A Book Full of Mysteries


Hello my friends

OK, so here I am sitting on my sore bum after I slipped and
flew down our front steps last Wednesday due to them having
some ice on them that I didn’t see. I was taking out the trash
early Wednesday morning and didn’t see the ice, but my first
step made me aware of it LOL. My feet went out from under
me and I flew down and landed on the bottom step. Yep, and
I landed on my behind. It has a massive bruise on it as well
as being swollen. LOL I have a butt now! Before I was butt
less hehehe. Anyways, it’s healing slowly. Now to get off of
the topic of my bum, let’s see what else I can dig up from the
Pearce’s Place! The weather is looking more and more like
winter and feeling like it too LOL. We’ve been having to use
our radiator heaters almost every day this passed week. It’s
still not too bad. There’s a small chance of snow tonight and
tomorrow. Though the heavy stuff might not get here for yet
another few days or so. God only knows! None the less, we
will survive! Even quite a few of our evergreen trees up here
are turning brown LOL. I found that quite odd, but Judy told
me that they do that from time to time up here. Remember,
I’m not native to Maine. I’m still a Texan 😉 and I am almost
always finding out something new about Maine. I have though
learned how to deal with the snow. Weird part is that I can
handle the cold better than Judy LOL. I have been known
to be out playing in the snow or digging the car out for more
than 2 or 3 hours at time in subzero temps and she can only
handle it in short 15 or 20 minute spurts :). My mom and
dad always said I should have been born up north, because
of my hot naturedness, but that has changed a lot nowadays
due to my many health issues. Yet when I go outside and
begin doing anything, I will work up a sweat very easily
which keeps me warm, although I do have a finger on my
left hand that got terribly frost bitten back in the late 70’s
due to me carrying out some barrels at work using the fork
lift and moving them off of the skid using my bare hands
and my index finger due the moisture stuck to the barrel
and I was stranded outside in freezing temperatures for
many hours before somebody noticed that I had not come
back inside. LOL Shows ya how much I was missed huh!
Anyways, I just put a sock over my glove when I go out
to do anything for a long period of time when it’s freezing
outside nowadays. Judy’s in the bedroom with the boys
watching haunted stories on TV 🙂 and I will most surely
join her after I finish my rambling. The high today was
supposed to be 48 F degrees and right now it’s 45 degrees.
Tonight it’s supposed t get down to 28 F. Yeppers it be
wintertime. I’m probably one of the very few up this way
that actually looks forward to the first big snow. It always
looks so wonderful as it floats from the sky and paints
all of the scenery white. My tummy is growling. I guess
I should of eaten earlier when Judy did, but I reckon I’ll
wait now until dinner is ready. We’re having barbeque
ribs yummmmmmmm. I can smell them cooking every
once in a while as the aroma seems drift in almost like
a wave each time the PC room door is opened 🙂 Yum,
Me Hungry. Stomach say EAT. Me will finish all of
writing soon and fill up empty thing called stomach LOL.
Hehehe I know, I’m silly, but I am hungry. I wouldn’t
say starving hehehe being it looks like I eat all of the
time due to my appearance. But believe it or not I only
eat very little. Most of my weight is due to the drugs
the doctors gave me back in 1994-95 for my Ulcerative
Colitis which turned to Crohn’s Disease. The drug was
Prednisone which is steroids. We’re both trying to lose
at least a little bit of weight, but due to our health and
all we cannot do many exercises, so we do them when we
are able. My little swollen butt has been aching too much
for me to do any exercises, but I will get back into it this
week. Life has a way of finding its zone whether you like
it or not hehehe. We bought the boys some Halloween
outfits, but due to the hair trimming we gave them the
other day, they are much smaller now and the outfits
don’t fit so well LOL, but we did take a few pictures of
them today sort of wearing them 🙂 They were real good
boys letting us fiddle with them trying to get them ready
for pictures. Next Halloween we will take pictures before
we give them a shearing hehehe. Their Christmas suits
should fit them well, being they are much smaller than
the Halloween outfits. Yet we might have to take them
quickly, because their hair grows rather fast and will be
back by December 😉 God has graced us with His Love
and many blessings. Although there are times that we
will find ourselves depressed because of something that
happened or did not go our way. Life is a book full of
mysteries to be read as the times are ready. We might
not think we’re ready, but often a page will turn only
to display a different view that you’ve never perceived
before or maybe to show a repeat so to awaken you to
your follies of repetition. Let God bless your life with
the tools He gives you. Don’t turn Him away and leave
His blessings lying in the doorway to collect only dust,
for today gives us new chances for new directions that
might be much better than we ever thought before.
Today also gives us a chance to make better what we
have done in the past while finding the lessons and using
them. Now, with all of that said I reckon it’s time for
me to begin my little quest back through all that I’ve
written to see if I can find a good word or phrase that I
might be able to use for the title for today’s brand new
poem. So, it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I may
have found a good title, but I’ve gotta check first to make
sure I haven’t already used it LOL. Nope I don’t see it
anywhere, so I guess it’s safe to use hehehe. Now, to
put some words together using it 🙂 Here goes!

A Book Full of Mysteries

As lifetimes begin
some pages are filled,
a book full of mysteries
is then instilled.
Many a blessing
is found there and to
a book full of mysteries
then lives in you.
God gives us stories
found age to age
a book full of mysteries
turning each page.
Often our journals
we’ve written in time
a book full of mysteries
shows its design.
Many timetables
as lifetimes begin
a book full of mysteries
God enters in.
With every footstep
and with every view
a book full of mysteries
is me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 27, 2013

Ok so, there ya go. I know it might be a little deep, but
hey, I’m deep LOL. Not many in my school days took the
time to actually get to know me. Most of my friends and
classmates took me for face value. I had a part of me that
thrived that I kept to myself which was my poetry. Many
knew I played the drums, for that matter most did hehehe.
One of my nick names was The Drummer 🙂 along with of
course The Animal hehehe. Yet, many never took the time
to try and actually get to know me as I was inside. I’ve
been writing poems since grade school. My parents weren’t
even all that aware of my poems back then. I kept a part
of me under lock and key for fear of being called a sissy 🙂
because I wrote poetry. Nowadays I could care less LOL,
being if I’m one, then every writer/musician out there is
also a sissy for most of my poems can be sung and I have
sung many of them to Judy :). I also took piano lessons
when I was very small, but never stuck with it. Yet I do
still remember a few of my lessons and goof around on my
keyboards time to time. Isn’t it amazing how much you
think you know about someone until they open the door
to their world and let you in. Often you’ll find that you
were completely in the dark and wish you had of known.
I guess we all have bits and pieces of our lives that we
choose to keep to ourselves. Today I only want to help
others to not feel so alone. I’m a friend through Jesus.
So, I guess I better stop here before my rambling gets
way out of hand and tell ya what I tell you every week
and that is I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yep,
10 more poems with 4 of them this time being Christmas
poems. Also once again I wrote 22 more haiku for all
of my haiku lovers out there. I hope that you find a few
that bring you a smile or answers to your journey. Now,
I believe it’s time for me to be searching for that off
switch that loves to irritate me playing hide and seek
and very badly I might add LOL, but not before I wish
you a most wonderful God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Ok, so where are ya
you little varmint? Aha, I see ya poking your head
out from behind my monitor. If ya wanna stay hidden,
don’t peek hehehe. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Your Journey’s Ride

As time moves on
we might not see
what that’s true
in you and me.
We just maybe
might just find
things we wanted
time to time.
As things are seen
with every color
we might focus
on another.
Some with portions
black and white
displayed as each
day and night.
As the minutes
move along
many choices
will be gone.
As the changing
of the ages
we’re the actors
different stages.
We might maybe
not see clearly
what ones display
so sincerely.
As time moves on
the pages turn
leaving many
to discern.
As we’re choosing
where to go
some turnstiles
might end below.
Let God’s True Love
be your guide
as time moves on
your journey’s ride.

©Bu Bill Pearce
Oct 26, 2013

Within A Smile

A simple giggle
or a laugh
can make better
Within a smile
ones can show true
a better moment’s
me and you.
Let not sadness
Find a smile
to give to some.
A little laughter’s
glowing eyes
can heal saddened
darkened skies.
Within a smile
is strength to find
that can heal
a saddened mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26, 2013

A Change Of Heart

With Christmas coming
many show
only actions
in the snow.
Many will just
act and play
as it’s just
another day.
So many people
stop and stare
at the ones with
Christmas ware.
Ones with Santa
suits of red
some will say it’s
in their head.
Yet if only
you’d impart
they might find
a change of heart.
Some have never
found the truth
about Lord Jesus
from their youth.
Show them goodness
gifts of giving
a change of heart
with better living.
Show them Christmas
joy that’s true
that is best
from me to you.
Letting Jesus
shine His Name
through His Love
the day He came.
A change of heart
can better find
what that’s true
at Christmastime.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26, 2013

While We Breathe

With every step
we make each day
we breathe a breath
within a way.
Some as gasping
others not
while we breathe
and breathe a lot.
Sometimes moments
steal our breath
often scaring
us to death.
Minutes tick on
as we breathe
with the things
we each believe.
While we breathe
we might be found
coming to
some common ground.
A breath in time
from you or me
might be found
in history.
For you and I
within each day
might be found
a breath away.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26, 2013

Snowy Scenes

Winters threshold
comes in sight
with the scenes
each day and night.
Snowy scenes
that come in view
here and there
and thereunto.
Christmas moments
found at glance
where some snowflakes
seem to dance.
Winter’s threshold
now and then
becomes Christmas
entered in.
Lights on houses
to and fro
glitter nicely
in the snow.
People singing
songs of joy
that dear Jesus
did employ.
Manger scenes
of far and wide
show A Baby
found inside.
Jesus born so
you and I
can have blessings
from So High.
Snowy scenes
are found in place
Christmas segues
His embrace.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26, 2013

When and Then

Remember when
the things you did
and the times
you ran and hid?
Remember all those
times back there
that you might of
not been fair?
When and then
of memories
often turn to
our disease.
When we stood
just looking on
day to day
from dusk to dawn.
Remember now
what brought you here
from the times
of yesteryear.
When and then
were actions made
that brought now
so well displayed.
Use those times
that did begin
to be lessons
when and then.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26, 2013

A Christmas Card

While snow’s falling
from the sky
a Christmas card
begins to fly.
A snowy flake
of love so true
a Christmas card
from God to you.
This snowy flake
that falls so free
is the beauty
I can see.
Christmas scenes
of God’s embrace
a Christmas card
is just a taste.
Simple pleasures
floating by
here and there
from Him on High.
A Christmas card
might just be found
with you then
on solid ground.
That Christmas gift
you’ve given free
a Christmas card
brings smiles to see.
For the blessings
cards can bring
are what sometimes
make ones sing.
A simple card
with joyful words
can become
some Christmas birds.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26, 2013

Christmas Windows

In comes Christmas
out goes fall
as the seasons
make their call.
Pages turning
from the past
Christmas windows
shadows cast.
Seasons journey
starts to flow
with the sight of
the first snow.
Then those windows
open wide
letting Christmas
come inside.
Mornings threshold
starts so cold
as the seasons
then unfold.
Christmas windows
display true
blessings often
found so new.
While those windows
turn a page
Christmas then is
center stage.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26, 2013

While I Am Dreaming

When I am sleeping
I often will see
portions of my own
times history.
My dreams become as
scenes I recall
while then just sometimes
found not at all.
While I am dreaming
my mind takes a trip
somewhere and sometime
down facade strip.
Not really something
that I can remember,
but maybe something
dreamt of December.
While I am dreaming
I might find a day
that I remember
within a weird way.
Maybe a moment
or maybe a time
that I in some way
wanted to find.
So when I wake up
I often will view
some as halfhearted
and some then as true.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26, 2013

Yesterday Is Gone

Why worry about then
when today is right now
yesterday is gone
with lessons of how.
Right now is standing
as time before you,
so tell me my friend
what are you gonna do?
Yesterday is gone
and it can’t be brought back
so live for today now
and get back on track.
Lose your connections
to what you were then.
Yesterday is gone
and it’s time to begin.
Learn from the doorways
that you entered through
and use them to make
a much better you.
Don’t let your hardships
of times other dawn
prevent you from growing
for yesterday is gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26, 2013

for Oct 26, 2013

Now is a moment
that will soon be in the past
as just memories.

Wintertime’s prelude
brings forth many a blessing
that many misjudge.

A winter flower
will bloom even through winter,
but not under snow.

Cherishing someone
could also smother their breath
so let them to breathe.

Links to another
could be very well hidden
deep below the skin.

A treasure of love
can be lost amidst anger
if it’s not cared for.

Unwanted lessons
often come when we’re stubborn,
but we learn from them.

Being a smart aleck
can get you deep in trouble
with a few bruises.

Searching for winter
finds many looking upwards
for the first snowflake.

Todays challenges
will be tomorrows lessons
to help us to grow.

Tomorrows story
starts with some help from today
and yesterdays mile.

Charting your pathway
needs a little bit of time
finding directions.

Looking at someone
will not tell you who they are,
for the soul’s inside.

Seeking for white snow
finds ones looking everywhere,
but not at the ground.

When winter winds blow
they shout and sing of snowflakes
that soon will be seen.

Being a problem child
does not need to continue,
for soon you must learn.

Ignoring problems
does not make them go away.
It helps them to grow.

Secrets you’ve hidden
might come out at a bad time
and then look much worse.

Ceasing your dreaming
can make your nightmares to grow.
Continue dreaming.

Our lives aren’t over
when our bodies cease to breathe.
Our spirits live on.

Making peace with God
brings Heavens door wide open
allowing us in.

In a mere moment
today will have passed you by
leaving its shadows.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

That’s Human


Hello my friends

I know it’s late. I’ve been in a lot of pain this weekend and have
not felt up to writing anything, but I am feeling a little better now.
Not great, but then that would be a freaking miracle LOL. Nope,
I’ll always have these health issues, but this weekend they got out
of hand and beyond my ability to withstand the pain. So, I’m here
once again with some more rambling. No, I ain’t gonna complain
about my ailments hehehehe. That wouldn’t change nothing in my
world, but maybe depress you and that’s not what I’m about to do.
Ok so, what has gone on around the Pearce’s Place this passed
week? Well, Judy and I have been enjoying many new TV shows.
We always have to try and find a TV program that we replace for
the ones that have their season finales hehehe. Often we find a
few that we like better than the ones we were watching. I think
it’s a God given gift that we both like much of the same TV and
movies. Not all, but then that would just be weird LOL! It’s been
getting colder with each passing day up here. We might even get
some snow this week. God only knows. I know Benny will be one
happy pooch when he sees that white stuff again. Milo on the other
hand, not so much LOL. Milo will be 9 years old on Halloween :).
Yeppers, he was born October 31 and he’ll be 49 in human years.
Hehehe he’s an old man. Benny is still considered a young man.
He’s 2 years old which is 21 years old in human years. He hasn’t
asked to borrow the car yet though LOL. They both love to go for
rides in the car with us! If they see either of us putting on clothes
looking like we’re going somewhere, they get ecstatic hehehehe.
We always hate it when we have to put them in their crates if the
weather is too bad for them to ride with us, but better do that
than to have them roast in a hot car. We love our little boys :).
Judy gave Benny a hair cut today, but she wasn’t able to finish
because she needed help holding him, but I was incapacitated.
Tomorrow we’re going to both take them outside and give them
haircuts. Of course we’re gonna finish up what she started :).
It’s supposed to be mid 30’s F by morning. It’s 45 F right now
at 11:27 PM. I can hear a little bit of snoring that’s coming
from the bedroom which means Judy is asleep. That means
that the boys are most likely asleep as well and also lying on
the bed LOL. I’ll have to move them down to their own beds
when I get done here hehehe. So, it’s on with my rambling :).
It rained a bit this morning (Sunday). It was a struggle to get
Benny to go out and potty hehehe. He hates the rain hehehe.
He loves snow, hates rain! Milo just strolls on out and does
his thing and heads back up the steps to wait to come back in.
If we don’t let him in immediately, he begins to bark once
every minute hehehehe. Like saying Hey,,,,,, Hey,,,,,,Hey!
LOL, our boys are silly and you can tell they love each other.
They often sleep side by side and play chase back and forth
from the living room to the computer room LOL. They’ll
dig all their favorite toys out of their toy boxes and you
will then hear many squeaky sounds hehehe. They have
two toy boxes LOL. One in the bedroom and one in the
living room hehehe. Both filled, of course not all of the
time being they’re like kids and drag their favorites out,
but fail to put them back when they’re done playing with
them LOL. Yep, they’re our little barking boys hehehe.
God has most surely put His Mighty Hands on our lives.
Yes, we have struggles and health issues, but we also
have many blessings that make it all worth while. Judy
and I have each other and we lean on each other time to
time for moral support. Yes we do at times get own each
others nerves, but that’s human. We just let God take
care of it, while we take a breath. We’re both disabled
and retired, so we are around each other quite a bit :).
I’m surprised she hasn’t sent me packing hehehehehe
but, she might one day :). As long as we let God inside
our lives, all will be well. I love ya bunches Judy Pearce!
Yeppers, God is great. Let Him have part in your life
and you might be surprised at what He can do with your
blunders. Now I believe it’s time for me to be searching
back through all my rambling to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s new
poem. So it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call, RECOLLECT VILLE. I may
have found a good title just a few lines back, but gotta
check to make sure I haven’t already used it hehehe.
I hate to repeat titles! Anyways, it looks like the title
will work. Now, let’s see what I can do with it hehehe.
Here goes!

That’s Human

When we’re with failures
and cannot get right,
remember that Lord God
gives us His Light.
The truth is, that’s human
to make some mistakes
that sometimes seem as
a life of Earthquakes.
We each have pages
that might turn too fast
due to our hurry that
came from the past.
We’re each with struggles
that ones might not see,
for often people will
hide a degree.
Yes friend, that’s human
for we each will fail
sometimes more often
than we’ll every tell.
So don’t let failures
to be all you see.
Look and see blessings
God gave you and me.
Truly those failures can
grow to a gain
giving you lessons
that you can attain.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

Ok so it’s 12:12 AM Monday morning now hehehe and I’m almost
done LOL. I hear Milo scratching at the door. I think he needs to
go out and potty. Yeah, Judy woke up and let him out. Now back
to this. There isn’t much else to tell you. It’s been a pretty much
same old same old life around here. We’re still doing Farm Town
on Facebook, but nothing like we had been. We both needed a bit
of a break from it. Yet, I’m still doing mine every other day or so.
It sounds like Judy might be up for a bit, so I think I’ll go join her
in the bedroom and watch some TV :). So, it’s time for me to tell
you what I tell you every week and that is I wrote some more poems
and haiku. Yeppers, I wrote 10 more poems with 2 of them being
Christmassy hehehe. Also I once again wrote 22 haiku for all of
my haiku lovers out there, but I got a little antsy and wrote an
extra one by accident LOL. So 23 it is! Ok so there ya go hehe.
Now it’s time for me to be searching for that blasted off switch
so I can go to bed, but not before I wish you a most wonderful
and God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that off switch that just loves to try to hide from me,
but sucks at it LOL. Ok dude, I see ya hiding behind Benny
and Milo’s eyewash. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and Haiku
10 and 22+1 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Where You Wander

While we wander
we might find a
brand new view.
Sights we found
from over yonder
might be found to
make us wonder.
Then those places
that we found
might come as a
great astound.
When you wander
let your mind to
wonder too.
Letting thinking
be your sight
while you wander
day and night.
Let not journeys
then and there
wind up with you
then nowhere.
Find new footholds
in your stride
and you’ll find
a new inside.
A journey found
within your head
might just form
a riverbed.
You might see
some rivers flow
where you wander
wonder so.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

As Time Proceeds

The ticking essence
of a clock
sounds like seconds
as they talk.
Words are formed as
certain seeds
found sometimes
as time proceeds.
With each minute
time has gained
it has things
it has attained.
Gathered knowledge
many see
as time proceeds
for you and me.
Sought performance
vantage points
time might display
certain joints.
Connecting to
our many needs
while we move
as time proceeds.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

Passion Of Night

While daylight fades
it leaves a trace
painted in
the nights embrace.
Passion of night
is then most seen
by ones sleeping
in a dream.
Yet some dreamers
surely can see
eyes wide opened
fancy free.
Passion of night
is then so great
what their dreams
All God’s blessings
sight and sound
are what eyes see
all around.
Then as darkness
fades from sight
you can remember
passion of night.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

Onto Tomorrow

With every mistake
we make in time
we might not see
what others find.
Tomorrows pathways
written hue
might be found as
not so true.
Our own perception
might not perceive
onto tomorrow
what others might see.
Lessons from troubles
that times record
might display
in one accord.
Yet many lessons
from our time to time
onto tomorrow
might better design.
As we are watching
ones there and to
we can find better
the things we’re to do.
Filled with the moments
sometimes with much sorrow
we can find lessons then
onto tomorrow.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

Winter Comes Closer

Seasons move quickly
yet sometimes seem slow
as we perceive them
there to and fro.
Winter comes closer
with each passing day
and also Christmastime
soon will display.
Winter type settings
with snow on the ground
painted on hillsides
coming to town.
Christmas then echoes
what it does remember
as angels singing
of sweetest December.
Remembering Jesus Christ
in Christmastime
winter comes closer
with that great design.
Many might only
see grasses of green,
but paint with canned snow
each Christmastime scene.
Winter comes closer
with each passing day
bringing within it
our reasons to pray.
Jesus was given
from Lord God Divine
so now be thankful
for great Christmastime.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

Beyond The Snow

Looking at wintertime
I often see
me with my footsteps
found fancy free.
Yet beyond the snow
is much more to find
often as glimmers
of Christmas design.
Beyond the snow
is a world of love
given from Lord God
up above.
The seasons billow
snowflakes of white
found in December
of Christmas delight.
Beyond that moment
are things to find
sometimes located
deep in the mind.
Don’t let your problems
to cloud up your view.
Look for the blessings
God gave me and you.
Don’t be shortsighted
and only see sorrow.
Look for the blessings
of now and tomorrow.
Often our viewpoints
that Christmas inlays
are of just timeframes
some other days.
Look now and see what
blessings are found
when you look clearly
at what that’s around.
Don’t let ones anger
to hinder your view.
Let Christmas live on
as love within you.
For beyond the snow
there’s footprints to find
as that of Christmas
inside of your mind.
Footprints of Jesus
as He carries you
beyond the snow
and then thereunto.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

In A Mere Breath

A mere point in time
that displays itself
might become shadows
that sit on your shelf.
Those times we recall
from so long ago
could become ghostly
and filled full of woe.
In a mere breath
you can change your view
by not holding onto
those times oh so blue
.Let Jesus help you
change your perception
and He will give you
the needed correction.
Yet if you hold tight
to those minutes past
you might just form a
shadowy cast.
Let those times go now
and smile now today
while you let Jesus
to heal up they gray.
Of course you will still be
found with some sorrow,
but with Lord Jesus
find better tomorrow.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

Without Our Sight

If you were blind
and could not see,
you would need to
search to be.
You’re other senses
would be found
to help you then
to look around.
Without our sight
and recollections
we would need to
feel directions.
God gave us many
ways to view
not just with eyes
but others too.
Our sense of smell
and hearing sounds
helps us know what’s
out of bounds.
Our sense of touch
and taste so real
help us to find
what sights conceal.
So without our sight
we can get by
if we would only
give a try.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

The Night Begins

With stars awaiting
just to shine
the night begins
with its design.
The moon is risen
bright to glow
within the night
of to and fro.
The nightlight shines
so I can see
as stars that twinkle
The night begins
with sounds of dark
what my ears might
then embark.
Searching for the
outs and ins
found in darkness
the night begins.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

Autumns Harvest

The farmers pages
turn in time
as autumns harvest
does unwind.
The time has come
to hurry fast
to harvest all
the harvest cast.
The ticking minutes
counting down
to harvest all
what’s in the ground.
The winters chill
will soon be said
to come so quick
and freeze them dead.
Autumns harvest
has some worry
needing done then
in a hurry.
So the farmers
will hurry on
their autumns harvest
early dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

for Oct 20, 2013

With every shadow
there is a reason for it
that we may not see.

Long awaited time
can seem an eternity
if wanted badly.

A hurried person
might leave a troublesome wake
that will hit others.

Autumns leaves that fall
will bring forth many colors
that many dream of.

Life is a journey
that’s often made with blind eyes
that lead to nowhere.

Needing for a breath
makes ones to gasp in horror
not seeing the new air.

Many that worry
will forget about a prayer
until much later.

The glimmer of night
comes as stars that shine so bright
along with the moon.

Some seek for wisdom
through their own stupidity
while others watch them.

Change is a viewpoint
that many see differently,
so just do your best.

When a rose blossoms
it knows it soon will wither
and so it prepares.

The sunshine of day
displays shadows on the ground
for many to see.

While change might seem slow
it might be faster than seen
as we miss some sights.

What’s seen in someone
might be a misconception
for truth is skin deep.

Found in tomorrow
are the shadows of today
that were yesterday.

When you are sinning
and know that you are sinning
take that time to pray.

When push comes to shove
a problem becomes bigger
as it is hurried.

Many see only lies,
when the truth is before them
that they just ignore.

Time is an Earthquake
just waiting for eruptions
through our ignorance.

As wintertime comes
it enlightens each new day
with chances for snow.

Beyond a turnstile
are chances for good and bad.
It’s how we use them.

The scenes found each day
will change as time moves onwards
leaving only time.

A lesson in truth
is often learned through a lie
that someone has done.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Hidden Beneath


Hello my friends

So here I am once again to either bore ya or enlighten ya hehehe.
I hope your weekend has been a good one and the week starts off
well for you. Judy and I have been enjoying the few days before
wintertime sets its foot inside our world. The leaves on the trees
have changed and began falling off. I did though manage to get a
few more pictures of them. Not many, but I took them when we
went to WalMart in town. It’s always a photo ride with our 8 mile
drive to Houlton LOL unless it’s too dark. I’m hoping to one day
catch a bull moose on film. I’ve a bunch of pictures and videos of
some female moose with their young. Oh well, one day I’ll find
one on one of our drives and get some pictures. Soon wintertime
will be here in full force. We’ve put 300 dollars on heating oil and
we’ll put more next month so that at least we will be OK when the
temperatures drop subzero. Until then, the radiator heaters will
suffice. Of course they would and have sufficed with many past
days of subzero, but we would rather not have to depend on them
always in that range of brrrrville. I find myself getting a bit antsy
for the first snowflakes. That is always a wonderful sight, or at
least it is for me :). I’m sure Benny will be all ecstatic to see all
of that white stuff again. He loves to play in it just like his dad 🙂
Yes, I love to play in the snow. Hey, I’m a Texan and didn’t
grow up seeing this much snow. It’s a full blown white sand box
to me LOL. Of course white sand that is ice cold and melts if
ya come inside with it all over you leaving puddles thereabout.
I think even Milo might fancy playing in the snow this year.
I think he was still getting used to the place when we got him.
Although, he is 9 years old and just may have lost his desire
to romp in the snow. He doesn’t like to be outside other than
to go potty. After he is done, he’s up the steps and waiting
for us to let him back in. If we don’t let him back in, then in
a few moments he will begin barking at the door in his little
doggie voice saying “LET ME IN”. Benny on the other hand
loves either outside or inside although he even has his limits
on how long he is wanting to stay outside. Then he is found
standing on the steps staring at the front door just waiting
for us to let him back in. It’s sort of a circus around here
from time to time as they romp and play together chasing
one another back and forth. Then when they’re tired, they
will often jump up on the bed and rest side by side. Milo
loves to steal my spot in bed. I’ve gotten a few pictures of
him lying on my side of the bed with his head on my pillow.
Of course, I often don’t use big bulky pillows due to my
messed up neck, so I guess he likes to lie on the smaller
one. Benny too will often be found stealing either mine or
Judy’s side of the bed to sleep, but most times they will
both lie down at the end of the bed and watch cartoons
and rest. Yes they love cartoons. I think it’s all of the
colors, but, who really knows LOL? So, I guess it’s time
to change topics! Right now it’s 61 F degrees at 3:24 PM.
It’s supposed to get down to 43 F degrees tonight. Last
night it got down to 30 F degrees and when we had to let
the boys out to go potty we got quite a chill hehehehehe.
Although, it’s not too bad as of yet. Hehehe it’s gonna
get much colder as winter comes knocking. Thank God
I haven’t gotta dig the car out at 4 in the morning as I did
when Judy was working at the Elm Tree Diner hehehehe.
I don’t miss that! Now at least I can sort of take my time
and even play in it as I dig hehehe. As I said, I love to
play in the snow LOL. I guess it’s the Santa in me hehe
HoHoHo or maybe even the kid in me. Yea, I’m 57, but
I still love to have fun. It looks like we might get a little
rain Monday, but that is just a guess. If we do get any,
it won’t be much. Only 30% chance. Judy and the boys
went into the bedroom to watch TV so as to not disturb
my thinking. I’m hoping to get this done soon, so I can
join them hehehe and of course move Milo out of my spot.
Benny might even be there too for all I know. I just went
and checked. Milo is in my spot, but Judy said Benny is
in the Living room lying in his favorite spot, My recliner.
He’s our little guard dog. He guards over all that he can
see from his reclining perch. I think at times he’s barking
at ghost, because when I go in there, he’s looking up and
about at something I can’t see LOL. Oh well, as long as he
keeps them in line :). We live quite an exciting lifestyle huh!
Yep, with the boys, the weather and of course our ghosts
we always have something to do if there’s nothing on TV.
As the weather starts changing, the scenery begins its many
transitions that we love to capture on film. As for the ghost,
we just let them be 🙂 If they’re happy watching us in our
daily lives, then fine. We might be their Heaven for all we
know! Heaven is the place that we’re happiest. I’m sure
that my dad and others come to visit from time to time :).
Their body’s no longer hinder them of travel. So now ya
have a little view inside my mind. Now what else is going
on around this place. Well Milo just scratched at the door
wanting to either go outside and potty or because he wanted
to be in here with me. I think Judy took care of him hehehe.
It’s a beautiful day outside with the sun shining bright and
a 5 MPH breeze blowing. It’s still 61 F degrees at 4:09 PM.
Judy’s still feeling a tad under the weather with her allergies
that seem to be mimicking mine LOL. I have had year round
allergies for as long as I can remember. There’s hardly ever
a time that I’m not sneezing or my nose isn’t running or the
opposite which is stopped up hehehe. It does take its toll on
ya especially when you’re like me and have tons of other
health issues that add to the dilemma ;). Oh well, there’s
not a thing I can do about it, so I just try to ignore it as best
that I can LOL. I think that’s why God gave me so many
gifts. To give me something to help me to deal with all of
my health issues. I love photography and poetry has been
in my life since I was a little boy. I found my love for picture
taking while working at the Wills Point Chronicle in Texas.
I learned everything from developing film to plate burning
and running the printing press. I did type setting and even
was taught how to do ads where people would notice them.
My boss got ticked at me for one of my ads hehehehehe.
The person wanted their ad noticed and so I put it in the
paper upside down. Tom said, what in the H*** is this
about and I said, “ya noticed it didn’t ya”. People had
to turn the newspaper upside down to read it LOL and so
they noticed it. Needless to say my boss let it go hehehe.
That was way back in my high school days. Yeppers, I was
a bit of a thinker back then, but many had no clue of all
that I was able to do. That’s the way it is with most of the
people we meet daily. We might think we know them, but
beneath the surface lies a person that we may not know
exist. Most never knew I wrote poetry or that I had a
love for photography, of course aside from just a hand
full of friends. Many only knew me as The Drummer or
The Animal. To them, that was who I was. Take the time
to look beyond the shell that many of your friends show and
find out who they truly are. You might be surprised at all
you find out. You might find that you have a whole bunch
in common for we all have tidbits about ourselves that we
keep to ourselves for fear of judgment. Learn to be true
friends and not just pasteboards of fleshly likings. Look
to see how much you can help one another with the many
likenesses that are hidden beneath the skin. Let God
help you find a true friend and to be a true friend. Don’t
be so quick to judge, for you may not know all of the facts
that lie beneath the flesh that you see. Some might feel
as though they’re less than, because they think that you
will not like them because of their past. We all have a past.
Some worse than others, but as it says in the bible, “sin
is sin”. Help ones to be better, but don’t try to make them
just like you, because we are all with our own designs in
which God has made us. We might of strayed away from
those designs, but need help to make it back to them :).
Let God be your guide. Now I believe it’s time for me to
be taking my little venture back through all that I have
written here to see if I can find a good word or phrase that
I can use for the title for today’s brand new poem. So, it’s
away I go to that place of my recollection that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I thought I found a good
title and then I saw a better one, so I checked to make
sure that I haven’t used it already and VOILA I haven’t.
So, here ya go. I hope it comes together OK hehehe!

Hidden Beneath

With every perception
that we find to view
there’s hidden beneath
what is me and you.
We might think we know
how ones truly are,
but not have a clue who
they are by far.
Hidden beneath sight
are things we can’t see,
things through perception
we might disagree.
We might see people
as which they are found
and not see how they
truly get around.
So many need angels
as both you and I
to help them to daily
most surely get by.
For hidden beneath them
as shells hardened time
there might be someone
that needs God Divine.
Let not your judgment
to just see the view,
for they might be someone
a little like you.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13, 2013

Ok, so there ya go. I hope my rambling was entertaining
enough for ya and the poem made at least a little sense to
you. I never know if what I’m writing is truly understood,
but I hope and pray that a few of you understand it and get
the message. Of course most of my writings are just but a
few ramblings from a person with a lot of thoughts, but for
the most part I try to give you another view of life that you
might not have taken the time to see. Happiness comes to
us in many forms. I still call Texas Home, but here where
I am today and have been for the passed 6 years is also my
home. Home is where you hang your hat. My dad told me
that home can be anyplace. It all exist within your mind
and how you view it. Where your loved ones are or where
they are remembered. Even where you have chosen to
begin a new life, that is home. Home is not a place, but
a perception of how you see it. I do miss my home in the
state of Texas, but I would also miss my home here in the
state of Maine. I’ve fallen in love with the beauty. The
many colors at fall and the white snow falling from the
skies within winter that decorates with an awestruck sight
that a photograph cannot fully recreate. Look for the
beauty that might be hidden beneath or behind what you
are looking at. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of a
different perception. Not looking with negativity, but
with a positive approach. Ok, so I guess it’s time for
me to be telling ya what I tell ya every week and that is
I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yep, 10 more
poems with 4 of them being Christmas poems. I also
wrote once again 22 more haiku for all of my haiku
lovers out there. I hope a few of either or both find a
way inside your heart. Now, it’s time for me to begin
my search for that ornery off switch, but not before I
wish you a most blessed God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Ok, so where is that
dad gum off switch this time? I see ya you little varmint.
Hiding inside my billfold won’t save ya. Your sticking
out just a tad. I mean, I really do need to empty my
billfold hehehe. It has tons of receipts from the last two
months in it LOL. Anyways I do see ya poking out :).
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Lavender Sky

The evening sky
of many scenes
sometimes looks
of blues and greens.
Yet so often
up above
the evening sky
looks full of love.
It holds in place
the sights to see
that will often
be set free.
Sometimes raindrops
fall in place
landing right
upon my face.
Other times
what’s seen so high
is the setting of
a lavender sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12, 2013

Crown Of Love

When sadness comes
with lessons learned
there is often
bridges burned.
Through the doorways
we’ve walked through
there’s a chance
for false and true.
Yet there’s one paths
moments mile
that’s filled with love
in its turnstile.
A Crown of Love
to help you through
and do the things
you’re needing do.
This fine Crown
of Love Divine
is from God’s own
great design.
From Himself
a Child was born
a Crown of Love
that wore our thorn.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12, 2013

A Snowy Scene

As days will pass
and seasons change
a snowy scene
seems to arrange.
A Christmas glance
comes into view
a snowy scene
of thereunto.
The winters while
is paved with white
that is found
both day and night.
As days will pass
the snowflakes fall
as they cover
over all.
A snowy scene
is found to be
with ones search
for a Christmas tree.
Trudging through the
snow of white
so to find
a tree delight.
Then that Christmas
tree they find
helps them see
their Christmastime.
When at home
the tree’s decked out
with what all
their joys about.
Christmas lights
hung there and too
here and there
within their view.
A snowy scene
is put below
found with Santa
all aglow.
A manger scene
is even there
as they say
a little prayer.
A snowy scene
of Christmastime
is with songs
of joyful rhyme.
Then as evening
turns to night
they only see
the Christmas light.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12, 2013

The Nature Of Things

So many people
stop and stare
as they really
do not care.
They only stop to
see what’s done
to talk about
unto someone.
The nature of things
is often found
with ones finding
common ground.
Through their ignorance
day to day
the nature of things
has its way.
So many might try
to ignore
the things of sadness
found next door,
but the fact is
true to see
that it could be
both you or me.
We all have problems
struggles too
the nature of things
brings into view.
So those timeframes
that you find
try to find some
peace of mind.
The nature of things
brings troubles around
so it’s much better
when friendship is found.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12, 2013

Night Songs and Lullabies

Sweet songs of lullabies
that many here at night.
Songs that put us fast asleep
with the faded light.
Night songs of lullabies
are heard across the way
found in darkness Heaven sent
that echo what they say.
Maybe frogs from faraway
or crickets chirping too
will join in with a birds romance
that sings for me and you.
In those sweetest lullabies
the songs are in accord
as they play their sweetest sounds
within the nights reward.
In Night songs and lullabies
the sounds go on and on
until the night sky turns to day
within the break of dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12, 2013

Shimmering Christmas

When summer’s gone
and fall is too
the time for Christmas
comes in view.
Shimmering lights
that many will hang
on top of their house
and each window pane.
Shimmering Christmas
becomes the sight
found as God’s blessings
Jesus delight.
Many will put out
a manger scene
often with cleared out
grasses of green.
Even with snow fall
the manger is there
a shimmering Christmas
so full of prayer.
Then many might even
build a snowman
or try their best
to do what they can.
Yet many people
will often be found
buying a snowman
so fat and round.
Shimmering Christmas
is found to glimmer
often in midst of
cold of the winter.
But the sweet singing
many will hear
is that of Christmastime
best of the year.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12, 2013

Imagining Christmas

When times are bad
and all you can see
is things you remember
in your history,
use your imagination
to look passed the view
and find that Christmas
that’s living in you.
Imagining Christmas
in your special way
might then just help you
to make it today.
While you’re imagining
try to find love
that lives within you
from God above.
Then your imagination
might become real
with something tangible
that you can feel.
Imagining Christmas
with its full intent
can give you blessings
of greatest extent.
Surely then after your
times imagination
you can find peaceful
in a Jesus Relation.
So if your sorrow
has filled up your view
imagining Christmas
might breathe in brand new.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12, 2013

Winters Mist

As morning arrives
with each passing day
the minutes move on
in their own array.
Then as the coldness
fills up the view
a winters mist
is also found too.
Throughout the distance
of wintertime’s snow
a winters mist might
be to and fro.
Seen often shadowed
are whispers of time
as winters mist
found oh so divine.
Christmas soon follows
the snows that exist
found within shadows
of winters mist.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12, 2013

Relax and Breathe

In troubled times
that you perceive
take the time to
relax and breathe.
Don’t let sadness
thrive and brew
relax and breathe
then start anew.
Seek God’s guidance
through your sorrow
and you’ll find
a good tomorrow.
Relax and breathe
then say a prayer
as you seek
a breath of air.
Find a breath of
peaceful time.
Relax and breathe
in God Divine.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12, 2013

Through The Blue

While the clouds
of time move on
through the blue’s
another dawn.
Timid highways
in the sky
are clouds of white
just passing by.
Through the blue
is found some gray
often seen as
day to day.
Seek the vision
better seen
through the blue
a rushing stream.
Let your seconds
slow their pace
while you seek a
smiling face.
You can surely
start brand new
as breaths of air then
through the blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12, 2013

for Oct 12, 2013

The signs of the times
display themselves as flowers
that often don’t bloom.

Windows of today
are often clouded with dirt
that needs washed away.

As a moment turns
it leaves shadows of itself
within perception.

Many a snowflake
will float down without knowing
where they are to land.

Lives inside breezes
find some moments of turmoil
that end in a gust.

A letter written
leaves the emotions as words
often not perceived.

Knowing your limits
gives hope for your tomorrows
as your best is found.

A paved road shimmers
as raindrops land upon it
causing ones to slide.

Mindless with worry
finds many at a turnstile
of a dead end road.

Tomorrows journey
is a path laid out each day
beginning right now.

Knowing a person
doesn’t always mean the truth
is also means some lies.

Varieties of storms
bring forth their own destruction
as well as beauty.

Belief is with faith
where needing to see what’s there
shows so many doubts.

Looking for true love
can often find you lonely
in the wrong places.

Mine is perception
when we really don’t own things,
but die without them.

Morning brings beauty
that many will fail to see
due to grumpiness.

Knowledge is lessons
we often learned the hard way
and lived to tell it.

When stepping on stones
make sure that they are steady
or you might stumble.

True love is aspired
while many will seek blindly
and find emptiness.

Our lessons today
will become things we welcome
within future days.

Looks are just skin deep,
for who we are is much more,
yet some are shallow.

Venturing sideways
might leave you out of balance,
so strive for forwards.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Judy’s New Poetry book 🙂
Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Spokes Of Turmoil


Hello my friends

How have ya been Has your weekend been a peaceful one?
It’s been sort of chaos around here due to my darned internet
connection LOL. The beginning of last week I started having
problems not being able to get to my website. I pulled up every
other website, but not mine LOL. Last night I had a thought.
Hmm, our router has been blinking quite a bit here lately and
rebooting it didn’t stop it. So I disconnected our router from
the modem and plugged the modem directly into my PC and
VOILA I can pull up my website and even get email from it :).
So I went to WalMart a little bit ago and bought us a brand
new router. It works :). I just couldn’t figure out why it was
letting me get to every other website, but not mine hehehe.
It might have been damaged in a thunderstorm power outage.
Who Knows! In any case I’m back in business. Now to send
my other PC to Texas to have them do some repairs that I’m
unable to do, reasons being, my eyesight has diminished
making it hard to do small things and the fact that I cannot
find many of the drivers that I need. So Texas bound it will
be :). Now onto another topic! The weather has been quite
nice lately. It’s 56 F degrees right now at 3:30 PM. I took
a few fall pictures Thursday when I was bringing our car home
from Houlton after the tailpipe was repaired. I got quite a
few good pictures and on the way home from WalMart today
I managed to take a few more pictures. I figured I needed
to act fast, because rain is on the way which might knock
most of the leaves off of the trees :). Judy and I are doing
well. The boys are as rambunctious as ever LOL. It seems
they have both taken up the duty of guard dog hehehehehe.
Our neighbors kids came over yesterday evening to borrow
some sugar and Benny and Milo began barking and growling
as if they were gonna tear em up LOL. Of course we knew
they were just making noise :). The boys have met Benny
and know he’s nice :). It’s just that they feel responsible
for protecting us from danger for some reason hehehehe.
Benny has always been playful, but now even Milo loves
to play. They both love me to wrestle with them in the
floor or for that matter anywhere LOL. Milo jumps up
just like a little pup, he gets so excited :). Benny is still
a pup in many ways being he’s only 2 years old, but Milo
is 9 years old. It seems he’s found the pup inside of him.
They love each other dearly and are very rarely apart for
long. If you start petting or playing with one, you can bet
that the other will be rooting in to be petted and played
with as well hehehe. There’s not much changed here at
the Pearce’s Place other than what I’ve already told ya.
We still do Farm Town on Facebook, just maybe not
as much as we have in the past. We’re always finding
new TV programs to watch to replace the ones that have
had their season finale. Life is good! We are both sat
waiting for the seasons changes. Soon winter will be
here with the first snowflakes to float from the sky 🙂
I myself always love to see the first snow, but yet after
about 3 or 4 months it does get old LOL. God has most
surely blessed us and our home. We might have a few
pitfalls in life, but there is much joy to be found if we
will just take the time to find it. There are a lot of times
that I myself get caught up in the spokes of turmoil, but
God sends angels to pull me from them. You can also
find joy if you look beyond the turmoil. Sometimes it
just takes a few steps back away from the moment to
see the blessings. Let God help you to find the peace
that exist awaiting for you to let a moment go. Letting
go of a portion of time that you have no control over
can help you to breathe more calmly. Now I believe
it’s time for me to be taking my little journey back
through all that I’ve written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that might work well for the
title for today’s brand new poem. So, it’s away I go
to that place of my recollection that I always like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I might of found
a good title, but gotta check to see if have or haven’t
used it already 🙂 Nope, ain’t used it, so here ya go.

Spokes Of Turmoil

Our wheels are in motion
as timeframes move on
sometimes while leaving our
happiness gone.
Then in those moments
we need to find ways
through all the turmoil
to see better days.
Our spokes of turmoil
might tangle and weave
finding us staring at
things that deceive.
Let your wheels roll on
with Lord God Divine
then spokes of turmoil
won’t be a land mine.
Our wheels are in motion
from morning to night
even if we sit there
just seeking sight.
The wheels turning quickly
are ours on the road
leading many places
of turmoil’s abode.
Let the wheels turning
to not slip in oil
found as so many
spokes of turmoil.
Find your wheels turning
within God’s Own light
and through the turmoil
you’ll be alright.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 6, 2013

So there ya go! I hope you weren’t bored to death by all of
my rambling LOL. Did the poem make any sense to you ?
I hope so! Both of the boys are lying in their doggy beds in
floor right beside me and Judy. Ok so they both got up so
to follow Judy into the bedroom. She’s gonna take a little
nap. It seems she has acquired my sinus problems hehehe.
I didn’t think they were contagious LOL. Anyways, she is
tired of sneezing and blowing her nose. I know exactly how
she feels! I sneeze like a rapid fire machine gun hehehehe.
When I get started I have heck trying to stop 🙂 So that’s
about all from us here in New Limerick ME. I guess I need
to be telling you what I tell you every week and that is, I
wrote some more poems and haiku. Yep, 10 more poems
plus 1 that I wrote earlier in the week which brings the
total to 11 with 3 of the poems being Christmassy. Also I
once again wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there. I hope you find a few of either or both that bring
a smile or a lesson to learn. Now it’s almost time for me
to be searching for the confounded off switch, but not
before I wish you a most wonderful God filled week with
blessings. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that silly off switch. Aha, I see ya you little
varmint LOL. I’ve told ya tons of times, don’t try to hide
behind my Benadryl bottle. I do tend to pick it up to get
a pill out from time to time for my allergies ya know :).
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz a chew zzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

The Days Will Pass

Beyond each season
there’s reflections
found within the
days connections.
The days will pass
and leave their stage
set up for the
next turned page.
Scenes will blossom
as they grow
as the days pass
to and fro.
With each turnstile
time portrays
we’ll see what
each day displays.
Timeless formats
shadows cast
will be as
the days will pass.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 1, 2013

The Changes Of Times

When moments arrive
with many designs
we sometimes see
the changes of times.
Scenes we’ve remembered
as oceans and seas
the changes of times
are just memories.
Found sometimes gleaming
as moments move on
the changes of times
aren’t what we have known.
Often our footsteps
we carry in stride
are filled with changes
that we have denied.
So many moments
with each days designs
display enhancements
the changes of times.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5, 2013

When Daylight Comes

As many seconds
tick by oh so fast
time becomes as our
future from past.
When daylight arrives
and nighttime is gone
there are the flavors
displayed as new dawn.
Then many seconds
might gather their speed
when daylight comes
to give what we need.
Chances for new days
with each rising sun
are as a chess game
sometimes one on one.
When daylight comes
it gives you a chance
to thank God for seasons
that moments enhance.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5, 2013

Flavors Of Snow

As wintertime comes
it displays a scene
flavors of snow over
grasses once green.
With every snowflake
that falls to the ground
I am stood watching
in such an astound.
Glimmers of Christmas
find ways which to show
displayed as beauty of
flavors of snow.
Christmastimes stages
are set and displayed
by all the snowflakes
so heavenly laid.
Then as the season
brings Christmas in sight
flavors of snow then
glitter at night.
With all the colorful
lights thereunto
lit up so wondrously
for us to view.
The flavors of snow
are scented with dream
as that of Christmastime
found all agleam.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5, 2013

There And Beyond

Fractions are counted
as there and beyond
within the ripples
that are found in a pond.
Then there are journeys
to here unto there
found as the gateways
that seem not so fair.
Leading from then days
of there and beyond
it sometimes seems as
the good times are gone.
Yet if seen clearly
the moments we see
can become greater
than our history.
So don’t let sadness
to live on and on.
Look for the good times
right there and beyond.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5, 2013

Winter’s Promenade

Snowflakes arrival
is found in the sky
falling down briskly
and seeming to fly.
Pictures are painted
as winter’s retreat
with all the glimmers
of snow oh sweet.
Christmas then beacons
as seasons aglow
in winter’s promenade
found in the snow.
Many will search for
a snowball to make
or a large snowman
to stand in the wake.
As all the snowflakes
are falling so free
winter’s promenade
is Christmas to see.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5, 2013

Now And Tomorrow

Links to our footsteps
footprints will show
in all the places
that we daily go.
Now and tomorrow
are often not clear
for we can only
see what that is here.
Yet even now times
are clouded by sight
and we can’t see what’s
really then right.
Truly our judgment
is sometimes mislaid
and we don’t see all
the messes we’ve made.
Now and tomorrow
will work out alright
if we will trust God
with all of our might.
Letting Him help us
with all that we do,
we might find better
the things we can view.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5, 2013

As Time Moves Onwards

Our Christmas often
is found memories
seen in the settings
of lights upon trees.
Glittering snowflakes
bought from a store
as time moves onwards
to what we adore.
Sweet tasty morsels
of Christmas delight
we strung with popcorn
on into the night.
Singing sweet carols
of Christmas and more
that we had made there
not bought in a store.
As time moves onwards
I now just recall
hanging our popcorn
on a tree oh so tall.
Then many ornaments
glittered and shined
as every Christmas
found in my mind.
Now time has shadowed
those days long ago
as time moves onwards
to what I now know.
Seasons of real snow
found in our yard
landing so sweetly
as God’s Christmas card.
Each flake uniquely
falls there in place
and some fall finding
a smile on a face.
Christmastime’s found
as time moves onwards
giving the blessings
a heartbeat records.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5, 2013

The Hidden View

Behind blind eyes
are sights to see
the hidden view
from you and me.
This view of time
that many miss
is a moment
times consist.
The hidden view
behind our eyes
might just be
the largest size.
Yet we often
only see
things so small
in great degree.
We need to find
what is the need
within today
the finest seed
and plant it well
in me and you
and then see
the hidden view.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5, 2013

Fall Is Here

So many leaves
are turning colors
as they mimic
many others.
Fall is here
with leaves we find
here and there
from time to time.
The scenes around
are colored hues
yellows, reds
and sort of blues.
Fall is here
as time moves on
as I watch
from dusk to dawn.
The colors found
on every tree
are the tellers
fall for free.
Giving beauty
until the wind
blows them away.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5, 2013

Sometimes Isn’t

We sometimes think
we know what’s best
as pages turn
to fail the test.
We sometimes want
what isn’t good
as we’re found
Sometimes isn’t
always better
to walk blindly
in life’s weather.
Yet when sometimes
finds you standing
at a problems
troubled landing
look for Lord God
then and there
and then say
a little prayer.
Don’t let sometimes
be bad visions
for sometimes isn’t
best decisions.
Use commonsense
to get you by
when sometimes isn’t
found to fly.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5, 2013

for Oct 5, 2013

Today brings choices
to choose some new directions
away from the bad.

Left over hatred
can become as hand grenades
with the pin pulled out.

Wintertime’s vision
often sees but only snowflakes
describing its view.

Along with white snow
comes the shadows of winter
that come with the wind.

The weather says words
described within a story
as seasons of time.

While within worries
a second seems as hours
when in confusion.

Views from a mountain
can make things found down below
to very tiny.

Belief in true love
awakens the chances for it
if truth lives within.

Reliving sadness
within each daily turnstile
depreciates smiles.

Find time to find rest
when the day’s overwhelming
or sickness will come.

The moon shining bright
at the nights greatest moment
brings forth emotions.

Summertime’s season
is as words about swimming
and sun shining bright.

With love comes hopeful
as two hearts come together
and become as one.

Looking for flowers
needs you to detach the weeds
and see the beauty.

Sharing emotions
can help moments be better
and not be so bad.

A glance at today
can display wrong impressions
so don’t judge to fast

Windows of viewpoints
come as eventful expressions
displayed as some sights.

Riding bicycles
gives a way for exercise
while having some fun.

Soon comes too quickly
when not so soon is challenged
by your impatience.

Looking for the one
might display many wrong ones
before you find it.

Summertime’s shadows
still live vaguely when it’s gone
through your memories.

Mornings of winter
come as cold winds and snowflakes
and thoughts of Christmas.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

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