About me – (Bill Pearce)

My name is Bill Pearce and I’ve been writing poetry for over 50 years,  yet in the beginning I was writing lyrics.  I guess I found a chemical between my love for music and poetry being a drummer of over 50 years.  I played the drums professionally for 25 years.  These days due to health issues of sorts I have been forced to resort to playing only the conga drums.  I’ve many videos of me playing the conga drums on my YouTube channel.   If you would ever like to see some of them then click the link below


Email me at poetbill@wt.net

Also I have recently found another musician friend that shares my love for music and we have done a number of videos.  This is one of the videos that we did September 23,  2009 on our second jam session.

Bill Pearce and Steve Broschat jamming Sept 23, 2009

I hope you enjoy my journals and poetry along with the haiku.  Maybe something will help you with your life.  I am retired on disability and my writing helps me deal with life in a day to day turnstile.   God gave me this gift of poetry and so I use it to the best of my ability.  Enjoy….


May God bless you always

Sincerely Bill Pearce

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