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Hello my friends
Happy Easter

How have you been? I hope you have been having
some decent weather. The snow has almost melted
away again. Maybe just maybe mister winter has
decided to move on. It’s 53F degrees right now with
the wind blowing strong as ever. My right hand and
arm is still giving me trouble with that pinched nerve.
I believe after hearing from one of my friends, that
the pinched nerve might possibly be in my neck and
not in my hand, but the doctors at ER didn’t check
my neck. I did crack it when I fell and it does hurt
all the time, so only God knows. I guess I will just
suffer, being there ain’t nothing anybody can do for
a pinched nerve as far as I know. At least nothing
that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg LOL. Oh well,
life goes on. Onwards with the journal. Hehehe
this Easter the kids up here might be able to find
those Easter eggs without all the snow to contend
with hehehe. I bet ya Judy’s place of business is
busy today. Then again, maybe not LOL. It all
depends on whether many people want to eat out
for Easter instead of at home. There’s not much
new news to report from our household that I’ve
not already mentioned. Judy and I are still doing
our regular daily thing with our FarmTown farms
on FaceBook. I’m now level 199 and Judy’s 191
or so. It’s hard to keep track of each other LOL.
I haven’t done a conga drum video yet, being it’s
hard to play with the pain, but I will give it a try
soon. Today when Judy gets home from work we
are planning on watching The Worlds Dumbest.
There’s a marathon of Worlds Dumbest on hehe.
We love the commentaries from all the actors
and comedians LOL. River Monsters then comes
on at 9 PM with a new episode at 10 o’clock 🙂
Yeppers along with us doing our farms and all
at FarmTown, we’ll be enjoying Easter with
whatever we decide to eat for dinner. We have
left over pizza from Thursday hehehe, but I’ve
only got one piece and Judy has only two so we
will have to figure out something else to eat for
our Easter dinner. Maybe she’ll bring something
home from the diner. Who knows hehehehehe.
In any sense, we will be together. I thank God
for giving me that chance to meet such a great
woman. We both have our flaws, but we look
passed them and see the good. Nobody’s perfect
of course with exception of Jesus Christ. It’s all
of our imperfections that make us unique. If we
were all without flaw, then we would also be
without our special things that make us unique.
Not all flaws are bad things. They give us things
to work on. It’s the flaws that keep us moving,
for without them there would be no motivation.
Without motivation, many would just become
idle and cease to try to do better and grow. Then
yesterday, today and tomorrow would have no
hope for change. Let God help you with your
flaws and see what kind of growth that you can
muster from a moment. Well I think it’s about
time for me to begin my search back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that might work well for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go
to that place of my recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I might have
found a good title. Now let’s see if I can write
a good poem using it LOL. Here’s goes….

Special Things

Times are found
with special things
as I hear
a bird that sings.
Times so great
from then and there
are as answers
to my prayer.
Special things
from far away
are remembered
day to day.
Scenes from timeless
are as moments
deepest seas.
Seen as waves
upon our shore
special things
that we adore.
Springtime views
from scenic waves
can be seen
as better days.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

Ok so how was that hehehe? I hope you enjoyed my
rambling and maybe understood the poem. I reckon
I need to be finding that old off switch so I can end all
this rambling before it gets out of hand LOL. Before
I do that I guess I need to tell you what I tell you every
week and that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yeppers, 10 more poems. I didn’t write any Christmas
poems this time hehe. Maybe next week. Also I wrote
once again 22 more haiku. Hehehe I didn’t write any
Saturday. I wrote all the poems and haiku early this
morning before Judy got up to go to work. I started
writing them at 1 AM and finished them a little after
4 AM. One could say, I have a fast thinker hehehehe.
Just wish I could type as fast as I can think. I do what
ones call automatic writing. It’s God’s gift to me that
I share with you. Now without any further ado must
wish you a most wonderful God filled week along with
a glorious Easter celebration. Remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now to find that freaking off switch
that gets a kick outta hiding from me. Found it out on
the front steps watching the wind blowing the tree limbs
in the distance. Gotcha hehe See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. by the sound of the title of the poems, you
might be able to tell that I wrote them real early
this morning/last night hehehe.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehe 🙂

In The Twilight

Just but a moment
in the twilight
scenes are surrounding
deep in the night.
Surmounted echoes
from so far away
might be the answers
to day after day.
Deep in the twilight
are sounds so clear
heard as the signs
from one yesteryear.
Many are moments
of times dusty trail
found in the twilight
and heard oh so well.
Scenes are transposing
as night turns to day
while in the twilight
the signs go away.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

Circle Of Moons

A circle of moons
is shadows delight
decked out with echoes
deep in the night.
Seen are refractions
found as night tunes
within the patterns
of a circle of moons.
The moons are dreams
from so far away
seen as a some heartbeats
so much to say.
A circle of moons
on a dream planet
is but a voyage
to a heartbeat of granite.
So far away
is this circle of moons
found with the sound
of sweet singing loons.
Blessings abundantly
fervently seen
are as a circle
of moons in a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

Follow Your Heart

Sometimes a minute
might interfere
with what you see
and what you hear.
A moment of time
might be misconceived
from what you’ve seen
and always believed.
Sometimes it’s best
to follow your heart
and let Lord Jesus
within you impart.
Yet there are times
you must use your brain
and see the truth
of time and again.
Yet there are times
that will come around
to follow your heart
to God’s Holy Ground.
Ceasing your judging
of what all you know
and follow your heart
to help you to grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

Just For Today

Today gives chances
to start off anew
from all things
that we used to do.
Just for today
why not give a hand
to help another
to surely withstand.
Don’t let the troubles
of yesterdays news
become the falters
of nows walking shoes.
Just for today
try being your best
and see the things
of which that are blessed.
See all the goodness
of which you’ve denied.
Just for today
seek Lord God inside.
Don’t let the bad times
live in your heart.
Just for today
seek goodness to start.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

The Lonely Dreamer

The man of night
without no sleep
finds the dreams
of time to keep.
The lonely dreamer
finds a way
to make the nights
as bright as day.
He just stares
into the night.
The lonely dreamer
seeks a sight.
Silently searching
through his dream
for a heartbeats
running stream.
Yet the dreamers
lonely view
is just watching
No such dreams
of sleep desires.
The lonely dreamer
only tires.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

Sea Of Silence

I watched the day
move on to night
as the sun
just left moonlight.
The scenic views
from dusk to dawn
then are signs
that time moves on.
A sea of silence
then is heard
without flutters
of a bird.
Silent echoes
come around
with the signs
without no sound.
Yet then rustles
of the trees
are the echoes
in the breeze.
Scenes are made
within the night.
A sea of silence
in moonlight.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

Wondering Again

Now this moment
I’m seeking to find
what that my thinking
will then unwind.
Just wondering again
without any clue
what I will write
or what I will do.
I’ve sat here before
in mere confusion
sometimes just writing
only illusion.
Now this moment
I hear the words
fluttering softly
as poetic birds.
The music’s playing
wordless with sound
giving the answers
that come around.
Poetic values
within my head
become the viewpoints
that I have said.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

Sands Of Echoes

Sands of echoes
poured so sweet
are with times
that can’t compete.
Counted moments
pure and fine
lead us to
a special time.
Sands of echoes
find a phrase
as our blessings
distant days.
Many echoes
found in place
are God’s Hands
upon our face.
Sands of echoes
poured so fine
lead unto
our own design.
It’s the journey
there and to
that the sands
of echoes view.
Let not echoes
of the sands
become journeys
bitter hands.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

Into The Twilight

The light is found
as sudden scenes
within moments
minutes dreams.
All the shadows
times record
now are found
as nights reward.
Into the twilight
rivers flow
here and there
and to and fro.
Sounds so sweet
in moonlight bay
now are signs
of dawn of day.
Into the twilight
I now seek
now and then
and week to week.
Things encountered
in my sight
I dream into
the twilight night.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

Moments Pause

Often our judgment
isn’t so good
and we’re not doing
what that we should.
A moments pause
could find some peace
and make bad times
to then cease.
Sometimes a minute
sat back to wait
could better help you
A moments pause
of timeless accord
could help you see
what you can’t afford.
Let not your hurry
to take over you.
A moments pause
might better the view.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

for Apr 24, 2011

A little worry
can make things to be much worse
than they really are.

Simple little thoughts
that we’ve allowed to exist
could be our downfall.

Springtime is coming
as the meadows of snow melt
to let flowers bloom.

In satin starlight
is painted skies of nighttime
displayed as shadows.

The song of the tree
plays as it sways back and forth
while the night air blows.

Searching for trouble
could find you a whole lot more
than you bargained for.

With timid winters
could come a tormenting sign
of summers to view.

Lessons are answers
sometimes in form of mistakes
that we should avoid.

Arrogant people
often find their destruction
through their arrogance.

Let time paint pictures
as you do your very best
to live in the time.

True friends will be found
when material objects cease
and they are still friends.

Finding your limits
through childish stupidity
might leave you in pain.

Listen to your heart,
but also hear your conscience.
Sometimes your heart lies.

Sometimes our problems
are just viewed incorrectly.
Let God help the view.

Gentle persuasions
can often make more headway
than pushing someone.

Lengths of a ladder
determine how high to climb,
before falling off.

Places are gathered
as many rivers of time
that go place to place.

Within a blessing
is the guarantee of Heaven
that’s found through God’s Grace.

Minutes are wasted
as many just stop and stare
rather than helping.

Looking for heartbeats
might lead you on a journey
into the unknown.

In a mere distance
a speed bump might slow you down
to prevent demise.

Now might be shadows
of yesterdays destinies
seen a bit more clear.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂


Hello my friends

How have ya been? We’ve had our first thunderstorm
up here just a few days ago. That’s a good sign. Last
night though it was supposed to snow some more, but
it looks like it rained more than snowed. Yet my weather
program on my PC says there’s supposed to be a 30%
chance of snow early tomorrow morning. I don’t see it
sticking or anything being the temperatures are staying
above freezing. It’s 45F degrees right now. That’s a
spring thaw for up here hehehehe. It still gets down to
the 30’s at night, but that is tolerable. Monday night
and Tuesday night are supposed to get down to the mid
20sF. Ok, so it’s on with the journal. Judy and I are
still doing our regular things hehehe. Not much change
there LOL. We finished the hidden object game that
we were playing last week and have begun another 🙂
Actually we have finished another and then gone to the
third since last week hehehe. Thank you Ben for the
Big Fish tickets. I’ve used two since then hehehe. What
else is going on in the Pearce’s household? Hmmmm,
not much change as I said before LOL. We’re both still
playing with our farms in FarmTown. All that white
stuff outside is finally melting away thank God. Maybe
spring will finally spring up out of the soggy ground.
We kind of bypassed March 20th hehehe. It seems
we are about a month behind up here LOL. Yes we
still have snow here and there, but it’s melting away.
If we don’t have anymore sneak attacks from mister
winter, we should be seeing some flowers blooming
one day soon. Until then, it’s muddy ville! Judy was
a little late going to work this morning due to over
sleeping. I was up all night and it seems that when
she hit the snooze alarm for the last time, I must of
passed out for about 30 minutes. Ooops! Oh well,
it’s not like nobody else has never over slept hehehe.
She made in OK and life goes on hehe! I wonder
what we will have for lunch today when she gets
home. I made us Velveeta shells yesterday. They
are one of her very favorites :). What she loves
best though are Chimichangas hehehe. We both
love them cause they’re quick and easy to make.
My hand is getting better, but I guess that pinched
nerve will always give me heck. Not much I can
do about that. I guess I’ll stow the pain and try
and make another conga drum video. Surely I can
stow it for 4 or 5 minute intervals hehehe! I’ll give
it a try maybe this week. If I succeed, I’ll upload
it to my UTube channel and let you see hehehehe.
Judy and I watched the first episode of Deadliest
Catches new season last Tuesday. Can’t wait to
watch it again this Tuesday. Yeppers, we love
that program. Can’t see how anybody would be
willing to work in that kind of environment, but
that’s probably what keeps us watching it hehe.
Judy just got home from work. She said there
was an accident with one of the cooks just before
she got there. The stove blew up the guys face
with flames. He got his eyelashes burned off as
well as a lot of hair singed. I think Travis is OK.
Bobby took him home cause his face was hurting.
In any sense, Sunday began at Elm Tree North 🙂
They’ll have to fix that stove and that’s for sure.
Judy just said she’s tired and might go and lay
down for a bit in bed and watch TV. I’ll fix us
something to eat as soon as I finish this. God is
still taking care of Judy and I. We at times may
not see it, but He is. I can look back and see
how God has protected us and allowed what He
knew what will make us stronger. Life’s journey
might have some confusion in it, but it’s with that
confusion that often brings lessons. Windmills
of time will blow us in many directions with each
breath a lesson to learn. Let the lessons come
from the tribulations in your life. Don’t just act
as though they never happened. Or better yet
don’t always look for the bad. Look for the good
that was gathered from a moment. Sometimes
the good is just a sight away. Now it’s time for
me to take my little visit back through all that
I’ve written here in my recollection to see if I
can find a good word or phrase that might work
for the title for today’s brand new poem. So,
it’s away I go to that little place that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found a good
title. Now let’s see if I can write a good poem
using it hehehe. Here goes…..

Windmills Of Time

The winds will blow
assorted sails
sometimes as
some troubled gales.
Windmills of time
might sort of seem
as a quickly
moving stream.
Within the minutes
of windmills of time
there might be
a time sublime.
A time unnoticed
said and done
that just may of
then begun.
Windmills of time
will surely sway
so to help us
day to day.
Giving the lessons
found to do
that will help
our daily view.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2011

There ya go hehehe Gidder done! I hope you enjoyed
my rambling and maybe even understood the poem 🙂
I reckon I need to be finding an ending for this so I can
get started on fixing Judy and I something to eat. I’m
sure she’s hungry. I haven’t eaten anything today and
I’m sort of hungry too. She just headed to the bedroom
to lay down and watch the Flintstones hehe. She said
that’s all that’s on. Hehehe out of 250 channels, stuck
with the Flintstones LOL. Go figure! Well I guess it’s
time for me to be telling you what I tell you every week
and that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yep,
10 more poems, yet this time no Christmas poems, but
I did write one poem about Judy and me :). It’s sort of
a silly poem, but she liked it. OK I also wrote 22 more
haiku for all my haiku lovers out there. With that said
I guess it’s time for me to be saying my farewells, but
not before I wish you a most wonderful God filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to
find that freaking off switch that loves to elude me.
Found it huddled next to the radiator heater chanting
I wish it was warmer, I wish it was warmer brrrrrr.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehe 🙂


Many dreams
are found vacation
as they’re sought through
Scenes transposed
into the mind
does incline.
Moments fury
can be gone.
will move on.
Don’t let times
of devastation
keep you from your
All the problems
that you see
can set free.
In your mind
from then and there
turns to prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16, 2011


Sing a song
or hum a tune
about a time
that’s coming soon.
Hum along
with the radio
if the words
you do not know.
Let the rhythm
of a song
be a tune
you hum along.
If you’re worried
now and then
let your humming
to begin.
Hum a special
little tune
maybe of a
May or June.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16, 2011

Shadow Play

In the darkened
seasons nights
shadows play
within the sights.
In the midst of
shadow play
times are found
from night to day.
Times refractions
said and done
seem to be
what has begun.
In the middle
of the night
shadows play
not wrong or right.
In the seasons
shadow play
it has many
things to say.
Words as echoes
heard and said
as some worries
in your head.
Shadow play
might just by chance
be the sign
of times romance.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16, 2011

Celestial Winds

Beginnings end
from times apart.
Celestial winds
of times embark.
Time is mounted
to a place,
to a heart
and to a face.
Celestial winds
will blow on through
with some times
a bit askew.
In beginnings
times will turn
leaving answers
we’re to learn.
So celestial
is the sky
with its daily
times reply.
Winds of wonder
blow on through
in celestial
skies of blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16, 2011

Dove Song

The white bird
flies through the air
without worry,
without a care.
It’s the dance
it does to tunes
sometimes found
above the loons.
The doves sound
of cooing songs
makes the place
for what belongs.
Filling voids
of time and space
hear this song now
fall in place.
It’s the dove song
sung in tune
not mistaken
for a loon.
It’s own sound
is heard and found
as the seasons
go around.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16, 2011

Windmill Hill

By the ocean
there is standing
windmill way.
Storms of time
will make it think
helping sailors
not to sink.
On the top of
windmill hill
there’s a view
that times fulfill.
Felt by fragrance
sight and sound
windmill hill
does so astound.
The windmills view
of day to day
paints the pictures

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16, 2011


Across the lake
of how and why
there is seen
a dragonfly.
Flying closely
to the blue
of the lake
of thereunto.
Across it flies
with silhouettes
painting what
no one forgets.
It’s small wings
are flapping strong
across the lake
of mornings dawn.
The dragonfly
just flies around
sometimes onto
solid ground.
Yet it never
loses mind
how it’s minutes
shall unwind.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16, 2011

Imaginary Roads

Bits and pieces
troubled loads
are just our own
made up roads.
Often daily
we will see
roads to times
Imaginary roads
troubles find
timeless burdens
on our mind.
Within segments
we’ve pursued
imaginary roads
So don’t let
your troubles grow
times bestow.
Let your mind find
not just what’s

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16, 2011

Lady of The Lake

I see this image
that shines so bright
the lady of the lake
of day and night.
She’s the woman
that stole my heart
and gave ripples
of timeless art.
The lady of the lake
of minutes time
now weigh heavy
inside my mind.
She and I married
and found content,
where we traveled,
and where we went.
We found heartbeats
as the same
where we went
and how we came.
Now reflections
are ensued
with me wading with
my Judy Jude.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16, 2011

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce
I love you

Inner Peace

Let God’s blessings
help release
all the times
of inner peace.
Let your actions
now the same
be as lessons
not a game.
Let tomorrow
shine so bright
as inner peace
of God’s Own Light.
Don’t let troubles
take you down.
Let God help
remove that frown.
Inner peace
from days gone by
can be found
through Him on High.
Let your mindful
troubles cease
as you now find
inner peace.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16, 2011

for Apr 16, 2011

Within a meadow
might lay a moment of time
which snow once covered.

Each days curtain call
brings elements of surprise
written as pages.

Mornings with sunshine
might be followed by raindrops
with minutes to spare.

Lost in illusion
the charades of a shadow
might seem alarming.

The trees blossom
as springtime scenes come to life
with moments ado.

Sewing a blessing
in the life of another
takes some Jesus Thread.

Yesterdays clinging
might of prevented today
from moving forward.

Seen in the distance
a limb swaying in the breeze
might look like and arm.

Preparing for night
can often lead you astray
if it is with fear.

A mere glancing blow
could throw you into trouble.
Beware of anger.

Lessons come from time
and time comes from the seconds
of given choices.

Angels are waiting
with God watching over them
awaiting their wings.

Tomorrows turnstile
is a gate swinging loosely
with choices to make.

Many find answers
in the shadows of themselves
from their yesterdays.

Times portfolio
might seem as a mere journal
written as mistakes.

Heavenly bodies
are sometimes mistaken sights
seen as illusion.

We are the actors
in the day to day lifestyle
with some confusion.

Now is but a time
that concurs after fractions
that have come and gone.

The templates of peace
are found through many blessings
given from Lord God.

Temporary scenes
are as seasons in the wind
that blow there and to.

Hearing a song bird
brings forth the essence of spring
with flowers to bloom.

Counting on one hand
leaves the other uncounted.
Therefore less is found.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂


Hello my friends

I’m back again with another installment of my ramblings LOL.!
My pinched nerve has eased up a tad, but still gives me a little
trouble often with the same pincushion affect, but nothing that
I can do about that. I’ve tried to play my conga drums, but with
the same results. I may have to just stow the pain and just play.
It don’t look like the pain in my hand and forearm are going to
cease any time soon hehehe. OH well, that’s life. Ok so it’s on
with the journal. The weather has warmed up a bit lately, but
there is still a lot of snow outside. The temperatures for the
next week or so are supposed to be in the 50’s, so that should
surely melt away what’s left. Maybe if we’re lucky we might
see spring FINALLY hehehe. It’s 55F degrees right now LOL.
Quite a change, but mother nature could decide to turn the old
thermostat down again before it’s over with hehehe. I’m busy
washing laundry as I type this article. Got another load to put
in after I put this one in the dryer, then I’ve gotta start on the
dishes. Yet I cannot do the dishes while typing hehehe so they
will have to wait LOL. I just put the second load of wash in
and got the first in the dryer, so I guess I can try to finish my
rambling now hehehe. The life of retirement phttttttttttttttttt!
It would be nice if I were in better health and able to drive to
visit people or better yet if anybody up here actually wanted
to have anything to do with me LOL. Oh well, I’ll continue
on as I have. Judy and I had a FarmTown surprise Friday.
When we logged on, we noticed that they upped the levels
AGAIN. Just as Judy reached the final level of 185 with me.
Now the final level is 210 hehehe and they’ve gone and added
yet another farm. Soooooo now we both have 9 farms. Yep,
we’ve both been doing some decorating on them hehehehehe.
We both decided to make our farm 9 an Easter farm. We
still put some facilities on them so we can run produce and
all hehehe. I put an ocean border on mine. I think Judy’s
gonna do the same maybe later. In any case, we are both
enjoying decorating our FarmTowns on FaceBook. People
ask us if we do FarmVille. We both have farms there, but
who has time to manage them hehehe? I visit mine ever so
often when the mood hits me LOL. We’re still playing our
hidden object games. My good friend Ben in Holland bought
us 5 game tickets for Big Fish games, so when we finish this
game we’re playing, I’ll look to find another game for us to
play. We’ve been playing them for many years hehehehehe.
Hidden object games are games that we can play together.
Using both sets of eyes or somewhat in that manner hehehe
we search on my PC. Not much else is going on up here
aside from our regular. We still watch all our favorite TV
programs. The new season of Deadliest Catch comes on
Tuesday night I think so I’m sure if it’s on, we will surely
be watching it hehehe. I got her hooked on it one day when
searching for something to watch. We’ve been watching it
since it came to air about 6 years ago hehehe. Our life in
the fast lane LOL yea right! I took a few pictures outside
Friday and Saturday to show my friends what it still looks
like up here hehe. I’ll probably use a few of them for my
stationary. So if you’re receiving this in stationary form,
you will be able to see what it still looks like up here 🙂
Yeppers, it’s still white, but should be melted away one
day soon God Willing. I know it will be real slushy for
a week or so hehehe, but it should dry up. I feel sorry
for the people that live in low lying areas. Thank God
it’s not raining profusely, but rain is in the forecast for
this week. Not enough to worry about though. It’s very
quiet so far today. No kids riding their snowmobiles or
ATV’s hehehe. There’s a blue sky out today which makes
it hard to see without going snow blind hehehe. The sun
reflects off of that stuff just like a freaking mirror. Well
there ain’t much else to report from up this ways. Judy
is still at work, but I expect her home in an hour or so.
Hopefully I will have this as well as all the laundry and
dishes done before then. If not, then I’ll continue till
I’m done LOL. I wonder what she’ll want to eat for
lunch or dinner. Maybe she’ll bring something home
from the diner hehehehehehehe. That would be great!
I just opened one of the windows in here to let some
fresh air in. It feels good. I thank God for providing
such a beautiful day. It’s days like today that make
me happy to be alive. We often get caught up in the
drudgery of our mundane daily experiences and miss
all the beauty that God has put before us. Look now
and see what wonders that are around you that you
have just ignored before. It might be a little flower
or a cloudy sky of pictures. You might even find the
beauty in your own memories that you revisit. Life
is not just about today. It’s about the things we’ve
gathered such as friends, places, dreams and many
things we’ve done that we should be thankful for.
Look now and replace your sadness with the joy of
life. Now I guess it’s time for me to be revisiting all
that I’ve written here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that might work well for the title for today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place of
my recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I believe I may of stumbled upon a good
title. Now let’s see what I can do with the thing 🙂
Here goes…….!

It Might Be

Life might seem
to be unfair.
It might be
you’re unaware.
Time might seem
as turtles pace.
It might be
you shouldn’t race.
Things might take
a daily toll.
It might be
you’re wrongful goal.
Life might seem
to be unclear.
It might be
you’re yesteryear.
Time might seem
to be a crime.
It might be
a needed time.
If you’re seeing
life unfair,
it might be
an answered prayer.
If you’ve heard
a heartbeat beating,
it might be
Lord God succeeding.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10, 2011

OK so I hope that came out right hehehe. Heaven knows.
I never really know if what I’m writing will be understood
by anyone but me hehehe until of course someone tells me.
I’m looking out my window right now at the blue sky. It’s
so beautiful, but of course I totally love a semi cloudy sky.
Hehehe I found a new title to write about LOL. You’ll see
it next week or should I say read it hehe. Well, as you can
see or hehehe not see but tell, my hand is not giving me as
much trouble as it did last week. It still bothers me, but
I think I may have to get used to that along with everything
else that I’ve had to get used to hahaha. I’m listening to
the Sirius Spa radio station on our TV. It’s very relaxing.
It reminds me of a radio station I used to listen to in Texas
called Musical Star Streams. It was on late at night and
played relaxing music. I turned Judy onto it and now she
loves to have that music playing while we sleep or should
I say she sleeps LOL. Check it out sometime if ya wanna.
Here’s the address to it on
the net. I have bought many of the CD’s that they have
played on the radio. I can’t help it hehehehe I love that
type of music. Judy does too now since I introduced it
to her when we first met. You can listen to the music on
their website using your Windows Media player or the
equivalent thereof. Ok so I guess I need to be telling you
what I tell you every week and that is I wrote some more
poems and haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with one
of them another Christmas poem hehe. Also 22 more
haiku for all my haiku lovers. Oh, for those of you that
do not know this hehe, haiku an epigrammatic Japanese
verse form of three short lines. Epigrammatic means
brief and to the point as well as witty. School has been
dismissed hehehe. Now it’s time for me to be searching
for that old off switch, but not before I wish you a most
wonderful and God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now to find that freaking off switch.
Found it on the steps watching the melting snow with
sunshades on hehehe. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehe:)

Scenes Around Me

Scenes around me
now are changing
with their daily
Scenes are fading
from my view
beginning springtime
so anew.
Time just seems to
be as found
as a daily
merry go round.
Scenes transcending
here and there
as they flourish
As a painting
colored white
I see scenes
of snow in sight.
Scenes around me
very strange
that of springtime
with no change.

©Bill Pearce
Apr 9, 2011

Rainbow Dream

As a storm cloud
said and done
time sometimes
is rain or sun.
Sometimes daily
things might seem
as a storm clouds
rainbow dream.
Simple moments
within rain
done in dreams
of time again.
Rainbow dreams
of simple times
found in storm clouds
wondrous rhymes.
Often many
will be seen
searching for their
rainbow dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9, 2011

Right Now Here Now

Right now here now
I can see
times of signs
from history.
Things recorded
here and there
are sometimes
our answered prayer.
Right now here now
might be found
as some problems
all around.
Yet those problems
that we see
might be best
for you and me.
Right now here now
might be said
as some wrongful
done instead.
Yet that wrongful
that we’ve done,
might be lessons
setting sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9, 2011

Within My Eyes

In my dreams
I recognize
Christmas moments
in my eyes.
Seasons blessings
oh so true
in the dreams
of which I view.
In my dreams
I seek to find
joyful scenes
inside my mind.
Twinkling lights
on Christmas trees
this is what
this dreamer sees.
Fluffy snowflakes
falling down
in dear Santa’s
Christmas Town.
In my dreams
I fantasize
all of this
within my eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9, 2011


Moments meadows
I record
are thanksgivings
from our Lord.
Many blessings
in my sight
are God’s blessings
day and night.
We may often
make our view
moments meadows
seen askew.
It is sometimes
just our mind
that determines
what we find.
Moments meadows
sometimes changes
what we see.
If united
with your heart
moments meadows
will impart.
Signs of beauty
as a phrase
will enlighten
future days.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9, 2011


In the essence
times complete
you might stand
within rainstreet.
Times of troubles
may display
here and there
and day to day.
Times might show
their bitter sweet
found within
today’s rainstreet.
Let your troubles
fall from mind
as you seek
a happy time.
Let rainstreet
be put to bed
with what all
that Jesus said.
Let the problems
said and done
be resolved
by God’s Own Son.
Let Him help you
find a way
to make rainstreet
not so grey.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9, 2011

Life In Maine

Life in Maine
with April snow
hides the things
that wish to grow.
Soon though maybe
snow will melt
leaving springtime
seen and felt.
Yet right now
in Northern Maine
I think springtime’s
gone insane.
There is nothing
I can see
which reminds of
Not of Texas
days of old,
but New England’s
April cold.
Life in Maine
is now my view
sometimes seen
a bit askew.
Seen as snow-blind
out my window
there is winters
Flowers have not
yet been seen
within winter
should be spring.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9, 2011

Little Crystals

Little Crystals
seem to melt
awaiting spring.
They still hold
their daily place
in this seasons
moments race.
Little crystals
far and wide
will you melt
or coincide?
Will you leave
or will you stay
now in April
or in May?
Little crystals
now and then
will you lose
or will you win?
Will you hold on
to each day
or just one day
melt away?

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9, 2011

Many Shadows

In the shadows
we might see
all our fears
from history.
Things we worried
couldn’t view
in the shadows
me and you.
In the unknown
shadows brink
we imagine
things we think.
Things we’ve heard
that others said
now are shadows
in our head.
Many shadows
are just viewed
maybe daily
So if shadows
come to mind
let your vision
truthful find.
Let not shadows
live as fear.
Search the reasons
very clear.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9, 2011

Sky Music

Lengthy mornings
dawning day
bring to view
another way.
Bits and pieces
mornings bring
are the segues
seasons sing.
Different seasons
fall in place
as the sky
of music’s face.
With sky music
comes a tune
as remembered
until noon.
Then the dancing
swings and sways
with sky music’s
own displays.
Clouds might blow
from thereunto
bringing dancing
there to view.
In sky music’s
dancing clouds
you might see
your dreams arouse.
Lengthy minutes
pass on by
in the music’s
passing sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9, 2011

for Apr 9, 2011

Waiting for sunset
could lose you many chances
to do what you need.

Inner most feelings
can sometimes be concluded
as just emptiness.

The signatures signed
might be unlawfully done
so don’t be stupid.

Flowers of springtime
display their unique beauty
in their own timeframe.

You might see storm clouds,
but the rain might be needed
to wash away tears.

The emerald way
could be just a mere facade
hiding what that’s true.

Listen to raindrops
and hear their pitter patter
speaking many words.

Spirits of the sea
crash upon our shores of life
with hope from within.

Many sordid thoughts
will construct many problems
that need better sight.

The dawn of new days
brings chances for tomorrow.
one step at a time.

Patience is gathered
when you accept a moment
that you cannot change.

Summer’s silhouettes
display in the sight of spring
as time runs its course.

When changing too fast
you might find many problems
you did not expect.

True love cannot thrive
in a heart that’s full of hate.
Learn how to forgive.

Nightmarish shadows
might show us fears from within
that are just facade.

Memories of time
come as yesterdays echoes
we may hear today.

A page of time turns
leaving perception displayed
sometimes as misread.

Synchronizing time
can make things to fall in place,
yet sometimes not so.

Worry is trouble
when the outcome is ulcers
with bad conclusions.

A flowers lifestyle
blossoms as a smile in spring
then sleeps in winter.

Early in April
our landscapes filled with white snow
in New England’s spring.

In every moment
lives a second yet to move
that we may stand still.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 9, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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Hello my friends

I will most assuredly make this short, being it seems I have a pinched
nerve and contusion in my right wrist of which I fell on a week or so
ago hehehe. My left arm has healed pretty much. It still hurts, but
at the moment my right hand and forearm are hurting much worse LOL.
I am being a whole lot more careful when walking out our front door
now days hehehe. Well, to get this journal over with as soon as I can
I guess I need to tell ya, it snowed again Thursday and Friday. Yep,
more snow. It looks like we may have gotten a foot or so. I had to
get out Saturday with my messed up body hehehehe and dig our little
car out AGAIN. My hand is giving me the dickens of a time right
now. It feels like a pin cushion and then starts hurting worse on up
my forearm. Judy took me to the emergency room being I haven’t
got a doctor up here YET. Ain’t no MD’s accepting new patients!
The doctor gave me a prescription for some Diclofenac POT 50mg.
Hehehehehe I said POT huh…..Yea I know, it’s potassium and yes
it does send me running to the bathroom being my body does not
retain potassium LOL. It just makes my diarrhea escalate, but I’m
taking them anyways. It seems to be helping a little bit, yet not
much LOL. Maybe one day God willing, I will be able to find me
a MD doctor up here that’s accepting new patients. Keep me in
your prayers. Judy and I are still doing our farms, but it takes
me a lot longer to do them being I can only hold the mouse for
just a brief before the pain starts surging through my arm and
making it unbearable. I have to stop and let the pain to cease
a little before continuing. Hey, it’s not like I have a lot to do up
here LOL. So continue I shall with my farms on FarmTown 🙂
I’m hoping the pinched nerve heals soon. I can’t play my conga
drums because of it. I tried and it hurt too much. Send a prayer
for my hand and arm to heal quickly. Well, to stop before the
pain gets to radical, I guess I need to be searching back through
my tad bit of writing hehehe and see if I can find a good word
or phrase that will work well for the title for today’s quick little
poem. So it’s away I go to that place of my recollection that
I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. Found a title, now gonna
take a break and let my hand stop hurting for a bit before I
write the poem hehe…..OK so here goes nothing LOL 🙂

A Pinched Nerve

Some days may seem
as a pinched nerve of time
tending to be
what seems as a crime.
A simple moment
of a timeless detail
might just seem
as a pinched nerve at sail.
So many troubles
might seem to begin
as you’re a pincushion
being prodded with pin.
A pinched nerve of time
just might seem insane,
but often that moment
provides us a gain.
Sometimes the problems
that come into view
are pinched nerves of time
to start us anew.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011

Hehehehe there ya go. OK so to get this over with being my
hand is hurting bad right now, I’ll tell ya what I tell ya every
week and that is I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yet,
I didn’t write them until this morning hehehe. Yes, I wrote
10 more poems with one of them Christmassy and 22 haiku.
Judy burly made it home Friday being we had a bad snow
storm. A complete white out. Thank God it didn’t hit with
its full strength until 30 minutes after she got home hehe.
She took off Saturday being we were snowed in and my
hand was bothering me too much to dig. Our landlord didn’t
plow the driveway until Friday eve being it was a total white
out , but it left our car buried and being Judy was already
off thank God, I let my hand rest a bit and did the digging
Saturday eve and then gave my hand a breather so I didn’t
write any then, plus I wanted to spend some time with Judy
so sue me heheheheehehehehehehehehe. The doctor told
me to keep my arm in a sling, but kind of hard to do when
you’re right handed LOL and things need to be done hehehe.
Well I ain’t looking for the off switch this week hehehehe.
It found me, but before I click it I must wish you a most
wonderful God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves you
and we do too. CLICK see ya hehehehehehehehehe!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehe:)

Glad And Blue

Many views
from many places
may light up
a moments faces.
Many scenes
from thereunto
may be found
as the best view.
Many peoples
sights and sounds
might not have
some common grounds.
That’s when then
that ones need be
finding paths
to clearly see.
Many views
that many find
can way heavy
on the mind.
You may never
why some need a
helping hand.
It’s the owner
of the view
that determines
glad and blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011

Yet It’s Springtime

Found by morning
is the snow
from the weathers
winters grow.
Yet it’s springtime
so they say
as I see snow
day to day.
Long icicles
hang and drip
while they’re holding
with their grip.
White snow displays
there and to
in the meadows
sky of blue.
Found by morning
I now see
signs of times
so wintery.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011

Don’t Be A Meddler

Counting the seconds
that time does unfold
might lose the lessons
that come from the old.
Watching too closely
from then unto now
might miss the target
that’s showing you how.
So don’t let seconds
to lead you astray
by always counting
each day after day.
Let days to move on
in their on accord
as you try doing
the best for our Lord.
Don’t be a meddler
just messing with times
counting the seconds
and looking for signs.
Let God to display
the time in its way
with all the seconds
of day after day.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011


Many a fancy
might just mislead
from what’s our wanna
and what that we need.
Many times wanna
is just a sight
wanted for moments
minutes delight.
Many a fancy
could be a false dream
turned to a nightmare
that makes us scream.
Often our judgment
in times hurried way
turn what we wanted
into a bad day.
Many times we might
find in our view
things turned to falsehoods
that we thought true.
Many a fancy
is just a phase
wanted a moment
for passing of days.
Yet often fancies
of fantasy trails
just leads to futures
with troublesome tales.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011

Spring in May

I’m now dreaming
of a day
found within
April and May.
This is fragrant
that I dream
with a moments
running stream.
I’m now thinking
of a time
found within
a great design.
Flowers blooming
in the scene
in the moments
minutes spring.
Here now April
up this way
still has white snow
day to day.
Spring is just a
mere illusion
in New Englands
scenes confusion.
I now sit here
daily waiting
for springtime
The doors of time
are still in winter
seeming as it’s
front and center.
Yet I still now
wait each day
for a sign of
spring in May!

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011

See More True

Points of view
are found and said
sometimes seen
within the head.
Often people
will be seen
them not knowing
what we mean.
Points of view
from here to there
might be found
a bit unfair.
Also many
will not see
points of view
from history.
Learn to look
beyond your glance
what you thought was
song and dance.
They may not be
telling lies
They might just be
in your eyes.
Let your vision
see more true
what that they are
telling you.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011

Christmas Night

Now as white snow
fills my view
I remember
so anew.
Christmas blessings
way back when
with the white snow
there and then.
I can see the
lights all blinking
in my minutes
Christmas thinking.
Christmas lights
on Christmas trees
are what that my
minds eye sees.
With the winters
white snows found
it paints Christmas
on the ground.
In the displays
wintry white
I remember
Christmas night.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011

Needed For Me

Looking at doorways
I often stand
waiting to see what’s
there then at hand.
I often look on
while in trance
in my own minds eyes
of song and dance.
Often the windows
that I’m looking through
give the impression
that they are not true.
That’s when I’m needing
to look then away
and see the truth of
then day to day.
Many times doorways
and windows the same
will be misleading
of their daily game.
So when I’m looking
I try to hard see
what that is truly
needed for me.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011

Another Minds Mile

Here in this room
I hear certain sounds
sometimes as echoes
just making their rounds.
Yet sometimes
are sounds so quiet
found within
a silent night.
Songs of joy
inside my mind
found within
a special time.
Here in this room
I hear so clear
sounds of times
from yesteryear.
Antique moments
of echoic views
seem to enlighten
my daily news.
With what’s remembered
I find me a smile
that helps me make it
another minds mile.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011

Let Jesus Fill You

Many might stand
and be in your way,
but God can help your
moments of gray.
Look to His Son
in times of sorrow
and you’ll find strength
of which to borrow.
Let Jesus fill you
with what you need
as you continue
and try to succeed.
Don’t let your problems
hinder your view.
Sometimes a moment
isn’t so true.
Let Jesus help you
to find who you are
and you will surely
shine as a star.
Maybe not brilliantly
to ones your see,
but to The Main One
so Heavenly.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011

for Apr 3, 2011

Stories can mislead
leaving conversations told
without any truth.

In Heartbeats of time
there are pages that are turned
sometimes as broken.

Chrysanthemums bloom
with colors of bright springtime
as others follow.

Simplicity shines
when ignorance still prevails
with answers to find.

Recording your voice
will often display the truth
found within your voice.

A little worry
could sometimes be a good thing
to make us do right.

Letters in snowflakes
will sometimes connect as words
stated on the ground.

Tomorrows worries
might be unnecessary,
because it could change.

Looking for trouble
could find more than you wanted
and bring your demise.

Journals we’ve written
bring together then and now
as our memories.

Within a seance
your thinking could be misled
so look for the truth.

Granted are blessings
that may or may not shine bright,
but they are blessings.

While on a journey
you might find a stumbling block
that turns you around.

Life is a picture
hung every day on the walls
of seasons journal.

Knowing that you’re wrong
is part of the solution.
The other is learning.

Granting forgiveness
will help you to move forward
and see tomorrow.

Links to another
come sometimes in form of pain
which we understand.

Glancing at snowflakes
I see them smiling at me
as they land softly.

Seizing a moment
is sometimes best not to do
if timing’s not right.

Mirrored reflections
will often display a lie
if you look falsely.

Making snow angels
brings a big smile to my face
as I remember.

Tomorrows snowflakes
could be deterred by springtime
if it so chooses.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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