A Tad Confused


Hello my friends

How are you today? The weather is cold and windy up this
way today. Benny is feeling better . We had him neutered
Wednesday and he has been a tad grumpy and sore which is
understandable. I would be a tad grumpy if it was done to
me. Yeppers it’s things like that which make me glad that I’m
not a dog. Anyways, Benny is back to his frisky playful self.
He hopped up in bed with me and wanted to play when I was
wanting to get some rest LOL. Milo had hopped up and was
lying at my feet in the bed. He was also trying to get some
rest. Hehehe I mean, Milo is of course the same age as us
in human years. He’s 8 years old which makes him 56 years
old in our years. Judy and I are 56 🙂 He’s having to deal
with a few things like I am such as arthritis. The poor thing.
He still has quite a few good years left in him and still loves
to run and play with Benny. I might find my ending days
long before he does and believe you me I am anxious to go
home to Heaven. I’m tired of hurting, but until that time
comes, here I’ll stay and I’ll make the best of it and enjoy
all that I can. I have a lovely wife that I enjoy spending my
time with. So I’m alive today and therefore here I go with
my rambling again hehehe. I’m a rambling man ya know!
Judy and I had a nice Thanksgiving. We had Semi fried
Chicken bought from the grocery store and mash potatoes
along with pumpkin pie for dessert 🙂 Neither of us likes
turkey and the only chicken place (KFC) in Houlton ME
closed a month or so ago. So we have to buy any fried
chicken we get from the grocery store dag nabbit &%$#.
LOL, at least we still have a Pizza Hut. If that ever closes
down then I will be angry. This town hasn’t or should I say
our nearest town hasn’t got much in the form of choices
for restaurants. Being Houlton is 8 miles from where we
live and New Limerick has only the one little store called
Cameron’s. Yeppers, we live out in the boonies hehehe.
The good thing about that is I can play my conga drums
and not worry too much about disturbing anyone hehehe.
There’s not much to do around here, but I try to make
the best of it. I think you can guess what I do to entertain
myself LOL. Take pictures, play FarmTown, watch TV
and play with Benny and Milo and yes of course Judy 🙂
I can’t wait for the first big snows to begin. It always
gets so beautiful. In any sense, there is quite a lot for
me to be happy for. Yet the closer it gets to Christmas,
the more I miss my family and friends. So that’s my life.
I do thank God for Judy and her wonderful family.
I love them all dearly. Now onto another topic hehehe.
The wind is blowing furiously outside, but it looks like
the tarp I put over our picnic table and Benny’s dog
house is still holding tight. I also managed to get our
little grill under the tarp 🙂 But if the winds keep on as
they are, I might find the tarp blown in the next county
by tonight LOL. Oh well I will deal with that later 🙂
Judy is still in bed being that we stay up all night and
don’t go to bed until early morning. I’m up, because
I had to get started writing this to you. So here I sit
with Benny at my feet in his little doggy bed. Milo is
still lying on the bed at Judy’s feet. He’s an old dude
like me and needs his sleep hehehe. Though he hasn’t
got all of the ailments that I have and I thank God for
that. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. Hehehehe Ok,
maybe a few LOL! I think I hear Milo in there rustling
about. He might be moseying in here in a bit hehehe.
I sound like a Texan huh 🙂 That be because I am a
freaking Texan hehehe. I ain’t a Mainer. They all
think I talk funny hehehe. Oh well, I think they talk
funny so we’re even LOL. The first time I heard Judy
say Wicked Cool, I was a tad confused. I had never
heard that phrase before. Although, I think it’s a
phrase that all Northeasterners use. Not something
you hear from down south unless you’re from up this
way hehehe. I’ve tried using a few of their phrases,
but for some reason it seems silly when I say them.
LOL about as silly as it sounds when one of them
tries to mimic our phrases LOL. God has given us
all of our distinct differences and characteristics so
that we might grow beyond what one personality
would bring. Be the best of who that God had
intended you to be. Don’t lose focus on who you
are. Let God guide you through your pathways of
decisions. Don’t just try to be exactly like someone
else. It’s Ok to try to follow their path if it’s good,
but let your own unique gifts from God shine in the
makings. So I guess it’s about time for me to begin
searching back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase that might
work well for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So it’s off to that place of my recollection that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I may have
found a good title. Now let’s see what if anything
at all I can do with it. Here goes…………………….

A Tad Confused

Sometimes some minutes
leave with a frown
found in the moments
of up hill gone down.
Many times ventures
found gone astray
are just a moment
that’s not gone our way.
Some a tad confused
leave shadows to find
found in the figments
deep in their mind.
Let not those minutes
to make up your view.
Look for the blessings
in then thereunto.
Don’t let a moment
to make you all bruised.
Remember that it might be
just a tad confused.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 25, 2012

Ok so I hope that makes sense to ya 🙂 I will have to wait
till later to send this being the internet server is down right
now. I just called them and they said they are working on
it and it should be up and running in an hour or so. That’s
life hehehe. I might just send this using my pioneer email,
but I will have to change the email addy in it so that my
egroups will get it. Although I’m hoping that they manage
to get my WT server up and running before that. We shall
see huh! Let’s see if I can get this finished first hehehehe.
Judy’s still in bed and yes Milo is still on the bed with her.
Benny though has moved into the bedroom as well and
lying on the floor next to the bed. I’ve been abandoned!
Hehehe oh well, I’ll wake em up when I finish this and
fix something for us all to eat. I guess it’s time for me
to be telling ya what I tell ya every week and that is, I
wrote some more poems and haiku. Yeppers 10 more
poems and 5 of them once again being Christmas poems.
Also I wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there. I hope you find something you like. Now it’s
time for me to be searching for that ornery off switch
that loves to try and elude me, but not before I wish
you a most wonderful God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that off
switch. Ah Hah, I see ya hiding in the corner behind
that fan. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Significant Time

A little rhythm,
a little rhyme
brings us to
significant time.
Sometimes a moment,
sometimes a view
significant time
is then thereunto.
Maybe found raspy,
maybe not so
significant time
is found to and fro.
Looking with clear eyes,
looking with haze
significant time
is still in the gaze.
Let not your rhythm,
let not your rhyme
prevent you from seeing
significant time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24, 2012

My Whitish View

Outside my window
of each morning new
I seek the presence
of my whitish view.
Snowflakes a falling
then found front and center
my whitish view
displays every winter.
Then as the snowflakes
fall to the ground
I know that Christmas is
soon to be found.
Looking through windows
of here there I see
heart felt emotions
are happy and free.
My whitish view
is found Christmas morn
scenes then with snowflakes
which blessings adorn.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24, 2012

Heaven So Gently

Minutes come quickly
as time moves along
displaying pages
from dusk unto dawn.
Heaven so gently
will paint every hill
with that of snowflakes
for then to fulfill.
The ticking of essence
comes throughout the night
displaying beauty
that’s found morning light.
Heaven so gently
finds ways then to please
with all the white snow
that’s found on the trees.
Glistening with ventures
each Christmas displays
times found so joyful
each heart does amaze
Christmastimes pleasure
excites what we view
when we see snowflakes
as magic so true.
Painting as wonders
when Christmas is found
there in the trees
and there on the ground.
Sometimes the snowflakes
will land in the night
waiting to display
their Heavenly white.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24, 2012

Life Sometimes

Often our ventures
that time does bring forth
lead to directions
of south maybe north.
Maybe found west ways,
or maybe then east
some may seem better
and some maybe least.
Life sometimes gives us
the pages to turn
with some directions
that we’re to discern.
Often our problems
that time does display
are just the portions
within the wrong way.
Many times portholes
will show us the signs
given from Jesus
in our life sometimes.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24, 2012

Showing True

Soon comes Christmas
showing true
with the snowflakes
every view.
Minutes tick on
to its time
showing true
so great divine.
Christmas moments
come to be
showing true
for us to see.
Scenes around us
come in sight
as the Christmas
snows of white.
All the magic
found that day
brings me heartfelt
Jesus way.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24, 2012

Scents of Christmas

In the night of
winter delight
scents of Christmas
bring us a sight.
Special aromas
come into view
as that of Christmas lights
red, green and blue.
The scents of Christmas
are to be found
then when the snowflakes
land on the ground.
Yet often snowflakes
might not be seen
like unto Texas
a Christmas of green.
But it’s the thought that
is what is true
bringing the wonders
then into view.
Let all the snowflakes
that Christmas can show
live on as wonders
as white Christmas snow.
The scents of Christmas
are then greater seen
than that of any
wonderful dream.
Let all those scents
of Christmas to fly
showing the love from
sweet Adonai.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24, 2012

A Manger Scene

A sign of Christmas
here and there
displays as
a breath of air.
Lights that flicker
in the night
colors seen
within moonlight.
A manger scene
is sweetly laid
found in daytime
in the shade.
Then so wondrous
is the stage
set up nicely
age to age.
Meaningful moments
glistening true
light up emotions
then into view.
But it’s the sweetest
found so serene
that comes with Jesus
in a manger scene.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24, 2012

Beyond The Reef

When ones troubles
come at glance
every moment
might entrance.
Beyond the reef
of sudden pain
there can be
something to gain.
Often hurry
brings the rocks
into daily
moments docks.
Beyond the reef
is hope to find
with a little
change of mind.
Let your struggles
find some peace
beyond the reef.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24, 2012

Seasons Share

Each day displays
seasons shadows
painted on the
hills and meadows.
Seasons share
each day to come
with the sight of
each new sun.
They might seem to
fuss and fight,
but the seasons
are alright.
Seasons share
their own existence
sometimes from
a little distance.
Yet the seasons
share their sights,
in the days
and in the nights.
Time gives pathways
to their time
and their seasons
own design.
So share surely
they must do
as they wait for
their own view.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24, 2012

Just Listen

Hear as the raindrops
fall to the ground.
Find all the blessings
then to be found.
Just listen to the wind
as it blows thereunto
and watch all the things
so Heavenly true.
Let loose of anger
from all you remember.
Now find some peace
as times burning ember.
Just listen to your heart
as it beats in you mind
and hear all the blessings
from Jesus divine.
Take the time to find
what all you’ve been missin
by silently praying
as you then just listen.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24, 2012

for Nov 24, 2012

Explosions of time
are fueled by anger and hate
that God could of healed.

Letting misfortune
to guide your every footstep
could become good luck.

The winds of winter
blow furiously through
sometimes bringing snow.

Sometimes our questions
are answers in their own way
seen by another.

Belief is needed
to find what cannot be seen,
but time can prevail.

God gives us choices
to go our own directions
and learn what we must.

No spirit belief
will prove your own ignorance,
for they do exist.

Love is a value
that goes far beyond money
for it can’t be bought.

Some things we wait for
might not be worth waiting for,
so understand truth.

Looking in mirrors
finds you often looking back
a bit different.

Guides to tomorrow
will often mislead our paths
for their own laughter.

Afflicted people
are often hidden from view
because we won’t look.

Anger management
needs to begin with yourself
and then with others.

A breath of Jesus
brings forth a wondrous blessing
that can end despair.

Believing in now
lets the truth of moments heal
so you can move on.

A shadow is found
as a glimmer of yourself
and what you portray.

Gradient blessings
display their many blessings
as time moves along.

A rain shower comes
as a fragrant beginning
often found bitter.

Sometimes a flower
finds a home in winters snow
and lives for springtime.

Today’s own answers
will change as time moves along
onto tomorrow.

Bitter sweet essence
is the sight of Christmastimes snow
that many must dig.

A puppy dogs eyes
brings alive many heartbeats
that are full of love.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 24, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.

Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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My Animal’s Greetings site below
One of my friends sites below
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Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

He Says Enough


Hello my friends

Well, here I am once again in the late of the day
attempting to put a few thoughts down for you to
read. It’s been another peaceful week here at the
Pearce’s Place. Yep, not much but a lot of puppy
play and FarmTown LOL. We’re kind of broke
so can’t do much of anything else LOL. It’s been
nice weather up here. Not too awful cold hehehe.
I went to the bathroom a moment ago and Benny
and Milo were snuggled together with Judy in bed.
They looked so cute. I was gonna try and get a
picture of Benny and Milo cuddling, but by the
time I thought of it, Benny had already gotten up.
Oh well, take my word for it, it was cute hehehe.
Judy’s in bed watching Family Feud while I write
my journal. Ain’t we exciting!? It’s sort of cold
outside right now, but not too cold. It’s only 28F
degrees at 5:30 PM. Nope ain’t cold at all hehe.
Soon the temperatures will be much lower making
28F seem rather warm 🙂 It’s supposed to get
down to 23F by morning. The snowing will soon
begin. Yeppers, winter is gradually getting a
footing. I know to many of you, our weather is
already looking like it huh hehehe. Nope, it’s
gonna get much colder. Off to another topic!
I bought four more Big fish games with the last
of my credits I had before they expired. Now
Judy and I have more games to play. Of course
we already have many that we have yet to play,
but I saw no reason to let those tickets expire.
They were paid for many months ago hehehe.
So, Judy and I might start playing some more
of our hidden object games in the next few days.
The reason I am so late starting this is because
I took some Benadryl early this morning due
to my sinus’s giving me a hard time and it made
it hard to think. So I waited for them to wear
off. There isn’t much new to report. Oh yea,
Benny’s getting neutered Wednesday. We
don’t want to be responsible for him getting
one of our friends dogs pregnant. Milo was
neutered before we got him, so he’s OK. I’ve
been taking care of Milo’s teeth lately. When
we got him, his teeth were atrocious, so I got
him some Dentist’s Best dental spray and also
a doggie tooth brush and tooth paste. Yes I
have been brushing his teeth for him hehehe.
It’s not like he can hold the toothbrush in his
doggie paws. We also bought some other
stuff like Dentastix and Prosense Breath mints
that help his teeth as well as his breath. We
give them to Benny as well. Preventative
medicine for the boy. Yes we love our little
boys and so we take as good of care of them
as we would children. They are a very big
part of our lives and bring smiles to us every
day. Yea, they do get in trouble time to time,
but they’re learning what not to do and what’s
good for them. Judy and I thank God every
day for the blessings He has given us. We’re
with blessings every day. Yes, we might not
see them at the moment, but as time goes by
we can look back and see how God had been
there with blessings to pull us through. Often,
troubles will come and darken the day, but
there is a light through Jesus that brightens
the day. Don’t let petty things to become
the outline of the day. Find the joy of life.
We all have our share of problems and what
seems small to one person, might be large
to another as also visa versa. Don’t ever
think that you’re in it alone. God is always
there to give you strength. Don’t blame Him
for the troubles, but yet thank Him for what
might become the best lessons you ever had.
I’ve had a real bumpy life through heartache
and misery as well as health issues, but now
as I look back I can see how they made me
a better man. Yes, I have bad health, but
it’s nothing I can’t handle. God knows that
I’m a strong man and can handle a lot of
pain and so He only allows what He knows
I can handle and then He says ENOUGH.
So with that said I guess I should be heading
off to that place of my recollection through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can find
me a word or phrase that will work well for
the title for today’s brand new poem. So
it’s away I go to that place that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. Yet I think
I might have found the title just a short
ways back hehehe. Yeppers, it’ll do! So
here ya go. I hope it makes sense hehehe.

He Says Enough

Life might seem grueling
as each day goes by,
but life is truly
a feather to fly.
Troubled emotions
might just find a way
to bring you down surely,
so take time to pray.
When you are fed up
with all that is done,
take it to Jesus
Lord God’s only Son.
When you’ve found bitterness
within your view
let yourself find some
blessings so true.
So if you’re weakened
with times all so rough
trust that the end comes
when He says enough.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 18, 2012

Ok, so there ya go. I hope that makes at least
a little bit of sense to ya. Well it’s 27F degrees
now at 6:22 PM hehehe. It’s gone down one
degree since I started this mess LOL. I’m still
in here alone. Judy and the boys are still in the
bedroom watching game shows hehehe. This
is such an exciting home LOL NOT! It’s OK
cause we like it. Yes we would love to be able
to do other things, but we do what we are able
to do and enjoy it. I wasn’t raised up having
much, so I’m content with all that we have.
I guess I need to be telling ya what I tell ya
every week and that is, I wrote some more
poems and haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems
with 5 of them being Christmas poems hehe.
Plus I also wrote 22 more haiku for of my
haiku lovers out there. I hope you enjoy at
least one or two. Now it’s time for me to be
searching for that dad burned off switch
that loves trying to hide from me, but not
before I wish you a most wonderful God
filled week. Remember, Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now to find that dad gum
off switch. Found it trying to sneak under
the computer room door to go watch TV.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Webs of Time

Sudden thresholds
come to dine
as our moments
webs of time.
Minutes tick on
as they’re made
giving often
troubles laid.
Seeming as they’re
meant to be
webs of time
fill history.
Yet so often
webs we find
are for futures
change of mind.
Webs of time
will then move on
showing where we
should of gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012


there and to
leave us with a
horrid view.
Left and right ways
many see
troubled times
in history.
Now is surely
time to tell
things that might have
not gone well.
Timeless portholes
found askew
might find one day
life anew.
might then find
places with some
peace of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

A Glimpse of Christmas

The story goes
as many read
how that Jesus
did succeed.
A glimpse of time
through thereunto
gives us blessings
every view.
Christmas stories
find a way
to become as
now today.
A glimpse of Christmas
white as snow
reminds us of ones
Santa Claus with
his delight
coming Christmas
eve at night.
Yet the stories
are found best
with God Divine.
A glimpse of Christmas
is then found
through His Son
on Solid Ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

The Edge of Night

So many days
will leave us standing
with a place of
horrid landing.
Sometimes pages
will be turned
the edge of night
with much discerned.
Lassoed troubles
we found seen
then live on
within a dream.
The edge of night
brings much to share
if we’ll take time
for a prayer.
Let not echoes
fill with fright
say a prayer
the edge of night.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Winter’s Wonders

Weathered pictures
find a glance
winter’s wonders
song and dance.
Scenes are painted
far and wide
found upon
a white hillside.
Then remembered
is the scene
found December’s
Christmas dream.
Winter’s wonders
find a way
to bring joy
upon display.
Christmas flavors
day and night
become pictures
within sight.
Twinkling shadows
I then see
as a scenic
Christmas tree.
Found as blessings
to and fro
all the joy of
Christmas snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Answered Prayers

Through our troubles
Jesus cares
filling life with
answered prayers.
Yet so often
what’s prayed for
will become a
saddened scar.
So then Jesus
answers true
what’s the best
for me and you.
Look behind you
and see clear
answered prayers
from yesteryear.
Now look forward
and attest
Jesus knows what’s
very best.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Their Christmas Surprise

Children all hurry
to write and to tell
letters to Santa
what they want so well.
Then off to Santa
their wishes all go
up to his workshop
at the North Pole.
Letters to Santa
gather with grace
then for old Santa
with his smiling face.
All of the children
will surely then wait
for Christmastime
as they anticipate.
Morning then comes,
they open their eyes
and run down to see
their Christmas surprise.
A package for her
and a package for him
hidden real nicely
up under a limb.
The Christmas tree
brings forth its view
the magic of time
of Christmas so true.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Leaves Will Blow

As fall subsides
and leaves will blow
soon will come
the flakes of snow.
Picturesque paintings
found on a hill
will soon be artwork
snow will conceal.
Also the times of
leaves of green
also once were
an elusive scene.
As fall came
with its desires
it brought forth
what time transpires.
Leaves will blow
as time moves on
and then one day
they’ll all be gone.
Hidden beneath
the snow of white
there will be signs
of falls delight.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Winter’s Wonderland

Soon in the threshold
snow will be seen
as that of magic
found in a dream.
Winter’s wonderland
is soon to come
painted as snowflakes
under the sun.
Christmas will follow
as it then inlays
magical moments
white snow portrays.
Then while I’m watching
snow falling down
I’ll dream of Christmas
coming to town.
Winter’s wonderland
comes as a gleam
scented with snowflakes
in every scene.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Shadows of Time

Mornings remembered
Christmas and more
scenes are the blessings
that we adore.
Shadows of time
are found as a scent,
often we wonder
where that they went.
Pages are turning
as we move on
shadows of time
and then they are gone.
Let not those shadows
only to thrive
here now today
as we’re alive.
Let ones remember
how it should be
found full of joy
and a Christmas tree.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

for Nov 17, 2012

Lessons we have learned
might one day be forgotten
and need learned again.

The worries of time
might display many moments
that we need forget.

Beyond a morning
lies the shadows of details
that might not come true.

Nobody’s perfect
for we all have many flaws.
Some might just show more.

Breathing a moment
gives chance for an aroma
found as a flower.

Losing your temper
only gives something control
or maybe someone.

Snowflakes of Christmas
fall as glistening blessings
coming from Jesus.

When tomorrow comes
it might not be what you thought,
so focus on now.

Year long believing
keeps the new years well intact
for much good to come.

Every heartache
has its very own picture
and way that it’s viewed.

Death is not the end,
but the beginning of time
in another realm.

Adversity comes
as a knock on many doors,
but prayer will conquer.

Today marks a time
that we can change tomorrow
by doing our best.

Receiving true love
needs to understand true love
and how to share it.

Believing in spirits
will open a world of truth
in what Heaven is.

Break dancing not learned
finds many broken fragments
as the same as life.

Minutes will prosper
no matter if you do not,
so keep on trying.

Listen for angels
as they speak into your ears
to warn of danger.

Baggage that’s carried
and not released throughout time
might just hold you back.

Anger’s explosion
can ignite many fires,
so seek for some peace.

Various people
walk without looking forwards
and cause much trouble.

The butt of the joke
is often the one laughing
as time moves along.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.

Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂



Hello my friends

It’s getting closer to Christmas 🙂 Yes it still has over
a month to go, but that’s simply my favorite day and
I can’t wait for it to get here. The only problem is, it’s
gone so quickly. The day of course, but the feeling will
always live on as it does each year. Thanksgiving isn’t
too far away. Judy and I are enjoying watching our
two little boys playing together. They are surely best
buds. When one goes out to potty, the other wants
to go along. I’ve got them trained to when I let them
in, they stop just inside and sit to wait for us to take
their Ecollars off. Of course sometimes they are just
a tad anxious and go running down the hall, but when
we call them, they come back and sit down so we can
take the Ecollars off. They’re good boys. We couldn’t
of found two better dogs. They love to sleep close to
us in bed. Most of times they cuddle to our legs hehe.
That though is a bad spot hehehe being I tend to move
my legs a lot due to aches and pains from arthritis 🙂
Oh well, that’s how they like to sleep. Benny though
usually after a few hours ends up hopping off of the
bed and going to lie in his own little bed next to us
in the floor. They both have beds in the floor, but
this is how it ends up LOL. Oh well, we’re a close
knit family here at the Pearce’s Place. The weather
up this ways is looking more and more like winter.
Yeppers we had a bit of snow the other night. Not
much! Just enough to paint the outdoors white 🙂
Benny and Milo love it. I’m sure Milo has seen a
few winters up here, but this will be Benny’s first.
We got Benny from a lady in Missouri back on the
9th of March this year and there was still a lot of
snow on the ground and even still snowing, but
nothing like it was earlier this year, so Benny is
in for a treat hehehe. I’ll never forget when we
first moved up here December 1 2007. I thought
our trailer was perched upon a mound of snow 🙂
I never saw any ground until around April 2008.
I finally saw a bit of Earth peeking out from under
the snow hehehe. This old Texan has seen a lot of
snow since then. Of course I have seen a lot from
my trips to the Colorado mountains when I was
younger. Today the high is supposed to be 37F,
but right now at 2:40 PM it’s 33F degrees and it
feels like it. It’s still warm compared to what it
will be as winter fully sets in hehehe. There’s not
been much happening up this way other than us
just enjoying playing with our little boys and also
watching them playing together as we had hoped
they would. Milo was slow into wanting to play
with Benny, but he finally got into the swing of
things LOL. Benny’s a happy little pooch now 🙂
The stores have all started stocking Christmas
stuff. I love the sights and sounds of Christmas.
Even the smells at Christmastime bring joy to
my heart. There’s nothing like it! Even the night
air exhilarates the feel of Christmas as the snow
covers the ground and breezes blow. Judy and
I had a great time on her birthday, but I was
unable to buy her much of anything due to being
low on funds, but we did go to Shop & Save so
she could pick out a little birthday cake hehehehe.
I ate a couple of small pieces, but can’t handle
the sweets that much. She told me not to worry
about a birthday present. She’s already got it
and his name is Milo 🙂 I didn’t want another dog,
but decided to let her have it as long as it was
well behaved and Milo is a good boy. Him and
Benny have bonded as friends and brothers 🙂
I’m sitting here drinking a Yoohoo for my brunch.
Hehehe we don’t ever go to bed until early in the
morning LOL so 2 PM is morning to us hehehe.
Yeppers, around this place it’s a different time
zone LOL. Judy and I were nightowls when we
met in 2001 and still are LOL. I worked night
shift for almost 30 years off and on, so those
hours are locked in my brain hehehe. Judy was
working the evening shift at Elm Tree Diner, so
she too stayed up till early in the morning often.
When I came down with Ulcerative colitis and
then with Crohn’s in 1994, it slowed me down
and then caused me to be disabled in 2001 due
to many strokes caused by me trying to keep on
working as I had before. Life was a rocky one,
but I met Judy earlier that year and we had met
in person then in August of 2001. We found that
we had a lot in common. We had fallen in love
earlier that year as we spent many hours on the
phone together and even at times sleeping with
our phones next to our ears hehehe. True love!
My dad had told me that someone was out there
for me. LOL I just wish he would of told me I
was gonna have to fly 2100 miles to find her 🙂
Anyways, God has put us together and we are
united as one with our new little boys giving us
love and companionship as each day comes to
pass. God can work miracles, but He needs us
to trust in Him and let Him do His part and us
do ours. He won’t do for us what we are able
to do for ourselves. I stepped out on faith and
flew to Maine as He had guided me and here we
are today 11 years later with love abundant 🙂
Let God show His miracles, but don’t just park
yourself on the sofa and expect Him to do it all
for you. Also sometimes He has other plans for
you that you may have never thought of. Be open
to His Will. Now that I have gone and reminisced
the many years that have passed, I guess it’s time
for me to revisit all that I have written here and
see if I can find a good word or phrase that might
work well for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So, it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE to see
what I can find. I think I found a good title, but
we shall see hehehe HUH! Here goes!


A simple thought
of one another
can make life
a friend and brother.
is one to find
deep within
a God filled mind.
Life times struggles
will be found,
but there’s peace
on Solid Ground.
Let Lord Jesus
show you true
how to make
a better you.
Finding ventures
turn and flip
is better with

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 11, 2012

OK, so that might not be one of my best. Oh well 🙂
I hope you enjoyed my long winded rambling hehehe.
Yes I know, I probably put ya to sleep huh. It’s OK.
Maybe ya got some much needed rest hehehehehe.
Well, Benny and Milo are lying down in the floor now
in-between me and Judy. They’re in their little beds.
Milo snores time to time LOL and wakes himself up.
I have a special prayer request for my friend Donald.
I call him Tiny. He is 85 years old and now his health
has made a turn for the worst. He might not make it
to Christmas. He’s an old friend of mine from the 70’s.
His nick name is tiny, but he’s 6’11”. According to
my friend in Texas (Robin) Tiny has shriveled up to
where he only weighs about a 100 pounds or less and
his body is shutting down. Please send your prayers
to him. I love this man as my brother. He was there
for me when I needed someone and I feel sad that
I’m too far away to be by his side, but I can pray
and so I do always. I pray that God releases him
of his torment and pain and soon allows him to
go home to Heaven. It would be mean of me to
wish Tiny to suffer any longer just because I don’t
want him to die, but we must die before we can
live. Yet our time is marked in the eyes of God.
Until then we should do our best to show love to
one another and not hate. Find the likenesses in
others, not just the differences. Now I think it’s
time for me to be telling ya what I tell ya every
week and that is, I wrote some more poems 🙂
Yeppers, 10 more poems with 6 of them this
time being Christmas poems. Also I once again
wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there. I hope you find some that bring you
joy. Now it’s time to be finding that off switch
that loves to hide from me, but not before I
wish you a most wonderful God filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Ok, now to find that off switch hehehehehe.
Ah hah, there ya are ya little whippersnapper.
Found ya trying to hide under Milo this time.
Get your booty out from under there hehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Winter’s Fury

Soon the echoes
winter’s fury
will be found
within a flurry.
White snow falling
here and there
in a flurry
in the air.
Winter’s fury
might just seem
as a raging
whitish stream.
Snow flakes falling
down to Earth
as they find a
life rebirth.
Scenes will blossom
winter’s fury
without question
in a flurry.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10, 2012

Seasons Charm

Beginnings of Christmas
come in a way
seasonal greetings
day after day.
The seasons charm
is found to be
repeated heartbeats
Even the aromas
of Christmas we smell
bring us remembered
times of so well.
Found in the cities
Christmas is seen
that of a child
with joyful agleam.
Also in the country
is found seasons charm
as a great painting
there on a farm.
It doesn’t matter
where that you live.
It only matters
if you wish to give.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10, 2012

Thanksgiving’s Gift

So often people
will leave out some one
that of Thanksgiving
father or son.
Maybe a daughter
or mother alike
might find Thanksgiving
a little less sight.
Some think Thanksgiving
is just for the food
as they continue
to act oh so rude.
Thanksgiving’s gift
is that to be shared
even when lifestyles
are slight then impaired.
Be thankful for Jesus
and all He has given
letting His blessings
to be daily driven.
Let not your differences
tear you apart.
Thanksgiving’s gift
should live in your heart.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10, 2012

Heavenly Sight

Within a doorway
of wintertime’s sight
there is a blessing
of snowflakes in flight.
Heavenly pages
turn as a book
written as journals
there for a look.
Christmastimes ages
are then displayed
from all the snowflakes
Heavenly laid.
Then in a heartbeat
time comes around
displaying beauty
then to be found.
People will hang up
lights red and green
even some others
on a manger scene.
All then together
found in the night
there is a blessings
Heavenly sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10, 2012

Portions of Dreams

Children of Christmas
wait in their beds
for portions of dreams
to dance in the heads.
Scenes such as snowflakes
in their designs
dance on as blessings
within their minds.
Portions of dreams
pour out just like water
on father and son
and mother and daughter.
Christmas with passion
found through the year
brings us a portion
of dreams to endear.
Don’t let the bad times
to hide all the love
given so freely
from Lord God above.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10, 2012

Meaningful Slumber

Taking a blessing
and making a blunder
will tear apart
a meaningful slumber.
Letting your anger
to live in your sleep
will cause your waking
to be more to keep.
Try and resolve what
anger that’s there
maybe by talking
and saying a prayer.
Seek for the reason
your anger’s in mind
and then make peace
within that design.
Meaningful slumber
will then be seen
found in a heartbeat
there in a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10, 2012

Oh So Jolly

Santa’s sleigh bells
through the night
ring as doorbells
to delight.
Oh so jolly
Santa Claus
sails across
with oohs and awes.
In the nightlight
he is found
in the sky
and on the ground.
Even rooftops
hear his laugh
in his Christmas
nightly pass.
Christmas Eve
is found with joy
with a little girl
and little boy.
Oh so jolly
comes with glee
for their mornings
yet to see.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10, 2012

A Life of Seconds

A second will pass
with minutes in turn
giving us moments
to then discern.
A life of seconds
ticks on real fast
what was the future
then is the past.
Scenes pass by quickly
as seconds move on
displaying evening
then unto dawn.
Many times seconds
will be displayed
as all the journeys
mistakenly made.
A life of seconds
turns into days
often from minutes
seemed as a maze.
Let God to guide you
as time moves along
and you will end up
where you belong.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10, 2012

Hurried To See

The children awakened
from their night’s dreams
to see all the glory
of Christmassy scenes.
Looking for presents
up under the tree
that dear old Santa
gave them each for free.
They hurried to see
each wrapped box with joy
to try to find then
a doll or toy.
The children saw then
upon their TV
others without any
Christmas for free.
So they asked mother
and dad what to do
and they answered clearly
to give them anew.
So those sweet children
gathered their toys
to give to the unfortunate
little girls and boys.
Then those two children
smile with great glee,
for they had learned
what’s Christmas for free.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10, 2012

Jesus in Christmas

With coming of ages
many forget
Jesus in Christmas
when pathways are met.
So many people
lose track of time
leaving their heartbeats
in bad design.
Jesus in Christmas
should always be
found as the focus
truly to see.
Yet many people
lose touch of Him
and let their values
hang on a limb.
Don’t let the season
to pass you on by.
Keep Jesus in Christmas
and sweet Adonai.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 10, 2012

for Nov 10, 2012

Mornings remember
what the nightlife has displayed
maybe not clearly.

Love is a journey
that many find with much trouble.
Time gives the answers.

Yes is overused
as many will attempt to
make others happy.

Leftover heartaches
will burden your tomorrows
if they’re not dealt with.

Winter brings shadows
of snowflakes falling to Earth
and designing the ground.

A choice is a chance
to change your own direction
and choose other paths.

Listening for time
might find your ear to the wall
in the wrong timeframe.

Points of a pattern
make up the whole that’s discerned,
but are not the whole.

Beyond emotion
lies stories that are hidden
inside of the mind.

Believing in love
gives a chance for it to grow,
but not how it grows.

Lights of the night sky
glimmer as many stars shine
along with moonlight.

Learning from your past
might come as many repeats
that you’ve forgotten.

Various doorways
open and close with choices,
some bad and some good.

Beyond our eyesight
are things we can’t imagine,
but yet they exist.

A true friend in time
will be there no matter what.
Even through anger.

We are connected
as links to bicycle chains
that often slip gear.

The breath of true love
is given through Jesus Christ
found through His Father.

A glance at your life
might not see the true picture.
Take time to see it.

Passionate moments
leave footprints that others see,
so keep respectful.

Clinking of glasses
gives knowledge of emotions
that ones wish to share.

Pathways of Heaven
are made one step at a time
with stumbling blocks.

The snow of winter
hides the remains of summer
with blankets of white.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

A Simple Prayer


Hello my friends

So, what’s up in your part of the world? I hope you
are doing well. For all of my friends and also the ones
that I do not know which went through the torment
of Hurricane Sandy, I send you my prayers. I wish we
could do something to help, but all we can do is pray.
Yet, prayers work miracles. Ok so it’s onwards with
the journal. It’s 41F degrees right now at 2:46 PM.
Oh yea, I hope you set your clocks back an hour last
night, because if ya didn’t, you’re gonna be late for
Church or anywhere else ya need to be hehehehehe.
It’s supposed to get down to 25F degrees tonight brrr.
Of course as wintertime gets closer to our doorsteps
it will most assuredly get much colder hehehehe and
along with tons of snow. So for right now, we’re still
considering it as fall LOL. Yea, I know, all of the
leaves fell off all the trees weeks ago, up here that
is LOL. Yes, fall might still be happening where you
are. It’s done up here. The only trees with leaves are
the evergreens hehehe. Our new pooch name Milo
is doing well. Him and Benny have become best buds
and look out for one another. We bought Milo an
electric fence collar like the one we have for Benny
and since we have tightened it down on his neck, it
works great. Before, it was a tad loose and he went
running over to the neighbors house, being he don’t
know the boundaries here yet. Benny sort of does,
but when he saw Milo running over there he went
to find him. That’s when we realized that Benny’s
collar was too loose also LOL. So we tightened his
up as well. Oh well, all’s well that ends well hehehe.
I didn’t get to write my poems yesterday due to all
of the goings on around here and was beginning to
think I wasn’t gonna be able to write them today
due to around 3 this morning having to go chase
down Milo and Benny from the neighbors house
which is also when I figured out that their collars
were too loose LOL. After Judy tightened them
we let them out again and heard a yelp hehehehe.
Benny found out that his collar was working agin.
I think Milo saw and learned from watching him,
but time will tell. They’re smarter that we think
they are hehehe. Milo knows how to shake hands,
speak and sit. Benny is learning from him, but
he had already understood the words sit and stay,
but doesn’t always abide by them LOL. They are
playing together just as we had hoped they would.
They are in the living room playing right now and
Judy is lying down in bed watching game shows 🙂
Yep, it’s a peaceful day today at the Pearce’s.
I have the PC room door closed so that Benny
and Milo can’t come in and bother me while I’m
trying to write/think. Tomorrow it’s supposed to
get a little colder than it is today. The high for
tomorrow is 38F and the low for tomorrow night
is 20F. Yeppers, it’s getting colder hehehehehe.
I thank God for keeping Judy and I from harms
path and also for giving us the blessings of these
two little boys, Benny and Milo. They have most
assuredly brought us much joy. I have to often
fight for covers hehehe being they are lying on
them, but other than that, it’s all good hehehe.
Thank you God for all of your blessings and all
that you will give. My prayer now goes out for
all of those stuck in torments path due to Sandy
and many other trials that have come your way.
Let’s remember all those that are less fortunate
than us and send them our prayers. Remember,
there is always someone worse off than you and
they might be all alone. Let them know that God
is always there through a simple prayer. Now I
guess it’s time for me to be taking my little trip
back through all that I’ve written here to see if
I can find a good word or phrase that might work
well for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So, it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I believe I may have stumbled upon a good title,
but we shall see. Hmmmmm, it’s possible LOL.
Here goes………

A Simple Prayer

A time with struggles
said and done
can be strengthened
through God’s Son.
A simple prayer
through thick and thin
can give blessings
then to win.
Timeless torment
found on stage
a simple prayer
can turn the page.
Letting moments
pass you by
without giving
God a try
will be found with
not so fare,
so take time for
a simple prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

I know, it ain’t that great, but I hope you got the
meaning. So often many will allow the struggles
to overwhelm them and become sick with despair.
Don’t let it get the best of you. Give God a try
and let Him to help you with your day to day life.
I know, troubles still come, being we are human,
but they are at least not dealt with all alone. So,
I guess it’s time for me to be telling ya what I tell
ya every week and that is I wrote 10 more poems,
but this week with 4 of them being Christmassy.
Yeppers, I also wrote 22 more haiku for all of my
haiku lovers out there. Yes I wrote everything
TODAY again. That’s life! Hehehehe believe
it or not I wrote all of the poems and haiku in
about 2 hours. Judy’s still amazed at how I am
able to do that LOL. Even after being married
to me 11 years hehehe. It’s my gift from God.
Well I reckon it’s about time for me to begin
my search for that freaking off switch that
loves to elude me, but not before I wish you
a most blessed God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find
that off switch. Hmmmmmmmmm, I see ya
peeking out from under Benny’s doggie bed.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Words of Time

Things we’ve said
and thought to do
might reflect
upon our view.
Words of time
with every sight
need thought out
for wrong and right.
Often wording
of a phrase
will determine
future days.
Letting mouths
to take control
will in time
cost heavy toll.
So if anger
fills your mind
think it through
as words of time.
Let your anger
not to guide
how you view
mouth opened wide.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

People Pray

While ones weary
seek for God,
others seek
a sad facade.
Day to day
with troubles seen
many try to
end pristine.
Yet I find
I am with peace
when I pray
for Gods release.
So if troubles
find you scared
take it to
Who’s always cared.
God is there
with love to give
to help us all
to better live.
For I’ve found
things day to day
better when
some people pray.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

Errors Clouds

Morning comes
with shadows found
floating here
upon the ground.
Sights are seen
with many staged
found as journeys
quickly paged.
Time might show
a moments shrouds
that we think as
errors clouds.
Yet the errors
are not true,
for they show
unique the view.
They’re not errors
that they show.
They’re just painting
as they go.
Errors clouds
are found in mind
how we view
from time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

Glimmers of Christmas

Soon will be snowflakes
falling so free
daily as glimmers
of Christmas to see.
Soon every housetop
here to afar
will be as Christmas
seen from our car.
Glimmers of Christmas
find ways to show
when it begins to
seasonally snow.
December paintings
hung everywhere
will be as glimmers
of Christmastime prayer.
Scenes will be set up
so to remember
glimmers of Christmas
found in December.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

With a Thought

Sounds and sights
that are entwined
might be found
within our mind.
Often doorways
that we’ve viewed
are just pages
With a thought
someone might seem
better than
the perfect dream.
Let the trueness
of a time
show what’s right
within design.
Don’t let wanna
take control
and make problems
to unfold.
With a thought
you can be true
finding what’s
the best for you.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

Scenes of Christmas

Now as Christmas
comes in sight
I find things
I do delight.
Snowflakes falling
from the sky
here and now
from Adonai.
Scenes of Christmas
place to place
falling gently
with much grace.
Then as stories
are then told
scenes of Christmas
then unfold.
Christmas lights
all hung with care
are what’s seen
most everywhere.
Even mornings
suns reflection
shows the art
of snows collection.
On the hillsides
fluffy white
I look out
with much delight.
Scenes created
are what’s found
as Christmas view.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

Closer To See

Now as the minutes
turn into hours
then into days
Christmas empowers.
Time ticks away
as minutes move on
Christmas remembered
dusk unto dawn.
Closer to see
are stages of time
as this great season
seems to unwind.
Seen as a snowflake
found as a dream
closer to Christmas
might surely seem.
Then as the moments
many have told
closer to see
will surely unfold.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

Tomorrows Sight

Right now this moment
tomorrows sight
might seem to never
ever be right.
Yet with the ticking
of time that we see
tomorrows sight
will be what will be.
Let now this moment
to be what you view
and let tomorrow
to be best to do.
By doing your best now
here now today
tomorrows sight
will be OK.
Seen from illusions
fantasy trail
tomorrows sight
can seem like pure Hell.
Yet tomorrow
is not here and now,
so make today
the best to endow.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

Painted Seasons

Winters threshold
finds a way
painted seasons
day to day.
Concepts of winter
many will view
as just a time
wished to be through.
Painted seasons
found as snow
I see beauty
to and fro.
I look daily
search to see
painted seasons
given free.
Seasons threshold
opens wide
when in time
it must reside.
Painted seasons
to and fro
display as
my Christmas snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

Links In A Chain

The links of time
connect us to
here and now
with every view.
Time might be found
as seeming insane
but be our own
links in a chain.
Temporal moments
time and agin
are as reflections
where we have been.
Found as portholes
here and now
time might display
when and how.
So if you daily
always complain
remember your life
is links in a chain.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

for Nov 4, 2012

When you’re with worry
let your praying to begin
and find then some peace.

Many words we’ve said
can come back as haunting ghost
if we’re not careful.

Remember moments
as not just mere good and bad,
but as our lessons.

Wintertime’s doorways
open as time does provide
and brings scenery.

Holding to sadness
will guarantee more sadness,
so learn to let go.

Flowers hibernate
as wintertime comes with snow
and covers them up.

Pebbles of a beach
gather to make their display
for many to see.

Believing in God
brings chances for a blessing
given through Jesus.

Answers are displayed
when road blocks hinder our route
and make us change course.

Pointing at others
does not lose the fact of you
and all of your flaws.

Synonyms of love
are that of Jesus and God
as One of the same.

Yesterdays shadows
can still be seen in now today,
so make them your best.

A rose of springtime
loses all of its petals
as fall comes to be.

Simplistic lifestyles
have no room for what’s costly
in the simple life.

A barrage anger
can unfold many heartaches,
so don’t lose control.

Moments are blessings
that we may not see clearly
until they have passed.

When seeking answers
let God help you out through prayer
and answers will come.

Some ghosts still reside
due to being unfulfilled
and needing answers.

Grieving over loss
needs to be done most surely
before moving on.

Lessons are painted
as many speed bumps of life
that many don’t see.

The curves of rivers
lead to its daily journey
and without a care.

Breaking the silence
can often put you on stage
when it’s not wanted.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 4, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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