The Canvas Of Life


Hello my friends

Another week has passed huh! Yep, this year seems to be moving
right along. It’s already July! Before you know it, summertime will
be over. I know, to many of you, it may seem as summer is never
ending. Trust me, it will conclude with fall and winter. Today our
weather seems to be not so bad thank God being our windows won’t
suffice any type of air conditioner. Ours open sideways and most
every window unit I have seen requires windows that open vertically.
The air conditioner in the living room wall has quit due to, I think
the compressor locking up, but they would have to take it out of
the wall to fix it and how it was built into the wall, plus the weak
structure of the wall due to them shipping the trailer with it in the
wall makes it virtually impossible to even think of removing it for
repair. They should of removed it from the wall before shipping
the trailer house up here. Yet, the damage is done. So fans are
our only means of AC hehehe. Thank God it doesn’t get as hot
up here as it does in Texas and other places, but it does get warm
and humid as heck. I wish the humidity would knock it off for a
few days LOL! It makes me sticky as all get out. OK so what else
is going on in this part of the world? Good question hehehehehe!
I really can’t see much of anything happening that’s exciting. I am
still waiting to see a doctor for a check up, but the nearest I could
get an appointment up here was for August the 26th. That’s life.
Oh yea, I managed to get our little wading pool set up and we
soaked in it for a couple of days, but I had to drain it yesterday
and clean it to get it ready to fill maybe this evening. I don’t think
they were thinking clearly when they put the drain at the bottom of
the pool. I ended up having to bail water for an hour or so to get
the pool light enough that I could tip it over and spill out the rest
of the water. The water would not drain through the ground. It
might of soaked into the ground in a day or so, but it was going
to rain Saturday and in fact it was already raining as I was bailing.
Now my back is hurting something awful. I thought I was going
to collapse. I had to wear as loose of clothing as possible to give
me mobility for bending and bailing. Couldn’t wear my standard
cloths LOL. I think I have figured out a way to get the drain to
work next time I set the pool up. This time I will try to dig a little
trench where the drain will be, but the problem with that idea
is the fact that the pool might just sink down into the trench and
make it useless. If I were not in so bad of shape, I would see
about building a drain trench out of wood, but I am going to have
trouble enough just trying to dig the trench with this snow shovel.
Hehehe that’s all I’ve got and being I don’t drive, I cannot just
pop over to the Wal*Mart to shop. It’s 8 miles away. I’ll try to
figure something out. Hopefully before I set the pool up again
and fill it. Don’t think I can handle another bailing epidemic.
The water did feel great while Judy and I were soaking in it 🙂
It’s looking fairly clear right now outside, but my old weather
programs on my PC tell me that there is 50% chance of rain this
evening. I will maybe see what it looks like then and make my
decisions on what to do. In the mean time, I will be trying to
figure out a way to rig a drain to where the water will drain out
when I open the plug and I won’t have to bail that bloody thing
out again. Anyways, I wish some of my friends and family could
come up here and visit. That would sure be great. Judy and I
are still looking forward to our trip down south this winter, but
I kind of fear it due to our health. We will have to keep all her
insulin in an ice chest to keep it cold and my old body does not
fare travel as much as it did a few years ago. There’s been
much that has happened to it since our move up here. Oh well,
hopefully we will make it down Texas ways for a week or so.
It all depends on how long it takes us to drive down hehehehe.
OK so onto yet another topic! I have not gone fishing again
since Brian and I did the first time a number of weeks ago. He
asked me a few days ago if wanted to, but it was bad timing.
Judy was soon to be home from work and I had not eaten
anything yet. Would not of done me any good to try and eat
something and go because food goes right through me and
I end up spending second after second in the bathroom for
hours after I eat due to no colon/diarrhea LOL. That’s life
in my part of the world. Judy and I are making plans on a
few picture taking drives. I always enjoy taking little drives
to do some photography. We always route our trips down
ways that we are reasonably sure there are restrooms LOL.
It makes it a tad aggravating, but that is the only way that
we can go picture taking. God makes up for it with all the
wonderful beauty that He gives us to photograph. He surely
fills up the canvas of life. It seems that God puts pictures
within pictures as more sights to partake. God’s mighty
brushstrokes leave impressions in the distant view that we
often will overlook. We so often get caught up in our own
time to time struggles and not see what all God has painted.
Take a little time out today to look at the beauty in the old
of the world as well as the new and seek for the pictures
that in most times will escape our view. Let your search
be not with just sight, but of sound, touch and fragrance.
Find the blessings of God that have eluded you before today.
Now with that said, I guess it’s time for me to be taking my
little venture back through all I’ve written to that place of
my recollection to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that might work for the title for today’s brand new poem 🙂
So, it’s off I go to that place that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I think I found a good title not too far back. Now
let’s see if I can write a somewhat decent poem using it!!!!!!
Here goes nothing……..

The Canvas Of Life

Seen day to day
are the pictures to view
found on display
as old and brand new.
Seen are the turnstiles
that open and close
giving the smiles
that timeless bestows
Seen are fractions
of colors and schemes
for the interactions
of our coming dreams.
God paints beauty
from here to afar
that so fluidly
shines as a star.
Seen are patterns
in each turn and twist
telling us matters
that God does exist.
The canvas of life
is in such detail
that it can take strife
and paint it more well.

©By Bill Pearce
July 11, 2010

Well, there ya go! I hope and pray that the poem made a little
sense to ya hehehe. Also, I hope that my rambling in the journal
did not lose you too badly 🙂 There is not much else to say to you
except that as soon as I finish here, I am going to see what I can
come up with for a drain for our pool LOL. At least something
that when I pull the plug, will let the water out. I don’t think the
ground is going to soak the water up as fast as I would like to
drain the pool hehehe. If I can’t come up with an idea that I can
use and actually have the tools to use, then I guess it’s back to
bailing water. So, I guess it’s time for me to be telling you about
the poems I’ve written this time around. Yeppers, I wrote once
again 10 poems and 22 haikus with two of the poems being sort
of wintry/Christmassy. I hope you’ve enjoyed my journal today.
It’s almost time for me to begin my search for that old off switch,
but before I do that, I must wish you a most wonderful week.
Remember Jesus loves you and we do too. Now off to find that
ornery off switch so I can cease and desist my writing hehehehe.
Hehehe caught a glimpse of it whirling in the blades of the fan.
Gotcha, See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus
10 and 22 hehehehe 🙂

All The Ages

Ages founded
here and seen
what some things mean.
Timeless stumbles
here to there
are the actions
lessons ware.
Nows tomorrow
might be found
seen as thought
it’s common ground
Ventures searching
headed out
sometimes fill
someone with doubt.
All the ages
that we see
might be stages
needing be.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

Seem As Dreams

Truth or fiction
shadows doubt
when not knowing
all about.
Our perception
seen and heard
might not hear
most every word.
Moments standing
in a frame
might be found
a little lame.
Truth of minutes
that we see
might seem fiction
to you and me.
Lights a glimmer
within scenes
might to others
seem as dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

Times Awaken

Weathered seasons
come and go
some with sunshine,
some with snow.
Sometimes rain clouds,
sometimes dew,
weathered seasons
false or true.
Times awaken
some great scenes
sometimes seeming
as some dreams.
Weathered moments
fill the days
sometimes as
a daily maze.
Turns and twists
along we go
some with sunshine
some with snow.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

Even The Shadows

Found in July
are sights to see
that God has given
to you and me.
Take a little look
and see the view
that you so often
just misconstrue.
Look for within
the scenes around
and then see
what can be found.
July with amazement
certain things are
sometimes so closely
sometimes so far.
Even the shadows
of summertime’s sway
make pretty pictures
in now and today.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

With The Unknown

Inner most feelings
counted and felt
display emotions
from all that is dealt.
Some try to hide
the tears that fall
as they explode
from all they recall.
Inner most factions
that many attain
often will seem as
a little insane.
Time in the doorway
of here unto there
might seem so often
as fractions of scare.
In the fear factor
many will find
only the moments
that weigh on their mind.
With the unknown
there’s surely to be
inner most moments
we can’t clearly see.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

The Season’s Coming

Winter is coming
Christmas is too
bringing the essence
of Jesus so true.
Winter snows fragrance
will surely fall
as I remember
and as I recall.
The season’s coming
painted with snow
as I remember
Sweet Santa’s Ho Ho.
I feel vibrations
inside my mind
as that of Christmas
the greatest design.
Winter is coming
soon so to see
with the reminders
of our history.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

The Echoes

Found in an echo
are sounds to hear
sometimes repeated
a bit insincere.
Often the echoes
of many words said
lead to destruction
down times riverbed.
Echoes from errors
that are repeated
sometimes will be
what nobody needed.
Answers from echoes
of similar views
might help discern from
falses and trues.
Yet of course echoes
of times long ago
might not have
what we need to know.
Look for the echoes
needed to guide
and use them wisely
with eyes opened wide.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

Now So Anew

In midst the rain
I walked all around
while I left footprints
found on the ground,
The special aroma
of summertime’s rain
feels me with thinking
thoughts time again.
I find the raindrops
dripping so wet
as all he moments
I can’t forget.
The clouds in the sky
with every design
seem to transpire
as footprints of time.
Then all the breezes
blowing today
help me enjoy
what all comes my way.
Summers aroma
found in my view
seems to enlighten
now so anew.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

Learn To Forgive

Upset from thunder
and lightning of words
might just mislead you
to Hells flock of birds.
Don’t let the moments
of words done and said
live with you always
inside of your head.
Use some forgiveness
as time goes its way
and you might find then
a more peaceful day.
Don’t let the lightning
and thunder you found
become your moments
of all there around.
Learn to forgive
what cannot be changed
and you might find
life not so deranged.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

A Glassy Eyed View

Glassy eyed people
that walk with a glare
find us so often
to stammer and stare.
Many found sleepless
left without time
seem to incorporate
a special design.
One that is glaring
with glassy eyes found,
might be the ones
just looking around.
So often people
will seem glassy eyed
due to confusions
of time that’s applied.
So if you’re seeing
a glassy eyed view,
don’t just go judging
what you don’t know true.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

for July 10, 2010

Sound times performance
might not be so sound at all,
but mere illusion.

Errors in judgment
lead many down the wrong road
leading to despair.

Intimate people
leave others just wondering
if they’re too public.

Hanging onto time
prevents any tomorrows
if held too tightly.

Life can be trouble
if it is not filled with God.
Let Jesus reside.

A promise that’s made
needs to be looked at closely
to see if it’s wise.

Poor sighted people
might see better than you think.
They look more closely.

Adhering to now
must be done with good vision
or you’ll misconceive.

A letter written
by a person without heart
creates no passion.

Sounds of poetry
are the rhythms of oceans
in waves of design.

Summers fantasy
is partaken as a dream
come from illusion.

Answers to questions
might seem that they’re eluding,
yet be what you need.

With but a flower
is the beginning of spring
as winter subsides.

Little or nothing
shapes the beginning to end
in some form or way.

Places are number
as we go trudging along
counting in our mind.

The wind blows raindrops
as the storm blows on over
leaving it’s fragrance.

Onlookers thinking
lose perception of today
because of their views.

Struggles of journeys
are the lessons we can use
for another day.

Great are the moments
that are held as God’s blessings
and not put aside.

Limitless turnstiles
will open and close in time
with choices to choose.

A day that’s wasted
is time that can’t be undone.
Use today wisely.

Found in the sunset
there’s the beginning of night
to welcome the dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
July 10, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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