We May Often


Hello my friends

It’s been a warm one today.  Not quite as bad as it could be,
but it’s warm enough.  It’s 84 F degrees right now at 5 PM.
Of course if we didn’t have our portable AC,  it would be a
lot warmer than that right now in here.  There’s not much of
a breeze today.  It’s supposed to be in the mid to upper 80’s
all week long,  though the weather forecast predicts that it
will drop to the mid 70’s by Thursday and stay there for a
bit.  So that’s great.  Judy and I are watching a TV program
on the HGTV channel called Flip or Flop.  I won’t get into
explaining it,  because if you’re into those type of programs
you’ll already know what it is LOL.  A short info about it
is home renovation.  Now on with the journal.  The doctors
have deduced that Judy’s mom has pneumonia.  She’s still
in the hospital and will be there for at least another week or
so.  Keep her in your prayers.  She’s diabetic and blind with
a few other health issues and pneumonia is taking a toll on
her.  Anyways,  put her and her family in your prayers.  So,
what else is going on up this way?  We still are lacking in
neighbors.  We still have one neighbor,  but for how long,
that’s the question.  It would be nice to get some decent
neighbors.  We had some a while back,  but they had to
move due to finances and other.  One of our neighbors
used to fly RC airplanes and I’d video tape them in flight.
We also used to go fishing every year,  but since he has
moved,  we haven’t been fishing and I’ve only seen him
once a few years ago.  Another of our neighbors had some
kids that used to play with Benny and we miss them also
quite a bit and so does Benny. Now I just entertain myself
with my drumming videos and picture taking :).  Judy and
I enjoy our time with the boys.  Benny and Milo are doing
well.  Just as ornery as ever LOL.  Milo insist on lying
down right in front of me relieving me of any leg room.
I’ve already moved him once hehehehe and he’s back.
Though now,  he’s over to the left a bit leaving me at
least a little bit of leg room LOL.  Benny went outside
for a bit thinking in his little doggy brain that it would
be cooler outside rather than in here with the AC LOL.
After a bit,  he was ready to come back inside and now
he’s camping out in here with us.  We’ve been noticing
a lot of flooding as well as tornadoes going on in a few
states.  Our prayers go out to all of those in the midst
of the storms.  Boy I tell ya what,  everything is totally
green up this ways.  Hehehe our colors are green and
white LOL.  Of course fall brings us many more colors,
but they only last for a few weeks.  I love the greens
that seem to pop in so vibrant and also love the sight
of snow as it enhances the distant scenery,  so I guess
you could say,  I like it all.  It doesn’t get near as hot
up here as it does way down in Texas where I’m from.
I never could handle the heat and with the loss of my
many internal organs,  it makes it even worse on me
with dealing with heat.  So yes I do seem to manage
better with wintertime than I do with summertime :).
I’m enjoying watching Flip or Flop with Judy right
now :).  We love to watch programs like that such
as Property Brothers,  Brother vs Brother,  House
Hunters and a few more.  Finding Bigfoot is one of
our favorite TV programs too hehehe.  It’s on tonight.
Judy and I have many favorite TV programs that
we watch together.  Yep,  surprising as it might seem,
we enjoy most of the same TV programs as well the
things we do such as picture taking.  It’s great having
someone to share the days with.  LOL OK,  it’s also
great to have Benny and Milo to share the days with.
It seems that they have always been with us even if
it has been but only a couple of years.  There’s not
much to tell ya hehehe.  Life here at the Pearce’s
Place is pretty much a day to day turnstile with just
a few different pages turned.  Nope, we don’t live an
extravagant lifestyle LOL.  There’s more to life than
trying to keep up with the Jones.  Being happy with
what you have and being thankful can find you more
in life.  Yes :),  we do at times wish or should I say
DREAM about being rich or at least having a better
financial status,  but neither of us was raised with
much so we’ve learned to be happy with less which
in many cases is more LOL.  I see so many that
have it all,  but it seems that their worries are also
magnified.  They might try to hide it,  but when you
get a good look at their lives,  they are so worried
about what others think of them and are concerned
with keeping up with the others that it can become
a boulder rolling down hill quickly.  To get off of that
topic,  my leg is cramping badly right now making
it hard to sit and type,  so I have to stop ever so
often and stretch it.  It still hurts bad,  but there’s
not anything I can do about it,  so onwards I go :).
My chair keeps lowering down on me hehehe which
might be due to my 225 lbs sat upon it.  The chairs
not meant for that much weight I think LOL.  Oh
well,  I’ll continue to keep on raising it back up each
time it sinks on me :).  It’s just a small problem LOL.
I thank God for all that He has done for us.  He has
kept His mighty hands over us protecting us and
given us what we need.  We may often think that
we don’t have much,  but when we take the time to
take a long look at our lives,  we can see so many
things that we have that others do not.  Peace of
mind is a great gift.  LOL Milo just snuck in under
my feet and has stolen my leg room again.  Ok so
Judy just left the room to get her pizza out of the
oven and Milo and Benny followed her,  so I got
my leg room back YEAH.  All in all,  our life here
in the northeastern portion of the United States
is pretty good.  We have a lot to be thankful for
and I’m sure if you take a close look,  you’ll see
that God has been looking out for you as well.
Don’t let the minor things in life to become the
only thing you focus on.  Look for the little smiles
that might be overlooked from time to time as
a bad moment might become your daily view.
Look beyond a moments storm clouds and find
the joy in a rainbow.  Now I believe it’s time for
me to be taking my little trip back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title for
today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found a
good title and now after checking,  I see that I
haven’t used it yet hehehe so here goes.

We May Often

Minutes turn quickly
with troubles we see
and we may often
just see misery.
Yesterdays sadness
might right now be found
when we are now days
just looking around.
Yes we may often
just find sadness grow
what we should see with
our smiles daily flow.
So,  if you’re seeing now
only the rain
look for the blessings
and cease to complain.
For we may often just
miss what’s the best,
but if we clearly look
we’ll find the zest.
With all God’s blessings
from our time to time
we may often then
find peace of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
June 29,  2014

So,  there ya go.  Yea,  I know hehehe,  it’s not that good,
but hey,  I did the best I could at the moment :).  I’m not
gonna always come up with a good poem hehehehehehe.
Yet,  I hope you enjoyed my rambling and yes maybe even
the poem LOL.  Milo tried to sneak up under my feet agin,
but I kind of gave him a nudge and he moved just to the
left of me hehehe.  I have been eating my dinner while
writing and watching TV hehehe.  It kind of makes me
split up my focal points :).  I can’t think of anything else to
talk about,  so I guess it’s time for me to be telling you
what I tell you every week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems and 22 more
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  A couple of
my poems are just silly so to give ya a grin hehehehehe.
I hope you find something you like.  Now I believe it’s
time for me to begin my search for that not so elusive
off switch,  but not before I wish you a most wonderful
weekend and a God filled week.  Remember,  Jesus
loves you and we do too.  LOL Milo has moved over
to Judy’s feet.  Anyways,  now where is that freaking
off switch?  Oh for Heaven’s sake,  are you even trying
to hide?  I guess ya might of thought that if you just
remained still,  I wouldn’t see ya,  but sitting on top
of the Esc button on my keyboard hehehehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Looks of Clouds

Smiling faces
in the sky
looks of clouds
so very high.
Scenes transfixing
looks of clouds
create a view.
Moments passing
white and grey
looks of clouds
will paint a day.
Smiles so fluffy
or with rain
look s of clouds
are time again.
Temporal seconds
float on by
looks of clouds
up in the sky.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2014

Yesterdays Shadows

Today and tomorrow
are yesterdays gain
found from the shadows
that then did attain.
Yesterdays shadows
good times and bad
give us the lessons
that then never had.
It’s with the doorways
of shadows created
that we can find times
better not wasted.
Lessons abundantly
found to and fro
yesterdays shadows
help us to grow.
So make nows shadows
that future can see
so that you might find
good history.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2014

Lightning’s Romance

When the storm clouds
come with rain
lightning’s romance
starts again.
Making thunder
sound a roar
lightning’s romance
starts to soar.
Lightning streaking
across the sky
making thunder
with a sigh.
Echoes of it
distance seen
might create
the wildest dream.
Lightning’s romance
seen at night
makes the night sky
very bright.
Then as thunder
rolls and wakes
lightning’s romance
gives and takes.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2014

Grateful Heart

The days we find
that fill with pain
a grateful heart
can cease the rain.
The storms of life
that come and go
a grateful heart
can end the woe.
Being grateful
for a breath
or what goodness
you have left.
A grateful heart
can bring you peace
if you find
your pains release.
Search and find
that happy place
a grateful heart
and smiling face.
Don’t let passed days
bring you down.
A grateful heart
can cease your frown.
Now let yesterdays
lessons learned
be so grateful
heart discerned.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2014

Perfect Time

With a minute
passing view
time might be
the right to do.
A perfect time
and perfect place
might be there
for your embrace.
Yet so often
fear of change
leaves perspective
out of range.
A perfect time
for you and me
is concurring
soon to see.
Let God guide your
moments mind
and then show
the perfect time.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2014


Our little boys
with little voices
tell us of their
moments choices.
A little woof
and then much louder
wanting their own
type of chowder.
Maybe not so
full of fixins,
but they came
within our kitchen.
All their favorite
foods to eat
woof they ask me
to complete.
A little woof
from our two boys
is the sound
of our woof mccoys.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2014

Mowers Mowing

Sounds of lawn mowers
fill the air
as they’re mowing
Through the backside
then the front
mowers mowing
bumpity bump.
Lawnmower motors
roaring loud
with their drivers
oh so proud.
For the seasons
greenness grass
they’re now mowing
really fast.
Trying to keep up
with its growing
the riders ride on
mowers mowing.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2014

Thoughts of Snow

While the summers
heat moves on
I’m now thinking
winters dawn.
Thoughts of snow
with whitish hue
fill my mind now
every view.
Summers setting
is with clouds
often as a
morning shrouds.
Scenes of peaceful
comes in sight
thoughts of snow
each day and night.
Yet now green grass
and some trees
displays all
my moment sees.
While my thoughts still
move along
thoughts of snow
from dusk to dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2014

Having Faith

When your troubles
seem too great
have some faith
that they’ll abate.
Maybe later
times to see,
but trust God
will set them free.
Having faith
is surely how
life can blossom
what that’s now.
Maybe later
dates you’ll find
God was with you
all the time.
Don’t let troubles
steal your smile.
Having faith
is better style.
Find the blessings
time has shown
and then trust
you’re not alone.
God is with you
every day
in His very Own
wondrous way.
He hears our prayers
and answers too
with what all
that’s best for you.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2014

Dusk Has Come

Evening’s fell
on what I see
bringing dusk
so fancy free.
Stars are starting
twinkles sight.
Dusk has come
to bring us night.
Even moonlight
shares the view
where dusk thrives
each sight anew.
Evenings blessings
find a place
dusk has come
with God’s Own Grace.
Scenes transfixing
dark explores
dusk has come
through swinging doors.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2014

for June 28,  2014

Thriving are the sights
that nighttime makes come alive
when sunshine passes.

Doorways to today
are often entered too fast
causing us problems.

Faded memories
might come back into clear view
through a few pictures.

Links to our problems
could be found within our minds
and how we’re thinking.

Glorified mornings
come with chances for new life,
leaving old behind.

The scenes that we see
are recorded inside our minds
maybe not clearly.

A story written
might not be clearly worded
leaving mysteries.

Life brings sunrises
with some eventful moments
leading to sunset.

Looks of a smiler
might not be happy at all,
but hiding a frown.

Long winded people
often say more than they should
to describe little.

With but a heartbeat
a person can change the world
with minutes counted.

Summertime’s rain clouds
can turn to storm clouds quickly,
but still bring rainbows..

A liars own truth
gets clouded as time goes by
leaving them empty.

Life is a venture
through turnstiles of mysteries
that often needs faith.

Living in dream worlds
could end in your destruction
not facing what’s real.

Ones asking questions
need not believe all answers,
for some might be wrong.

The length of minutes
might be longer to someone
than to another.

Beyond yesterday
holds the lessons for today
and then tomorrow.

Moving too quickly
can make you lose track of time
and miss the good things.

Losing a moment
does not mean the day is done,
for more chances come.

The stars in the sky
give birth to a long story
written with twinkles.

Flowers found blooming
have a few stories to tell
spring unto summer.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy

{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Judy’s New Poetry book 🙂
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Though We Didn’t


Hello my friends

It’s been another week gone by and the weekend has been
sort of on the same old side  Today has begun with a bit of
emergency though.  Judy’s mom is not doing well and is on
the way to the hospital.  They called for the ambulance just
a bit ago.  Keep her mom in your prayers that it is nothing
life threatening.  I won’t get into details,  because in reality
neither Judy nor I really know that much of what’s wrong,
but God does.  Anyways,  keep her and her family in your
prayers.  Judy is now headed to the hospital to see her mom.
Me and the boys will hold down the fort.  Judy and all of her
sisters will be at the hospital.  So it’s on with the journal.
The weather up this ways has been pretty nice.  It’s rained
off and on.  Even today we got a little rain shower.  The
sun has come out since then though.  Right now at 5 PM
it’s 68 F degrees.  I took a few cloud pictures through the
week and also took a few more this morning.  The boys are
watching the front door waiting for Judy to get back home.
LOL,  they are so loving.  Milo just strolled in here to see
me :).  If I get done writing before Judy gets home,  we
might all go outside and play some.  Heck,  we might do
it even after Judy gets home.  Milo had to go potty,  so I
let him outside and Benny followed him out the door,  but
Milo after he was done ran back up the steps and wanted
back inside.  Of course,  Benny wanted to stay outside for
a bit as always :).  He’ll be ready to come back inside in
a bit.  Especially when he gets hungry hehehe.  Yeppers,
our little homestead is just a simple life.  I love to hear
the wind blowing and raindrops hitting our home.  When
it snows,  the world outside becomes magical.  When the
tree limbs sparkle with snow on their limbs,  it’s like a
Hallmark card.  Yes,  I do love summertime,  but even it
can get old.  Of course we don’t have near the heat that
I grew up with in Texas,  but it does get warm from time to
time.  :).  That’s why I bought this portable air conditioner.
For those time to times LOL.  I’ve got it set on dehumidify
right now.  It actually cools the room quite nicely while
it removes the humidity from the air.  Milo has gone to
lie on our bed.  There’s a nice breeze in there with a fan
helping to blow some cool air from outside and he’s right
in front of it LOL.  I guess I need to check on Benny to
see if he’s ready to come inside.  Be right back………….
Benny was sitting on the porch and ready to come back
in.  LOL they both just came strolling in here wanting
me to pet them and I’m sure with other hidden agendas
such as wanting treats,  which they’re not gonna get just
yet.  If I gave them treats every time they wanted treats,
they would be fatter than Garfield the cat LOL.  Right
now they look fat,  but it’s only due to their hair being
bushy hehehe.  Yep,  they’re needing another trimming.
Judy was going to give them a little trim while I was
writing before she found out about her mom,  so the
trimming will have to wait.  As you can see,  or should
I say tell from my writings,  we live a slow life up here.
We’re totally loving our new car.  It’s so nice to not
have to close the car doors quickly after we started it
so not to get smoke in the car LOL.  When you first
started up our little Mazda,  it would billow smoke out
of the tailpipe hehehe,  but soon cease.  It was an old
car ya know.  19 years young hehehe.  I’m actually
surprised that it lasted as long as it did.  She got us
everywhere we needed to go.  I sure miss that little
red car,  but it might be revived and sold to another
person somewhere in time.  I find I’m often looking
for our red car when we come out of WalMart hehehe.
It’s gonna take time to get used to it,  but I’m sure
I will.  It’s 66 F degrees now at 7 PM.  Not too awful
bad huh!  I thank God for the little breezes that come
our way.  They give the day a personality while the
clouds give it a picturesque view.  The sky above us
gives us its own glimmer of decor through all of the
seasons of change.  I will often find myself transfixed
on the scenes in the distance that the skyline seems
to enhance.  Mountains, valleys and hills become
the pictures that I try to capture not only with my
eyes,  but with my camera.  LOL,  Milo just plopped
down in the floor right beneath me.  Now I have No
leg room LOL.  Oh well,  I haven’t got much else to
talk about.  The Pearce’s Place is pretty quiet other
than a little barking here and there.  Of course we
have to turn the TV up to almost full blast because
we’re both a little bit deaf LOL,  so you might say,
that would make our house a bit noisy hehehehehe.
I hope Judy’s mom is OK.  I keep waiting for a phone
call!  Well,  Judy and her sisters are there with her.
There’s not much else to tell ya about.  My cousin
Greg has been calling me often and I’ve enjoyed
our talks.  Him and his brother Randy/Phil were
almost like brothers to me.  Though we didn’t get
to spend much time together when we were young,
we still felt close.  Anyways,  thanks for keeping
in touch Greg :).  God has kept His strong Hands
over Judy and I protecting us and guiding us with
His Love.  I have so many friends in the world that
I would love to be able to meet or see again,  but
I’m sure if it’s meant to be,  it will be.  I guess it’s
time for me to begin my little search back through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the the title for
today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection that I always like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may have
found a good title and it seems that I haven’t
used it yet,  so here goes.

Though We Didn’t

Many a minute
of days burning bright
there are some things
we did not do right.
Though we didn’t do
many things so good,
God allowed timeframes
to be what they should.
Often our self will
is found running ragged
leaving us problems
we’ve found a bit jagged.
Yet it’s those problems
that we each go through
that are most often
our lessons so true.
Though we might not of
meant to do wrong
God can put those times
where they belong.
Let not your passed days
to prevent now tomorrow
for God can make goodness
from our times so hollow.
Maybe though we didn’t
shine bright as some others
our lives in the moments
are sisters and brothers.
We are God’s children
with love of the same,
for He doesn’t care about
fortune and fame.

©By Bill Pearce
June 22,  2014

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem and you weren’t
bored to death by my rambling LOL.  I have a very special
friend in Oregon that I would like you to send your prayers
to.  Jimmy is having health issues,  (Cancer), but he’s been
keeping with the faith.  I’m sure your prayers would help.
I know you asked me not to say anything Jimmy,  but we
love you my friend.  Hang in there.  God is in control,  but
I’m sure you already know that :).  Now,  is there anything
I might of forgot?   Hmmm,  thinking!  Nope,  can’t think
of anything.  LOL except it’s 63 F degree now at 8 PM :).
So I reckon I need to tell you what I tell you every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.   LOL
I gave an effort to write all of the poems as well as the
haiku while Judy and I were watching TV yesterday and
I think I did pretty good hehehe.  I wrote 10 more poems,
but none of em are Christmas poems this week.  I also
wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.
I hope you find one or two of either or both that you like.
Now I believe it’s time for me to be trying to find that off
off switch that’s not so successful at hiding hehehe,  but
not before I wish you a most joyous remainder of the
weekend and a God filled week.  Remember,  Jesus
loves you and we do too.  Now,  where is that freaking
off switch attempting to hide this time LOL?  Oh for
Heavens sake hehehe,  couldn’t ya try just a little bit
harder?  Hiding behind my Ibuprofen bottle isn’t all
that great dude.  It’s not all that large.  I can see you
poking out from behind it.  Better luck next time LOL.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Without Then

Scenes we remember
from times other day
are found as some echoes
when change comes our way.
All of those memories
sweetest to shine
could not without then
be so sublime.
For with the then days
of yesterdays while
today and tomorrow has
strength for a smile.
Bringing the good times
from our memories
can make your future have
much better seas,
For without then days
of yesterdays time
there is no help with
now days design.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2014

A New Sheet of Paper

The book of time
is written and said
with many pictures
inside of our head.
A new sheet of paper
can rewrite the book
with new perceptions
of how that we look.
Not those external,
but internal views
can make the paper
to show better news.
New views well written
without all the bad
that our yesterdays
just might of had.
A new sheet of paper
can help you to write
today and tomorrow with
much better sight.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2014


Found in a heartbeat
a moment can be
love found from Jesus,
our sanctuary.
Looking with trueness
and losing the lies
there is the sense of
many blue skies.
Our sanctuary
can explode with a smile
as we look inwards
with love to compile.
Let not the hard times
that you have been through
to disrupt future
that God can give you.
Find all the blessings
so timeless to see
within God’s wonderful
It can be now days
or future times grace
found sanctuary
that we can embrace.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2014

If We’ll Release

A life’s pool of essence
can be found with peace
if we will swim with
sad times release.
Not hanging tightly
to the other side
life can show ventures
arms opened wide.
If we’ll release then
letting times go
we can find blessings
that will surely grow.
Not letting sadness
of our yesterdays
fill up our future with
just bitter greys.
The pool of tomorrow
needs us to swim
while then releasing
yesterdays dim.
If we’ll release what’s
holding us back
we might find better
to get us on track.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2014

The Winds of Summer

Glimmers of sunshine’s
summertime’s days
display as pages of
wonderful ways
The winds of summer
blow through the trees
filling the moments with
mornings cool breeze.
Peaceful winds blowing
in with a smile
cooling our home down
in just a while.
Windows of sunshine
show through to see
given as blessings
for you and me.
The winds of summer
are pulses of time
blowing in daily
with some sunshine.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2014

Maine’s Way of Life

When I awaken
and open my eyes
I walk to see the
Maine days surprise.
Sometimes as snowflakes
gathered so true
displaying wintertime
with every view.
Sometimes as springtime
still with some snow
while it then melts away
then oh so slow.
Then is found summertime
cooling a while
while I watch daily
with a big smile.
Then comes the colors
of Autumns array
in Maine’s way of life
with such a display.
Then again snowflakes
fall to the ground
in Maine’s way of life
as time goes around.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2014

The Feeling of Smiles

As days are numbered
in counted a whiles
someone can give you
the feeling of smiles.
For if depression
is living in you
the feeling of smiles
can change up your view.
Someone that’s smiling
while walking their way
might be the thing to
change up your day.
The feeling of smiles
is good medicine
and it’s reflection
can make yours begin.
True there are days that
smiles are not seen,
but that’s when you need to
make them routine.
For then just maybe
that smile that you made
might become real from
life’s lemonade.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2014

In A Second

Now and then
a seconds gone
unto dusk
and then to dawn.
In a second
time is found
sometimes seen
to go around.
Seconds passing
to and fro
left and right
as minutes grow.
Hours gather
seconds pass
within windows
shadows cast.
In a second
now and then
brings a moment
to begin.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2014

Clouds of Rain

Morning comes
with clouds of rain
to fall upon
our windowpane.
Pitter patters
that we hear
are the sounds
that do appear.
Raindrops falling
over all
are what clouds
of rain will fall.
Bringing new days
oh so green
found in summer
after spring.
Soon those moments
we’ll attain
with the mornings
clouds of rain.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2014

I Find Myself

Sometimes I find myself
searching the skies
looking at the scenery
filled with surprise.
I find myself often
just imagining scenes
found in the clouds above
seen through our screens.
Sometimes my viewpoints
are hidden inside
decked out in dream world
with eyes opened wide.
The world’s not illusion
for it does exist
in the places of long ago
waves rolling swift.
My dream world can sometimes
be found on our shelf
with pictures of passed days
I find myself.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2014

for June 21,  2014

Today brings patterns
that can change our decisions,
but still leave us hope.

Minutes bring chances
for a better tomorrow
beginning right now.

Clouds of summertime
find a way to decorate
the blue skies above.

The wind blows a breeze
with the sounds of a heartbeat
that trees emulate.

Without a dreamer
our future would be boring,
for dreams come alive.

Looking for springtime
might be hard found under snow
in northeastern Maine.

Loose lips of liars
can find themselves in trouble
for truth will be found.

Allowing passed days
to determine what can be
can hinder your growth.

The sight of snowflakes
gives view of winters efforts
to paint scenery.

Time is a journey
that many will find themselves
a real bumpy ride.

Flowers of colors
decorate so many scenes
with also their scents.

A lesson that’s learned
can become a tool to use
for you and others.

Many surprises
find their ways into our lives,
some good and some bad.

Yesterdays turnstile
swung with our expectations
that might of been dreams.

A snowflakes journey
finds a pathway from Heaven
landing here on Earth.

Two dogs play around
as the sunshine fades from view
and nighttime is found.

Places we’ve been to
can become as medicine
to recall when sad.

A photograph of time
travels like a memory
that your eyes can see.

Nighttime comes alive
with ones fear of the darkness
that sight cannot see.

Thoughts of afterlife
some see as an illusion,
but truth is alive.

Today’s a heartbeat
that’s filled with many rhythms
and some out of time.

Finding common ground
needs us to look beyond sight
and see what’s inside.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy

{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Another Frame of Life


Hello my friends
to the dads

I hope you have had a great day.  It’s been rather cool up
this ways and pretty darned windy.  The highest it got today
was around 63 F degrees which it is right this moment and it
looks as though it’ll be no higher than the lower to mid 70’s
all the way into next weekend.  Tomorrow might not get up
to 70 F degrees just like today didn’t LOL.  The weathermen
are just guessing ya know :).  There hasn’t been much of a
change this passed week for the Pearce’s Place.  We’ve been
doing pert near the same old thing as always hehehe.  We’re
enjoying our new car.  Judy has gone to some of her kinfolks
for a pig roast,  but me and the boys stayed home.  I’m not
really in the mood for a pig roast.  I’m feeling sort of down
so me and the boys have been hanging together.  Fathers day
isn’t a great day for me.  I won’t get into it,  so it’s off of that
topic and hopefully onto a brighter side of life :).  The boys
and me went outside for a little walk today and we almost
blew away LOL.  Milo tends to follow me wherever I go,  so
I’ve always gotta make sure he doesn’t walk too far for home
especially when he isn’t wearing his electric fence collar which
I don’t put on them when I’m going outside with them.  Yet
they will most times stay in the boundaries without the collars,
but have been known to stroll a bit too far LOL.  I just don’t
want them to get run over by a car.  Though Milo will most
times after he has gone potty,  head for the front door and
bark until we let him in.  He don’t like being outside that much,
but Benny enjoys the sunshine.  Of course today it’s cloudy,
windy and rainy which he doesn’t care much for hehehe.  He
does love snow though.  We can hardly ever get him to come
back in the house if there’s snow on the ground hehehe.  Of
course he’s ready when his little paws start feeling the chill.
So,  what else is going on around here?  Aside from not having
any neighbors at the moment,  nothing LOL.  Our landlord
said he hopes he can get some more tenants soon,  because
if he can’t neither he nor us will be here.  I hate the thought
of having to move.  I kind of like it here.  Anyways,  he should
be able to get some new tenants soon.  One guy came by a few
days ago asking about the trailers and wanting to know our
landlords number.   Calvin said he called and he gave him an
application.  So only time will tell.  It’s in God’s Hands.  Now
what else is there to ramble about?  Milo is in the floor and
he’s snoring LOL.  I think I wore him out.  Benny’s still going
strong hehehe.  He barks at things he hears blowing about
outside LOL.  I went down the road to buy us some Cheetos
and hamburger buns and then took a little drive down the way
the other day and took some pictures ,  but I got a bit turned
around and I had to stop and ask a man where the road to the
county road was.  He pointed down the road from which I had
passed due to trees hiding it coming back from the other way.
I said thanks and turned around.  I got some great pictures.
I might not post them today though,  being I still have a few
of our travel photos that I have yet to of made into stationery.
But,  who knows.  I can change my mind if I wanna hehehe.
It’s 61 F degrees now.  I hope Judy and her kin don’t blow
away.  I can’t imagine having a cookout today in this wind
and it being so cool.  Of course the temperature shouldn’t
affect the cookout too much hehehe,  but the wind might
make it hard to keep a fire burning,  but then I might cause
it to flame up quite a bit hehehe.  Judy said she would try
to get home early,  but I know her early LOL.  Now,  what
else is there to ramble about?  My daughter wished me
Happy Fathers Day on Facebook.  That cheered me up a
little.  Benny just strolled in here and laid down beside
Milo and woke him up hehehe.  Now Milo is standing in
a daze behind me.  Ok so now Benny got back up and ran
back into the living room LOL.  Milo is now looking up at
me with his little toothy grin LOL.  I had to stop and pet
him for a bit.  Now he’s lying back down in his doggy bed.
Ok so back to Rambles Ville.  I can still hear the wind
blowing outside.  I saw a cardboard box blowing across
the way just a bit ago hehehe.  I’ve got a big rock inside
our outdoor trashcan and the lids chained to the trashcan,
so it ain’t going nowhere LOL.  The snowplow hit our
trashcan and it stopped it hehehe,  partly because our
trashcan was frozen in the snow and ice LOL.  I’m still
waiting for summertime to show its face.  It still feels
sort of like a Texas winter LOL.  The house sure feels
empty without Judy here.  I hope she gets home soon :).
In any sense,  God has kept His Mighty Hands over us
protecting us and guiding us.  I also know that my dad
is watching over us.  He was a living angel of God and
now I’m sure He’s an angel from Heaven that speaks
to me from time to time in my thoughts.  I can often feel
him beside me with his hand on my shoulder as he used
to do.  Daddy used to always inspire me with his love
and devotion.  He was a great father and dad and I miss
our time together,  but we still have it in another frame
of life.  There are times that I can feel his presence here
with me whispering in my ears with his love and guidance.
So many times,  ones will be fed lies about there parents
and it will drive a wedge between them preventing them
from being close.  I’m thankful for the time that I had
with my dad.  We didn’t always see eye to eye,  but then
in time,  that changed.  As we grow older,  our viewpoints
will often become more understanding of why our parents
did what they did.  Letting life to fall in place as it must
so to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Many times
our puzzle pieces get scattered about with the unfolding
of lies that have been fed through time,  but with a little
help from God,  those pieces can find a way to fit together
and form a family.  I know it doesn’t always happen,  but
it does happen.  Let God help you to find the right pieces
of your puzzle.  Now,  I believe it’s time for me read back
on all that I’ve written and find me a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So,  it’s away I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I
found a pretty good title just a little ways back and after
checking I find that it hasn’t been used YET,  so here
goes nothing.

Another Frame of Life

With life found breathing
and true love and care
another frame of life
is found then somewhere.
The choices of many
are often not good,
because of the moments
they’ve misunderstood.
Another frame of life
is counted and named
giving some the chances
for better attained.
Often we will look back
on mom and dads love
and not understand all
their lessons thereof.
My dad was with choices
not always so great,
but he did his best on
that moments times date.
I tried to be a daddy
but I didn’t go far
as life threw me problems
as an unending war.
The echoes from passed days
are still on my mind
wishing for the chances
for a much better time.
But,  it isn’t over truly
for I’ve found a wife
loving me immensely
in another frame of life.
With love from my daddy
to guide me each day
another frame of life
has now come my way.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15,  2014

So,  there ya go.  My landlord is using the weed eater right
outside my window and it’s a little distracting LOL.  OK it’s a
lot distracting,  plus Milo has decided to lie down right under
my feet.  I let Benny outside so he could watch Calvin run the
weed eater without barking at what he cannot see hehehehe.
Judy’s not home yet.  Oh well,  she’ll be home when she gets
home LOL.  So I guess I need to be telling you what I tell
you every week and that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems,  but with one of them being
Christmassy and also an extra poem,  being I got a bit in a
writing mode LOL.  Also I once again wrote 22 haiku for all
of my haiku lovers out there,  but I also wrote 1 extra for the
same reason as the poems LOL.  Ok,  now I believe it’s time
for me to try and find that not so elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most wonderful day and Fathers Day as
well as a God filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Now to find that freaking off switch.  Aw come on!
You can hide better than that can’t ya hehehe.  Hiding right
on top of Milo sort of says (HERE I AM) hehehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10+1 and 22+1 hehehehehehehe 🙂

Distant Times

Days remembered
distant times
are so often
moments rhymes
Distant values
long ago
now are different
as we grow.
Distant heartbeats
found in place
are now just a
moments taste.
Things discovered
now and then
had surprises
around the bend.
Scenic moments
found designs
are remembered
distant times.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

A Simple Thought

With dreams of better
things you’ve sought
you might find
a simple thought.
A simple answer
to your wanting
might become
a moments haunting.
A simple thought
that’s not of need
can then plant
a saddened seed.
A dream of better
life to live
a simple thought
can surely give.
Letting greed to
fall aside
a simple thought
can be applied.
Looking truly
at what’s good
then just doing
what you should.
A simple thought
of truth and love
will bring blessings
from above.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

Making Footprints

Tomorrows our journey
and yesterdays gone
while we walk onwards
each starting at dawn.
We’re making footprints
but might not know how
as we walk onwards
from then unto now.
Often our journeys
will find us a road
that at the moment
seems heavy the load.
With many dead ends
we might turn around
and find the footsteps
to much different found.
Yet it’s those moments
of timeless instance
that we are found then
just making footprints.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

Save A Breath

A life in time
is breathed each day
with new born life
to shine away.
It takes some love
to save a breath
and give a chance
before ones death.
God gave Jesus
a life in time
to forgive our sin
and daily crime.
Yet we often
will look away
and not allow
a different day.
It takes some love
to best display
to save a breath
from day to day.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

To Do Without

When you’ve lost
a page in time
your memories
might then unwind.
Learn to look
beyond each minute
and then see
the good within it.
The lessons learned
from roundabout
should teach you how
to do without.
Sometimes wanting
leads our mind
to dismal places
time to time.
Learn the lessons,
and then let go.
The future holds
much more to know.
Let your journeys
in and out
teach you what
to do without.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

Snowy Remembrance

My mind recalls the
snow of white
with seasons flavors
found in sight.
The wake of tree limbs
covered so
with the seasons
whitest snow.
I find remembered
seasons hue
glistening snowflakes
there and to.
It seems my Christmas
thoughts in sight
are of seasonal
scenes of white.
Then I find myself
in a daze
a snowy remembrance
I can gaze.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

Peace Should Be

As wars conclude
the sights we see
are all that ones
just disagree.
Many viewpoints
need to cease
with common ground
to certain peace.
Looks of others
how’s and why’s
are often found
in mere disguise.
Lands united
without war
should be found
in near and far.
So many people
will disagree
about what is that
peace should be.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

Distant Sounds

In the night
I hear some things
passing cars
and a bird that sings.
Distant sounds
from faraway
sometimes sound
so near each day.
Distant tree limbs
swing and sway
to the winds
of night and day.
Distant sounds
are paving so
that will grow.
Things I hear,
but yet don’t see
are distant sounds
of history.
Timeless journeys
far and wide
are distant sounds
I hear outside.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

Stories Unfold

Fishermen stories
so many will hear
that of the big one
of times yesteryear.
Just an analogy
stories unfold
as many people
will tell oh so bold.
Let not your stories
to get out of hand
telling a big one
that you can’t withstand.
Stories unfold
to truth over lies
when in the stories
there’s no alibis.
So lose the stories
of better you are
if they’re just meant to
make you as a star.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

I Tried My Best

I’ve failed so often
at things I have tried
and lost my footing
on life’s bumpy ride.
But I tried my best
to do what I should
even if most times
it didn’t go good.
Even when I strived to
be dad to my girl
my life unfolded
with Hell to unfurl.
With so many lying
and no truth for her
she found me lesser
for her to confer.
Yet I tried my best
as days turned to years
while I was left with
but only sad tears.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

Winds of Change

From Texas to Maine
the roads intertwine
found as a jungle
of scenic divine.
Highlights of grandeur
with trees far and wide
as winds of change
on a long car ride.
Breezes were blowing
as mountains were seen
as they displayed each
wonderful scene.
Leaves on the trees
were a beautiful sight
as winds of change
from day into night.
With windows opened
on this mountain range
we found the blessings
in those winds of change.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

for June 14,  2014

Just because said
gives only a mere reason,
but not really why.

Looking for shadows
might find some animated
that puts chills in you.

Walking down a path
does not mean it goes places.
It might just dead end.

Wintertime’s windows
will open up once again
as time does prevail.

Behind a clowns smile
might be tears of a river
hidden with makeup.

When window shopping
some are stricken with sadness
from all they’re wanting.

A simple smile shared
can make another happy
and bounce back to you.

Morning brings sunshine
even if it is hidden
with clouds only seen.

With a bird chirping
there is a song in the air
that sings of blessings.

Jesus gives chances
to grow beyond what we see
if we will love Him.

Someone’s sheltered life
might only prevent learning
if they’re too sheltered.

Ones counting minutes
can lose focus on right now,
for it fades from view.

Wonders of seasons
show us pages of turnstiles
connecting their sights.

Limes from some lemons
is just a mere metaphor
to make good from bad.

Meandering thoughts
can find themselves lost in time,
far from destination.

Belief without sight
is faith that God will provide
what we really need.

Maybe is stated
as an indecisive thought
not knowing for sure.

Summer brings swimmers
a way that they can cool down
and also sunburns.

Swinging gates of time
will open and close with time
while displaying choices.

A mind that wanders
could find itself in a maze
and losing what’s there.

Holding in anger
can make you as dynamite
waiting to explode.

Lines on a roadway
display where that we should be
just as the bible.

Many lists are made,
but often they’re not followed
due to laziness.

©By Bill Pearce
June 14,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy

{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Mornings Breath


Hello my friends

It looks like we’re in for a few warm days this week.  Of course
nothing quite as warm as down south hehehe.  Our little weather
program we have says it’s 85 F outside right now.  It’s not that
bad as long as we have a breeze.  I’ve got the windows opened
and fans circulating throughout the house to bring in some cool
air,  so we will do without having to turn on our little portable air
conditioner for another day.  It’s partly cloudy with a chance of
fog over night and a 40 to 50% chance of rain for Monday and
Tuesday.  It’s supposed to be in the mid to upper 70’s most of
the week.  Today’s high is supposed to be 82 F.  Milo has been
planting himself in front of the fans to stay cool.  Benny is just
hanging out in the living room where there’s a nice little breeze
coming through.  If it get much warmer,  the portable AC will
be turned on to do its job LOL.  Well,  it’s time for a new topic.
Judy and I as well as Benny and Milo have recovered from our
long drive to Texas and back.  We love our new old car.  Our
old Mazda Protege served us well for many years.  I bought it
new in 1995 and then we drove it for the 12 years that we have
been married.  It got us where we needed to go,  but it was time
to let it go.  Thank God for my mom.  We love our Phantom :).
Hehehehe phantom white is the color it is.  It’s a 2009 Nissan
Rogue.  It’s much easier for Judy and I to get in and out of,
or it is for Judy hehehe.  I have trouble getting in and out of
anything.  Benny is having a bit of difficulty getting in it being
it’s much higher off of the ground than our Mazda was hehehe.
Milo just hops right in,  by aiming for the floorboard and then
hopping up to the seat.  Benny hasn’t learned how to do that
yet,  so I have to pick him up and put him in,  or he’ll just cry
in his little whimpering way while looking up at the seat LOL.
In time he’ll figure it out,  I Hope.  I’m sure he’ll figure it out
as we take our many drives to WalMart and there about :).
We will often take a scenic drive to snap a few pictures,  but
this passed week has been without much driving hehehehe.
So I didn’t take many pictures.  I have already panned a few
pictures of our drive to Texas together for today’s stationery.
So those of you receiving my journal via stationery style will
get a little glimpse of our drive.  next week I might do our
drive back to Maine or something in stationery.  You never
know LOL!  I will most surely take a few pictures this week,
so ya just never know what will show up in my stationery :).
Benny has made his way in here to take in some of the air
that’s blowing around the room,  but of course the breeze is
not that great at the moment LOL.  I think he just wanted
to be near us.  He’s lying in a doggy bed right now and Milo
is just lying in the floor with his head on Benny’s food dish.
LOL,  it’s not a soft pillow,  but he say’s it’ll do hehehe :).
There’s not much that has changed in our little home other
than the days.  We enjoy watching Benny and Milo playing
as they play chase through the house.  I’ve gotta one day
soon uncover our picnic table and chairs and put the boys
kiddy pool in the yard and fill it with water.  I’m sure they
will enjoy that.  I’ll have to buy me a new grill,  being our
old one rusted to pieces and I had to throw it away LOL.
I might try to get a better one than we had before.  It was
just a cheapo.  Whew it’s warm hehehe!  Thank God,  it
should be cooled down a bit before we head off to bed :).
Judy’s been doing dishes off and on while I’ve been doing
my writing.  She’s also been rinsing out empty soda cans
and putting them in a trash bag for us to return.  We take
turns doing all of that.  I do most of the vacuuming,  but
she takes care of the dusting.  Of course we don’t do it
every freaking day LOL.  We’re not OCD hehehehehe.
I used to be a little bit,  but since we have moved into
this small trailer house,  I’ve been forced to give it up :).
Now I just try my best to keep the house as clean as I’m
able to.  Of course our health plays a big part on how
often we clean it hehehe.  I will often stroll through the
house and pick up the doggy toys and left over treats
and put them in their places while knowing that they’ll be
back in the floor quicker than I can say wiener schnitzel.
Yep,  they have their favorite doggy toys and you can
be sure to hear them squeaking throughout the house :).
The antics that they will often pull,  keep Judy and I much
amused.  So what else is going on around this silly place?
We’re down to 1 neighbor and it looks like they will be
gone shortly due to some trouble they’ve caused.  It’ll
be great to see some decent people moving in,  but our
landlord has a lot of work to do on the houses before
they’re ready for moving in.  In the mean time,  we’ll
just enjoy the peace and quiet aside from the times that
I jam on my conga drums hehehe and Milo is barking
to come in.  Benny won’t have any neighbors to watch.
He also tends to bark if he hears a car door or engine
that he thinks might be in our driveway.   That does
get a bit annoying at times especially when what he’s
hearing is neighbors across the way,  nowhere near
our house hehehe.  Though we thank God for our little
overactive doorbell and the brother that helps along :).
I was forced to have to turn on our portable AC hehehe.
It was getting a bit warm in here at almost 90 F degrees.
The breeze must of died.  Anyways,  back to rambling.
Benny had gone into the other room before I shut the
door to turn on the air conditioner and he came back
scratching at the door wanting back in hehehe.  Him
and his brother are now lying in the floor between us.
We thank God often for the many blessings we have
received and those that we’re unaware of.  He has
kept us safe and allowed us to experience life each
day with blessings surmounted.  Being able to breathe
in the mornings breath and watch the sunrise to come
over the horizon is a blessing in itself,  not to mention
the birds that sing of praise while fluttering amongst
the trees.  God’s blessings are all around us and we
just need to open our minds up to see them.  Life is too
short to stay focused on the bad stuff.  Find the many
blessings no matter how small they might seem.  It’s
often the small ones that become much greater in time.
Lose the poor me attitude and become thankful that
you have what you have.  Sometimes being thankful
for the problems will make them to fade from view.
Now, I do believe it’s time for me to begin my search
back through all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a decent word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go
to that little place of my recollection that I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may of
found a good title and now after checking I see that
I haven’t already used it,  so it’s good to go hehehe.
So,  here goes nothing.

Mornings Breath

The day begins
with suns arrival
bringing in
the days survival.
The mornings breath
of which I breathe
helps me now
to just believe.
Seeing flowers
blooming brightly
that will sleep
each moment nightly.
The sight of day
is found to be
mornings breath
for you and me.
Even storm clouds
in the sky
the mornings breath
gives its reply.
For the raindrops
that might fall
the mornings breath
is overall.
Scenes relinquished
from the night
the mornings breath
gives greater sight.
So if troubles
come to you
the mornings breath
can change your view.
Let God help you
then to see
a mornings breath
so great to be.

©By Bill Pearce
June 8,  2014

Ok,  so there ya go.  I hope you enjoyed my rambling and
maybe even the poem LOL.  I am most times just writing to
myself hehehe or that’s how it all began :).  It always helps
me to write down my positive thoughts so I can read them
again on days that I am depressed and yes,  I too get a bit
depressed from time to time.  I am human after all hehehe,
although there are many that will try and argue that point :).
I do love to look at scenery and play with our boys.  Yet,
I do wish my daughter and granddaughter could come up
and visit as well as my mom and many friends.  Who knows,
that might happen sometime.  That would be GREAT!!!!
We did get to see quite a few of my family and friends in
Texas last month.  That in itself was a blessing,  but I was
sad to have to leave,  yet I did know that we needed to get
back home,  because my side and back were hurting bad
due to rolling bed hehehe and Milo wasn’t feeling well at
all.  He’s feeling much better now. As a matter of fact he’s
back to his ornery self.  He loved my mom and was always
on the couch snuggled to her. As a matter of fact when we
stopped at a rest area,  Judy was walking the boys while
I visited the latrine and when I got back she said that Milo
started doing something he’s never done and that was try
to pull out of his collar to go somewhere,  but she said when
she looked to see where he was trying to go,  she smiled.
There was an elderly lady sitting off in the distance at a
picnic table and she looked a lot like my mom LOL.  Milo
wanted to go and see her BAD :).  Yep,  he loves my mom.
I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that we are related,
but I’m just guessing.  Ok so with that said I guess I need
to stop myself,  before I end up in total Rambles Ville agin.
It’s time for me to be telling you what I tell you almost
every week and that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yeppers 10 more poems, but one of them this time
is a Christmas poem.  Also I wrote once again 22 haiku
for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you find one
or two of either or both that you like.  Now it’s time for me
to be searching for that hardly elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most wonderful day and a God filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now where on Earth is that freaking off switch hiding at
this week?  For Heavens sake you silly thing,  can’t
ya at least use your imagination a bit more that that :)?
Hiding in my Claritin D box isn’t one of your greater
hiding spots being that I have tons of allergies which
are cause for me to look inside often and get a tablet.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

New To Sight

Day to day
and night to night
many things
are new to sight.
Things displayed
of which we see
might be new
to you and me.
New to sight
is sometimes found
things each day
always around.
Found in hurry
we walk right by
the things each day
of ground and sky.
New to sight
those things might be
what we truly
need to see.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2014

True To Self

When lives are lies
not true to self
the stories told
sit on false shelf.
The troubled words
so many hear
might be perceived
as insincere.
For true to self
should show outside
the words you say
with life applied.
Stay true to self
through God and prayer
and let your life
be love and care.
Let God to shine
your every day
while true to self
becomes your way.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2014

Summertime’s Sunshine

With birds a chirping
and breezes blowing
summertime’s sunshine
is bestowing.
Displaying rainclouds
some days so fine
to cool off the moments
of hot summertime.
The sunshiny minutes
pass by sometimes slow
while many dream of
that wintertime snow.
The hot sun that’s shining
in summertime’s days
finds many dancing
beside oceans waves.
Summertime’s sunshine
gives proof of it’s glance
while ones on hot sand
will shimmy and dance.
Scenes are transfixing
as echoes of time
found in the moments
summertime’s sunshine.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2014

The Hearts Shelter

As hard times come
they build a guard
to sometimes be
our lives punch card.
Tagging minutes
hard times show
while becoming
what we know.
The hearts shelter
grows with fractions
sometimes from
bad interactions.
Let not passed lives
hurt attained
to cause sadness
love abstained.
The hearts shelter
can be good
if it’s truly
Use those time frames
you’ve been through
to make better
life for you.
Lose your passed days
and find true love in
hearts shelter.
Allowing others
to come inside
will let your blessings
to reside.
The hearts shelter
God gave true
to help you find
a life for you.
So don’t let anger
close your mind
and not allow
good things to find.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2014

Angel of Hope

When right now
you cannot cope
God will send an
angel of hope.
Yet we must let
them reside
and allow their
hope applied.
Angels of hope
are many times found
sometimes as strangers
that come around.
Often an angel
will be beside you
helping you do
the things that you do.
Sometimes in struggles
beyond daily scope
there will be surely
an angel of hope.
Hidden from vision
behind someone’s heart
and angel of hope
will surely impart.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2014

The Tractor Sounds

Beyond what I’m seeing
I hear such a sound
that of a tractor
just roaring around.
It’s just our landlord
on our bumpy road
driving his tractor
will little a load.
Cleaning up waste piles
of passed tenants stay
he’s got his tractor
to clear it today.
He loaded a truck up
with garbage galore
cleaning the place up
a little bit more.
It seems he’s finished
as he drives away
and waiting tenants
for some other day.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2014

My Dad and Me

We found so many
things in time
that our passed days
did unwind.
Many blessings
him and I
my dad and me
were eye to eye.
We also found
a few not good
while I learned
what all I should.
I went my own way
long ago
and God allowed
my need to know.
My dad and me
found many times
him and I
with daily signs.
He saw my gifts
in many ways
that would surely
him amaze.
He helped along
my music quest
so I played
my very best.
Beating drums
my time applied
with headphones on
and me inside.
He saw my gift
in poetry
and gave God praise
so Heavenly.
My dad and me
found better true
a friend so great
that God had grew.
Now he’s gone
but just in flesh
and his spirit
gives refresh.
My dad and me
are still together
heart and soul
that last forever.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2014

While Time Flows

As a river
twist and turns
the flow of time
my sight discerns.
While time flows
it leaves a trace
found upon
my daily face.
Journeys driven
far and wide
a moment flows
to then decide.
Left or right ways
then bestows
as a river
while time flows.
Forks in roads
of journeys while
cause a change
in moments mile.
Our decisions
to and fro
need us seeking
good to go.
While time flows
through mysteries
it might lead to
deep blue seas.
Journeys end then
might be found
lessons learned
when come aground.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2014

My Christmas Heart

My dreams through summer
are snowflakes of white
with my Christmas heart
a wonderful sight.
The first seasons snowflakes
that fall to the ground
land then so softly
with nary a sound.
Not but the wind blowing
snow thereunto
my Christmas heart
remembers that view.
God’s painted artwork
that none can repeat
my Christmas heart
seeks more to accrete.
Snowflakes of Christmas
just growing each day
to give us Christmas
a magical way.
White snow so fluffy
is seen far and wide
in my Christmas heart
that lives deep inside.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2014

Break Into Blossom

now and then
and after spring.
They’re so yellow
day and night
and then turn
the shade of white.
They break into blossom
with stories to tell
words of a moment
with their sweetest smell.
natures call
for more to bring.
Seeds in wind
break into blossom
giving birth
for more to come.
Fluffs of white
are blown away
to find another
distant day.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2014

for June 7,  2014

Without our choices
we would just be mere robots
with no will to live.

Looking for changes
will often stir up moments
that you did not want.

A doorway through time
brings a mysteries journey
filled with surprises.

The sight of flowers
shows the bonding of seasons
and how they exist.

While now passes on
it leaves a trail of itself
as footprints in time.

Glaciers footsteps
are as yesterdays travels
into tomorrow.

Impossibles belief
is a faith driven insight
in what you can’t see.

Morning times sunrise
brings forth some new beginnings
and sunset brings rest.

Beyond what we see
are often shadows of time
we don’t understand.

A hurried person
will sometimes jump through some hoops
to get there quicker.

Now is just a time
that was once a minute ago
that went on its way.

Painting a picture
with your  imagination
can create wonders.

Fisherman stories
speak of ones that got away
that might not be lies.

When a doorbell rings
you will most times answer it,
so why ignore God.

Minutes of breathing
will bring forth many blessings
that we may not see.

Through our perception
we’ll often surmise wrongly
and not see the truth.

Limitless power
comes from Lord God up above,
but used in His Will.

Seeing a storm cloud
that’s floating across the sky
might be false alarm.

Today’s filled with hope
that can become a blessing
if we will believe.

Living in the now
allows yesterday to leave,
making room for change.

A lost white snowflake
loses itself  in ones mind
that dreams of Christmas.

Our wants and wishes
can become as our nightmares,
that aren’t meant to be.

©By Bill Pearce
June 7,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy

{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Make That Journey


Hello my friends

I hope you have been doing well.  Judy and I have gotten
back into our daily lives.  Milo is feeling better now since
the trip to Texas.  He got sick at my moms house due to him
deciding to eat some of my moms grass.  He eats it every
once in a while up here,  but it must be a different texture.
I would prefer him not to eat grass,  but all dogs will do it
from time to time if they have a tummy ache,  bored or just
in a mood to irritate their owner LOL.  I do keep an eye on
him,  because dogs will often get worms from the grass,  so
we always keep tabs on how he is acting and eating. He
and his little brother Benny are enjoying the summertime.
I think Milo likes our new car better than our old Mazda,
but neither him or Benny are happy with how hard it is for
them to get in it LOL.  The car is quite a bit higher off of
the ground than our Mazda Protege was.  Milo has figured
out he can jump in the floorboard and then hop up to the
seat,  but Benny is still trying to jump up from the ground
to the seat and he succeeds every once in a while hehehe.
I’m hoping he learns from Milo how to get in.  Maybe in
time!  Well,  Judy and I just got back from town.  We went
to WalMart for some groceries and then to Subway to get
us each a foot long.  Neither of us felt like cooking hehehe.
The weather up here has been fairly nice.  Last Monday
there was a tornado that set down in Houlton,  but it was
only an EF 0 and it only messed up a few trees.  Nobody
was hurt.  We got a lot of freaking wind though out here
8 miles away in the boonies LOL.  I took a few pictures
of the storm clouds.  Right now it’s 73 F degrees.  There
was a frost warning for early this morning and a freeze
warning for Saturday morning.  I’m sure the farmers were
not happy about that.  Tomorrows high is supposed to be
around 79 F degrees,  but the temperature is supposed
to drop back down to the lower 70’s and mid 60’s for the
highs for the rest of the week.  You never know what the
weather is going to be like,  almost the same as many
places LOL.  Though we do know that when the snow
ceases falling it’s time for the rain hehehe.  At least now
we have a vehicle that is not so low to the ground with
tiny 13 inch wheels to combat the snow with :).  Yeppers,
this Rogue has 16 inch wheels and is much higher off of
the ground.  It makes it a lot easier for Judy and I to
get in and out of.   I guess it’s time for a different topic.
So,  what else is going on around the Pearce’s Place?
The neighbors we had behind us or should I say in front
of us have moved and now there is a vacancy.  Paul and
his wife and kids have lived there long before we moved
up here.  It’ll seem strange not seeing the kids driving
their four wheelers out in the field.  Oh well,  I hope that
some good neighbors move in.  We have 2 other neighbors,
but they’re not too social.  No matter,  we have each other
and Benny and Milo.  I spend much of my time looking
for scenery to take a picture of.  I will often do a little
jamming on my conga drums.  As a matter of fact I did
another little video of me on the conga drums May 29th
last Thursday.  I carried them outside to play amongst
the dandelions and I must say I was pretty much wasted
after hauling them outside LOL.  I had to sit down and
grab a breather before doing a video hehehe.  I did one
video before realizing that the recorder had not come on
and so I had to do a second video.  That literally wore
me out ;).  I had to rest a little bit before bringing my
conga drums and all back in the house.  I’m not as young
as I used to be hehehe.  I can still move pretty quickly
on the conga drums though,  even with my arthritis and
aching bones LOL.  Of course that’s the only part of me
that can move that fast and it’s much more limited on
how long I can play than when I was younger :).  Oh well,
I enjoy beating on them.  I thank God for giving me the
many abilities that He gave me and also someone to share
them with.  Judy and I both love to take pictures hehehe
especially of the boys.  We enjoy just sitting in the room
together while we do our thing.  Yet,  we do like many of
the same TV programs so that makes it easy for us to
find something to watch except of course when there is
nothing to watch out of 250 TV stations LOL.  In those
instances we will find something else to do such as
maybe browse the net,  Facebook,  etc.  We’re not that
exciting hehehe.  Benny and Milo keep us busy quite
often.  They’ll get in their moods of wanting attention
and will pester us until they get it hehehe.  That’s OK,
we love them both and spoil them totally hehehehehe.
God has been good to us and He continually sends His
angels to help us when we are in dire need of a helping
hand.  He lets us go through what we need to go through
so as to make us stronger in future days.  Life is filled
with many journeys some good and some bad,  but they
are all a part of our growing.  Learning what to and what
not to do as lessons are learned and past turns to present.
Don’t get mad at God when things happen.  Remember,
He sees the greater picture and we only see a portion
of it.   We lose many loved ones in the flesh,  but they
are not gone,  but are found in the spirit.  They can be
with you no matter where you are,  because they’re not
confined by a fleshly body anymore.  If you’re right
with God,  you will be seeing your loved ones again
when it’s time for you to make that journey,  but if
you look closely now,  you just might see a glimpse
of them in life that comes your way.  Let them echo
their love in your life day to day.  Now I guess I need
to cease my rambling and begin searching through
what all I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that little
place of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may have found a
good title and now after checking I see that it hasn’t
been used yet,  by me of course LOL.  So here goes!

Make That Journey

Ventured highways
far and wide
need Lord Jesus
deep inside.
Don’t be found as
all alone.
Make that journey
greater grown.
Let those highways
that you see
be as journeys
great to be.
Don’t let sadness
wear you down.
Make that journey
blessings found.
Search for goodness
far and wide
and then let it
to reside.
For our journeys
daily true
need us searching
me and you.
Find the essence
of God’s Grace
and make that journey
to enlace.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1,  2014

So,  did that make any sense to ya?  I never know if it is
just me that understands it LOL.  It’s getting dark outside
and that means I might need to catch myself before I am
back in Rambles Ville hehehe.  I was going to put more of
my trip photos in this weeks stationery,  but decided to wait
until maybe next week or other and put in many of the pictures
I took this passed week.  I think you’ll like them if of course
you are ones that are receiving this in stationery style hehe.
If not,  than what I just said won’t make any difference to
you in any way shape or form  LOL.  So I guess I need to
start telling you what I tell you every week and that is,  I
wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems,
but none are Christmassy this week hehehe.  I also wrote
once agin 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.
So now I guess it’s time for me to be searching for that old
sort of elusive off switch,  but not before I wish you a most
blessed day and a God filled week.  Remember,  Jesus
loves you and we do too.  Now to find that silly off switch.
I see ya you silly thing.  You’d think your hiding abilities
would have gotten better in all these years huh.  Hiding
under my tissue box only guarantees you will be seen,
being I have tons of allergies and your sort of rocking
the box LOL.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Copy or Print

Do you feel imitated
as an echo in time
with copy or print being
what’s yours and mine.
People will often days
take what they see
and copy or print it
in their history.
The lines found on faces
that display your style
others might find as
a reason to smile.
Yet there’s so often
what many don’t know
that copy or print is
just but a show.
Don’t let your lifestyle
to just repeat mine
for copy or print might
not be your time.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2014

Seasons Hurry

Breezes blowing
in a flurry
time might seems as
seasons hurry.
Minutes ticking
found with passion
then at times might
seem to ration.
Seasons hurry
sometimes past
often leaving
shadows cast.
Looking surely
at each day
seasons hurry
each which way.
Yet they might just
seem slowed down
when old winter
comes to town,
but it moves on
soon to show
seasons hurry
melting snow.
Then as springtime
comes in place
seasons hurry
summers race.
Then the heat of
summers days
are found beating
sunshine’s rays.
Yet the seasons
hurry on
to display what’s
then and gone.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2014

The Sight of God

Each day passes
showing true
the sight of God
in thereunto.
Here and there
from day to day
the sight of God
is on display.
Yet so often
ones won’t see
the sight of God
in history.
Many search on
daily true
seeking for their
favorite view
while not allowing
God to shine
in their lives
from time to time.
Sometimes our own
ways decided
are found as Lord
God divided.
Let Him Guide you
where you go
and the sight of God
will surely show.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2014

Seamless Shadows

Times connections
far and wide
seamless shadows
are applied.
Often viewpoints
you and me
are without seams
which we see.
Yet there are those
times connections
not so seamless
in directions.
Seamless shadows
might be found
when we’re looking
all around.
It’s the smallest
things we find
that show seams
in each design.
Yet so seamless
shadows show
when we hurry
where we go.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2014

Four Legged Shadows

With footsteps in time
they follow around
four legged shadows
with a clickety sound.
Their paws connecting
with toes on the floor
four legged shadows
are there evermore.
When we walk one way
they follow us true
to see what it is that
we’re gonna do.
Four legged shadows
of Milo and Benny
tiptoe behind us
with sounds a bit tinny.
They’re our two boys
of a four pawed design
four legged shadows
just walking behind.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2014

The Length of Time

While looking one way
another goes by
leaving the length then
wondering why.
Thinking that one way
goes by too slow
while not perceiving
the speed it will go
often makes many to
wrongly perceive
what that seems slowly
is a time to achieve.
The length of time
is only our view
in how we perceive it
then thereunto.
Look for the moments
much greater in time
found as the length
inside of your mind.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2014

The Day Fades Away

As the day fades away
it leaves but a sight
found a bit starlit
and moonlit and night.
The glimmers of daytime
are only displayed
as that of setting suns
own lemonade.
Pouring as colorful
scenic designs
the day fades away
as poetry rhymes.
Painted as sunshine
glimmering true
the day fades away
to a sweet orangish hue.
Then as the evening
grows much darker yet
the day fades away
to less of sunset.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2014

Finding Blessings

Winds of worry
seem to blow
when we hurry
where we go.
Finding blessings
in our sight
might be journeys
thought not right.
Often pathways
that we struggle
are with our ways
that we juggle.
Seeking blessings
not our time
can become as
bad design.
Finding blessings
will come true
when the right time
is with you.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2014

Heaven’s Glimmer

Days show clouds just
floating by
here and there
so very high.
Heaven’s glimmer
is found blue
behind the clouds
a wondrous view.
Then as nighttime
comes in place
heaven’s glimmer
shines in space.
Stars that twinkle
so divine
display moments
eyes can dine.
Seen as wondrous
nighttime’s dinner
is the sight of
heaven’s glimmer.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2014

The Sounds of Night

When night is found
it gives a glance
of many things
that seem to dance.
Night will display
things that blow
the sounds at night
that come and go.
The sounds might scare
you half to death
causing you
to lose your breath.
Yet often sounds
that many hear
are just what’s heard
not very clear.
Often what the
night will share
is sounds we find
each day aware.
The sounds of night
are fears creations
that’s dark of nights

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2014

for May 31,  2014

Today brings thoughts
that can come alive in time
if we allow them.

Serious thinking
can cause ulcers deep inside,
so find you some peace.

Lessons come sometimes
in form of some disasters
that we lived to tell.

Looks can be misread
for many can hide feelings
and show deception.

Not allowing truth
to live and breathe within you
can push ones away.

Allowing sadness
to become your daily life
will disallow joy.

Our limits in life
are often of our own choice
and not that of God’s.

Storms might bring sadness,
but with God there is hopeful
found as a rainbow.

Tomorrows  sunrise
might come with a few raindrops
that we need to live.

Beginnings are found
when endings are positioned
in their point and time.

The meanings of words
are often not understood
leading to anger.

Our unknown mishaps
might turn into some secrets
we think we should hide.

Searching for a smile
could find a few sad faces
that need help to smile.

Not letting hopeful
to live and breathe through Jesus
could find misery.

Knowing another
might not display as that great,
for we have secrets.

Timeless reactions
show others our emotions
through our escapades.

A letter of love
that is written with passion
could be good or bad.

Deep within nighttime
the stars glimmer with the moon
giving us some light.

A page of our life
is often found as dog-eared
so to remember.

A journey through time
might have quite a few speed bumps
to make us slow down.

Breathing in summer
gives a glimpse of sunshine
that’s followed by rain.

Tomorrows worries
could be just our imagination
making it much worse.

©By Bill Pearce
May 31,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy

{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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