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Hello my friends

I hope you had a very merry Christmas.  Judy and I did.
We have been watching Christmas movies every night :).
The boys seem to be able tell it’s Christmas. Benny got
out one of his Santa dolls from last Christmas and played
with it.  Why he picked that specific doll to pull out of the
toy box leaves a question in our minds.  Do they know
it’s Christmastime?  Judy and I took the boys over to
spend Christmas eve with us at Judy’s twin sisters house.
We had a blast.  Benny and Milo had quite a time as they
played with all of their cousins.   Trudy has 4 Yorkies and
Benny and Milo love to visit them :).  Benny loves it bit
more than Milo though being they are all much younger
than him.  Milo is 7 years older than Benny and a little
more than 7 years older than all of Trudy’s dogs.  So he’s
the elder of the bunch.  Although,  Benny and Milo act
as though they are brothers even if they are not from
the same breed and their ages are far apart.  I think we
could all learn something from dogs.  They have not an
ounce of prejudice.  Plus dogs are more forgiving than
we could ever think to be.  They don’t hold onto grudges.
Judy and I love our little boys.  They complete our home.
I know they are only here with us for a short time being
they don’t live as long as us,  but for the time that they
are with us they bring us joy and laughter.  Plus I firmly
believe that their is a place for them in Heaven so that
when our time is up and our fleshly bodies no longer
hold our souls within them,  we will see those lovingly
little toothy grins once again.  I guess it’s time for a
new topic huh.  Well,  I’m not gonna write much being
it is still Christmastime to me and I’m sort of taking
a vacation from writing so to say.  I didn’t write any
poems or haiku,  but I will be back once again next
Sunday/week starting off the new year with more of
my poetry,  haiku,  humor and thoughts.  I hope your
new year is filled with abundant blessings.  I’m fixing
to make me and the boys some dinner.  Judy will be
home late this evening as she is every Sunday.  I’m
sure that by then I will be hungry again being I’m not
going to fix me and the boys very much.  But then,  I
haven’t eaten today yet,  so I really need something
to eat.  The boys have dried dog food in their food
pans in the floor if they get hungry.  So,  I guess I’ll
take a little looksee back through this short little bit
that I’ve written and see if I can find a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for a new little poem.
So I’m taking a short trip to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I think I found a decent title and now after
checking I see that it hasn’t been used yet,  but it is
being used today.  So here goes.

When Our Time Is Up

When the year has ended
and our past pictures show
we need to let our journeys
to show us where to go.
Learning from our mishaps
as each day moves along
our lives can be as lessons
teaching many when we’re gone.
Each year holds a pathway
with wrong ways and of right
that we carry with us
as a shadow found in sight.
Don’t allow your heartaches
of yesterdays unfold
leaving you with only
a life of bitter cold.
When the year has ended
and our time is just a thing
God can show us blessings
that we thought but just a dream.
For when our time is up then
and our bodies are worn out
Heaven holds a journey
that true love is all about.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 28,  2014

I hope you enjoyed the poem and the pint size version
of my rambling hehehe.  As I said before,  I didn’t write
any poems or haiku this week,  but next week or as the
case will be hehehe next year,  I’ll be back with a bunch
to read.  I hope your New Year is a fruitful one with many
blessings.  Also I pray that your Christmas was a great
one filled with tons of joy.  So before I start looking for
that not so great at hiding Off Switch,  I want to wish you
a most wonderful week and Happy New Year.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Ok,  so where is that silly
off switch hiding this time?  Hehehe it looks like he might
need to go on a diet.   I can see him plain as day while
he attempts to hide behind my Mountain Dew can LOL.
Yes,  I need to lose some weight too hehehe.  I ate too
much,  but I sure enjoyed it :).   Anyways  Gotcha dude,
see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy, Benny and Milo Pearce

See ya next year 🙂

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Hello my friends

It’s almost Christmas and it’s still white as can be outside.
We might get a little bit of warm weather for Christmas eve
and Christmas day.  At least that’s what the predictions are
and they have been wrong before LOL.  I’ve noticed that
through the years the weather predictions will change with
each day gone by hehehe.  So,  only God knows what it will
be doing Christmas day.  Judy and I are planning us a nice
dinner together for Christmas day.  Of course the boys will
get their Christmas treats :).  We got a bit of heavy snow
Wednesday and our Dish cover didn’t work very well.  Yep
it wasn’t long before we could only get two local channels.
I tried to use the water hose to spray some of the snow off
of it,  but our TV Dish is on top of our house and I couldn’t
get close enough to hit it hard enough to knock the snow off.
We don’t have a latter and it wouldn’t of done me any good
anyways,  being I’m sort of scared of heights due to my fall
at work years ago that made 3 one inch holes in my skull
that had to be stapled and stitched closed hehehe.  Before
that I had no fear of heights at all which might of led to me
falling 6 feet into the ends of 3 one inch rods LOL.  Anyway,
it would of been dangerous for anybody that night,  being
the snow makes it even more treacherous.  Even after us
buying and having a dish cover put on the Dish that was
supposed to prevent snow and ice from sticking to it,  it
just held it like a baseball glove.  The snow was that wet
heavy stuff and there was not much of a breeze.  Anyways,
I called Dish up that night and told them I want our dish
lowered so I can reach the darned thing.  The Dish guy
came today,  but after searching could not find anywhere
on our trailer sturdy enough to attach the dish to it,  so it
is still on our roof.  He said he would put it in the books
and told me to call them in spring and he would come
out and put a pole in the ground and attach it there,  but
the ground has too much snow and the ground is frozen
making it way too hard to do it now.  So,  it looks like
if we get or should I say when we get another snowing
like we did Wednesday we will have to find something
else to do.  Maybe watch some of our videos hehehehe.
Our neighbor Mark came over Thursday and climbed
up with his latter and brushed the snow off of our dish.
I couldn’t thank him enough :).  Mark asked me if we
could take them to town sometime so they could shop,
because their car is leaking antifreeze.  I said sure :).
So Friday I went and got him and we went to WalMart
and Hannaford ex Shop and Save and then we headed
to Burger King and I got Judy and I some burgers and
he got him and his significant other some burgers,  then
we headed home.  I had noticed that the driver side
door was being finicky opening it from the outside,  but
didn’t think nothing of it,  but it seems that when the
guy came and plowed our driveway and shoved tons of
snow up against the driver side of the car it damaged
the door handle.  Now the handle doesn’t work at all.
I called our landlord and he was going to come today
and look at it,  but I told him Judy takes care of her
mom on Sundays,  so he will have to come Monday.
I told him we’re expecting our new used bed to get
here then as well LOL.  Our bed has met its maker.
The box springs are crushed and the mattress is worn
out totally.  My mom bought us this bed for a wedding
present back 13 years ago and it has served its time.
Plus our new bed is a queen size and our old one is
just a full size which for 2 large people and very often
two boys/dogs makes for very little room hehehehe.
Judy and I cannot wait to get our new old bed LOL.
We couldn’t afford a brand new bed,  so this will
have to do,  plus it’s better that what we have at the
moment LOL.  Now what else is happening around
this place?  Oh yea,  I went for a little photo drive
while Judy was asleep Friday morning.  The boys
went with me hehehe.  I found some great scenery
to take pictures of.  Some I just held to camera up
in the window while driving 15-20 miles an hour
and I just snapped away,  but often I had to stop
the car and get out and walk to find the best shots.
That is when I sort of noticed that the driver side
door handle was totally messed up.  I got out and
I couldn’t get back in on that side.  I had to keep
going to the passenger side and reach across to
open the driver side door from the inside hehehe.
I guess when we get our SSD at the first of the
year we will get that fixed if our landlord doesn’t
do anything to help us.  Hopefully though he comes
through and gets it righted.  None the less,  life
goes on.  It’s not the end of the world.  We’re not
going to let that ruin our Christmas.  Judy hung
some Christmas balls on our Christmas tree and
it looks GREAT.  She’s been moving stuff around
in the living room making it look more Christmassy.
She moved the treadmill into our spare room and
that helped a lot.  We’ve taken a lot of pictures of
the boys in their Santa suits hehehe.  They look so
cute :).  We’ve been sleeping to Christmas music.
Thank You God for this special time of year.  Your
Son gave us all a way to Heaven that otherwise
we would not have had.  So often many will forget
about the reason for the season and this wonderful
day.  Judy and I will always do our very best to
share Your Glory with others.  Jesus has been our
rock to hold onto through the trials of life and we
thank You for our blessings.  Now I do believe it’s
time for me to begin my little quest back through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title of today’s
brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that place
of my recollection that I seem to always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I do think I found a decent
title way back near the beginning and now after
checking I see that it hasn’t been used as of yet,
but today it shall be used LOL.  Enjoy :).

Being Finicky

With Christmas coming
so many want things
such as what’s golden
or large diamond rings.
Yet being finicky
will not shine so true
what that is best then
inside of you.
Let your acceptance
to find ways of less
then maybe you won’t
get in a mess.
Often being finicky
finds you insane
when Christmas comes with
God to attain.
Through God’s Son Jesus
the gifts are so great
that being finicky
only shows hate.
Allow this great season
of Christmas of more
to lessen finicky
wants from the store.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 21,  2014

I hope you enjoyed my rambling and I didn’t bore you
to death hehehe.  Also I hope you liked the poem.  Yes,
I know,  it was another Christmas poem hehehehehe.
As I’ve said before,  I tend to write more Christmas
poems the closer Christmas gets :).  Anyways,  I hope
you got the meaning of it.  So many people stay focused
on their selfish wants instead of seeing the true meaning
of Christmas.  I pray that you keep alive the blessings
that Jesus has given us all through the year and not
just at Christmas.  🙂 It looks like the boys are in our
bedroom enjoying the cartoons hehehe.  Yes they like
to watch cartoons,  but now after checking it looks like
they have drifted off to sleep.  Milo is up with his head
on my pillow and Benny is at the end of the bed with
his eyes sort of opened trying to watch the cartoons.
The Misadventures of Flapjack are on hehehe  They
were watching Garfield LOL.  Ok,  so that’s about all
that’s going on around here today.  I guess it’s time
for me to tell you what I tell you almost every week
and that is I wrote some more poems and haiku :).
Yep,  10 more poems with ALL OF THEM being
Christmas poems HoHoHo.  I also wrote 22 more
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there with a few
of them about Christmas also hehehe.  I hope you
find one or two of either or both that you like.  Now,
it’s time for me to begin searching for that not so
great at hiding off switch,  but not before I wish you
a most wonderful weekend and a joyous Christmas
filled with many blessings.  I pray that your gifts are
sprinkled with God’s blessings and you thank Him
always.  Now,  where is that confounded off switch
hiding this week?  LOL he almost made it hehehe.
He was hiding inside my hot cocoa cup,  but slipped
and fell in making a splash.  It sort of gave you
away dude,  plus,  ya almost got drank hehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
and Benny and Milo

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

The Snow of Time

With clouds of white
and sort of grey
the snow of time
gives its display.
While winters stage
is found so white
nearly every
day and night.
The snow of time
is counted true
with each wintery
daily view.
As snowflakes fall
in Christmas songs
the snow of time
is sing alongs.
Magical moments
are so fine
found as Christmas
the snow of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20,  2014

The Kiss of Christmas

While so many heartbeats
sound as a drum
there are still many
still found in a slum.
The kiss of Christmas
most surely can bring
life to ones sadness
and make them to sing.
Yet it needs us to
spread love and cheer
the kiss of Christmas
found so sincere.
Don’t let ones heartbeat
to wither away.
Show them what Christmas
can surely display.
The kiss of Christmas
from your beating heart
can help ones sadness
to surely depart.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20,  2014

Heavy Snow

A country drive
for photographs
brings alive
some paragraphs.
Stories written
from what’s seen
heavy snow
of winters dream.
Christmas lights
this country drive
through the snow
seem so alive.
They twinkle brightly
on my way
of heavy snow
through clouds of grey.
The seasons drive
is painted with
some heavy snow
a Christmas gift.
As the miles
are driven to
the heavy snow
displays its view.
White and wondrous
where I go
in Christmastime
the heavy snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20,  2014

Finding Santa

With eyes wide opened
ones search to see
old Santa Claus
in the sky Christmas eve.
They’re searching for his
magical sleigh
through Christmas Eve
to Christmas Day.
Trying to find Santa
and see if he’s real
searching through the night,
but magic conceals.
Them finding Santa
is each year a chore
to see if their gifts come
from him or a store.
Children with hopeful
watch and they wait
the time finding Santa
that they anticipate.
Sleep then comes quickly
with the sandman’s charm
and they awaken
to their Christmas alarm.
Them finding Santa
will just have to wait
for now there are presents
this wonderful date.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20,  2014

Leftover Christmas

Throughout the years
ones tend to forget
great things from Christmas
like a little marionette.
Maybe a toy truck
or a little girl dolly
come from old Santa Claus
so big and jolly.
That leftover Christmas
that still lives inside,
but we will often
just throw it aside.
Not letting joyful
of yesterdays years
to help you nowadays
with much lesser tears.
Find all those wonderful
times long ago
a leftover Christmas
with joy to and fro.
Don’t let the sadness
to fill up your view.
Let a leftover
Christmas shine through.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20,  2014

Footprints To Christmas

Winters own snowflakes
in northeastern skies
paint up the season
with winters reprise.
Footprints to Christmas
found in the snow
seem to head onwards
with Christmastimes flow.
Ones with their footsteps
walking along
making their footprints
singing some songs.
Songs about Jesus
and Santa Claus too
footprints to Christmas
become such a view.
If you go follow them
where all they went
footprints to Christmas
might leave your indent.
As you are following
you then are making
footprints to Christmas
with each step you’re taking.
So let those footsteps
that you make in time
show that of Christmas
a footprint design.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20,  2014

Soon We Will See

December doorways
have opened up wide
letting the joy of
Christmas inside.
Soon we will see
that wonderful day
that through Lord Jesus
shows us the way.
Each minute ticking
with hours to go
soon we will see
just maybe some snow.
Then as the season
of wintertime’s while
comes with its passion
of Christmastimes smile,
many will sing of
Lord Jesus God’s Son
of Whom we’ll see
when our lives are done.
Christmastime’s blessings
come with much joy
for soon we’ll see
that day to deploy.
Trees that are lit up
and glowing at night
soon we will see them
that wonderful sight.
The magic of Christmas
makes many hearts sing
of all the blessings
from Jesus The King.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20,  2014

Within Winter

The beginning of winter
sometimes only shows
how that it often
rains and it snows.
Within winter
there is such a day
that for so many
make troubles go away.
That day is Christmas
with its magical flair
that fills so many
with God’s love and care.
Yet within winter
there are ones without
not seeing Christmas
or knowing about.
They might of lost their
joy in the past
from such a time
of a shadowy cast.
Help those to find
that love front and center
that is from Christmas
that’s within winter.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20,  2014

The Season To Remember

The doorways to memories
live on in our hearts
as the season to remember
most surely imparts.
With so many viewpoints
from then unto now
the season to remember
is God to endow.
With Jesus our Savior
giving way through His life
the season to remember
is a way without strife.
Not allowing our hearts to
be swayed by ones hate
the season to remember
Gives Jesus through trait.
His love and compassion
that Christmas bestows
the season to remember
is pure love that grows.
Don’t let ones to change your
view in a way
the season to remember
that’s called Christmas Day.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20,  2014

When It’s Past

When the minutes
dusk to dawn
have just seemed to
move along
it leaves shadows
that we see
when it’s past
through history.
Christmas seasons
morning sun
brings a glimmer
of what’s done.
That is when we
need to change
what we’ve done
bad times again.
Letting Christmas
gleam and shine
in our hearts
a great design.
Let the days of
shadows cast
show the goodness
when it’s past.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20,  2014

for Dec 20,  2014

With Christmas coming
many have their own ideals.
Mine are of Jesus.

Allowing a storm cloud
to lose your view of Jesus
means your faith is weak.

Our limitations
are often found in our minds
and not what is true.

Moments come and go,
but Jesus is forever
as then unto now.

Life brings conclusions
that we might not agree with,
but we must accept.

Allowing others
to sway your view on Christmas
could cost you your joy.

The many the few
are the connections in life
that we overlook.

So many footsteps
leave footprints of illusion
and not of the truth.

Knowing someone’s name
does not constitute knowing
who they really are.

Beyond our eyesight
is the perception we’ve missed
that might do us well.

When push comes to shove
some try a little harder,
but not when they should.

Many memories
come back as ghost to haunt us
when they are regrets.

Looking for stardom
could find you wishing for less
and be left alone.

Sometimes our hard times
are the best things to happen
for they teach us well.

The clinking of cans
gives notice to a trash bag
filled full of cans.

Spelunking in caves
gives room for some mysteries
found in the darkness.

Loss of perception
leaves you not knowing truly
what friend is closest.

As letters are formed
and connect into meanings
some words might be lost.

The challenge of strength
could find you playing the fool,
for they might be strong.

When today has passed
it becomes a memory
of what all we learned.

Throwing a snowball
needs someone with a good aim
and good packing snow.

As we leave today
we might find many regrets,
but the deed is done.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20,  2014

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Hello my friends

How have you been? We’ve been doing pretty well, with
only a few little stumbling blocks :). We went to put up our
Christmas tree only to find that the whole lower half of the
bulbs were not working. The tree was a bit dingy looking
and all, so we decided to buy a new tree. This one is Green
with lights unlike the old one that was white with lights. Also
our old tree was 6 foot tall and this one is 7 foot tall. It was
a close call to be able to get the star on top of it hehehe, but
we managed. LOL we live in a single wide mobile home and
the ceiling isn’t but about 7 1/2 feet or so ;). Anyways, we
got it up. We love it :). It’s still white outside. We haven’t
had any new snow lately though, but who knows, we might
get a little bit this week. It tends to come unannounced from
time to time LOL. It’s only 35 F degrees right now which is
warm for up here, but tomorrows high is supposed to be in
the upper 20’s. Benny and Milo are doing well. They are
as ornery as ever LOL. I just let Benny back inside and
he was in a feisty mood hehehe. I gave him and Milo some
duck jerky because they’ve been good, plus it will maybe
make them leave me alone for a bit so I can finish writing.
It looks like I may have to fill up their water jugs in a bit,
but for now they’ll be OK. They’ve still got a little water
in them. Next topic :). I called my doctors office to tell
my doctor that my Advair wasn’t working too well and he
called in a prescription for a higher dosage and he also
prescribed me a rescue inhaler like I had been using for
many years. So now my breathing is sort of under control.
Bronchial Asthma is something I’ve been dealing with all
my life. Often when having an asthma attack I sound like
a steam ship whistle when I’m breathing hehehe. Judy
says it’s loud and I told her, you think it’s loud, how’d
ya like to be inside my head hehehe. Anyways, it seems
to be helping with the Advair and rescue inhaler. Now,
if I could only find some relief from this darned diarrhea
and arthritis LOL. I guess that’s something I’ll always
have to deal with being I was born with arthritis and I’m
lacking a colon and some small intestines hehehe. That’s
my life. Gotta love it LOL. I would swear that Milo is
trying to empty the water bowls just to make me have
to fill both of the water jugs hehehe. I think he’s part
leaky camel because he has to keep refilling :). He’d
never make it in the desert LOL. He drinks for a while
and then scratches on the door to go outside and pee.
Go figure hehehe. One thing for sure, he gets flushed
out. The vet said Milo’s OK, he’s just old and has a
weak bladder. I guess it’s something that many of us
have to deal with so Judy and I take turns letting him
outside to go pee and whatever else he might need to
do. Benny on most occasions goes out with him just to
play in the snow, but even he’s gotta go sometime LOL.
Milo is lying in the floor right behind me. Benny must
be in the living room on his favorite recliner or maybe
even lying under the Christmas tree looking up at the
lights. He does like to look at the lights. If ya haven’t
already figured out our schedule by now, it’s just me
and the boys again today as it is almost every Sunday.
I just went to check on Benny and he is lying on the
recliner where he can see the Christmas lights hehehe.
I took a picture of him while I was in there :). Milo
started to follow me until he saw me lean down and
pick up the camera. He then went back to his bed in
the floor and laid back down LOL. It didn’t work LOL.
I took a picture of him in his bed :). They have figured
out how to get their sweaters off. When they get tired
of wearing them you will see them slowly but surely
slipping them off LOL. Now if we could just teach them
to put them on and feed themselves. I’m pretty sure
that expecting them to turn the doorknob and open the
door to go out and potty is asking just a bit too much
huh hehehe :). We can’t install a doggie door for a few
reasons. One of which we are renting and another is
that the doggie door would be flapping in the breeze
being we have no wind break and another reason is it
would be snowing in the house and lastly it would be
useless because we never leave the front door opened.
So a doggie door in the screen door would be senseless.
Benny and Milo can’t manipulate the steps in the back
of our house. They’re just a tad too steep. Even I have
a bit of trouble going up and down them, so they don’t
get used much. There’s also more snow back there
being it is never plowed back there and the sun rarely
shines back there which means less snow to melt LOL.
Judy and I got up early Saturday morning or should I
say, I just stayed awake and we headed off to the new
Hannaford Grocery store opening that was at 7 AM.
They were handing out some cash cards for the first 200
customers. We got a 10 dollar cash card and Judy had
a 5 dollar off coupon that she had been saving so we
did our Christmas dinner shopping. We only forgot a
few things such as pumpkin pie, etc etc, but we can get
them another day. This is our favorite time of year.
We’ve been watching Christmas movies and listening
to Christmas music as well as sleeping to Christmas
music hehehe. This has always been a special time
to my family. My dad and me used to go and sing at
the candle light service Christmas Eve night. I miss
him tons, but I know that he is always watching over
me. Thank You God for all of the blessings that You
have given us. Your One and Only Son gave way for
all of us sinners to find a place in Heaven when our time
on Earth is done. I do not fear death, but welcome it
when it is time for me to shed this worn out body and
be with all of my friends and family that have gone on
before me. I know that You are always here for us
with Your Helping Hands to do what we are not able.
Now, I believe it’s time for me to stop my rambling
and begin my search for a word or phrase through all
that I’ve written here that I can use as the title for
today’s brand new poem. So, it’s away I go to that
little place of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I might of found me a
good title and now after checking, I see that I have
not used it YET, but now it shall be used hehehehe.
Here goes. I hope the poem makes sense.

Your Helping Hands

Days that we’ve struggled
to be what we’re not
often leaves doorways
to what we forgot.
God with Your Glory
You help us to find
the much better pathways
for all of mankind.
Yet there are many
that just look away
and do not seek You
in their day to day.
Your Helping Hands Lord
are there just awaiting
for us to lessen
our bad anticipating.
So many people
are like rubber bands
seeking their own way
not Your Helping Hands.
With times repeated
that snap in their face
Your Helping Hands are
still filled with grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 14, 2014

Ok, so there ya go. I hope you weren’t bored to death
with my rambling and the poem at least made a little bit
of sense to ya. My stomach is talking to me saying feed
me hehehe. I might feed me and the boys as soon as I’m
done with this. They’re not starving. They have 2 pans
in the floor with 2 different types of dried food if they are
hungry LOL. They aren’t crazy about it, but they’ll eat
it when they get hungry enough hehehehe. Begging for
treats will not always get them a treat. Sometimes it will
get them yelled at hehehe with me pointing at the pans in
the floor. Milo has learned that barking at me does not
work, so he will wait patiently, but there are times that
he will forget and bark at me which gets a look from me
that says, KNOCK IT OFF hehehe. Anyways, I think
it’s time for me to tell you what I tell you almost every
week and that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yeppers, 10 more poems, but this week with 9 of them
being Christmas poems :). I also once again wrote 22
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there. I hope you
find one or two of either or both that you like. Now it’s
time for me to begin my search for that not so great at
hiding off switch, but not before I wish you a blessings
filled weekend or what that’s left of it and a safe and
God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we
do too. OK, so where are ya hiding this week ya silly
off switch? Hopefully you have tried just a little bit
harder at hiding. LOL Nope, just as lame as always.
Hiding behind my respirator ain’t so great, being that
I do use it from time to time ya know hehehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless fro Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Northeast Full Moon

Through the wintery clouds above
this big ball does appear
high in the sky so late at night
this seasons time of year.
It glows as a big white snowball
that’s floating full of love
as December brings us Christmas
through the clouds up above.
The flavorful times emotions
are painted large and round
with twinkling stars of rhythms
and a magical Christmas sound.
The essence of that big round ball
is that of winters night
found within a moonlight dream
with Christmastime in sight.
The glowing ball of white above
seems to play a tune
Christmastime in New England
a sweet northeast full moon.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2014

Lost In Christmastime

Windows of children
are enhanced by their heart
created by believing
in a Christmas work of art.
The sadness of the past
is then laid to rest
as they’re lost in Christmastime
in their wintery quest.
Snowmen stand awaiting
for the scenes of such delight
while ones lost in Christmastime
seek that wondrous sight.
The stories of old Santa
and his reindeer will be told
while ones lost in Christmastime
watch it to unfold.
The pages turn to Jesus Christ
and manger filled with hay
with children lost in Christmastime
and thoughts about that day.
It’s that magical time of year
that comes alive with glee
and brings God’s joy and blessings found
in ones like you and me.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2014

Bells Of Christmas

With Christmas comes sounds
of jingling bells
found in the songs
that Christmas foretells.
The bells of Christmas
with a sleigh in the sky
ring that of Santa
with reindeer that fly.
Joyful the songs are
sung of much peace
while bells of Christmas then
give their release.
Scenes found so beautiful
as lights in the night
along with some displays
of God’s Holy Light.
Houses all decked out
with wonderful things
as the bells of Christmas
are Heavenly scenes.
It’s with this magical
time of the year
that the bells of Christmas
will ring so sincere.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2014

Looking For Hope

While many struggle
they seek for a sign
looking for hope
that’s in Christmastime.
Yet there are many
that struggle to breathe
looking for hope
that they can perceive.
They need some helpful
found in their view
looking for hope
that’s in me and you.
Sometimes one smiling
can enhance ones heart
looking for hope
then finds ways to start.
Don’t let those struggling
to not get a hand
looking for hope
needs help to withstand.
Often just a glimmer
of Lord God through you
looking for hope
can become brand new.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2014

At But A Glance

Some find a glimmer
and some find a glance
found within Christmas
with true song and dance.
Moments are counted
as glances are made
while some see lemons
and some lemonade.
Christmas comes surely
with its wondrous flare,
yet there are many
that don’t really care.
Sometimes ones passed days
will destroy their view
and then their Christmas
is dulled in its hue.
Often ones heartfelt
love can enhance
ones view of Christmas then
at but a glance.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2014

One Flake At A Time

The snowflakes fall
as passionate scenery
while they soon cover
the leftover greenery.
One flake at a time
they fall down and land
helping some children
with snowmen to stand.
Soon every hillside
from here thereunto
one flake at a time
creates such a view.
Magical moments
are gathered in place
one flake at a time
that falls on my face.
The scenes become life
in a Christmas design
as the snow falls
one flake at a time.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2014

Winds Of Christmas

As the seasons change
from summer to fall
winter comes surely
with Christmas to call.
Then as if magic
the moment is laid
with winds of Christmas
that Heaven has made.
Time becomes portholes
with ones looking through
finding with amazement
what Christmas can do.
The winds of Christmas
will blow in with joy
often with snowflakes
that then might deploy.
Painting the scenery
white as can be
some see the artwork
as divine history.
Yet there are many
that snow never falls
but winds of Christmas
still comes and befalls.
Maybe through artwork
of Christmas designs
the winds of Christmas
lives in their minds.
Heartbeats of beauty
of what we remember
the winds of Christmas
come in December.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2014

The Closer It Gets

Each day is counted
as time moves along
with every thought of
the last dusk to dawn.
Some view the endings
as all that there is
while the closer it gets
they see their abyss.
Yet I see a future
with times that begin
when life has ended
I then start agin.
A life that is wondrous
without any pain
the closer it gets
my heart can’t abstain.
So joyful the moments
I’m joined with my friends
the closer it gets to
what then never ends.
Life in our bodies
are not meant to last,
for they will only
be times in the past.
Do the best that you can
with lesser regrets
then await Heaven
the closer it gets.
Don’t let your carnality
lead you to Hell,
for the closer it gets
your path will foretell.
Seek now for Jesus
as He pays your debts
then you’ll find Heaven
the closer it gets.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2014

Christmas Garden

A snowy hedge
from distant sights
is now lit
with Christmas lights.
Even a tree
out all alone
shines so bright
from dusk to dawn.
A Christmas garden
made with snow
displays white
a tree that grows.
It has colors
white and blue
that which glimmer
their own hue.
A Christmas garden
grows so tall
an evergreen
that soon will fall.
It will find
a smiling face
found beside
a fireplace.
Lit up nicely
truly so
the Christmas garden
now in snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2014

The Stillness of Night

In the stillness of night
some sounds might be heard
Christmastimes stories
with word after word.
Some about Santa
and some about God
as some are maybe
a little bit odd.
Scenes might be blinking
white, blue. green and red
in the stillness of night
with ones in their bed.
Christmastimes glory
might then come alive
with but a moment
of joy in the sky.
The stillness of night
might hold a few things
such as the sound of
an angel that sings.
Singing about Christmas
and Jesus delight
with many sleeping
in the stillness of night.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2014

for Dec 13, 2014

Tomorrows journey
begins with footsteps today,
so don’t just sit there.

Life in memories
often includes colored sights
that we have made up.

Looking for the truth
might find you not wanting it
after it is found.

So many shadows
only display the heartaches
due to all the lies.

As winter winds blow
they also show personality
found in the season.

The bush that’s protected
will not be covered with snow,
but another dies.

A butterfly’s life
begins inside a cocoon
from another life.

Links to our problems
are often found in our lives
through many choices.

Knowing your limits
could prevent you from failure,
but then maybe not.

Doing things your way
might find your own destruction.
Listen to the wise.

When we are in doubt
we might need to search our hearts
to find out what’s true.

Leftover insight
might show dull on situations
that display today.

Our pages will turn
as the book of life opens
to expose the truth.

Shortsighted people
will not see what’s before them,
but only see now.

With every person
there’s different perceptions
with opened and closed.

Today brings chances
for a better tomorrow
through our lessons learned.

As things are repeated
the truth becomes much clearer
and hard to deny.

Sharing a mere breath
could help another to breathe,
but don’t smother them.

Only through Jesus
can a heart find peacefulness
through all the thunder.

As a snowflake falls
it might choose its place to land
and become happy.

With every minute
a second leaves some traces
of it’s own design.

Heartbeats in the snow
might shine on as some children
building a snowman.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2014

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Hello my friends

How has your passed week been?  Has the weekend treated
you well?  It’s been getting colder each and every passing day
up this way.  Benny is loving the snow as usual hehehe.  Milo
would rather just stay inside and if he never had to potty, I’m
sure he would never wish to go outside unless it’s to go for a
ride in the car.  Him and Benny love to ride with us in the car.
Benny is outside right now.  he went out when Milo went out
to go potty,  but he wanted to stay and play.  I’ll have to go
and check on him in a minute.  I mean,  it’s 14 F degrees and
I don’t want him to freeze.  Benny has his sweater on,  but it
isn’t that much added warmth.  I just went to see if Benny was
ready to come inside and he just stood out there looking at me
like,  what do you want?  Hehehe I coaxed him in with one of
his noise making toys.  One of his favorite,  the bird that when
you squeeze it in the right spot it starts chirping LOL.  Benny
has it now in the living room in his mouth making it chirp LOL.
Love that boy!  Milo is lying on our bed in my spot hehehe :).
He’s nice and comfy.  Benny has made it to our bedroom and
is now on our bed with Milo.  I noticed that the big water jug
that fills their water bowl was empty,  so I filled it up and after
setting it in the floor,  I fell down while trying to stand back up.
I think I’m OK.  I just sort of twisted my left wrist while trying
to pull myself back up.  Getting old is a bummer LOL.  Milo
watched me from the end of the bed with a worried look on his
face.  I’ll live.  By the way,  I got the results from the Ultra
Sound that I had done on the one inch lump on my shoulder.
It’s a cyst and I am scheduled to meet with a surgeon early
in January to prepare to have it removed along with a few
moles that he also wants to check and make sure that they
are not cancerous.  Anyways,  I’m relieved about the lump,
but I’ll be so happy when it’s removed,  because it’s putting
pressure on my shoulder which it along with every other part
of my body has arthritis and the cyst makes it hurt even worse.
Oh well,  life goes on.  It’s with the aches and pains that we
realize that we are alive and breathing :).  Also it brings our
own mortality into view in a clearer picture hehehe.  Yep,
I’m alive whether ya like it or not hehehe.  Ok,  so what’s
happening around this place?  Hmm good question.  Oh yea,
I got an email from my friend Rich in New York that does a
Public Access TV broadcast and he is going to use more
of my Christmas poems in the Christmas broadcast as he
did last year.  He told me he would do as he did last year
and let me know which of my Christmas poems he will be
using and send me a DVD of the broadcast and upload it
to YouTube and Vimeo so I can share with ones that are
not able to see the broadcast on TV.  That’s what he did
last year.  Anyways,  Judy and I will enjoy watching it when
we get it.  OK,  next topic.  It’s most surely feeling like its
wintertime.  Right now at 2 PM it’s 12 F degrees.  It was
minus -12 degrees this morning LOL.  Yep,  even if the
calendars say it’s not officially winter,  I say it freaking
looks and feels like it hehehe.  I still take the boys out in
the field for a walk from time to time.  Milo doesn’t come
out as far and Benny and me.  He doesn’t care much for
that white stuff,  but I have caught him playing in it from
time to time LOL.  Both Benny and Milo have come inside
with white snowy beards from sticking their faces down in
the snow hehehe.  Yesterday they were romping around
in the snow together and when I opened the front door
they came running side by side with snowy faces up the
steps and into the house :).  They then continued playing
as they romped around the living room snatching up some
squeaky toys and making some racket hehehe.  They are
our little boys.  My asthma has been acting up a bit more
lately and the respirator that my New doctor prescribed
for me seems to only make it worse.  He prescribed one
of those Advair DISKUS inhalers.  Monday I’m going to
give him a call and see if he can prescribe me what I had
been using before.  I’ve had bronchial asthma all of my
life.  My daughter (Jamye) called me last night and we
talked for a while,  but my asthma was making it hard for
me to breathe and do much talking and that Advair only
made it worse.  I hope Jamye will call me again.  I’m sad
that I was unable to talk long.  Judy could see me from
across the room struggling to breathe.  When I’m trying
to get some sleep,  my lungs begin wheezing making it
real hard to relax.  I usually end up pacing the floor and
then turning the fan on that’s on my nightstand.  It usually
helps me to breathe a little bit.  Otherwise my wheezing
will even bother Judy.  That’s my life in a nut shell LOL.
I do though totally enjoy watching it snow and even from
time to time going outside and playing in it.  That’s the
little boy still alive within me :).  Benny loves it when I
go outside with him and play with him.  Milo will even
go outside from time to time and play with us.  I can’t
do the things that I used to be able to do,  but I have a
good time.  I love taking pictures of the scenery around
here,  especially when it’s snowing or recently snowed.
Christmas is just a few weeks away.  Are you ready?
Judy and I are looking forward to the Blessed day and
the events leading up to it.  Even the days following that
blessed moment are special to us.  Judy and I have now
lived here for 7 years.  We moved up here the first of
December 2007.  It’s been an awesome adventure that
I would of never been on if I had never met Judy back
in April of 2001 in a poetry egroup :).  She has had the
chance to experience Texas and visit my favorite little
place Port Aransas TX.  She saw her first Jelly fish and
walked in the waves.  We caught many photographs of
the sunrises over the ocean and a few of the sunsets from
the KOHOOTZ catamaran dolphin and lighthouse cruise.
We took a cruise on the Texas Treasure and felt the wind
blow in our hair as the ocean shared its beauty.  Judy and
I have so many things to be thankful for.  We do tend to
forget them every once in a while though.  That’s why our
pictures mean so much to us.  We can revisit anytime
we want in our photographs and videos.  Thank You God
for all that You have done for us.  We might tend to let
ourselves forget about all of the good that You have done
for us,  but know that we are very grateful.  I can see now
Your shadows in my past as you helped me along the way
with my many struggles.  Please forgive me for all of my
weakness in then and now.  Thank You for giving us Your
Son Jesus Christ to die for our many sins.  AMEN and
AMEN.  Now I believe I have gone and rambled quite
enough hehehe.  I think it’s time for me to be taking my
little trip back through all that I’ve written here to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So, it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I believe I found a good title
just a little ways back in my rambling and now after
checking I see that I have not used it yet,  so here goes.
I hope it makes sense to ya hehehe.

Shadows In My Past

With every single footstep made
I found myself with You.
Maybe not so clear back then,
but now I see so true.
You’re in the shadows in my past
and future days to find.
Yes God I know now that you are
with me all the time.
Glimmers shadows in my past
reflect what You have done
through The One called Jesus Christ
that’s Your Only Son.
Shadows of the past and present
show Your Hands are there
with me all the time each day
and found within a prayer.
God I thank You for the things
that You’ve yet to do
and the things You’ve done for me
that I’ve yet to view.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 7,  2014

OK,  so there ya go.  I hope that prayer poem helped you.
I find that when I stop and just start writing down my many
thoughts that I can see answers in the words.  Now before
I forget about it,  yesterday Dec 7 was my sister Peggy’s
birthday.  I know I wished you a happy birthday on your
Facebook page yesterday,  but I tried to call you also and
wish you a Happy Birthday without success,  so I hope you
had a wonderful birthday.  I love you sis.  Hopefully you
and mom can make it up here next year maybe for the fall
colors :).  It’s getting a bit colder now with the temperature
being 5 F degrees :).  Benny and Milo are still lying on
our bed.  It’s supposed to get down to minus –7 degrees
by morning.  Yep,  that’s wintertime to me.  Of course it
will most assuredly get colder than that as winter shows its
snowy teeth.  It don’t matter.  I’m sure I will be finding
something good to take pictures of and write about through
it all.  Benny and Milo have been exceptionally good today.
They haven’t pestered me once aside from of course,  Milo
having to go outside and potty.  I might have to give them
a special treat for being so good.  They are getting used
to being here with me on Sunday while Judy goes and takes
care of her mom.  I guess they realize that pestering me
won’t get nothing but a good talking to hehehe.  Especially
when I’m trying to write my article LOL.  Well I believe
it’s time for me to stop rambling and tell you what I tell
you almost every week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems with 5 of them
being Christmas poems.  Also,  I once again wrote 22
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you
can find one or two of either or both that you like :).
Now it’s time for me to be searching for that hardly
elusive off switch,  but not before I wish you a most
wonderful weekend and a week filled with blessings.
Ok,  so where are ya hiding this week ya little varmint.
I have to say,  you are getting a little bit better at your
hiding spots,  but not so great at staying hidden LOL.
If you would just stay down and out of sight,  but NO.
You just can’t stop yourself from trying and peek out
at me,  can ya hehehe.  Well you know what’s next huh.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Sounds of Seconds

Hear the rhythms
seconds make
found as footsteps
that sounds take.
Marching onwards
sounds of seconds
make their view.
running wild
often make ones
time compiled.
Sounds of seconds
heard by some
sounds just like
a beating drum.
Yet some seconds
that ones hear
only shadows
With each second
dusk to dawn
sounds of seconds
move along.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2014

A Snowy Afternoon

With snowflakes falling
on a snowy afternoon
the winds continue blowing
with a little whistle tune.
The glimmers of sunshine
come little so light
as there are clouds there
on into the night.
A snowy afternoon
displays scenes far and wide
with white flakes cascading
right down from the sky.
The scenes become flavored
with winters white stage
on a snowy afternoon
with the turning of a page.
Time becomes moments
of winters delight
with a snowy afternoon
that ends with the night.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2014

The Summer Sun

The Winter solstice
comes so cold
from the seasons
days of old.
There is not a
glimpse of heat,
only snow
beneath my feet.
The summer sun
is gone away
now replaced
with winters day.
Every snowflake
that falls down
covers up
what once was brown.
Even treetops
oh so high
have snow gathered
by and by.
The summer sun
is just a phase
waiting for
it’s future days,
yet now winter
holds so true
with its snowy
wondrous view.
The summer sun
will soon return
when in fact
it is its turn.
For now winter
holds the key
to the door
for us to see.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2014

Beyond The Lights

With the sound of music
and wonderful sights
I see the future
beyond the lights.
Christmases shadows
are found as a heart
glistening truly
as times work of art.
So many gathered
with songs that are sung
as Christmas joyful
of Jesus God’s Son.
Beyond the lights
the treetops glisten
so distantly
while I’m reminiscing.
Christmastimes blessings
are oh so golden
beyond all the lights
as they’re unfolding.
Children’s heartbeats
are in the sights
found within Christmas
beyond the lights.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2014

Deep In The Night

Found in the darkness
are dreams that run wild
deep in the night
of a true little child.
Dreaming of Christmas
and Santa with toys
deep in the night
their wishful deploys.
Some children praying
for so many things
such as the wonders
that Santa Claus brings.
A toy train for Jimmy
and little doll for Susie.
Maybe even a train set
for one that is so choosy.
Way deep in the night
they lay there and listen
hoping for Santa Claus
while reminiscing.
Soon they fall asleep
as the clock sings its song
ticking with the minutes
with a soon hour gong.
At the stroke of midnight
they awaken to hear
sounds of Old Santa
and all his reindeer.
His footsteps are heard
as he heads to his sleigh
deep in the night
and then on his way.
He’d already been down
their chimney with glee
bringing them presents
for morning to see.
They went back to sleep
with dreamlands come true
to awaken by morning
seeing what was to view.
But for now their own
dreamworld lives on
deep in the night
just awaiting for dawn.
Santa had been there
as time had foretold
to bring them their presents
for kids good as gold.
So when they awakened
and went down to look
they saw mom and dad
with a little Christmas book.
Reading about Christmas
and all of its splendor
telling of the story
that was oh so tender.
They said they heard Santa
that night on the roof
along with each reindeer
with hoof after hoof.
Daddy said dear children
we heard Santa too,
now look now and find what
Santa brought you.
The family sang songs
of praise to God’s Son
that God had sent them
this day that is done.
They held hands and smiled
while singing sweet songs
about Christmastime
that early morning dawn.
For deep in the night
God saw every heart
and shined down His wonderful
times work of art.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2014

Time Is Repeated

Remembering moments
time is repeated
sometimes forgiveness
has not been seeded.
Sometimes the future
finds deja vu
within the doorways
of then thereunto.
Time is repeated
with moments at glance
sometimes for bad
or much better chance.
Often our choices
become a path
that is repeated
as bad aftermath.
Time shows us truly
the essence to see,
but many only
relive history.
Time is repeated
as many walk on
sometimes with lessons
and sometimes with none.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2014

A White Snowy Day

When looking outside
I saw in the snow
footprints that glistened
there to and fro.
A white snowy day
with flakes of white falling
displayed the journeys
of a deer come a calling.
Visiting pathways
brought alive certain sights
a white snowy day
with winter delights.
When I walked to the door
and headed outside
my excitement of winter
made my eyes open wide.
The scenes of Christmastime
that were displayed
a white snowy day
was surely God Made.
With every snowflake
that fell to the Earth
I was reminded of
a wonderful birth.
The sins found of many
were surely washed away
thinking of Christmas
on a white snowy day.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2014

Fantasy Moon

Within winters nights
I hear such a tune
with the wind blowing
and a fantasy moon.
The moonlight glimmers
off of the snow
giving a wonderful
magical glow.
The fantasy moon
brings alive the night
making it seem as
it is daylight.
It shows of beauty
with clouds faraway
the fantasy moon
that makes it as day.
The shimmering light
reflects on the ground
that is now frozen
with snow all around.
A Fantasy moon
of wondrous detail
helps with a dream world
white seas set sail.
Oceans of beauty
come into tune
with the sight of the night
and a fantasy moon.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2014

Children’s Hearts

Scenes of Christmas
come alive
Children’s hearts
and children’s eyes.
Stories written
stories read
children’s hearts
at night in bed.
Christmas hopeful
lives and breathes
with what all
a child believes.
Children’s hearts
with Christmas glow
find a snowman
in the snow.
Some snow angels
also made
with tiny hands
the snows persuade.
Children’s hearts
will shout and sing
about what Christmas
has to bring.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2014

My Own Emotions

Surely as wintertime
comes with its white
my own emotions
come into sight.
Footsteps in the white snow
hither and to
become as my footprints
with Christmastimes hue.
Sometimes as markers for
Christmastimes place
becoming emotions
ones find on my face
Showing as it’s snowing
a wonderful time
my own emotions will
show their design.
Found in the makings of
Christmastimes while
my own emotions
are seen as a smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2014

for Dec 6,  2014

As time moves forward
the past often finds places
in our memories.

A rekindled fire
might burn with mere memories
that are extinguished.

True love of passion
will survive with two heartbeats
if not built on lies.

Completing journeys
begins with destinations
with reality.

When looking forwards
don’t forget your yesterdays
for they are lessons.

Many conclusions
come as circumstantial  thoughts
not built on the truth.

Silence in the night
begins when our voices cease
and rest has begun.

Losing your patience
could cause a large thunderstorm
to erupt inside.

A rose of springtime
seeks some warmth through wintertime
to sprout in the sun.

Now is just a time
that minutes are counted
sometimes as mere dust.

A frosted window
shows the essence of winter
without looking out.

New days are dawning
as many will just look on
seeing yesterday.

The hands of true love
might be hidden in a smile
that only one sees.

As daytime begins
it leaves nighttime to find rest
until it returns.

Starry nights above
show stories high in skylight
as connect the dot.

Pointless are many
as they speak without thinking
with no conclusion.

The Challenge of strength
can be interpreted as
ones mind or body.

Our looks will wither,
but who we are never fades
if we don’t allow it.

Finding who you are
could turn into a wild trip
that could of waited.

Perfection only thrives
within arrogant people
that think they’re perfect.

Beside running streams
lies emotions of water
as ripples in time.

When night comes starry,
the moon comes glimmering too
with its smiling face.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 6,  2014

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