Christmas Remembered


Hello my friends

I hope you are having a great day in celebration.
I wasn’t going to write anything today, being it is
Christmas 🙂 and even I need a day off HoHoHo,
but I figured I’d write just a little short note and
maybe even share a poem or two. Judy and I are
being lazy today just relaxing and enjoying the
blessings of Christmas. We watched Christmas
movies all night long hehe. We’re fixing to play
some Christmas hidden object games as soon as
we get dinner made and laundry done so we have
clothes to wear hehehe. Yes I know, laundry
can wait, but it’s not like it’s a job LOL. The
washing machine and dryer do most of the work.
Thank God for technology. Well, I guess I need
to find a place here to say goodbye until next
year when I return with a new year of Greetings.
Yet, I’m not going to end this without a poem 🙂
So here is you a little Christmas poem that I
stirred up from the coals of my mind.

Christmas Remembered

Tomorrows blessings
we found in a picture
could be the memories
within a fixture.
The little things that
times have discovered
often are what that
Christmas uncovered.
Christmas remembered
as loved ones of old
and also many that
were not so bold.
It’s our own memories
that often will hide
what that is going on
deep down inside.
So now this Christmas
don’t make life dismembered.
Keep it as blessings of
Christmas remembered.
Have a Merry Christmas
with seasons delight
and keep the joy of
Jesus in sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 25, 2011

Ok, so there ya go and here are two more Christmas
poems for you. The first is one that I promised to write
for Judy and the other is just a little story based poem
that I wrote. I hope you enjoy both. Take care and
keep the joy and love of Christmas in your heart as the
year moves ahead. I will see you next year/next week.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
Now on with the poems HoHoHoHoHo
only 2 this time hehehe

That Dream Came Alive

In a dream long ago
was someone wished to find
found as but only
a dream in my mind.
That dream came alive
with oceans of swells
bringing me dreamland
with lifelike details.
Soon as the days passed
and dreams continued on
I found a new life
that came with new dawn.
This life was enhanced
by a wonderful view
found as a blessing
in a dream that came true.
This dream that I dreamt
so very long ago
was that of my true love
and winters white snow.
Dreaming of Christmas
that’s shared with true love
I found me an answer
from Lord God Above.
Within this great dream
was a key to my heart
found in a place then
when so far apart.
Miles soon were tarried
as Love guided me
to whom that I dreamed of
and wished for to see.
Then our first Christmas
was blossomed and grown
to what together
we each now have known.
Days throughout winter
with Christmastimes flair
we found through Jesus
that true love and care.
Now as the days pass
with winters white hue
we are together
in this life so anew.
Christmas comes quickly
as time moves along
while we embrace it
to never be gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 22, 2011

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

Father Christmas

Father Christmas filled with love
won’t you please display
answers to my hopes and dreams
delivered by your sleigh.
Yes dear Santa Claus of time
will you please give me
all the blessings Christmas bound
of which that I can see.
Such as snowflakes from the sky
landing on my face
and the sight of love and peace
that’s given by God’s Grace.
Father Christmas filled with love
won’t you please come by
with your magic Christmas Eve
across the nighttime sky.
I now lay here dreaming surely
of the things I’ll see
when I wake up Christmas morning
and look beneath our tree.
Father Christmas Santa Claus
I now dream of you
and all the magical things
of which you’ll surely do.
Sugarplum fairies in my dreams
are dancing to the tune
Santa Claus is coming to town
soon and very soon.
Yes dear Santa father Christmas
I now lay in bed
while all of the Christmas magic
dances in my head.
Thinking of Dear Jesus Christ
and all that He’s done
oh so freely with forgiveness
for He is God’s Son.
Santa Claus called father Christmas
you bring this to view
how that Jesus Christ had come
with gifts for me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 24, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

God Has Made


Hello my friends

Well once agin I’m late writing hehehe. That’s my life.
A day late and a dollar short hehehe. Actually quite a
few dollars short LOL. My sound driver on my PC
is a bit messed up at the moment, so I can’t hear what
I’m sending via Outlook Express, so I hope it comes
through OK of course only for those of you receiving
this via stationery format. How have you been? It’s
been cold the last few days and supposed to get much
colder. I guess that’s to be expected huh! Well, not
much has changed on the pages of Pearce’s household.
The ice cracking ever so often tends to startle me from
time to time LOL. It sounds like somebody beating
on the house hehehe. The weather up here has been
on the rainy side the last few days which isn’t good
being it’s been freezing rain most of the time hehehe.
In other words it’s been a slip sliding adventure to
and from the mailbox lately LOL. I know I should
put the cleats on my shoes, but I just haven’t gotten
around to it yet hehehe. It’s supposed to snow some
more this week. At the moment most of the snow
has been washed away by the rains, but there are
still a few patches of snow here and there that have
managed to hang tight. I’m sure they won’t get
lonesome hehehe. They’ll soon be joined by much
more snow. It’s that time of year that the snows
start to be a little more often. Well, back to my
sound driver hehehe. I fixed it a minute ago and it
works now. That was bugging me and I couldn’t
quit thinking about it LOL. Anyways, it’s working
now and I can hear the music in my stationery 🙂
Now I can move along with my rambling without
wondering how to fix it hehehe. Judy is behind
me at her PC playing a match three game called
Fishdom – Frosty Splash. I bought it the other
day for $2.95 and installed it on both of our PC’s.
I’ve been playing it off and on as well, but she is
way ahead of me now even though I started a few
days before her LOL. That’s being that the blue
that is in the game tends to mess with my eyes
after a little bit. I’m sort of color blind and the
color blue goes spastic after a while leaving me
with a head ache. Oh well, I like the game,
but prefer the hidden object games that her and
I can play together on my PC. We’re playing one
that is called Christmas Wonderland 2. We just
finished Christmas Wonderland 1 the other day.
Life here in the cold of Maine has not been all
that bad. God has made sure we have all that
we need in life and even provided some of our
wants to fill us with joy. Judy’s unemployment
is just about to run out and if they don’t give
her extension, we might be pinching penny’s
literally. Oh well, life goes on. I’ve had to live
on much less in the past, but I was all alone
at the time. Judy and I are not buying much
for Christmas. Hehehe I bought her and I
a Chinese Checker set the other day for our
Christmas present. It only costed $11.95 LOL.
Remember, Christmas isn’t about gifts that
we buy and share with one another all though
it is a great thing to do. Christmas is all about
our Savior Jesus Christ who was born to show
us His understanding. Being that He was
born as a man He also through time endured
all that we could possibly incur. Maybe not
the same situations, but none the less the
same pain. So, this Christmas take a step
out of yourself and see what He has done
for you. You will then see the gifts of which
Christmas provides. Now I think it’s about
time for me to be venturing back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I can find me a
good word or phrase that might work for the
title for today’s brand new poem. And so, it’s
away I go to that place of my recollection that
I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think
I may have stumbled upon a good title. Now,
let’s see what I can do with it hehehehehe.
Here goes…… 🙂

God Has Made

A life of stages
said and done
were implanted
by God’s Son.
God has made
so many things
even how a
small bird sings.
It’s the blessings
of the days
that we often
miss the phase.
God has made
a sight to see
such as snowflakes
falling free.
So many things
God has laid true
such as love
for me and you.
God has made
this very place
and He filled it
with His Grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2011

I hope that made at least a little sense to you hehe.
My tummy is growling. Me thinks I might need to
eat or something LOL. I haven’t had anything to
eat today. I’ve been too caught up trying to fix my
sound card. It just needed tweaking hehehehehe.
Before I tell you anything else, I need to ask for
some prayer for my good friend Donald aka Tiny.
He’s in ICU right now in Greenville TX and not
doing too well. Him and me go way back. He’s
a big man or should I say was, being now he’s in
his 80’s. I think he was 6’11” back in the old days.
I’m afraid he’s not going to make it this time. He
requested me to call him yesterday and I got him
before they carried him to ICU. I reminded him
that God is in control and all will be well. I also
promised him that I would see him again one day.
Our friendship is a good one. Also I want you
to keep praying for my sister in law Barbara.
She’s doing well, but the chemo and radiation
treatments are wearing on her. I love ya Barb.
Hang in there. Now it’s time for me to tell you
what I tell you ever week and that is, I wrote
some more poems and haiku. Yeppers 10 more
poems with 4 of them being Christmassy. Also
I wrote once again 22 haiku for all of my haiku
lovers out there. Now before I begin my little
search for that confounded off switch, I need
to wish you a most wonderful God filled week
and a Merry Christmas. Remember, Jesus
loves you and we do too. Now it’s time for me
to begin my search for that off switch. Found
it hiding in my package of Reese’s Peanut
Butter cups hehehe. Get out of there, they’re
mine 🙂 Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Scenes So Joyful

Hours counted
bring a sight
that of Christmas
I delight.
Soon dear Christmas
will be seen
here and now
and in between.
Moments joyful
painted true
with that wondrous
Christmas hue.
Hours ticking
bring the sound
that of music
all around.
Heard as echoes
here and there
hours counted
with a prayer.
That from Jesus
born that day
in a manger
filled with hay.
Scenes so joyful
come in phase
with the sight of
Christmas days.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2011

He Gave His Son

On that day
so long ago
there was One
we’ve come to know.
Now He’s part
of history
and the lives
of you and me.
This dear Baby
I speak of
gave to us
His Fathers Love.
He is now
forever true
living breathing
days anew.
So this Christmas
why not try
to seek peace
with Adonai.
Through His Love
He gave His Son
to make Heavens
battle won.
Through forgiveness
we can find
true and joyful
peace of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2011

Morning’s Displayed

Morning comes
with blessings found
as a fragrance
all around.
Scenes are displayed
here and there
as the sunlight’s
moments prayer.
Painted murals
up above
are the mornings
way of love.
Giving freely
by God’s Hand
morning shows
the sights so grand.
Scenes as presents
wrapped so sweet
as some candy
we can eat.
Tasted with our
taste and smell
and our sight
from God’s inkwell.
Morning’s displayed
fancy free
as a gift
to you and me.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2011

Let Loose Of Anger

With just a minute
an hour can thrive
leaving and echo
with each day alive.
So many minutes
in days that we see
are left as pages
of bad history.
When looking backwards
make sure that the view
isn’t just anger
that needs not be true.
Sometimes tomorrow
needs us to say
I’m letting go
as I enter today.
Let loose of anger
of then, when and there
and find some peace
in the days breath of air.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2011

Those Shadows

A little shadow
found displayed
might be one that
echoes made.
Sometimes shadows
that we see
are just signs of
Let those shadows
that you viewed
find the truth
that’s misconstrued.
Often shadows
time to time
are just moments
bad design.
Let your shadows
find some joy
through the actions
you deploy.
Don’t let action
you display
come and haunt
another day.
Use good judgment
what you do
and those shadows
won’t haunt you.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2011

Pick And Choose

Now as I sit here
awaiting tomorrow
I find I’m filled with
a moment of sorrow.
Times that eluded me
leaving me waiting
for what my heart finds
I’m always debating.
Wishing for hours
and minutes of time
to come and give me
a better design.
Often the pages
of days that I see
leave me just wanting
a healthier me.
Times that I wasted
just out of control
I find I’m wishing
a much different goal.
Now I’m much older
and wiser the same
knowing that living
is not just a game.
Life has its stages
with pages we set
and some are journeys
we’ll never forget.
Lessons are gathered
yet needed to use
through now today
as we pick and choose.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2011

Sound of His Name

So many seasons
come into play
as they are leading
to Christmas day.
Easter brings joy
of the third day to see
Jesus came back
for both you and me.
Thanksgiving also
shows us so true
how being thankful
is how we’re to do.
So many moments
elude us each day
as all the seasons
that just fade away.
Fall displays colors
of blessings of time
that can enlighten
our daily design.
Christmas is fathomed
in many details.
Some seen as candles
and some seen as bells.
Yet Christmas surely
is much more to see,
for it’s about
what God gave for free.
He gave His Son
to help us to know
that He is there
where ever we go.
Jesus is living
as an on burning flame
saving us daily
with sound of His Name.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2011

Antsy Minutes

Bringing sections
fast alive
might be burdens
to survive.
Hurried wanna
with a gain
might just be
a time insane.
Don’t bring sections
oh so fast
into hurried
shadows cast.
Let some peaceful
sections true
live and breath
in things you do.
Antsy minutes
said and done
might be what
that’s not so fun.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2011

December Mornings

December mornings
come at a glance
sometimes as glimmers
of time in a trance.
December pathways
donning the sight
come from the minutes
of hours of night.
December mornings
found in the frame
are with the shimmers
in my windowpane.
Decembers moments
that seem to shine
are of so many
of great Christmastime.
Christmas with loved ones
from so long ago
are now remembered
as stages of snow.
Yet often Christmas
was snow never seen
only with childhood
found in a dream.
December mornings
bring me much love
that comes from Christmas
and all I think of.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2011

What’s Not Today

A simple grasp
or touch in time
can be what
that many find.
Many seeking
for their place
in a simple
time and space.
Trivial minutes
seem to pass
leaving many
troubled mass.
Many others
look and see
what that may not
truly be.
A simple hold
on want and way
might just be
what’s not today.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2011

for Dec 18, 2011

Looking for beauty
might cause you to miss the sight.
Beauty is skin deep.

The truth in people
could be in many shadows
and how they’re displayed.

Many of our flaws
are really perfections
and how we’re unique.

Tomorrows porthole
needs help from today’s actions,
so don’t just waste it.

Scenes all around us
are capable of beauty.
They just need some help.

When reading people
don’t forget to read the heart,
for the outside lies.

No journey in time
is left without perception.
Look for the right sight.

A simpletons mind
does things without first thinking
and leaves destruction.

Paving tomorrow
begins with one by one steps
throughout now and then.

Successful thinking
comes when all is thought out clear,
before stepping out.

Judging someone else
might find you in the lamplight
as others judge you.

A path in the snow
is covered soon as snowflakes
fall down from the sky.

Many directions
end up in much the same place,
but some much better.

Mornings arrival
brings many questions to ask
and many answers.

When you’re with closed eyes
you miss what is before you,
so don’t walk blindly.

The oceans sweet sound
is as serenading surf
pounding on the shore.

Nighttime brings starlight
that glimmers as some angels
twinkling in the night.

The depth of the sea
makes ones wonder about life
and all that exist.

Fluorescent fixtures
illuminate what we perceive
which darkness will hide.

Anger needs to cease
when the point and time is gone.
Today’s a new day.

Leftover heartaches
will bring some access baggage
into tomorrow.

Start the day with smiles
and they might blossom truly
into the real thing.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Stuff Ignored


Hello my friends

I hope you’re doing well this holiday season and the
bah humbugs have not taken over 🙂 Judy and I are
planning on driving on up to Caribou sometime during
the Christmas holidays and see the kids and grandkids.
It all depends on what the weather is like though. If
it’s a blizzard, then chances are we will stay put here
at home. I’m hoping we don’t have any bad weather
at that time. Right now I’m finding it hard to see being
my body is running on lesser sleep than normal due to
me hurting all night long with all of my many runs
to the bathroom. This is really beginning to wear on
me, but there isn’t anything that can be done about
it, so I shall continue on hehe. So, are you ready for
Christmas? Right now I’m wondering if I’ll even be
alive by then. It seems my strength is getting weaker
and weaker as the days go by. I can hardly keep my
eyes open right now. I’m hoping that what ever it is
will pass on by soon, because I hate feeling this way.
Oh well, life goes on with or without me LOL. Now,
it’s time for a topic change. Is it cold where you are?
It’s pretty cold up this way and outside is painted all
white with snow. Right now it’s 23F degrees. I know
I got another late start on the journal, but it can’t be
helped. Just be happy I did it at all LOL. Judy and
I were going to go to WalMart today and buy a few
groceries, but being I’m feeling so peaked, we’re
going to wait for another day. She might end up
having to go by herself. I hope not, but time will
tell. Yet, for now, we’ve got enough groceries to
last a few more days, but she’s just about out of
diet Pepsi’s. We’ve had a delivery of heating oil,
so we’re set for the winter, but I’m keeping the
thermostat set at 50 for the rest of our house so
that the oil will last longer. We use our radiator
heaters in our bedroom and PC room so it’s not
as cold in there. The PC room stays rather warm
all the time, being it’s small and our computers
add to the heat hehehe. We stay in here most of
the time. Not much has changed in the Pearce’s
home. Judy and I are still, when we’re up to it,
playing our hidden object games and farming
games. We’ve been watching a few Christmas
movies on TV lately along with all of our other
favorite TV programs. Yeppers, we’re not that
exciting hehehe. Have you been getting ready
for Christmas? Judy and I have been listening
to Christmas music while we sleep or should I
say while she sleeps hehehe. I thank God for
what sleep I do get even if it’s just a minute or
two. Every little bit helps. We should all try to
be thankful for the little things. It’s the little
things that we often overlook. Let your eyes
not always be focused on the big things at hand.
Let God show you the blessings in the small
stuff. Sometimes that small stuff ignored can
become some very sad times when they’re gone.
We each will at some point of our life not see
the blessings such as a smile from someone we
have met or a hug that we needed at a moments
crisis. Look now and see all those blessings no
matter how small they might of seemed at that
moment they occurred. Now see the blessings
that God has given us through a little baby
that was born amongst us. God sent His Son
to show us that He does care and understand.
Through Jesus He knows our pain and sends
his forgiveness, love and understanding. Let
this coming Christmas be an awakening as
you find all of the blessings God has given you.
Now I think it’s about time for me to begin my
little venture back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that will work for the title of today’s brand new
poem. So it’s way I go to that place that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I may of
found a good title. Now we shall see if I can write
a halfway decent poem using it hehe. Here goes.

Stuff Ignored

Through our moments
we might lose
many blessings
that we choose.
Stuff ignored
through here and there
might be answers
to our prayer.
Don’t let hurry
make your view
with your ventures
for you might find
stuff ignored
might be one day
what’s adored.
Let your vision
see God’s grace
as He gives smiles
for your face.
All those seconds
passing by
might be needed
to apply.
So if you’re
ignoring this
you might also
miss God’s Kiss.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 11, 2011

I hope that made some sense to ya. I can barely see
what I’m typing right now, so I hope Judy can help
me edit this mess LOL. She’s behind me at her PC
sorting out stuff for her FarmTown farms hehehehe.
I haven’t eaten anything yet. My old intestines have
been giving me more trouble than usual lately making
it real hard to eat. Being I only have 2 thirds of my
small intestines and no colon and no colostomy, I
tend to have many days like this and according to my
doctor/surgeon that performed my surgery, it will
get much worse as I get older. I’m sure he would be
surprised that I am still alive, being my daddy died
of this very problem and surgery. My health issue
is hereditary and each generation of males gets it
earlier in life. I got it about 20 years before him.
At this time of the year I find I’m thinking about my
dad even more than normal. I miss him very much.
We used to put up the Christmas lights together
and we’d sit in the floor putting up the train set
that drove my mom crazy hehehe. Yet I’m sure
that she misses all of that and more now as well.
I miss you too mom. Wish I could see you this
Christmas. Maybe you and Peggy can come up
next year. Well it’s time for me to cease all my
rambling and tell ya what I tell ya every week
and that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yeppers, 10 more poems with 6 of them this
time being Christmas poems. Also I wrote once
again 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there. Before I go, I want to thank everyone
for all of the prayers for my sister in law Barb.
She is doing well. Now I think it’s time for me to
be searching for that old off switch that loves
to try to elude me, but before I do that I need to
wish you a most wonderful God filled week and
holiday season. Remember, Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now to find that off switch hehe.
Found it looking over Judy’s shoulder being
nosy LOL, Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Christmas Settings

Christmas dreams
are found in place
upon every
young child’s face.
Christmas stories
read and told
create dreams
from times of old.
Christmas blessings
come to dance
in a wondrous
scenic glance.
Christmas trees
and houses too
all lit up
with such a view.
Christmas lights
all colors seen
help to start
a Christmas dream.
Christmas settings
here and there
manger scenes
with Jesus prayer.
Christmas dreams
are found in place
given freely
with God’s Grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Great Design

Scenes around me
seem to shine
that of wondrous
White snow glistens
in my view
as it’s landed
so anew.
The distant trees
of to and fro
seem to shimmer
white as snow.
Now in starlight
I can see
moonlight shining
Upon the snow
of whitish glaze
I’m stood watching
in amaze.
Seeing snowflakes
gathered true
for my wondrous
Christmas view.
Painted doorways
now and then
help remind of
way back when.
Timeless echoes
seem to shine
with a Christmas
great design.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Some Think Christmas

Some think Christmas
is for shopping
with their daily
starts and stopping.
Some forget how
it is more
to give gifts
not from a store.
Giving love and
peace to shine
as the gift of
Some think Christmas
is just found
as a story
Santa bound.
It’s much more than
that you see,
for it’s about
what God gave free.
On this time of
Christmas day
God sent Jesus
with a way.
Jesus gives us
ways to find
Heavens glory
peace of mind.
You see Christmas
is much more
than a present
from the store.
It’s about
Lord Jesus’s birth
saving mankind
on this Earth.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Your Goal

Freely given
day to day
God has given
when we pray.
Sometimes moments
minutes served
are the portions
we’ve deserved.
Yet some moments
that we see
are mistaken
We might often
not see true
how God’s angels
helped us through.
Freely given
blessings found
are with God’s Own
solid ground.
Let not worries
take control.
Let God help you
with your goal.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

A Dreamers Ship

A winter turnstile
entered through
gives me such a
Christmas view.
Magical moments
hung with care
that God’s given
so to share.
In this turnstile
scenes are found
with white snow
upon the ground.
Also is seen
in such detail
is a dreamers
ship set sail.
The dreams of times
so faraway
through a turnstiles
distant day.
Christmas scenes
that we remember
that are found
amidst December.
A dreamers ship
will sail on through
with what seems
as so anew.
Seeing shorelines
filled with glee
with each lit up
Christmas tree.
A winters turnstile
brings a smile
that’s remembered
for a while.
All the scenes
that shine so bright
bring to mind
that Christmas sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Sometimes Someone

Sometimes someone
might fall down
and not display
their true frown.
Sometimes someone
might just laugh
when ones watching
come to pass.
Sometimes someone
is not showing
how their pain
is always growing.
Sometimes someone
might be seen
in the shadows
then to lean.
Sometimes someone
needs a prayer
to show that you
truly care.
Sometimes someone
then might show
how that with you
they can grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Filled With Grace

A blaze of glory
shines so sweet
with the blessings
none compete.
Christmas portions
poured so fine
of Lord Jesus
so Divine.
In an instance
God has done
He has given
His Own Son.
Filled with passion
oh so true
for the likes of
me and you.
Christmas glory
comes in frame
now as echoes
Jesus Name.
Scenic moments
now in place
are with passion
filled with Grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Make New Dreams

Now and then
and when and where
bring us minutes
none compare.
Sometimes minutes
seconds too
bring us such a
Christmas view.
In those moments
that we find
some live on
inside our mind.
Christmas stockings
hung with care
while awaiting
Santa there.
Twinkling lights
upon the tree
seem to live
in you and me.
All those moments
sometimes seen
may live on
as just a dream.
Make new dreams
this Christmastime
with some blessings
so divine.
Let not problems
that you’ve found
prevent Christmas
sight and sound.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Looks Can Deceive

Looks can deceive
what lives on inside
while many people
just wish to hide.
Yet many people
seen daily true
are just deceived
the way that we view.
Looks will not always
show in detail
how on the inside
one’s going through Hell.
Looks can deceive
what’s truly the case,
for you might not
see pain on their face.
Learn to look deeper
than just what you see,
and see the person
that needs you and me.
Often our judging
just makes the things worse
as of a sad song
that’s sung verse by verse.
Look and see truly
how they may just need
a little hug truly
to help them succeed.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Signs of Times

Signs of times
are in detail
with the bout
of Heaven and Hell.
Scenes are changing
daily true
signs of times
within our view.
Scenes around me
found in place
display things
of Saving Grace.
God gives blessings
through designs
found within
the signs of times.
Often viewpoints
we see through
show us not what’s
truly true.
Look for blessings
daily seen
maybe as a
running stream.
Maybe even
a passing cloud
or some thunder
very loud.
Let not worry
steal your peace.
Remember always
God’s Release.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

for Dec 10, 2011

The sound of thunder
makes known of lighting not seen.
Search for the lightning.

Pointing at someone
leaves three fingers pointing back.
You’re not without flaw.

Anger is a bomb
that explodes without warning.
Learn to control it.

A page that is turned
could leave pieces of you found
within yesterday.

Heavens great details
come as blessings from Jesus
born Christmas morning.

A mindset person
leaves no room for any change
and so they repeat.

Lessons from today
will be stories remembered
sometimes out of sync.

In our memories
live today’s and tomorrows
that we might not want.

A simple shadow
can determine how ones are.
They mock our actions.

The night shows glimmers
of white snow that’s on the ground
lit up by moonlight.

Sounding your anger
can expose stupidity
that lives on inside.

The Christmas morning
comes with children awakening
looking for Santa.

While thinking too hard
you might just find some headaches
ending your thinking.

Beyond tomorrow
lives journeys that await you
that are not today.

Ones stupidity
can evolve into anger
through them not knowing.

The scent of Christmas
floats heavily through each day
with the sights we see.

Beginnings arrive
when the endings are in place
for time to move on.

A written letter
that no one has seen or read
might just be wasted.

Hearing a bird chirp
brings to life what spring provides
as wintertime ends.

Sorting through doorways
could leave you in much despair.
Learn to let things go.

Blessings of flowers
are as aromas we smell
as springtime prevails.

Glassy eyed people
might be without any sleep,
so don’t judge harshly.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Blessings Unending

Animal’s Greetings

Hello my friends

I hope you are doing well. All’s fairly well around here.
Both Judy and I are still fighting allergies and colds that
I might add are just about to wear both of us out. I’m in
hopes that they leave here soon LOL at least the colds 🙂
I realize I myself will always have trouble with allergies.
I’m hoping Judy’s isn’t as bad, but it’s beginning to seem
that way. None the less, we’ll survive. It’s looking like
we might get snow all week long starting Monday night.
It’s that time of year I guess hehehe. Oh well, I do love
snow. I just tend to get tired of it after a few months or
so hehehe. Winter is here and there is no escaping that
factor LOL. There’s still a little snow left over from when
it snowed Friday night and Saturday morning early hehe.
I took a few pictures to use as stationary. You’re in for
a big surprise in a week or so. I made a new Christmas
stationary. Although many on my facebook have seen
most of the pictures. I’m planning on adding a few more
new pictures to the lot before I use them, so keep your
eyes peeled hehehe. It’s 32F degrees right now at 9:41
in the morning hours. That’s not too bad. It’s supposed
to get up to 41F. We shall see LOL. After today the
temperatures supposed to begin dropping. Thank God
for these radiator heaters hehehe. Judy and I are going
to have some heating oil delivered Tuesday. Hopefully
we don’t run out before then LOL. The furnace is for
the other end of the house to keep all the pipes from
freezing. It’s not so much for our warmth, but it does
help a bit, hehehe especially in the bathroom where
the only vent is opened in this part of the house LOL.
It’s a tad hard to use the restroom when it’s ice cold
hehehe. So that’s the only vent I left opened in this
end of the house. The radiator heaters do a pretty
good job of keeping the chill off in our bedroom and
PC room. Actually with our computers running and
the radiator heater, it gets rather toasty in here 🙂
There’s not much new to report from way up here in
the Northeastern part of the USA. Judy and I are
still doing our regular things such as playing with all
our farms in FarmTown as well as all of our many
hidden object games. We’re playing one now that
is timed and it’s sort of wearing on us hehehe, but
we’re both enjoying it. We played it yesterday, but
had to stop to watch TV and do our farms hehehe.
Did farms during commercials. God has been good
to us. He’s taken good care of us and made sure
that we had all that we needed. As long as we keep
our needs not in just a wanting stage, things will
be OK. I know, we all tend to time to time find
things that we want and think at the time we can’t
live without them, but step back and see if they
are really things you need. Often we have all that
we really need within our grasp. We might need
to step out of ourselves and ask for help, but God
does provide what we need. I know many will die
due to starvation, sickness and health issues, but
there is not a loss, but a gain for they are restored
in Heaven. Death on Earth is not the end, but the
beginning of an endless journey which can be with
blessings unending or Hell without any peace. Let
God come into your heart and show you a life
beyond what you see. You’ll find blessings that
you never new existed. Now with that said, I guess
it’s time for me to begin my venture back through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that lil place
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think
I may have stumbled upon a good title. Now let’s
see what I can do with it hehehe. Here goes…..

Blessings Unending

Hopeful times
come to be
with God’s blessings
that we see.
Blessings unending
daily found
come when we find
His solid ground.
Yet we might not
see them true
in the days
of which accrue.
Often our blessings
day to day
are as echoes
as they sway.
Blessings unending
might be seen
us not knowing
what that they mean.
So those blessings
that He’s given
might be found
as He’s forgiven.
All the things
we’ve said and done
are forgiven
through His Son.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011

There ya go! I hope you enjoyed my rambling and maybe
even the poem hehehe. There isn’t much else happening
up here at the Pearce’s household. My sister in law Barb
is still hanging in there. Judy and her other sister Dena
went with Barbara last Thursday for more of her cancer
treatments. I’m hoping that Judy got the cold afterwards
and didn’t have it when she was with Barb. She surely
doesn’t need that on top of the cancer. I pray that she
is back to her healthy self real soon. Love ya Barb 🙂
Get well soon! Ok with that said, I reckon it’s time for
me to tell you what I tell you every week and that is
I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yeppers 10 more
poems with 4 of them being Christmas poems. I also
once again wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku
lovers out there. Now with that said I guess I need to be
searching for that old off switch, but before I do that
I need to wish you a most joyful and blessed week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to
find that freaking off switch that loves to elude me.
Found it once again under the electric blanket just
trying to get warm hehehe. Hey dummy, it’s warmer
in here hehehe. My side of the blanket is OFF hehe
and I don’t think Judy wants to share her side with
you hehehe. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. Hehehe you might notice in the dates of all
the poems that I wrote them all this morning 🙂
Busy busy busy hehehehehe

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Confused Discovered

Some misleading
might lead to
some devastations
when in fact
the moments found
is ones art
of sight and sound.
Some might find them
sort of seen
described as
what sights demean
while some people
day to day
might just choose
to look away.
Let your vision
taken true
not imprisoned
every view,
for the moment
you uncovered
might just be
confused discovered.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011

That Little Scene

A scene of Christmas
that we see
might be found
in just a tree.
from long ago
from a tree
with spray on snow.
A simple scene
of timeless flare
that is filled
with love and care.
A scene of Christmas
sweet and true
that’s remembered
in your view
might just echo
as some pages
from some distant
wondrous ages.
That little scene
of way back when
might just be
how to begin.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011

Let Not Judgment

Winters coming
with its portions
displayed as some
Christmas notions.
Winter winds are
blowing true
in this seasons
through and through.
Christmas blessings
come to town
as some snowflakes
falling down.
Seasonal settings
come in sync
how that many
daily think.
Christmas values
often tarried
end with many
sights all varied.
So when Christmas
comes to town
it brings many
views around.
Some insightful
of what’s good
and some just
Christmas blessings
need to shine
not just as
our own design.
Let this seasons
Christmas cheer
be what others
will endear.
Let not judgment
deceive you
just because it’s
not your view.
Remember Christmas
here on Earth
is for Jesus
and His birth.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011

Christmas Glory

The stage is set
as pages turn
bringing true
what I discern.
The story told
that I remember
is the time of
each December.
The stage is set
with moments told
here and now
from days of old.
Christmas mornings
brought on stage
with a wondrous
turning page.
Many blessings
come to be
through this time
of which I see.
Santa’s sleigh bells
heard in flight
are the sound
deep in the night.
Christmas Eve
as night gives way
brings such things
as Christmas Day.
Christmas morning
comes in view
as ones see
a sight anew.
Gifts beneath
the Christmas tree
brought by Santa
given free.
The stage is set
with curtain drawn
seeing all the
mornings dawn.
Christmas glory
shines so sweet
as the stories
none compete.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011


Often a segue
seen out of place
brings ones confusion
found on their face.
Often a moment
found out of line
might be a minutes
difference of time.
Often appearance
is just a phase
found in the light of
troublesome days.
Often our viewpoints
seen at a glance
are just some seconds
found as mischance.
Often a moment
that we’ve believed
is just a section
we’ve misconceived.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011

Just A Touch

A touch of love
from you and me
can change now
and history.
Some forgiveness
carried today
makes a better
future display.
Just a touch
of love so true
from the likes of
me and you
can make heartbeats
found in time
beat of wondrous
love divine.
So let minutes
that you share
be as magic
in the air
with just a touch
of Heaven’s scent
helping many
to repent.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011

A Scenes Premise

A word that’s said
that seems sincere
might be something
heard unclear.
A scenes premise
from simple views
might have many
different dues.
Things we thought
with sight and sound
might just be
so wrongly found.
The premised time
that then reviewed
could be just
what’s misconstrued.
Sometimes things
of which we see
are just times
a wrong degree.
Out of phase
before our eyes
might just be
a scenes premise.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011

Moons Promise

The promise that’s seen
with coming of night
sometimes is found
with no moon in sight.
The moons promise
is but a dream
found as a face
in nighttimes cuisine.
The big round figure
sometimes obscured
is but a story
of word after word.
With the many stars
that glimmer above
the moon brings glory
to ones found in love.
Some sit and stare
at the moon and the stars
while they hear
the passing of cars.
The moons promise
is but a sight
often seen clearly
with coming of night.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011

The Presence of Angels

With many problems
are many answers
sometimes as God’s Own
Heavenly dancers.
The presence of angels
comes at a time
when someone’s needing
God So Divine.
Sometimes their presence
is but a glimmer
found at the moment
life’s seeming dimmer.
Angels are watching us
as God provides
when we’re incurring
some bumpy rides.
So let not worry
to find you despair,
for God gives angels
with love and care.
Give God a prayer
when troubles accrue
and He’ll send angels
to help with your view.
Yet do not wait
for troublesome times,
pray now to Jesus
for future designs.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011

Christmas Blessings

White as clouds
the snowflakes fall
as they cover
over all.
In this season
scenes are found
with white snow
upon the ground.
Yet so many
do not see
snowflakes falling
fancy free.
Christmas moments
come and go
with the thoughts of
to and fro.
Times remembered
far and wide
are what many
Many blessings
come within
a great design.
Seen by many
just so sweet
as their Christmas
meal they eat.
Sweet potatoes
and pumpkin pie
bring so many
eye to eye.
Often memories
are best seen
with a little
manger scene.
Maybe some lights
upon the tree
might be all
ones wish to see.
Christmas blessings
come so grand
when we see them
God in hand.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011

for Dec 4, 2011

Guarding tomorrow
could prevent today’s venture.
Focus on today.

Lessons are painted
as the pictures are displayed
as things we have done.

The sounds of nature
are echoes of adventure
that we often miss.

Listen to the breeze
as its speaks its many words
found within the trees.

A shadow of time
might seem as an illusion,
but be found as truth.

Looking at someone
will not tell who that they are.
The truth is inside.

With a page that’s turned
brings a chance for tomorrow
if then is released.

So many stories
tell of truthful and fiction.
Learn to tell what’s right.

Beyond yesterday
lies the chances for today
found with lessons learned.

Your own decisions
can affect many others,
so heed what you do.

Tasting a snowflake
as it falls onto your tongue
can bring you much joy.

A haiku moment
that a minute brought to life
can breathe out a thought.

Seemingly subtle
some flavors are still tasted
as shadows of time.

Night lights that twinkle
could be the stars up above
dancing and singing.

With oceans of waves
come scenes hidden deep within
exposed on the shore.

Writing a story
needs a little of yourself
found in the pages.

Sometimes tomorrow
holds but only fear within
found in the unknown.

A butterflies wings
carry it on its journey
after it is transformed.

Looking passed now
might end you in more trouble.
Then has no promise.

With snowflakes of white
children build a large snowman
that withstands winter.

Braving a moment
might show your stupidity.
There’s a real fine line.

Reading someone’s eyes
finds misinterpretation
when not knowing true.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 4, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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