Being Alive


Hello my friends

How are you doing today? I hope God has blessed you
in some way. Judy finally got her unemployment started.
They sent her 5 weeks of back pay FINALLY. Judy went
to look at her bank account on the internet hoping that
it would be there and began clapping like a kid hehehehe.
I looked back and saw her grinning ear to ear. She said,
“it’s there”. Needless to say the tension around here has
also eased up thank God :). Ok so on with the journal.
This passed week has not been much on the excitement
status LOL. We went shopping a day or so before she
got her unemployment and I spent a whole of 26 dollars
on necessities and if ya know anything about prices, you
also know that 26 dollar nowadays don’t buy much LOL.
I took pictures there and back as always. Yesterday we
took a ride up to the Crows Nest in Presque Isle Maine
and had dinner to celebrate a much needed change in
our finances. Yes, I took pictures there and back also
hehehe as always. I wanted to have a few pictures to
put in my stationary and also for memories. I will once
in a while revisit our old pictures taken here and there
when I’m feeling sad. It’s a good pick me up. It shows
me the joy we’ve seen throughout time. We’ve had rain
off and on every week since it freaking stopped snowing
back in April LOL. It rained a little yesterday. It’s not
raining today. It’s supposed to be sunny with a high of
79F degrees. Right now it’s 72F at 12:00 noon. Not
too bad. There’s a nice breeze blowing in the windows
and the sun is shining bright. Hehehe I guess I should
take a picture of it, because it will be gone tomorrow
as the rains begin again hehehe. I think we live in the
freaking rainforest minus the forest of course hehehe.
There go the Harley bunch riding down the road as
they do most every day. Don’t know where they live,
but must be close LOL. OK so onwards to another
topic. Judy and I played our hidden object game till
midnight last night. My eye was beginning to twitch
and hurt so we had to quit and head to bed. When ya
have only one good eye, it puts a lot of strain on it
and limits my time of doing anything requiring sight.
Oh well, life goes on. Onto another topic. The heat
waves across the US are still doing their damage.
Fortunately they aren’t reaching us up here in the
Northeastern part of the US (MAINE). I feel sorry
for all of you having to deal with the triple digits and
thereabouts. I wish we could send you some of our
weather. Have faith, it will change. We might be
praying for some of your temperatures come winter.
That’s the draw back to living up here hehehehehe.
I can hear our neighbors kids playing across the
way :). That’s a great sound to hear. The sound of
laughter and giggles brings the day alive. Yeppers
that’s something to be thankful for. We all tend
to overlook the blessings that are maybe there, but
hidden in our anger. Don’t let anger of a moment
prevent you from seeing the blessings all thereabout.
See the joy in being alive even if you are with much
pain. Often we will forget that there are many that
do not have arms and legs and many that have never
walked or seen the colors in a day. Be thankful
that you have. Or if you have no sight now, find
the joy in another’s view of it and paint a picture
in your mind. Let God’s blessings envelop you in
every minute of time. Now I believe it’s time for me
to begin my little venture back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find me a good word or
phrase that will work well for the title for today’s
brand new poem. So it’s off I go to that place of
my recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I believe I may have stumbled upon a
good poem. Now let’s see if I can put some good
words together to form a decent poem using it.
Here goes nothing…..Hehehehe!

Being Alive

A time or place
in history
gave a sight
for you to see.
A scenic view
of there and then
can become
remembered when.
Being alive
can be described
as a moments
bumpy ride.
Yet the ride
of thereunto
can become
a wondrous view.
If remembered
in detail
sights and sounds
can be so well.
All those times
of there and then
can be strength
to help begin.
Use the tools
of being alive
to help you daily
to survive.
Find the joy
through history
to enhance
the things you see.

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2011

I hope that made a little sense to ya hehehehe. I never
know if it made sense to anybody other than me unless
they tell me LOL. Oh well, la-di-da hehehehehehehehe.
Well, there go the Harley bunch back the other way :).
Can hear those motorcycles a mile away as they get
closer and pass us by. Yep, it’s Sunday and life is still
shouting “here I am”. Anyways, I guess I need to begin
telling you what I tell you every freaking week and that
is, I wrote some more poems hehehe. Yeppers 10 more
poems with one of them a Christmassy/wintery style and
yes of course I wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku
lovers across the globe. I hope you enjoy a few of them.
Now I guess it’s time for me to begin my search for that
old off switch so I can wake Judy and fix her and I some
breakfast, but not before I wish you a most wonderful
God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we
do too. Now to find that off switch. Found it sitting in
the window wondering what that big orange thing is up
in the sky :). Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Thinking Eyes

A daily journal
with some pages
shows the times
of many stages.
Words recorded
in a rhyme
might display
a different time.
Daily moments
found as words
might become
a flock of birds.
Flying freely
in the skies
of the minutes
thinking eyes.
A daily journal
that is seen
might be found
as just a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
July 30, 2011

Be Prepared

Signs of times
are coming fast
that one day
will end at last.
The stage is set
from now and then
with what all
that will begin.
We know not
what times ahead
will become
our river bed.
Only God
knows of the day
signs of times
will then display.
So today’s
tomorrows found
might be when
it comes around.
Be prepared
for then and there
finding peace
within a prayer.
Let God’s love
envelop you
showing what
that’s really true.

©By Bill Pearce
July 30, 2011

Another Story

The summers rains
are falling fast
now today
as scenes are found.
The Northern scenes
of summers view
now is rain
upon the ground.
Timeless portholes
come in sync
with the way
of pitter patter.
Northern raindrops
fall in place
as the climbing
of a ladder.
Climbing higher
with each step
unto summers
ending true.
The summers rains
will end one day
leaving colors
in my view.
Fall will display
certain sights
as the timeframes
move along.
Then old winter
will be found
as fall colors
then are gone.
Winters minutes
then of white
will be found
most every day.
Snow white moments
will be seen
as some snowmen
then display.
Spring will follow
with its sights
of the flowers
in its glory.
Then the passage
then and there
will begin
another story.

©By Bill Pearce
July 30, 2011

Don’t Let Then

A point in time
of minutes passed
leaves a sign
of shadows cast.
Many segues
of our lives
leave a portion
that survives.
So be careful
what you do,
for it could surely
follow you.
A point in time
that’s reminisced
might become
a minute missed.
Don’t let then
to bring you down.
Let today
be goodness found.

©By Bill Pearce
July 30, 2011

Little Flowers

Little flowers
on the ground
make their colors
all around.
Here and there
and all about
little flowers
seem to shout,
“look at me
I’m here for you,
take a picture
of my view”.
Little flowers
soon will be
just a bit
of history,
but again
they will be found
as some beauty
to astound.

©By Bill Pearce
July 30, 2011

Look To See

A day of smiles
brings better health
to a time
that seemed insane.
Some good recalled
from faraway
might just be
a minutes gain.
A mere moments
happy view
might become
a better sight
if you let the
happy view
live and breathe
when filled with fright.
Don’t let timeframes
take control
of your heartbeats
daily rhythm.
Look to see
your blessings found
and what all
that God has given.

©By Bill Pearce
July 11, 2011

In This Dream

In a dream
I saw a place
with white snow
upon my face.
In this dream
I felt alive
as the minutes
did survive.
I saw Santa
and his elves
with some toys
upon the shelves.
I saw Rudolph
with his nose
shining brightly
where he goes.
This great dream
was found with flavor
filled with blessings
then to savor.
In this dream
I found the joy
when I was
a little boy.
I saw me then
not so old
seeing presents
as pure gold.
I recall
the gifts I got
were not much,
but loved alot.
Christmas brought
to me a smile
in this dream
of distant mile.
I’ve awakened
now today
and I see
the same display.
Not the price,
but thought indeed
is the thing
we really need.

©By Bill Pearce
July 30, 2011

Great Beginnings

I feel the breeze
now blowing in
here as morning
does begin.
Morning smiles
as it displays
now and then
of will and ways.
Look and see
the flowers bloom
as the breezes
then attune.
Feel the mornings
flavors found
here and there
and all around.
Let the morning
bring to you
great beginnings
in your view.

©By Bill Pearce
July 30, 2011

Remember True

the days of old
can somehow
make them unfold.
Simple thoughts
of minutes time
can induce
a little rhyme.
is not that bad,
just don’t cry
for what you had.
Often minutes
might not seem
as if they’re gray.
Remember true
the lessons found
from the old
that came around.

©By Bill Pearce
July 30, 2011

for July 30, 2011

Raindrops falling
brings joy to many flowers
that wait for a drink.

Summers secession
brings fall with many colors
before wintertime.

A shadow will move
as you yourself make action
so know you are seen.

Dream of a heartbeat
and you will hear that heartbeat,
yet still in a dream.

Time is a builder
with minutes to enlighten
as mistakes are made.

A journey forward
makes distance dissipate
but it’s remembered.

Fuel for a blessing
comes from loving God above
and His Only Son.

Minutes into time
give way for many lessons
learned from our mistakes.

Pricing a heartbeat
makes it less than it can be
for it is priceless.

Looking to the sky
see the pictures in the clouds
as they float on by.

A wanted moment
can destroy today’s chances
if it’s not needed.

Words in a story
make the reader see pictures
of what’s to be seen.

Jumbled emotions
often make our choices bad.
Try to unravel.

When skies are cloudy
look for the silver linings
and see the beauty.

Happiness is found
in a moments acceptance
of what you can’t change.

Hearing some thunder
does not mean there will be rain.
Sometimes it’s just noise.

Clearing up a path
might need a little patience
for all the road blocks.

The sun is shining
no matter if it’s not seen
as also is God.

Troubles will blossom,
but goodness will transpire
if it is allowed.

Sometimes a page turned
needs a little more reading.
Don’t turn too quickly.

When now seems troubled
have faith that it will work out
with some help from God.

Sometimes an echo
is that of a failing time
that needs to subside.

©By Bill Pearce
July 30, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

God Does Prevail


Hello my friends

So what’s shaking around your part of the world? The
weather up this ways has been a tad weird. We had yet
another tornado hit just 20 miles north of us the other
day. Not a bad one, but it did injure a few up further
north where it began. I haven’t heard of anyone dying
due to it. There was one of our facebook buddies that
was out in the field in Littleton ME watching the tornado
touching down in Monticello ME which is about twenty
miles away north of us. He video taped it and up loaded
it to Facebook hehehe. Apparently he was out there
just drinking some beer and then got the life scared out
of him as he watched the tornado form just a few miles
away from him. Anyways, other than that, we got a
bit more rain and expecting some more maybe Tuesday
or Wednesday. Today’s high is supposed to be around
74F degrees. Right now at 9:48 AM it’s 61F degrees.
It’s supposed to be partly sunny today. So that’s great.
Right now I have a terrible headache that has been with
me all night long. I took all that I’m able to take and it
will not leave me. I guess I will have to just let it wear
off hehehe OUCH. Judy’s still asleep. I’ll wake her up
when I finish this journal. So onto another topic. We’re
still hoping and waiting on either her unemployment to
kick in or Social Security Disability. the SSD would be
the best option, because her health has gone down hill
being that’s one of the reasons she was laid off along
with the fact that they closed down the Elm Tree North.
They still have the diner, but they could not use all the
people from both places which is understandable. Judy
was already having trouble making it just part of the
day due to her health. So keep us in your prayers for
a miracle. Living on my SSD isn’t quite cutting it, but
we’re surviving. Just can’t afford prescriptions or any
other doctor item until something falls in place. I did
buy her antidepressants being they were only 4 dollars
at WalMart, but the rest will have to wait. I pray to
God that the wait isn’t much longer. Anyways, off of
that topic and onto another. Judy and I have been
doing our everyday routine of watching our favorite
TV programs, playing our hidden object games and
going for walks together and taking pictures. We’re
not able to drive around and take pictures being we’re
having to conserve on gas as much as possible. OK
so that’s about it for up here in Maine at the Pearce’s.
Ain’t we exciting!!! Hehehe yea right. Well what do
ya expect from two old people LOL? I may be only
54 but my bodies emulating a 100 year old hehehe.
Yet I will be 55 next month, YIPPY, not. I know
I might complain sometimes, but the fact is, that
God has always seen to my needs, our needs. Yes
it may seem at times that He has forsaken us, but
in the battle He expects us to do our part and He
then does the rest. Maybe not what we would of
wanted, but what He knows is best. Judy and I try
to keep the faith, but being human it has its weak
moments, yet none the less God does prevail. So,
are you having struggles in life? Let God help you
to be stronger. Hehehe ya know, it’s not supposed
to rain today, but I could swear I just felt raindrops
blowing in the window. Oh well, that’s life LOL.
I guess it’s time for me to begin my little visit back
through all that I’ve written here to that point of
my recollection to see if I can find a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for today’s new
poem. So, it’s away I go to that place that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found a
good title. Now let’s see what I can do with it.
Here we go……..

God Does Prevail

Storms might be forming
in timeless detail,
but surely through it
God does prevail.
There’s not a moment
that God cannot win,
for He’s much stronger
than life’s strongest wind.
Even when troubles
might seem much too large
you can be sure that
God will take charge.
Let Him to bless you
through His Only Son
and let Him help you
before it’s begun.
Say a little prayer now
for it will not fail
and let Jesus help you
for God does prevail.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2011

So there ya go! I hope you enjoyed my rambling and
the poem. I do hope I didn’t bore ya to sleep hehehehe.
Well there isn’t much else to say other than the usual.
It’s warmed up a tad since I started writing this hehe.
It’s 64F degrees now. I know, it’s not quite as warm
as it is south of us. Wish I could send a little rain and
cooler temps to my friends and family down south. If
I could I would. I want to thank all my friends and
family for sending prayers to my sister in law Barb.
God is giving miracles. It looks like they caught the
cancer before it took hold. She’s still not out of the
woods, but it’s looking a lot better. Thank you God.
Also I want you send a prayer to my mom. She’s
having life issues that are getting her down. We
talk on the phone almost every day. I try my best
to cheer her up, but often it’s me that’s needing a
little cheering up. Hey, I get depressed, I’m human!
Here lately Judy and I have been down in the mouth
over finances, but I’m sure it will get better. OK,
so it’s time for me to be telling you what I tell you
every week and that is, I wrote some more poems
and haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with 2 of em
being wintry/Christmassy styles. Also 22 more
haiku for all my haiku lovers out there. I hope
that you enjoy a few of them. So I guess it’s time
for me to be searching for that old off switch, but
not before I wish you a most wonderful God filled
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that freaking off switch. Found it in
in the fridge behind the Pepsis just hanging out.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Now Has Dawned

A sunny day
amidst July
now displays
across the sky.
Now has dawned
another day
which was spawned
from that of gray.
Another day
is now in session
so to soon
be in recession.
Soon the evening
will be found
dark of night
of sight and sound.
A sunny day
will then be gone,
but return
in mornings dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23, 2011


Where are rhythms
when they flare
from the dark
of I don’t care?
Why do rhythms
of that style
always seem
to have no smile?
Often rhythms
of perception
have a need
for much correction.
Often people
will be found
with their rhythms
not so sound
as their rhythms
fade away
when so many
cease to pray.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23, 2011

Changing Views

Inner feelings
find a place
with the feelings
of God’s Grace.
Yet some feelings
found inside
are what many
have denied.
Times emotions
can be found
sometimes seen
in great astound.
Other times
of inner sight
are with much
remembered fright.
Many times
that came about
are what caused
them all to doubt.
Inner feelings
they can change
with ones help
to rearrange.
Changing views
on now and then
while they’re seeking
God agin.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23, 2011

Not Gone From Mind

The radio’s playing
tunes I know
as remembered
long ago.
Times distorted
find a way
to encompass
now today.
All the music
heard so clear
reminds me now
of yesteryear.
When I was younger
then and there
I was found
where none compare
The reflecting pool
of timeless ages
seemed to turn
so many pages.
Now I find
I’m older now
with those tunes
that times endow.
As those tunes
play on and on
I remember
time that’s gone.
Yet of course
not gone from mind,
for they live
from time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23, 2011

The Greatest Sights

While awaiting
sun to shine
I just sat
with nights design.
Watching stars
to fade away
with the dawning
of the day.
My mind adrift
the moments sight
found the joy
in day and night.
All the changes
found in frame
have no reason
to explain.
They are minutes
passing true
bringing me
a different view.
So if you’re just
seeing phases
look again
at what amazes.
See how God can
change the sky
and make birds
within it fly.
Seek to find
the greatest sights
which that come
from days and nights.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23, 2011

Thens Christmas Way

A long time ago
in mornings dew
I was enjoying
a different view.
A time far away
with dusty trails
remembered in
some great details.
Times of Christmas
said and done
from a distant
mornings sun.
A long time ago
in wintertime
I was young
with not a dime.
Dreaming of Santa
and that joy
of me receiving
my favorite toy.
A Tonka truck
of my desires
lit my yearning
Christmas fires.
A long time ago
is now just a day
that I remember
thens Christmas way.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23, 2011

That Frown

Looking now
I see a frown
that just somehow
came around.
Somehow it just
came in view
and evolved
to something new.
Now that frown
that I displayed
brought some troubled
times to wade.
Looking now
I see a light
that I needed
through the sight.
Now that frown
is gone away,
because I then
began to pray.
Jesus came then
with His smile
that which grew
beyond that while.
Looking now
the moments passed
leaving just a
shadows cast.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23, 2011

They Are You

Peoples heartbeats
beating true
may not see the
same as you.
Often viewpoints
found in frame
are just portions
of the same.
Maybe different
in a way,
yet they both see
day to day.
The times perceived
through their eyes
may just seem
as many lies.
Look much closer
at the view.
You might find that
they are you.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23, 2011

Tomorrow’s Journey

Through tomorrow
comes a time
found in place
of nows design.
Tomorrow’s journey
starts right now,
yet we often
know not how.
Sometimes footsteps
made unknown
make the rhythms
of the tone.
With tomorrow
held in place,
right now needs
some Jesus Grace,
For tomorrow
is not here
and we can not
see it clear.
Let Lord Jesus
have it true
as today
is in your view.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23, 2011

It Has Come True

Right now a dream
is coming to mind
of that of winters
wondrous design.
I now am seeing
a memories view
found in my dreams
wished to be true.
Right now that dream
is growing inside
of a great moment
time had applied.
That timeless moment
of my yesterdays
now seems a journey
found in a maze.
Winding around
in wintertime’s fashion
I recall Christmas
with oh so much passion.
Right now this dream
is more than a thought,
it’s a mere moment
that Lord God had bought.
Through His Own Son
He bought us a way
given with hopeful
when we kneel and pray.
Right now that dream
of a wonderful hue
makes me realize
that it has come true.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23, 2011

for July 23, 2011

A journey within
might lead to too much despair.
Prepare for the trip.

Many see different
the ins and outs in each day.
We’re all different.

A left foot and right foot
brings the shadows of footsteps
throughout our journey.

Placing a heartbeat
where it’s not appreciated
could end in demise.

A clocks ticking hands
will go around and around
leaving things undone.

Jesus brings hopeful
to the plates of those hopeless
and shows them a smile.

Painting a portrait
begins with a mere moment
and then with someone.

Lessons are displayed
as echoes of yesterdays
that we may have failed.

Portions of our thoughts
might pour out as a river
into a deep ocean.

Hearing the thunder
brings attention to lightning
that thunder came from.

A moments minute
may seem as mere seconds passed,
but be a full hour.

Summertime’s headway
makes its journey through today
leading to autumn.

Winter will return
with its many snow filled days
of glistening white.

Searching for true love
could find you devastation
if not sought through God.

The endless summers
do in fact come to an end
as winter appears.

Glancing at someone
might not get the full picture,
so then look again.

A new age has come
leaving yesterdays shadows
as footprints of time.

Seeing a storm cloud
does not guarantee some rain.
It just says maybe.

Flapping a feather
and trying flight like a bird
could cause you to fall.

Effortless moments
are found in times of trouble
when least expected.

A book with pages
may have no words within it.
Just awaiting thought.

Noon comes after dawn
bringing evening to follow
as things come to life.

©By Bill Pearce
July 23, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂



Hello my friends

It’s me again, with yet another session of rambling hehehe. The
weather up this way hasn’t been too bad. The rains have slacked
off a bit, but as always LOL, it’s supposed to start raining again
this evening. Sure wish we could send some of this down south to
my friends and family. Oh well, I’m sure it will balance out some
day, I hope hehe. Today’s high is supposed to be 88F degrees. It
might get hotter than that in this trailer, but I guess we’ll survive.
We have three neighbors and all three have air conditioners hehe,
but we only have fans, so it’s a good thing we live on this hill with
a good breeze hehehe. We’re still having to live off of my social
security disability check being Judy has not received any benefits
as of yet. I sure hope something happens soon, because we can’t
pay doctor bills on just my income. Oh well, I’m sure God will
provide as He always has. Worry is the first human response that
seems to kick in hehehe. So it’s onwards with the journal. Judy
and I watched TV yesterday as I wrote many of my poems. Yep,
I wrote while watching TV. Don’t ask me how I’m able to do that.
It did take me a lot longer to write the poems than it usually does
doing it that way LOL, but being Judy is here most of time now,
I’ve had to change a few of my strategies hehehe. I finished with
all of the poems late last night after Judy went to watch TV in bed.
I also wrote the haiku then too. We also played one of our hidden
object games from Big Fish games yesterday and finished it later
in the evening. LOL aren’t we exciting! I have yet to of gotten my
fishing license, being at the moment I cannot afford it. I sure do
miss being able to go fishing with my friend Brian, but that will
have to wait. Judy and I are planning on doing our walking after
we eat breakfast this morning. We’re trying to walk a little every
day. When we do go out walking, hehehe we usually bring our
cameras to take pictures of any little thing that catches our eye.
Not much has changed here at the Pearce’s home. We’re still
surviving what life throws our way. On another note, my sister
in law Barbara has been stricken with breast cancer. Please
keep her in your prayers. So far they think they can get it all
with radiation, but still she needs your prayers. I love you
sis. Keep the faith. God is in control. Doctors can only do so
much and then God has the final say. Each of us has an allotted
time that we are to be on the face of this Earth. Not one of us
truly knows the length. Only God knows. Well, it seems that
my eye is fading, so I may have to rest it a bit before I begin my
little journey through all that I’ve written here………………………
Ok my eye is rested a bit. Time to take that little visit to that
place of my recollection. To that little place that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I may have found a good title,
but I won’t know until I put words to it hehehe. Here goes…..


My plans in life
of certain choice
might need changed
to different voice.
My strategies
of certain times
might be found
with bad designs.
None of us
of day to day
always yields
the best display.
Tempted sections
of our minds
are of many
bad designs.
Yours and mine
our destinies
might need better
Learn to look
and find a way
for a better
brighter day.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2011

There ya go my friend. Maybe not my best, but it’ll do. Ok so
I reckon I have gone and said about all that can be said other than
of course the amount of poems and haiku I wrote this week. Yep,
I wrote once again, 10 poems, but the last one is a sort of wintry
Christmassy style that I’ve gotta send my friend Ben in a bit, being
I didn’t edit it until a few moments ago LOL. Don’t like to send out
unedited stuff ya know hehe. Anyways, I also wrote 22 haiku agin
for all of my haiku lovers :). LOL you would not believe how many
people there are that think I made up the name Haiku hehehehehe.
Look it up hehehe!!! Ok so it’s time for me to be searching for that
old off switch once again, but not before I wish you all a wonderful
God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now,
to find that off switch. Found it still cutting Z’s in the bedroom hehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Come And Go

Often in the skies above
some clouds are formed pure white.
Other times the clouds above
are dark just like the night.
Sometimes when I look above
I see some great designs
just like some jet airplanes
making all their lines.
Often when I look around
I see so many things
like a moose or bird that’s flying
in these certain scenes.
Many times our surroundings
are of many views
with the sky up high above
with many shades of blues.
Clouds might hide the sun above,
but it’s still up there
shining as it always has
with its love and care.
Often it’s our own discerning
that which makes us sad.
We will often find a day
reminding what we had.
Use the days that come and go
to find a certain smile
that you can enjoy each day
with each minutes mile.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16, 2011

Certain Sounds

Sounds of wind
are blowing through
with a gust of
It might seem
without a reason
as it blows on
every season.
Sounds of birds
are also heard
with the wind
of moments word.
Sounds surround us
here and there
in a moments
breath of air.
Certain sounds
may be showing
by their sounds
which way they’re going.
Flying north
some birds might fly
with their journeys
in the sky.
Findings summers
resting place
which to journey
with such grace.
Sounds of minutes
tick on through
with some clouds
in skies of blue.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16, 2011

Lord God’s Better Days

Now find pieces
as a moments
minutes maze.
Now finds journeys
in a sense
such as many
found foot prints.
Now might display
certain views
as a moments
worn out shoes.
Yet some pieces
of our lives
are with minutes
dancing jives.
Sometimes we don’t
fall in place
with the ones
of different face.
Often it’s our
own desires
that will build up
troubled fires.
Now can be
much better found
if we’ll seek for
solid ground.
Not just seeking
our own ways,
but for Lord Gods
better days.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16, 2011

Through My Screen

Through my screen
I see a sign
floating by
as summertime.
Through my window
I record
times perceived
I can’t afford.
All these things
of which I view
are God’s gifts
to me and you.
We could not
afford to buy
the pretty clouds
up in the sky.
So I stare
at now and then
seeing all
that did begin.
Through my screen
of minutes view
I perceive
the sky of blue.
Now some clouds
have just begun
to hide the sky
and blazing sun.
Through my window
I now see
a higher price,
but given free.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16, 2011

Then The Whens

near and far
bring us changes
how things are.
Timeless minutes
that we find
sometimes change
our moments mind.
that ones do
sometimes lead
to me and you.
Often pages
turned too fast
leave us with
bad aftermath.
now and then
are just sometimes
confused when.
Then the whens
of then and there
leave us things
seemed not so fair.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16, 2011

Don’t Let Stories

When a story
isn’t true
it might also
live in you.
So make stories
that you say
always true
from day to day.
Don’t let falsehoods
be your drive
as you daily
are alive.
Let the truth to
live in you
in the things
you daily do.
Don’t let stories
be just lies
as your daily
Let Lord Jesus
live and breathe
as you surely
do believe.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16, 2011


If distractions
fill your time
find some place
with peace of mind.
If you’re problems
seem real large
then let Jesus
then take charge.
Let tomorrows
times ahead
not be just a
moments dread.
Let your worries
fall from view
as you find each
day anew.
If you’ve stumbled
and fell down
let the lessons
come around.
Find a viewpoint
better seen
with the way you
view each scene.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16, 2011

Dear Sweet Summertime

Dear sweet summertime
comes each day
with beginnings
month of May.
Now as months go
through July
summertime’s feelings
start to fly.
Dear sweet summertime’s
days survive
as so many
act alive.
Running and playing
every which way
as they’re enjoying
summertime’s day.
Dear sweet summertime’s
times will pass
with its moments
shadows cast.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16, 2011


Compassionate feelings
are what many hide
as they just stow them
way down deep inside.
There’s many people
that cannot show true
how that they’re feeling
about me and you.
Their true compassion
is felt as disgrace,
while they are hiding
the sights from their face.
Let not peer pressure
to make you do wrong
and not show truly
your heart beating strong.
Start out a new day
with passionate views
filled with compassion
to not just confuse.
Sometimes some others
just like you and me
might be just needing
compassion for free.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16, 2011

Wishing For Winter

Wishing for winter
is found on my mind
now as I’m dreaming
of great Christmastime.
Wishing and waiting
for that day to be
seems to be daily
what I wish to see.
White snow to glisten
with flakes falling down
as I awaken
with snow on the ground.
Wishing for winter
in summertime’s way
leaves me just dreaming
of snow Christmas Day.
Right now the weather
is nice as can be,
but I’m still wishing
for white snow to see.
Yet I know truly
I’ll get really tired
of all the white snow
that’s daily transpired.
But I’ll see Christmas
the same in my heart
even when loved ones
are so far apart.
Miles do not matter
with Christmastimes love
for God connects us
through Him up above.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16, 2011

for July 16, 2011

Today’s tomorrow
is found through our yesterdays
we may have misread.

Sometimes our patterns
are created through many mistakes
that we did not learn.

A moments journey
finds footprints in the morning
as it all begins.

Sifting through some weeds
you may find a few flowers
that might change your mind.

To believe in ghost
you must then believe in God
and also spirits.

Looking for white clouds
might display a few dark ones
throughout the moment.

Some jokes aren’t funny
for they only hurt people
and do not give smiles.

A point in our lives
brings a flowers conclusion
that time makes ones shine.

Gaining a blessing
could be from yet another
that you have witnessed.

Summertime’s flowers
bloom brilliantly with colors
as the sunlight shines.

Bringing a problem
into all your tomorrows
will hinder today.

Knowing your limits
is the first step in growing
then learning to live.

Life needs some laughter
to fill up voids of sadness
and heal up the heart.

Today’s growing pains
might be tomorrows lessons
found as some pulled teeth.

Vengeance brings sorrow
as anger drives emotions.
Don’t act abruptly.

Leaning on shovels
does not get a posthole dug.
It only delays.

Spreading yourself thin
could cause you much misfortune.
Do what you’re able.

Shadows only thrive
when there’s something to exist.
Otherwise they’re not.

Counting the minutes
only guarantees seconds
of which you will count.

Now is yesterday
that’s sat in place of today
seeking tomorrow.

A small daffodil
grows along side of many
which makes them to shine.

While hearing echoes
I feel the rivers flowing
as sounds that repeat.

©By Bill Pearce
July 16, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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My new site below
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Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

I Believe


Hello my friends

So, how’s it going? It’s going fairly well up this ways.
Judy is still waiting on either her unemployment benefits
to kick in or Social Security Disability. As of now we’re
living off of my social security. Kind of makes it hard to
pay all the bills, but we’ll survive. Judy and I are doing
a lot of praying. Anyways, we know there are many that
are much worse off than us, so we try not to let ourselves
to be caught up in despair, but it happens. We’re only
human. OK, so it’s off of our problems hehehe. Today
the weather is supposed to be rather nice. Sunny with
a high of 79F degrees. Right now at 10:00 AM it’s 70F.
It’s not supposed to rain today YEA. Yet tonight the rain
is supposed to start again at around midnight and on into
Wednesday. I wish I could send some of this weather
down south to my family and friends that need it. Hehehe
soon enough as winter sets in, we will be wanting them
to send us some of their weather LOL. Yeppers, there
ain’t no place on Earth that’s perfect. There’s a pitfall
in every location. Ok so onto another topic hehehehehe.
Judy’s still in there sleeping. She went and visited her
family last night until around 11:00 PM. I had to stay
home, being my intestines have been acting up. Food
doesn’t agree with me anymore hehehe. Oh well, I’ll
survive until I die :). That’s life, but Heaven is waiting
and then I’ll have a new body without any afflictions.
Until then, I’ll just try and look for the good things in
life. Sometimes they’re hard to see, but they’re there.
So, what else is happening up this ways? Not much
other than the same old same old everyday turnstiles
of life. Nothing changed except the fact that Judy is
home most of the time and it screws up my ability to
tell what day it is LOL. Used to, her days off were
Wednesdays and Thursdays and I could tell what day
it was, but now every day is pretty much the same 🙂
LOL both of us were sat here wondering what day it
was yesterday. I’m sure we’ll find a way to tell hehe.
I did take advantage of the time that Judy was away
yesterday and I wrote my poems and haiku. I’m not
used to her being here when I’m writing them hehehe,
but I have many times written them with her sitting
right behind me at her PC. I thank God for the many
chances and choices my life has given me. I have made
a few bad choices I know and a few things in my life
have gone awry, but all in all, God has been good to
me. I’ve had many health issues and struggles, but I
have learned through them and in many cases become
stronger. Life is in fact a bed of roses hehehe. To see
the beauty, you’ve gotta deal with a few thorns. Look
passed the problems and see the goodness that is there.
Don’t let problems to be your every focus. Look and
see the answers through God. Now that I have gone
and rambled once again, I believe it’s time for me to
be taking my little venture back through all that I’ve
written here and see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So it’s away I go to that place of my recollection that
I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I may have
found a good title. Now let’s see what I can write using
it hehehe. Here goes…..

I Believe

I believe in now and then
as time moves to and fro.
I believe that Heaven’s Gates
are where that I will go.
I believe in loving angels
that which walk with me.
I believe in timeless love
through God’s eternity.
I believe in pages turned
to better days ahead.
I believe in miracles
that fill the days of dread.
I believe in yesterdays
that gave to me a smile.
I believe in future days
with Heaven to compile.
I believe in hopeful dreams
that maybe will come true.
I believe in God above
that loves both me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2011

I hope you enjoyed my rambling and the poem. I can
always tell when God is doing the typing hehehehehehe.
Ok so to keep me from beginning rambling mode again
I think I need to be telling ya what I tell ya every week
and that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yes,
I know, I told ya that in my rambling section hehehehe,
but I didn’t tell ya how many. Yeppers, I wrote 10 more
poems, but I accidentally wrote 23 haiku instead of my
regular 22 hehehe. So sue me :)!! Well I guess it’s time
once again for me to be searching for that old off switch,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful God filled
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too…..
Now to find that off switch. Found it snuggled to Judy
in bed. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. After double checking hehehehehe
I found that I already had written a poem
titled “I Believe” in 2005. Oh well hehehe!
Here’s yet another hehehehehe Hey when
you’ve written over 6000 poems, it’s hard
not to have a repeat title or two LOL!

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22+1 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Highs and Lows

Scenes are changing
day by day
in a moments
wondrous way.
Times are found
through history
scenes all changed
a slight degree.
Minutes passion
might be found
as a scene
next time around.
Times repeated
might be seen
as that of
a magic dream.
Scenes are changing
in a way
as they make
their own display.
Seconds counted
are exposed
day by day
with highs and lows.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9, 2011

Painted Moments

Painted oceans
in the sky
seem to beckon
where and why.
With their journeys
oceans blue
the sky above
brings something new.
Painted displays
sometimes as
a riverbed.
Clouds are forming
here and there
painted oceans
Painted pictures
up above
from Lord God
and filled with love.
Painted moments
said and done
with each brand new
rising sun.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9, 2011

Just A Shadow

Shadows speaking
in the night
bring ones stories
filled with fright.
Sometimes shadows
that you see
are just glimmers
of a tree.
Often shadows
that ones see
are just blessings
given free.
Angels watching
over you
day to day
and through and through.
So if shadows
come to pass
with a scary
scene to cast,
just remember
they might be
just a shadow
of a tree.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9, 2011

Then The Thunder

Sounds of thunders
rock and roll
brings the echoes
that we know.
Lightning’s music
in the skies
that reverberate
in our eyes.
Then the thunder
follows suit
with its sounding
so acute.
Raindrops fall
if it’s desired
from the clouds
of which transpired.
Sounds of thunders
adds to lightning
that we see.
All the drum beats
in the sky
are as lightings
apple pie.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9, 2011

When and Where

When and where
can be as seen
sometimes as
a moments dream.
Then and there
can also be
sometimes as
our history.
Often judgment
from a time
can make lemons
from a lime.
When and where
might just be found
as a wanted
time around.
Then and there
might also find
us just wanting
peace of mind.
Often places
when and where
are just moments
not so fair
as then also
then and there
might then be
a lack of care.
So take heed now
and look true
when and where
the things you do.
Leave the moments
not yet found
as some hopeful
time around,

©By Bill Pearce
July 9, 2011

Now is Now

Now is now
and then is then
just like breezes
of the wind.
Now blows by
with yesterday
with its will
and with its way.
Now might find
a time and frame
seeming as a
moments game,
yet still lessons
do conclude
from those times
we misconstrued.
Now is now
and it will pass
sometimes leaving
shadows cast.
Use those shadows
that you see
to make better
you and me.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9, 2011

Now is Summer

Now is summer
as it’s said
here and now
right straight ahead.
Summers mornings
come and go
with the sunlight
all aglow.
Summers evenings
bring a twinkle
of the nightlights
stars to sprinkle.
Now is summer
over here
with its special
time of year.
Many swimming
in the sun
as they’re daily
having fun.
Soon though summer
will be gone
as the seasons
just roll on.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9, 2011


Wanted windows
sometimes close
leaving journeys
sometimes froze.
Use those windows
as a guide
to find lessons
then applied.
Sometimes windows
thought to need
are just Satan’s
little seed.
So look closely
at the view
and see if you
need them true.
Maybe those old
are just greedy
wanted gains.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9, 2011

Find Some Forgiveness

One time a heartbeat
found lesser flame
while just forgetting
sometime and again.
One time a feeling
left out the door
while then the other
just wanted more.
This is the story
about many hearts
seeming to turn into
fragmented parts.
One time turns ugly
then yesterdays gone
and then the heartbeats
don’t see new dawn.
Find some forgiveness
to live in today
or then your heartbeat
might go away.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9, 2011

Love Goes Round

The sunlight’s shining
oh so bright
but soon’s coming
edge of night.
Night will bring then
stars to shine
in the skylights
own design.
Then as nighttime
grabs a hold
I’ll just dream of
times of old
and when morning
comes in sight
I’ll then see
the bright sunlight.
Pages turning
as they will
with the minutes
to fulfill.
The sunlight’s fading
now from view
and I’ll soon be
holding you.
You and I
in starlight’s gaze
holding hands
like yesterdays.
Soon the night skies
will be found
you and I
as love goes round.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9, 2011

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

I love you Judy 🙂

for July 9, 2011

Portions of pictures
aren’t meant to be understood
just merely enjoyed.

A scenes portrayal
could be misconceived thinking
of what that is meant.

A flowers blossom
is more than just beginnings.
It’s also the journey.

Clinging to a rock
can surely be a good thing
if that rock is God.

Let not tomorrows
to fill your now and today’s,
for there is no room.

Yesterdays value
can be very disturbing
if it was drunken.

Today’s scenery
comes with blessings from Jesus
and much more to come.

Yearning for Heaven
can weigh you down immensely,
so smile at today.

Lessons can evolve
through many mistakes we make,
so don’t beat yourself.

A timeless moment
might prevent you from living.
Let life move ahead.

Jumbles emotions
come from disillusioned thoughts
sometimes out of sync.

Paving a lifestyle
needs a good grip on white lines
and where not to turn.

Florescent flowers
make each day so full of life
that troubles subside.

Closed minded people
leave no room for improvement.
Look outside the box.

Doing a favor
and then expecting a thanks
might lose the battle.

Repairing a heartbeat
needs a whole lot of patience
with a lot of love.

Time is a journey
that we travel every day
sometimes by seconds.

Inner most feelings
might be exposed outwardly
and you not know it.

Today is brand-new
giving us options to change
what yesterday was.

Letters you’ve written
might just come back to haunt you
so take care of words.

Now is a fraction.
Then is the compilation
of many fractions.

Open a doorway,
but cautiously inspect it
before walking through.

A person needs dreams
to fill the voids of despair.
Some dreams can come true.

©By Bill Pearce
July 9, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Another Life


Hello my friends

How have ya been? We’re still hanging in there. Judy
filed for SSD. Hopefully they will accept her soon. She
has been still doing some job searching, but not much up
here that she is able to do. None the less, we will make
it one way or another with God’s help. It’s looking like
our car may not last much longer. The weather up here
is killing it slowly, but it still runs so far. The weather
the last few days has been rerun after rerun LOL. Rain
most every day if not every other day hehehehe. Today
there’s a 71% chance of thunderstorms. It’s 70F degrees
right now with the high supposed to be 74F degrees. Not
too bad huh! It’ll make up for it temperature wise this
winter LOL. Well, there ain’t much else around these
parts that has changed since last week hehehe. Judy and
I are still doing our same old same old with FarmTown,
other games and our picture taking as well as watching
our favorite TV programs. It’s such an exciting world
way out here in the boonies of Maine LOL. Judy’s still
asleep. I’ll wake her when I finish this and get breakfast
ready to eat. I’m fixing pancakes and sausage, but first
I must finish this mess hehehe. So it’s onwards with my
little rambling self. My old neighbor friend Brian came
over last Tuesday June 28th and brought a few of his
RC airplanes and I video taped him flying them. I also
took a few pictures of him and his family along with his
planes. He asked if I had my fishing license yet and I
told him I would get them as soon as I can afford them.
Maybe in a week or so if things work out. God only
knows. I am looking forward to going fishing again.
The clouds are sure gray today. I might have to shut
the windows soon if it starts raining. I hate it when
I have to shut the windows being we have no AC in
the house other than fans. Judy and I are planning on
taking our walk today if it doesn’t rain all day hehehe.
We often walk down to the river and take pictures.
I thank God for all of the beauty that He gives us to
capture on camera. Those moments are very special
to me. I’ve always love photography. I think I began
learning to appreciate it most when I was working
for the Wills Point Chronicle in Texas. Yeppers, my
friend Julius Rogers taught me all he knew about
the art of newspapers. His brother Oscar was also
a good teacher. I found out a few days ago that my
friend Julius past away April 1st. That brought me
to tears, being him and Oscar were like brothers to
me. Even though he was old enough to be my dad
we were best friends. I called Oscar the other day
and we talked for a while. It was nice hearing his
voice. Keep Oscar and all of Julius’s family in your
prayers. They are truly saddened for the loss of him.
Yet Julius is now in Heaven with my dad and all the
others that have gone before. I’m sure they are all
watching over us as time goes by. Death is not the
end, but the beginning of another life. So have you
been preparing for the journey, such as getting
right with God? Have you gotten to know Jesus
Christ? You might find yourself sooner than you
think standing in front of God with His pages opened
looking for your name. Is it going to be there? Why
not get to know Him today? Ok so I guess I need
to hush my preaching 🙂 and begin my little journey
back through all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go
to that place of my recollection that I so often call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found a good title.
Now let’s see if I can write a good poem using it 🙂
Here goes nothing…..or maybe something hehehe!

Another Life

Another time,
another day
time might seem
to drift away.
Another life
in Heavens gates
finds us all
at different dates.
Yet so many
can’t walk in
due to lives of
now and then.
Not allowing
to enlighten
how they view.
Another life
will surely come
another day
with Heavens drum.
Yet the voyage
of Heavens view
needs your sight
on God So True.
So now tell me
will you find
another life
with peace of mind?
Will you seek
for God’s Own Son
to forgive
the things you’ve done?

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2011

Ok so it might not been one of my better poems, but
hopefully it made sense to a few of you. Tomorrow is
the 4th of July. I reckon many of you will be shooting
off fireworks. Yet in Texas I hear there is a ban on them
due to the drought and all the fires. I sure wish we could
send some of this rain down there to them hehehe. We
have an overkill on the rain. It seems that we have had
flood warnings most every week LOL. Not a problem
where we are, but for those in low lying areas. Well, if
you do shoot off fireworks, be very careful and watch
out where you aim them as well as always have an adult
around that knows how to use them. A simple tiny little
firecracker can hurt you bad. I know cause back when
I was a kid, I had one go off in my hand and it hurt bad.
I was lucky it didn’t hurt me any worse than it did. Just
be careful my friends. Now I guess it’s time for me to be
searching for that freaking off switch, but not before I
tell you what I tell you every week and that is, I wrote
some more poems and haiku. Yepper 10 more poems,
but I wrote the first one Monday June 27th. I wrote
all the others yesterday/Saturday. Yes my dear haiku
friends hehehe, I wrote 22 more haiku as well yesterday.
I hope you enjoy a few of the poems and haiku which
are actually just Japanese poems/verses hehehe. Well
it’s time for me to wish you all a safe week and most
wonderful 4th of July. Remember, Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now to find that off switch. Hehehe,
I’m hunting off switchs hehehehehehe. Found it LOL!
That skwewy off switch was hiding in the window 🙂
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Today’s Sky Blue

The windows of
the days ahead
seem to fill me
full of dread.
Northern rains
come crashing through
and thereunto.
Yet right now
the sunlight shines
here today
on northern times.
But tomorrow
shows for sure
that we might get
rains downpour.
So I’ll batten
down the hatches
with the windows
many latches.
Yet for now
I’ll crack a few
so to see
today’s sky blue.

©By Bill Pearce
June 27, 2011

A Distant Day

with sunny smiles
seem to go
for miles and miles.
of now and then
bring me joy
with summers wind.
Yet the times
of saturdays
sometimes seem
as just a maze.
All the scenes
that I now see
are not viewed
as history.
I remember
Texas fun
on the beach
with summers sun.
In the waves
with oceans view
I could see
a sky of blue.
of faraway
are now just
a distant day.

©By Bill Pearce
July 2, 2011


In a jumble
times might seem
as a moments
minutes dream.
Yet sometimes
is found unfair
as it turns to
a nightmare.
Little fragments
found and viewed
might not be
what you pursued.
In a jumble
times might turn
to a timeframe
wished to burn.
Often people
day to day
will be seen
with unsought way,
due to jumbles
that they sought
in a timeframe
they should not.
So if jumbles
have found you
with a time
you wish not true,
take a step back
and have prayer
with Lord Jesus
and His Care.
He will show you
how to change,
in the jumbles
now so strange.
Let Him show you
what to do
so to make a
better you.

©By Bill Pearce
July 2, 2011

Your Anger

Looking on passed
the minutes ahead
I can remember
the things ones said.
Words as value
bought and sold
from the ones
that surely told.
Pointless wordings
said and done
bring the views
one setting sun.
Searching passed then
on into today
I can remember
what many say.
Said in darkness
hurtful words
I remember
flocks of birds.
Seeming flying
all around
I heard angers
bitter sound.
Now those moments
I remember
are just as
a burning ember.
I must choose to
put them out
all the flames
of bitter bout.
Let today now
shine anew
as a blessing
God gave you.
Let your anger
be set free
as you search
God’s peaceful sea.
Let the then times
fall away
for this is
a different day.

©By Bill Pearce
July 2, 2011

A Voice Away

Hearts in time
of day to day
are now just
a voice away.
A mere moments
love affection
is now just
a phones connection.
All my friends
of long ago
are now just
my daily woe.
I miss you all
my friends of time
now as minutes
seem to climb.
Hours fractions
I recall
now bring echoes
standing tall.
All my friends
of yesterday
are now just
a voice away.

©By Bill Pearce
July 2, 2011

Summers Passage

Breezes blowing
summers day
brings to view
a wondrous way.
Signs of living
in the trees
as they’re swaying
in the breeze.
Summers scenes
colored hues
bring to life
so many views.
With the breezes
come a sign
found as only
Summers passage
now is found
as a sight of
sky and ground.
Summers clouds
just float on by
leaving echoes
how and why.
Then the ground
of time we see
turns into
what’s meant to be.
Mere connections
then and there
are forth bringing
breaths of air.

©By Bill Pearce
July 2, 2011

Desires of The Heart

Many emotions
find us unglued
with many things
that we misconstrued.
Desires of the heart
can sometimes fall
leaving an echo
that ends over all.
Don’t let your desires
to take you away
on a mere journey
of some dismal day.
Sometimes our desires
are not so great,
due to them leading
a troubled found fate.
Desires of the heart
can be really good
if they are truly
then understood.
So learn your desires
to see how they stand
and then ask Jesus
to give you a hand.
He will most surely
guide you on through
with all the lessons
that you’re needing true.
Yet in the ending
you will find God’s Art
within the journals
desires of the heart.

©By Bill Pearce
July 2, 2011

The Sound of Peace

Within a place
the sound of peace
rings so silent
times release.
The sound of peace
within a frame
might be with
another name.
Ones erratic
with each day
seek for peace
a different way.
The sound of peace
might be heard
as a noisy
moments word.
Yet to many
peace is found
when nobody
is around.
So just try
to understand
someone’s peace
from where they stand.
Let your peaceful
find a place
found within
Lord Jesus Grace.

©By Bill Pearce
July 2, 2011


Sitting in a field
with flowers that bloom
I find aromas
that I can consume.
Aromas so blissful
and scenery too
I found beneath
a deep sky of blue.
Aromas of flowers
that also are weeds
seem to enlighten
what time supersedes.
All of the blessings
given from God
I sat a moment
and gave an applaud.
He gave this moment
of minutes of ease
found in a blessing
of nows summer breeze.

©By Bill Pearce
July 2, 2011

The Poetry Room

In this room
of poetic words
there might live
a flock of birds.
The poetry room
of timeless views
finds the minutes
moments news.
Things I thought
and words I found
here and there
and all around.
In this room
my words attain
things to say
sometimes insane.
Yet sometimes
the poetry room
brings to me
things to consume.
Words from God
through His Own Son
bring to me
what’s said and done.
Then the words
I jot them down
so to help Him
to be found.
The poetry room
of now today
sometimes has
so much to say,
but of course then
there are times
that I’m only
writing rhymes.

©By Bill Pearce
July 2, 2011

for July 2, 2011

A simple moment
really might not be simple,
but an illusion.

Lessons are disguised
in many mistakes we make,
yet some do not learn.

Tomorrows judgment
might be disillusioned sight
seen from now today.

Climbing a mountain
needs knowledge of the footholds
to climb successful.

Time might evade us
when looking wrong directions.
Don’t miss the moments.

A page that is turned
could be one that is misread
if not seen clearly.

Two hearts found colliding
could end as catastrophic
if truth is hidden.

Sunlight of summer
shines brightly in the morning
as daytime arrives.

With astro music
comes heartbeats of emotion
found in the night sky.

Picturing right now
needs a little bit hopeful
to make it better.

Running in one place
will get you know where at all,
but just exhausted.

Glancing at the sky
could find you missing the view,
so take longer looks.

Shimmering sunsets
are reflections of evening
painted with a smile.

Hearing some thunder
gives knowledge of the lightning
that may be at hand.

Trade winds of living
disperse their ways of uniting
our footprints in time.

While looking outside
I see my own reflection
in the windowpane.

The oceans own view
brings to life waves crashing in
from its depths of time.

Today’s tomorrow
might be yesterdays vision
all over again.

Forecasting summer
leaves confusion in many,
for weather changes.

Our grasp on today
could be a shortsighted one
if it’s seen hazy.

Marching to footsteps
needs be done at your own speed
or you’ll surely fall.

Wisdom of an owl
is misconceived for its eyes,
for they don’t show truth.

©By Bill Pearce
July 2, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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