A Calming Notion


Hello my friends

So,  how’ve ya been?  I’ve been getting really bored lately,
being there ain’t much to do up here.  Hoping for Judy and
I to take a picture taking cruise one day soon.  That would
at least kill a little of the boredom.  The weather up this way
has been of a much warmer nature,  It almost got up to 75
degrees yesterday.  Tuesday it’s supposed to get up to almost
80 degrees hehehe, but it is supposed to rain a bit Tuesday
eve,  yet Wednesday is supposed to be a high of 59 and it’s
supposed to be sunny,  so that would be a good day for Judy
and I to go out picture taking.  I hope she wants to go.  We
shall see.  We have seemed to acquire the resting place of
a few Canadian geese lately and for those of you who can
see the stationary,  you can see em LOL.  They have been
coming back every day and getting closer to our front door
with each landing LOL.  For those of you receiving this in
the plain Jane text version,,,sorry,  but if ya want hehehe,
I can send ya a few pictures,  plus a few of my little walk
I took down the road the other day when it was so pretty.
It’s 55 degrees right now and windy as all get out.  It seems
we get a lot of wind being we haven’t got anything to slow
it down but a field with trees way off in the distance as well
as Drew’s Hill or Mountain as it is many times called LOL.
I hadn’t done any writing all week so Friday night I did a
little push on my writing gears and shifted into overdrive.
I wrote 10 poems and 22 haiku in 2 and a half hours.  I do
hope you enjoy them.  I tend to store up some bits a pieces
of things to write all the time,  so when I sit down to write
it all comes flooding back onto paper.  Don’t ask me how
I am able to do that.  Ask God!!  He’s the one that gave me
this gift.  Have you ever wondered how that sometimes in
the midst of a large storm,  there can be an answer written
in clouds?  Sometimes I will just sit on the front steps and
gaze up at the clouds that are drifting passed and it seems
sometimes that there is a passage to read.  It may just be
in my mind,  but it is there.  I took my bongo drums out on
the front steps Saturday and played a bit and the wind was
blowing like always hehehe,  but it was very relaxing. I do
that once in a while just to kill time and often I will record
my drumming sessions and upload them to my UTube.  I
may upload my little bongo drum sessions to my UTube in
a few days LOL.  I’ve been listening to my new age music
while writing and it’s very relaxing.  I can feel God’s hands
massaging my mind.  God provides many ways for us to
find peace,  yet it is up to us to seek them.  Seek for God’s
many places of peaceful and you will most surely find them.
Let the tensions of the day to drip from you as God’s peace
is poured upon you.  Start today with an attempt to seek out
and find God’s blessings.  You might be surprised in what
all you find.  They may be in form of some clouds drifting
overhead or as simple as a bird flying by.  You may even find
within the breeze a calming notion upon you.  Whatever it
is you find,  use it to relax.  When I am in the house,  I tend
to listen to relaxing new age music.  It gives me a calming
affect.  Well,  with that said,  I reckon it’s time once again
for me to revisit that place of recollection of things I have
written to find a good word or phrase to use for today’s
brand new poem,  so it’s away I go to that place that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I believe I found a good title.
Now let’s see what I can do with it hehehe!

A Calming Notion

A simple little breeze
or a bird flying by
might be the essence
of time when and why.
A little bitty daffodil
that grows in the spring
might be momentous
of every living thing.
It might be the smallest
that displays so grand
a calming notion moment
to help you withstand.
Sometimes a cloud
as it floats right on by
might have the answers
of who,  where and why.
God gives the answers
in many a view
to help me with problems
and also help you.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2009

I hope you enjoyed my rambling and also the poem.   That old
writing spirit within me tends to get lost in words LOL.  It seems
that the clock on the wall is saying that it is almost time for Judy
to be home,  so I reckon it’s about time to be winding this up LOL.
First I will tell you about what I guess I already told ya and that
is I wrote some more poems and haikus.  I did not write any early
Christmas poems this week either LOL.  maybe next week or the
weeks following LOL.  I need to be searching for that old off switch
on myself,  but before I do that,  Have a most wonderful week and
remember that Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now where is that
off switch hiding at this time.  There it is in the bathroom hehehe.
Gotcha 🙂  see ya! CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

You May Find

Wake up your heartbeat
and let it to find
moments before you
of a greater design.
Let not your heartbeat
to just fall away.
Wake up your heartbeat
right now and today.
Seize the very moment
that may not repeat
as you allow it
to be your heartbeat.
Wake up this moment
your heartbeats detail
and let the hopeful
to daily set sail.
Wake up your heartbeat
and look at what’s new.
You may find God’s love
that’s living in you.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2009

A Square Minded Room

In the very silence
of a square minded room
there is the echo
of a sweet little tune.
Heard in the silence
the tune seems to grow
without any seemingly
words that I know.
The square room’s attentive
to all that I hear
as I sit typing words
year after year.
The silence awakens
the thoughts deep inside
giving the essence
of an on going ride.
In the very silence
of this little square place
I continue writing
with a smile on my face.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2009

Use Your Days Blessings

I’m sensing blessings
of value galore
that are the instances
I do adore.
I can feel blessings
of God’s here with me
as I sit writing
the way that I see.
I’m sensing blessings
that are right there with you
awaiting their moments
to what they do.
I can feel blessings
within your own heart,
yet it takes effort
to help them to start.
Use your days blessings
and let them abide.
Don’t be so foolish
to just run and hide.
I can sense blessings
in you my dear friend,
so use what God gave you
till life is at end.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2009

A Footprint

Without a footprint
there is not a sign
left in the places of
time after time.
There needs be footprints
to show us the way
so we can learn from
day after day.
Without a footprint
we cannot discern
what that is of goodness
and what that should burn.
It is our footprints
of daily times scene
that gives the lessons
of what that things mean.
Without a footprint
we will be the one
to make new footprints
to be what is done.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2009

Through The Ticking

I hear the ticking
of the clock on the wall
telling its story
of what did befall.
It tends to remember
the stories designs
as it just ticks on
its fragrance of times.
I hear it ticking
and talking to me
telling me stories
of times history.
Watching the clocks hands
I notice so clear
that it is speaking
this time yesteryear.
All of the memories
come flooding on back
from all the ticking
of time travels track.
I can remember
the scenes oh so well
when I was living
in darkness of Hell.
All of those memories
tick passed my sight
as I remember now
I am alright.
Life has been rocky,
yet now I can see
that through the ticking,
God lives now in me.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2009

Find Your Heartbeat

Without a rhythm
there is not a pace
carrying people
to their point and place.
Without a method
there cannot be found
things that have rhythm
and things that have sound.
We need to pattern
our lifestyles array
as our drums drumming
through our everyday.
Unique are drummers
with beats all their own,
we are the rhythms
of segment and tone.
Let Lord God help you
to find your heartbeat
so you can help ones
that you daily meet.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2009

They Determine

Patterns of a person
are created in time
to be what determines
their own frame of mind.
Pieces of patterns
are formed day to day
as we each wonder
our any which way.
Patterns of turnstiles
are ventured and gained
as many lessons
are what that remained.
We are the people
of wonderers style
as we each wander
our mile after mile.
Journeys are fathomed
as so many see
and they determine
what is you and me.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2009

To Be As Reminders

The snow has melted
and soon I will see
green grass a growing
so wild and so free.
Then also flowers
will begin their blooming
making their fragrance
to be so consuming.
The season’s changing
its fragrant design
to a most awesome
wonderful time.
All of its sweetness
will then display
in its most wonderful
magical way.
Yet with the changing
the snow will return
leaving the essence
of what I discern,
but now as springtime
comes so to see
I’ll take some pictures
to carry with me.
To be as reminders
of seasons I’ve seen
ending of winter
and coming of spring.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2009

Best That We Can

I found some flowers
inside of a shell
that had bad weathered
and not made out well.
I took those flowers
and planted them deep
into the top soil
to rest as they sleep.
They may not make it,
but yet I did try,
to give them a chance
to live not to die.
We should each also
do this to someone
plant them in Jesus
and let it be done.
Then let His Blessings
to do as they will.
Either to blossom
or not to fulfill.
We each can only
do the best that we can
and then just pray for
our loved fellow man.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2009

As I Was Walking

I went out walking
and found in my sight
things with much beauty
that I do delight.
While I was walking
I found on my way
the ending of April
beginning in May.
I saw the pictures
alive oh so well,
yet many times though
I just could not tell.
As I was walking
I found in my view
the flavors astounding
what is so anew.
Life was just knocking
on times gentle door
saying what will enter
is more I’ll adore.
So in the future
I’ll walk once agin
and I won’t recognize
where I have been.
The sights and the flavors
will be to astound
me as I’m walking
that timeframe around.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2009

for Apr 24,  2009

Waves of doorways
open and close time to time
leaving a design.

People that stand close
should be cautious of others.
The truth could be lies.

Watch a flower grow
that the April showers fed.
Soon they will blossom.

Temptations bellow
when the stomach is empty.
Let’s not be tempted.

Time is a wormhole
connecting the things we see.
They form now and then.

Storms are a format
of the troubles that we find.
Lightning does strike twice.

Glance at a rosebud.
It’s day is predetermined
to be yet a rose.

The power of insight
is beauty in understanding
what Lord God has done.

Within a glass house
a bull can break many things.
Keep it in control.

In letters to home
there are words written with love.
I miss everyone.

A persons profile
is gathered by perception
from ones that can see.

Our trails are wandered
and footsteps are imprinted
leading to today.

Lessons are valued
when the ones that learn from them
do not repeat them.

Someone’s loaded gun
is the circumstance of time
that may just explode.

Places are journeyed
leaving traces of our tracks
as details of time.

Too many hardships
make hearts to become hardened.
Soften up your heart.

Picture perfect days
are the essence of a view
that I photograph.

Let your anger die
as you allow God within.
You’ll find then much peace.

Pace your days sweetly
while you strive to move ahead.
Become the rhythm.

A label is made
when someone sees your desire.
Desire Lord Jesus.

Because of a time
a moment will be withered
if left in the rain.

Today’s becoming
the tomorrow that we’ll see
as time moves ahead.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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Hello my friends

How was your weekend?  Mine’s not much of a change for
being every day seems to look as the same when I am home
all the time LOL.  Could be worse I guess.  I could be lost
out at sea LOL!  Well, this last week has been a good one.
I talked to my granddaughter Sami yesterday. My daughter
and her hubby Wil took Sami to Disney World and were
leaving there yesterday eve (Saturday).  I told Sami that I
was jealous.  The last time I was ever at Disney anything
it was in the 60’s about a year or so after they had finished
building the Disney Land in California.  Disney World was
not even thought of yet LOL.  The rides were how shall I say
very simple compared to the rides they have there today.
I asked Sami if she visited It’s A Small World or the Tiki
Hut and she said no.  I reckon she was too busy with all of
the other more exciting rides LOL.  Other than talking to
my granddaughter,  I spent a little time in my writing world.
That seems to be where I end up often LOL.  Judy watched
a movie in the living room while I wrote poetry.  Later we
played a hidden object game called Miss Teri Tale hehehe.
We like to play all kinds of hidden object games.  It keeps
us on our toes, yet I’m not too good at the games being with
only one eye and color blind LOL.  The colors blue and green
tend to give me havoc.  It don’t matter!  We still have fun
spending time together playing the games.  We love to watch
game shows also.  I think Match Game and Let’s Make A
Deal are our favorites hehehe LOL,  even if they are as old
as the hills hehehe.  Yeppers,  we like the simple stuff.  Can’t
afford the expensive stuff and to be quite honest,  we don’t
want it LOL.  How many rich people do you actually see
happy hehehe.  You always hear of them committing suicide
and getting divorces due to money issues and what not.
It proves,  money cannot buy happiness.  You can fake it for
a while,  but the misery is sure to return with a price tag.
The weather up this ways is getting warmer,  yet at a very
ssssssssslow rate.  We may have a day or two in the 60’s
this week :).  Yea,  spring time LOL!  OK,  it ain’t quite
what many would ascertain as spring time, but it’s the best
we’ve got at the moment hehe.  The snow is almost gone
from our view.  It will return for sure.  When it does,  I
will be waiting with my camera in hand to welcome it.  I do
love snow,  yet I like the other seasons too and too much
of anything isn’t good.  Under many circumstances,  we
love summer just as much as winter,  just in a different
perspective LOL.  I hate those black flies and noseeums.
They bite and they hurt and, ya can’t see to swat em LOL!
Yet,  summer does awaken much to see and photograph.
This world is a wonderful place,  yet so many fail to even
try to see its beauty.  Take time out today or tomorrow
to look at the beauty that God has given.  He has flavored
our surroundings with many tasty morsels for our eyes
to view upon.  Taste with your eyes all the wonders of the
world as you would taste a bowl of ice cream.  The flavors
are all so unique in the world.  We’ve so many different
sights to see,  that many times are in our own back yards.
Look for the smallest of God’s creations and admire His
handiwork.  Ok it’s gotten to that time of which I need
to be taking my little visit to that place of recollection
through passed things said,  to that place that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  So it’s away I go like a flash,  or
maybe just a flicker hehe.  I think I may have found a good
title to use for today’s brand new poem,  yet the proof is in
the pudding :).  Here goes!!!!!!!


Take notion to breathe in
the sights that you see
and taste them like pudding
the things that are free.
God’s given scenery
from here there abound
flavored and textured
with true sight and sound.
Let your eyes taste buds
to flourish each view
such as the dawning
of the sweet morning dew.
Take in the essence
of this wonderful world
and let your taste buds
to be then unfurled.
Take notion to breathe in
what God’s given free
and enjoy the sights that
you smell, taste and see.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2009

Ok so it may not be one of my best poems LOL,  but I tried!
I just a bit a go took some pictures outside our front door and
panned them vertically to use in today’s stationary,  so for those
of you receiving this in the stationary format,  the pictures will
begin at April 13th and end at April 19th (today).  It shows how
the seasons are changing up this way LOL.  Yes the snow is
almost all gone,  yet we still have some ice in back of our house
where the sun don’t shine LOL.  Otherwise it’s looking like it
may be time for summer to awaken.  Short lived as always I
am sure, but none the less awakened hehehe.  I guess I need to
be finding that old off switch on myself so I can say farewell,
but before I do that I will tell ya what I tell ya always hehehe
and that is, I wrote some more poems.  I didn’t write anymore
Christmas poems though.  I did though write some more haiku
for my haiku lovers out there.  I hope some or all of them touch
you in some way.  OK,  with that said,  have a wonderful week
and remember Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now,  where is
that off switch hiding at this week………There it is hehehehehe,
see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

To Witlessly Chime

Wits ending fashion
leaves voices out loud
saying what later
may not be so proud.
When in the midst of
a turbulent flame
things may be thought up
from time and again.
Wits ending patterns
are flavored with red
just as a bull sees
when something’s ahead.
Don’t let the moment
to witlessly chime
all of the things that
you might change your mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Then When Wintertime

Spring has uncovered
the blossoms of time
displaying slowly
a flowers design.
Spring is surrounding
the daydreamers dream
with the beginning
of a wonderful scene.
It seems as fairytales
coming to view
as spring unleashes
the sweet morning dew.
Spring has uncovered
a page to be read
laid out as journals
with everything said.
Word after word
as springtime arrives
it tells the story
how its time survives.
All through wintertime
many seeds lay
awaiting the arrival
of April and May.
Then when wintertime’s
snow melts from view,
it’s time for springtime
to start as a new.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Then When Wintertime

Spring has uncovered
the blossoms of time
displaying slowly
a flowers design.
Spring is surrounding
the daydreamers dream
with the beginning
of a wonderful scene.
It seems as fairytales
coming to view
as spring unleashes
the sweet morning dew.
Spring has uncovered
a page to be read
laid out as journals
with everything said.
Word after word
as springtime arrives
it tells the story
how its time survives.
All through wintertime
many seeds lay
awaiting the arrival
of April and May.
Then when wintertime’s
snow melts from view,
it’s time for springtime
to start as a new.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Bonding Our Pictures

Time is a picture
that many can’t see,
because it is standing
in a too close degree.
Sometimes the picture
will clear up for you
if you will stand back
and then take a view.
Time can mislead us
if we just see paint
in the times picture
of can do and can’t.
Let God to show you
the right way to see
so you don’t repeat
the same history.
Time is a picture
with red, blue and green
gathered together
to create each scene.
Bonding our pictures
of learning delight,
we can with God’s help
find what that is right.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2009

Because of The Answers

Staring at tunnels
in search of a light,
many will watch on
in search of a sight.
Maybe some answers
or maybe a clue
what that the moment
is written to do.
Staring at tunnels
so many find out,
that there’s a train
on a troublesome route.
So many tunnels
are waited to find
a little of peaceful
to clear up their mind.
If you are waiting
with tunnels to view,
take a little time
and ask God to help you.
Then all the tunnels
might not seem so grim,
because of the answers
that were given from Him.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Just of The Night

Night brings shadows
of things we see
and they may scare
both you and me.
The shadows of night
are not clearly seen
and so many fear
what night shadows mean.
The shadows so dark
in nighttimes charade
are just the pictures
the lack of light made.
Night brings shadows
of things that move
and we imagine
what fits in the groove.
The shadows of night
are not any more
than just mere pictures
of scenery’s score.
Yet different settings
of lesser of light
the shadows so dark
are just of the night.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Before You Judge Me

People see different
and don’t understand
how that so many
can ever withstand.
People watch daily
and judge as they view
the likes of the standing
of things that ones do.
People see different
so don’t be so fast
to judge someone cruelly
by what was their past.
People are people
and sometimes look strange
when in a moment
they’re trying to change.
People see different
and some very odd,
but truly we need
to give it to God.
Let God to help you
to view ones you see
in better lighting
before you judge me.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Inside of The Mind

Within perception
a sight is found
maybe a little bit
lesser than sound.
Sometimes the viewers
see what’s untrue
within perception
of all that they view.
Let your perception
to learn how to see
what that is truly
in them and me.
Within perception
a second can pass
and seem as hours
of time going fast.
It’s our perception
of all that is viewed
that makes us sometimes
a bit misconstrued.
Let your perception
to learn how to find
what that is truly
inside of the mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

Hard Times

Trials of a struggler
push on each day
while they’re perplexing
in every which way.
Sometimes a struggler
found in our view
will maybe know not
where to go to.
Yet they’ll continue
to struggle along
alone without Jesus
until they are gone,
but if you greet them
and give them your view,
they may just cease their
struggle thereto.
Tell of the blessings
that Jesus provides
and maybe they’ll have
decisions arise.
Deciding to let God
to take on their load
and make their struggling
much less down the road.
Though let the struggler
to know this my friend,
that they will still have
hard times till the end.
God will be with them
through Jesus His Son,
to help them in turnstiles
before they’ve begun.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

We Make The Pictures

Picturesque paintings
of heartbeats a pounding
give the descriptions
of times they’re surrounding.
Heartbeats of people
with essence of signs
such as some picturesque
daily designs.
Wondering portholes
from deep down inside
make as the footprints
to a life changing ride.
Seen as the pictures
of a scenic detail
we are the heartbeats
each daily set sail.
Picturesque paintings
alive day to day
are us in moments
just striding our way.
Doing what we do
in our given style,
we make the pictures
with mile after mile.
Sometimes with frowning
and sometimes with glee,
we paint the pictures
of our history.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

Heaven’s Design

Lives are God given
and flavored with dreams,
yet many times
it’s not what it seems.
Sometimes our loved ones
might be impaired
left with the feelings
that nobody cared,
so we need let them
to know surely true
that they have someone’s
friendship through you.
Always remember
that Jesus God’s Son
loves us each so much
more than anyone.
So if you’re feeling
that your life’s at end,
remember that Jesus Christ
you can depend.
Life and death enters
with patches of time
blessed with the making
of Heavens design.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

Our Jungle

Time in a jungle
is found in a path
as every footstep
is same as the last.
We make the circles
connecting the view,
time in a jungle
from here thereunto.
The jungle is daily
as footsteps are trod
in the vast jungle
of even and odd.
Time in a jungle
is found in a place
where there may be just
yet but a trace.
The jungle is rhythm
of heartbeats alive
where many struggle
to daily survive.
We make the footsteps
and leave in our wake
sometimes just too much
pain to partake.
Let’s clean our jungle
that we’ve daily trod
with a little help
from Jesus Lord God.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

Where Are The Blessings?

Where are the blessings
when storms are amiss
and why is there so much
pain on the list?
Storms bring us lessons
to learn how to see
and if we were stormless
we’d not find the key.
Sometimes the storm clouds
are needed to rain
even if sometimes
we only complain.
The lessons from nature
are taught as we go
and if without them
we never would know.
Where are the blessings
when storms are amiss?
They are with angels
that fill up the list.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

Open A Window

Open a window
and let Jesus in,
then you’ll see wonders
to surely begin.
Open your mind up
to how He can guide
as you let daily
Lord Jesus inside.
Open the door up
and then walk on through
to all the blessings
that God has for you.
Open a window
and don’t be afraid.
Let Jesus help you
through messes you’ve made.
Open a window
and see then brand new,
how that Lord Jesus
can daily help you.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

for Apr 18,  2009

Night dreams and daydreams
are the fuel to empower
when troubles are near.

Tempted by problems
we may seek the directions
that we need not seek.

Lives as the branches
are the trees reaching outwards
connecting in time.

Where there’s a moment
there’s also a place in time
for good to be done.

Trivial people
pay way too much attention
to things that are small.

An oak trees acorn
is the food for a squirrel,
but pain to step on.

Similar actions
in similar directions
may be different.

Where there’s a problem,
an answer also exists,
yet we must discern.

Place to place people
in a hurried type journey
might end with despair.

Too many tarry
with importance far behind.
Don’t dally with time.

A window jumper
needs think twice before jumping.
Life is worth living.

Leftover sunshine
with its last ounce of beaming
can still make the day.

Winter has moments,
yet summertime must enter
to complete the year.

A mere description
of a flower that’s blooming
is spring come alive.

This fine universe
is the bedding for our hearts
that waters our souls.

Blessings we query
are the ones maybe hidden
awaiting to be.

The giver of love
and the forgiver of sin
is Jesus our Lord.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

God Takes Care


Hello my friends

I hope you have had a nice weekend and for those of
you that celebrate Easter,  Happy Easter.  I realize that
a lot of you in other countries and cultures,  may not
celebrate the same as us, so I want to wish you a great
day in blessings.  Ok so it’s onwards with this so called
journal hehehe.  The weather up this ways has been
showing signs of spring,  yet snows in our forecast for
tonight and tomorrow.   Oh well!  The snow we have is
melting away slowly.  It looks sort of like a patchwork
quilt outside LOL.  Patches of snow to hither and there.
Yeppers,  even the flies are getting more rambunctious.
During the coldness of winter there are still a few flies
that hang on,  but the cold weather makes em sluggish
hehehe and ya can bounce em around like ping pong
balls or thump em with your finger LOL.  The cold
weather does have its advantages hehehe.  Roaches
hate cold weather LOL,,,,,,So therefore,  no roaches.
I’ve been seeing birds off and on.  The birds are the
very reason we had to buy us a trash can with a good
lid hehehe.  Last winter when the weather started
warming up a bit,  the birds attempted to carry off our
trash before our landlord made it by to pick it up LOL.
Also it seems moose tend to like to search through our
trash hehe.  So I weighted our trashcan down with a
big 30 pound rock and a good trash lid not only to keep
the animals from toppling the can,  but to keep the wind
from blowing it over.  We have a large field in front
of us with no wind breaker and without that big rock
inside holding that can down LOL it would blow into the
very next county hehehe.   Ok enough about our antics
with trashcans hehehe :).  It’s on to yet another topic.
I got my regular glasses back last Monday with new
lens and all,  yet I am still waiting on my PC glasses.
They should be ready this week some time.  I’m really
anxious to see if they help me with my being able to
see my PC monitor and keyboard.  Time will tell :).
Judy is having to work an extra few hours today due
to it being Easter and people wanting to eat out,  so
she may not be home until around 4 o’clock.  I may
just attempt to do my best at editing this mess out
by myself,  so don’t be surprised if there are a few
typo’s LOL.   Yes, I know,  we together miss one or
two typo’s each week,  but today it will just be me :).
Alright,  I guess I’ll tell ya about some of the antics
that went on around here last week LOL.  Monday
of course I got my glasses back,  yet Monday eve
I went to turn on our bedroom light and the switch
shorted out with a fizzle.  I called our landlord and
told him he would need to send the electrician again.
The electrician was just here the week before to fix
the short in a few electrical outlets that seemed to
happen when I plugged in the vacuum cleaner to
do some vacuuming LOL.  It knocked out four
outlets hehehe.  The electrician rewired them and
put in new outlets.  Anyways it seems our bedroom
light switch broke.   Yet instead of our landlord
sending the electrician he came himself to try his
hand at electrical work hehe.  He was doing OK
until he put his METAL SCREWDRIVER into the
box to try and line up the screw holes and ZAP,  it
made all the lights flicker and then knocked out
our Direct TV Satellite LOL.  Soooo I had to call
up Direct TV and see how soon they could get a
repairman out to fix it.  The earliest they could, was
Thursday morning,  so me with my new glasses
still could not watch TV  for a few days hehehehe.
Judy and I popped in a couple of movies and made
the best of it LOL.  The repairman came earlier
than expected Thursday morning and got us fixed
up.  Before he left,  he noticed my conga drums in
the living room and asked me that profound question.
Hey dude,  do ya play the drums?  I told him about
my experience and all and he asked me to play a
little for him.  He freaked and said, I could hardly
keep up with your hands.  He said he plays guitar
and wrote a country song that needed something
and after hearing me,  he said I was that something.
So he’s planning on coming over to play some music
and do a little recording with me hehe.  Hey,  I
made a friend.  God knew I was needing a friend
and knew my passion for music so he sent Greg.
Thanks God.  God takes care of us when we may
not even see His care.  Are you in the midst of a
day of misery?  Take a little time to say a prayer
and talk to God.  You might even find the answer
right in front of your face.  Ok,  with that said I
guess I need to be taking a revisit to that place that
I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE and see what
I can found through all of my rambling to use for
the title for today’s brand new poem.  Soooooo
it’s away I go to that place of recollection,,,,,,,,,!
I believe I found a good title.  Now let’s see what
I can do with it LOL……Here goes nothing!!!!
Yet I hope not hehe 🙂

God Takes Care

When you are worried
about what you see
God takes care of it
if you’ll let it be.
Sometimes we worry
when time is around
that all we’re seeing
are troubles in town.
Yet God takes care us
when we don’t know
what we’re to do then
or where we’re to go.
God gave a handle
to hold on real tight
named as Lord Jesus
to help day and night.
God’s Only Son
will take care of you
as you do daily
the things that you do.
God takes care of us
through His Own Son
and He’ll give guidance
to do what needs done.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 12,  2009

I hope that came out right hehe.  Heaven knows where
some of my thoughts come from LOL.  God has been
using my gift for writing and poetry for years and I have
learned to not ask why or how.  Judy still gets amazed
to see how fast I can write a poem or poems hehehehe.
We were watching Family Feud Friday and I wrote a few
poems as we watched LOL.  Also I sat down yesterday
and began writing haiku and before I knew it I had
I written 21 LOL.  We each have a gift,  yet many don’t
know what theirs is as of yet.  Some people use their
gift every day and are not aware of it.  Oh well,  use
your gift of smiles today to help someone else that is
frowning to find a smile.  Boy,  the wind is sure blowing
outside.  My weather program on my PC says that the
wind is blowing 20 miles an hour with 30 mile an hour
gust.  It hits us pretty heavy with no windbreak LOL.
I guess I need to be hushing now and searching for
ye ole off switch on myself hehe not shorted out of
course LOL,  but before I do,  I will tell ya what I’ve
been telling a bunch of yall and that is I wrote some
more poems and yes yet another Christmas poem as
well as some more haiku of which I spoke of earlier.
With that said,  we hope you have had a wonderful
Easter and hope you have a great week.  Remember
Jesus loves you and we do too.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

Until We Are Gone

People watch stories
that grow in their view
as they see fine print
to turn into true.
Words on our pages
are written to be
the stories our ventures
that give ones to see.
People see glimmers
of words written down,
yet they may sometimes
just look all around.
All of our stories
are typed in our minds
as we go journeys
of time after times.
People will watch us
and see what we do,
but it takes looking
to find what is true.
The stories of people
that we see each day
may be illusions
of time gone astray.
People will look on
as time moves along
and maybe not miss us
until we are gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2009

Journeys To Change Us

Today is a pathway
that’s opened to be
journeys upon us
to see what we see.
Today finds tomorrow
connected in time
as we together
each search for a sign.
Maybe our searching
is hidden from view
and ones are seeing
what’s really not you.
Today is a pathway
of journeys ahead
that leads to ventures
alive unto dead.
We each have pathways
that only God knows
and He can guide us
where tomorrow goes.
The journeys are endless
as time marches on,
for we are living
even when we are gone.
God holds the pathways
of journeys within
that are the answers
to lead us from sin.
Today and tomorrow
are given to be
journeys to changes us
through our history.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2009

Pick And Choose

People continue
to do as they will
even when sometimes
they cannot fulfill.
Sometimes the insides
will push ones along
to do in their heart
what they know is wrong.
Sometimes the essence
of internal drive
is all on somedays
that keeps them alive.
Some people keep on
as days move ahead
doing the things
that are inside their heads.
People will sometimes
just do as they’ve done
and maybe realize
that they’ve jumped the gun.
Then in an effort
they might try away
to change what they did
when they hurried that day.
Yet sometimes people
just like you and me
will find the answers
with God as the key.
God provides timeframes
of tools we’re to use
as we continue
to just pick and choose.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 8,  2009

Let Not Your Journey

Days are a journey
with each step we take
doing what we do
and all we partake.
Days are accounted
while we watch away
our footsteps making
our footprints each day.
Looking behind us
we’ll find in the view
the makings of patterns
from here thereunto.
Days are a journey
that we must assume
and do the best then
to better attune.
For if our journey
is not in accord,
then we may find it’s
not from our Lord.
We need to harness
the love that God shows
and make it daily
to always expose.
Let not your journey
to fall in detail
such as ones always
just headed to Hell.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

To Water The Earth

I found a white cloud
floating on by
carrying raindrops
up in the sky
and this small white cloud
was soon growing large
gathering raindrops
that could float a barge.
Soon it was raining
and the white cloud I saw
was then much larger
and filled me with awe.
I tasted raindrops
as they came to me
while I just watched as
if it were TV.
The channel grew dark
as the clouds made their scene
watering all that
would one day be green
and also flowers
would take in a sip
from all the raindrops
of drip after drip.
I found a white cloud
that somehow turned great
as it gave springtime
the nourishment plate.
Dished out as raindrops
with puddles all found
to water the earth
as it soaks in the ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

Hard To Behold

The season’s calling
with words that are found
seeming to be ones
without not a sound.
The season’s speaking
in phrases or so
of which I surely
do not truly know.
Springtime is faintly
showing its face
here in New England
with just a slight trace.
Snow is still outside
yet melting away
as it is snowing
again now today.
The temperature’s rising
and soon I will see
maybe some springtime
of a mere slight degree.
Yet nights are freezing
and still oh so cold
leaving the springtime
real hard to behold.
So I’ll continue
to dream as I will
for all the seasons
to come and fulfill.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

A Minute in Pause

Tempting an action
requires some thought
to think about truly
what you should not.
Tempting your effort
with wanna won’t wait
may bring you trouble
you won’t anticipate.
Don’t be a tempter
tempting your mind
with what that right now
needs not in time.
Tempting an action
needs you to know
where that your action
may lead to go.
So don’t just tempt time
without good cause.
Think about your effort
a minute in pause.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

Leave Time For Good Times

Yesterdays feelings
in today and tomorrow
don’t have room for
yesterdays sorrow.
Leave all your sadness
as times that you know
left in the yesterdays
of long ago.
If you hold sadness
as times burning ember
you may find that is all
that you remember.
Yesterdays feelings
need nurtured yet found
as just a bad time
that came around.
Leave time for good times
to live in today
and leave the sadness
in times yesterday.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

Miracles of Dreaming

I find I’m dreaming
of winters delight
as I remember
each Christmas time night.
I seem to harness
the thoughts deep within
of all the Christmases
that did begin.
Dreams of the mornings
of snow covered hills
painting the seasons with
Christmastime thrill.
Joyfully dreaming now
I see real clear
the essence of Christmastime
soon to be here.
I find the minutes
and hours ahead
as all the dreamlands
snowy white bed.
Laden with blessings
which only can be
that of great Christmastime
I wish to see.
Yet I’m still dreaming
of a seasonal hue
that of which Christmastime
surely comes true.
The dreams are alive
in a wonderful way
as I make Christmastime
my every day.
Alive in my dreaming
with eyes opened wide
I allow Christmastime
always inside.
The dream may become
more real then to be
and maybe you will
then clearly see
that the miracles of dreaming
can bring alive
the essence of Christmas
to always survive.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10, 2009

Seeking For Rhythms

Seen are the fragments
of times winter ways
as I look outside
the coming of days.
Spring is a moment
that winter concludes
seen as the fragments
of time before June.
Passionate feelings
are rhythms in tide
such as the wonders
of eyes opened wide.
Sometimes the pictures
are scented so well
that all the fragments
I can surely smell.
The scenes now arriving
are fragments in time
gathered together
as a seasonal sign.
Fragments of pages
are turned as a book
while I spend each day
with an ongoing look.
Seeking for rhythms
of springtime’s array
as I look onwards now
most every day.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

I wrote this next poem after Judy and I were talking
the other day about how it seems we’ve got a lot of info,
yet through the years we seem to not remember what we
have learned.  We noticed that while watching the game
show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire hehehe.

As I Grow Older

I have a lot of info
that I’ve learned so true,
yet I seem to not remember
what it’s connected to.
My memory is jumbled
as my age has grown
and it seems that I’ve confused
all that I have known.
Growing old is funny
with its timeless ways
as it seems that I confuse
what’s learned in distant days.
I have a lot of info
that my time has brought to me,
yet I tend to just confuse
the times in history.
Even things so recent
such as yesterday
seems to be things I’ve learned
that just drift away.
So now as I grow older
I will write things down
so that I’ll remember them
the next time they come round.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11,  2009

for Apr 11, 2009

Waiting and hoping
ones watch as their life goes by.
Continue your life.

Many reunions
are the memories inside
that keep us alive.

Search for tomorrow
as you continue today.
Tomorrow will come.

A river will flow
as a mind that is drifting.
It will twist and turn.

Windows of vengeance
need to not be looked upon.
Look through forgiveness.

A pathway to walk
is a journey of our choice.
Choose right your footing.

An instance is found
with beginnings and endings
connected in time.

Eyes that are looking
for the yes or no they want
will maybe find wrong.

Anticipating time
can be a long dusty road
that leads to nowhere.

Leaves that are falling
are the beginning of time
from death to living.

One day at a time
all the scenes will be changing,
yet we may be blind.

Look now with passion
at the blessings God’s given.
He gave them with love.

Doorways and windows
sometimes need a little grease
so to open and shut.

Takers of heartbeats
are the ones that are greedy
and seeking what’s yours.

Learn from yesterday
the things not to do today.
Let the lessons live.

A ticking wall clock
is the sound in a dark room
if all else is quiet.

Take time to journey
through the experiences of life,
yet use good judgment.

Little are problems
speculations represent.
Big are what you see.

The clearer the view
means the more you might worry.
Sometimes blind is best.

The fragrance of dew
is the scent of a blessing
as drops of water.

Take on your troubles
and don’t let them get you down.
Use the sword of God.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Rain Will Overflow


Hello my friends

Redundance gone wild is back LOL.  How has your
week been.  We’ve been doing fairly well.  I got my
new lens for my glasses ordered and all, plus I ordered
a second pair of glasses, yet they are just single vision
for my PC work.  Maybe they will help me out a bit or
maybe they won’t,  but I’ll never know unless I try huh!
The weather has been a bit warmer lately and the snow
is melting away slowly.  It’s dissipating gradually and it’s
looking a bit patchy hehe.  There have been a number of
good things that have happened these last few weeks.
A few of my old classmates from school have found me.
We’ve been sharing a lot of what has happened to us
since the days way back when hehehe.  My old guitar
player that I spoke of in last weeks journal found some
old pictures of us from the 70’s and made a collaged of
them and sent them to me along with the MP3 of a
song that used to be one of my favorites that we used
to play.  It was an old Foghat tune LOL.  Those were
the days!  Maybe one day we can reunite and play a
little music again.  God only knows.  Memories are a
great thing.  They help us out when the things at the
moment are a bit frayed.  Other than chatting with
a few of my old friends,  I have been doing what I do
best and that is writing.  When I’m not writing I’m
thinking of what to write LOL.  Sometimes I won’t
begin writing until the end of the week,  but I will have
stock piled many ideas inside of my head that I can
use.  Different words and phrases will stick in my
head as I continue through the week.  Then when I
sit down to write it seems they all come to the surface
and help to paint the pictures for you to read.  It’s
my gift that God gave to me to share with you.  This
week has been a very contributing one as have the
passed.  O Yea,  there are many parts of our state
that are with flood warnings due to the snow melt.
We’re sitting on high ground so we won’t be having
the floods.  Yet the northern and northwestern part
as well as southern Maine will have a problem. The
rivers are rising quickly and rain is in the forecast.
Last year, Island Falls got washed away the same as
many of the other low lying areas.  There is river
way below us, but for it to bother us, it would have
to rain 40 days and 40 nights LOL.  It seems though
that we may finally see spring or the resemblance
of it hehehe.  Last year skipped right over spring
and went directly into summer hehe.  Many people
have lakes in their yards due to all of the snow.
It’s 39 degrees right now as I write and my weather
program says it’s supposed to get up to the low 40’s.
So, that’s about all from our frozen yet melting part
of the hemisphere.  God is using the melting snow
and ice to give life giving water to the plants so they
can flourish.  Also it replenishes our waters with
nutrients needed.  More fresh water to drink.  Yes
God works in wondrous ways,  yet we,  due to our
own bad judgments will many times put ourselves
in the path that the waters are to go just as many
will rebuild their homes in the same spot that the
tornados are guaranteed to return and repeat such
as tornado alley.  Many will move right next door
to a river that with just a little encouragement from
a rain will overflow.  We many times will choose
a pretty sight over a safer site to build our homes.
It’s the same with our lives.  We sometimes choose
what looks good over what is better for us.  Yes
we will many times choose our own destruction.
Yet, God is there always to help us out when we get
so far into to depths of trouble and He can pull us
out,  but it takes us to let go of our wanna.  Are you
ready to let go of your wanna?  Our self will can
at times lead us into destruction without us even
knowing it.  Let today be better by looking to see
where your self will is leading you and try to do
better.  Ok, with that said,  it’s time for me to begin
my little venture through the past things said to that
place I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE  and see
if I can find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s
away I go searching………I think I found a good
title,  now let’s see what I can do with it hehehe.
Here goes nothing or something or whatever LOL!

Rain Will Overflow

Our missions are ventured
as beauty is found
looking for the beauty
for some sort of ground.
Our home fire’s burning
and yearning to see
the sights and the sounds
for our own homes to be.
Yet getting too close
to the beauty we find
might turn out badly
in a minute of time.
Maybe in an instant
the rain will overflow
and take oh so many
in life to and fro.
The calling of judgment
is found in the view
if I am choosing
what I shouldn’t do.
The pattern is printed
in the faces of time
that rain will overflow
so to make a design.
Leave the designing
in The Hands of Lord God
and watch the beauty
with a daily applaud.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2009

I hope that made a little sense to ya.  I’ve heard so
many stories of peoples houses falling into the sea
just because they built them hanging over it for a
view.  That in my book is Deadly,  Unconventional
Misconceiving and Bad with the initials of DUMB
which bad and deadly are pretty much the same
which adds to the fact that what they are doing is
asking to take a dip into the ocean when the ocean
chooses to claim what they have built to live in that’s
hanging out there LOL.  Surely they know that the
ocean will soon claim.  LOL,  do you see my point?
Well,  I guess it’s about time for me to hush and
be seeking to find that old off switch on myself,  but
before I do that, I reckon I should tell ya what I’ve
been telling ya for ages hehehe and that is I wrote
some more poems and yes I wrote another early
Christmas poem that my friend Ben in Holland
has already published on the Christmas site that
he has called The Old Fashioned Christmas.  The
link is at the end of the journal on the last page.
If you love Christmas as much as we love it, you
might wanna go and visit the site.  Oh yea I almost
forgot hehehe,  I also wrote some more haiku for
all my haiku lovers LOL.  Hope yall enjoy it.  Now
with that said,  it’s time for me to be looking for
that off switch, but before I do I will say have a great
week and remember Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now where’s that off switch hiding at this time.
I see ya there hiding in the wood work….Got ya!
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

To Give A Prayer

We’re born to live
and born to die
as we ask
how, when and why.
We’re born to breathe
and then no breath
as we ask
what follows death.
We’re born to learn
and then to do
as we face
what’s me and you.
We’re born unique
and born with ways
as we struggle
through the days.
We’re born to love
and hate the same
as we face
why Jesus came.
He was born for
you and me
to give a prayer
for eternity.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2009

It’s Our History

Today’s experiences
are tomorrows to find
ways that you learned
another point and time.
Tomorrows threshold
is a story to read
as all the subjects
that we really need.
Today’s mere dawning
is a picture to view
so to enjoy it
as each day’s anew.
Tomorrows paintings
are brushstrokes away
so be an artist
and paint now today.
Today will accomplish
the painting to see
as then tomorrow
it’s our history.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

The Prelude

Timetable dreams
of a winters prelude
is but a moment
of times interlude.
Dreams of Christmases
flourished with smiles
make up the timetables
minutes of miles.
We are the dreamers
glittering true
of all the portions
of want me and you.
Wanting the seasons
of white fallen snow
to then encompass
the Christmas we know.
Timetable dreams
of snowflakes of white
make up the prelude
of Christmas eve night.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Listen For The Chirps

The sound of a feather
is silently heard
yet it makes music
in flight of a bird.
One single feather
that flies in the breeze
silently falls down
to rest in the trees.
Yet that mere feather
joined by a few
can help a bird
to fly there and to.
So listen to feathers
that floats to the ground
seeking to remember
the birds there abound.
Listen for the chirps
of times other day
when the mere feather
just flew far away.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Don’t Be Too Hasty

Don’t jump through windows
of time that you see
and then determine
if it is to be.
Listen to your heartbeat
and search with your mind
to see if the window
is a good point and time.
Don’t be too hasty
with what that’s ahead.
You may find a moment
is better not said.
Times can be tricky
as our wants pull away,
because of the minutes
of things that display.
Don’t be too hasty
to jump in the pool.
You may find your hurry
just made you a fool.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Wondering True

When you are searching
you may close your mind
to what that truly
you might surely find.
So don’t go searching
without seeking true
what that the moments
might surely give you.
When you are staring
at a view that you see,
you might miss the picture
that God gave for free.
Let your eyes blossom
and see clear the sights
of all surrounding
the days and the nights.
When you are sitting
and wondering true,
take time to thank God
for all He gave you.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

I See The Stories

Told are the stories
of times long ago
by our Earth molding
the things that we know.
Words in the rocks
of heavenly times
surely tell stories
of Jesus Christ signs.
Fragments of memories
are in detail
told as the stories
of Heaven and Hell.
I read the stories
sometimes with much ease,
yet many others
will just see disease.
The stories are written
as time moves along
about many subjects
of which now are gone.
The Earth reveals portholes
of times burning ember
that are the stories
of which we remember.
Segments of craters
and mountains real high
tell us the stories
of the ground and the sky.
I see the stories
as words we’re to read
so to learn truly
what we really need.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Beginning From Dawn

The sky is cloudy
with chance of some rain,
but it does no good
for me to complain.
The morning has gone
and left in its wake
the evening to follow
with more to partake.
Today is a segment
continued from then
while taking moments
to help time begin.
Skies may be cloudy,
yet they’re still a sight
painting the pictures
of maybe or might.
Maybe it’ll rain
or maybe it’ll snow
as the clouds surely
decide where to go.
The seasons changing
as clouds go their way
paving the rhythms
of day after day.
The scenery blossoms
as I look upon
the days finding endings
beginning from dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Smile At The Mishap

Smile as you enter
and smile as you leave,
then you might find less
there is for to grieve.
Smile at the mornings
and smile at each night
then maybe surely
you’ll see good in sight.
Smile at your problems
and sit down and pray,
then they might surely
just melt fast away.
Smile at mean people
and they might smile too
as you head daily
doing things that you do.
Smile at the mishap
and smile at mistakes.
You might find that that’s all
that it really takes.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Not Hell Instead

Predestined journeys
pathways ahead
could be misleading
not good instead.
Sometimes onlooking
can kill the view,
because of not looking
where you’re going to.
The pathways of minutes
laid in life’s sands
are to be footprints
timeless to stand.
Our journeys outcome
can change our views
if we will learn from
some others shoes.
Predestined journeys
of pathways ahead
need to seek Heaven
and not Hell instead.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

See The Transitions

Young is a heartbeat
coming to breathe
when in an instance
you say you believe.
Many times heartbeats
say they cannot
because they are rhythms
that never have sought.
Be as a heartbeat
as young as a child
beating as the essence
of love all compiled.
Be refreshed daily
with God and His Words
as you look skyward
at the sight of some birds.
See the transitions
of bad made to good
as you do daily
the things that you should.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Times All Belong

Glancing at flowers
seen on a page
I wonder daily
how they are made.
God made the vision
that I now see
as all the seasons
given for free.
We tend to view all
the seasonal days
as some mere moments
just to amaze.
Yet glancing onwards
I can now find
all the decisions
that made up my mind.
They were just flowers
timeless to view
given on moments
of time thereunto.
Now as I’m glancing
at snow on the ground,
I see the seasons now
turning around.
The snow is now melting
as Lord God empowers
to make room for seasons
of bright colored flowers.
Timeframes are ticking
as we move along
while all the details
of times all belong.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Until You Are Gone

Years are accounted
as ages are done
while we go walking
up under the sun.
We watch the seconds
just ticking on passed
and they seem sometimes
to tick on too fast.
Ages are gathered
as we see the phase
passed on by counting
on distant times days.
Let not the counted
to bring you despair
as you go onwards
to there everywhere.
Years are accounted
as time moves along
so do your best now
until you are gone.
Let all the minutes
to be of your best
until you are counted
to be put to rest.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Word By Word

See the melting
signs of seasons
pouring on the
rhymes of reasons.
Feel my cooking
pot of time
melting all the
words of rhyme.
See the decades
that I say
as they’re worded
every day.
Surely you can
read each word
that of which
you’ve seen and heard.
See my paintings
worded still
such as my own
wanting will.
Find yourself
the sight to see
through my words
to you from me.
Taste my flavors
written down
of the blue sky
and the ground.
Sense the changes
that I write
of each day
and of each night.
Look for beauty
in the view
in the poems
from me to you.
Seek to know
the reasons why
that my words
do not run dry.
Find perceptions
in the words
that can be
a flock of birds.
See my melting
signs on stage
written on this
lowly page.
Word by word
I write to you
the way to see
the world brand new.
Look at seasons
melting still
maybe on your
Look for beauty
day and night
and you may just
see the sight.
Let your vision
surely find
seasons changing
all mankind.
Daily pages
that I speak
are the seasons
that I seek.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Your Detonator

Detonated segments
of thoughts deep inside
can in a moment
explode out real wide.
So do not harness
the storms deep within.
Let ones to help you
let the healing begin.
Do not be detonated
with times down the road,
because you might wrongly
with loved ones explode.
Detonations streamlines
are found in a phase
of ones holding their
anger for days.
Don’t let your anger
to tear you apart.
Let someone help you to
heal up your heart.
Try not to detonate
without counting true
all that the bad stuff
the anger can do.
Surely your detonator
can be shut down
if you will seek God
to help you around.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 4,  2009

for Apr 4,  2009

Timeless turns over
and becomes what we’re seeing
when found as unique.

Our stages are prepared
as we the actors begin
and find what we should.

Sometime in a day
you will see your yesterday
as regretful times.

Hear as a bird chirps
its little song its singing.
The song’s from within.

Let not your melting
to become just a puddle.
Become the river.

Charades of shadows
seem to act as they’re alive,
yet they’re just shadows.

Some flowers struggle
to be what they’re meant to be,
yet some don’t survive.

Tainted life sculptures
will embark upon embracement
of weathers of time.

Leaves of evergreens
are standing in the white snow
just waiting for spring.

Persuasive people
somehow always have their say,
yet truth is alive.

Do not let judgment
be the hurried sort of path.
Be sure of what’s done.

Wealth as money
is not at all the greatest,
for it can be spent.

Wealth deep inside
is the best of which to have.
It will grow with time.

Find all the blessings
God has given you today
and then be thankful.

Wasted is worry,
for it only brings despair.
Give God your worries.

The shadow of life
in a room full of darkness
will prove God’s alive.

Testing the waters
by just wading ankle deep
might prevent your fall.

The forces of nature
aren’t to be taken lightly.
Respect the weather.

Friends are the flowers
that will blossom as we grow,
yet we must water.

Lives are awaiting
while the ticking time of days
decipher their path.

Awaken yourself
to the beauty of God’s world
by looking around.

Leaves that were falling
made the pathway for winter,
yet they will return.

Clouds there so fluffy
in the skyline up above
seem to form designs.

Sections of mishap
conjoined with our destiny
are pathways we trod.

Winter is melting
leaving puddles here and there
to water the plants.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 4,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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