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Hello my friends

It’s beginning to look a lot like wintertime
around this place.  It snowed a little bit last
night and there is more snow predicted for
the majority of the week.  Our mobile home
addition is still not finished and we are not
paying rent until it is,  for at the moment it
has an inch of water standing in it with the
roof leaking in it.  So,  he better get on the
ball.  I have taken pictures of how it stands
at the moment and I will use them if he gets
nasty,  but hoping that it doesn’t get to that.
Surely he’ll come and fix it all before winter
gets a full grip on us.  He should of had this
done months ago.  He hauled the addition
out here in August for crying out loud LOL.
So,  time will tell to whether he gets it fixed
or we have to find another place to live,  but
it must be the country being we have our 2
boys Benny and Rocky.  Either the country
or there must be a fenced in yard for them.
BUT,  we are hoping that we do not have to
move,  because we love the location and all.
It’s just the other stuff that is getting on our
nerves and making it hard on us.  Please
keep us in your prayers as well as our dear
landlord that he might get motivated to get
busy our home.  He’s a good man,  but he
has a bit of a procrastination problem LOL.
OK,  so next topic.  Judy and I went over to
her sister Trudy’s house for Thanksgiving
and we had a nice time.  Judy brought a few
things that she cooked such as cake,  green
bean casserole and scalloped corn casserole.
After we all got done feeding our faces,  we
played some trivia games.  Benny and Rocky
had fun playing with their cousins 🙂  They
were some tired pups when we finally got
home about 8:30 that evening.  We were all
quite pooped LOL.  Judy and I have been
watching a few Christmas movies.  There
are a lot of new ones out and most of them
are pretty good.  Right now it’s 33 F degrees
and cloudy.  No snow for this evening or for
tomorrow,  but after that,  who knows hehehe.
So what else is going on here at the Pearce’s
Place?  Well,  that is a good question.  Our
book is getting a slow start selling.  I have
already written 55 more picture poems for
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures Volume 2 hehehe.
I’m reasonably sure that Judy will do a few
more to add to the book as well.  We’re in
hopes that our book catches on.  We’ve put
a lot of hard work into it.  Writing poetry is
one thing,  but writing them to fit into a picture
is another.  It takes me a little bit more time
to write a picture poem and have it to tell a
story about the picture as well as to make it
nice to look at.  Anyways,  let me see if I have
another topic to talk about LOL.  Nope,  can’t
think of anything.  God has still been with us
as we face the trials of day to day life.  Yes,
we have problems,  but we realize that there
are many others that have it a lot worse than
we do.  If you happen to see someone that
is struggling to find happiness,  give them a
kind word and if you have anything to share
with them,  let God’s love to guide you.  We
do our very best to help ones that we are able,
but we’re very limited in our resources.  Give
what you are able,  for even time is a great
commodity to give to someone.  Many times
the giving of ourselves can do much more
than money or things.  Now,  I believe I have
rambled enough and it’s time for me to begin
my journey back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title of today’s brand
new poem.  So,  it’s away I go,  to that place
of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found a good
title near the beginning of my rambling LOL.
Now to see if I can do anything with it.  Here
goes.  Keep your fingers crossed hehehe.

A Fenced In Yard

Within our lifestyles
time might become
a fenced in yard
or a moment to some.
Preventing others
from coming inside
or keeping out chances
for time to abide.
A fenced in yard
can protect you true,
but it can also
hinder your view.
Don’t let a fence then
become all you are,
for surely most surely
there’s more by far.
Look on beyond
a fenced in yard
and see God’s truth
of near and far.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27,  2016

There ya go.  I hope that made some sense
to ya.  I also hope that my rambling wasn’t
too boring for ya.  I didn’t have as much to
ramble about as I normally do LOL.  Aren’t
ya glad about that HaHaHa.  Yes,  I know,
I bickered about our living conditions quite
a bit.  You have no idea what trouble we are
in far if he does not get this all fixed.  That
floor of the addition will become ICE and
who knows what else.  So,  we are hoping
that this is all fixed REAL SOON.  Until
then,  we’ll keep on keeping on LOL.  It’ll
take more than that to destroy the Pearce’s
We’re tough cookies hehehe.  So,  is there
anything else that I need to tell you before
I continue with my closing?  Hmm,  well,  it’s
32 F degrees now at 4:24 PM.  Most of the
snow from last night melted fairly quickly
being that the ground is still too warm and
it will take a few days of steady freezing
temperatures to get it cold enough to hold
snow on it.  I had to go outside last night
and brush off the ice and snow from our
satellite dish because we weren’t getting
a TV program signal.  I sprayed the dish
with some PAM so to keep the ice and
snow from sticking to it again.  That’s a
little trick I learned a while back hehehe.
Anyways,  it looks like it is time for me
to be telling you what I tell you almost
every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  I wrote 10 more
poems with 2 of them being Christmas
poems.  I once again wrote a few more
poems due to the picture poems so that
ups the count to 13 LOL.  Yes of course
I wrote 22 more haiku for all of the haiku
lovers out there.  I hope you can find 1
or 2 of either or both that you like.  Now
I believe it’s time for me to begin my
search for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a wonderful
weekend or whatever is left of it and a
truly blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  OK,  so
where are ya laughingly hiding this week
you silly off switch?  Sheesh,  he’s hiding
good this time LOL.  Oh for crying out
loud,  now I see ya.  Dangling from my
PC microphone like an acrobat.  A really
bad acrobat at that LOL.  You just had
to act out didn’t ya hehehehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S  A link to our brand new book
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures
is at the end of the journal along
with all of the others.  Enjoy 🙂

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+3 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

A Lonely Bird

The sky above me
holds in flight
a lonely bird
within my sight
It flies with passion,
it flies with ease,
it flies up high
above the trees.
A lonely bird
with wings of time
flies so high
with peace of mind.
It scans the view
to time and date
to maybe find
a lonely mate.
Then this creature
that flies so high
won’t be lonely
in the sky.
Yet now listen
it is heard
singing songs
a lonely bird.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22,  2016

Gulls In Flight

A scenic day
a wondrous view
gulls in flight,
an ocean blue.
Feathered actors
flying fast
through the scene
a moments past.
Seagulls flying
timeless so
across the way
of us below.
Gulls in flight
create a scene
found within
The ocean breeze
becomes a dance
gulls in flight
a true romance.
A scenic day
becomes a sight
created by
the gulls in flight.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22,  2016

Winter’s Road

Day meets snowfall,
time stands still
while life beckons
its appeal.
A winter scene,
a timeless stage,
winter’s road
of age to age.
Moments doorway
opens wide
allowing winter
deep inside.
Time is essence
painted white
winter’s road
of day and night.
Day sees snowflakes,
past has seen
a winter while
within a dream.
Time is pictured
whitish hue
winter’s road
of thereunto.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22,  2016

Through A Fence

Years ago
I stood to see
the clouds drift on
in front of me.
Through a fence
I saw them well
white and gray
my eyes could tell.
Times momentum
moved with grace
sights I saw
with fence to face.
A view of then
so long ago
through a fence
the clouds bestow.
timeless days
through a fence
I found my gaze.
I took a picture
timeless whence
of the clouds then
through a fence.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22,  2016

A Drive Through Autumn

A simple moments memory
becomes a work of art
painted in a photograph
gleaming to impart.
Time’s the scenes recording
displayed with such a flair
as a drive through autumn
becomes an answered prayer.
Time is but a doorway
to that of which can be
a simple autumn drive then
with blessings given free.
Doorways become windows,
opened for a view
a little drive through autumn
with sights seen freshly new.
True the moment’s splendor
is not that long to show
while a drive through autumn
is where our wheels will roll.
Driving down the roadway
as autumn leaves display
a timeless moments mention
of how they got that way.
The minutes tick so slowly
as wheels go round and round
while anticipation
finds beauty to be found.
On a drive through autumn
the moments come alive
as we’re taking pictures
on our autumn drive.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22,  2016

Trails Through Life

A single path
throughout time
might just be
the best to find
with some bumpy
and some holes
trails through life
have hidden goals.
Time’s a doorway
hidden scenes
some as minutes
rushing streams.
While a story
surely spills
trails through life
are turning wheels.
Teeming with a
roads display
many trails
have things to say.
Words of wisdom
now and then
trails through life
go out and in.
On down pathways
roads of time
there are lessons
which to find.
Some as seasons
found with strife,
some with blessings
trails through life.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 23,  2016

An Autumn Scene

Before the colors
leaves of fall
many crops are
fields so tall.
Golden essence
painted hue
an autumn scene
is dreams come true.
Maybe with some
clouds of white
or some darkened
lesser light.
An autumn scene
can be a field
with some crops
the farmers yield.
Yet the story
still unfolds
an autumn scene
with moments goals.
Clouds with raindrops
might display
an autumn scene
of white and gray.
Times with echoes
so serene
this is found
an autumn scene.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 23,  2016

A Snowy Trail

The whitish glaze
of fluffy snow
becomes a trail
that’s to and fro.
A snowy trail
of someone’s feet
becomes a time
that’s found complete.
The path is laid
within the snow
a journey made
with winter’s goal.
A snowy trail
to then and there
that someone made
to get somewhere.
A season’s journey
far and wide
finds a moment
time’s applied.
A winter scene
a Christmas view
a snowy trail
to thereunto.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 25,  2016

Thanksgiving Blessings

Some fond memories
come into play
as I remember
Thanksgiving Day.
Seasons of joyful
families gather,
yet many sadly
choices would rather.
Life is a picture
painted with style
some with a frown
and some with a smile.
Thanksgiving blessings
are often not clear
until the time’s passed
year after year.
Remembering family
friends and much more,
time can become as
life’s swinging door.
Thanksgiving blessings
are found on a date,
not just the food
you have on your plate.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 26,  2016

Dad And The Train

Christmas was magic
as minutes would pass
with dad and the train
and Christmas of past.
He laid out the tracks
for the train to run on
as I watched patiently
while singing a song.
Santa Claus is coming
to town soon they say
as that little train waits
to make its display.
With dad in the floor
connecting the tracks
I wait to see how
the train then reacts.
Smoke from its engine
in classic detail
as it goes chugging
with a choo-choo exhale.
With dad in the floor
and I in the chair
I recall such a time
a Christmassy flair.
Joyful the moments
I now can remember
dad and the train
times in December.
A time long ago
that’s locked in my brain
a Christmas of then
dad and the train.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 26,  2016

Without A Glance

As life moves on
the days will pass
and often seem
a bit too fast.
A glance a gaze,
a passing sight,
might display
what’s wrong or right.
Without looking
seeing true
a time or place
might destroy you.
Without a glance
to see for sure
a moment might
be so impure.
So look to see
what’s there to find
and use your glance
to clear your mind.
Don’t just be as
song and dance
with troubled times
without a glance.
See the proof
within the while
an alligator
or crocodile.
Without a glance
of dusk to dawn
might just leave
a bitter wrong.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 26,  2016

Passions Beach

The dawn of day
finds two in arms
passions beach
with oceans charm.
The scenes arrival
finds a way
to paint a smile
on every day.
Two together
standing close
passions beach
a photo pose.
The season’s sky
is filled with clouds
passions beach
with oceans loud.
Waves come crashing
to the shore,
passions beach
of evermore.
As the morning
turns to noon
and the evening
comes to swoon,
seasons glisten
timeless scenes
passions beach
within their dreams.
For these lovers
in Heavens reach
stand together
on passions beach.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 26,  2016

Beautiful Flowers

Seen on a pathway
some flowers become
essence of springtime’s
own beating drum.
Colors of sunshine
to brighten the days,
beautiful flowers
then which to gaze.
Hibiscus maybe
a flower is found
then as some artwork
when I’m looking down.
Beautiful flowers
create a smile
inside my minds eye
times do compile.
The sweetest portion
of timeless details
brings many blessings
as ships and some sails.
A ship through passion
timeless the hours
finds me with camera
and beautiful flowers.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 26,  2016

for Nov 26,  2016

Found by a flower
might be but a mere moment
awaiting the rain.

Without a second
an hour has not a chance,
for minutes can’t thrive.

Charged by some lightning
a storm might become beauty
that lights up the skies.

Wisdom of an owl
is only found in its eyes
for wisdom’s within.

Patience is the key
to finding a moments peace
when life is too slow.

A white snowy trail
might hold a moment of life
within the footprints.

Photos of flowers
don’t harness the aroma,
but just the beauty.

Various choices
become mysterious sights
exposed within time.

Breathing in a breath
does not guarantee a life,
for life needs a path.

Beyond a dreamworld
holds a concocted second
that might be much less.

Challenging someone
that you know little about
could find your demise.

Hate is a poison
that can make the owner sick,
while love could heal them.

A mud puddles display
could be a splashing effect
that gets others wet.

Snowfall of winter
shows signs of its creation
found in the snowflakes.

Pointless is hatred,
for it finds nobody peace,
so cease the hatred.

Losing at a game
does not make you a loser,
but a winner to thrive.

Painting a picture
needs your focus on the painting
and what you’re painting.

Shadows in the night
can be but just a tree limb
or something other.

Exposing ones flaws
can sometimes expose your own
as the light’s on you.

Meaningless chatter
often becomes emptiness
as others listen.

Little known people
can be the most important
that are found silent.

A spirit in want
might need someone to hear them
so they can pass on.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 26,  2016

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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂


Hello my friends

I hope you have been doing well.  Judy and I
have been still been doing our same old stuff.
Our land lord has yet still not finished with our
mobile home add on.  The roof still leaks in it.
He promised me the other day that he would
get it all finished in the next few days.  LOL
we shall see.  OH well,  life goes on.  There’s
not been much excitement around here other
than Judy having to go and help her brother
practically every other day.  Judy is still doing
her paintings and she has even gotten back
to writing poetry.  Our book has gotten a slow
start selling.  I hope it picks up soon.  It would
be nice to have something to show for my many
years of writing 🙂  Maybe it will catch on one
day soon.  Judy’s books have not been selling
well either,  but hopefully one day,  they too
will begin selling.  No matter,  we’ll survive 🙂
Next topic.  There hasn’t been much going on
around the Pearce’s Place other than Judy and
I with our picture poetry and painting.  Nope,
it’s been pretty quiet of course aside from our
boys causing a ruckus time to time.  Benny
and Rocky love to play chase in the house 🙂
They also love to pester Judy and I for treats,
of which we have sort of cut them off other
that maybe 1 or 2 a day.  Rocky is 7 pounds
over weight and the vet suggested for us to
cut down on their amount of treats.  So,  we
did that and these boys are not happy about
that LOL.  They have dried dog food in their
pans if they’re that hungry 🙂  Our landlord
is here now working on the add-on.  Maybe
he’ll get it fixed pretty quick.  Benny came
in here barking and I told him it’s way too
early for his mom to be home.  Judy left to
go up to the Eagle Lake Nursing home early
this morning with her sisters.  She won’t be
home till maybe around 5 PM this evening.
So I told Benny,  it’s just Calvin and he’ll be
making a lot of noise being he’s working on
the add-on roof.  After he gets it fixed and
all he said he’s going to bring a shop vac
and vacuum the water out of the carpet 🙂
Though he said if it is too bad, that he’ll
buy new carpet for it.  It’ll be great to have
someplace to store our bicycles and stuff.
There is a freezer in it as well as a little
table and Christmas trees.  I am keeping
an open mind about it 🙂  Judy just walked
in the door.  It’s 4 PM.  She got home a lot
earlier than I thought she would.  Christian
(our grandson) came Friday and he spent
the weekend with us.  He’s here with me
right now.  We were watching silly gaming
videos for a while today until I figured that
I needed to get started writing my journal.
We watched some gaming videos yesterday
and Friday as well.  Anyways,  Judy said her
mom was doing as well as to be expected.
Judy brought her brother Ricky with her
when she went up and got a lot of pictures
of them.  She got home just when Calvin,
our landlord was just leaving.  It was a
short stay for him.  Hopefully he comes
back soon and gets the roof fixed and all.
Next topic.  I took the boys out for a little
field trip yesterday (Saturday).  They had
a blast like always.  I took a few pictures
here and there while out in the field.  Our
landlord has hauled a couple more add-ons
out there for some reason.  I think he said
he’s gonna sell them.  OH well.  None the
less,  me and the boys had a good stroll
out in the field.  My feet were aching bad
and I couldn’t walk long,  but they enjoyed
what time we spent out there.  The boys are
confused to which door to use to go out of
and in due to all of the add-on epidemics 🙂
Right now it’s not convenient to let them
out the front door,  because we’ve gotta
wade through the soggy carpet to get to
the outside door on the add-on LOL.  It’s
sort of like a wading pool hehehe.  A very
squishy soggy wading pool LOL.  But we
are praying that it is soon fixed.  Especially
before winter gets its footing.  We need to
be able to get out of our front door,  being
the back cannot be plowed as there is no
driveway back there and he would have to
drive over the sewer line to plow it which
would not be a good thing.  So that’s what
we are dealing with 🙂  I’m sure that there
are many of you with worse problems LOL.
God is still in control.  You might have noticed
that I am steering clear of the politics huh 🙂
Yep,  it’s in God’s Hands and I’m sure that
God will continue to watch over us as He
has always.  We all need to be in prayer
for our government.  That will be more help
that slandering or focusing on the negativity
of truth that finds its way into our lives. The
USA has always had bad and good working
against itself causing friction.  It’s not new.
Let’s you and I start becoming glue for our
nation to pull it together and not allow the
hatred of others to tear it apart.  Just as two
magnets holding to their positive beliefs
they will push each other away,  but it is
when they allow the facts of life to become
the entities of truth,  that the magnets will
then become one and be much stronger for
both halves will be working together instead
of pushing each other apart.  Let’s all pray
together for love and peace for one another.
Now I believe it’s time for me to begin my
search back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find me a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem.  So it’s away I go to that place
of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I believe I found a
decent title just a few lines back.  Now to see
if I can do anything with it LOL.   Here goes.

Causing Friction

Like sandpaper
some discern
causing friction
fires burn.
Many people
only see
what they’re wanting
time to be.
Causing friction
many true
create problems,
things they do.
Through the ages
time’s foretold
it was better
times of old.
Yet a persons
might be lessons
causing friction.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 20,  2016

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem 🙂
I also hope that you enjoyed my ramblings.
Yeppers,  I seem to always have a lot on my
mind and it does tend to give me a headache.
LOL I even think and recite poetry when I’m
on the toilet or in bed trying to sleep.  It just
never seems to give me a break hehehehehe.
The life of a thinker is with very little sleep 🙂
Being that sleeping or pain pills do not work
on me,  the only thing that can give me peace
is to get into prayer,  but even that sometimes
doesn’t help LOL.  So when people say that
my poetry is a gift  I say  it’s a toss up LOL,
gift or curse hehehe.  No,  I know it’s a gift.
It’s just with my health issues,  I am unable
to get but maybe an hours worth of sleep and
that’s on a good day LOL.  So to get off of my
ailments,  I reckon it’s time for me to tell you
what I tell you almost every week and that is,
I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,
10 more poems,  but no Christmas poems this
week.  Maybe next week.  Oh yea,  most of the
poems are ones I did for picture poems and I
did 2 extra which ups the number to 12 poems.
I also wrote once again 22 haiku for all of the
haiku lovers out there.  I hope that you can
find 1 or 2 of either or both that you like.  Now,
I guess it’s time for me to begin my search for
that hardly elusive off switch,  but not before
I wish you a most wonderful and blessed week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now,  where pray tell is that off switch trying
to hide this time?  Hmm,  I think I see some
movement behind my Halloween crazy eyes 🙂
LOL yeppers,  there ya are right behind the
left goofy eye hehehe.  Ya made the left eye
to sort of dangle a bit you silly thing hehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S  A link to our brand new book
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures
is at the end of the journal along
with all of the others.  Enjoy 🙂

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+2 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

A Quick Photograph

One day a drive
found futures past
and so I took
a quick photograph.
The scene was mild
with essence gold,
a time and place
with stories told.
A quick photograph
was all it took
to give my future
another look.
For the moment
I remember
lives and thrives
a burning ember.
A time I took
a quick photograph
that reminds me of
the moments past.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 14,  2016

Upon The Dock

A seaside view
with waters gazed
finds one standing
camera raised.
Glimmering scenes
that find his view
leave a footprint
waters blue.
Upon the dock
he stands to find
all the ships
of time to time.
The stage is set
for another day
upon the dock
a timeless way.
Upon the dock
the man procures
some photographs
of bait and lures.
Some fishermen
are heading out
through the waves
without a doubt.
Yet this man
still stands alone
upon the dock
as time has shown.
A moments time,
a seasons clock
is found one day
upon the dock.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 14,  2016

Moon Through The Clouds

A dark night of splendor
finds a moon bright to see
found in the night sky
up high above me.
Clouds all have gathered
to create such a gaze
as moonlight drifts through
in a foggy like haze.
The moon is an essence
that implores such view
in the night sky above me
with a wonderful hue.
The clouds seem to dance
as they pass right on by
exposing the glimmer
of the moon in the sky.
Scenes seem to awaken
as the moonlight appears
bringing alive moments
of our yesteryears.
The dark night of splendor
is as time that enshrouds
the view of the skylight,
moon through the clouds.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 15,  2016

Sunflower Dreams

A field holds magic,
a yellowish hue
sunflower dreams
to one day come true.
Then as they bloom
there is such a sight
sunflower dreams
found in the sunlight.
Scenes in springtime
and summer to grow
sunflower dreams
have much to bestow.
They show their colors
yellow and brown
when in a moment
their beauty is found.
There might just be one
that stands out the best
sunflower dreams
with a magical zest.
Yet with a camera
these wonderful scenes
are then recorded
sunflower dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16,  2016

Days Of Old

An old jalopy
a memory
a car of time
a sight to see.
I saw one day
a timeless view
a car of old
that looked as new.
An old convertible
of times partake
purple by color
there was no mistake.
It shined real bright
as the man drove by
while I reflected
with a wanting sigh.
This car of time
was oh so bold
looking as new
the days of old.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16,  2016

Bluebonnet Field

With time as a flower
and thought but a phase
a bluebonnet field is
a moment to gaze.
Scenes within patterns
of colors so bright
a bluebonnet field is
found such a sight.
Seeming as a story
that’s written in time
a bluebonnet field is
for our eyes to dine.
Minutes emotions
are painted so blue
flowers of springtime
with summers hue.
Each day is displayed
as a pictures emotion
found as a turnstile
bluebonnet ocean.
Footsteps of splendor
are a moment to yield
time frames surmounted
a bluebonnet field.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16,  2016

Standing With A Smile

Walking through the grasses
where sunflowers bloom
there was a minutes moment
that a time came attune.
Standing with a smile
as the daylight was seen
life became a journey
with a brisk morning gleam.
Passing through the minutes
the hours did display
a smiling face of moments
that shattered all the gray.
A personal time experience
explored within the mind
that took an expedition
throughout a point and time.
The sunflowers beauty
was a magical style
that gave birth to me then
standing with a smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2016

The Lone Butterfly

A milk thistle blooming
displays such a sight
a purplish hue
in the bright shining light.
A lone butterfly
finds a place to land
upon the milk thistle
that displayed so grand.
The moment was magic
as the butterfly flew
in a field full of thistles
that were blooming as new.
Sunlight was beaming
on the sight then that day
as the lone butterfly
soon flew away.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2016

Rocks And Pebbles

Life is rhythms
on the ground
rocks and pebbles
to be found.
Earthly shadows
sliding through
rocks and pebbles
in my view.
Some are larger,
some so small
rocks and pebbles
build a wall.
Some are pathways
for a road
rocks and pebbles
heavy load.
Minutes counted
become found
rocks and pebbles
on the ground.
Life’s a painting
some as gray
rocks and pebbles
day to day.
Many sights
come into view
rocks and pebbles
Scenes created
so unique
rocks and pebbles
some antique.
As some paintings
time fulfills
rocks and pebbles
create hills.
Maybe mountains
time bestows
rocks and pebbles
our Earth grows.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2016

A Walking Bridge

On a days journey,
a footpath is seen
found up above
a fast moving stream.
A picture of then
becomes such a sight
a journey to town
at such a great height.
A timeless theme
of a crossing array
brings forth the sight
of another fine day.
A time with a trestle
and bridge to support
often finds many
their only resort.
One’s head to town
on a non driving path,
a walking bridge
not moving too fast.
Time is a window
seen from the view
a walking bridge
to then thereunto.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2016

Reflected Passion

A fisherman’s journey
begins as a quest
reflecting the passion
life at its best.
Preparing his vessel
for a journey to sea,
a moment’s reflection
of times history.
His ship is his home
for a passionate ride,
a seafaring vessel
that’s filled full of pride.
The ocean is waiting
as the captain prepares
food for the galley,
a crew waited shares.
Time is the utmost
to keep in control,
for procrastination
will surely take toll.
The seafaring vessel
in appropriate fashion
will seek for the sea,
its reflected passion.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2016

Beacon In The Sky

Sights up above me,
scenes white and gray
as sunshine is shining
a beacon for the day.
Seeming fluorescent
the sun shines through,
clouds up above me
create a great view.
A beacon in the sky
is a bright ray of light
coming from the sun
as a magical sight.
This is but a moment,
I captured the view
a beacon in the sky
with a radiant hue.
Beaming as a threshold
to then and that day
a beacon in the sky
is a magical way.
For as a window
the clouds don’t deny
while they’re displaying
the beacon in the sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2016

for Nov 17,  2016

Life is a journey
that many will stumble
yet find the answers.

Various turnstiles
open up with illusions
and close fast with fear.

Time is a moment
that a clock will show seconds
amounting to life.

Knowing your own self
can prevent others choices
from becoming yours.

Beyond mysteries
is a doorway to hopeful
found in a blessing.

Windows of a heart
can become clouded in time
throughout deception.

Bluebonnet memoirs
are blessings of a photo
that time remembers.

Too much too little
can become an empty hole
filled with only air.

The sight of today
can become as memories
within our shadows.

Knowing right from wrong
makes you the judge and jury
of your own conscience.

Need is a portion
that often becomes confused
with what we’re wanting.

Looking too deeply
might implode your way of life
and lose you in fear.

Morning brings doorways
to be opened throughout time
that might not be right.

When missing someone
they’ll live in your memories
as a point and time.

When looking forwards
the view from within the past
can lose its anger.

Various heartbeats
are as excited drummers
searching for a band.

Lengthy bits of rage
can become poison for life
killing your chances.

A flower’s doomsday
is an un watered moment
that has no sunshine.

Gradient hillsides
give little chance for footing
and more chance for slide.

Odorless flowers
rely on their own beauty
to keep them alive.

Minutes and hours
become the essence  of life
that ones misconceive.

Throughout history
scientist have changed their views
on all that they think.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17,  2016

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Hello my friends

It’s been a rather boring week around here
aside from all of the politics and anger that’s
attached to it.  No I am not going to discuss
it.  I feel there has been enough said about
all of that through the media.  LOL I guess
you could consider my journal media,  but not
that kind.  So,  what else has happened here
at the Pearce’s Place that’s worth talking about.
Well,  There has not been anything more done
to our home add on.  Judy and I stopped at
our landlords house this afternoon and Judy
had a talk with him.  He said that he will come
tomorrow and inspect the add on and if it is
damaged too much from the rain then he’ll
tear it down.  He had put off doing anything
with it and it had rained in it multiple times.
The carpet and floor is SOAKED.  So we
shall see what happens there.  I have made
up my mind,  I am not going to let it stress
me out as much as I had before.  I think I
had another stroke the other night due to it
and all of the political arguments that have
been occurring on Facebook.  I cannot let
myself get stressed like that again.  I want
to spend a few more years with Judy and
the boys as well as see my daughter and
her soon to be husband.  So levity,  here I
come LOL.  There has not been much of a
chance for me to take pictures this passed
week.  Judy’s been some doing painting,  but
even that had slacked off due to all of the
epidemics that have been happening.  We
have both gotten back into the swing of
things and are back to work with our poetry
and paintings.  We figure if it was a meteor
fixing to hit the Earth,  there would be little
we could do about it,  and so this is now that
meteor LOL so why worry about what we
have no control over 🙂  LOL All of those
with their underground bunkers are nuts
if you ask me HaHaHa.  Not the Tornado
shelters 🙂  I’m talking about the bunkers
that are supposed to protect them from a
Earth shattering event such as a bomb or
a meteor.  I figure this,  what happens will
happen and if it’s time for me to go,  then I
shall wave goodbye LOL if I have a chance.
Each day in this world gives hope for another
miracle.  Don’t just focus on the nightmares.
Find the miracles no matter how small they
may be.  I’m sitting here munching on some
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I know,  I’ll
pay the piper for this LOL.  Hey I already
spend half of my life in the bathroom,  so
I might as well enjoy it hehehe.  Judy has
just headed over to her brother’s house to
help him with his prescriptions.  We picked
them up while we were at Walmart when we
were headed to town this afternoon.  We also
did a bit of grocery shopping,  being that
our refrigerator and freezer was getting
rather bare.  It would help if our books
were selling.  So far all of those that said
they would buy a book if I ever published
one haven’t bought one LOL.  Oh well,
if you want something good to buy for a
Christmas present,  you can buy one of
Judy’s books or our newest that’s got a
129 of my picture poems in it and about
20 or so of hers in it.  LOL don’t you just
love my sales pitch!  I can’t help it,  Judy
and I have put a lot of hard work into this
new book and she’s put a ton of hours
of sweat and tears into all of her books.
Ok,  so next topic.  The boys wanted to
go with Judy when she headed out to her
brothers house,  but when I called them
they came running and I gave them both
a treat.  They’re both lying in their little
doggy beds right beside me now.  Rocky
has gotten to where he likes to sleep
next to me when we go to bed.  He curls
up in the floor right beside me every
night and sleeps for a few hours and
then after a bit he’ll stroll over to the
other side of the bed and climb in his
doggy bed next to Benny which is the
side of the bed that Judy sleeps on.  We
love our boys.  Though we will be happy
when we can let the boys out the front
door,  especially being it won’t be long
before there will be too much snow out
the back door for them to get out.  No
way for our landlord to plow back there.
Though it is easier to let them out of
the back door hehehe being it is in our
bedroom and all we’ve gotta do is get
up and open the door and they run out
and do their thing and then Rocky will
bark to let us know when they are ready
to come back in.  Anyways,  hopefully
all of this is resolved soon.  Calvin told
Judy that he doesn’t want to lose us as
tenants.  We’ve lived here for over 8
years,  almost 9.  So,  It looks like we
will be OK.  God is still in control as
He has always been.  We might not like
the outcome of situations,  but He can
make good out of the worst situations
So,  even though things might seem
bleak at the moment,  remember that
a rainbow might be just around the bend.
Now I believe it’s time for me to begin
my search back through all that I have
written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go,  to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.   I think I found
a decent title about half way back in my
rambling.  Now to see if I can do anything
with it.  Here goes….

Sweat And Tears

Trials and errors,
sweat and tears
lessons come
from many years.
Time’s a window
opened wide
to let decisions
come inside.
Sweat and tears
from life long ways
becomes patterns
timeless days.
Through the scenes
of far and wide
minutes show
what’s all applied.
Maybe written,
maybe said
sweat and tears
of do and dread.
Through our past
can grow good years
learned from many,
sweat and tears.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13,  2016

I hope you enjoyed my rambling and I didn’t
irritate ya to much hehehe.  Also I hope that
you liked the poem and maybe even sort of
understood it.  There are times that I find my
own self confused about what I’ve written 🙂
The words come to me as a puzzle to be put
together and let the words fall in place.  Yes,
I know,  weird huh 🙂  I don’t question it,  I
just do what God has instilled in me to do and
that is write my thoughts.  I just let the boys
back in.  They had to go out and go potty a
little while ago.  Though Rocky was not at
the door barking being I believe they were
both looking for Judy/mom to come home 🙂
She should be home soon.  LOL Rocky’s in
here with one of his squeaky toys and he’s
wanting me to play with him.  Benny was in
the living room playing with another squeaky
toy,  but he has even strolled in here hehehe.
They are both right behind me staring at me
with those play with me eyes 🙂  I stopped
for a brief to play with them,  but back to
the journal.  I need to get this done,  but
it is hard hehehe being Rocky is running
all over the place with squeaky toys and
stopping ever so often to look at me LOL.
Benny has decided to lie down in his doggy
bed next to the radiator heater.  I had to
go check on Rocky.  he got too quiet and
when he gets quiet,  it means he is up to
no good LOL.  He knocked the pillows off
of our bed and tumped over Judy’s trash
can.  Nothing big LOL.  Anyways,  it’s
time for me to tell you what I tell you
almost ever week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,
10 more poems,  but as normal here lately
I wrote a few more due to the picture
poetry,  6 to be more precise and 2
of the poems are sort of Christmassy.
I also wrote once again 22 more haiku
for all of the haiku lovers out there.
I hope that you can find at least 1 or 2
of either or both that you like.  Before
I wind this up,  I want to again pitch
our brand new book Pearce’s Poetry
Pictures.  You can find a link to the
book at the very end of the poetry
and haiku along with links to all of
Judy’s other books.  I hope that you
will tell your friends about them.  So
Ok,  enough with my sales pitch 🙂
Now to see if I can find that hardly
elusive off switch,  but not before
I wish you a blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Ok,  so where are you
hiding this week?  I don’t see any
movement as I usually do hehehe.
LOL I take that back.  I just saw
a bit of movement behind my nose
drops hehehe.  Ya almost toppled
the bottle didn’t ya?  Guess what?
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzz.

P.S  A link to our brand new book
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures
is at the end of the journal along
with all of the others.  Enjoy 🙂

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+6 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

The Moon So Bright

When night falls near
with stars in sight
a scene is found
the moon so bright.
A sweet round orb
that’s often seen
as a magical story
a wonderful dream.
A large round  ball
that shines in the sky
is a momentous scene
for birds that fly.
Seeing their imprints
in sync with the moon
and hearing the sounds
of a nearby loon.
Each moment found
is a pure delight
blessings from Heaven
the moon so bright.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 7,  2016

Snowy Trees

Winters of Christmas
might not have a sign
of Christmas lights lit up
in the dark night to shine.
Yet with a glimmer
of a white snowy view
Christmas is welcomed,
a most wonderful hue.
Snowy trees standing
with branches so high
in the wintertime’s scenes
as snowflakes will fly.
Deep snow has gathered
to paint many sights
scenes within Christmas,
the days and the nights.
Each moment’s flavor
displays snowy seas
and when you look up
you see snowy trees.
Then when the wind blows
the tree limbs will sway
shaking the snow off
their daily display.
Yet as the snowflakes
continue to fall
those white snowy trees
might just catch it all.
The Christmastime scene
then continues its while,
those white snowy trees,
more snow to compile.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 7,  2016

Endearing Thoughts

The skies of gray
might find your face
with empty thoughts,
an untied lace.
Endearing thoughts,
can become seen
when clouds of gray
become a stream.
Then some blue
will find a way
to show on through
the clouds of gray.
Endearing thoughts
of wondrous things
can enhance
as angels sing.
It’s with the sight
beyond the sound
that brings us peace
to then be found.
The stages seen
that times expose
might be thorns
of a gorgeous rose.
Peace will come
as clouds of time
sent as love
from God Divine.
Many blessings
will defrost
through the gray
endearing thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2016

Painted Poppy

Little flower
orange display
painted in a
wondrous way,
won’t you sing
a song of joy
as the painter
did employ.
Painted poppy
scene of time
you are now
a painted rhyme.
Seen by others
timeless hue
painted poppy
someone drew.
Your true essence
came alive
as the painter
did contrive.
Painted poppy
stems of green
now you’re here
a wondrous scene.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2016

A Small Waterfall

A time was found
one summers day
when life became
an active play.
We saw some geese
in waters blue
that rested there,
then off they flew.
Right beside them
was a stage,
a scene created
age to age.
A small waterfall
poured its mind
into the way
of time to time.
We stood watching
for a while
snapping pictures
with a smile.
The moment passed
for futures call
to leave the sight
a small waterfall.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2016

Beyond Anger

Threads of life
are tied in knots
as ones anger
becomes lost.
Lengthy patterns
stories told
minutes ticking
time so bold.
Beyond anger
life is found
turning smiles
to upside down.
Echoes being
all that’s said
when our anger
fills with dread.
Signs of times
with different speeds
anger becomes
planted seeds.
Then the future
is in danger
finding fragments
beyond anger.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 9,  2016

Whisperings Of Nature

A silent bird flying
in a blue cloudy sky
gives but a whisper
that life can’t deny.
Momentary minutes
will become such a view
whisperings of nature
in the sky oh so blue.
Scenes are the stages
with aromatic ways
whispering the settings
of some wonderful days.
Nature with it’s voices,
grasses and seas
becomes many pictures
with flowers and trees.
Whisperings of nature
that so many hear
are a cow,  a buffalo,
elk,  moose or deer.
Meadows of scenery
come alive as a dream
whisperings of nature
of a fast moving stream.
A story that is written
as words that many see
becomes but a voice
within our history.
Whisperings of nature
as a living painted view
becomes as a moment
beneath the sky of blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 9,  2016

Distorted Views

The days, the ways
our times record
become as paths
some can’t afford.
Distorted views
of moments gaze
becomes so often
others ways.
The times, the dimes
throughout our lives
are with questions
hows and whys.
Questions delusions
so many find
in their distorted
points in time.
The scenes,  the means
of moments news
is sometimes just
distorted views.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10,  2016

Long Awaited

Time for daylight,
time for dark,
time for moments
to embark.
Scenes discovered
timeless so,
long awaited
to and fro.
Minutes gather
now and then,
long awaited
will begin.
Yet impatience
ever more
becomes as
an open door.
A time to find
a new today,
long awaited
will and way.
Themes of dreams
come in sight
maybe wrong
or maybe right.
It’s with patience
time will show
long awaited
where to go.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10,  2016

A Painted Stream

A piece of art
a timeless show
a painted stream
will surely flow.
Seen as abstract
then foretells
a painted stream
that time impels.
Waters flowing
sights to see
found beside
a real tall tree.
Then the essence
waters blue
becomes what
the viewers view.
With a moment
time becomes
a painted stream
that surely runs.
Through the trees
to then expose
a painted stream
of where it flows.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10,  2016

The Buffalo

Fields of grasses
growing green
paint a picture
as a dream.
A buffalo
within the view
is painted as
a dream come true.
Mountains gaze
is found to be
with buffalo
to surely see.
The buffalo
is such a sight
that it stands
with will and might.
A painted scene
becomes a time
the buffalo
the great design.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10,  2016

Santa Claus Lane

One day on a journey
I saw such a sight
a man on the corner
that was to my right.
He looked like old Santa
on Santa Claus Lane
as he stood by the sign
that did so proclaim.
He had a white beard
and red jacket on
as he just stood watching
while I walked along.
This man with whiskers
looked clearly at me
with a twinkle in his eyes
so clear I could see.
He had a great smile
and a wonderful laugh
as he went Ho Ho Ho
while I walked on past.
On Santa Claus Lane
I’ll remember so clear
that I saw him one day
before Christmas was here.
He still stands awaiting
in my dreams in the night
on Santa Claus Lane
a wonderful sight.
The scene is a moment of
Christmas divine
that will forever
be found on my mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 11,  2016

A Birthday Wish

Another age,
another time
a birthday wish
for things to find.
Candles burning
all about
a birthday wish
to then blow out.
Time’s a minute
gathered true
ages counted
more to view.
A birthday wish
so many find
as they’re seen
a point and time.
The stage is set
with birthday cake
ages found
with more to make.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2016


Upon a fence
of wood one day
I saw some daisies
found in May.
Now they’re just
a memory
a painted sight
for me to see.
The painter painted
them so sweet
looking good
enough to eat.
These daisies seem
to be alive
upon the fence
they do contrive.
Climbing up
the daisies grow
as the painter
paints them so.
Then as artwork
they become
a painters work
that’s surely done.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2016

The Shadow Owl

A midnight clear
displays a sight
amidst the moon
that shines at night.
The shadow owl
it looks around
through the sky
and on the ground.
Within the scene
a tree had grown
to give the owl
a hooting home.
A shadow found
as branches sway
through the night
and into day.
The shadow owl
a scary scene
can become
moments dream.
Found by night
a moonlight fowl
is a scene
the shadow owl.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2016

A Little Smile

When there’s troubled
sights to see
find a doorway
set it free.
Using peaceful
as your tool
can end moments
as the fool.
A little smile
from days gone by
can be helpful
and here’s why.
The little smile
that others see
might just blossom
you and me.
Becoming scenes
of day and night
a little smile
ones can unite.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2016

for Nov 12,  2016

Time is a moment
that many will waste away
thinking they have time.

Life is a feather
that floats in our existence
with each breath of air.

Within a doorway
answers might be very clear,
but the wrong answers.

Listing your problems
will not guarantee changes,
for we need action.

Looking out windows
can often cause us to dream
of a better life.

Judging each other
could become an empty life,
for we are unique.

Blindly making steps
could land you in a puddle
filled with much regret.

A forest of trees
can become a grave of life
as fear fills the void.

Trouble comes knocking
at the most unprepared times,
so stay on your guard.

Without some water
a flower has not a chance
to show its beauty.

The seasons of sun
become doorways to winter
as snowflakes will fall.

Shadows in the night
can become things that we fear
if we allow them.

Shelter from a storm
can often become the storm
as we run to it.

Stars seen glimmering
might of expired years ago
and be only light.

Harvesting changes
does not promise a good crop,
for it might poison.

In the afterlife
ones spirits might float freely
seeking other life.

Need is confusion
while want becomes many needs
lost in a whirlwind.

Imagining fear
can make it to come to life
as fear takes over.

As a life finds end
a new beginning awaits
filled with mysteries.

Allowing troubles
to become your every thought
will not give you peace.

Moonlight on meadows
provides a painter with scenes
to put on canvas.

The midnight hours
hold the keys to perception
that darkness can hide.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2016

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Hello my friends

It’s been a cold rainy weekend over this way.
Although on a good note,  our landlord finally
made some steps for the addition to our home 🙂
and yesterday (Saturday) he came and started
attaching the addition to our house so it won’t
be raining in it every time it rains.  He’s still
got a lot of work to do.  Judy and I will most
likely pull up the carpet that’s in it,  because it
is ruined.  We might just buy some area rugs
for it,  but not before the floor dries up LOL.
Calvin said he was going to come back in the
next couple of days and try and finish up with
the sealing of the addition and then hook up
the electricity to it.  It’s finally coming along.
We bought us some solar motion activated
security lights that I’m going to put up here
and there around our house so we can see.
In another bit of news,  today (Sunday) is my
loving wife’s birthday.  Judy and I are now
the same age,  again LOL.  For a couple of
months I’m her old man being I turned 60 in
August 🙂  Judy wanted Chinese food for her
birthday and so she ordered some from Tangs
and I ordered me a pizza from Pizza Hut.  We
have both finished feeding our faces and so
I figured it was time for me to begin writing
my journal.  I haven’t taken many pictures
this week,  being it has been mostly cloudy
and rainy most of the week which makes for
blurry pictures.  Next topic.  Our new book
is now for sale.  I hope that you will buy a
copy of it.  I’m sure that you will love it 🙂
I’ll put a hyperlink for you to buy it below.
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures  if this link does
not work,  then there will be another link
to it in the other half of my rambling LOL.
Anyways,  we’re hoping that many will buy
it.  There’s over 150 picture poems in it 🙂
I have already begun writing for volume 2.
So what else is going on around this place?
Well,  Judy is still painting up a storm and
with ever stroke of her brush she’s getting
better.  I am so proud of her.  She’s turned
into quite the artist.  My gift is merely in
poetry LOL.  Although I do have a pretty
good ability with photo’s and working with
my photo programs,  being that’s what I do
creating my picture poetry.  So,  what else
is going on at the Pearce’s Place?  Hmm,
well,  Judy’s brother Ricky is finally out of
the nursing home.  Judy and her sister Barb
went and picked him up Friday and he is now
back at his home.  He’s been in panic mode
and called here for Judy many times already.
He called early 4 AM this morning because
he had a nightmare.  I hope and pray that
he gets at more peace being back home.
He wanted to come home and now he is
home.  Though all of the reworking and
fixing up that Judy and others have done
have confused him.  His house was not
livable before and they have all repaired
and remodeled his house to be wheelchair
accessible.  So send Ricky your prayers
as he tries to continue with  his life for the
while he has to live.  His health is not good.
Anyways,  next topic.  Benny and Rocky
are still as ornery as ever.  Yesterday when
our landlord came to work,  he brought his
granddaughter and she loves the boys 🙂
So I baby-sat while he worked on our house.
I read her some of my poetry about Benny
and Rocky.  I’ve written quite a few poems
about them as well as about Benny and
Milo.  Other than all of that,  our house is
what many would call,  BORING hehehe.
Not much going on.  The boys are right
behind me now begging for treats,  but
our vet said we needed to cut back on the
treats because Rocky was 7 pounds over
weight.  I’m sure he has lost it now,  but
we still think we need to limit the treats
to being as treats and not giving them to
them every time they want one LOL 🙂
They’re learning that when I say NO,
I mean NO,  not maybe 🙂  I just turned
back around to my computer and they
went back to their doggy beds and laid
down.  We love them and that is why we
do as we do.  I’ve seen many completely
go overboard spoiling their pets and we
don’t want to be one of them.  It’s not
healthy.  They’re happy little boys and
we love them.  I’m going to try and get
the solar light that I bought at Walmart
up tomorrow so that at least it will make
it to where we can see to get in the house.
Judy ordered a few cheap ones off of the
internet that when we get them,  I’ll find
a place to put them.  In the mean time
this one that I bought from Walmart
is a really good one and has two lights
that are adjustable and really bright 🙂
Hopefully the boys aren’t too small to
activate it LOL.  We shall see hehehe
literally,  we shall see 🙂  We can see
God’s mighty hands at work in our lives
as each day comes to pass.  We have
our problems,  but they’re not the end.
Yes,  Judy and I have our bad days that
we get angered,  but those days pass
on by leaving a rainbow of peace to
be seen after each storm.  I know no
one that does not have a bad day once
in a while.  It’s human to lose it time to
time.  It’s all in how you lose it that can
become either a better life or a destiny
to Hell.  Learn to try and see both points
of view and try not to let your ego to be
as a troublemaker.  Sometimes even you
may find times that you need to say that
you’re sorry even if it is not your fault.
Someone needs to offer the olive branch
no matter right or wrong.  An over sized
ego can become a hindering block for
the future.  The fact is,  that we all make
mistakes and need to ask forgiveness.
Give your life to God and let peace be
the rainbow in your life.  Now,  I believe
it’s time for me to begin my journey back
through all that I’ve written here to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that
I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that lil
place of my recollection that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I
may have found a decent title just a few
lines back.  Now to see what I can do
with it LOL.  Here goes.

A Rainbow Of Peace

The sense of a style
with a troublesome heart
can find then a cloud
with a great work of art.
A rainbow of peace
in a moments despair
can become as your view
with a minute of prayer.
The layers of life
in the patterns we see
might be the very thing
to be what should be.
A rainbow of peace
through angers own view
can become as a page
with a wonderful hue.
Allowing the storms
of time to pass on,
a rainbow of peace
can show a new dawn.
While letting blessings
of God’s Only Son
to begin as a pathway
new life then begun.
Allowing your anger
to surely then cease,
you can then see clearly
a rainbow of peace.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 6,  2016

Well,  there ya go.  I know it’s not that good
of a poem,  but hopefully you understood it 🙂
I also hope that you enjoyed my rambling at
least a little bit LOL.  If not,  then,  oh well 🙂
Life goes on.  I just did a goofy little Happy
Birthday dance for Judy hehehe.  The boys
wanted to get in on it.  LOL I was just being
silly as I am often hehehe.  If ya don’t believe
me,  then ask her,  she’ll tell ya 🙂  Yeppers,
our little home can get a little bit bizarre at
times when I get bored LOL.  The boys love
it because they love to play.  LOL we were
heading out to go to town to pick up Judy’s BD
dinner and the boys thought we were going
for a field trip and they were both running
like the wind headed out to the field and we
had to holler at them to tell them nope,  we
are going for a car ride.  It took a little bit
of convincing,  but they both came running
back and hopped in the back seat hehehe.
OK so what else do I need to tell ya????
Oh yea,  at the end of the poetry and haiku
along with all of the other links you will
find the links to buy our brand spanking
new book.  We do hope that you will buy
our book.  I’m sure you will love it.  Buy
one for a Christmas gift.  Anyways,  it’s
come to that time that I need to tell you
what I tell you almost every week and
that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with
2 of them being sort of Christmassy.  Of
course I wrote 6 more poems due the
fact of my picture poem creations so I
guess I’ll include them.  Not the pictures,
just the poems LOL.  I also once again
wrote 22 more haiku for all of the haiku
lovers out there.  I hope you can find 1
or 2 of either or both that you like.  Now
to find that confounded off switch that
is so horrible at hide and seek,  but not
before I wish you a wonderful weekend
or whatever’s left of it and a blessings
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Now, to find that
ornery off switch.  Hmm,  I thought I
heard my aspirin bottle rattle.  LOL
I did,  and there ya are you silly thing.
Hiding behind my bottle of Aspirins.
The bottle is clear you know hehehe.
Maybe try and look for a new spot to
hide next week.  You’ve got all week 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S  A link to our brand new book
Pearce’s Poetry Pictures
is at the end of the journal along
with all of the others.  Enjoy 🙂

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+6 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Red Striped Lighthouse

This lighthouse of colors
red and white
warns the ships
that sail at night.
This red striped lighthouse
stands so strong
telling a story
dusk to dawn.
The waves come crashing,
sounds at night
as this lighthouse
shines its light.
It warns sea vessels
to stay away
for there are rocks
in nearby waves.
The light it shines
so brightly true,
helps sea captains
sail on through.
This red striped lighthouse,
with its glow
helps sea captains
to and fro.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30,  2016

Tears Of A Nation

Beyond the facts
the truth is found
tears of a nation
that many put down.
The sadness within
is a story to tell
the truth of a nation
that many impale.
Their land is blessed,
but many don’t care
for American Indians
and treat them unfair.
They are the natives,
for the truth is told,
yet from the beginning
so many have stole.
Tears of a nation
are falling like rain
for their lives are filled
with sorrow and pain.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 1,  2016

Enchanted Forest

Inside a dreamworld
a yellow moon glows
in an enchanted forest
where hopeful bestows.
Time is a moment
that but only exist
within someone’s painting
with an enchanted mist.
The scene comes alive
as the story unfolds,
an enchanted forest
that a viewer beholds.
A moment so magical
that enhances sight,
an enchanted forest
of a magical night.
It has been painted
with colors so fine,
an enchanted forest
of a magical time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 1,  2016

Seas Of Morning

Through the minutes
seconds find
seas of morning
on the mind.
Waves as blessings
answers still,
seas of morning
times fulfill.
As a painting
sunshine days,
seas of morning
display waves.
Scenes with essence
painted true,
seas of morning
in my view.
Waters glimmer
in  my eyes,
seas of morning
from the skies.
Time’s discovered
in the scenes,
seas of morning
blues and greens.
Waves of sunshine
become found,
seas of morning
sight and sound.
Then as moments
move to noon,
seas of morning
seek the moon.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 1,  2016

Looks Like Waves

The sky above
with colors haze
looks just like
the oceans waves.
Each pattern made
is such a scene,
looks like waves
a fervent dream.
Sweet pastels
within the skies,
looks like waves,
a sea gull flies.
Within desire
of God’s own hand,
looks like waves
can become land.
A beach,  a shore
with memories
looks like waves
in deep blue seas.
Time begins,
clouds dissipate
to unload skies
God’s real estate.
A picture taken
is blessings true,
that moments time,
a wondrous view.
Looks like waves
begin their flight,
day to day
and night to night.
Seeming endless
might be found,
looks like waves
with oceans sound.
Seasons change
with you and me,
looks like waves
can be the sea.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 2,  2016

Moons Reflection

A momentous scene
with reflected hue
is painted with paint
in a sea of blue.
The moons reflection
shining so bright
is a magical moment
found in the night.
The light it glimmers
a gaze to see
the moons reflection
in the deep blue sea.
It’s a moment in time
that comes alive
with passion and love
of a yellow moon size.
This moon it glows
with a yellowish tint
the moons reflection
with its imprint.
The moons reflection
displays its heart
within the water
as a work of art.
The stage is set
with a painters mind
a view of life
a wonderful kind.
The moons reflection
as pure as gold
is a painters thought
a story told.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 2,  2016

This Owl In Blue

Upon a perch
this owl in blue
sits to watch
a wondrous view.
It’s big round eyes
look out to see
the sights around
of you and me.
It watches life
go strolling by
this owl in blue
so very high.
The branches sway
as it holds fast
to scenes of time
as shadows cast,
This owl in blue
is a memory
a painted sight
for ones to see.
It holds fast
to will and way
as it lives on
from night to day.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 3,  2016

Without Within

Beside behind
without within
a time displays
a now and then.
Without within
a special place
the here and now
is face to face.
Within the time
without a cause
within a minute
takes a pause.
The things we see
and things we do
without within
will give a view.
Some as signs,
and some as ways
without within
the better days.
Time’s a pattern
marked with minds
without within
remembered times.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2016

Believing Lies

When in a prayer
don’t try to lie
for Lord God knows
what’s wet or dry.
Don’t let yourself
to fall away
believing lies
ones do and say.
The truth is God
through every word
that shows the way
beyond absurd.
See the meanings
in your life
and don’t just fill
it full of strife.
Believing lies
what Satan’s says
will lose your life
for future days.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2016

A Challenge Of Time

Snow filled memories
will come unto be,
the scenes in dreams,
our history.
A challenge of time
becomes a place,
a scene of winter
from autumns embrace.
Those sweet blessings
of Christmastime
become the glimpse
of hope to find.
Winter’s occurrence
as such a sight,
a challenge of time,
a winters night.
Those Christmas songs
we so endear,
that wonderful time
with Christmas cheer.
They all become
a glimmering view,
a challenge of time
to soon come true.
The minutes pass
as days go by,
while songs of joy
live deep inside.
That Christmas snow
we wish to see,
a challenge of time
will come to be.
Decembers stage
will come on cue
to welcome Christmas
soon to view.
The seasonal scene
will then so fine
defeat the essence,
a challenge of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2016

A View Of White

The age of time
becomes a scene,
a view of white
that once was green.
Trees so tall
with branches of snow
display a view
seen high and low.
With but a moment
this scene will become
a view of white
in the shining sun.
A field in-between
is a story to tell,
a view of white
where snow has fell.
It seems as magic
this wintery while,
a view of white
that makes me smile.
It’s but a moment
a Christmastime scene,
a view of white
a wonderful dream.
My camera’s clicking
a picture or two,
this scene of white,
a magical view.
It is a blessing
a glorious sight,
this day and age
a view of white.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2016

Healing Mind

As the sunshine
leaves the sky
it can be
a clouds reply.
A healing sight
for ones to see,
the sun so bright
and given free.
Maybe a wave
of oceans time
can become
a sight to find.
A healing scene
of gentle waves
can become
some better days.
Then some peace
of God’s design
can expose
the healing mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2016

Parting Waters

Through the waters
boats will go
parting waters
how they flow.
Often journey’s
parting waters,
bumpy ride.
Just like life
with footsteps made,
parting waters,
many wade.
A scene’s exposed
that we desired,
parting waters
time’s acquired.
Lessons displayed
some to sink,
parting waters
how we think.
Yet a moment
can display
parting waters
better day..
Finding prayerful
how we float,
parting waters
better boat.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2016

The Waves Of Time

Fishing in
the waves of time
a fisherman
is found to find
a baited hook
to catch a fish
the waves of time
a wanted wish.
Like a story
word for word
the waves of time
are seen and heard.
Waters rushing
in with phase
around the man
the distant days.
This is time
that comes to be
a fisherman
within the sea
The waves of time
are evermore
found within
the days seashore.
The fisherman
he wades on in
the waves of time
to then begin.
With each cast
he seeks a sign
to catch a fish,
the waves of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2016

Autumn Rain

The season finds
the leaves of color
changing face
for seasons other.
With autumn rain
the leaves wash down
to find their place
upon the ground.
The moments change
from day to night
with autumn rain
to help the sight.
A moments path
is found upon
with autumn rain
as leaves are gone.
The scenes details
are surely found
leaves of colors
on the ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4,  2016

Rustic Memories

On one summers day
I drove passed a place
with an old rustic style
that my heart did embrace.
It wasn’t real weathered,
but it held fast to age
those old rustic memories
on an old rustic stage.
I took out my camera
and began with a smile
snapping up pictures
of an old rustic while.
We’ve many seen places
that time brought us to,
those old rustic memories
of an old timely view.
You might not of noticed
a real old rustic barn
near an old rustic house
with an old rustic charm,
but the places exist
just as oceans and seas
those places in time
those rustic memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 5,  2016

for Nov 5,  2016

A simple person
with a mere thought about life
might not be simple.

Many challenges
are of our own daily choices
that we chose to do.

A path in the road
might have many directions
that you cannot see.

When chasing a dream
you might stumble and fall down,
because it’s a dream.

Facts are within us
that we often will ignore
and continue on.

Living for today
will sometimes be destructive,
as the future dies.

Various colors
that we weave into our lives
will change our feelings.

Allowing others
to control your emotions
gives them great power.

The sights that we see
can often become icons
in our daily lives.

Wielding a weapon
can become anothers tool
to use against you.

Morbid emotions
can become as kryptonite
detouring others.

Without a second
a minute has not a chance
to become a day.

Throughout our lives
we will see many flowers
that bloom in springtime.

Using credit cards
can bury you in deep debt
if you are careless.

Tomorrows in time
can become as yesterdays
found in reflections.

A large breath of wind
is a kite flyers best friend
that can become bad.

Evidence of life
is a pattern many seek
while views might be wrong.

A liars heartbeat
only speaks true a moment
that they are caught in.

Inside a doorway
holds chances and some choices
that become as lives.

Within a seedling
there is a life giving force
that time will release.

Blue skies above us
display characteristics
of our perception.

Clouds found together
can become a stormy day
or a photograph.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 5,  2016

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