A New Day


Hello my friends

I hope you have a Merry Christmas.  Judy and I did.  We spent
it home with the boys watching Christmas movies and eating :).
I’m guessing we might of gained a few pounds hehehe.  Oh well,
we enjoyed our time together with the boys.  We opened up our
gifts Christmas morning.  We got some T shirts for us that say
Official Dog Walker and Benny and Milo got tube shirts that
say Official Human Walker LOL.  My loving wife bought them
for us :).  We’ve still got tons of snow outside.  Our neighbor
and his brother or one of his friends made sure the driveways
were plowed.  LOL they got out last night and played with the
snowplow.  I moved our car so they could plow our driveway
and noticed the BIG oversized tires on his truck and made a
comment.  “I bet they dig in huh”  and he said” watch this”.
They took off through the deep snow in the field and pushed
and shoved their way through.  I took a video of them and my
neighbor said “send it to me”.  I had to size it down first LOL,
but I got it done and emailed it to him hehehe. I bet he gets
a kick out of the video.  They were hollering at me way out in
the field saying oops.  hit a wall,  then he backed up and gave
another running shot at it and plowed right through hehehe.
The snow was about 3 or more feet deep,  but he managed
to plow through.  I thought sure he was gonna either blow up
his motor or hit a spot that was too deep for even his large
tires to trudge through.  Thoughts in my head said,  he might
have to wait for spring thaw LOL.  But,  he made it.  They
had a blast.  This was all going on at around 1 AM in the
morning LOL.  He said, “we we weren’t too loud were we”?
I said naw,  Judy and I are night owls and were just messing
around Facebook.  Anyways,  that is pretty much all of our
excitement from our little spot in the world hehehe.   Yep,
The Pearce’s Place on most days is a quiet one aside from a
couple of happy barking dogs.  Benny and Milo keep us
entertained.  Judy went over her sisters house Saturday
and me and the boys had some guy time LOL.  I laid down
for a bit and then got up and did the dishes.  Judy got home
late and brought us burgers and fries from McDonalds :).
We watched Pit bulls and Paroles and then played our word
game Fowl Words.  She played on her PC and I played on
mine.  We often get stumped and help one another figure
out the words LOL.  She’s better at it than me. My brain
doesn’t unscramble letters very well LOL.  Anyways,  we
enjoyed the evening and actually went to bed at around
3 AM which is actually a bit early for us compared to what
we normally do LOL.  I need to hurry and finish this so
I can fix her and I something to eat.  She is still in bed,
but neither of us has eaten anything today and I’m getting
hungry.  God has kept His Mighty Hands of love over us
protecting us from evil.  We’ve found the blessings within
our being joined together.  My life has been changed as
it has turned a new page from my life that had begun in
Texas to a different perspective with different scenery.
I had to stop and write few haiku LOL.  I had forgotten.
Ok, so back to the journal.  There’s not much else to tell.
Benny and Milo just came in here wanting my undivided
attention LOL.  I gave them each a treat that should keep
them busy for a bit.  They are good boys 🙂  God knew
that they needed a loving home and that we had much
love to give.  We can’t imagine our lives without these
little boys now.   It seems like they have always been
here with us.  Thank You God!  I guess it’s time for me
to begin my little search for a word or phrase that might
work for a good title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go to that place of my recollection that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found a good
title,  but must check to make sure I haven’t already
used it LOL.   Nope,  so it’s a go.  I hope I can write
something that makes sense using it LOL.  Here goes!

A New Page

A new year
with new to see
begins with time
from history.
A new page
of life that’s turned
brings to view
a new discerned.
Minutes pass
as ticking time
with impressions
that might rhyme.
For some moments
that we see
might be same
in you and me.
A new year
with a new page
gives a chance
for age to age.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

Ok,  so I hope you enjoyed my rambling,  oh yea and the poem.
Yeppers,  it’s been a week to remember around here.  Mostly
due to the snowplowing escapade of my neighbor last night LOL.
Yes,  Christmas was wonderful too :).  Ok so there’s not much
else to tell you,  so I guess it’s time for me to tell you what I tell
you every week and that is I wrote some more poems an haiku.
Yet,  this week I only wrote 5 poems being it was the Christmas
holidays.  Two of the poems are Christmas poems which brings
my total for Christmas poems this year to 102 LOL.  I also wrote
22 haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there,  but I accidently
wrote one extra before I caught myself hehe.  I hope you find
something that you like.  Now,  it’s time for me to be searching
for that ornery off switch that loves to TRY to hide from me :),
but not before I wish you a most wonderful week and a Happy
New Year.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.  OK,
where is that off switch hiding this time?   I think I see it there
right behind my eyedrops.  Hey dummy,  next time find a place
that’s a least a little larger than you to hide behind hehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
5 and 22+1 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Among The Stars

A snowy sky
of winters smile
displays as
a scenic while.
Among the stars
are views not seen
as winters style
a snowy dream.
The ventures found
are winters way
among the stars
of day to day.
The chilling frost
that comes and goes
is shadowed by
how winter snows.
Among the stars
is hidden well
the glaze winter
ones foretell.
The Earth goes round
as scenes are made
leaving footprints
ones have laid.
Among the stars
are you and I
upon this Earth
and snowy sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

Wings of Prayer

Winters stories
Christmas found
each December
comes around.
Wings of prayer
so many see
come with Christmas
you and me.
Scenes all decked out
lights aglow
with some displays
in the snow.
Ornaments hung
from every tree
for Christmas hearts
to surely see.
Christmas blessings
fill the air
brought by Jesus
wings of prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

Snowflakes of Christmas

Dreams of a snowflake
falling from the sky
are often found sweetly
as a Christmas reply
Snowflakes of Christmas
become every view
as many see pictures
of Jingle Bells true.
Silent Night images
also are seen
snowflakes of Christmas
found in a dream.
So many Christmases
come and will go
with ones just dreaming of
flakes white as snow.
Snowflakes of Christmas
become every wish
found as a blessing
of Christmas delish.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

The New Year Comes

The days of past
are shadows seen
that which was
a fluent stream.
The ticking minutes
now are gone
the new year comes
with a new dawn
With the movement
times bestow
the new year comes
as rivers flow.
True the past
reflected gaze
the new year comes
with better days.
Choices voices
said and done
the new year comes
to be begun.
Leave the passed days
troubles found
and look for good
this time around.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

Shadows of Thoughts

As years pass by
and each day changes
shadows of thoughts
our time rearranges.
Our views of then
in yesterdays frame
might now recall
a much different name.
For all the shadows
of thoughts we see
might be a lasting
Those days are gone
as years pass by
leaving so many
just asking God why.
For every minute
brings forth a view
shadows of thoughts
that once were you.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

for Dec 29,  2013

Life is a turnstile
that often swings real loosely,
but often will squeak.

When life brings sadness
find the joy of passing days
and then give a smile.

Mysteries of life
often live within our hearts
as two lives connect.

When Wintertime fades
it leaves thoughts within our mind
that recalls beauty.

Looks can be shadows
of what a person’s thinking,
but not who they are.

With every snowflake
there’s a building block of life
that’s displayed as white.

Windows of winter
bring us displays of snowflakes
with cold winds that blow.

A simple lifestyle
can become a disaster
if out of control.

A world connected
can become unbeatable,
but also trouble.

Living with peaceful
needs a little excitement
to not be boring.

A glimmer of life
can spark a new perspective
if death was in mind.

The spirit of God
brings strength to a passing gaze
as hope is alive.

With every minute
there are chances for a change,
either good or bad.

A journey of miles
begins with a few actions
backwards or forwards.

Tinsel on a tree
makes it to glitter and glow
like smiles on a face.

Beyond December
holds January’s intro
with New Year begun.

Today’s reflection
might not be so very great
when seen tomorrow.

Lessons from struggles
will stay with you much longer
than ones that you read.

Believing in someone
can give them strength to live
if you tell them true.

Today shows blessings
that many will not perceive
due to clouded minds.

A life that’s ignored
might wither away and die,
so show them your love.

Forgiving someone
is sometimes real hard to do
due to memories.

The shadow of love
finds it way inside a heart
and begins breathing.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 29,  2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
It can also be found at Barns&Noble and Amazon
Judy’s New Poetry book 🙂
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
and Old Fashioned Christmas site
My Animal’s Greetings site below
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and once again the poetry contest at
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

In Life Once Again


Hello my friends

It looks like that old flu bug has finally moved on and left us
to recover. It snowed all morning and poor old Milo had to do
the figure out how to get down the steps to potty again hehehe.
The snow was a tad deep and the steps were covered with the
white stuff as they still are because I am in no mood to start
shoveling at the moment LOL. I’m still feeling a little peaked.
They have both managed to plow through the snow to do their
duties. Of course Benny don’t mind. He spends most of his
time making all kinds of trails through the snow when he goes
exploring. He loves the snow. Yep, Benny is still a little pup
especially according to Milo hehehe. Milo will romp around
with Benny often, but many times he’d rather to just watch.
Yet, Milo has recently gotten in more of a playful mood and
wants to wrestle with me hehehe. He loves to have his belly
rubbed LOL. If I stop rubbing his belly, he’ll roll over quick
and chase after me with his paws LOL. What can I say, he
loves to be loved. Benny has always loved attention and is
always ready to play and he gets his share of attention LOL.
It’s 22 F degrees right now at 4:11 PM. It’s looking like we
will have a white Christmas once again. It might not snow
for Christmas, but it’s not gonna get warm enough to melt
this stuff away LOL. The weather has a way of changing
its mind without informing the weather man, so who knows
what the future holds. I know we will most assuredly get
more snow before winter is gone and it’ll get a whole lot
colder. Thank God we have heat. So I’m guessing that
not many of you missed my rambling last week huh LOL!
No, I guess ya didn’t. Oh well, for those of you that did,
I’m sorry. I’m human no matter what others might say and
I will get sick from time to time LOL. I did get some of my
Christmas poetry read on a Public Access TV program in
New York though. If you would like to watch it being you
are not in the area listings it was televised, then I’ll share
the link to it that was uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube so
you can watch it. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a free PBS
station, so they rely on donations. Here are the links to it.

A Poetic Christmas
Published Dec 2013
An episode from “The Play’s The Thing” a local television program in
Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess counties, NY. “A Poetic Christmas”
Adapted by: Richard Redmond. Featuring:Susan Bond, Tom Gorman,
Abby Jennings, Steve Manzino, Gary McNerney, Steve Smith, Anthony
Smith, Thomas, Smith, Richard Redmond, Douglas Zimmer
A reciting of various Christmas Poems.


I hope you enjoy the program. It was an honor to have
my poetry read by others. Richard told me that he will
most likely use my poetry every year. There’s no pay
involved, but there is tons of recognition that I would not
get other wise. It makes me happy 🙂 So, what else is
going on around The Pearce’s Place? Not much! We’re
still working off the remainder of that old flu bug that had
us in its grasp LOL. We’re still a bit weak, but getting
stronger every day. Thank God Benny and Milo can’t
get human diseases hehehe. They have been worried
about us and always wanting to be right beside us where
ever that might be LOL. Judy dyed her hair a reddish
hue last night. The color is called Red Velvet. I liked
her hair better with the platinum blond look and the pink
highlights, but she wanted a change :). So, now I’ve
gotta get used to the new look 🙂 Not hard, being it’s
still attached to the woman I love. Ok, so what else is
there to talk about? You’d think by me missing a week
that I would have more to tell, but we don’t exactly fill
the entertainment status of exciting LOL. Have you got
all of your Christmas shopping done? We’ve done all
that we can afford. We had to put another 100 gallons
of heating oil in our tank which cost over 400 dollars,
so that sort of strapped us for cash. But it’s better than
us freezing to death huh hehehe. We knew that these
little radiator heaters would not help much when it got
down to the subzero temperatures. The few days that it
got to subzero and our furnace was inoperable, the hot
water froze up in the spare room LOL. The little heaters
will keep us warm in the PC room and all, but not much
for the rest of the house in those conditions. Benny and
Milo stay snuggled together most of the time. Hehehe,
both of them are lying in the floor in their little beds right
between Judy and I right next to the heater. We have to
keep pulling them back away from the heaters. I’m sure
Milo’s head is nice and toasty right now hehe. The heater
is on low so it’s not too bad. Ok onto another topic. Judy
and I took a trip to WalMart Friday evening to do a little
much needed grocery shopping and it looked like we were
not the only ones that had that idea. The roads were bad
and it was snowing there and to, but if we had waited, it
would of been much worse. I took pictures of our drive
which I might put a few in the stationery. I am going to
upload a few pictures to Facebook later tonight, so if you
are one that is on the plain jane emailing’s and you are
on Facebook, you will see a few of the pictures. Judy and
I finally got to feeling good enough to start decorating the
house. We’ve been watching a lot of Christmas movies.
God is helping us to get our footing in life once again. We
will most assuredly have some bad days, but its with those
days that we become stronger. The loving unity in our
home keeps us moving forward with God leading us always.
Christmas brings the light upon Jesus and why that He
came. We each will have our times of trouble as we face
turnstiles of a ship sinking that needs rescuing. Look to
God for Strength and have faith that His Son will be there
to carry you through when you cannot walk. Find the joy
of Christmas in the things that you may of overlooked
as your lifestyle changed. Find that shining star in your
life that you may have put wrongful things in its place.
So now, I guess it’s time for me to begin my search for
that word or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem. And so it’s away I go to that place of
my recollection through all that I have written here to
that place that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I believe I may have found a good title, but I’ve gotta
make sure I haven’t used it already. Nope, so it’s a go!
Hope it comes out making sense LOL.

In Life Once Again

When new days will come
with times to begin
there’s scenes which to learn
in life once again.
Stages of stories
with footsteps anew
in life once again
there’s new things to do.
So many sequences
written and heard
in life once again
might seem so absurd.
Christmas comes brightly
reminding us how
in life once again
Lord God should endow.
Through His Son Jesus
Whom saved us from sin
we should be thankful
in life once again.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 22, 2013

So, there ya go! I know it’s not one of my best poems,
but I hope you got the meaning. There’s not much else
to report from The Pearce’s Place 🙂 Benny and Milo
are doing well. They have just eaten and are now lying
on the floor resting. It’s 20 F degrees right now at 6 PM.
I guess it’s time for me to tell you what I tell you most
every week and that is, I wrote some more poems and
haiku. Yep, 10 more poems, but yet plus 1 which makes
the total 11 and get this hehehe. They are all Christmas
poems. The last poem is a Christmas poem I wrote about
Judy and I. I also wrote once again 22 haiku, no extras 🙂
I hope you find a few of either or both that brings you a
smile. Also, I hope that you enjoy the video of the TV
program A Poetic Christmas. Now I believe it’s time for
me to be searching for that elusive off switch, but not
before I wish you a most wonderful God filled week and
and a Very Merry Christmas. Now to find that off switch!
Hmm, I think I see it hiding in my Wintergreen Lifesaver
bag LOL. Yep, it tried to look like a mint, but it tasted
awful LOL. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10+1 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

A Northeastern Lullaby

A wintery snow flavored
seasonal hue
brings many dreaming ones
found thereunto.
A northeastern lullaby
found day and night
amidst winters sceneries
colors of white.
A page within heartbeats
glimmering sweet
of what at Christmastime
many would eat.
Candy canes hanging on
each Christmas tree
to soon be some morsels
for you and for me.
A Christmastime setting
that comes into view
with a northeastern lullaby
that surely comes true.
For when the lullaby
is left amidst slumber
there are the sugarplums
found over yonder.
In a northeastern lullaby
children will find
all of the Christmas magic
inside of their mind.
Their dreams then consisting
of Santa’s toy shop
along with the music
that never shall stop.
Jingle Bells playing
along with some more
as elves in the workshop
do like before.
They sing then so merrily
as they build each toy
for Santa to give to
each good girl and boy.
In a northeastern lullaby
many bestow
their dream worlds of passion
Christmas with snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2013

Christmas Perception

Scenes found at Christmastime
often just show
places with jingle lights
covered with snow.
The story that many will
find not so clear
are pages from timeframes
of God’s yesteryear.
That Christmas perception
with Jesus our Lord
is what that so many need
now climb aboard.
Learning that Jesus Christ
came to you and me
to be friend and Savior
throughout history.
That starry night blessing
that came from above
is what that Lord God sent
filled full of love.
His Son in the manger then
long long ago
is now watching over us
where all we go.
That Christmas perception
that many perceive
is found full of blessings,
because they believe.
Don’t let your ego to
hold you at bay.
Look now to Jesus Christ
and kneel and pray.
That Christmas perception
can change how you view
if you’ll let it live on
deep within you.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2013

After Christmas Eve

Wintertime’s billow times
blows through the night
as Christmas Eves glimmering
seeks morning light.
So often the snowflakes will
whistle and blow
found within Christmas Eves
seasonal snow.
Then after Christmas Eve
eyes will awaken
seeking for Christmas gifts
sought to partaken.
Young ones found shouting
sometimes as the same
hey mommy and daddy
I think Santa came.
Running to the Christmas tree
as fast as they can
to see what was left by
that jolly old man.
Old Saint Nick of legends
that many believe
still lives as the glimmers
that hearts interweave.
Found after Christmas Eve
joyful is found
ones praising Jesus Christ
His Love abound.
Yet many move on
forgetting God’s Son
when after Christmas Eve
that day is done.
Let the spirit live on
with each passing while
and then after Christmas Eve
you’ll don a smile.
That smile found at Christmas
that never shall leave,
for it will be the blessings
found after Christmas Eve.
Still living and thriving
inside of every day,
because you never let the
season fade away.
As a child full of hopeful
with dreams open wide
that time after Christmas Eve
is always applied.
Many a morsel of
wishes and more
found as that Christmastime
I so adore.
I remember my own days
with young hearted mind
found after Christmas Eve
at Christmastime.
I’m still found reflecting on
those days I remember
found after Christmas Eve
each years December.
Now I’m much older,
but my heart feels the same,
for I still love Christmas
and how that it came.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2013

Beyond And Before

As Christmas brings shadows,
it also brings a view
found within the past days
of Christmas thereunto.
As memories are billowed
with December eyes
beyond and before is
found with surprise.
As yet but a flavor
or scented array
beyond and before is
found in a way.
As Christmastimes moments are
each counted minute
ones might remember all
times found within it.
Beyond and before then
there is a place
found within Christmastime
a smiling face.
Faces from children of
Christmas and more
display as heartbeats
beyond and before.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2013

A Christmas Light Night

A scene in a story book
written and heard
is found in December of
word after word.
A Christmas light night
of times long ago
is one that so many
will see in the snow.
Glittering as starlight of
red, green and blue
giving the night sky
a magical hue.
A Christmas light night
of seasonal pictures
hung from some tree limbs
or Christmassy fixtures.
This is a wonderful
time that is found
when a Christmas light night
comes into town.
Sights such as angels
near a manger scene
might be found truly
in grasses of green.
A Decembers winters night
that brings forth much cold
shows a Christmas light night
that stories have told.
A peace is remembered
in the scenes faraway
within a Christmas light night
of some other day.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 21, 2013

Nobodies Tree

Deep in the forest
a tree stands alone
with only the shadow
of all that it’s known.
It stands beneath giants
that ignore its view
for nobodies tree
is waiting for you.
Seasons tick onwards
as it starts to snow
while nobodies tree
continues to grow.
It blossoms some limbs
for hanging some lights
while nobodies tree
just waits days and nights.
Then one December
it hears such a sound
of children singing
about Christmas town.
Then this lonely tree
of its only shadow
saw all the glimmers
that came then to matter.
The joy of a family
that gathered to see
the sight of the once then
nobodies tree.
It found it was somebodies
wonderful way
as it stood glittering
lights Christmas Day.
It had strings of garland
so neatly applied
that made nobodies tree
so happy it cried.
For it was no longer
a nobodies tree.
It was somebodies
so happy with glee.
Then as the season found
time to move on
the tree was replanted
for times other dawn.
It grew more with others
that it found outside
while it remembered
its wonderful ride.
The times it was standing
with no sight to see
while it stood lonely as
nobodies tree.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 21, 2013

Haze of Winter

Days are surmounting
as December snows.
The haze of winter then
surely bestows.
Scenes of snowflakes
just floating on down
then in December
are found on the ground.
The haze of winter
brings forth a true view
a Christmassy essence
that’s seen through and through.
Fragrances found as
tasty and sweet
found haze of winter
things real good to eat.
The haze fades away
as Christmas is found
bringing forth glimmers
of Santa to town.
Then all the blessings
that I so adore
found within Christmas
of Jesus and more.
Angels found singing
of a sight laid to see
that made the moment
to shine wondrously.
The gift of forgiveness
that came from above
makes haze of winter
now filled full of love.
The haze still exist,
but it’s easier to find
what that’s so special
about Christmastime.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 21, 2013

Rolling The Snow

Outside in the cold
of Christmastimes show
you might see children
just rolling the snow.
Building a snowman
to stand in their yard.
Rolling the snow
can get pretty hard.
The larger the ball
the snow rolls into
the harder it is
for children to do.
You’ll see them together
with all of their might
rolling the snow
to make such a sight.
Then when they’re finished
they look back to see
a snowman so jolly
and happy and free.
With coal for some eyes
and a carrot for nose
along with some buttons
for a smile that is froze.
A button down vest
with a few buttons too
makes rolling the snow
the best thing to do.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 21, 2013

Morn of Essence

The morn of essence
comes to be
with Christmastime
so much to see.
Scented candles
in the night
the morn of essence
brings to light.
Glimmers beauty
many find
morn of essence
in their mind.
Christmas dreaming
comes awake
giving blessings
time to make.
Morn of essence
fields of view
comes with Christmas
very true.
Each with moments
to remember
as a special
burning ember.
Morn of essence
finds a way
to make best
of Christmas Day.
Signs of joy
from night to morn
brought about
for Christ was born.
Morn of essence
pearly white
Christmas makes
it all alright.
Bringing joy
to hearts with none
morn of essence
from God’s Son.
Christmas blessings
then are found
as ones smile
and lose their frown.
Finding what
should then bestow
by The One
they need to know.
Morn of essence
then grows great
giving ones
a different fate.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 21, 2013

Needs of The Heart

As Christmas comes closer
so many fall prey
to sadness from past times
of some other day.
The needs of the heart
are often exposed
when thoughts of a time
so lonely explode.
With the turning of pages
of life’s other whiles
the needs of the heart
are stretching for miles.
So many may stumble
with not knowing true
the needs of the heart
that live within you
Yet with the minutes
and hours that pass
the needs of the heart
will change their contrast.
Finding at the moment
the needs that are met
the pain is then found with
less of regret.
When true love is standing
right there plain to see
the needs of the heart
are found then to be.
Filled full of passion
that’s second to none
the needs of the heart
will shine like the sun.
The years may pass
without such a glance,
but Christmastime gives
a true second chance.
A chance to find true
God’s love evermore
and let all your needs
of the heart surely soar.
Let Christmas blessings
to shower your life
with answers you need
to wash away strife.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 21, 2013

Flavored Sunset

When I took a journey
to places unknown
I found a heartbeat
to mine surely grown.
A sunset then sparkled
with sweetness of you
flavored with true love,
a passionate view.
We then had traveled
for miles southern days,
back to my lifestyle,
but your other ways.
Our very first Christmas
was one not so white,
but it was still a
magical sight.
A flavored sunset
with you in the scene
brought me a Christmas
of aquamarine.
A sweet colored sky
with you then with me
brought me a joy
I thought would not be.
We spent many years
together those days,
but it was time then
for much different ways.
We traveled up northwards
to where we had met
and found then another great
flavored sunset.
We’ve seen many Christmases
as each has gone by
and I’ve counted snowflakes
that fell from the sky.
We have each other now
with our dogs too,
named Benny and Milo
with love that is true.
We might have some struggles
as each day will pass,
but together we’ll make it
one shadow to cast.
Christmases counted now
in our family
are as the greatest
that I’ll ever see.
Because we’re together
with true love abound
we can find blessings
just dancing around.
A hand which to hold
with each day anew
now makes Christmas better,
because I’m with you.
A flavored sunset
still lives in the sky
connecting our heartbeats
that I can’t deny.
You and I surely
with each passing day
see greater the sunsets
their flavorful way.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 21, 2013

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce (ME)

for Dec 21, 2013

A storybook scene
of written delightfulness
can become alive.

Morning brings shadows
that come from many tree limbs
or birds found in flight.

Winds of wintertime
will often blow some snowflakes
to places unheard.

As many will count
the amount might be varied
due to some errors.

Leaves of a forest
might hide many of the trees
and not show the truth.

The strength of many
is seen in the faithfulness
of each hand that’s held.

While storms might gather
a rainbow awaits its time
to shine thereafter.

Peace is a fragment
that many will choose to lose
due to a moment.

Questions of decades
fill the cups of many minds
searching for answers.

Only a shadow
can become its counterpart
and then fade away.

Truth is a pudding
that many will find bitter
and hard to swallow.

Life is a journey
taken one step at a time
that starts with today.

A moment in time
might gather some momentum
if it is ignored.

The weather of now
can become times remembered
of much better days.

A tight fitted shirt
might not button up too well,
so wear what fits you.

The weaker the link
the more chance it will destroy
all the stronger ones.

With a weakened mind
lives a poor choice for viewpoints,
for it cannot see.

Looks are just skin deep,
but many judge face value
and think they’re better.

Blue skies of morning
might be hidden behind clouds
and need time to view.

A minute counted
brings many hours alive
as time moves along.

Having a heartbeat
does not mean you are alive.
It means you’re not dead.

Looking passed today
could leave you stood in the rain
not seeing the good times.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 21, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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Take It To Prayer


Hello my friends

How have you been holding out through the weird weather?
Judy and I have been just sitting and waiting for it to decide
what it’s gonna do LOL. Today it’s cold as normal with a
temperature of 22 F right now at 2:30 PM. It’s supposed
to get down to 12 F degrees tonight with snow expected in
the evening of tomorrow. Other than that it’s just supposed
to get much colder and by Wednesday night reach subzero
temperatures. Hello Mr. Winter! So what else is happening
around this place? Not much other than the boys in here at
the moment trying to get our attention LOL. Yep, Judy is
up and in here with me. She’s browsing around Facebook.
I just gave Benny and Milo some dog biscuits and it shut
them up for a bit, but now Benny is barking at something
that he heard outside LOL. Judy just went in there to see
what the commotion was about and to show him that there
is nothing out there to bark at LOL. He’s quiet for the
moment hehehe. I just gave Benny the other half of his
dog biscuit and he took it and ran into the bedroom with
it hehehe. Now I gave Milo the other half to his and he’s
chewing it while sitting in his doggy bed LOL. Ok, they
have had their treats. Now, let me write, ya ornery little
boys :). The sun is shining bright as I look outside our
window. Yet soon the sun will set and it will get much
colder and the sun will be setting in about 40 minutes :).
Sunrise is around 7 AM. It makes for a short day, but
then we don’t go to bed until maybe around 6 or 7 in the
morning so the day is half over by the time we get up
out of bed. Yep, we be night owls. The boys continue
as always, but as dogs will do, they sleep most of the
time anyways, so it doesn’t phase them. We have to
have a little talk to Milo almost every night about when
he can sleep on our bed LOL. He wants to lie in bed
with us, but neither of us can sleep then, because
then Benny wants up and there’s not much room left
for us to stretch out LOL, so they sleep in their own
beds when we are trying to sleep. They’re gradually
getting the perspective of when and where they can
sleep. They’ve gotten to where they pop their little
heads up aside the bed as if asking for permission
to come aboard, but if we say no, they get down
and either go to their own beds or find something
else to occupy their time. OK, so now it’s time for
a change in topic. Tomorrow, Judy is going over
to her sisters house to be with her mom while her
sister goes to her doctors appointment. So, it’ll just
be me and the boys for a while. Hehehe and we’re
gonna bark about guy stuff. That is unless Judy
decides to take the boys with her and then it will
just be me myself and I just talking to the walls.
No matter, I’m sure I will find something to do to
keep me busy. Maybe wash dishes or laundry
or both hehehe. I just told Judy to drive careful
when she leaves to go over Trudy’s and to also be
careful coming home because it’s supposed to
to start snowing at noon tomorrow and not stop
until early Tuesday morning. At least that’s what
my weather programs say. There’s not much else
to report from the Pearce’s Place other than we
are ecstatically waiting for Christmas. This is
our favorite time of year. It always makes our
hearts all a twitter. I might dig out our Christmas
tree tomorrow and get it ready for us to decorate
when she gets home 🙂 We’ve got year round
Christmas stuff that never gets put away, but
the tree has to come down every year being we
have a lot of dust in the air and we tried leaving
it up a couple of years, but it began to look like
a dust ball and it’s hard to dust a freaking tree.
LOL, so it goes down maybe around January or
February hehehe or maybe later. I love to look
at it as it twinkles in the night. So there ya go 🙂
a little looksee inside our lives. God is always
with us giving us what we need when we can’t do
it ourselves. LOL I wish He would help me with
the snoring coming from the floor. They are both
now lying right beside me in their beds just sawing
logs. Talk about some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’S :).
I had to take some Benadryl or the generic of
it so to say just a bit ago, being it seems my old
nose is in active mode either running, sneezing or
BOTH. I hate having allergies, but I’ve had em
all my life and no they are not seasonal. They
are everydayonal hehehe. Not a day goes by
that I am not sneezing my brains out LOL which
could explain the times that I seem to ramble
on and on about nothing :). None the less, I will
survive as long as God sees a purpose for me.
Have you come to a place and time that you are
feeling useless? Maybe you need to step out
of yourself for a moment and look to see what
you can do for others. That might be what God
is wanting you to do. Take it to prayer and I’m
sure the answers will come to you. Maybe not in
a flash, but as the days pass, you might see the
windows open letting you see what you need to
do. Yet, don’t rush into anything blindly, for
that could end up with regret and despair. Judy
is fixing her and I some cereal, so I might have
to stop here for a moment before searching for
a title LOL. Ok, I finished my cereal and as
I look outside at 4:22 PM it is dark. LOL hard
to believe that not but just a few minutes ago it
was bright and sunny huh! I guess it’s time for
me to take my little momentous voyage back
through all I’ve written to see if I can find a
good word or phrase that I can use for the title
of today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found
a usable title just a few lines back, but I still
think I might ought to check to make sure that
I haven’t used it already :). Nope I haven’t
used it yet, so here goes.

Take It To Prayer

When life is seeming
to end up no fair
look then to God then
and take it to prayer.
When many struggles
are coming to you
take it to prayer then
and find life anew.
When you’re with mornings
that seem to explode
take it to prayer then
and give God your load.
When there are storm clouds
that timeframes bestow
take it to prayer then
and find a rainbow.
When you are feeling
you need some fresh air
kneel down to Jesus
and take it to prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 8, 2013

OK, there ya go! I hope you enjoyed my rambling and
maybe even the poem 🙂 Yep, it was hard to write all of
this with all the doggy interruptions hehehe. They have
though settled down for a nap in their beds on the floor
right between Judy and I. They have though switched
beds LOL. Now Milo is lying in the bed nearest Judy
and Benny is in the bed nearest me. Ok so he is just
a few inches from my chair. We’ve gotta always look
first before rolling our chairs anywhere LOL. Oh well,
they love us and we love them. They always want to
be near us :). If either us goes to the bathroom, they
will be just outside the door just waiting for us to come
out. Silly things! Well, it’s time for me to be telling
you what I tell you every week and that is, I wrote
some more poems and haiku. This week I wrote 10
more poems with 8 of them, that’s right I said 8 of
them, being Christmas poems HoHoHo. I also once
again wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there. WOW, I just looked outside and there’s
no light at all. It be DARK. Thank God for porch
lights :). So, now I guess I need to be searching for
that confounded off switch, but not before I wish
you a most wonderful God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that
freaking off switch that just loves to irritate me by
hiding in the stupidest places LOL. Hey, where
is that darned thing? He’s hiding pretty good this
week hehehe. PSYCH, I see ya hiding behind the
eye drops. How could I miss ya? It’s a tiny bottle!
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Curious Cloud

December clouds
come floating in
to make the season
to begin.
A curious cloud
of greyish white
seems to come
into my sight.
Decembers essence
gathers mass
as some more then
come to pass.
That curious cloud
is found with more
filled with snow
that I adore.
It seems to speak
of Christmastime
in its daily
own design.
That curious cloud
within my sight
now bestows
some snow of white.
Then those flakes
that fall and land
help to make
December grand.
Christmas shadows
find their view
as the smiles
from me and you.
Watching snowflakes
time’s endowed
coming from
a curious cloud.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2013

The Seasons Glance

Shimmering sunsets
bringing in nights
display the beauty
of Christmastimes lights.
The seasons glance
is found to and fro
sometimes as displays
of Decembers snow.
As ones are watching
the days pass on by
the seasons glance
displays in the sky.
Wintertime’s stories
so many will hear
the seasons glance
of year after year.
Christmases scenery
that some don’t know
fills up a child’s mind
with men out of snow.
A snowman of winter
in Christmastimes view
is the seasons glance
ones wish for so true.
The sunrise of Christmas
brings ones song and dance
as they find blessings
in the seasons glance.

©Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2013

Crossing Paths

As fall is just a
Winter comes
so much to see.
Bringing snowflakes
far and wide
that December
is applied.
Yet so many have
only seen
white snow falling
in a dream.
Crossing paths
from thereunto
many find
no snow to view.
Paths from places
many go
are of green
and without snow.
so much to see
is often found
in memory.
Stories read
of Santa’s craft
are with many
crossing paths.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2013

Time For Smiles

So many people
find only what’s sad
through all the living
that they ever had.
Look for the goodness.
It does so exist.
Yet it is sometimes
what you might of missed.
Look now and find what
smiles you’ve forgotten
that you just might of
discerned as just rotten.
Sometimes a moment
that you can remember
is just distorted
in its burning ember.
It’s time for smiles
right now today
and let the frowns
to fade away.
It’s time to change
those moments miles
and find the joy.
It’s time for smiles.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2013

Infinite Christmas

When snow has melted
and lights are all gone
the infinite Christmas
will live on and on.
It lives as a blessing.
It lives as a smile.
It lives as momentous times
unending mile.
Yet many people will
let it fall away
as the infinite Christmas then
turns into grey.
The day of pure greatness
should stay within you
as an infinite Christmas
you always can view.
Being thankful for Lord God
and His Only Son
allowing the blessings to
live one by one.
Don’t let the shadows
of sadness reside.
Let infinite Christmas
to live deep inside.
Make every days minutes
the greatest to be
as an infinite Christmas
so happy with glee.
Welcome the spirit
of Christmastime day
into your moments time
every which way.
Even in springtime
and summertime skies
the infinite Christmas can
bring you surprise.
Gifts found unending
as blessings are found,
the infinite Christmas
is always around.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2013

Remember When

Seasonal meadows
covered with snow
bring us the glimmers of
all that we know.
Christmassy essence of
white over green
that we remember with
every great scene.
When the snow’s falling
and where it all lands
it brings the meadows
some sparkling white sands.
Remember when minutes
of then and there sights
glimmer through daytime
and on into nights.
The Christmassy moments
that displayed so true
are when we remember then
within our view.
When we are watching
and searching the sights
we can find Christmastimes
sparkling lights.
Twinkling and blinking times
now unto then
are the Christmas lights
that I remember when.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2013

Within A Day

A day full of shadows
has things you can see
sometimes as you then
and sometimes as me.
Within a day finds
things we might do
that found much later
finds sorrow in you.
The minutes tick on as
our time goes its way
while ones find regretful then
within a day.
Don’t let your wanna to
lead you to bad
found within a day
of wishing you had.
Often if waited for
you might just find
that within a day
you changed your mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2013

Heavenly Christmas

With seasonal singing
of songs oh so fine
I am enjoying
this great Christmastime.
So Heavenly given
from God up above
I find that Christmas’s
filled full of love.
It’s a Heavenly Christmas
with joy in the air
given with passion
of God’s love and care.
It’s a Heavenly time
that makes many dance
for Christmastime gives
our Heaven a chance.
It’s a Heavenly Christmas
that seasons display
found as the blessings
of sweet Christmas day.
Jesus and The Father
united as one,
A Heavenly Christmas
that’s second to none.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2013

Seasons In The Sun

Through mornings of sunrise
and evenings sunset
the seasons in the sun
are hard to forget.
When glimmers of Christmas
come clear into view
the seasons in the sun
show a magical hue.
Flavored horizons
the seasons will show
are sometimes shaded
with white fallen snow.
The seasons become as
some pictures to take
photos of seasonal
fragrant landscape.
Painted with brushstrokes
that cannot be caught
as seasons in the sun
that are not store bought.
With every true painting
that’s found within sight
Christmas is turnstiles
left and then right.
Like minutes in a book
of a seasonal stage
the seasons in the sun
are page after page.
Written as a journal
that’s remembered in time
the seasons in the sun
are from Lord God Divine.
With Christmastimes essence
the seasons explore
timeframes of seasons
so many adore.
Seasons in the sun
of a magical quest
are found at Christmastime
season of best.
The times we remembered
found one by one
are that of Christmastimes
seasons in the sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2013

Christmas Slumber

As night arrives
with dreams to take
Christmas slumber
comes awake.
Bringing forth
some Christmas snow
along with Santa’s
Christmas slumber
lives and breathes
as some lit up
Christmas trees.
Santa’s journey
far and wide
starts with dreams
found deep inside.
Christmas slumber
night has shown
brings the hopes
a child has known.
Living as a
spark of love
Santa comes from
up above.
In his sleigh
with toys galore
that weren’t bought
from any store.
He lands upon
the house at night
and looks to see
no sign of light.
Then Santa puts some
toys up under
the decked out tree
in Christmas slumber.
After that
he touches his nose
and up to his sleigh
again he goes.
That Christmas slumber
starry night
then awakens
to daylight.
Christmas morning
then is found
Christmas gifts then
all around.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2013

for Dec 6, 2013

Having a heartbeat
does not mean you have true love,
for love is much more.

A sign of winter
might come with cold winds blowing
and maybe some snow.

A shadow of you
might display your true pattern,
so live honestly.

When a storm has passed
it often leaves remembrance
inside peoples minds.

An echo is real,
but just a part of the truth
which started its voyage.

The storms of today
might become mere memories
we’ll laugh at later.

Wintertime’s fragrance
is often found with snowflakes
and some chimney smoke.

Looks from a person
might be misconceived as wrong
and not what they meant.

Within a window
holds the views of perception
that often is missed.

When life gives problems
let them grow into answers
for a better day.

Starlight will twinkle
as we stare up at nighttime
searching for answers.

Limits put on time
are often hurried moments
that need to slow down.

The growth of a seed
needs some water and sunshine
along with some love.

In but a moment
a heartbeat could cease beating,
so enjoy right now.

If your mind wanders
find the reason behind it
and unlock answers.

With a beginning
there has to be an ending
to allow new time.

Conclusion jumping
can destroy any friendship,
so find out the truth.

A ghostly shadow
might not be one you’re to fear
for it might be good.

Listening to hearts
can bring disillusionment
for they might be dead.

Within a window
holds the chances for seeing
a new day dawning.

A sunshiny day
brings forth many forms of peace
that some might not see.

With many questions
comes some unwanted answers
that might do you good.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
It can also be found at Barns&Noble and Amazon
Judy’s New Poetry book 🙂
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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My Animal’s Greetings site below
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Another Snowy Venture


Hello my friends

So, how was your Thanksgiving? Ours was very nice.
We started the day off by watching the Thanksgiving
Day Parade on TV and had cheese danish for breakfast.
Judy made them and they were GREAT. Then later on
in the day we had Hungryman Chicken dinners for our
Thanksgiving dinner. They were good, being neither
of us cares much for turkey LOL. We then spent the
rest of the day just lying around while every once in
a while logging on to Facebook. We found a lot of TV
programs to watch. Saturday we went over her twin
sister’s house and had a belated Thanksgiving dinner
get together with a lot of the other family members :).
Benny and Milo had to stay home, being there was
already going to be 18 of us along with Trudy’s 4 lil
Yorkies in their mobile home hehehe. It would of not
been a pretty sight with Benny and Milo added to the
list LOL. I came home early to let them out of their
crates after about 2 and half hours. Me and the boys
spent the rest of the evening in the computer room
entertaining each other while waiting for Judy to get
home. Her sister Barbara brought her home. I told
Judy to call me if she needed me and the boys to come
back and get her, but Barb brought her when she left
to go home. She doesn’t live far from where we live.
Right now it’s 29 F degrees and snowing. Benny has
been out playing in it and even Milo got in a little bit
of play time hehehe. I got a video of them running
around together playing. I also got a few pictures
of them. The snow’s still lacking in depth, but Benny
loves it just the same. I just opened the curtain in
here so Benny and me can watch it snow. Milo is
lying on the bed with Judy. LOL he stole my spot.
Last time I looked in on him, he had his head on my
pillow, but now as I looked in again, he has moved
to the end of the bed. Judy’s still asleep. I would be
still asleep, but my old body was aching too much,
plus I needed to get this written. No we don’t sleep
all of time LOL. We most times don’t head to bed
till maybe 4 AM and then we watch TV till maybe 6
or 7 AM in the morning. Judy and I are night owls.
Benny and Milo follow suit hehehe. Of course most
dogs sleep most of the time anyways. I do wrestle
around with them time to time to keep them happy.
They love it when I play with them. Milo starts
acting like a pup trying to jump as high as he can
to get me hehehe. Benny always acts like a pup.
He will irritate Milo until he plays chase with him.
Benny will often stand in the PC room doorway and
just bark at Milo until Milo has had enough and he
will take out after him chasing Benny to the living
room LOL. You can tell they love each other, being
they often will sleep side by side and we have seen
them giving kisses to each other LOL. Yes, they
are boys, but they are dogs too hehehe. If I begin
petting one, the other butts in wanting to be petted
too. They would love it if I would hold them both in
my lap at the same time, but the only way that I can
do that is for Judy to hand them up, being I can only
pick up without hurting them one at a time. I could
pick them both up easily if they weren’t alive hehehe.
Yet, alive they are and alive I pray that they stay for
many years. They are our little boys/our babies and
we love them. Benny’s now lying down in his doggy
bed next to the radiator heater trying to dry off and
warm up a bit after his little run in the snow. I’m sure
he will be ready for another snowy venture the next
time Milo needs to go out and potty LOL. I see now
that we’re expecting around 4 more inches of snow
tonight. It’s that time of year. Yet, 4 inches isn’t
near as much as we will get as winter gets a better
footing :). I’m sure I’ll have to dig out our car many
times, before wintertime leaves us hehehe. It don’t
matter. I’ve gotten used to it. So, what else is in
the news for us here at The Pearce’s Place? Not
much! Nope, we live a somewhat quiet life other
than a few antics from our boys hehehe. Judy and
I spend much of our time either doing daily chores,
watching TV, goofing around on Facebook and yes
playing with Benny and Milo. Ever so often when
we need groceries, we head to town, being the only
thing store wise out here is Cameron’s Market and
it don’t have much and what it does have is also with
a hefty price :). So unless neither of us feels up to
driving to Houlton or we’re only needing one or two
things we don’t do much shopping at Cameron’s. but
it’s nice to have nearby just in case :). Next topic!
My mothers birthday was yesterday (Saturday) and
I called to wish her a happy birthday. I wish I could
of been there to celebrate it with you mom, but we
had a great time laughing on the phone. I am praying
that we are able to make it down in the spring. It will
be great to be able to see you and my other family
and friends. Well, the snowflakes are still falling as
I’m looking out my window. I just heard Judy moving
about. She’s awake now and watching TV and Benny
ran in there when he heard her and he hopped up on
the bed right along side of Milo hehehe. Now Judy’s
playing with them both on the bed. It’s getting dark
outside. The days are getting shorter. Yep, it’s only
3:20 PM and it looks like nighttime is nearing LOL.
Sunrise is near 7:00 AM and sunset is at 3:47 PM.
So we enjoy the day while it’s here hehehe. I hear
Judy now in the kitchen tinkering around. I think I’ll
see what she wants for breakfast. Be back. BACK!
I fixed us EGGO’s and sausage :). We gave the boys
2 sausage links to shut them up LOL. They always
know if I’m making either pancakes or EGGO’s that
sausages will also be served LOL. The chief of police
in Houlton saw 2 guys on motorcycles riding down our
road yesterday and it was 19 F degrees. Talk about
diehards hehehe. That had to of been frigid. Could
you imagine their hands let alone the wind chill factor
blowing on their face. The brrr factor times ccccccold.
Yeppers, some people will still be found trying to ride
their motorcycles in the snow up here, but of course
they won’t get too far at least not too fast LOL. There
are some loony people out there for sure. Convertible
cars are not very popular up here. The ice and snow
is really hard on them. That’s why you will see them
for sell when wintertime is nearing hehehe. I just took
a look down where Milo is lying in his bed and he’s
got his nose held up close to the heater hehehehehe.
I guess his nose was cold. He just now moved it away
and then moved it back! I guess it wasn’t done yet.
It be dark outside and only 4:09 in the evening. It
feels like 8 or 9 o’clock Texas style :). Yep, it’s still
snowing. It’s 28 F degrees now and might get down
to 23 degrees by morning. That’s not too bad. It
will be getting a whole lot colder before it’s all over
with LOL. Judy is now browsing Facebook. I’m
thankful for the many blessings God has given us
as we have watch the days come and go. There are
many blessings that might go unseen, but they are
there. Many times our view is clouded by our many
wants that we really don’t need. Let God show you
His blessings without you trying to focus on what
all that you haven’t got. There are many that do
not have near what you or I have and they are with
joy. So be thankful and be blessed. Now I believe
it’s time for me to be taking my little journey back
through all that I’ve written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection that I always like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found a good
title a way back which I wrote down so as not to
forget it, but I’ve gotta make sure I haven’t already
used it LOL. Nope ain’t used it! So here goes…

Another Snowy Venture

With footprints in snow
I see where our boys go.
They head out far and wide
each time they go outside.
The winters days insure
of another snowy venture
as white snow falls in place
and lands upon their face.
Our boys are four pawed found
just walking all around.
The scenes I see each day
when snow falls in its way
are painted snowy white
with them I do delight.
Another snowy venture
begins their scenic tour
as Benny and Milo find
their winter frame of mind.
The pages turn as books
with those little doggie looks
read as time goes by
with each one eye to eye.
It’s another snowy venture
that they both endure
as the winter winds will blow
with their footsteps to and fro.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 1, 2013

Hehehe yep, that poem is about our boys. I hope it
brought you a smile. I just heard a snowplow going
down the road. I reckon they’ll be busy all night :).
It’s 4:43 PM and pitch black outside. Thank God
for porch lights LOL. Well, there isn’t much else
to tell ya about. I think I have touched on anything
that was worth talking about or I could remember
at the moment :). Milo is snoring hehehehehehehe.
I guess I need to tell you what I tell you every week
and that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yep, 10 more poems with 5 of them being sort of
Christmassy. I also wrote 22 more haiku for all
of my haiku lovers out there. Boy, Milo is LOUD.
When he snores, he SNORES hehehehehehehe.
Anyways, I guess it’s about time for me to begin
my search for that confounded off switch that I
always have to (sort of) hunt for, but not before
I wish you a most blessed and God filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that silly off switch. OK, I can see
ya you silly thing. Remember, Milo does tend
to toss and turn in his sleep, so hiding beneath
him is not the greatest hiding spot dude hehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
(and Benny and Milo of course)

The first poem is a lesson on driving on ice 🙂

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Bridges Over Icy Streams

Scenes of stories
time has told
are sometimes as
times so cold.
Bridges over
icy streams
might be as some
moments dreams.
Bridges that are
glitter bright
might be found
in day or night.
Streams of water
bridged to view
might be danger
found to do.
For the bridges
that you see
might be frozen
a degree.
The bridges over
icy streams
might be worse than
vision seems.
So you might
be better found
to take some heed
to slow on down.
Yet so lightly
not with brakes,
for that churns
some big mistakes.
Ease the gas
and coast with care
and you’ll find
you have a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2013

Christmas Lights

Seasons shadows
starry bright
seem to display
in the night.
Glistening visions
far and wide
display Christmas
lights applied.
Lights that twinkle
or just glow
display brightly
in the snow.
People singing
a Christmas song
as some others
sing along.
Shadows in the
nights we see
are of ones
with Christmas tree.
On their car
to home they go
driving through
the Christmas snow.
Then as home lit
lights are found
the tree is put
with gifts around.
Children laughing
happy for what
all they see.
Then as nighttime
fills the air
Santa comes with
love and care.
He is making
seasons sights
found within the
Christmas lights.
Jingling jangling
in his sleigh
delivering before
the light of day
and in the dreams
of girls and boys
are the wonderful
Christmas toys.
When morning comes
and they arise
the gifts that Santa
fill their eyes.
Christmas lights
enhance the view
with their red, green
white and blue.
The parents wake up
hearing laughter
that is coming
from thereafter.
Their children found
what Santa brought
maybe a little
then a lot.
Mom and dad then
come to see
what was under
the Christmas tree.
Songs of Christmas
are then sung
blessings of
Lord God’s Own Son.
Sharing glimmers
smiling faces
that which Jesus
then enlaces.
Then they just
enjoy the sights
found within
the Christmas lights.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 28, 2013

Times Very Essence

As many remember
the times they recall
they might also remember
each stumble and fall.
The shortcoming days
that painted their sight
might become visions
that turned out just right.
Times very essence
has ways of displaying
our lessons from mishaps
while bodies are greying.
Age to age turnstiles
with seasonal meadows
times very essence
displays in the shadows.
Try to remember
what all that’s gone by
as times very essence
the best till you die.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29, 2013

Holiday Treasures

Now as the days pass
Thanksgiving to Christmas
many find decades
with lesser of Jesus.
Connecting their ventures
from then unto there
while holiday treasures
might seem less of prayer.
It’s us in our journeys
with pathways we go
that turn all the treasures
into fields of woe.
The scenes we’ve forgotten
and left far behind
are the holiday treasures
that we need to find.
Each light that will glitter
and song that is sung
is part of the blessing
with Christmas bells rung.
Together with family’s
found far and wide
are the holiday treasures
with Jesus inside.
You might be of distance
from your family,
but hearts filled with prayer
can go sea to sea.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29, 2013

Just But A Moment

With many just waiting
for times early dawn
while minutes of seconds
just move right along,
there is such a moment
that many will lose
while thinking it’s just but
a moment to choose.
So often our gateways
to minutes of time
are discerned as some moments
of a lemon or lime.
Just but a moment
might be so much more
and all that you wasted
you find you adore.
Regretting the blessings
you let slip away
as just but a moment
of times other day.
Look now before you
and see what is there,
for just but a moment
might answer your prayer.
Blessings from mishaps
that time does record
might just but a moment
be your own reward.
Then all the passages
travels of time
your just but a moment
will fill with Divine.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29, 2013

Wondrous Thoughts

Known as a story
that many will read
Jesus gives blessings
that so many need.
Those Christmas stories
that many will share
speak of a manger
filled with much prayer.
That star that delivered
wise men from afar
brought others to Jesus
God’s bright shining star.
The story went on then
while telling so true
how Jesus is going to
save me and you.
The animals danced greatly
to God’s Only Son
while the drummer boy beat
a song on his drum.
Those wondrous thoughts
that still now survive
are what that keep many
with blessings alive.
For Jesus Christ surely
brought us all a prayer
filled with His blessings
and God’s love and care.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29, 2013

The Stirring Breeze

Beginning by morning
I see all the trees
blowing and swaying
in the stirring breeze.
Tree limbs a flailing
as rhythms are blown
while the stirring breeze
displays a cologne.
A fragrant moment
that says wintertime
blows in like blessings
a breezy design.
Then as the evening
is leaving its sight
the stirring breeze blows on
and into the night.
A wintertime chill then
is found so to say
as the stirring breeze blows on
from night unto day.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29, 2013

Childhood Christmas

Children playing
in the snow
while a snowman
starts to grow.
Snowballs flying
in the air
while kids play
without a care.
Childhood Christmas
brings to mind
all the best
from time to time.
Thoughts of Santa
and sleigh bells
with the stories
Christmas tells.
Sights of houses
lit up bright
as they’re seen
in dark of night.
Seasons flavors
tasty true
childhood Christmas
gives to view.
Scenes remembered
childhood days
were the best of
wondrous ways.
Childhood Christmas
that I know
was the best
with Christmas snow.
Maybe store bought
or TV
Christmas snow
I’d surely see.
Scenes all lit up
I could find,
my childhood Christmas
frame of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29, 2013

Snowman’s Flurry

He stands there watching
the days pass by
as snow will flurry
from the sky.
He stands so big
and round and tall
watching and waiting
with children’s snowball.
The snowman’s flurry
begins with a glance
and then in a story
begins to dance.
with a hat and a cane
and carrot nose
he stands there watching
as it snows.
Then in a moment
when no one can see
the snowman’s flurry
will then come to be.
Walking with footsteps
of imagination
so round and jolly
with less acceleration.
For a snowman walking
is not so easy
in wintertime
so snowy and breezy.
He counts each step
he’s able to take
and looks and sees
the marks he makes.
The footprints made
by his design,
were that of children
in a line.
Rolling the snowman
to point and place
to give him another
smiling face.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29, 2013

Sorrow’s Call

If now you’re saddened
by your passing days
seeking for the seasons of
better displays.
When sorrow’s call with
minutes so sad,
try to remember
the good times you had.
Don’t let the sadness
to be all you see.
Look for the gladness
in your history.
Sorrow’s call might be
all you can view,
but surely when days pass
good will shine through.
Don’t let a sorrow’s call
live in your head.
Count your many blessings
and find peace instead.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29, 2013

for Nov 29, 2013

Many found judging
are often worse than those judged
and need look at self.

Within a snowstorm
is an imagination
with wrong directions.

The winds of winter
blow in with a chill of frost
that flavors the air.

A child’s Christmas dream
is filled with Santa and toys
that come Christmas Eve..

Beyond hearts beating
are rhythms that ones don’t hear,
but feel deep inside.

Passionate people
are often not obvious
and hidden inside.

Links to a turnstile
might be within a heartbeat
found as mysteries.

Changes in our lives
could look to be for the worse
and be much better.

As summertime fades
it brings forth fall and winter
as winds start to blow.

Looking through windows
leaves a single perception
that does not feel it.

Belief in spirits
allows you to not feel dumb
if one speaks to you.

Life is a pattern
that we make differently
with our own viewpoints.

Scenes of a dreamer
hold keys to a perception
that only they see.

Morning comes alive
as nighttime fades from our sight
leaving sunshine skies.

Neediness of time
displays many things wanted
that we do not need.

While in a storm cloud
you might not see the rainbow
that will form after.

Looking too often
might prevent a true surprise
that could be the best.

Clinging to a vine
might prevent destinations
from becoming made.

Morning times shadows
are as glimpses of viewpoints
that might have gone by.

Within a screen door
is the chance for raindrops
to be seen and felt.

Pouring emotions
will either make a full glass
or one that’s leaking.

Having a true friend
will help with moments ahead
when sadness is found.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

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