The Other End


Hello my friends

How has your weekend been?  I hope last week went well for you.
Judy and I spent most of the week with doctor appointments LOL.
We’ve been doing fairly well though.  It looks like we will live for
a little longer hehehe.  The weather up here is looking more and
more like springtime with each passing day,  but of course being
this is Maine,  it snowed again Thursday morning hehehe.  It all
melted no sooner than it landed aside from places that there was
still snow lying on the ground.  Yet,  most of the snow has all but
gone except for a few spots that the sun don’t shine.  It’s cloudy
today,  but other than that it’s a nice day with a high of 47 degrees
which it is at this moment. It looks like it might rain and according
to my Weather Watcher Live there is a 38 percent chance which
by morning goes up to 41 percent of rain and snow.  Yes I said
snow.  Hey,  this is Maine LOL,  but the weather is supposed to
get up to the 50’s or thereabouts by Tuesday,  during the day of
course LOL.  None the less,  this is springtime up here hehehe.
Milo just scratched at the door and then barked at me saying
he’s gotta go outside and pee again LOL.  Sheesh,  he goes to
the bathroom more than I do hehehe.  Anyways,   this time Judy
got up and let him out.  So now it’s on with my rambling thoughts.
I think Judy’s fixing to see if she can find something to watch
on TV with the boys.  Milo was already up on the bed and so
I picked up Benny and put him up with him and mom.  They
both then jumped up on my chest wanting me to stay in there
with them hehehe.  Not Judy,  just the boys.  No Judy didn’t
jump up on my chest hehehe.  Anyways,  they are in there
fixing to watch a movie called Shawshank Redemption.  I told
Judy that I would fix us something to eat as soon as I finish
with this.  So it’s onwards with THIS hehehe.  It’s gotten up to
48 F degrees now.  I do see a few sprinkles on the windows
so we might get a little rain.  Not that we need it or anything
with the tons of melting snow and all.  I wish there were a way
I could dig a trench to where the droughts are and send them
some of this water.   We’ve had some bad floods up this way
just like every year after the snow begins melting and the
rains begin.  If it ain’t snowing it’s freaking raining up here.
I’m guessing that there are many down south that would
love to have some of this weather.  Just remember,  when it
gets cold,  it gets freaking cold and you may have to do a
little digging in the snow so to uncover your car or make it
to where you can get out of your driveway hehehe.  All in
all it isn’t too bad.  I’ve sort of gotten used to it since our
move up here in December of 2007.  We’ve had a few little
problems with heat,  but we’ve survived.  Those Christmas
songs and stories make more sense now that I have had
a white Christmas ever since our move up here hehehehe.
Before,  the songs White Christmas and all were just a tad
confusing LOL.  Last night I found a few more of my kin
folk on Facebook.  My cousin/bro Greg asked me to send
him our phone number and I did and he called.  We talked
for a long while finding out what’s been happening in our
lives since we had last seen each other.  Greg was always
a sort of brother to me as was his brother Randy/Phil :).
We never got to spend much time together,  but when we
did I enjoyed it.  I told Greg that he and his wife are more
than welcome to come and visit us.  Hehehe they can also
get them a white Christmas to boot if they come up for
the holidays LOL.   Greg said that he’s gonna call again
tonight so we can talk some more.  We have a whole lot
of catching up to do.  So what else is happening up this
way?  Hmm,  good question.  Judy and I went shopping
yesterday,  so we are good maybe until the end of the
month hehehe which is only a few days away.  We’re
still hoping to make it down south next month,  but time
will tell if we have enough money to make the drive or
if I think our car will survive the drive.  I bought it new
in 1995,  but it has seen many years of bumps and grinds
since then.  The snowplow ran into the rear of our car
this winter while he was trying to plow our driveway,
but as old as our car is and due to it being classified as
totaled when the neighbor we had when we first moved
up here backed into it while not seeing it due to it being
covered with snow hehehe.   So the mess that was made
by the snowplow was not worth the hassle LOL.  It still
runs and gets us where we need to go and that’s what
matters.  I cleaned the air breather a few days ago and
that pepped it right up.  I might need to one day change
the spark plugs, but for now,  it’s running fine.  It does
smoke a bit when we first start it up,  but it stops after
a while.  Cold weather is hard on seals and gaskets and
that is what we have an abundance of hehehe.  At least
5 or 6 months of winter with temps often in the subzero
range hehehe.  I sometimes feel as though I moved to
Alaska,  not Maine hehehe.  We still have a few patches
of snow here and there,  but they’re gradually melting
from view.  The floods have calmed down which I am
sure there are many grateful :).  Benny’s in the other
room barking at practically any type of thumping sound
that he hears hehehe.  Though he is good about letting
us know when someone’s at the door LOL.  He then
goes nuts and will often come and get us if we don’t
respond to his call LOL.  Milo will only join in with the
barking if he thinks Benny is on to something hehehe.
He’s old and doesn’t want to waste his efforts on the
little things hehehe.  He does though get excited when
I poke my head inside the bedroom and say hello LOL.
For that matter Benny does too :).  I know we often
have problems,  but with God all things are possible.
We have a quaint little home even if the toilet is still
sitting in the middle of the floor LOL.  Hopefully it
will be fixed tomorrow.  It was supposed to have been
fixed over a week ago.  Yet,  we do have the toilet
in the spare room at the other end of the house LOL.
So,  God has made sure we have what we need,  no
matter if it’s a bit troublesome :).  Yes,  we have our
share of struggles,  but God pulls us through with
strength from His Son and the many guardian angels
that are watching over us.  Thank You God for all of
the blessings we have received and shall receive as
time runs its course.  Now I believe I have rambled
quite enough and need to have a little looksee back
through all that I’ve written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use for the title for
today’s brand new poem.  So it’s away I go to that little
place of my recollection that I seem to always like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may have found
a good title and after checking,  I see that I haven’t
used it yet,  so it’s a go.  Here’s goes!

The Other End

With distance found
the other end
can seem to be
what times transcend.
The journeys length
of thereunto
might seem to be
a greater view.
The other end
of times we see
might repeat
our history.
With the ages
that we’ve seen
the other end
might seem a dream.
Yet some ventures
black and white
might be shadows
in our sight.
While discerning
where we go
the other end
might not bestow.
With not using
blessings seed
the other end
might not succeed.
Let your journeys
now and then
see more clearly
the other end.
For our fractions
minutes found
the other end
might then astound.
Leaving craters
in your smile
the other end
might be a while.
Don’t lose patience
for God’s ways.
The other end
might be bad days.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 27,  2014

Ok,  so there ya go hehehe.  I know,  it ain’t that great,  but
hopefully you understood it.  I can hear Judy and the boys in
the bedroom wrestling hehehe.  Benny and Milo must be in a
playful mood.  I opened up the window to let in some fresh air,
but it is 48 F degrees outside,  so I might be closing it up in a
bit.  I’m hungry and I bet Judy and the boys are hungry also,
so I guess I need to be telling you what I tell you every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,
10 more poems,  but none Christmas this week.  Also I wrote
22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  Now with
that said,  I reckon I need to be searching for that ornery
off switch,  but not before I wish you a most wonderful and
blessed week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now,  where is that dad burned off switch hiding at this
week?  Aha,  there ya are you silly little thing.  I know it
might of seemed a good hiding place in the beginning,  but
it deemed not so great after I opened the window allowing
the curtains to blow.  I see ya trying to stay hidden behind
the curtains hehehe.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
(and Benny and Milo)

P.S. Speaking of Benny and Milo.  We gave them a
spring trimming and filled up 4 WalMart bags with hair.
They seemed to have gotten a lot smaller hehehehe!

Now on with the poems and Haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Hunting Smiles

Minutes gazing
searching true
many seek
a better view.
Hunting smiles
from week to week
trying to find
a little peek.
Hunting with their
radar on
searching always
dusk to dawn.
Yet those hunting
need to find
sense of humor
in their mind.
Finding things
to laugh about
sometimes in
and sometimes out.
Hunting smiles
can grow a few
with reflections
found in you.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2014

Sunshine Gleams

The day’s begun
with shining beams
found as how
the sunshine gleams.
Making shadows
to begin
as the sunshine
gleams within.
Then some clouds
up in the sky
create pictures
up so high.
Some might look like
things we know
in the clouds
that look like snow.
Some might then just
look like streams
rushing as the
sunshine gleams.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2014

Empty Values

Many taking
all they can
empty values
start to stand.
Finding footings
in each day
as so many
walk that way.
Many seeking
empty things
clothing,  gadgets
and diamond rings,
many find
an empty shell
empty values
gone to Hell.
Let not wanting’s
take control
and then greed
won’t steal your soul.
Empty values
only make
ventured pathways
empty lake.
All the waters
flow away
leaving wanting’s
dismal day.
With ones seeking
what they need
empty values
won’t succeed.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2014

Life Explained

Doorways open
doorways close
often when that
no one knows.
Life has patterns
changing true
as it often
changes view.
Life explained with
questions asked
makes ones answer
life’s unmasked.
Often answers
are just guesses
leading to
so many messes.
Life explained then
is not found
often with ones
common ground.
Many people
only thrive
to find out how
we’re alive.
Yet those answers
free and clear
are from Lord God’s

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2014

Spring Has Sprung

The days of winter
now are gone
as the seasons
just move on.
Spring has sprung
to now attune
new beginnings
flowers bloom.
Winters doorway’s
closing tight
maybe slowly
day and night.
Yet sweet springtime
is in phase
before beginning
summer days.
Spring has sprung
with melting snow
helping all the
flowers grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2014

Prayers Are Answered

As many struggle
with wishing away
prayers are answered
in their day to day.
Yet many people
will not see them true,
because of their wishing
and wanting to do.
Prayers are answered,
but we might not see
the yeses or noes
for you and for me.
As every doorway
is waiting ahead
prayers are answered
with what God hath said.
Loosen your grip now
on all your desires
and let Lord Jesus
provide what acquires
Prayers are answered
sometimes with no,
because it’s not then
where we should go.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2014


Like the shadows
of the sun
times surrender
one by one.
Pages turning
people read
choosing what
they think they need.
Windows open
sharing views
with so many
don’ts and do’s
So we often
need surrender
what that might
be just pretender.
Let the sadness
fall way
from the times
of yesterday.
Surrender now
your beating heart
and let God
to help you start.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2014

The Poetry Room Again

While sitting here thinking
my thoughts take ahold
thinking of all of the
wintertime’s cold.
My senses awaken
to springtime’s delight
in the poetry room again
each day and night.
I look out the window
and see melting snow
while also seeing
the grass start to grow.
My thoughts are reliving
those wintery days
that I looked outside
with snow blinding gaze.
I saw all the snowflakes
just floating around
while they’d land softly
right there on the ground.
The poetry room again
helps my mind to see
those things that I remember
in my history.
My thoughts pour on paper
with insights and more
in the poetry room again
behind a closed door.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2014

A Worm Will Turn

With acts of liars
times discern
what that’s found
a worm will turn.
Some deceivers
will be found
things to cause
their turnaround.
A worm will turn,
but might repeat
step by step
with liars feat.
So let not your
path to burn
back and forth
as worms will turn.
Use the lessons
that were found
when you saw one
turn around.
Many people
will change true
for the better
but some people
never learn
for there as
a worm will turn.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2014

A Glimmer of Light

Morning breaks with
a glimmer of light
coming from
the end of night.
Ageless of echoes
lit up so great
a glimmer of light
does surely ornate.
Found as a sunbeam
often as gold
painting a picture
that time has foretold.
Rhythms of heartbeats
shadowy scenes
are often glistening
that of some streams.
Pouring as dew drops
that glisten in sight
there is some sunshine
a glimmer of light.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2014

for Apr 26,  2014

Our journeys forward,
might have yesterdays repeats
found in the asphalt.

Nobodies doorways
open correctly always,
for life brings changes.

Searching for stardom
could end in much suffering
with no privacy.

Pointless perception
brings forth endless arguing
through differences.

A footstep in time
began before we were here
with God’s Breath of life.

Looking deep within
you might find a horrid sight
that you let exist.

Moon shadows of night
will create many pictures
that might seem haunting.

Unwanted lifestyles
might actually be best,
for our wants are bad.

Seeking a turnstile
could lead you down some wrong roads
that are not for you.

Springtime’s arrival
breathes life into many things
as raindrops will fall.

Hearing some birds chirp
is as springtime’s awakening
with flowers that bloom.

Deceptive people
have to face reality
sooner or later.

Challenges are tools
that can strengthen us in time,
but often with pain.

In our reflection
a mirror displays the truth
that we may not like.

Not seeing stop signs
could end in your destruction
or someone else’s.

Summer is coming
maybe with a few sunburns
on some ignorance.

Good times and bad times
follow hand in hand with life
as there must be both.

Available times
might be filled with much regret
so take heed your choice.

Losing a loved one
is just a physical thing,
for they’re still with you.

Conceiving a thought
gets different perceptions
from other people.

The leaves on the trees
are as voices of springtime
just saying hello.

Sounds of birds chirping
in the early morning light
is serenading.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 26,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
It can also be found at Barns&Noble and Amazon
Judy’s New Poetry book 🙂
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
and Old Fashioned Christmas site
My Animal’s Greetings site below
One of my friends sites below
and once again the poetry contest at
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Our Hearts and Minds


Hello my friends

It’s Easter Sunday and I hope you’re enjoying it.  The sun
is shining bright today at least it is up here :).  Judy and
I gave the boys a little trimming last night,  but they are
still in need of a little touching up due to them getting just
a bit antsy.  They had a lot of hair hehehe. Filled up two
WalMart bags LOL!  They seem to be enjoying the hair
loss hehehe.  Judy is in the kitchen fixing some vittles
to take to her sisters house today for Easter.  I think me
and the boys are gonna stay home.  I hate to be in crowds
and there are gonna be a lot of her family at Trudy’s in
their trailer house.  Also I am a bit sad that I cannot see
any of my family or friends for Easter and that is wearing
on my mind.  I miss my old church and Brother Roger’s
character sermons that he does every Easter.  He always
did the greatest reenactments of a person from the bible.
Yes,  I miss Van Sickle Baptist church dearly.  They are
my family from faraway.  It’s more than a church.  It’s
my a family of friends.  Anyways,  hopefully I will be able
to visit when we finally make it to Texas sometime next
month hopefully.  That’s if our old little car will make the
the journey.  It is 24 years old and showing its age LOL.
Flying is out of the question being it cost more and we
can’t leave Benny and Milo at home 🙂  plus my health
makes it real hard to handle any flying.  My mom and
sister plus many friends want to meet the boys.  Oh well,
one day we will make it down south and say HOWDY.
So,  now it’s time for me to find another topic to ramble
about.  The snow is slowly melting away.  There were
floods all over Maine due to ice melt and rivers getting
blocked by big chunks of ice.  None the less,  we can
see our driveway and even the field has some spots
without snow and ice on it.  We’re having no shortage
of water up here.  Sure wish I could pipe some of it
down south to Texas.  They’re almost out of water
due to a terrible drought.  It’s where they can only
water their yards (I think my mom said) once a week.
It might of been once a month,  but I forget.  In any
case,  the grass and flowers will not survive,  not
to mention peoples crops.  Please Lord,  send them
and others in need some rain.  LOL Judy’s mixer
burned up.  She said she could see sparks coming
from it.  That’s what we get for buying a cheap one
huh.  I’ll buy her a better one later.  She finished
the mixing in her food processor hehehe.  Milo was
wanting a treat and he has been a good boy,  so I
gave him a Duck Jerky.  Benny is in the living room
more than likely on his recliner :).  I call it his, being
he seems to have taken claim to it.  We have two
and the brown faux leather one is his favorite.  He’s
out little guard dog/doorbell.  Milo will often join in
with Benny barking if he thinks it’s important LOL.
Little Benny is hating it that the snow is melting :(.
Now,  when he goes outside he locates all of the
remaining snow mounds and sits and plays on them.
You will hardly ever see him on the snowless ground.
LOL,  he’s a Peekapoo Snow dog that likes to play
peekaboo around corners hehehe.  He likes to hide
in the snow and being he’s whitish,  he does a pretty
good job :).  Judy’s getting ready to head off to her
sister’s house.  I guess it will be just me and the
boys hanging out together while she’s gone.  When
I finish writing,  I might go outside with them for a
bit and play with them.  It’s 46 F degrees right now.
This is maybe as spring as it’s gonna get hehehe,
although it’s supposed be in the mid 50’s maybe
for Monday and Tuesday.  Then of course it’s back
to the mid to lower 40’s LOL.  Our nights are still
often freezing.  This morning it was 24 F degrees.
Though it’s supposed to be above freezing most
of the week which should also help with the melting
of the freaking snow.  Our landlord started repairing
our toilet in the master bathroom that the kids he
hired totally messed up with their cross threading
and all,  but the toilet is still sitting in the bathroom
floor not hooked up.  He said he would be back
to fix it Friday or Saturday,  but those days have
passed.  Hopefully he will be back tomorrow to fix
it.  With my freaking health issues, it’s a whole lot
of walking back and forth to the bathroom at the
other end of the house LOL.  Time to change topics!
I fixed Judy and I some breakfast about an hour or
so before she left to go to her sisters house,  but
I’m getting the munchies hehehe.  I might stop
and fix myself some left overs from last night.
Waste not want not I always say hehehehehehe.
I just went to get myself another soda water :).
How do ya do,  I love Mountain Dew hehehe.
The boys are playing chase from the bedroom
to the living room hehehe.  Benny tears out so
fast that he slides the area rug in the kitchen
on his take offs and stops hehehe.  Thank You
God for giving us such a blessed home.  I can
see so many blessings.  We even get to enjoy
the Christmas snow that emulates Your Son’s
forgiveness and washing of our sins that makes
our slate clean.  My wonderful wife and our two
little boys fill this house with love of which You
magnify.  Yes we have our struggles of a day to
day life,  but we know you are in control and we
will be OK.  The years have brought us many
miles together as we have endured the Texas
heat together as well as Maine’s cold winters.
The seasons show us how you can display so
much beauty no matter the weather or the day.
Thank You for the memories that you allow us
to share and record in our hearts and minds.
Easter is a day that celebrates the return of
Jesus Christ from the dead,  yet we know not
the origin of the name Easter.  There are a few
claims,  but none are for sure.  None the less we
celebrate it.  Here’s some words about it that
I found at  that will explain
a bit.  “Easter is really an entire season of the
Christian church year, as opposed to a single
day observance. Lent, the 40-day period leading
up to Easter Sunday, is a time of reflection and
penance and represents the 40 days that Jesus
spent alone in the wilderness before starting
his ministry, a time in which Christians believe
he survived various temptations by the devil.
The day before Lent, known as Mardi Gras or
Fat Tuesday, is a last hurrah of food and fun
before the fasting begins. The week preceding
Easter is called the Holy Week and includes
Maundy Thursday, which commemorates Jesus’
last supper with his disciples; Good Friday,
which honors the day of his crucifixion; and
Holy Saturday, which focuses on the transition
between the crucifixion and resurrection. The
50-day period following Easter Sunday is called
Eastertide and includes a celebration of Jesus’
ascension into heaven.”  Many celebrate it in
a different way.  So,  there ya go hehehehehe.
Our lives are filled with different viewpoints
as we are all with our own choices.  I myself
love and trust in Lord Jesus and God The
Father as their spirit is all around us.  Benny
is barking his fool head off because he  thinks
someone is here,  but it’s just the neighbors
getting ready to go somewhere as they open
and close their car doors hehehe.  He finally
piped down.  Now I think it’s time for me to
be taking my little venture back through all
that I’ve written here to see if i can find a
good word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s away
I go to that little place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I believe I may have found a decent title and
after checking I see that I have not used it
YET.  So,,,,,,  Here goes.

Our Hearts and Minds

The times we’ve seen
that now remembers
our hearts and minds
stoke burning embers.
Places we’ve been to
and touched and smelled
our hearts and minds
are oh so detailed.
For when we are older
and cannot go
our hearts and minds
will travel so.
Remembering good times
of distant affairs
our hearts and minds
give answers to prayers.
A picture we’ve taken
of so far away
our hearts and minds
remember that day.
Thank You Lord Jesus
for walking in stride
our hearts and minds
while living inside.
The momentous echoes
that we have explored
are blessings from Heaven
and gifts from The Lord.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20,  2014

Well,  there ya go.  I hope and pray that I brought you
a smile that you can take with you in your day to day
life.  The poem might not of been one of my best ones,
but I tried LOL.  Also I hope you enjoyed my rambling
and maybe even learned something.  I know I did :).
Milo is lying in his doggie bed just looking up at me
with his little puppy dog eyes hehehe.  Benny is still
in the living room lying on his favorite recliner LOL.
I guess it’s time for me to be telling you what I tell
you every week and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems,  but none are
Christmas related this week :).   Also I wrote 22 more
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  So,  now
it’s about time for me to be searching for that elusive
or should I say attempting to be elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful day
and a blessed week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you
and we do too.  Now to find that ornery off switch,
but not before I take a trip to the restroom at the
other end of the freaking house.  Ok,  I’m back.
I saw ya you little varmint.  This time it was a bit
harder to find ya with you hiding in the kitchen
in front of the coffee maker hehehehe,  but I saw
ya as I strolled through to to restroom LOL.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
and yes of course Benny and Milo 🙂

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Without A Dream

As silence enters
through despair
there is need for
time for prayer.
Without a dream
a peaceful night
might be found
within much fright.
Let your dreaming
grow with peace
and the nightmares
will then cease.
Don’t let worry
find your views
without a dream
and just bad news.
Find the blessings
rushing stream
not just sad
without a dream.
Seek the flavors
day and night
and make dreams
to come in sight.
Yet those flavors
that you seek
need Lord Jesus
week to week.
For when found
without a dream
you might need to
then redeem.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2014

An Angel’s Breath

A breath of peace
from Heaven’s place
is breathed on
my smiling face.
An angel’s breath
of daily prayer
fills me with
God’s love and care.
The stormy nights
that times unfold
an angel’s breath
makes not so cold.
For when troubles
come to me
an angel’s breath
will blow me free.
Giving breezes
prayer is found
an angel’s breath
gives solid ground.
Breathing Heavens
wondrous view
found with Jesus
oh so true.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2014

Sky of Grace

The sky above
so bright blue
gives to me
a wondrous view.
The sky of grace
so peacefully
might show clouds
that I can see.
A wondrous view
of far and wide
that my heart
can bring inside.
A sky of grace
above my head
might display
a riverbed.
The certain scenes
that times displace
is up above
a sky of grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2014

Antarctic Echoes

As winter’s shadows
are falling from sight
Antarctic echoes
still live deep inside.
Scenes found still frozen
as sun does not dance
then there in shadows
of morning times glance.
Antarctic echoes
are cold as wind blows
yet maybe not so
as Antarctic knows.
But as the weather
continues its phase
Antarctic echoes
are seen as a glaze.
It’s not quite as cold
as Antarctic weather,
but it is seeming
to last on forever.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2014

April Skies

When the clouds
float overhead
the April skies
seem as spring fed.
Bringing glimmers
times expose
found as springtime’s
colored rose.
Scattered colors
come to be
from April skies
to you and me.
Then the raindrops
one by one
make more grow
with brightest sun.
Seasons patterns
come in sight
in April skies
through day and night.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2014

The House of Pooches

When silence comes
then barks are heard
the house of pooches
word for word.
The silence gives
a way to hear
and those pooches
bark so clear.
Words they’ve spoken
not so good,
for they’re often
The house of pooches
shouts with glee
with them barking
look at me.
Every sentence
from each pooch
seems to ask for
just a smooch.
A little kissing
in their way
licking faces
day to day.
So there’s love
in the house of pooches
often seen as
many smooches.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2014

The Renewing

Amidst a stormy
worried night
there might be
a little light.
A single light
that shines so great
the renewing
to instate.
Times of burdens
raining down
the renewing
gives you ground.
A firm place
to stand with peace
the renewing
gives release.
Often doorways
open wide
tempting you
to go inside,
but so often
they are bad
so take heed
before you add.
Let not footsteps
start in stride
without looking
deep inside.
The renewing
from what’s done
brings you lessons
one by one.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2014

Digging Ditches

From my childhood
years ago
I dug ditches
to and fro.
Digging ditches
troubles ware
while displaying
all aglare.
Sense of youthful
while not knowing
dug my ditches
times bestowing.
Oh so many
dig them true
ditches deep
without a clue.
Then as age is
counted by
digging ditches
show you why.
It’s so often
childish ploys
men and women
girls and boys.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2014

Let Me Sleep

While my aching
makes me weep
I ask God to
let me sleep.
Aching bones of
age to age
seem to want my
center stage.
Let me sleep please
rest to gain,
before I one day
go insane.
Pages turning
showing true
stories written
in my view.
Times I lay there
in a heap
asking God to
let me sleep.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2014

The Kids Pool

That swimming pool
that winter hid
now has found
a little kid.
Him together
with his bro
trying to dig out
ice and snow.
The kids pool
of cheapest state
now has found
a place to skate.
Frozen solid
it’s still cool
found in April
the kids pool.
They still try
to have some fun
before it melts
beneath the sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2014

for Apr 19,  2014

Looking for blue skies
can be done from within you
for they can be found.

A times miracle
lives in its own existence
while often not seen.

Found as a problem
times can be changed to blessings
seen with clearer eyes.

While storms might be seen
there could be a rainbow found
inside of your heart.

While time ticks away
it leaves its many footprints
found in our footsteps.

We all have problems,
but it’s how you look at them
that makes them larger.

Looks of a liar
are often found in their eyes
filled with deception.

Many challenges
are but only from within
as ones doubt themselves.

Behind some stories
could be different viewpoints
that think they are true.

Life is like water
as it flows in many ways
peaceful and torrent.

When ones awaken
they are often still asleep
in their frame of mind.

Springtime’s perception
is viewed from where you are at
either green grass or snow.

In windows of time
holds the visions of hopeful
that might need some prayer.

Looking for starlight
needs nighttime to be in view
or you’ll see sunshine.

When we’re competing
it’s often our own follies
that we’re competing.

Learning how to be
will often come with mistakes
from point A to B.

The length of eyesight
is determined how you see
and what’s being sought.

Leftover turnstiles
that you kept in your hope chest
might fall out of style.

Thoughts of deception
thrive in the hearts of many
for fear of the truth.

Wisdom often hurts
when it’s gathered throughout time,
but lessons are learned.

A challenge of strength
often finds you the weakest
with somebody stronger.

Morning brings new light
with chances to change your views
and learn how to smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Just Do Your Best


Hello my friends

It’s snowing again,  but the ground has gotten a chance
to warm up a bit,  so it’s at least not sticking to it hehehe.
Though it is sticking to the snow that is already on the
ground which is still quite a bit.  Right now it’s a bit cool
with temperature outside of about 34 F degrees.  It’s not
too bad,  but it still doesn’t feel like spring and nor does
it look like it.  Maybe it will get here one day or another.
Yet for now it’s snowing pretty heavy out there hehehe.
I just fixed Judy,  I and the boys some breakfast/dinner.
We always stay up late or should I say early hehehehe.
Yesterday was nice.  Our landlord got our shower fixed
and the weather was nice.  It got up to 63 F degrees and
clouds in the sky painted a beautiful picture in the blue
sky.  It was a sight to see.  I took quite a few pictures of
it and uploaded a few to my Facebook page.  I’ll more
than likely use a few for my stationery today.  There’s a
flood watch for all of Maine from Monday morning till
Wednesday Evening.  Of course we are on high ground,
but many are not.  With it raining,  snowing along with
the ice and snow melting,  it produces a lot of overflows.
Also with the ice breaking up in the rivers it is known to
create floods due to damming up the rivers with ice,  so
that is part of the flood watch.  I’m including a picture
of the river just a few miles west of us in Smyrna that
someone took of the East Branch of the Mattawamkeag
river in Smyrna and if you get this in stationery format
you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Anyways,  it’s pretty
much a yearly thing as winter leaves while still fighting
to leave it’s footprints to remember.  At least now I can
see our neighbors riding lawnmowers.  Before,  all that
was showing was the top of one of the steering wheels :).
Our driveway is now snowless thank God.  I was tired
of having to dig our driveway out so that we could get
out.  The reason I was having to shovel our driveway
was because our landlords snowplow busted.  He hired
a guy to plow our driveway,  but as soon as he plowed
into our deep snow a few times,  his busted also hehehe.
Would of been nice if we could of gotten the county road
crew to come and plow our driveway for us with their
extra large plows.  Oh well,  I survived,  but not without
a few bumps and bruises not to mention frost bite LOL.
I can normally handle to cold,  but not for a long time.
I’m ready for a different view outside such as green
grass,  flowers and trees.  The snow is pretty,  but it
does get old after about 5 months or more of it hehehe.
As I look out now,  I see that it has stopped snowing
and it’s supposed to start raining any time now LOL.
That’s Maine!  If it’s not snowing,  it’s raining hehehe.
There isn’t much else going on around here.  Pretty
much the same old thing hehehe.  Benny and Milo are
still as ornery as can be and think that they own the
place LOL.  We don’t even own the freaking place.
Judy and the boys are in the bedroom watching TV.
It’s a Hot in Cleveland marathon.  It’s finally warmed
up in here.  I had mistakenly turned the heater down
to the off position last night sometime.  With my bad
eyesight I thought it was up hehehe.  We were both
wondering why it was getting so cold in here last night.
Oh well,  we ended up going to bed to watch TV where
the heat was ON hehehe.  Of course it normally takes
both of the heaters to keep the rooms warm as they
warm from different areas.  We don’t worry much
about the other parts of the house.  We most times
only use the furnace to keep the pipes from freezing.
Yet,  as long as the temps are at a decent temp during
the day and not to much below 20 at night, then the
water pipes are OK.  It seems that the sun is going
down being it’s getting dark outside.  I can hear my
honey pie in the kitchen washing dishes.  I washed
a few dishes while cooking,  but had to get this written
so after we ate,  I headed in here to start writing :).
There’s no his or hers duties around here.  It’s only
who is able to do it or wants to.  My mom and dad
were the same,  which is where I got it from.  They
would often trade off doing chores.  Often they would
wash dishes together.  Our kitchen isn’t large enough
to do much of anything together in there hehehehe.
We’ll just get in each others way LOL!  Too many
people out there think they’re too good to do any type
of manual labor.  Even Jesus did manual labor.  Do
you think that you’re better than Jesus?  None of us
are.  If something needs to be done,  then don’t put
yourself on a pedestal thinking you’re too good to
do it.  I have seen so many that think that they are
too good to clean their house and so they either hire
some one to do it,  or attempt to find a relationship
that the person will do it all.  A person of that nature
does not feel that they are appealing enough so they
let people walk all over them.  In God’s Eyes you are
just as good as the next.  We might have different
gifts and talents  that we are better at,  but in His
Eyes,  they are all as great as the other.  If we were
all teachers,  who would there be to teach and if we
were all policemen then there would be no one to
protect.  The list goes on and on.  Find your place
in life and blossom.  Don’t let anyone to say that
you’re not gifted.  Our gifts might not be in the spot
light like a movie star or a musician,  but in God’s
Eyes they shine.  Just do your best!  If you fail then
seek for the lessons and try again or look within your
heart through prayer to see if you’re doing what you
should be doing.  None the less,  don’t think of your
life as without meaning.  Now,  I believe it’s time for
me to take a little looksee back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find me a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that little  place
of my recollection that I seem to always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found a decent
title and after checking to see if I have used it or not,
I see that it’s a go.   So here goes!

Just Do Your Best

Don’t let some others
to drag down your heart.
Just do your best now
with each time you start.
Let God to guide you
as days come to pass
and don’t let your shadows
get out of contrast.
Look for the lessons
as each day goes by,
then just do your best
to sometimes ask why.
Many times questions
that you’ve got no clue
can be well answered
by someone so true.
Don’t let the failures
of time and agin
to become your viewpoints
that you cannot win.
Seek for God’s guidance
through prayer and some rest
and then continue to
just do your best.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 13,  2014

I hope you enjoyed that.  I never know how a poem is
going to come out or what it’s gonna be about hehehe.
The title just gives me a starting point.  In any sense I
hope you enjoyed it and maybe even my rambling LOL.
It’s taken me a little longer to come up with something
to write about being that my right ear which is deaf has
been giving me some trouble with aching and bleeding.
It makes it real hard to think,  but so far every time I
have gone to the emergency room,  they just give me
a prescription and never really investigate to see why
it is giving me so much trouble.  Maybe one decade
or another I will be able to find me a doctor up here
that is taking new patients LOL.  It’s been giving
me trouble for quite few years now.  Oh well,  I have
had to live with much worse in my past and for that
matter am living with much worse hehehe.  I guess
I’ll survive hehehe at least until I die and then I’ll
take up residence in Heaven with a new body that
is minus all of my aching hehehe.  Yet for now,  life
goes on,  bumpy roads and all :)!  I know many out
there that have it much worse than me,  so,  I’ll be
OK.  Ok now,  it’s time for me get away from my
ailments and start telling you what I tell you every
week and that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems but none of them
are Christmas poems this week :).  I also wrote
once agin 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there.  With that said I reckon I need to begin
my search for that somewhat elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful and
blessed week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Now to find that freaking off switch!
I see ya you little whippersnapper.  This time it
almost worked with you hiding behind my aspirins
aside from the fact that I’m needing one now due
to my enormous headache.   Hehehe maybe next
time dude.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

On The Winds Wings

The journey of a thought
is flowers in bloom
thinking and deciding
what that’s in tune.
On the winds wings
are freeways of flight
sometimes on the inside
and sometimes in sight.
Points of perception
are found come to pass
on the winds wings
of shadows we cast.
Sometimes our rhythms
might not be in sync
on the winds wings
of how that we think.
Our thoughts might just fly
as a one winged bird
and end with a journey
that’s found so absurd.
On the winds wings
are breaths yet to breathe
flights that we’ve taken
of how we believe.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

Places We Find

Often our pathways
are found oh so dark
in places we find
to daily embark.
Yet it’s not often
a place that we chose,
but just a pathway
someone did propose.
The places we find
with each step we take
are often journeys
of a learning mistake.
Some of the lessons
that came from the path
are often bitter times
life’s aftermath.
Yet it’s the places
we find time agin
that help us next time
to better begin.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

Surging Waters

Rivers flowing
far and wide
carry fractions
found inside.
Surging waters
currents bring.
New horizons
shout and sing.
Moments ripples
come and go
after winters
melting snow.
Simple surging
waters find
spring and summer
peace of mind.
Then those waters
surging true
help to give a
brand new view.
Surging waters
times detail
colors blooming
oh so well.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

Heavenly Places

The people we’re meeting
each day we go by
might be as angels
that we wonder why.
Heavenly places
within our view
might not be found
so Heavenly true.
Sometimes our wanting
of daily affairs
is not so good
as our time compares.
Heavenly places
that our eyes see
might turn out surely
as not so Heavenly.
Let not your greed to
guide where you go
and Heavenly places
will surely then grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

Cold Laden Snow

While spring has sprung
there’s still some snow
found outside
in fields that flow.
Cold laden snow
that wintertime made
still finds a place
real deep I can wade.
Leaving some footprints
so snowy white
with every footstep
of my day and night.
Springtime is coming
so slowly each day
while cold laden snow
is melting away.
Soon will be summer
as green grasses grow
coming from under
the cold laden snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

The Wind Blows

Sunset’s beginnings
are shadows to gaze
while the wind blows
on a cold snowy glaze.
The trailer is rocking
with each blowing breeze
as it is also
with evergreen trees.
White snow is moving
as each breeze is blown
giving the scent of
our winters cologne.
Yet spring is coming
though it’s not so clear
as the wind’s blowing
in this time of year.
I hear the breathing
of where the wind blows
and see each picture
that timely bestows.
Seasons confusions
so windy each day
are as the wind blows
within its own way.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

Leftover Dreams

Somebodies heartbeat
and somebodies smile
can become glimmers of
a leftover while.
Leftover dreams
with leftover pain
can create hopeful
with time to attain.
Not letting hurtful
to live inside you
you can find peaceful
much better to view.
Leftover dreams
from a another dawned day
can become paintings
and real to display.
Allowing Lord Jesus
to help you along
your left over dreams
will show right from wrong.
Finding perception
through Jesus Christ Eyes
your left over dreams
will shine in the skies.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014


Storing sad times
in your mind
might explode
from time to time.
Keeping baggage
to and fro
needs you now to
just let go.
Let God help you
not to hold
onto moments
oh so cold.
Let your life to
find a path
away from saddened
Use the lessons
now and then
through your baggage
to begin.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

When The Day’s Gone

As sunshine is faded
and shadows depart
the night brings a glimmer
of a new work of art.
It’s when the darkness
displays its starlight
that the day’s gone
and it’s time for the night.
The whispers of night sounds
are joined with a view
found with some shadows
found thereunto.
The stage is well set
for the actors to play
as many dancing stars
just twinkle away.
All of God’s paintings
from dusk unto dawn
are found well alive then
when the day’s gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

The Age of Life

Our existence
of seasonal views
brings forth a sight
of good and bad news.
The age of life
so many will seek
the where’s and why’s
of week after week.
Our own conclusions
while questioning why
how that so many would
just live and die.
The age of life
of times details
find so many
deepened wells.
Ones found digging
for the truth
the age of life
from our own youth.
The bible has
so many answers
yet while leaving
questioned dancers.
Dancing prancing
all around
seeking answers
in the ground.
The age of life
is truly not needed
for the truth is
God has succeeded.
He brought life from
the soil he made
and gave us waters
which to wade.
The age of life
is now you see
you and I
from history.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

for Apr 10,  2014

While you’re waiting
time might pass you right on by,
so don’t just sit there.

A snowflakes journey
ends as it turns to water
reviving flowers.

Being real truthful
can turn into a bad thing
if you’re insulting.

Glimmering heartbeats
create joyful surroundings
unless they are lies.

Mornings arrival
gives way for a brand new day
to change perspective.

Love is a moment
that can last for a lifetime
and eternity.

Tomorrows choices
begin with what’s done today,
for now builds patterns.

Looking for doorways
might cause you to make mistakes,
impatience acquired.

Being popular
can become your destruction,
for we all need peace.

Some tree leaves will fall
as their colors paint the ground
awaiting winter.

Seasonal formats
come and go as they display
their own points of view.

Belief in a time
allows it to become true
at least in your mind.

Harvesting minutes
can bring you into turmoil
for some might be green.

A second from now
finds the past surely knocking
as time runs its course.

The deep oceans mind
shelters thoughts within its depths
as secrets to find.

Hand to hand combat
might cause someone to get hurt
if you’re not prepared.

Marks of deception
find places that are exposed
that you thought not of.

When donning makeup
make sure not to hide yourself
and lose who you are.

Meandering thoughts
can find you bumpy turnstiles
leading to trouble.

When you’re with worry
the minutes can seem endless
as hours unite.

God gives us choices
which we often choose wrongly,
but His Son forgives.

If your mind wanders
let it find peace in Jesus
to settle it down.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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It Helps


Hello my friends

How have you been handling the weather?  LOL  I hope
you have been weathering it well hehehe.  The snow has
begun to melt a little up this way,  though we still have a
whole bunch out there.  There’s some rain in our forecast
for this week.  Not much,  but maybe enough to melt the
snow a bit.  The high today is supposed to be 39 F which
it is at this moment.  It’s bright as all get out.  There’s a
few clouds floating in the sky,  but not enough to block
out the sun hehehe.  Benny and Milo needed to go out
and go potty and after looking outside,  I was snow blind
for a bit LOL.  They have hair covering their eyes that
protects them.  Of course after the snow is gone,  so will
the hair over their eyes be gone.  We let them keep their
winter coats until it warms up a bit.  We do put sweaters
on them,  but they only cover parts of their bodies. They
don’t seem to be bothered too much with the cold and
snow.  Milo has even taken to exploring in the snow :).
You can see little footprints all over the place hehehe.
You can always tell where they’ve been with all of the
snowy tell tell signs LOL.  They were in here for a bit,
but soon wanted to go in the bedroom with Judy so the
scratching at the door commenced.  Judy heard them
and let them in.  Now they’re lying on the bed with Judy
watching cartoons.  There’s not much new happening up
here.  We live a kind of mundane lifestyle aside from
our overkill of snow and cold weather LOL.  Yeppers,
we’re pretty boring :).  I went on line and ordered me
a couple more asthma inhaler respirators a few days
ago.  Both of mine died a bit ago and it’s scary when
I have an asthma attack.  I can in most cases control
it by just focusing on something like music and letting
myself relax,  but there are times when I am trying to
sleep that it hits me and that does not work or after I
have come in from shoveling snow outside.  Anyways,
I’ll have new ones soon.  Judy bought her a brand new
coffee maker.  It makes one cup at a time which works
for us,  being I don’t drink coffee.  It’s a Keurig brand.
This way the coffee doesn’t sit in the pot all day and
turn old and bitter before it is empty.  I’m still drinking
my Mountain Dews hehehe.  Got one right now,  though
I often drink orange juice when I am eating breakfast.
Judy doesn’t like orange juice.  Oh well,  hehehe more
for me.  I had to turn the radiator heater down a little,
because with the door closed,  it does get a tad warm in
here.  It was 80 degrees a minute ago,  but it’s going
down slowly.  Of course the rest of the house is in the
mid 60’s hehehe.  Our furnace quit again,  but we’re
not going to worry about it right away,  being it seems
to be warming up and our radiator heaters that we’ve
got in our bedroom and PC room keep us warm enough.
I just looked out of the window and it looks like I can
see our neighbors riding lawnmower peaking out from
under the snow.  I at least see the steering wheel LOL.
Yep,,  the snow is melting a little at a time.  Hey the
temperature outside is now 43 F degrees.  We might
yet get a glimpse of spring if this keeps up hehehehe.
Haven’t seen it since we moved up here over 6 years.
ago.  I just fixed Judy and I a Jimmy Deans breakfast
croissant and I had me a tall glass of orange juice :).
Judy had her a cup of coffee.   Yes,  I fixed two of the
croissants LOL.  One for her and one for me :).  What
did ya freaken think LOL?  I just opened the window
in here to let in some fresh air and cool it down for a bit.
I turned both the heater in here and the bedroom off.
The sun is heating up our house.  It helps with our light
bill hehehe.  It’s cooled to 75 F degrees in here now.
The sky has lost most of the clouds that were floating
about earlier.  Now it’s 74 F degrees :).  So what else
is going on around here?  Good question and I wish I
had a good answer hehehe.  Judy and I are still doing
our walks on the treadmill.  They seem to be doing us
some good although it does hurt a bit.  Yet the motto is
no pain,  no gain huh hehehe.  I sure hope it doesn’t
hold totally true, because we want to lose weight,  not
gain LOL.  Judy’s taken to doing the same as me by
turning on the radio and walking to the music.  It makes
it to be not so boring being there’s no scenery passing
by hehehe.  Ok Benny and Milo might run around us
time to time,  but that’s it LOL.  A few of you have
seen videos of Benny running around me while I am
playing my conga drums :).  I haven’t done a video in
a while.  I did one of me last month in a snow storm
trying to play my drums while being covered up with
snow hehehe.  Benny was running around me then too.
He was having a blast playing in the snow while my
fingers almost froze off hehehe.  In any sense it was
a 2:22 minute video of me in a blizzard brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Yes I do strange things to entertain myself and others.
That’s me hehehe.  Welcome to my world :).  Well,  it
seems that the room has cooled down a bit more and
it’s now 71 F degrees 🙂  Almost perfect,  but I might
have to close the window if gets much cooler in here.
I’m quite sure that Judy will be coming in here in a
bit after the movie she’s watching is over.   She’s
watching a movie titled (I Married Who?) hehehe.
it should be over in a few minutes.  I’m sure we’ve
all had similar questions in our lives.  (I did what).
Especially the recovered alcoholics or even the
ones still participating in that world.  Yes,  even
ones that have never drank or used drugs will have
similar questions as emotions run awry.  Don’t
kick yourself too hard.  Just learn the lessons
and grow.  The past will remain the past,  but our
future can be changed by using what we learned
to prevent the past from repeating itself or being
worse in the future.  Let God be your guide as
His lessons are written in the bible.  For every
problem we have,  there is an answer for it in
the bible.  Also let God work through others to
help you grow.  Yet,  use your common sense to
determine if their words are helpful or hurtful.
There are many out there that feed on peoples
ignorance and lead them astray.  Look it up in
the bible for what they are saying and if it’s not
there,  then you might want to be leery of their
motives.  I always try to focus on the truth as
humanity throws both truth and deception our
way.  Find the truth through deceptive people.
It is there and maybe just a mere action away.
Now with that said I guess I need to begin my
little search back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that will work for the title for today’s brand new
poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that little place of
my recollection that I seem to always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found a good title
and after to checking to see if it has or has not
been used,  I find it’s a go hehehe,  so here goes.

It Helps

When troubles come knocking
and you are found weak
it helps to begin praying
for peaceful you seek.
As doorways are opened
and troubles arrive
it helps to kneel down then
and let Jesus drive.
When your faith is tested
with now and agin
it helps to look back on
what God’s entered in.
The past has some flavors
some sour some sweet,
but it helps to determine
what made you complete.
A lifestyle you’re living
might surely need change
and it helps to let Jesus
to then rearrange.
It might not be all bad
your lifestyle in phase,
so it helps to let Jesus
to help with His praise.
Yes it helps when a moment
is put in God’s Hand
when you’re in confusion
and don’t understand.
Look within the bible,
it helps to find peace
then a few troubles
you’ll learn to release.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2014

There ya go.  I hope the poem came out in a way that you
understood it.  Sometimes,  I feel like I’m just writing to
myself LOL.  Hey,  in the beginning back in 1995 I was
just writing to myself,  then someone read it and asked me
to send it to them and then others started sending email
requests.  Now about 19 years later,  my email list has
grown to the multi thousands LOL.  Who of thought that
anyone would want to read my ramblings hehehehehehe!
Yeppers,  it’s been a growing process.  I thank God for
this special gift that He gave me.  It has helped me to
deal with my life’s distresses through relationships and
health depreciation.  It also helps me with my day to
day life as God speaks to me through words I seem to
always find to write.  It’s Him guiding my thoughts and
often typing.  I remember many years back in my old
drinking days,  that I wrote a poem that I called Many
Questions.  It’s somewhere amongst my scribbles on
paper hehehe.  On one side I asked questions about
my life and many problems then on the reverse side
(which I do not recall ever writing)  were the answers
in the order they were asked in my hand writing :).
Yes,  even back in the 80’s God was giving me the
answers on how I needed to change.  That in a sense
is what lead me to committing myself in a recovery
clinic for 31 days in 1990.  I found while there that I
had been writing the answers all of the while,  but
was just too caught up in life to see it.  So I guess I’ll
stop now before I ramble any further,  because it’s
time for me to be telling you what I tell you every
week and that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems, but none of them
are Christmas poems this week.  I also wrote once
again 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there.  With that said,  I reckon I need to start
looking for that confounded off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most wonderful and God Filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that off switch.  LOL,  I see ya dude.
I know it was warm in here,  but thinking that
trying to get some fresh air while hiding behind
the curtains wasn’t a great place to hide hehehe.
The curtains tend to blow a tad dude,  peekaboo!
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Close To Home

While miles apart
my heart will roam
so faraway
and close to home.
The minutes found
as thoughts array
are close to home
from faraway.
The passing breeze
brings me a view
so close to home
of thereunto.
My memories
are always found
so close to home
with sight and sound.
I remember
friends and more
so close to home
what I adore.
Lingering thoughts
of all I’ve known
are deep in side
so close to home.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2014

Radio Ballet

A ballet of music
prancing around
the radio plays
a wonderful sound.
Songs with good rhythms
bringing embrace
Making me think of
another place.
Floating around
amongst the stars
so far away
near Venus and Mars.
A radio ballet
with dancing shoes
helps to change
my daily views.
For when I’m sad
not full of cheer
the radio plays
a song so dear.
It brings me smiles
from faraway
a drifting tuneful
radio ballet.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2014

A Path

Step by step
a path is made
with our actions
surely laid.
A Path to Heaven
maybe Hell
is derived
from how we dwell.
Are God’s ways
the way you strive
within your heart
to stay alive?
A path of love
that times foretold
are now found
from young to old.
This journey found
of Jesus love
is so sweet
from up above.
Yet that love
with God applied
can be found
now deep inside.
Let His blessings
ease your wrath
as you journey
down a path.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2014

Choose The Divine

When choices seem
to be unclear
choose the Divine
that’s so sincere.
As troubles come
in days affairs
find some peace
within some prayers.
Choose the Divine
of God and Grace
through Lord Jesus
great embrace.
Don’t let troubles
conquer you
in the things
you try to do.
Find some strength
through God’s design.
as you daily
choose the Divine.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2014


As I sit here
daily dreaming
my own mind is
always scheming.
Thinking seeking
ways now gone
as nostalgia
dusk to dawn.
Favorite places
I remember
that are now
a burning ember.
Nostalgic dreams
so faraway
now are found
a brand new day.
For I’m making
new days found
as nostalgia
going around.
as whitest snow
then the flowers
how they grow.
My nostalgia
lives and breathes
as some Texas
tall Oak trees.
Yet as minutes
turn to days
my nostalgia
changes phase.
All those moments
found back then
are nostalgia
where I’ve been.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2014

A Day To Day Venture

When within pathways
of a moments time mile
a day to day venture
can bring you a smile.
A simple little moment
that comes into frame
can be a blessing
from Lord Jesus Name.
A day to day venture
with footsteps we take
can become greater
with choices we make.
Often our choices
of a daily cuisine
can create nightmares
out of a dream.
A day to day venture
with Jesus in mind
can create better
in days time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2014

Tiny Footsteps

Heard as pitter
and a patter
tiny footsteps
seem to clatter.
Each is heard as
paws just dancing
tiny footsteps
running prancing.
Smiling greatly
running around
tiny footsteps
make a sound.
Seeming as a
herd so small
of some horses
not so tall.
Tiny footsteps
then are best
when they find
a place to rest.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2014

(About Benny and Milo)

Always Riddled

Confusions illusions
are always riddled
with many pennies
we thought second fiddled.
Distortions contortions
so riddled with time
might shed some light
on a nickel and dime.
Sometimes the designs
we think that we’re seeing
are piddled and riddled
while just disagreeing.
With each phase of days
we might be confused
as voices bad choices
determined abused.
It’s our own rocks thrown
that get surely diddled
when we are found as
just always riddled.
Once in a whiles turnstiles
can bring a good view
found all around
in the things that we do.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2014

Distant Memories

Found as my echoes
of times long ago
are distant memories
now full of woe.
Scenes I remember
so clearly today
are now as echoes
so far faraway.
Distant memories
stay on my mind
as I continue
with now days design.
All of the blessings
found in my past
are now as memories
shadows to cast.
Those times will survive
as distant memories
places I’ve been to
with oceans and seas.
Yet,  now I must focus
on now and today
for now will be distant
memories in a way.
Distant memories
will change in a sense
as they are further
put in past tense.
Remembering the good
while losing the bad
the distant memories
will be best I’ve had.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2014


A simple dance
or walking style,
a promenade
can last a while.
Making actions
straight ahead
or just maybe
in your head.
A promenade
of dusk to dawn
can be our dreams
as they move on.
Leaving sorrows
waters wade
as a peaceful
A simple dance
of moments smile
can become
your daily style.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2014

for Apr 5,  2014

Today is a day
that cannot be repeated.
Only a likeness.

When the sunshine fades
it gives a chance for echoes
found in the shadows.

Mornings perception
can be either from inside
or what your eyes see.

Our lives are echoes
of distant ways of living,
yet with some changes.

Time will repeat things
as lessons we never learned,
but are needing learned.

Mysteries of God
live as many perceptions
beyond our thinking.

Looking for answers
often finds you more questions
filled with confusion.

A dismal today
can often be within you
and how you view it.

Beyond what we see
are things that go unnoticed
that are needing seen.

A white cloud above
could soon fill up with raindrops
if the settings right.

When cherishing things
remember,  they are just things
and can be replaced.

Without a foothold
you’ll surely slip and fall down,
so find good footholds.

Kindred type spirits
might stay around after death
to watch over you.

Perfection is flawed
when we think we are better
than anybody.

Disasters of life
often pull ones together
with differences.

A lakes reflections
are as ripples of lifestyles
caused by a rock thrown.

As time moves along
it leaves pieces of itself
found within our lives.

Various turnstiles
open and close with ventures,
some good and some bad.

Too simple the trial,
too weak are the lessons learned
and forging will fail.

Lives of deceivers
are often with many lies
that soon come to light.

Never isn’t true,
for the word is misconceived
with lack of knowledge.

A forest of trees
can hide valleys behind it
that no one has seen.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
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