Fogged From Desire


Hello my friends

How have you been? We’re doing OK. I finally got to see my
doctor for the first time, yet she did not do anything about my
pain. Had x-rays done of my hip & supposed to a get blood test
before Sept 30th. Then maybe she will give me a cortisone shot
in my hip. Sure wish she would of done that this time. Oh well,
I guess I shall suffer for yet another freaking month. Yep, this
is another thing I don’t like about being up here. Way too slow.
If I had been in Texas I would have already been taken care of.
That’s the price of making my wife happy LOL. Welcome to
Maine. Ok, so it’s off of my bickers and onto another topic 🙂
The weather is warming up a little for today and the next few
days, but not too bad. The mid 80’s. It’s supposed to get back
to normal after that hehe. Summer had a few more things to
say to us before it left LOL. Right now at almost 11 A.M. it’s
74F degrees with a nice breeze. I have the fan in the window
blowing in some cool air. The rains have slacked off a bit, but
they’re still coming ever so often. It might rain a tad later on
in the week. Also the temperatures by Friday will be back
down to the normal old 60’s and 70’s during the day hehehe.
I’ve been goofing around with my Farms on FaceBook this
morning 🙂 My farm in FarmTown is still in decorating mode.
Hehehe I can’t help it. Being there isn’t much of anything else
I can do around here, I spend a lot of time redefining my farm
and adding things and relocating things LOL. I be just a tad
in perfectionism quota hehehe. I can’t stand to see anything
askew. Ok so off of that subject. Judy’s place of business was
detained in its opening the new diner due to lack of employees
which the manager did not hire. Now the scheduled date is for
Tuesday. Hehehehe we shall see. Judy was thrilled to find out
that she would not have to come into work Wednesday after all.
Her days off are normally Wednesdays and Thursdays, but
they were going to need her to cook Wednesday with the new
diner opening. Hehehe we decided to stay up most of the night
after getting that piece of info and watch a little TV hehehehe.
I haven’t been fishing again, but I am sure I will soon. In the
mean time, I reckon I will just walk around outside time to
time and take pictures. I have yet to of uploaded any of the
pictures to my FaceBook that I took last time LOL. Don’t
worry hehehe I will. There’s a beautiful blue sky in the view
outside my window. I’ll take a few pictures. There were a
few clouds in the sky earlier this morning. I took pictures
of them hehehehe. I wonder what time Judy will get home
from work today??? I reckon I should be thinking about
what to fix her and I for dinner :), but sure as I do, she will
walk in through the door with something from work hehehe.
Oh well, the food can always be put in the fridge if that be
the case. Hmmm I wonder what’s on TV good to watch
today hehe? I might take a little trip to the channel guide.
So all in all, God has been good to us. We somehow or
another seem to have our needs met. Yes, even a few of
our wants 🙂 In the many days that come and go we may
not see God’s hands of Jesus helping and guiding, but they
are there. Maybe hidden within a friend or acquaintance.
We each may at times get lost in our own perception and
get disgruntled. I know it happens to me time to time 🙂
The windows to our minds will maybe get a bit fogged
from desire as our humanity sees things we might think
we cannot live without. Hehehe I think I spotted a title.
Anyways, I guess it’s time for me to cease my rambling
escapade and begin my little journey back through all
that I’ve written here and see if I can find a good word
or phrase that might work well for the title for today’s
brand new poem, but me thinks I may have spotted a
good one a minute ago LOL. So let’s see what I can do
with it, if anything at all 🙂 Here goes……

Fogged From Desire

Scenes found daily
with times we’ve found
might be the facts
of not oh so sound.
Our days perception
from riddles parade
might be the fractions
a little mislaid.
Views of the minutes
from our own entire
might be a little
fogged from desire.
Sections of stages
set up to play
may be the moments
fogged day to day.
Often our feelings
guide us on through
making us do what
we shouldn’t do.
Feelings of hurry
or seeking the gain
fogged from desire
will wrongful attain.
Look at the choices
from here unto there
and don’t be fogged
without not a prayer.
Let God to guide you
as you walk along
beginning each day
with prayerful each dawn.
Timeless conclusions
will cease the fire
as you are no more
fogged from desire.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 29, 2010

Hehehe Ok so it might not be one of my better ones 🙂 I tried.
That’s the thoughts that came out of my head. I never try to
understand them before writing. I just write them and then
I reread them myself and see what I wrote. God has been
working with me that way for decades. Wierd huh. So OK,
what else have I not said that I need to? LOL for those of you
that actually read down this far hehe,, I will be 54 Tuesday 🙂
Now it’s onwards to the the end of this mess! I guess firstly
I need to tell ya what I tell ya every week and that is I wrote
some more poems and haikus. 10 more poems with the first
one as a reply to one of my friends that was asking for a bit
of help with ideas for poetry. She wanted to know how I am
able to come up with ideas, so I wrote her a little poem for
a reply with answers Monday. Secondly I wrote three more
Christmas poems or of that similar nature 🙂 and thirdly
yes of course I wrote 22 more haikus. I hope some of the
poems or/and haiku find a way into your hearts and even
maybe help you with life a bit. Well it’s about time for me
to be searching for that blasted off switch again so I can
end this incessant rambling hehehe, but before I do that
I must wish you all a most wonderful week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that eluding
off switch which loves to play hide and seek hehehehehe.
There ya are ya lil bugger!!! I see ya twirling around in
the fan blades agin hehe. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce.

Now on with the poems and haikus
10 and 22 hehehe 🙂

Poetic Flair

Let not the days
be lost in what’s real
with things you can see
and things you can feel.
Let them to grow
into your poetry
as a wondrous flower
or leaves on a tree.
Find your expressions
that fluidly pour
leading many others
on a cinematic tour.
Help ones become
as billows that sway
acting as actors
in your poem that day.
Let your imagination
to focus on things
such as the way
that an early bird sings.
Find parts and pieces
of you which to share
within your own then
poetic flair.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23, 2010

What Fills The Bill

The weather’s changing
with every day
with every season
and every display.
The weathers format
is driven design
within the minutes
of time after time.
The seasons pages
of ages we see
become the essence
of our history.
Time is remembered
as daily affairs
filled with the minutes
of seconds of prayer.
Often those prayers
of minutes we find
are but of moments
of wants yours and mine.
Praying for seconds
within such a way
that are the moments
that we shouldn’t pray.
The weather’s changing
and so should our mind
as we seek better
for daily to find.
Praying most surely
for much better will
and not just seeking
for what fills the bill.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28, 2010

In Midst of Goodbyes

Thankful is hidden
inside many views
found in the segments
of paying their dues.
Some do not display
their thankful degree
minutes to moments
that others can see.
Many hide feelings
inside of themselves
collecting much dust
from twelve unto twelve.
Days are their journeys
as heartfelt desires
while they’re well hidden
in inner most fires.
Thankful is hidden
from so many eyes
and only seen
in midst of goodbyes.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28, 2010

Let The Joy

Seconds till Christmas
so many will view
times oh so magical
then coming true.
Yet many people
found Christmastime
are with misgivings
in their design.
Letters to Santa
sometimes aren’t sent
due to the parents
just being Hell bent.
So many children
will seek Santa’s sleigh
as they’re awaiting
that Christmastime Day.
So send their letters
to dear Santa Clause.
It surely won’t
break any bad laws.
Let the sugar plums
to dance in the night
as all the children
await such a sight
as Christmas morning
with smiles so to see
while they go searching
up under the tree.
The Christmas lit tree
with gifts all below
decorated maybe
with artificial snow.
Then let the joy
to seep in your eyes
with all the blessings
that Jesus applies.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28, 2010

I Dream of Christmas

Soon winter weather
will knock on our door
giving the feelings
of oh so much more.
White snow will follow
its wintry display
with many snowflakes
of soon Christmas day.
Winter will blossom
its white snowy trail
as all the snowflakes
surely set sail.
Then Christmas lights
will display at night
filling up my eyes
with such a delight.
But of course summertime
is now the scene
painting up the hills
with grasses of green.
I’m anticipating
what I will see
when there is snow
as white as can be.
All across the way
from times laid to view
I dream of Christmas
and I bet so do you.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28, 2010

It’s Last Dawn

August is ending
and it shall be
time for September
soon so to see.
September mornings
rise until gone
as they bring pictures
of a new dawn.
August now portrays
its very breath
as it is ending
its own access.
Each day is changing
with its desire
bringing its flavor
in its entire.
Days follow suit
as months will come
bringing the sights
of then and therefrom.
Yet then October
will sing and dance
with all the colors
that then enhance.
Days will journey
while we look on
soon as August
sees its last dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28, 2010

Dragonflies Flying

Dragonflies of blue
of an indigo sight
fly across the lake
each day and each night.
Found in memories
scented divine
I find them flying
time after time.
Paw Paw and me
while fishing would see
dragonflies flying
so fancy and free.
They had a color
that glistened of blue
even at night
with an indigo hue.
Life was so blissful
in the boat on the lake
even when the waves
would sort of awake.
It seemed as Heaven
was found then and there
Paw Paw and me
with a fisherman’s prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28, 2010

Dream Never Ends

Once in a meadow
a dream found way
to leap there before me
and display that day.
It was a dream
of a fantastic style
of which that surely
made me to smile.
I was just walking
and saw in my sights
one of my good friends
of childhood delights.
We were best buddies
as time moved along,
then my best buddy
was most surely gone.
But in this dream
of meadows I found
there was my buddy
just walking around.
Now when the dream
was faded from view
I then decided
what I had to do.
I took that dream
and tucked it inside
while my wife and I
prepared for a ride.
Soon this cold winter
my wife and I will
head down to Texas
to surely fulfill.
Bringing together
my family and friends
from all the meadows
where dream never ends

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28, 2010

Look Within Jesus

Lasting are blessings
from Heaven above
as they last all day
filled full of love.
All night to follow
the blessings still grow
giving us hopeful
that God does bestow.
Lasting are seconds
that angels unite
as Jesus gathers them
each day and night.
Yes His True Love
is the blessing to find
as we go seeking
our own peace of mind.
Look within Jesus
as you walk along
seeking the blessings
from every new dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28, 2010

When It Is Snowing

When it is snowing
count every flake
that which is floating
and not by mistake.
Every single snowflake
seeks for its place
while it so slowly
lands there with grace.
Try to taste them
on your tongue so sweet
then make believe
they’re something to eat
and when it’s snowing
seek for a trail
seen with footprints
of timeless detail.
Maybe a reindeer
or similar sight
might just be strolling
throughout day and night.
When it is snowing
seek for a view
found with the footsteps
made then by you.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28, 2010

for Aug 28, 2010

Time is a flower
with petals of foundation
found within the Earth.

Life makes a journey
sometimes out of your viewpoints
in form of lessons.

Ageless ghost stories
are said in the beginnings
starting with Jesus.

Mondays will arrive
without any forewarning,
for time must be done.

Trivial people
might view their tomorrows
as worrisome sorts.

Clouds are as faces
created in the sky above
to give us designs.

Angels will enter
when God sees you are in need.
They might be in sight.

Insight of a rose
is that of springtime blooming
sometimes of bright red.

A tiny pebble
has many stories to tell
maybe from mountains.

Describing a moment
could be hard to understand
if you were not there.

Essays of tulips
are written differently
as pink, red and blue.

Tomorrows meadows
will be yesterdays moments
as our memories.

Looking towards hills
you could see a flowers home
hidden within time.

Today has answers
in form of a few questions
that may just confuse.

A weed of summer
will attain its own beauty
to save its own life.

Thresholds we enter
are many times the wrong paths.
You might need to stop.

The ghost of journeys
might be sat in your lifestyle
as what you have learned.

Tree leaves in summer
blow briskly in the mornings
of each beginning.

While walking around
the sky seemed to follow me
with paintings of clouds.

Temporary time
is the seconds of daylight
that minutes conclude.

A grand snowstorm
becomes as pure white beauty
viewed in the right light.

Found in a porthole
is wintertime’s awareness
waiting for Christmas.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
and Old Fashioned Christmas site
My new site below
One of my friends sites below
and once again the poetry contest at
Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

He Sees


Hello my friends

How’s life been treating ya? Weather wise it’s been rather nice
up this way. It’s been in the upper 60’s and 70’s most of the time
during the day and in the upper 40’s a 50’s at night. Yes it’s still
been raining off and on, but now days more off than on hehehe.
To start this off on a dimmer note, they took my daughters mom
off of life support being there was no brain activity or anything.
She’s is now gone to a better place. Jamye called me real late
Tuesday midnight to 1 AM to tell me. Judy and I were doing our
farms and watching TV when she called being that Judy is off
on Wednesday’s and Thursdays. I had a request from one of
my email friends to write a poem about a girl and her mother
and I thought about Jamye and just wrote it about her. It sort
of filled the bill. It will be the first poem in the list. I wrote it
last Sunday afternoon on August 15. Say a prayer for Jamye
as well as my granddaughter Sami. They are really saddened.
Now onto a hopefully brighter side of life 🙂 . Judy and I went
to WalMart Thursday and I bought me a cheap tackle box for
10 dollars for me to use when Brian and me go fishing hehehe.
I also bought a few cheap items such as hooks, sinkers and a
few lures, etc. Friday I even used my new cheap rod and reel
for the first time hehehe. I caught a whopper hehehe, my bait.
It was a 6 or 7 inch long perch hehehehe. He caught a much
longer stick 🙂 . So one could say, his catch was larger hehehe.
Back in my younger years hehehe I would take the same size
that I caught Friday and use it as bait for bigger fish LOL 🙂 .
Brian flew his RC airplanes yesterday (Saturday) and I got
a few more pictures and videos of that. Also when Brian and
I were fishing I took a ton of pictures while out in the lake in
the boat. We went to the same lake we went to last time, but
this time it wasn’t raining hehehe and I could bring my camera.
Maybe on one of our fishing escapades I will manage to catch
a fish that is keep worthy hehehe. Yet, I mainly enjoyed the
boat ride and seeing the scenery. Catching a fish would be a
plus hehehe. For those of you receiving this in via stationary
format, you will be able to see much of the view I saw. For
the rest hehehe, you will have to wait and see it on Facebook
when I finally get the pictures all edited out. That’s of course
if you’re on Facebook. Other wise ya will have to ask me to
send ya a few pictures. Today is beautiful. There’s a blue
sky with cool temperatures. Right now at 12:18 PM it’s 71
degrees. It’s supposed to get up to 75 degrees today. Not
too shabby huh hehehe. That’s supposed to be pretty much
the temperatures for the rest of the week. I can handle that!
Now onto another topic. Judy’s thrilled to death that they
are finally opening the new diner up for business. She for a
while will be working the restaurant off and on and the diner
off and on until they finally get it all worked out. They will
surely have to hire a few new workers if they are planning
on keeping the back up restaurant opened for business 🙂 .
So it looks like Elm Tree Diner is a go. It’s about time!!!
All of the workers have been getting a tad antsy about its
day of opening. I’m even excited to make my first visit to
it’s new settings. I saw it a few times when Judy drove me
by it a while back when it was still with much construction.
So now it’s onto maybe, possibly, hopefully another topic.
Hehe, not much else to report. Judy and I are still doing
our farms on FaceBook. Do you remember me saying last
week something about FarmTown changing the final score?
Well hehe they done it again. Here I was right around 95
and they upped the final score from a 100 to 115. RATS!!
I knew it! The ending score used to be 38 or something
and every time Judy and I would finally get close to what
we would call retirement from the game, they would up
the ending score LOL. Upped it all the way to 115 so far.
Oh well, PLAY ON. Also, we got our car fixed Monday
and it’s a whole lot quieter hehehe. He also changed the
oil while he had it on the racks, so it should be good to
go for the trip down south this winter hopefully, but I
will check everything out before we come. Keep us in
your prayers. I have a lot of people I would love to see.
I’m sure God will do what He knows needs to be done.
I am wondering what kind of winter we’ll be having up
here this year. Everybody that I’ve talked to so far has
said they’re expecting a really bad winter. Well if these
temps we’re having now are any sign of it, there might
just be some fact to that story LOL. Yet, God is always
in control and what happens is part of the plan. We may
have a hundred years or more. God’s timing and ours
are not near the same. He sees time in a much grander
scale as we see it by the second, minute, hour and day.
Many have tried to determine the end, but it is God that
shall truly say when the book shall be at end and new
chapters written in time to begin a new story. We can
see but only glimpses of thresholds of the ending pages.
Let God’s Will be done as you continue doing your best
to let others know of His Love. Now, I think it’s about
time for me to cease my rambling and begin my journey
back through all of my ramblings to try and find a good
word or phrase to use for the title for today’s new poem.
So it’s off to that place of my recollection that I like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE. I do believe I stumbled on
a good title. Now let’s see if I can write a good poem
using it. Here we go hehe!

He Sees

The shadows of time
are filled with degrees
found with compassion
which only He sees.
God sees abundance
in things here and there.
Yes He sees hopeful
from everyone’s prayer.
Things might be hidden
from your daily view,
but He sees truly
much better for you.
He sees the story
and greater the scenes,
yet we don’t always
know what that He means.
God can take dewdrops
and change them to rain
that will be falling
upon your windowpane.
God sees a flower
in a seed oh so small.
Yes He sees truly
the short and the tall.
He sees the moments
that we try to hide,
but through His Son
forgiveness is applied.
He sees the moments
that we misconstrue
and He gives blessings
to heal me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22, 2010

So that’s it 🙂 . Hope ya got something out of my rambling as
well as the poem hehe. Ok then maybe just the poem hehehehe!
Well it looks like I will continue my church at home, being that
nobody called or showed up to take me to church. Oh well,
it says in the bible that wherever 2 or more are gathered there
can be church with worship. For that matter it says worship
should begin firstly at home. I have given up on those that
have been saying they would pick me up and bring me. Life
goes on. Hey I have been doing just fine with Jesus and me
while Judy and I share our lives daily through prayer. Being
a structure/building does not make a church. It’s the people
that make up the church, even if is just two or three people
Jesus as One of them 🙂 . There have been many times in my
life that it was just me a Jesus and we did just fine 🙂 as long
as I didn’t try to take control LOL. Ok rambling again huh!
Hehehe I can’t help it! Well I reckon it’s about time for me
to tell you what I tell you every week and that is I wrote
some more poems, but this time I wrote 12 poems instead
of 10 hehehe. Of course the first one is the one I told you
about earlier in the journal. The last one is yet another
Christmas poem hehe. I finished writing and thought hmm,
I didn’t write any Christmas poems, so I wrote one hehe.
I hope you like a few of them. Also as usual I wrote 22
more haikus for all my haiku lovers out there LOL. You
didn’t think I forgot ya did ya??? Nope! And with that said
I guess I need to be running a search for that old off switch,
but before I do that, I must wish you a most wonderful and
joyous week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that freaking off switch so I can stop rambling.
Found that whippersnapper making as a ghost and trying
to be invisible. Saw it through the haze hehehehehehehe.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Judy just got home from work 🙂
Her hours this week are screwy.

Now on with the poems
10 +2 and 22 hehehe 🙂

A Little Girls Vision

Ones when their born
and brought into life
see all the lessons
from childhood to wife.
Watching and learning
from their mothers view
how that they’re surely
daily to do.
A little girls vision
sought from beginning
seeks of the time
of their on depending.
Yet within time
a little girls sight
still is found looking then
back day and night.
Seeking the lessons
taught from their mom
even well after
their mothers gone.
Their memories live on
as certain designs
as the so wonderful
magical times.
From the first breath
of that little girl
comes new beginnings
of which shall unfurl.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 15, 2010

Depths As Rhythms

Daylight splatters
through the scenes
while enhancing
reds and greens.
In the blue sky
it seems as a
Waters flowing
in the sky
with a few clouds
up so high.
Time is splattered
on the day
with the sunshine’s
own array.
Every second
that I see
looks just like
the deep blue sea.
Depths as rhythms
found enhanced
as the daylight
sort of danced.
It’s formations
make the view
as the sight
of a sea of blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010


So many people
walk on away
leaving so many
worn to a fray.
Lives of so many
are found without
as they go onwards
filled with much doubt.
So often people
leave in their wake
timeless perception
from their mistake.
Not taking the time
to stop and fulfill
what that Lord Jesus
would want your will.
So many people
just walk away
as they go seeking
another day.
Take a little time
to stop and to view
and maybe see what
all you can do.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010

Minutes Moments

Without a minute
a second would be
just but a second
of our history.
Sometimes a minute
is needed to shine
giving the reasons
for seconds of time.
Some minutes moments
are just but a view
found in a time
of a mere day or two.
They might escape us
those minutes arrays,
but they will surely
be someone’s displays.
Minutes will prosper
beyond many sights
sometimes just seeming
like days and nights.
Simple little minutes
that we daily view,
might be beginnings
unto something new.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010

It’s Great Flight

Flight of an eagle
in form of a plane
soars oh so high
with sky to attain.
Manners of structure
found in detail
seems to make flight
just like a big sail.
Floating so high
in the breezes above
the flight of the plane
seems like a white dove.
Flight of an airplane
with radio control
finds ways of landing
without too much toll.
Landing in the field
of sea of green grass
time seems to move
just a little too fast.
Memories are gathered
within it’s great flight
as they are dreamt of
deep in the night.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010

Summers Day

In summers day
there finds such a way
as scenes within time
of a wondrous design.
Clouds fluffy white
each day and night
as holders of rain
yet not to complain.
In summers found
are pages abound
found in much sway
as green fields of hay.
Crops are growing
all they’re bestowing
as they unwind
their time to time.
Summertime’s scenes
as bright colored greens
in the trees and grass
as time comes to pass.
Summer is valued
what’s often misconstrued
as many heat waves
in the coming of days.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010


Yawning at morning
swaying at noon
leaves me awaiting
for evening time soon.
Starting so sleepily
time seems to be
as a mere moments
sought not to see.
Slumber’s evaded me
now once agin
leading me places
of which that I’ve been.
Yawning at morning
nighttime has won
keeping the dreaming
as seconds to none.
I find my slumber
deep in disguise
as that of catnaps
just resting my eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010

Skyline of Grace

Found out my window
it seems Heavens view
floating and swaying
in a bright sky of blue.
I think my vision
can see it’s detail
even in the moments
it’s blowing a gale.
I think I can see
sweet Heaven above
filled with compassion
and also much love.
Found out my window
my views rearrange
as every moment
of minutes of change.
It’s my own viewpoints
of which I presume
that are depicting
my Heavenly tune.
Songs in the sky
maybe silently heard
flutter so softly
as wings of a bird.
The chirp is within me
and heard deep inside
while in each moment
my eyes open wide.
Looking for Jesus
in the skyline of grace
I see in the clouds
the view of His Face.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010

Make Amends

Times will find trouble
while also some good
while we continue
our journeys we should.
Many times values
will lead us astray
from our best moments
of some other day.
Yet of course minutes
will gather what’s true
leaving perception
what’s better to view.
Learning forgiveness
of your own mistakes
is sometimes followed
with many heartaches.
You must let go
of the ways of trouble
for if you don’t
they will surely double.
Ask for forgiveness
from God’s Only Son
and make amends
for all that you’ve done.
Some won’t forgive you
but do from your heart,
for in the end then
you have done your part.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010

Just Like You

Letters are written
sometimes never read
kept as the wordings
inside of our head.
Many emotions
that many display
are as a forest
with many a maze.
Jungles of wordings
found in the eyes
are in fact heard as
so many lies.
So many letters
of past unto now
leave many standing
and not knowing how.
Times misconceptions
found in ones view
might be the letters
that look just like you.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010

It Will All Be Alright

Inner most feelings
are many times viewed
within the owner
a bit misconstrued.
So many moments
of timeless detail
lead us to ponder
of Heaven and Hell.
Moments will gather
as hours and days
leaving the pictures
of all that displays.
Often the sadness
will overcome you
leading you places
a little bit blue.
Let not the moments
to take full control.
Let Jesus help you
to better your goal.
He will show Heaven
and all it’s delight
and then you’ll know
it will all be alright.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010

Laid In December

Summer brings fall
and fall brings winter
with all the white snow
that will surely enter.
Winter brings Christmas
soon into play
as all the memories
of day after day.
Christmas brings joy
and wonderful times
found in the moments
within the designs.
Summer still echoes
of it’s memories
found all covered
with snow on the trees.
Portions of winter
bring into view
something so scenic
as a bright sky of blue.
Christmastime joy
in a wonderful way
reminds every child
of Santa and sleigh.
Yet but most surely
the best is the name
found within Christmas
how that it came.
For on that day then
found long ago,
Jesus in a manger
Lord God did bestow.
Not in the white snow
but maybe green,
there was Lord Jesus
in a manger scene.
Through all the years
we’ve determined a time
laid in December
for this great design.
It doesn’t matter
the time or the view
for all that matters
is love for me and you.
He came to give
a way unto Heaven
giving us forgiveness
of 70 times 7.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010

for Aug 21, 2010

Waiting for true love
might leave you stood all alone.
Go on with your life.

Often our judgment
is tallied by some others.
Their sight is skin deep.

Playing heartless games
might end in your destruction.
The game might return.

Weary eyed people
in their day to day lifestyles
might need a big hug.

Cannot is a word
many use as their excuse
without trying first.

Morning will follow
the nights wondrous escapade
and bring us sunrise.

Yearning for trouble
will most surely bring you some,
but maybe too much.

Within the whirling
of the fan blades of evening
are breezes of time.

Hearing an echo
means an action has occurred
to make it to be.

Transparent feelings
are felt within a large room,
but all cannot see.

Anguish of a rose
is found deep within winter
all covered with snow.

Leaning on someone
could lead to your own folly,
for they may be weak.

When spring has ended
it leaves summer in its wake
with fall yet to be.

Patterns are begun
as we step out in the world.
Some may need breaking.

Deep thoughts of sorrow
follow the journeys of time
from life unto death.

Things will become us
if we allow them to grow
beyond our own needs.

Handfuls of teardrops
fill the oceans of many
as delusion wins.

Panicking issues
lead paths to and fro today
as clouded judgment.

Christmas type blessings
come as heartbeats deep inside
filled up with true love.

Innermost feeling
are the ones that many hide,
because they’ve been hurt.

Nobody’s perfect
except The Lord Jesus Christ.
We have each one sinned.

Today will find rest
in the shadows of nightfall
with dreams to fulfill.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Silent Prayers


Hello my friends

It’s finally the middle of August huh. Has anybody burnt to a crisp?
It’s not been hot at all up here lately, thank God. Actually it’s been
on the cool side. Being that we have not got an air conditioner, it’s
a great thing. I do remember living in Dallas in my childhood and we
had no AC other than a water fan and the summers got rather hot
even way back then. Hehehe I remember feeling as if I were going
to stick every one of my body parts together in my sweat hehehehehe.
Yep, I’ve got a good memory of the years. Well, I hope you survive
this summer without barbequing yourself, yet it looks as though our
summer is almost at end. Now quick to another subject of interest.
I have a special prayer request. My daughter Jamye’s mom has had
an heart attack and stroke as well as she had quit breathing for a
bit before the ambulance got there. She has been care flighted to
Tyler TX hospital by helicopter. Please keep her, my daughter as
well as my granddaughter Sami in your prayers. Prayer is all that
can help, for God is in control. Our lives are numbered while our
time ticks on. Ok, so onto a brighter topic. Our landlord Calvin
is plowing up the field behind the one that he did for years before.
I am guessing he is going to try and level it and plant grass. It is
rather a bumpy issue in the land formations out there hehehehehe.
Don’t think he will be able to do much over the hill though. In any
sense, in a few years it should look nice hehe. Well, not much
is going up here at the Pearce place. We have to drop our car off
at the mechanics to be worked on Monday morning early or either
leave it there this evening. The muffler as broken loose from the
tailpipe and the car is rather LOUD. Gotta get it fixed before our
hopeful trip to Texas this winter. Yes we are still planning on the
trip. Worried though whether our little 15 year old Mazda will
make the trip, but it’s the only way. I cannot fly due to health
issues of many. I was willing to stow the pain and all earlier
this year, but could not find a feasible way to get around when
I got there. Who ever picked me up would have had to taxi me
around here and there and then get me back to the airport on
my return trip. There was nobody that filled that bill. My mom
did not want to drive to DFW. Oh well, hopefully we will make
it there and back this winter without too much trouble. The car
seems to be running fairly well, yet using a bit of oil. Ok, so
what else is going on that you might wanna hear about? Judy
and I are still playing our farming games. I am trying to get to
level 100 in FarmTown so I can retire hehehehe, but sure as the
world they will do as they have done every time and extend the
final score to some higher digits LOL. Each time Judy and I’ve
gotten close to the final score, they upped the ending score hehe.
In FarmVille we are both having a dickens of a time with all of
the pop ups freezing the game. It’s getting on my last nerve LOL.
Well other than that, we are still continuing watching all of
our favorite TV programs. Hehehe I don’t know what I’d do if
I didn’t have any internet or TV. I guess all my conversations
to myself would become more abundant. I’m sure I have worn
out God’s ears hehehe. I know, He never gets tired of hearing
from us, but I need things to fill up the many voids of life that
I acquire up here in lonely ville. I am a people person and most
everyone that knows me, knows that. Being cut off as I am way
up here it takes a toll on my mind. I find myself making up and
reciting poetry when I’m trying to rest, watching TV, eating,
in the rest room, etc etc etc. It would be nice to have someone
my age other than Judy to talk to. Yet the choices are slim to
none in this little covey hole. Oh well, I’ve survive this long :).
I have myself and Jesus to talk to :). Yeppers I do spend a lot
of time in conversation hehehe. A lot of it is without any voice.
It’s deep inside. I feel that God can hear my thoughts as well
as my voice. The windows in my mind are sometimes clouded
by perception of my own and I need God to help me clear up
the view. I see many that think that they must always speak
out loud to God, but He also hears our silent prayers. So if
you have a prayer you want to ask, but don’t know how to
ask it, rest assured that God can read it through the confusion.
Now I must end my rambling session to begin my little venture
to that place of my recollection through all I’ve written to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that might work well for
the title for today’s brand new poem. So, it’s off I go to that
place that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE to find that title.
I do believe I found a good title just a little ways back in my
rambling hehehe. Hope I can write a poem that makes any
sense. Here goes nothing! Hehehe That might be correct 🙂

Silent Prayers

Days and nights
of our own choice
we might find
a silent voice.
Words inside
we know not how
to give to God
to then endow.
Silent prayers
of days gone by
sometimes find
a clear blue sky.
Many emotions
subsequent seen
might be a matter
found in a dream.
So many blessings
found within stride
might be the answers
come from inside.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 15, 2010

So do you spend as much time as I do talking to God? Hehehe
I do talk to Him alot. The weather today is supposed to be good,
but around midnight tonight it’s supposed to begin the raining
again. It shouldn’t be too bad though. maybe a sprinkle or two.
It does keep it cooled down quite a bit, but when it is raining it
means we have to keep our windows closed LOL. Oh well, it
could be a lot worse, hehehe like Texas or the other states with
the unbearable heat waves :). Yeppers I do miss home in Texas,
but I don’t miss the heat. You can always do things to stay warm,
but you can just take off so many clothes before others begin
pointing and laughing hehehe. When you’re cold, you can always
put on more clothes, yet when you’re found wearing your whole
wardrobe it might be time to turn on the heat hehehehehehehehe.
Ok so I guess I started rambling agin didn’t I 🙂 I guess I need
to be searching for that confounded off switch so I can cease my
writing, but before I do that, I need to tell you what I tell you
every single week LOL and that is I wrote some more poems
and haikus. Yes I wrote 10 more poems with 2 of them being
Christmassy style. I also wrote 22 more haiku, yet I was on the
phone to my daughter and lost count and accidentally wrote one
extra haiku hehehe. Yes I do have a bizarre mind! Who else
do you know that writes 10 poems and 22 haiku in just a few
hours? Don’t ask me how I do it. Ask God. He gave me this
gift 🙂 and so I use it as best that I can. Now I guess it’s about
time for me to be saying farewell to you, so have a wonderful
week and always remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that eluding off switch! I think I see it hiding in
my dear old aspirin bottle just a rattling away. Gotcha hehe.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Jimmy, maybe this year you’ll get some snow. Otherwise ya
might wanna move to where it actually snows more often dude.
Stay well 🙂 PEACE & LOVE

Now on with the poems
10 and 22 + 1 hehehe 🙂

God With Me

In the cloudy
sky’s above
I feel God
with all His Love.
I can see
from here and there
ways that He has
answered prayer.
In my view
of days ahead
I can see
God’s riverbed.
Filled with love
and peacefulness
with in time
to then progress.
In the cloudy
sky’s I see
I feel daily
God with me.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Minutes of Summer

Minutes of summer
counted and seen
can be well viewed
from a flying machine.
Out through the waves
of winds that blow
the flying machine
will go with the flow.
Minutes will tick on
in times dusty trail
with a flying machine
that hasn’t a sail.
Beneath each wing
is winds full of force
carrying it on
its summery course.
Minutes will beat on
as summertime leaves
bringing the essence
of colorful trees.
Leaves during fall
will come into play
as summer vanishes
far far away.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

New Eyes

Inner most feelings
from times we’ve found
sometimes will guide us
all there around.
Sometimes the feelings
will not be right,
for they are gathered
within different light.
Yet inner feelings
of times that we see
can have perception
of a greater degree.
While seeing some
with a familiar look
remember that they might
just be mistook.
Often our feelings
are but a mirror
reflecting emotions
of time so inferior.
Look with new eyes
and see what’s ahead
not with the past eyes
feeling of dread.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Show Them The Way

Lengthy discussions
found in ones mind
might be well hidden
and real hard to find.
All of ones feelings
from dusk unto dawn
live as emotions
to never be gone.
Many hide problems
of their own desires
within the moments
of times burning fires.
Words found within them
as riddles of time
speak of the problems
within their design.
Many discussions
of what they’re to do
reverberate the answers
that may not be true.
That is why many
will stay to themselves
hiding their discussions
high on the shelves.
If you are someone
that truly understands
why not be someone
that’s with helping hands.
Help all those lonely
that know not a friend
and give them someone
that they can depend.
Tell them of Jesus
and show them the way
how that tomorrow
can be a brighter day.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Found in The Sky

Under the skyline
I see such a sight
that which continues
to first sign of night.
Then it is faded,
but still in my view
that very sight
in the sky oh so blue.
I see formations
of clouds floating by
deep in the darkness
found in the sky.
Under the skyline
I see a such glimmer
how that the starlight
will sort of shimmer.
Then in a twinkling
I see the big moon
shining so brightly
that I sort of swoon.
Feeling light headed
I look to the ground
and see the shadows
of all there around.
Now as nights leaving
and brings a new view
I see the dawning
of a big sky of blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Temptations Fury

Temptation eyes
in a moments detail
can lead the way
to minutes of Hell.
Following tempters
without thinking clear
can lead the path
to ways insincere.
Watch as you journey
your footsteps ahead
and be real careful
to not end in dread.
Temptations fury
from wantings desire
can become volumes
of all your entire.
Let not temptations
to take full control,
or you might find then
a sorrowful goal.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Christmas All Around

Songs of wonder
sound within
ringing how that
times begin.
Christmas wonder
sounding soon
ringing heartbeats
found in tune.
Moments journeys
starts in phase
as I dream on
in a gaze.
Seeking Christmas
things to see
now as lights
on a Christmas tree.
Songs of beauty’s
wondrous treat
that none other
could compete.
Christmas blessings
I am seeking
with my minds eye
sort of peeking.
In a moments
time that’s found
there’ll be Christmas
all around.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

Jesus Type Mind

Search in your heart
and see what you find.
Are you displaying
a Jesus type mind?
Search in your view
and see what is there.
Do you see answers
to moments of prayer?
We will most often
just seek the times
paved with perceptions
of our own designs.
Many times viewpoints
are but a phase
of which that lead to
our own displays.
Are you now seeking
Lord God’s way to be,
or are you seeking
your own times degree?

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

I’ll Just Sit And Wait

I’ve tallied mornings
and seen all the gain
in the surroundings
that’s found within Maine.
I’ve seen the blessings
of snow painted hills
bringing the pictures
that surely fulfill.
I’ve taken tallies
that my times acquired
and seen the snowflakes
of which I’ve desired.
True is the flavor
of snow covered leaves
as they each glisten
on all of the trees.
I’ve seen the fragments
of Christmas detail
within the snowflakes
that surely set sail.
Now that I’ve tallied
I’ll just sit and wait
here with my minds eye
that just anticipates.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

My Texas Summers

Lengthy hot summers
in southern type towns
brings many standing
with only some frowns.
Hot summer nights
what I used to know
are now as thoughts
of time to and fro.
Deep in my memories
I can recall
my Texas summers
from spring unto fall.
Summertime’s fun
swimming in the pool
splashing around
just trying to stay cool.
I can remember
my Port A delight
as we went walking
on the beach late at night.
Port Aransas Texas
in the heart of Padre
I can remember
each wonderful day.
Also the apartment
where home used to be
I can remember
some great history.
Us in the swimming pool
when she got home.
Us swimming around
right there all alone.
Splashing and floating
as I can’t forget,
we then went home
while both sopping wet.
Time tends to move
leaving bits of memories
found in the mind
as rustling of leaves.
Lengthy hot summers
stay deep in my mind
as I now see a
much different design.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

for Aug 14, 2010

Within illusion
there’s also reality
found in deception.

A moments mere scent
might be only misconceived
with false impressions.

The length of a chain
is sometimes predetermined
by choices we make.

Tomorrows journey
starts with one step at a time.
Don’t overstep time.

Minutes are written
as focal points are made up
with no room for change.

Loops holes of timeframes
are the things many search for
to get around truth.

While time might seem slow,
it might be going real fast
and beyond your sight.

In moments meadows
I see the seconds of time
that display today.

In remote access
there leaves so many untouched
by what’s truly love.

So many satires
arranged into words of wise
will often deceive.

Sufficient wordings
are what ones will often say
to cease conversation.

Summers recognized
as the heat waves arrival,
but also some fun.

Onslaughts of sadness
occur if we allow it.
Seek for happiness.

Found in our journeys
are colors that we may miss,
due to not looking.

Wintertime’s pleasure
brings snowflakes just floating down
creating a scene

In mornings sunrise
there’s a colorful scene found
just waiting for me.

Tearing down the walls
is sometimes a mere mistake
if you’re not prepared.

Deep in a valley
lies a flower all alone
just waiting to bloom.

Cinders of anger
can spark a raging fire
if not in control.

Passion is needed
to accomplish a true prayer
and then it is done.

The sights and sounds
of today and tomorrow
are all in God’s Hands.

Rhythms remembered
will beat uncontrollably
if not put in time.

Winters precursor
is a most colorful one
with coming of Fall.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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My new site below
One of my friends sites below
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Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

A Giant Tumble Weed


Hello my friends

So, how have ya been? We’ve been doing fairly well. The weather
up this way is showing signs of winters sneak peek hehehe. Been a
tad cool the last few nights. Not bad though. In the mid 40’s the last
couple of nights. That’s Fahrenheit to you that do only Celsius hehe.
45 Celsius would be about 113 Fahrenheit. Rather warm for a night.
Hehehe I can’t help it, I’m a thinker. So what else is happening up
this way hmmmmmm? Well we’re still getting rain from time to time.
It’s supposed to rain late this evening and tomorrow. Then it looks
as if we might have a few non rainy days until Friday gets here hehe.
Well on a different note, Judy said they are getting ready to open up
the new diner for business pretty quick. A few of the employees have
been going there and cleaning up and organizing it off and on when
they were finished with their duties at the restaurant. I know Judy
will be happy to be back at the diner as well as the rest of them, but
they may find it as a tad temporary gladness when they see that they
will have to relearn a lot of different methods due to a bit of change
in the new diner compared to the old one that burned. Oh well, I’m
sure it will all come out in the wash. I’ve gotta call a mechanic and
get an estimate on how much it will cost to fix our cars exhaust. I
think the O ring has blown, but cannot tell for sure being I cannot
get down under the car to see it, but the car is rather loud now due
to it. Hope it don’t cost too much. Ain’t got much to spend on it.
I was hoping to save a bit so Judy and me could drive to Texas so I
could visit my family and friends that I haven’t seen since Dec 2007.
Plus we both love to take pictures and are looking forward to the
many miles of scenery. Keep us in your prayers. Oh yea, Judy’s
doctor upped her dosages of insulin and meds in the last month
and it’s also taking a toll on finances. That’s life as we see it up
here hehehe. Oh well, God will provide a way to deal with it.
I am looking forward to seeing my doctor for my very first visit.
It took almost 3 years to find a doctor up here that was willing
to take me on as a new patient. I’ve had to just deal with the
pain mostly except when it got too bad at times and I had to go
to the emergency room and I don’t have to tell you how much
that cost plus the fact they only patch you up and prescribe you
temporary meds and say see a doctor. Oh great, see a doctor!
Well my hip has gotten to the point it makes me almost cry at
times due to the pain, but I refuse to go back to the ER for a
temporary fix that only last a day at most. Ok so it’s off of my
darned ailments hehehe and onto a hopefully brighter side of
life. I guess I am going to empty our pool of water and air and
put it up for storage until next year unless I see a few days in
the future that look as though they will be warm enough to
soak and wade hehehe. Right now though, it’s a tad too brr.
The nights pretty much cool it down and forget getting into
the pool right after it’s filled LOL. We get our water from
an artesian well. The water is bloody freezing cccccccccold.
Thank God for hot water hehehe. If it weren’t for hot water
I think Judy and I would just stay dirty LOL. Let’s see, hmm
what else is going on up this ways? Well to be honest, it’s
pretty much the same old same old world of the Pearce’s 🙂
We still spend a lot of time on our farms in FaceBook and
we also still watch all of our favorite TV programs hehehe.
We like a lot of the reality programs. Not much else to say
except thank you God for watching over Judy and I as we
face each and every brand new day together. I feel sorry for
those that do not believe in God. I have had a life in the past
that I turned away from God and only sought my own will.
It was a lost and lonely life. Entering each day without His
structure or grace. Yet I do believe He never ever actually
took His Hand off of me. He just allowed me to endure what
all I needed to go through as a teaching. I learned quite a
lot through my struggles. I learned that life is much better
living it for God and allowing Him to guide me as He will.
I still screw up, but through Jesus I am forgiven and move
on to the next moment. Life can become a hurricane if you
spend it going against your better judgment. God gave us
a conscience to help us decide. Sometimes our pathways
will lead to stepping over someone. Is that really necessary
or is there a much better path to follow? Ask God for help.
He will fill your mind with answers if you let Him or better
yet, wait a moment and take another look. Well it looks
as though I have gone a rambled once again haven’t I hehe!
Yeppers, I get to rambling and my thoughts turn into a giant
tumble weed blowing across the page. I guess it’s time for
me to take my little venture back through all I’ve written, to
that place of my recollection to try and find a good word or
phrase that might work as a good title for today’s brand
new poem hehe. So it’s away I go to that place that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I ran across a good
title just a bit back in my rambling hehehe. Now let’s see
what if anything at all I can do with it LOL. Here goes..

A Giant Tumble Weed

A sight or sound
in echoes past
might seem like
it moves too fast.
Times we find
we think we need
might be a giant
tumble weed.
Rolling across
our thoughts in time
remembering all
we thought sublime.
A giant tumble weed
of course
might be seen
as unseen force.
Things remembered
fastly done
might be found
as needed none.
Yet we might
just plant a seed
within a giant
tumble weed.
A tumble weed
of timeless scenes
as reds and greens.
Sights and sounds
of times gone by
tumble on
with how and why.
God gives tumble
weeds of time
so to paint
His Own design.
Time rolls on
with Will and Way
leading to
another day.
God’s Own Will
in days ahead
are what all
He’s surely said.
Found in times
of simple seeds
are the sights
of tumble weeds.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2010

I hope you enjoyed and understood that poem hehehe. Also I hope
you enjoyed my rambling 🙂 Yep, I’ve been told that I think way
too much hehehe. Oh well. If I could shut it off at times it would
be nice. Yet, my thinker continues in the weirdest places hehehe
I’m sure if Judy had good hearing she would be able to hear me
making up and reciting poetry in the bathroom hehehe. That’s
how I’ve been as far back as I can remember. Even back in my
wilder days. The poetry was not as it is now, but none the less
it was written hehehe. God has kept me alive through every one
of the happenings in my life that should of killed me. He has a
purpose for me and I am doing my best to fulfill that purpose 🙂
I’m sure there is much more to it than that, but for all I know,
I might be doing it everyday unknowingly hehehe. Well I guess
it’s about time for me to be doing a search for ye old off switch,
but before I do that I need to do a few other things like firstly
telling you what I tell you every week and that is I wrote some
more poems and yes 3 of them are Christmas poems hehehehe.
I also once again wrote 22 haiku for all my haiku lovers. OK
so it’s time to say farewell, but not before I wish you a most
wonderful week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that off switch that loves to elude me hehehehe.
Found it hiding in a wadded up paper towel. Gotcha hehehe!
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems
10 and 22 hehehe 🙂


Now is the moment
that then does conclude
when many seconds
of time will protrude.
Now is a picture
painted displayed
found as a moment
that then might of made.
Now is a fraction
of times ticking course
headed on journeys
sometimes full of force.
Now is a minute
that hours have found
as they go marching
to their higher ground
Now is as flavor
tasted and seen
of which to many
is found as offscreen.
Now paints a picture
from yesterdays times
sometimes as echoes
of wondrous designs.
Now is a moment
that we can’t replace
so take a moment
to truly embrace.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2010

Your Decisions

We might wish
for different views
when our time
we did not choose.
Doors will open
leaving pages
in the doorknobs
timeless ages.
We have moments
that we find
that might show
a scenic sign.
Take a look
at all you see
and then choose
a good degree.
Sights and sounds
might intertwine
into your own
time to time.
Let the minutes
coming around
show you what that
does astound.
Look more closely
as you view
all that God has
given you.
Your decisions
you decide
can make better
of the ride.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2010

Move On

Many a day
comes and goes
leaving the rhythms
how it flows.
Many a second
ticks thereunto
leaving us minutes
of which we’re to view.
Moments will come
within but a time
leaving us chance
for a better design.
Many a day
will come and go
with the rain,
sunshine and snow.
Times will conquer
as the minutes
go away.
It is our own
that remembers
thens disease.
Not the sickness
health’s transpired,
but the wrongness
that’s desired.
Leave the then
of yesterdays
as a portion
to be gazed.
Learn the lessons
from the view
and then move on
to the new.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2010

In The window

Now in the window
is see all the change
within the seasons
now that arrange.
Summer is leaving
with its dusty trail
painting a way
that time does compel.
Fall will soon be
the seasons delight
painted as echoes
of each day and night.
Then surely winter
will come and display
white snow a falling
upon Christmas Day.
Now I can fathom
the seasons prelude,
for it has reasons
for things to conclude.
Passionate moments
come and then go
giving us way
to winters first snow.
Leftover minutes
in times dusty trail
shows us the weather
that’s found in its sail.
Now in the window
I can sort of see
how time is changing
oh so wonderfully.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2010

Your Hurry

Long and awaited
many desire
wanting so often
each raging fire.
Often ones wantings
lead them astray
as they go chasing
their every day.
Needing a harness
many might find
when they go wishing
for there own design.
Sometimes a hurry
might leave a mess
found in a moment
chose to transgress.
Plowing through now
on into the fire
might find you trouble
from all your desire.
Let not your hurry
to take all control,
for it might surely
destroy every goal.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2010

Christmas That I know

Soon will be
a sight and sound
Christmas time
as truly found.
Soon will show
the time that’s seen
found within
my window screen.
White snow falling
in my view
landing building
Soon the sequence
that is found
will be white snow
all around.
Soon the pictures
that I take
will be found
with more to make.
More of billows
snows entire
as I warm
beside the fire.
Looking outside
I will see
Christmas morning
given free.
Yet of course
the snowy scene
I’ll remember
Scenes of beauty
day to day
will be filled
a snowy way.
Leaves a glistening
in the breeze
with the white snow
on the trees.
Christmas moments
found with peace
will be what that
will release.
Astounding sections
in the snow
are of Christmas
that I know.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2010

How I View

Within my mind
I can see
times so white
and Christmassy.
Christmas lights
of red and green
filling up
most every scene.
Within my mind
I can make
seasons greetings
to partake.
Things remembered
will survive
within my mind
as now alive.
I can see my
singing beside
the Christmas tree.
I can hear
my cousin singing
of all that Santa
Claus is bringing.
Within my mind
I can go
where there is
a ton of snow.
I can make my
dreams come true
within my mind
of how I view.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2010

Search Within

Many oceans
in the sky
flow as waves
in by and by.
Every cloud
of white details
might have signs
of blooming sails.
Many blue skies
held in place
might display
in our own face.
Often oceans
in a day
bring alive
a certain way.
Many found as
wanted wishes
counted as
a million fishes.
Blue skies sought
for moments scenes
you might not
know what it means.
Look for oceans
in the view
maybe beauty
seen askew.
Search within
the things you find
and then seek
some peace of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2010

Unto A New Dawn

In future meadows
there might be a view
leading to somewhere
that leads back to you.
In future hillsides
there might display
ways found concluding
to you then one day.
In future moments
time might arrive
at many thresholds
seen by your eyes.
In future breezes
the wind may blow
giving you pushes
in which way to go.
In future seconds
time might tick on
leading to minutes
unto a new dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2010

Summertime’s Beauty

In summers mornings
I find a breeze
blowing so gently
the flowers and trees.
This summers morning
comes with a view
found with some clouds
in a bright sky of blue.
It’s with the beauty
of it’s own disguise
that I see pictures
up in the blue skies.
Summertime’s mornings
bring unto me
things filled with passion
for my eyes to see.
I see the bending
of all of the trees
as they are blown
by summertime’s breeze.
I smell aromas
of flowers that bloom
found in summertime’s
morning to noon.
Then in the evening
I see each day
summertime’s beauty
some magical way.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2010

for Aug 7, 2010

Lifetimes of judgment
build and destroy the future.
Our choices matter.

Ones often complain
if right now is not their choice.
See what God’s choice is.

Many a meadow
will prosper oh so greatly
and others will die.

Lessons are breezes
blown in by many moments
that we may not know.

Lives found in torment
might be seen without hopeful.
With God there is hope.

Some levers are pulled
only to destroy another
and without conscience.

Today marks a time
which leads into another
as yesterday’s gone.

Let a leaf to blow
as the wind carries it on.
Watch it as it floats.

Angels in Heaven
are disbursed when they’re needed
as God answers prayer.

Leftover moments
fall sometimes into today
when our time ran out.

Planning a journey
needs be done with a good map
and a real good friend.

Poor sighted people
aren’t always without vision.
Sometimes it’s within.

A rose is a rose
as it does its thing in spring
and on through summer.

Rivers of people
will flow daily throughout life
without direction.

Aimlessly morning
comes with its own beginnings
with chances in place.

Found in wintertime
are the thoughts of mere snowflakes
falling to the ground.

Placing a pebble
on a rock of timeless scenes
leaves little to see.

Often ones answers
are the things they do not want
and so they choose not.

Bringing a blessing
is sometimes done without thought
that is sent by God.

Filling up a hole
might conclude to destruction
if done just in vain.

Sometimes our shadows
will show what that is truthful
through our flesh disguise.

Knowing a Christian
does not make you one also,
Nor does going to church.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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As He Will


Hello my friends

What’s new with you in your part of the world? Ain’t much happening
in this part of the world. The ticking of time is still counting away with
the days moving onwards through summer. It’s still raining often up this
way, but it seems to be giving us a little break from it today. It will maybe
start again tomorrow evening hehehe. Feels like the rain forest without
the forest 🙂 Humid as all get out. Brian and me have not gotten a chance
to go fishing again yet. It seems that neither of us have been feeling very
well lately. The weather I’m sure is playing a big part in that hehehehe.
Judy and I have not been out in the pool lately also due to the freaking
weather hehehe. Maybe we will get in it and soak one day or another
on her days off or something. I might drain out some of the water and
refill it to give it fresh water though before then. The drain I have fixed
for it is a buried PVC sink drain pipe located right under the pool drain
plug. It works great. I had to buy a sharp nosed shovel and rake so I
could do that though. My old snow shovel doesn’t dig to great in the
dirt hehehe. Plus I wanted to smooth out the ground a bit with the rake
where the pool was stationed. I was bed ridden for a day or so after all
of that hehehe. My old body ain’t what it used to be LOL! Anyways,
I did all that a few weeks ago, but forgot to tell you hehehe. So OK,
what else is going on in this part of the world? Not much of nothing
at all is happening. Judy and I are still playing our farm games on
FaceBook and watching our favorite TV programs. I’m still playing
my conga drums time to time, yet I haven’t made a new video in a
long while. I might do that this week hehe. I have been working on
new arrangements of drum beats. LOL I think Judy could swear
she is married to an Indian hehe. My dad said that I have way more
rhythm than anyone in our family LOL. He had no idea of where it
came from as well as my abilities for poetry that I was doing way
back in elementary school hehehe. I always had a rhyming brain
and always in deep thought, about the things I thought about and
things my dreams have sought, hehehe. Yeppers, that be how I
think. Have no clue of how it works other than God gave me this
gift and so I shall use it. God gives us each one gifts to use in life,
but often we don’t recognize them or maybe we’re just not where
we’re needing to be for the gifts to become active. Many times we
will hide away from the world our gifts for fear of change. Let
God use you as He has attended. You will find so many blessings
that you never knew existed. Just think, if I had not decided to
use this gift of mine, then many of you would not have ever met
Jesus. It’s not me, but Him through me. Sometimes a simple little
smile will change a life. I always tell Judy that her sweet voice
and smile make all the difference in many. We may never know
who it is that we have affected, but God knows. We may even
meet the ones we touched when we gather in Heaven. Only God
knows what shall be. Let God use you as He will. You will be
amazed at the end results. Hehehe this has turned into one of my
shortest journals huh! I guess it’s time for me to begin my quest
back through all I have written to that place of my recollection to
try and find a good word or phrase that might work for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place that
I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I may have stumbled
upon a good title just a little ways back. So let’s see what I can
do with it if anything at all LOL,,,,Here goes…

As He Will

Time will go
as ticking days
maybe seeming
as a maze.
Yet of course
the days ahead
will be found
with done and said.
Ticking minutes
found in sync
might display
what many think.
We must try
to just fulfill
how it is that
as He will.
Let Lord God
to guide your view
as you do
what all you do.
You will find
a better place
as He will
guide you by grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2010

OK, so there ya go hehehe. A little 4 minute poem. Yep, that’s just
about how long it took me to write it. I never try to spend too much
time thinking. I just let my thoughts speak for themselves as they
work their magic. Hehehe I know it ain’t magic. LOL now for my
next trick I will pull a bunny from my PC hehe. \/ Ooops I pulled
a tad too hard and ripped his ears off LOL. Hahaha yea I know 🙂
Hey, I do have a weird sense of humor. Just ask my wife hehehe!
Yeppers, I love to see people smile. I hate frowns. They tend to
rub off and stick on others. Yet smiles have the very same affect,
so give a smile a chance and it might rub off on someone else and
then reflect back to you and make you smile for REAL 🙂 Now I
think it’s about time for me to be telling you what I tell you every
freaking week hehehe and that is, I wrote some more poems and
haikus. Yeppers, 10 more poems with 3 of them Wintry/Christmas
and 22 more haikus. I hope you have enjoyed my rambling as well
as maybe a poem or two. Now it’s time for me to be searching for
that old off switch, but before I do that, I must wish you a most
joyful week. Remember Jesus loves you and we do too. Ok, so
where is that off switch hiding this time hehehe? Found it hiding
under my BigFish mouse pad. There was a big lump there LOL.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and Haikus
10 and 22 hehehe 🙂

Summer And More

Summertime’s fragrances
flowers have shown
sometimes in meadows
found all alone.
Seen sometimes tiny
with flowers that bloom
there are the pictures
that somehow attune.
Fragrant aromas
will in a way
give breath a meaning
as summertime’s day.
Often the flowers
are weeds in disguise
displaying beauty
in front of our eyes.
Seen in sweet summertime
is but a frame
that shows us springtime
from which it came.
Timeless the memories
come through the door
showing the essence of
summer and more.

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2010

Winter To See

It sometimes feels
as if it is winter
coming in mornings
here front and center.
I can feel wintertime
deep in my heart
as it starts beating
with its work of art.
I feel it’s briskness
inside my mind
coming out surely
so easy to find.
Wintertime’s stages
are seeming set
the way that I never
ever could forget.
I see the pictures
colored snow white
as I remember
that wintertime sight.
I feel its grasp now
reaching for me
with that of Christmas
this winter to see.

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2010

See Clear Today

Found as tomorrow
now might surmise
thoughts your provoking
found in disguise.
Journeys of wanna
taken in step
might lead to moments
extremely inept.
In our delusions
we might recall
things we remember
that weren’t at all.
Often our mindsets
will just erase
all that is needed
surely to face.
Many tomorrows
need not display
until we’ve sought to
see clear today.

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2010

Scenes of Beauty

Lengthy viewpoints
here to there
are surrounding
Bits and pieces
found in frame
display surely
how they came.
Mornings shadows
sort of gleam
as a moments
minutes dream.
Found as lengthy
morning shows
times displaying
where it goes.
Soon is noontime
there and found
as it displays
all around.
Scenes of beauty
here and now
show the moments
they endow.

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2010

We’ll Soon Be Seeing

Winters portrayal
soon will be seen
not as just merely
found in a dream.
It will be shining
brightly as snow
with the arrival
of its wondrous show.
Winter will truly
come into being
also with Christmas
we’ll soon be seeing.
Winter will no more
be just portrayed
for it will surely
be Heaven made.
Found as a blessing
given for free
with every moment
surely to see.
Christmas is coming
surely so true
through Baby Jesus
for me and you.
Born in a manger
Jesus has come
now as the full grown
Gods Only Son,

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2010

Let Today’s Visions

So many sights
are misunderstood
what that is bad
and what that is good.
We are so often
found in a daze
as we go searching
wrongly to gaze.
Peaceful the moments
might seem to be,
yet they might display
wrongly to see.
Search on the inside
what you have sought
and see what maybe
you might need not.
So often peoples
visions they view
are of the moments
that they misconstrue,
Let now this moment
God be your guide
and let Lord Jesus
to live then inside.
So many sights
from here to afar
are but a fraction
of how that they are.
Seen through our eyes
from now and today
we need to find
a better display.
Found in the feelings
come from your heart
not killing no one
or tearing apart.
Let today’s vision
be clearly seen
as that of goodness
not of obscene.

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2010

Made In Deciding

July is at end
and August is here
bringing its values
just like every year.
Hopeful tomorrows
seen by and by
now are of August
not of July.
Sightly persuasions
will now become
things we are seeing
with each rising sun.
August with meaning
gives us a view
filled with the passion
of now so anew.
Essence of beauty
takes on a phase
seen within August
of soon coming days.
So use your dreaming
to make and believe
in all the beauty
that you can perceive.
August with patterns
that are displayed
are sometimes minutes
that we’ve surely made.
Made in deciding
how we’re to view
what that is old time
and what that is new.

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2010

Clouds Have Won

Clouds are forming
over me
here and now
as I can see.
Rain is coming
surely so,
yet soon winter
will bring snow.
Now the clouds
are white and grey
as they float
right now today.
Holding rain
inside there grasp
they await
their timely task.
I can feel the
gentle breeze
and can hear it
blow the trees.
Times above me
that I view
are now painting
now anew.
Now I’m seeing
their design
that’s depicting
rain or shine.
Sunshine’s trying
to display
through the clouds
right now today.
Yet of course
the clouds will try
to give us rain
before they die.
The sunshine’s hidden
now from view
leaving clouds
in the sky of blue.
Clouds have won
today as seen
leaving me
a rainy dream.
Raindrops falling
from the skies
into my now
welcomed eyes.
I’m enjoying
all that’s done
until time for
the shining sun.

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2010

It Can Be Christmas

Handfuls of dreams
are tossed in the skies
wished to be snowflakes
found in the eyes.
A dreamful of time
in a Christmas array
can be as snow
coming down now today.
Dreams of some moments
displayed as rhymes
can become real
with wondrous designs.
Using your dreamer
found in your heart
you can make Christmas
magic to start.
Making its beauty
shine so with glee
as you make dreaming
become reality.
It can be Christmas
when you desire
found every day
within its entire.
You can find blessings
inside all of you
by making everyday
Christmas so true.

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2010

Someway Somehow

Sights out my window
are vividly green
painted with beauty
through my window screen.
All of the scenery
that’s so displayed
is most assuredly
Heavenly made.
Made with the fingers
of God’s desire
painted so well
for me to admire.
I feel His passion
in all the trees
displayed in essence
of all the leaves.
All of the sights
that I view now
are of God
someway somehow.

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2010

for July 31, 2010

Sometimes a loser
does not mean it is the end.
Learn from the losses.

In truth or fiction
is the relevant detail
of reasons behind.

Some will seek answers
to questions with no answers.
Mysteries survive.

Searching for flowers
brings the journey to meadows
flavored with colors.

In ones mere heartbeat
lives the variety of thoughts
sometimes distasteful.

We often seek truth
when it stares us in the face,
yet we don’t believe.

Morning brings blessings
as chances for a new day.
Start it with a smile.

A ship out at sea
will weigh its heavy anchor
to keep it in place.

Thoughts are misleading
when done in midst of trouble
so stand back to think.

Losing directions
concludes further from your goal
so ask directions.

Never fear a shadow.
Only what it can become.
Stay cautious in life.

We each follow trails
of some time, form or fashion,
yet we don’t know it.

Anger can destroy
sort of like a hand grenade
if not in control.

Lessons can be taught
even to the unwilling.
It might take some time.

Today’s beginnings
are with yesterdays shadows
awaiting a change.

Following the rules
does not always lead to good.
Use your head sometimes.

Clouds so billowy
float over my head today
awaiting to rain.

Time might hold answers
to the questions of right now.
We might need to wait.

Flinging your heartbeat
in an empty sort of way
might end with despair.

Points from here to there
are necessity and wantings
combined together.

Traditions blossom
when then and now become one
within remembrance.

Tomorrows journey
begins with today’s footprints
taken in their time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 31, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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