Strength For Another


Hello my friends

I hope you are doing well. It’s been a rough night and
day for me today being my angina has begun giving me
trouble again. Hopefully it passes soon. In any sense,
I guess I will finish my journal hehehe. I went and got
my eyes examined and some new glasses ordered. They
should be ready this week. I am totally excited being I
am dog tired of seeing the world through blurry vision.
The weather is still a bit on the chilly side LOL. Right
now it’s 26F degrees. The high today is supposed to be
around 27F. Nope dear spring hasn’t sprung up here
yet. 29% chance of snow today, but I don’t expect any.
Yep, we still have snow as far as the eyes can see, but
it has diminished greatly. We might get another snow
storm before it’s all over with hehehe, God only knows.
It’s happened before. Hmm, what else is there to ramble
about? Well, Judy and I have been watching reruns
of Deadliest Catch. We are excitedly waiting for it to
begin the new season next month. We’re still playing
around with our farm games and waiting for them to
add another farm and level LOL. Hehehe she’s almost
at the final level. She’s at level 180 and I’m level 185.
Each day we check to see if they added another farm
or level hehe. Hey, it’s cheap entertainment for us.
The wind is sure blowing outside. Being on a hill with
no windbreakers hehehe, we tend to get the brunt of
the gust. Thank God we don’t live where there are
tornadoes LOL. At least so far hehehe! Judy and I
have started watching our weight. Mine has gotten
real easy to watch LOL! Now we’re eating half of
what we used to. I was going to try to lay down for
a bit after Judy went to work, but my chest is hurting
way to much and it’s hard to breathe. Maybe later
today after it’s eased up a little. I’m sure it will pass.
I spent all night talking to God as I usually do and
a few times I think I woke Judy by accident hehehe.
Yet I think she thought it was part of her dream 🙂
I can’t hear myself talk and often don’t realize how
loud I’m speaking hehehe. Being stone deaf in my
right ear and partially deaf in my left ear, it makes
me to sometimes speak loudly LOL. I’m sure God
would hear me if I were to just think a prayer, but
I find it more comfortable speaking out loud. Thank
God, Judy’s a sound sleeper hehehe. I used to be a
sound sleeper before many things happened in my
past that I won’t get into LOL. Thank God I’m not
a sound sleeper hehehe! Oh what a mess that would
be hehehe. I just wish I could sleep a least a little.
That’s my life. I guess it’s catnapping till my life
comes to an end. It could be worse I guess hehehe!
Yeppers, it can always be worse. I thank God for
my abilities that He has given me so freely, for it’s
with my abilities through writing, photography and
music that help me to make it yet another day. We
all have gifts, but often misuse them or don’t use
them at all. Your gifts may not be ones that shine
in a spotlight, but they’re just as important and
they are given for free. Your gift might be shining
with you unaware. Being someone to lean on in
troubled times or a friend to another are just a
few of the gifts. You might be the very one that God
has sent to be strength for another in troubled times.
Often we will not know what our gifts are. I only
know of the obvious ones I have. I am sure I have
many more that I am unaware of that I might be
using every day. Let God use you the way that
He wishes. Turn loose of your ego and let life
find a way to see how you can help others with
help from God. Well, I guess it’s time for me to
be taking my little venture back through all that
I’ve written here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place
of my recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I think I may have found a good title.
Now let’s see what I can do with it!!!! LOL…

Strength For Another

Life might be sordid
and ones can’t go further
that’s when it’s time
to be strength for another.
Taking your eyes off
your own times dismay,
you might find goodness
while helping some way.
Strength from a moment
that selfishness died,
you might grow stronger
with helpful applied.
Be strength for another
that’s now in your view
and God will send strength then
to give unto you.
Don’t let your ego
to tear you apart.
Be strength for another
with a Jesus sized heart.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 27, 2011

So there ya go hehehe! Another poem that may not make
a lick of sense to you hehehe. Though I truly hope it made
a little sense to a few of you. There’s not much else going
on up here to write about. My arm is healing up slowly 🙂
I wish my right hand would quit giving me trouble. Oh well,
that’s life hehe. If it weren’t for the troubles I would think I
was dead LOL!!! OK, so it’s time for me to tell you what I
tell you every week and that is, I wrote some more poems
and haiku. 10 more poems with one of them to Judy and
22 more haiku. I hope and pray that you enjoy at least a
few of them hehehe. Nope, hehe no Christmas poems this
week. Maybe next week HoHoHo! Now with that said, it’s
about time for me to be searching for that off switch, but
not before I wish you a most wonderful God filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find
that freaking off switch hehe. Found it attempting to make
a snowman out of ice cubes with absolutely no success LOL.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehe 🙂

Learning Fully

Many words
and many ways
guide our thoughts
for future days.
Often problems
done in time
will though still though
surely rhyme.
Many things
from done and said
will be shadows
in our head
and some times
of done and gone
will be found
to just move on.
It takes words
of listened few
to make better
things we do.
Learning fully
truly so
what that’s best to
come and go.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2011

Cirrus Clouds

Little clouds
of to and fro
I’m depicting
that you’ll snow.
Cirrus clouds
from faraway
I think you will
snow today.
The wind blows
its gusty trail
maybe as a
ship with sail.
Cirrus clouds
that now apply
make formations
in the sky.
Building up
and stretching far
this is what that
these clouds are.
Swirling whirling
here and there
as they’re building
Yet you might just
blow away
cirrus clouds
of now today.
You might just
leave me a sign
in the sky
of time to time.
Scenic wonders
I now view
with the cirrus

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2011

Moments Patterns

Moments patterns
can inlay
much confusion
seen one day.
It might just be
in our head
moments patterns
done and said.
Often people
will propose
that they know
what comes and goes.
Yet they may just
not know true
and be hiding
it from you.
Moments patterns
might be found
as ones stories
not so sound.
Don’t let people
lead you on
from dusk to dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2011

Seen As Eden

Seen as Eden
now might be
just a bit of
Hell to see.
It’s our judgment
there and here
that determines
what’s sincere.
Often though our
judgment found
has no way of
solid ground.
Seen as Eden
many view
now and then
what’s not so true.
Eden visions
come and go
sometimes in
a scenario.
Yes we often
find a view
from a timeframe
seen askew
and we’ll view it
as if Eden
while forgetting
where we’ve been.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2011

Within My Memory

Single fragments
in design
I remember
from a time.
Scenes of wonders
are within
my memory.
Single fragments
time has shown
are as seconds
moments sewn.
Within my memory
I now view
here and there
and thereunto.
Dusty moments
weathered scene
I remember
grasses green.
Within my memory
I can find
scenic wonders
time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2011

Closer Still

Blessings from a
moments day
might right now
seem faraway.
Yet those blessings
wanted will
might right now
be closer still.
You might see them
as just time
within minutes
moments mind,
but those blessings
then and done
might be linked to
what’s begun.
Closer still
the times might be
blessings from
your history.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2011

Little Eagle

Within the sky
there fly’s a bird
as a shadow
seen not heard.
Newly born
just learned to fly
little eagle
in the sky.
It fly’s truly
as the wind
little eagle
my views friend.
It brings blessings
in the day
from its shadows
little way.
Little eagle
now that’s seen
I release you
in my dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2011

Sprits of The Sea

While I’m searching
through the waves
I see currents
time enslaves.
Spirits of the sea
I find
are remembered
in my mind.
Times so joyous
said and done
found within
the island sun.
I feel spirits
of the sea
now within
my memory.
Living breathing
as so true
spirits of the sea
with you.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2011

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce
I Love You

As it Blows

The day moves on
with wind that blows
while not caring
where it goes.
The day travels
with its thoughts
as a sailors
minutes knots.
Time unravels
with its grooves
with the wind
that quickly moves.
The day moves on
with dusty trails
sometimes as
some windy gales.
I can feel it
as it blows
when it comes
and when it goes.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2011

Endless Sky

God pours love
as His reply
in our hearts
as endless sky.
Yet we often
walk away
leaving love
of day to day.
We might find
our endless sky
filled with our
own times reply.
The endless sky
of God above
can be filled
with all His Love.
Let your endless
sky’s of time
be filled with
God’s Own Design.
Don’t let greed
to make you sigh.
Seek your needs
through Endless Sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2011

for Mar 26, 2011

Looking and seeing
does not always show the truth.
Sometimes it’s hidden.

Many poor people
are not really poor at all.
It’s just illusion.

Painting a blossom
leaves out its real true beauty.
The flower blooms.

In many echoes
are the repeats of mistakes
that others have made.

Many pyramids
will leave out the true meanings
and make us to think.

A needed lesson
can come from traumatic times
we thought not needed.

Angels from Heaven
come when sent from God above
to help ones to live.

A simple passage
could determine your future
into the unknown.

While asking questions
you might find many answers
that you did not want.

Living and learning
comes with many misfortunes
that we must accept.

Granting a favor
might just lead to destruction
if it’s not thought out.

Leaving a shadow
untouched and without lessons
could find you despair.

Clinging to someone
might prove to be saddening
if they don’t love you.

A flower of time
grows brilliantly in sunlight,
yet sleeps in the night.

Candles in the wind
will flicker most immensely
and maybe blow out.

One hand on today
leaves the other reaching back
seeking yesterday.

Three found together
gives ideas for grasping
between good and bad.

When hearts are beating
they give chances for true love
in a honeymoon.

Glancing at right now
you might miss all the good sights.
Take some time to view.

Merging some moments
creates journeys known as our

A bicycle chain
is like a heartbeat of love.
It helps it to go.

Grace of God is found
in blessings we may not see,
but find much later.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Life Goes On


Hello my friends

Spring is supposed to be around the corner, but it’s still
all white up here. Yep, the weather seems to be warming
up a bit, but we’re expecting 3 to 5 inches of snow Monday
night and snow on in to the week AGAIN. Winter is not
quite through with us up here. Right now it’s 30F degrees
and supposed to get up to 34F, but God only knows. OK,
so it’s onto another bit of rambling info. I fell AGAIN last
Wednesday when Judy and I had gotten home from the
grocery store/Wal*Mart. I busted up my leg and my arm
AGAIN. My forearm has a massive two inch bruise on it
and I cannot put any weight on my left arm or it begins to
throb and hurt. I may have fractured my arm AGAIN LOL.
That’s life. Hehehe I ain’t going to the doctor, because I
have had tons of fractures in the past and I already know
exactly what they’re gonna tell me. Don’t use it and rap
it in an ace bandage, being I don’t do well with cast hehe.
In any sense, I will survive, but with a lot of pain LOL.
Onto another subject. Judy had a doctors appointment
last Thursday and her doctor said her blood is looking
good. She still has a lot of work to do, but the levels
are looking good. Also me and Judy have decided to go
on a diet. It won’t do me much good, but it couldn’t
hurt hehehe. What I have is from the Prednisone that
the doctors OD’d me on in 1994 and 95 trying to get my
Ulcerative Colitis under control. Yet all it did was cause
me many more problems and almost my death. Yes, I
think some doctors refuse to admit they do not know
and do not send us to someone that does, in my case
was Dr. Reed at Medical City. Of course Dr. Reed has
since then come down with West Nile Virus and is not
doing well at all. He was a good Christian surgeon
at Medical City Hospital and he is most surely missed.
I remember him coming and praying with me beside
my bed and saying, “Bill you are out of my hands now
and in God’s, being I cannot operate on you again or
you will most surely die”. God did intervene that night,
but I believe He decided to leave me with all of my
many health problems, because He knew He could
use me best. Being a Christian and loving Jesus does
not mean you will not have problems. It only means
you will have Him to get strength from to make it
through the struggles. My dad always said that “if
things are going wrong, you must be doing something
right, because Satan don’t want no dead soldiers.
He attacks the living soldiers. So be prepared to
fight hehehe”. Yes, I do believe my dad spoke the
truth. Yet I’m sure a lot of our problems are just
life itself with the many things that follow. We are
human and we will get hurt, get sick and yes we
will die. That is how it shall be. Life goes on, but
we have Jesus to get strength from when we are
weak. That’s the only way that I am able to make
it day to day. I talk to Jesus almost every hour
sometimes aloud and sometimes silently praying.
Often I find myself bickering about the outcomes
of my life, and He listens to me with His Love
and understands. Ok, so I guess it’s time to get
off that subject huh. Yeppers, I find the lifestyles
of Maine just a little out of kilter from what I’m
used to in in Texas. Yet now that I am here and
it seems I am stuck, I may as well get used to it.
I just try to find happiness in the moments, for even
in Texas there was a lot of loneliness, yet not
nearly as much. Nowadays I just try to find the
blessings in the scenes I can see from day to day.
I’ll tell ya what hehehehe I’ve seen more than my
share of snow and as many slips, slides and falls
on the freaking ice that anyone could want LOL.
Can’t wear cleats all the time hehehe. They tear
up the carpet 🙂 OK so it’s come to that point and
time that I must take my little venture through all
I have written here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that might work well for the title for today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I believe I found a good title…Here goes nothing …..

Life Goes On

All our journeys
said and done
begin with
the morning sun.
Life goes on
within each minute
with the lessons
found within it.
Many problems
will be seen
here and there
and in between.
Time might show
its gnarling teeth
side to side
and underneath,
but comes times
of brand new dawn,
because my friend
life goes on.
God is there
with His desires
to put out
some moments fires,
yet there’s times
that He just says
life goes on
for future days.
So have faith
in now and then
and seek God
from where you’ve been.
Let your grasp
of dawn to dawn
be as lessons
life goes on.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 20, 2011

So, I hope that made at least a little sense to you hehehe.
Yes, I do tend to ramble don’t I LOL! I just hope I didn’t
bore ya to tears hehe. Well, it sounds like Judy just got
home from work. She just walked in here hehehe. She
said today went well. That’s always great to hear. So I
guess I need to be finding that off switch so I can cease
my writing, but not before I tell you what I tell you every
week hehehe and that is, I wrote some more poems and
haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with 3 of them wintery
Christmassy styles and 22 more haiku. I hope you enjoy
at least a few of them. So it’s time to say goodbye until
next week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that blasted off switch that loves to play its
hiding games with me hehehe. Found it this time hiding
behind this salt shaker that never made it back into the
kitchen hehe. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehe 🙂

The last poem is one about me and Judy.

Whispers of Night

Nighttime whispers
gentle words
heard sometimes
as flocks of birds.
Whispers of night
are often found
as some echoes
all around.
Here and there
in nighttimes air
some might seem
as everywhere.
Sounds reflecting
whispers tunes
found within
the singing loons.
Some might find
a magical sight
deep within
the whispers of night.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Winters Passion

Seeming glowing
is the snow
from day to day.
Winters passion
seems to be
in the meadows
that I see.
Wonderful scenic
paints each day
a great design.
Scenic blessings
I now view
make each day
so fresh and new.
Each cool breeze
of timeless fashion
gives to dine
the winters passion.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Christmas Mornings

In each morning
I can see
bits of time
from history.
Moments flavors
find a way
to make words
from yesterday.
Letters written
in the snow
are the things
that come and go.
Christmas mornings
seem to shine
in the written
so sublime.
With each morning
comes a view
new to see
for me and you.
Yet each morning
also shows
where the timeless
comes and goes.
Christmas fields
of joyful views
are remembered
daily news.
Yes each morning
that I see
plays a part
in history.
from dawn to night
is each mornings
scenic sight.
Christmas mornings
come to play
as remembered

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011


In ones worries
time might seem
as a nightmare
not a dream.
With our worries
come to mind
many troubles
we can find.
Sometimes worries
are just found
when we search
and look around.
Often worries
are best laid
as conclusions
Drank as what that
can be changed
to some good
from so deranged.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011


Without seconds
minutes die
leaving moments
with a sigh.
It’s the chances
seconds bring
that which sometimes
shout and sing.
Without seconds
we might find
we’re without
some peace of mind.
It’s the seconds
in the day
that bring forth
our will and way.
Chances seconds
can become
our own daily
beating drum.
Yet without the
seconds time
there can be
no scenic sign.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Christmas Breeze

Snow filled blessings
paint my view
here and now
and thereunto.
Snowy meadows
bring to sight
scenes so wondrous
day and night.
All my dreams
just seem to grow
in the daily
winters snow.
Christmas segments
seem as just a
moments gaze.
Minutes sightings
far and wide
make my heart to
beat inside.
Blessings from my
sail as winters
Christmas breeze.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Your Own Wisdom

With our wisdom
gathered true
we’d be better
me and you.
Yet it takes a
moments time
to bring forth
your own design.
Your own wisdom
gathered found
yours to use
each time around.
Yet of course
it needs to be
learned and earned
from history.
Without wisdom
you might find
more of troubles
time to time.
So let lessons
live and breathe
as the things
that you perceive.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Don’t Just Dream

People dream
of their desires
sometimes as
just burning fires.
It is often
our own greed
that determines
what we need.
Dreaming of
a moments time
that fills up
our own design.
Let Lord Jesus
fill your view
with His will
and all that’s true.
Don’t just dream
of better things.
Let Lord Jesus
fill your dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

See The Shadows

In a shadow
might be laid
a mere moment
you have made.
Left in timeframes
scenic views
you might find some
you filled shoes.
In a shadow
you remember
you might find
a burning ember.
You filled shoes
of days desires
burning screeching
hurried tires.
You might also
see in phase
shadows of
your future days.
So when shadows
come to be
find what is then
clear to see.
Yet some shadows
are just viewed,
as what ones have
See the shadows
as their sight
what is wrong
and what is right.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Island In The Sun

Ocean filled dreams
of so faraway
bring me the view
of one distant day.
A day with bliss
from oceans sand
I now see us
hand in hand.
A timeless view
of then and there
with yesterdays
without a care.
Taking pictures
of the sea
this is you
and this is me.
A time that we were
having fun
just you and me
and island in the sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

for Mar 19, 2011

Many seek knowledge
without first understanding
what they are seeking.

Often it’s our minds
that lead us into despair
and not what that’s real.

Paths are often trudged
without knowing where they lead
due to impatience.

Many a flower
will hide under winters snow
and wait for springtime.

Leaves of an oak tree
fall to Earth before winter
and grow back in spring.

Lessons are gathered
as seconds are united
with sometimes unknown.

Tunes that are displayed
when many words are not there
can become the words.

One second of time
can often lead to an hour
that is not perceived.

In today’s heartbeat
a moment in time survives
as sometimes unseen.

Belittled people
will often find their demise
as unknown feelings.

Leaving a snowflake
to rest out in the sunshine
will cause it to melt.

Many a sequence
comes from here and there in time
connected somewhere.

Looking to the west
I see the sun sinking low
to welcome nighttime.

From another world
one might seem unusual,
but be quite normal.

Stars that shine at night
may just be a mere echo
of what they once were.

A make believe world
created within your mind
could be your downfall.

Mere situations
from many moments of time
can warp our viewpoints.

A path that’s followed
could lead many directions
due to your choices.

The grand illusion
is that sometimes the wrong thing
will work out this time.

Pointing at shadows
could become your own pitfall
if you don’t see truth.

Timid persuasions
will often mislead someone
to believe a lie.

Heaven awaits us,
yet we must first love Jesus
to be welcomed in.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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All My Weirdness


Hello my friends

How has your week and weekend been? I hope the weather
has been a bit better for ya. I send my prayers to all those
that got hit by the tsunami. WOW, that took a toll on many.
Judy and I watched the video of it on TV as well as on the
internet and it looks horrendous. Many lives were washed
away. Lord God put Your hands on those that survived and
help them to find peace and for those that were washed away
I pray that they knew You. Well, I guess it’s time for me to
be moving along with topics. Judy and I have enjoyed our
time together all week while she was on vacation from work.
We have yet to of gone out to eat though. We’re planning
on doing that later this evening at the diner that’s down the
road from us. All we’ve been doing most of the week has
been playing hidden object games on the PC, our farming
games on Facebook and watching our favorite TV programs.
We went to the hospital Friday so Judy could get some blood
work done for her doctor visit this Thursday. We didn’t do
much of anything else. Yep, Judy slept passed noon many
days LOL. I of course did my regular thing of tossing and
turning and running to the bathroom then finally just staying
up and spending time in the PC room. Not much change
there hehehe!!! We’ve still got snow as far as the eyes can
see, but not as much. Our snow mountains at our front
door have melted down a tad. The weather is warming up
a little. Today is supposed to be a high of 40F degrees, but
tonight get back down to 19F. So what all that melted will
turn into a block of ICE. Thank God for my cleats hehehe.
Judy just a moment ago ate a bowl of cereal while waiting
for me to finish this article. I told her I’ll wait and eat with
her later, being food is not my best friend. It just starts
ye ole chain reaction of bathroom tremors LOL. If you
can’t figure it out, then let me spell it out for you hehehe
DIARRHEA. That’s my life or HELL until I meet my
dying day on this round blue ball in space called Earth.
I do find myself antsy for Heaven 🙂 hehehehe. Oh well,
when my time comes!! Until then, I’ll search to try and
find the blessings here on Earth. One of which is Judy.
She puts up with me even with all my weirdness hehehe.
Judy looks passed my flaws and still loves me. I thank
God for her everyday. Yes we have our normal ups and
downs in life, but we still love one another. I always try
my best to make her happy, but often I screw up as does
she being we’re human. Life isn’t about perfection. It’s
about it’s uniqueness and finding the joy in the moments.
Ok so it’s onwards to another topic. Hehehehe oooopsy,
can’t think of another topic. Soooo, I reckon it’s time
for me to be taking my little venture back through all
my rambling to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that might work well for the title for today’s brand new
poem. So, it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I may
have found a good title, but the proof is in the pudding.
Hehehe sooooo, here goes nothing, yet I hope not!!!!! 🙂

All My Weirdness

So bizarre
are the days of time
that seem a little bit
out of line.
God sends angels
here and there
in all my weirdness
Sometimes minutes
might seem good,
but they may be
In all my weirdness
I still stand
here today Lord
Hand in Hand.
Yes of course
I fall and stumble
and some days
just seem to grumble,
but You still
love me the same
in all my weirdness
through Your Name.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13, 2011

I know that isn’t one of my best poems, but that was the
best I could do with that title hehehehe. Hey, I picked the
title and then wrote the poem, not reverse. So, I hope you
understood its meaning. God loves us unconditionally with
all of our flaws. We though must love His Son to have a
place in Heaven. There are parents on this Earth that love
their children, but must let them live their own lives and if
they choose corruption, then they must deal with all the
outcomes from it. It doesn’t change our love, or at least it
shouldn’t, but us being human, we often find our love is
a conditional thing. Ok, so before I begin my rambling
AGAIN hehehe, I think I need to be searching to find that
old off switch, but not before I tell ya what I tell ya every
week and that is, I wrote some more poems. Yeppers,
10 more poems with one of them being a Christmassy
style poem and 22 haiku. I hope you enjoy them or at
least a few of them. Now, before I search for that old
off switch, I must wish you a most wonderful joy filled
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that off switch hehe. Found it hiding under
the clock saying Move It Ahead An Hour hehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Don’t you forget to move your clocks ahead an
hour if of course your in a country that does that
sort of thing hehehe. If not then leave it alone! 🙂

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehe 🙂

Bewildered Views

Times bewildered
there and then
become patterns
where we’ve been,
As remembered
lessons learned
times bewildered
we have earned.
Found tomorrow
from today
times bewildered
find a way.
Things we’ve studied
here and there
might seem sometimes
not so fair.
The yesterdays
bewildered views
might have times
unusual news
Times bewildered
come and gone
might just need
to move along.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12, 2011

Before The Canvas

Scenes are found
on canvas white
sometimes seen
as not so right.
yet some scenes
on canvas found
are of things
found all around.
Before the canvas
there is seen
an artist’s thoughts
of blue and green.
Other colors
are then laid
upon the canvas
time has made.
Each brushstroke
that comes to pass
brings to view
their thoughts at last.
Before the canvas
though is viewed
there’s what many

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12, 2011

Pillowy Sky

There’s some clouds
up over head
that seem as
a fluffy bed.
A pillowy sky
so fluffy white
float up there
each day and night.
A soft white bed
of fluffy clouds
seem to be
what does arouse.
It’s as magic
way up high
oh so billowy
a pillowy sky.
Seen as patterns
of my bed
I now float
and rest my head.
Seen in clouds
of day and night
the pillowy sky
makes its sight.
I keep dreaming
as time moves on
even when
the clouds are gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12, 2011

Fish Night Moon

Dreams of lakes
with fish just dancing
in the nights
of moons romancing.
A fish night moon
with scenic sounds
brings to view
what all astounds.
A time of pleasure
splashing high
in the night moons
scenic sky.
A fish night moon
is found in place
of some timeframes
moments grace.
Time is awesome
then in tune
of the songs
of fish night moon.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12, 2011

Sea Of Dreams

Some see waters,
some see time
a sea of dreams
that’s so sublime.
Some see oceans,
some see lakes
a sea of dreams
that gives and takes.
Seas of venture
here and there,
some see as so
A sea of dreams
with motions view
fills the void
of a sea of blue.
Let God show you
passed the waves
a sea of dreams
that surely saves.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12, 2011

Reflecting Pool

Within minutes
there’s reflected
many times
that need corrected.
There are times
we’ve been a fool
found within
the reflecting pool.
Let God help you
see what’s done
then to change
each mornings sun.
Use the pools
reflective images
to change views
of useless scrimmages.
Look and see
what’s all displayed
and then change
that bad charade.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12, 2011

The Tides Of Time

Sadness comes
with mornings sorrow
when we do not
find tomorrow.
The tides of time
from yesterdays
might now seem
as useless gaze.
Yet those tides
of times we’ve seen
can become
as grasses green.
Oceans waves
of lessons found
the tides of time
will whirl around.
Let those waves
of times you see
become lessons
to agree.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12, 2011

Painted Here

Seeming painted
is my gaze
at the views
of day to days.
Flavored white
seen all around
I see paintings
on the ground.
Like a mural
place to place
there’s a painting
filled with grace.
Snow white colors
painted true
and so anew.
Found so wondrous
is the snow
painted here now
to and fro.
Making Christmas
seem to be
here and now
to surely see.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12, 2011

Matters Of The Heart

So many people
do not impart
due to some times
of matters of the heart.
Often our judgment
is better found
as just a moment
that isn’t so sound.
Matters of the heart
can surely inlay
things so hateful
from some other day.
Let all those matters
of the heart you find
become some ways
of a better changed mind.
Don’t let anger
to mess up your view
of all the sights
of what’s really true.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12, 2011

Descent Into Darkness

In the darkness
time might seem
as a moments
minutes dream.
Yet sometimes
found unaware
might turn into
times nightmare.
A descent into
darkness finds
many peoples
worried minds.
It’s just darkness
will and way
sometimes as
the same as day.
Change your descent
into darkness
to a different
times address.
Let Lord Jesus
walk with you
and He’ll change
your every view.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12, 2011

for Mar 12, 2011

While looking forward
you might forget what you passed
and repeat its view.

Upon life’s chalkboard
might be leftover writings
that need wiped away.

Looking as a man
one could be misled to think
that they are better.

Often it’s our view
that changes tomorrows scene,
not reality.

Answers in the clouds
float as ventures through dreamland
filled with our wishes.

Within many thoughts
are the views oh so often
sometimes not so right.

The length of a mile
can sometimes just determine
our own excuses.

Meadows of snowflakes
fill the void that once was green
with passion of white.

In seasons glory
comes shadows of yesterdays
as our memories.

Waiting for hopeful
might leave you standing alone,
so take some chances.

Leaning to the right
could find you falling leftwards
into the traffic.

Looking for answers
could display some emotion
you don’t understand.

Frosty minutes scenes
display outside my front door
as sweet wintertime.

Heaven is springtime
that’s found after wintertime
awaiting to bloom.

Raindrops are falling
as the seasons are displayed
as waters of time.

Sequential seconds
are as moments tomorrows
falling into place.

Some might see shadows
as just fear and fear alone.
Others see patterns.

A handful of hope
can heal someone’s broken heart
and help them to live.

An answer written
might not be that of wisdom.
It might be stupid.

Being real hateful
might just bring you what you give,
so be real careful.

Manning a problem
could lead you to destruction
if you’re not prepared.

Some written statements
need be torn and rewritten
with better wording.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Passed The Rain


Hello my friends

How have ya been? I hope your weather has been a little
better these passed few days. We’re getting a bit of rain
now days. It’s a bit bizarre drifting from below zero to
today’s temp of 45F degrees LOL. It’s supposed to drop
to freezing again tomorrow. Yeppers this year has been
a weird one weather wise. Hehe try to say that five times
fast. Judy and me are looking forward to tomorrow. Yep
Monday begins her week of vacation. We won’t be able
to do much being strapped for cash and health, but that’s
OK. We’ll get to enjoy each others company with out her
being so tired that she nods off at her chair. She said
she wants to eat out at least one of her days off, so we’re
trying to think of where we want to eat at. I haven’t a
clue of what else we will do hehehe other than grocery
shop as we normally do. I am feeling a little better since
I found out why my chest, shoulders and neck were in
so much pain. I had a case of Angina Pectoris. LOL
I still have all the other problems, but nothing I can do
about them, but ache hehe. Yep it’s a bummer getting
old LOL!!! Well it’s time to be moving on to another
topic. I am at this moment working on Judy’s computer
trying to get her updates to install. Microsoft has sent
me some things to do, and so I am bouncing back and
forth from her PC to mine LOL. I’ll get it fixed I’m sure.
Boy that wind is sure blowing outside. Can almost feel
it in here hehe. There’s not much to report from way up
here in Northeastern Maine. We’ve still got tons of snow
outside, but the rain and high temps have melted a lot of
it away. I still wish I could see some of my friends down
south as well as my family, but life goes on. I just try
now days to find some happiness in where that I am and
how things are. I can’t wait for summer when my friend
Brian and me can go fishing and fly planes again. That
is the highlight of last summer and possibly this summer.
Of course I don’t fly the planes hehehehehe! I just take
pictures and videos. Also I try every once in a while to
get Judy to take me out to take some scenic pictures.
It’s going to be a good while before we can afford to
buy me some new glasses, so my PC glasses are all
I have now days which are no good for any distance
passed a foot or so hehehe. Oh well, that’s my life in
a nut shell LOL. Well I did all they told me to do and
her PC still does not install updates hehehe. Onto the
next version of solutions LOL. It never ends with the
PC problems hehehe. Yet it does keep me busy LOL.
Well now, what else is there to talk about? Not much.
It’s quite the same old same old up this ways. Yeppers
as far as life is concerned, it don’t change much one
way or another up here hehehe. We still enjoy all of
our favorite TV programs and also playing our farm
games on FaceBook. Yet while she’s off we might be
playing a few of our hidden object games. We love
to do that, because we can do that together. She rolls
her chair over here and we search together. Life can
always be worse. I try as hard as can to see the good
in the moments, though there are times I find I cannot
see passed the rain. Storms of life come and go with
their own bits of confusion. That is why it’s important
to have Jesus to help us through them. Without Jesus
the storms could envelop you. Of course there will be
days that the storms seem so great that you feel that
you cannot make it, but remember, God will not
allow more than you can handle. It’s often us with
our own view that says I cannot handle it. Yet if you
look back through your life, I’m sure you will find
many moments that you also thought you could not
handle, but you survived. Learn from the past and
let them help strengthen you for today and tomorrow.
Well I reckon it’s time for me to be setting off on my
little venture back through all I’ve written here to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that might work
for the title of today’s brand new poem. So it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found a good title
just a few lines back. Now let’s see what I can do
with it hehehe if anything at all. Here goes!!!!

Passed The Rain

Stormy settings
will and ways
seem as raining
on some days.
That’s why many
timeless views
need be finding
lessons shoes.
Find the footprints
from the thunder
maybe hidden
over under.
Don’t just stand
and just complain.
Take a look on
passed the rain.
Seek the blue skies
from a scene
that’s remembered
grasses green,
then make efforts
to inlay
passed the rain
a better day.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2011

Yep, that’s what keeps me going. Using my memories
of days gone by and dreams for tomorrows. I find that
when I get sad, I am cheered just a little by rekindling
the good times of my life through memories and photos.
I thank God for giving me the chances that I have had.
Yet, I’m just like most and find myself wishing that I’d
done things differently. You can’t undo the past. That
could be a good thing hehehe. Did ya ever watch the
Christmas program It’s A Wonderful Life???? That
would probably be my outcome by changing things of
my past life. So, lessons were learned and time moves
on hehehe. Oh yea, I have a special prayer for a friend
of mine that has come down with Breast Cancer. She
called me asking for prayers. So please send prayers
to my good friend. I don’t think she would like me to
mention her name due to embarrassment, so I will just
leave it as my good friend. Now before I get to rambling
too much more hehehe I think I need to be telling you
what I tell you every week and that is, I wrote some
more poems and haiku. Yeppers 10 more poems with
3 of them Christmassy wintery styles. Also yet again
22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there!!!
I believe my friend Scott R in the Landofquess egroup
rates very high up there as haiku lovers 🙂 Glad you like
it Scott. I like your writings as well. Now I believe
it’s about time for me to be finding that old off switch
that loves to elude me, but not before I wish you a most
wonderful God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now to find that off switch hehehe.
Found it dancing in the rain of confusion as it stares
at the snow LOL. Gotcha, See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehe 🙂


Sometimes journals
written down
only bring us
future frowns.
Sometimes thinking
needs to be
in the journals
Sometimes people
will be seen
writing journals
of a dream.
Sometimes dreamers
need to find
a little truth
within their mind.
Sometimes journals
about you
might display
another you.
Sometimes moments
pages said
need to be
much better read.
Sometimes segues
said and done
might just need
a setting sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Answers In A Prayer

Weary people
day to day
sometimes just
need kneel and pray.
Many people
time to time
sometimes just
are out of line.
Often peoples
moments force
is a little
bit off course.
Weary sections
of their minds
are the choices
of their finds.
So now people
now today
maybe seek
a different way.
Many people
here and there
can find answers
in a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Wits of Wisdom

In some phrases
moments thoughts
some might seem
a little lost.
Wits of wisdom
some confuse
with the times
their wants just choose.
Some use wisdom
only found
as a timeless
Wits of wisdom
can be good
if it’s not
Knowing fully
what to do
through the times
of distant you.
Wits of wisdom
are best laid
as the lessons
time has made.
Used as work tools
for tomorrow
wits of wisdom
might end sorrow.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Many Views

Views distorted
in a while
might be evils
moments smile.
Let your senses
choose each view
with God showing
what to do.
Look beyond a
moments scene
to see what that’s
Many views
might seem awry
when not seen
from eye to eye.
Let distortion
fall from view
as God shows you
what that’s true.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Like A Snowflake

As the seasons
come and go
times encounter
rain and snow.
Like a snowflake
none the same
many seasons
bring their game.
Some play hardball,
some play soft
with their choices
days aloft.
Like a snowflake
times befall
what they are then
Winter comes with
snow filled dreams
and then follows
flowered scenes.
Like a snowflake
seasons come
with each different
dawning sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Hearing Footsteps

Hearing footsteps
in the night
I then seek for
a flashlight.
With the footsteps
that I hear
there are sounds
of yesteryear.
Sounds reminding
of a day
long ago
and faraway.
Those sweet footsteps
I remember
of a time
amidst December.
With me and dad
in winters snow
walking talking
where we go.
I turn quickly
sought to find
my dad there
that special time.
Hearing footsteps
brings to view
my dad and me,
yes me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011


Christmas dreams
from times gone by
fill a wondrous
Christmas passion
finds a way
within magic
Santa’s sleigh.
Seen in children’s
days and times
a lullaby
is with designs.
Scenic wonders
Christmas filled
the lullaby
is not concealed.
It is clearly
seen on cue
within wondrous
Christmas hue.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Childhood Memories

In nows fragrant
times desires
there might be
some burning fires.
Burning churning
long ago
as some children
play in snow.
childhood memories
bring forth times
of distant seas.
Seen as waves
from shore to shore,
a child remembers
Held within
a starry night
a child remembers
that great sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Empty Shore

There might be
an oceans shore
held with moments
minutes more.
This same shore
of timeless waves
might just hold a
minutes gaze.
Yet of course
it might just be
an empty shore
from sea to sea.
Only visions
far and wide
are within
its moments tide.
There might be
not much in store
held within
this empty shore.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Earth Dream

A sight unseen
of far and wide
might just be
a bumpy ride.
A simple dream
of times desires
might have moments
raging fires.
An Earth dream
of wanted ways
might be found
as just a maze.
Turns and twists
from thereunto
an Earth dream
might go askew.
Yet this dream
of far and wide
could have peace
found deep inside.
Let this dream
to live and breathe
with the good
that ones perceive.
Don’t deny
your dreams entire
unless it’s just
bad desire.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

for Mar 5, 2011

Often a flower
will hide beneath the white snow
while waiting to bloom.

Portions of hopeful
need be poured upon many
in times of struggles.

Looking to the west
the sun leaves us its imprints
of shadows begun.

Blinding white moments
discern their own importance
as winter concludes.

Linking a heartbeat
to another that’s beating
could create desires.

In Heavens portal
is the sight of Lord Jesus
with His Hands held out.

Avenues driven
might not be good to visit.
You might need to leave.

Handfuls of snowflakes
can build a wondrous snowball.
Don’t throw too quickly.

The lines on a face
only display what’s outside
and not what happened.

Troubles are unique
as each feels differently
in their own timeframe.

Lives are a story
that many will never read
until they are gone.

Yesterdays essence
fills our memories with sights
that we remember.

Onlooking people
only sometimes turn and look
when someone is hurt.

Playing a fools game
is the journey of many
through stupidity.

Lessons are gathered
yet often not acknowledged
until it’s too late.

With heated moments
comes elements of desire
without commonsense.

Anger that blossoms
can become as explosions
filled with much regret.

Trips through memories
leave a sometimes blissful scene,
but sometimes not so.

Winds of wintertime
blow the snowflakes thereunto
and create blessings.

Long and awaited
some just stare at illusion
waiting for their dreams.

A glance is enough
to create a simple thought
be it good or bad.

Clinging to people
could resolve as destruction
for the both of you.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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