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Hello my friends

What’s up in your part of the world? Not much here but rain.
It seems to rain just about every day or at least every other
day. I like rain, but it could take a break any day now and
I would be happy hehehe. Oh well, I guess it could be a lot
worse huh 🙂 Yeppers it could be freezing hehehe, which I’m
sure it shall be real soon being last winter was rather mild in
comparison to what’s normal for up here hehehe. We are
expecting a bad winter this year. It could evade us, but most
likely not LOL. Yes Jimmy hehehe we will more than likely
get more than our share of snow as well as ccccold weather.
Today’s high is supposed to be 74F degrees and tomorrow is
supposed to be 69F. The temperatures will vary often I’m
reasonably sure LOL as Tuesday is supposed to be around
79F and Wednesday 83F. It will bounce up and down with
it raining off and on most every day LOL. I love these temps,
but I know it will get much more colder as we get closer to
November hehehe. Ok so it’s off of the weather forecast 🙂
and onto a hopefully more readable topic hehehehehehehehe.
I went fishing with Brian again last week, but didn’t catch
a thing and neither did he. We ended up just taking a little
boat ride up the lake. Wish I had brought my camera, but
it was raining and I didn’t want to ruin it. LOL he told me to
tell Judy that the big fish got away. Not an easy thing to do
hehehe. I told her in all honesty that the big one escaped us
which was in fact more true being it seems all of the fish did
a good job in evading us LOL. We are planning on having
an early fishing trip next. He told me he likes to go real early
and it might be too early for me. LOL I said and what time
is that? He said 5AM. LOL I said I am up all night long plus
Judy on most days has to be at work by 5AM or 7AM which
guaranties that she and I are up hehehe so give me a holler.
I saw him up the next morning, but I was feeling my oats
after me climbing up and down to the river below our house
to get some fishing bait from his trap. I’m not in as good of
shape as I used to be in my younger years :). The slightest
hills wear me down. Well, anyways, we will go fishing
again real soon I’m sure. I asked Brian if he had ever seen
a dolphin in reality and he said no, so I made him a copy of
our Port Aransas TX dolphin cruises we went on in 1995 🙂
Judy and I both miss going down there and walking on the
beach taking pictures. At least we have some good pictures
and videos that we can revisit whenever we wish. Yet I wish
we could return again and visit our little sector of peace on
the island. Maybe one day. God only knows. I am thinking
about uploading a few more pictures of our vacations in Port
Aransas to my FaceBook, but not today LOL. There are
a few of them already uploaded to my photos. Yeppers, we
spend a lot of time in FaceBook playing the games and all
as well as keeping in contact with old and new friends. I
like it tons more than MySpace or Tagged or any of the
other pages I have found on the net. Yet I do still keep in
contact with a few of my friends on Tagged and MySpace
that have yet to of switched to FaceBook. Judy and me are
slowly getting prepared for a picture taking drive. Maybe
this week if it ever slacks off with the bloody raining hehehe.
If not, then for sure another day. I have mapped out many
places for us to go hehehe that have a restroom in route 🙂
Yep, when ya have problems like mine, ya gotta make a
few extra plans for trips LOL. Now for another topic hehe.
Judy and I have been enjoying our TV programs such as
Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, NCIS, Criminal Minds
as well as the weekly episodes of Deadliest Catch. It’s so
sad about Captain Phil, but we all have our time that is
limited upon this Earth to experience all that we shall.
I welcome the doors to Heaven. It will mean there is no
more pain and suffering, but my time on this Earth is not
yet over and I feel that God has much more for me to do
and write. We each have our predetermined timeframes of
which we are allotted to do what we are meant to do. I’m
sure God has plans for us each one in some manner of form.
Good and bad create a work of art. Without the many
times of trouble that we face, we would not appreciate
the good that is to come. We learn lessons from stages
that are set up for the moments. The actors and actresses
such as you and I do what we are meant to do as time goes
its way. Yes even the bad things fall into the realm of need,
for they strengthen us if we allow and on many cases even
if we do not allow hehe. God sees the full picture and all
that is to be done. Let God use you as a tool through your
many lessons of life to help someone else that may be
going through what you have already been through. Do
not throw the past away and try to simply forget it. If
you do that, you might find yourself repeating the errors.
Let Jesus walk with you inside your heart and help you
when you are blind in the moments ahead. You do not
have to face life alone. He will always be with you even
when you think He is not. Often He allows us to endure
what He knows will be growth and we’ll most surely learn
from. Some growth is painful, but needed. Now, I think
it’s about time for me to be visiting that place of my own
recollection through all I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that
place that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE to see what
I can find hehe. I believe I found a good title a long ways
back in the journal LOL. Now let’s see what if anything
at all I can do with it 🙂 Here goes….

We Are Planning

Looking at seconds
sections and hours
we might not know
what surely empowers.
It might just be
what we have decided
that is with trouble
that’s daily collided.
Yes we are planning
each unknowingly
which way we’re going
through our history.
Many are planning
daily ahead
with their own greed
that feathers their bed.
Yes we are planning
and need to be true
for there are many
that see me and you.
They might start planning
the same as they see
and find Lord Jesus
and love given free.
So are you planning
to do what is right
and not continue
to just fuss and fight?
Life is too short
to waste it away
and not be doing
your best every day.
So now begin
to say we are planning
to give back to God
and without demanding.
Give of yourself
on times windowsill
doing your best
to always fulfill.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25, 2010

Ok so I know it’s a tad long hehehe, but I have been known
to write much longer poems hehehe for those of you that are
new to my writings LOL. Yeppers, when my thoughts begin,
there is no telling where the end may be hehehe. It could be
short winded or then maybe turn out to be a two pager hehehe.
Well Judy got home from work just a few moments ago sooo
I reckon it’s about time for me to be telling you what I tell you
every week and then finding that old off switch. So to begin
with, I wrote 10 more poems hehehe as usual with 3 of them
being wintry/Christmassy style poems and 22 haiku. Yeppers
the closer to Christmas, the more apt I am to write Christmas
poems LOL, HoHoHo. I have had to run to close the window
ever so often as the rains begin and cease. For now I have
it opened once again to let in some cool air hehehehehehehe,
but keeping an eye out for the rain. Ok with that said, I must
wish you a most wonderful week. Remember Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now to find that dad burned off switch hehe.
There you are you little bugger 🙂 Hiding on the bottom of my
koozy. Raised up my drink and there it was hehehehehehehe.
Gotcha! See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus
10 and 22 hehehe 🙂

Allowing Wintertime

Timely the seasons
bring on their view
the way they always
seemingly do.
In field of fashion
painted as seen
sometimes as only
found in a dream.
Summertime’s moments
arrived in the play
acted out surely
in each day to day.
Summer’s transposing
it’s very drive
allowing wintertime
to come alive.
All of the minutes
counted ahead
are that of summertime
going to bed.
Soon sorted fragrances
will be detailed
painted with white snow
winter’s exhaled.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Unique Force

Times situations
manners unfold
displaying stories
timely are told.
In many sections
worded and said
they are presenting
thoughts from the head.
Times may be found
as timeless arrays
seeming remembered
from distant days,
Yet of course timing
of all that is found
has its own flavor
of sights, smell and sound.
Even by touching
time might seem true
that it has one day
happened to you.
But of course time
in its own recourse
displays the moments
with it’s unique force.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

What’s Really True

Sometimes an angel,
sometimes not true
someone will act like
seen as you view.
Sometimes a moment,
sometimes a cause
will be displaying
breaking the laws.
Sometimes an essence,
sometimes a sight
will in fact tarnish
ones day and night.
Sometimes a journey,
sometimes right now
might display sometimes
less to endow.
Sometimes our reasons,
sometimes our view
might not be displaying
what’s really true.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Some Will Find Changes

Arrogant people
stand and just stare
looking at many
with out not a care.
Some are misleading
as they each go by
with all the arrogance
they can’t deny.
Many will tarnish
all that you do
just so their own time’s
better to view.
Yet of course Jesus
sees all that’s there
and He has ways of
answers of prayer.
Taking their arrogant
times of detail
displaying choices
Heaven or Hell.
Some will find changes
lesser the lies
and then some others
continue despise.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Christmas Displays

I can feel Christmas
coming each day
with its own magical
wonderful way.
Some of the feelings
are found inside,
yet I can feel it
with Santa’s great ride.
I sense the seasons
glorious view
coming up quickly
to be as brand new.
I can feel Christmas’s
wonderful time
scenting the moments
with its own design.
Cool breezes blowing
that nighttime details
brings Christmas dreams
with magical sails.
All of the wonders
that Christmas displays
I am now feeling
with oncoming days.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Minutes To Bed

In every minute
a second is born
giving us chances
to surely adorn
and then the hours
from minutes arrival
give us the lessons
for futures survival.
In every second
a thought is conceived
and then by many
is surely believed.
Minutes persistence
within each hour
gives us the chances
of hope to empower.
So many choices
that daily we do
lead oh so many
where they misconstrue.
Use good the timeframes
found there ahead
and put misleading
of minutes to bed.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Don’t Let The Things

Things might control
what you need to do
if you don’t hear what
God’s telling you.
Things are just things
as timeless displays,
for they will often
prevent better days.
So many things
can be just replaced
yet we will let them
hinder our taste.
Yes our distant view
foretasted with eyes
will through the things
be filled up with lies.
Don’t let the things
of your daily contrast
cause all the blessings
to drift right on past.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Counting The Rhythms

Another summer
has come into being
bringing the segments
my eyes are seeing.
Simple little flowers
grown from the weeds
are soon this summer
planted as seeds.
Another medley
played as a tune
tells me that summer
is ending real soon.
Yet I’m sure summer
has much more to say
as it continues
with its own display.
Counting the rhythms
I find in the breeze
summertime’s value
of flowers and trees.
But of course summer
will soon come to end
displaying colors
of fall its best friend.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Echoes Concurrence

Within an echo
is found what that’s heard
sometimes as noises
and sometimes a word.
An echoes journey
is started with phase
sometimes miscounted
as some other days.
In a mere echo
there is but a sound
sometimes as seen as
some time going round.
Echoes concurrence
is sometimes as seen
something ones finding
within a mere dream.
Within an echo
is its certain power
that might just go on
a day or an hour.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Christmastime Cause

Life in the winter
is displayed with snow
as also Christmas
with Santa’s Ho Ho.
All of the blessings
that come into view
are snowy segments
of Christmas so true.
So many hillsides
from here that I see
will be well painted
with white snow for me.
Then Christmas angels
will come into view
as they’re created
by both me and you.
Life in the winter
with Christmastime joy
brings all the blessings
for each girl and boy.
Searching the skyline
for dear Santa Claus
only for reasons
of Christmastime cause.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

for July 24, 2010

Tasting journeys
with your imagination
can make them so fine.

Silence is golden
unless it is not wanted.
Search for the right time.

In a moments fear
is a choice to run or walk.
Learn from your own fear.

Things envelop us
as we seek for what we want
and lose who we are.

In ones portrayals
there might be some misleading
from the beginning.

Pointless are moments
if they are not with purpose
of some kinds detail.

Our links are gathered
while we do what all we do
deciding our paths.

Scenes found in sequence
of flowers and trees in bloom
are begun in springtime.

The clouds give shadows
as they float on over me
and create designs.

Letters from Jesus
are written within my heart
as blessings from God.

While looking onwards
I saw a fragrant flower
blooming in summer.

I feel many hands
of angels guiding my ways
with each step I take.

Time is but a frame
which many will misconceive
due to impatience.

Poor people standing
may have more than you or I
for they might know peace.

A piece of driftwood
determines its path by waves
as time moves its way.

The fan churns the air
and brings in a cool mixture
of fresh air to breathe.

Within a castle
kings and queens might determine
the kingdoms folly.

Lands said forbidden
could be filled with conclusions
that nobody knows.

In midst of turmoil
your decisions might be bad,
so count to 10 first.

A mere glancing blow
could destroy somebody’s life
so be real careful.

Ones jumbled lifestyle
might not be jumbled at all.
It may be your view.

In heated moments
lives are found misconceiving
without thinking clear.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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My new site below
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Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill 🙂


Hello my friends

How’s life been treating you? It’s not been too awful bad here.
I finally canceled DirecTV and got Dish Network with free HD.
I love the DVR’s hehehe. As many bathroom breaks I have to
make it sure comes in handy to pause the TV program so I don’t
have to rush mother nature LOL. Also we had similar weather
yesterday day that normally would of caused DirecTV to lose the
freaking signal. Didn’t do it with Dish. Hehehehe I sound like
a bloody commercial don’t I huh! Heck, as far as I know, we
might have the same problems on a later date or different ones.
It don’t matter! It’s time to change topics 🙂 I’ve been cleaning
house this morning and my back is out. Thought it was a good
time to sit down and write my article and give my back a break.
The vacuuming wasn’t the killer hehehe, it was the bathroom
cleaning behind the toilet and then sweeping and mopping UGH.
Cleaning the sink didn’t make me have to stoop. None the less,
it is done. Now I am waiting for the floor to dry so I can put
the rugs back in as well as go to the restroom hehehe and not
have to use the toilet at the other end of the house. That’s a
long walk when ya gotta go hehehe. Ok so onto our weather!
Today the weather is rather comfortable. It’s 76F right now
at 10:15 AM. It might get up to 81 today which is not all that
bad as long as there’s a breeze. Right now it feels nice with
the fan in the window bringing in the cool air. It usually gets
a tad warm when the sun makes its way over to the west of
us. Hehehehe we can watch the sunrise and sunset. It rises
to the left of us and falls to the right of us. On most sunny
days I cannot leave our front door open to let the breeze in
through the screen door due to the sun blaring brightly LOL.
OK so onto a maybe different topic hehe. Judy’s place of
business is still doing well, but the new diner’s opening has
been detained due to some problems with the interior such
as equipment. Maybe in a week or so. I know Judy and the
rest of the crew will be happy to be at the original location
working at the diner. Time will tell. Hehe I had to stop to
take the sheets out of the washer and put them in the dryer.
Ok, onwards with the journal. Hehehehe I be mister maid!
Nope, couldn’t handle more than what we’ve got here LOL.
I have to do it in spurts hehe. Standing for a long period of
time is not my forte 🙂 Now I’m listening to the dryer squeak.
Hehehehe rather annoying, but I’ll survive. It’s an real old
dryer LOL. It works and that’s what matters 🙂 HEY, the
squeaking stopped hehehe. I know hehehe, it will squeak
again, but it does have its quite times. I love that hehehehe.
You know, as I look around, I can see how God has been
taking care of Judy and I even when we were not aware of it.
I can see the blessings. Yes of course we get upset about
things just as anybody does. Life tends to have a few times
of irritation due to our wanting things or not being happy
with the moment. Life is often misdirected to anger when
we find ourselves upset for what right now beholds. Yes 🙂
I get ticked off just as I’m sure many of you get ticked off.
It’s a human emotion. Learning what to do with that ticked
off feeling becomes growth when it’s used to make better
the circumstances. Yet when we do get upset and take it out
on one another, we need to always remember that we’re
not perfect and we screw up too. Admit your folly and ask
for forgiveness, yet if they do not accept, at least you have
taken care of your side of the street, by doing your part.
We have no control over others in many cases. It’s up to
them to accept or to merely deny. Do the best you can with
your life and let God take care of how others react. There
will be times though that you will need to do work with ones
and let them learn forgiveness. Often ones lifestyles from
past to now may have taught them no forgiveness. Teach
them through your life and your actions. Words are cheap.
Now that I have finished my rambling at least for a little bit,
I guess I need to be taking my little venture back through
all I’ve written to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that might work for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So it’s off I go to that place of recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found a good title just a
little ways back in the journal. So let’s see what I can do
with it hehehe, if anything!!

Your Side

Times of trouble
come and go
leaving many
found in woe.
Clean your side
and do your best
then let Jesus
do the rest.
You will folly
time agin,
just remember
where you’ve been.
Don’t let ego
fill your view
and determine
all you do.
View your side
and recognize
all your daily
truth and lies.
We each color
how we feel
sometimes not so
very real.
Let your side
be truth to view
and then others
might then too.
Don’t be found
with sought applaud.
Seek for only
grace through God.

©By Bill Pearce
July 18, 2010

I hope you enjoyed that 🙂 It helps to get some of my thoughts
out of my head and into black and white. I can sometimes make
better sense out of them hehehe. I guess I have told you about
all that there is to tell you about LOL up here that is. My mom
finally got her computer out of the shop Saturday. She sent me
an email to let me know hehehe. Ya could call me mom LOL!
Hehehe naw, call me Bill mom 🙂 That’s a sentence that can
make anyone confused hehehe. Especially me hehehehehehe!
Ok so I reckon it’s about time for me to be telling you what I
tell ya every week and that is I wrote some more poems and
haikus. Yeppers 10 more poems and 22 more hoikus. Yes of
course 2 of the poems are Christmas poems, but don’t expect
them every week hehehe. If you would like to read any of my
previous Christmas poems, then visit my friends site at the
very bottom of the journal entitled AnOldFasionedChristmas.
I’m sure you will be blessed at all of the pictures he has drawn
as well as all of the stories hehe and poems. So I think I need to
be searching for that old off switch, but before I do that I need
to wish you a most wonderful week. Remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now to find that blasted off switch so I can
cease. Hehehe I see ya peaking your head out from behind the
curtain LOL. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems
10 and 22 hehehehe:)

We Perceive

Hard times follow
times unaware
left in the middle
of ones I don’t care.
Timeless portrayals
display the view
as what so many
say but don’t do.
Doorways to people
are certain pages
with many actors
stood on the stages.
Often our judgments
will take its toll
through bad perception
seeking wrong goal.
So many struggles
that we perceive
can become lessons
learned how to leave.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2010

Summertime’s Value

In times of summer
it may seem true
moments concurring
seeming brand new.
Yet during summer
moments will be
sometimes the same as
we often see.
Summertime’s value
is what that’s found
when we take our eyes
and look around.
Tree leaves blowing
in summertime’s wind
displays the rustling
of summertime’s friend.
Sections foreseeing
as many will find
are sometimes only
found in our mind.
Minutes discussions
from here to afar
are sometimes only
the way that things are.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2010

Daily Delight

Microscopic vision
looks for details
maybe a little
beyond our eyes scales.
Looking too closely
now that we view
might just destroy all
God gave to you.
Found microscopic
in certain times scenes
there might be nightmares
found in the dreams.
Look for the goodness
at all God has done
and don’t just nitpick
each every one.
Sometimes the blessings
found in a way
are many fractions
to help each day.
Let them to live
in each day and night
as Godly blessings
to daily delight.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2010

Find What’s True

Lengthy shadows
show and tell
seamless moments
found so well.
Times occurrence
all around
seems as shadows
on the ground.
Now might display
then we saw
as some moments
filled with awe.
Certain minutes
found in hours
might seem as some
scented flowers.
Sometimes memories
might just seem
as some shadows
in a dream.
Learn the lessons
from the course
of the shadows
certain force.
Don’t let fiction
live in you.
Search the shadows,
find what’s true.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2010


Stamps of approval
found to succeed
are what that many
think that they need.
It’s often judgment
found in the time
that will distinguish
all that we find.
Yet often timeframes
found here and there
lead us directions
that have not a care
and then the moments
come into being
looking for others
not disagreeing.
We’re often seeking
ones to approve
moments found doubtful
how that we choose.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2010

Just Dreaming

In midst of summer
I can find true
sometimes the essence
of clouds and sky blue.
Then often segments
found so to say
seem as beginnings
of soon Christmas day.
It’s far away now
yet I can feel
Christmas beginnings
here very real.
In summers profile
displays the dream
within my mind now
a Christmassy scene.
Yet it’s still summertime
with a long time to go
I’m still just dreaming
of Christmastime snow.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2010

Out Of Time

In going viewpoints
might just display
ways misconstruing
ones day to day.
Sometimes the moment
seen for a few
might be displaying
not that is true.
Things that we’re seeing
might just be found
as a bad timing
just coming around.
Others might see us
upon a bad day
thinking that surely
we’re always that way.
Maybe your viewpoints
might not be fine
for they may be just
a bit out of time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2010

We May Not Know

Time’s dissipating
leaving phase
painted as pictures
of oncoming days.
Times are changing
leaving a view
painted as thresholds
here thereunto.
Seconds are ticking
minutes we see
leaving the essence
of you and of me.
We are all painting
here there around
pictures of moments
that others have found.
We may not know
that others can see
some of the paintings
done by you and me.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2010

Dear Wintertime

Now I seek winter
through now and today,
wishing for Christmas
and a snowy display.
Now I seek snowflakes
upon the arrival
of Christmastime
with its heartfelt revival.
All certain thoughts
come inside my head
wishing for winter
not summer instead.
I’m searching skies
for the wintertime hue
given in the moment
Lord God gives the cue.
I am now seeking
and searching to find
sweetness of Christmas
in dear wintertime.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2010

Others Will Learn

Questions bring answers
not always true
sometimes misleading
all that we do.
Often our questions
need not be asked
due to misleading
shadows they cast.
Questions might form
when answers are none,
yet often questions
the answers are done.
We might not want them
the answers so true,
so we keep asking
what would you do.
Sometimes the owner
of whom it concerns
might ask the questions
that others will learn.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2010

for July 17, 2010

In a mere doorway
stands in and out just waiting
to go either way.

Looks are deceiving
as the outside might look dark,
but inside be bright.

A written statement
is not proof of wrong or right.
It proves one can write.

Many in question
leave swinging doors to judgment
to be misconceived.

Now is but a page
that is written in blessings,
yet many don’t read.

Accounting tomorrow
will open the doors to fools
if not done in turn.

Timeless magnitude
displays as a mere porthole
many don’t perceive.

Ends and beginnings
connect at some point and time.
Search for the right time.

Echo’s of summer
make their way across hillsides
as journeys of green.

Inactive people
might see time as just minutes
to be ticked away.

Pouncing on problems
could leave you with much trouble
if you don’t think clear.

The fan blades turning
are masters of their domain
only to a point.

Many don’t listen
when you yell and scream your words.
They hear only noise.

Foraging for thought
needs be done with a clear head.
So think it over.

Illusions window
might display as tomorrow
and just be today.

Inner most feelings
can become as a burden
if not in control.

Right might just be left
with left found in a disguise
that looks just like right.

Temporal segments
happen to us time again
that make no difference.

Seeing flowers bloom
brings to life the momentum
of blessings from God.

Florescent pictures
are flowers across the way
blooming in summer.

Winter brings snowflakes
as blessings so fluffy white
to land on the ground.

Errors in judgment
are what many will ascertain
when not what they choose.

©By Bill Pearce
July 17, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂


Hello my friends

Another week has passed huh! Yep, this year seems to be moving
right along. It’s already July! Before you know it, summertime will
be over. I know, to many of you, it may seem as summer is never
ending. Trust me, it will conclude with fall and winter. Today our
weather seems to be not so bad thank God being our windows won’t
suffice any type of air conditioner. Ours open sideways and most
every window unit I have seen requires windows that open vertically.
The air conditioner in the living room wall has quit due to, I think
the compressor locking up, but they would have to take it out of
the wall to fix it and how it was built into the wall, plus the weak
structure of the wall due to them shipping the trailer with it in the
wall makes it virtually impossible to even think of removing it for
repair. They should of removed it from the wall before shipping
the trailer house up here. Yet, the damage is done. So fans are
our only means of AC hehehe. Thank God it doesn’t get as hot
up here as it does in Texas and other places, but it does get warm
and humid as heck. I wish the humidity would knock it off for a
few days LOL! It makes me sticky as all get out. OK so what else
is going on in this part of the world? Good question hehehehehe!
I really can’t see much of anything happening that’s exciting. I am
still waiting to see a doctor for a check up, but the nearest I could
get an appointment up here was for August the 26th. That’s life.
Oh yea, I managed to get our little wading pool set up and we
soaked in it for a couple of days, but I had to drain it yesterday
and clean it to get it ready to fill maybe this evening. I don’t think
they were thinking clearly when they put the drain at the bottom of
the pool. I ended up having to bail water for an hour or so to get
the pool light enough that I could tip it over and spill out the rest
of the water. The water would not drain through the ground. It
might of soaked into the ground in a day or so, but it was going
to rain Saturday and in fact it was already raining as I was bailing.
Now my back is hurting something awful. I thought I was going
to collapse. I had to wear as loose of clothing as possible to give
me mobility for bending and bailing. Couldn’t wear my standard
cloths LOL. I think I have figured out a way to get the drain to
work next time I set the pool up. This time I will try to dig a little
trench where the drain will be, but the problem with that idea
is the fact that the pool might just sink down into the trench and
make it useless. If I were not in so bad of shape, I would see
about building a drain trench out of wood, but I am going to have
trouble enough just trying to dig the trench with this snow shovel.
Hehehe that’s all I’ve got and being I don’t drive, I cannot just
pop over to the Wal*Mart to shop. It’s 8 miles away. I’ll try to
figure something out. Hopefully before I set the pool up again
and fill it. Don’t think I can handle another bailing epidemic.
The water did feel great while Judy and I were soaking in it 🙂
It’s looking fairly clear right now outside, but my old weather
programs on my PC tell me that there is 50% chance of rain this
evening. I will maybe see what it looks like then and make my
decisions on what to do. In the mean time, I will be trying to
figure out a way to rig a drain to where the water will drain out
when I open the plug and I won’t have to bail that bloody thing
out again. Anyways, I wish some of my friends and family could
come up here and visit. That would sure be great. Judy and I
are still looking forward to our trip down south this winter, but
I kind of fear it due to our health. We will have to keep all her
insulin in an ice chest to keep it cold and my old body does not
fare travel as much as it did a few years ago. There’s been
much that has happened to it since our move up here. Oh well,
hopefully we will make it down Texas ways for a week or so.
It all depends on how long it takes us to drive down hehehehe.
OK so onto yet another topic! I have not gone fishing again
since Brian and I did the first time a number of weeks ago. He
asked me a few days ago if wanted to, but it was bad timing.
Judy was soon to be home from work and I had not eaten
anything yet. Would not of done me any good to try and eat
something and go because food goes right through me and
I end up spending second after second in the bathroom for
hours after I eat due to no colon/diarrhea LOL. That’s life
in my part of the world. Judy and I are making plans on a
few picture taking drives. I always enjoy taking little drives
to do some photography. We always route our trips down
ways that we are reasonably sure there are restrooms LOL.
It makes it a tad aggravating, but that is the only way that
we can go picture taking. God makes up for it with all the
wonderful beauty that He gives us to photograph. He surely
fills up the canvas of life. It seems that God puts pictures
within pictures as more sights to partake. God’s mighty
brushstrokes leave impressions in the distant view that we
often will overlook. We so often get caught up in our own
time to time struggles and not see what all God has painted.
Take a little time out today to look at the beauty in the old
of the world as well as the new and seek for the pictures
that in most times will escape our view. Let your search
be not with just sight, but of sound, touch and fragrance.
Find the blessings of God that have eluded you before today.
Now with that said, I guess it’s time for me to be taking my
little venture back through all I’ve written to that place of
my recollection to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that might work for the title for today’s brand new poem 🙂
So, it’s off I go to that place that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I think I found a good title not too far back. Now
let’s see if I can write a somewhat decent poem using it!!!!!!
Here goes nothing……..

The Canvas Of Life

Seen day to day
are the pictures to view
found on display
as old and brand new.
Seen are the turnstiles
that open and close
giving the smiles
that timeless bestows
Seen are fractions
of colors and schemes
for the interactions
of our coming dreams.
God paints beauty
from here to afar
that so fluidly
shines as a star.
Seen are patterns
in each turn and twist
telling us matters
that God does exist.
The canvas of life
is in such detail
that it can take strife
and paint it more well.

©By Bill Pearce
July 11, 2010

Well, there ya go! I hope and pray that the poem made a little
sense to ya hehehe. Also, I hope that my rambling in the journal
did not lose you too badly 🙂 There is not much else to say to you
except that as soon as I finish here, I am going to see what I can
come up with for a drain for our pool LOL. At least something
that when I pull the plug, will let the water out. I don’t think the
ground is going to soak the water up as fast as I would like to
drain the pool hehehe. If I can’t come up with an idea that I can
use and actually have the tools to use, then I guess it’s back to
bailing water. So, I guess it’s time for me to be telling you about
the poems I’ve written this time around. Yeppers, I wrote once
again 10 poems and 22 haikus with two of the poems being sort
of wintry/Christmassy. I hope you’ve enjoyed my journal today.
It’s almost time for me to begin my search for that old off switch,
but before I do that, I must wish you a most wonderful week.
Remember Jesus loves you and we do too. Now off to find that
ornery off switch so I can cease and desist my writing hehehehe.
Hehehe caught a glimpse of it whirling in the blades of the fan.
Gotcha, See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus
10 and 22 hehehehe 🙂

All The Ages

Ages founded
here and seen
what some things mean.
Timeless stumbles
here to there
are the actions
lessons ware.
Nows tomorrow
might be found
seen as thought
it’s common ground
Ventures searching
headed out
sometimes fill
someone with doubt.
All the ages
that we see
might be stages
needing be.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

Seem As Dreams

Truth or fiction
shadows doubt
when not knowing
all about.
Our perception
seen and heard
might not hear
most every word.
Moments standing
in a frame
might be found
a little lame.
Truth of minutes
that we see
might seem fiction
to you and me.
Lights a glimmer
within scenes
might to others
seem as dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

Times Awaken

Weathered seasons
come and go
some with sunshine,
some with snow.
Sometimes rain clouds,
sometimes dew,
weathered seasons
false or true.
Times awaken
some great scenes
sometimes seeming
as some dreams.
Weathered moments
fill the days
sometimes as
a daily maze.
Turns and twists
along we go
some with sunshine
some with snow.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

Even The Shadows

Found in July
are sights to see
that God has given
to you and me.
Take a little look
and see the view
that you so often
just misconstrue.
Look for within
the scenes around
and then see
what can be found.
July with amazement
certain things are
sometimes so closely
sometimes so far.
Even the shadows
of summertime’s sway
make pretty pictures
in now and today.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

With The Unknown

Inner most feelings
counted and felt
display emotions
from all that is dealt.
Some try to hide
the tears that fall
as they explode
from all they recall.
Inner most factions
that many attain
often will seem as
a little insane.
Time in the doorway
of here unto there
might seem so often
as fractions of scare.
In the fear factor
many will find
only the moments
that weigh on their mind.
With the unknown
there’s surely to be
inner most moments
we can’t clearly see.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

The Season’s Coming

Winter is coming
Christmas is too
bringing the essence
of Jesus so true.
Winter snows fragrance
will surely fall
as I remember
and as I recall.
The season’s coming
painted with snow
as I remember
Sweet Santa’s Ho Ho.
I feel vibrations
inside my mind
as that of Christmas
the greatest design.
Winter is coming
soon so to see
with the reminders
of our history.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

The Echoes

Found in an echo
are sounds to hear
sometimes repeated
a bit insincere.
Often the echoes
of many words said
lead to destruction
down times riverbed.
Echoes from errors
that are repeated
sometimes will be
what nobody needed.
Answers from echoes
of similar views
might help discern from
falses and trues.
Yet of course echoes
of times long ago
might not have
what we need to know.
Look for the echoes
needed to guide
and use them wisely
with eyes opened wide.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

Now So Anew

In midst the rain
I walked all around
while I left footprints
found on the ground,
The special aroma
of summertime’s rain
feels me with thinking
thoughts time again.
I find the raindrops
dripping so wet
as all he moments
I can’t forget.
The clouds in the sky
with every design
seem to transpire
as footprints of time.
Then all the breezes
blowing today
help me enjoy
what all comes my way.
Summers aroma
found in my view
seems to enlighten
now so anew.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

Learn To Forgive

Upset from thunder
and lightning of words
might just mislead you
to Hells flock of birds.
Don’t let the moments
of words done and said
live with you always
inside of your head.
Use some forgiveness
as time goes its way
and you might find then
a more peaceful day.
Don’t let the lightning
and thunder you found
become your moments
of all there around.
Learn to forgive
what cannot be changed
and you might find
life not so deranged.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

A Glassy Eyed View

Glassy eyed people
that walk with a glare
find us so often
to stammer and stare.
Many found sleepless
left without time
seem to incorporate
a special design.
One that is glaring
with glassy eyes found,
might be the ones
just looking around.
So often people
will seem glassy eyed
due to confusions
of time that’s applied.
So if you’re seeing
a glassy eyed view,
don’t just go judging
what you don’t know true.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

for July 10, 2010

Sound times performance
might not be so sound at all,
but mere illusion.

Errors in judgment
lead many down the wrong road
leading to despair.

Intimate people
leave others just wondering
if they’re too public.

Hanging onto time
prevents any tomorrows
if held too tightly.

Life can be trouble
if it is not filled with God.
Let Jesus reside.

A promise that’s made
needs to be looked at closely
to see if it’s wise.

Poor sighted people
might see better than you think.
They look more closely.

Adhering to now
must be done with good vision
or you’ll misconceive.

A letter written
by a person without heart
creates no passion.

Sounds of poetry
are the rhythms of oceans
in waves of design.

Summers fantasy
is partaken as a dream
come from illusion.

Answers to questions
might seem that they’re eluding,
yet be what you need.

With but a flower
is the beginning of spring
as winter subsides.

Little or nothing
shapes the beginning to end
in some form or way.

Places are number
as we go trudging along
counting in our mind.

The wind blows raindrops
as the storm blows on over
leaving it’s fragrance.

Onlookers thinking
lose perception of today
because of their views.

Struggles of journeys
are the lessons we can use
for another day.

Great are the moments
that are held as God’s blessings
and not put aside.

Limitless turnstiles
will open and close in time
with choices to choose.

A day that’s wasted
is time that can’t be undone.
Use today wisely.

Found in the sunset
there’s the beginning of night
to welcome the dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂


Hello my friends

Of course I know, there are tons of you elsewhere on the planet
that do not celebrate this day. If you are curious, It’s independence
day here in the USA. Anyways, I doubt I’ll see many fireworks up
here. They are outlawed. You have to have a license to shoot them
off. At least that’s what I’m told. No matter, I never was much into
the fireworks thing. Shooting them off that is hehe. Love to watch.
Maybe we’ll see some in the skyline towards Houlton being I think
they are shooting them off this evening or maybe it was last night.
Heck, I haven’t a clue LOL. I’m getting some use out of my water
cooled fan. It’s not an air conditioner, but it’s the next best thing 🙂
The weather up this way is slipping into the middle to upper 80’s F,
but may not stay there but only a week or so. Nights of course are
in the 60’s which is nice when in fact it gets down to the 60’s. Most
times it doesn’t get to the maximum low until around 4 or 5 in the
morning hehehe. It looks like it might rain a tad this evening, but
nothing in a grand scale. It shouldn’t thwart ones ability to shoot
off their fireworks, too much hehehe. I hope your 4th of July is a
good one. I will be just doing as always LOL, sitting here at home
goofing on my PC and watching some TV programs with Judy :).
I’m pretty sure that the restaurant will be busy today and keeping
Judy busy cooking. She’ll probably be worn out when she finally
gets home from work. It’s a bummer that she has to work on the
holidays, but that’s a draw back to working in a restaurant or
diner. People still wanna eat dad gum it hehehe. Well onwards
to yet another topic. I haven’t been fishing again, but I’m sure
that Brian and me will go again soon. Firstly, I want to practice
casting with this rod and reel. Other than when Brian and me
went fishing, it’s been since around 1974 or 75 since I had been
fishing. Me and my PawPaw used to fish all the time, before
I graduated high school and got married. It’s nice to be able to
get back to fishing and just enjoying nature. of course I always
enjoy nature being I love photography and always ready to take
a picture hehehe. I at all times have my camera ready for a lil
venture of photography. I thank God for all my abilities with
music, poetry and photography. I know that I have many other
abilities that I am not so aware of as I am sure you have many
abilities that you might not be aware also. We many times will
be found using our abilities every day and not even be aware of
it. Being a caretaker or a friend to someone that is in need of
someone to talk to! That is a gift. There are countless gifts
that we many times do not see or use. Some may lay dormant
until we find out we have them. Let God help you to find your
gifts. Often it just means by loving and caring. Lend someone
your opened arms when they need a hug. It might make your
day much brighter. Don’t let the past to pull you away from
life. Yes things might not go well, but you cannot hole up in
your little shell of fear and expect good things to happen. Some
risks are needed. Yet, don’t be stupid and do what you know
without a shadow of a doubt is not right or not going to work out
well. Use good judgment. But don’t judge ones simply by their
appearance. What’s seen on the outside, might not be what’s
within. If you were to see me in your day to day life and not
know me, you might shy away from me, because of my looks.
The pages of a person may be different than what’s found
on the cover of the book. Let God be your guide. Jesus went
to the sinners to help them, because the others needed not a
guide. He sought out the lost sheep and brought them back
to the flock. Well, I reckon I have rattled once again hehe!
I guess it’s time for me to be taking my little venture back
through all I’ve written in my points of recollection to see if
I can find a good word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So, it’s away I go to that place
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I found
a good title not to awful far back in my rambling hehehehe.
Now let’s see what if anything at all I can do with it!!!!!!
Here goes…….

Good Judgment

Choose directions
here to there
as you say
a daily prayer.
Use good judgment
in your mind
and then maybe
good you’ll find.
Chances taken
might need be
sometimes for a
way to see.
Don’t let others
cloud your view
and deter from
what that’s true.
Use good judgment
in detail
seeking Heaven
not for Hell.
Don’t let vision
be misled.
Let your eyesight
be well fed.
Let this moment
that you see
be the best
that it can be.

©By Bill Pearce
July 4, 2010

Ok, I hope you understood that poem LOL! Also I hope my
rambling did not lose ya. My hip is hurting something awful,
so I will have to find an ending for this pretty quick. Darned
old arthritis!!! I fractured my hip our first year up here with a
slip on the ice and it hurts 24-7. Oh well, the price of getting
old LOL. I guess getting old is better than the alternative huh.
Hehehe but then in Heaven I won’t be hurting. So what do I
have to say about that, AHEM hehehehe,,,,Come on Heaven!
Yeppers, I fear not death, for I know I will have a body with
no ailments, but until then, my story is not up LOL. I think
God has a few more journals, poems and haikus for me to
write hehe. Yep I reckon He has many other things planned
for me. Time will tell. So I guess it’s about time for me to
be searching for ye ole off switch, but before I do that hehe
I need to tell you what I tell you every single week LOL and
that is, I wrote some more poems and haikus. Two of the
poems are Christmas poems. I’ll let you figure out which 2.
Ok, so I will once again wish you a most joyful 4th of July.
Have a wonderful week and always remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now to find that confounded off switch.
Found it hanging on the swinging louvers of the evaporative
Air cooled fan hehehe. Gotcha!!! See ya CLICK zzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus
10 and 22 hehehehe 😉

Unknowingly Choose

More than a moment
a minute might seem
as it is feeling
just like a dream.
Many times seconds
will in a way
seem as the biggest
part of the day.
Our own perceptions
morning to night
may in a way
be filled up with fright.
More times our journeys
daylight to dark
are just the fractions
we chose to embark.
We might unknowingly
choose ways to go
more than a moment
in our to and fro.

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2010

Times Dusty Trails

Summers reflecting
off of the past
with all the echoes
of certain contrast.
Summer is showing
many a view
gathered beginning
morning to noon.
Then on to evening
summertime shows
how then by nightfall
where all it goes.
Summers perception
is what we find
as it dispenses it
into our mind.
Found in the summer
are times dusty trails
seeming as oceans
of many details.

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2010

Dreaming Shoes

Winter is coming
soon I can tell
for I see segments
of its little trail.
Found in the middle
of summertime’s way
I see beginnings
of nows winter day.
Winter is coming
as I look on
within my journey
of night unto dawn.
I see the heartbeats
of Christmas design
found in the beginning
of dear wintertime.
Winter is coming
with fresh fallen snow
that will distinguish
all that I know.
Soon will be Christmas
in wintertime’s views
as I trudge onwards
in my dreaming shoes.

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2010

Search Passed Sadness

Within the midst
of now you see
there might display
an A to Z.
Things of beauty
here to afar
that just elude you
wherever you are.
God gives many
things to enjoy
yet we so often
just find they annoy.
Within shadows
time is painted
some by us
a little tainted.
Find the blessings
God has true
each for ones like
me and you.
Search passed sadness
and see good
that is often

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2010

That Wonderful Time

Found in the meadow
are things so divine
that I will often
wish they were mine.
Yet in the meadow
is timeless accord
that are the blessings
come from my Lord.
The sights and sounds
of all I view
seem to harmonize
here through and through.
Found in the distance
something is heard,
a quaint little tune
from a little song bird.
I with my passion
stay there in mind
as I remember
that wonderful time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2010

Peace In Your Mind

Onwards our visions
look hard to see
sometimes the minutes
given for free.
So often lifestyles
take all control
leaving us empty
with only a goal.
Don’t let your lifestyle
to seek for the wrong
for many segments
just do not belong.
Look to the choices
and see what that’s good
and not what might be
Look now with onwards
as daily you find
new ways of living
with peace in your mind.

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2010

Summertime’s Scenes

See now selections
of summertime’s scenes
painted with Earthly
red, yellow, greens.
Look to the sky now
and see in each cloud
how that perception’s
surely endowed.
See every viewpoint
that you can find
with an unbridled
dreaming like mind.
Let yourself flow on
from season to hue
in the selections
that now are with you.
Search for the blessings
found deep within
the summertime’s scenes
of which that begin.

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2010

Always To See

I am now dreaming
of where I can go
when I am walking
in thens Christmas snow
Found in my footsteps
are every trace
within the white snow
of which I embrace.
Christmas beginnings
fluffy and white
seen as the seasons
each day and night.
I’m only dreaming
right now and today
while I am waiting
for Christmas display.
My dreams are living
as thoughts in my head
when then at nighttime
I lay down in bed.
I seek the visions
of reality
to be as Christmastime
always to see.

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2010

Chance After Chance

Some view Heaven
and Hell as not true,
but in the end
they’ll get a view.
It’s not our judgment
that will discern,
but all the lessons
of turn after turn.
I can’t imagine
a life without God
or without Heaven
to surely applaud.
I can remember
my life long ago
filled with much anger
and also much woe.
I was so lonely
for I chose a way
leading me sadly
through day after day.
Yet when I found
Lord Jesus inside,
I also found then
my eyes opened wide.
I found much hopeful
in futures expanse
that came from Heaven
of chance after chance.

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2010

Every Fragrance

Lingering fragrances
each day bestows
seem to make journeys
right into my nose.
Some causing sneezing
and some a good smell
lingering fragrances
seems to compel.
In every fragrance
is found but a frame
of such a moment
that has its own name.
Lingering thusly
a fragrance in time
makes its own journey
from its own design.
Some are short-winded
with their come and go
as they are first
right after the snow.
Yet other flowers
will come into play
with every fragrance
of their own display.

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2010

for July 3, 2010

Looks are deceiving
as many are deception.
Look at their actions.

Foraging for life
is so often misconceived.
Try to understand.

Lessons are journeys
including many speed bumps
that may change your stride.

A winters flower
will bloom as it struggles hard
to stay above snow.

Many points in time
are but only weigh stations
from here unto there.

Sources of anger
might come from unforgiving
and not letting go.

Letters are written
as people try to explain
what lives in their hearts.

Our Earthly shadows
might leave the marks of restraint
when we are trying.

Answers are made up
by ones caught and in trouble
for doing intentions.

Dedication thrives
with the flowers of heartbeats
blooming with Jesus.

The painters canvas
makes ready for its journey
to here and afar.

Tomorrows essence
might be subsequently found
as only a dream.

Morning will arrive
with or without permission,
so just enjoy it.

Conclusion jumping
can leave you standing alone
with falsely accused.

A ship out at sea
leaves a trail within the waves
that vanish away.

Too much anything
finds you with times of trouble
without a balance.

Normal times people
don’t always act so normal
due to the moments.

God gives us answers
that are sometimes misconstrued
as timely unfair.

Midmorning sunshine
makes its imprints on the day
as the sun moves on.

Lives are evolving
as we each live together
no matter how far.

Looking for true love
might lead you into trouble.
Let God be your guide.

Significant sights
are the scenes of Gods blessings
within me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
July 3, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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