a lot
more pictures of family and friends.
In the old film camera days, you
weren’t guarantied that the pictures
you took were going to be any good.
Plus you were very limited on how
many you could take. You couldn’t
take tons of pictures as you do now.
Problems with film, would be that
if it got too hot it would ruin and the
same if it got too cold. The film would
either over expose, double expose or
like so often has happened in the past,
forgot to take the lens cap off and the
pictures came out black. Nope I do
not miss those old cameras at ALL.
I would love to have some pictures of
some of my old friends from childhood
and my first dog/best friend. I have so
much that I wish I had photos of, but
now it only lives as memories. Great
moments such as me and my Papa
fishing the night away together in his
boat on Lake Tawakanii. Wonderful
moments that I wish I had been able to
photograph. I do though remember
them well. So, now days, Judy and
I take as many pictures as we cane
of each moment that comes before us
so we can reminisce them as time
goes by. I stopped writing for a bit
to fix Judy, Christian and me some
breakfast. He stuck his head in and
asked, when are we gonna eat and
Judy said Grandpa will fix it in a bit.
I stopped shortly after and headed to
the kitchen and so did the boys. Yep
Benny and Rocky followed me in and
watched. Rocky decided that he was
gonna get a close up look as he sat
right in my way LOL. In front of the
refrigerator, the cupboard and the
oven LOL. He would follow me to
wherever I happened to be or plant
himself where I needed to go hehehe.
Benny watched from the living room.
So, we have eaten breakfast which
to many of you at this time frame is
brunch hehehe. This home has most
definitely been blessed. God has
taken care of us since the beginning.
Even before I met Judy I could see
where He had stepped in with His
Mighty Hands and protected me to
shine for future days. Yes, I have
had many struggles to which many
have never known, because I lived
a life of no tears exposed. No, I did
not let people see me cry. I thought
it would be a sign of weakness, but
found out later that showing my tears
was a sign of strength allowing ones
to help me. The Animal of today is
not afraid to cry, but yet still will
hold it in as long as possible. Crying
over spilled milk so to say brings no
help for the times that you really do
need help. Sort of like crying wolf.
I reckon it’s time for me to begin
my journey back through all that I
have written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title of today’s brand new
poem. So, away I go to that lil place
of my recollection that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think
I found a good title and now to see if
I can do anything with it LOL.

Since The Beginning

When days were but only
some times long ago
God brought us blessings
that many don’t know.
Since the beginning
He watched with His Love
sharing His blessings
from Heaven above.
He gave us so much
that was not a need,
yet ones are so often
filled full of greed.
Since the beginning
we’ve each strived so true
to do many things
we saw others do.
God provided gifts
to be you and me
since the beginning
of our history.
Each with our own gift
of walking our way,
ones that are drumming
with their own display.
We are given choices,
but need to choose well
not letting Satan
to take us to Hell.
Since the beginning
our growth has begun
ones learning better
with each rising sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6, 2015

I hope you enjoyed my rambling and
maybe even the poem LOL. Hopefully
you understood it. My life is a journey
that often leads to nowhere hehehehe.
Often it’s just a little stumble through
the day without any direction intended.
I just head out taking pictures of every
little thing that comes into my field of
view/or not LOL. I’m almost always
with my camera in hand. Every once
in a while I’ll luck into a great shot.
So, OK, I guess I need to stop here
before I get caught up into Rambles
Ville again hehehe, but before I do
I want to thank you for all of your
prayers for my granddaughter Sami.
She is out of the hospital now and
doing well. Now to tell you what I
tell you almost every week and that
is, I wrote some more poems and
haiku. Yeppers 10 more poems, but
none of them are Christmas related
this week. Also I wrote 22 more
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there. I hope you can find maybe 1
or 2 of either or both that you like.
Now, it’s time for me to begin my
search for that no so elusive off
switch, but not before I wish you
a most magnificent weekend or
whatever’s left of it and a truly
blessings filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.
OK, so where is that confounded
off switch trying to hide this week?
Hmm, me thinks I might see a bit
of movement behind my glass of
orange juice hehehe. Yep, gotcha,
see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Discretional Moments

Chosen by a person
of their own little way
discretional moments
are of their display.
So many choices
with patterns to choose
discretional moments
are then win or lose.
Found in the mirror
ones might see hindsight
discretional moments
that did not go right.
So some discretion
might need thought over
before they get crushed
by a learning bulldozer.
Discretional moments
will sometimes be good,
for they are sometimes
doing what you should.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2015

Disruptive Thoughts

Repetitive thinking
might keep you lost
feeling your life with
disruptive thoughts.
Links to illusions
will come from inside
things that we wish for
that time has denied.
Disruptive thinking
will lead you astray
due to the mishaps
from some other day.
Often our patterns
will form from a while
that some disruption
did one day compile.
So don’t let others
with life surely lost
to come and fill you
with disruptive thoughts.
Use what God gave you
to think and procure
much better actions
not filled with manure.
Disruptive thoughts
can become who you are
if you allow them
to guide you too far.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2015

Various Eyes

Scenes that we’re seeing
from ground to the skies
might look much different
in various eyes.
Each with our eyesight
and things that we view
might be uniquely
just me or just you.
Various people
will see fluffy clouds
and then some others
will see rain with shrouds.
The mornings sunrise
has new things to view
and various eyes
will see red and blue.
Flowers found blooming
will give scents to smell
that various eyes
might not see so well.
The moments renditions
from ground to the skies
might seem so different
with various eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2015

Early September

Now with the minutes
the moments are gone
August has left us
a September dawn.
Early September
brings fall soon to show
followed by winter
and its time to snow.
September wonders
are now so alive
pages of glimmers
with colors to thrive.
Early September
is slow with its voice,
but it will soon be
with colors rejoice.
Blending October
with its sort of flair,
early September
gives its love and care.
Even November
will display the same
seen with the colors
of September’s game.
So let the blessings
be great to remember
the things that began
with early September.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2015

Found In The Clouds

Seasons are changing,
the skies rearranging,
found in the clouds
with momentous crowds.
Each with its journey
the skies own attorney,
clouds of pure white
or darkness in sight.
God’s Own emotions
are found as some oceans
in the sky up above
and filled with His love.
The clouds seem to be
floating in the sea
as a picture floats in
with change to begin.
Found in the clouds
are sights of some shrouds
that hide the sunshine
with God’s Own design.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2015

Celestial Journey

A trip through the cosmos
with ones imagination
can become a journey
of unknown destination.
A celestial journey
to some place faraway
starts with a thought
and dream to display.
That dream can become
a fantastic wonder
headed far beyond
the lightning and thunder.
With but a second
your mind can take flight,
a celestial journey
found in the night.
A dream oh so wonderful
found in your mind
displaying wormholes,
a new place and time.
A celestial journey
that might just come true
if you believe
that it’s within you.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2015

Simply Believe

With faith comes the power
to let bygones lay
for Jesus Christ hears us
when we kneel and pray.
Life turns disaster
with worrisome weave,
but peace will be given
to simply believe.
Not allowing Hell bent
to live in your heart,
will allow Heaven sent
to then impart.
So simply believe now,
let God live in you
in the ways that you’re thinking
and things that you do.
Sometimes a moment
is how you perceive
and good can be found then
simply believe.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2015

Horizon With Colors

The distant horizon
shows colors so fine
painted as pictures
that are so divine.
A horizon of colors
of red, blue and green
brings us the pictures
that look like a dream.
Seasons will change each
distant found view,
colors united
into something new.
Pinks and some oranges
paint up the sky
with many brush strokes
ones can’t deny.
Each day brings flavors
the distant sky covers
painted emotions
horizon of colors.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2015

An Impending Breath

New lives encounter
a new way to view
with every moment
and new things to do.
An impending breath
comes forth with a style
sometimes from many
that have not a smile.
So many people
will just frown away
when many others
see a new day.
An impending breath
that small eyes look through
display perceptions
found so anew.
So take a breath now
and breathe in a prayer
an impending breath
so filled with fresh air.
Let loose your sadness,
and learn how to smile
an impending breath
not found as so vile.
Look now today now
and see what can grow
from life’s impending ways
with Jesus to know.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2015

Door To My Heart

Miles through a moment
counted a way
a long time ago
to one distant day.
The door to my heart
opened real wide
allowing true love
to come deep inside.
Miles didn’t matter
for love brought me through
the door to my heart
was opened by you.
We were united
as one family
and the door to my heart
became you and me.
We found the years
were gathered with love
bonded with heartbeats
from Lord God above.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2015

To Judy Ann Pearce
From William Earl Pearce
I love you

for Sept 4, 2015

Tomorrow’s doorway
might not hold good within it,
but chance needs taken.

Often confusion
will come from lack of lessons
taught from our childhood.

When moving forwards
you might leave some things behind
that you’re still wanting.

As today moves on
tomorrow finds a heartbeat
within the days stage.

Belonging to groups
won’t make you anybody,
for they are not you.

Parts of oxygen
come to us as what we drink
and then what we breathe.

Linking to mishap
will grow you a large thorn bush
that will leave a pain.

Giving of yourself
will give back a great feeling
that money can’t buy.

Looking for peaceful
might uncover your own thoughts
if you look within.

The changing of times
are some doorways with handles
that open and close.

Lines we’ve created
might not be as straight as thought,
for they might be bent.

Disabled people
still have abilities in life,
but more limited.

Between some bookends
holds a place for a few books
to teach in a way.

Living with a lie
will make life miserable
for the truth is there.

Becoming a man
is not done with cowboy spurs,
but by growing up.

In the oceans deep
there’s many different things
that we haven’t found.

Now is a moment
that will soon become the past
with future to come.

Describing yourself
could become real hard to do
if you are lying.

Lost in perception
finds many with their own view
of a certain sight.

A vine for swinging
might one day fail to hold you
as you fall to Earth.

When getting older
the numbers mean not a thing,
for they don’t say smart.

A clown with a smile
might be hiding misery
and laughing loudly.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 4, 2015

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