We Are Planning


Hello my friends

What’s up in your part of the world? Not much here but rain.
It seems to rain just about every day or at least every other
day. I like rain, but it could take a break any day now and
I would be happy hehehe. Oh well, I guess it could be a lot
worse huh 🙂 Yeppers it could be freezing hehehe, which I’m
sure it shall be real soon being last winter was rather mild in
comparison to what’s normal for up here hehehe. We are
expecting a bad winter this year. It could evade us, but most
likely not LOL. Yes Jimmy hehehe we will more than likely
get more than our share of snow as well as ccccold weather.
Today’s high is supposed to be 74F degrees and tomorrow is
supposed to be 69F. The temperatures will vary often I’m
reasonably sure LOL as Tuesday is supposed to be around
79F and Wednesday 83F. It will bounce up and down with
it raining off and on most every day LOL. I love these temps,
but I know it will get much more colder as we get closer to
November hehehe. Ok so it’s off of the weather forecast 🙂
and onto a hopefully more readable topic hehehehehehehehe.
I went fishing with Brian again last week, but didn’t catch
a thing and neither did he. We ended up just taking a little
boat ride up the lake. Wish I had brought my camera, but
it was raining and I didn’t want to ruin it. LOL he told me to
tell Judy that the big fish got away. Not an easy thing to do
hehehe. I told her in all honesty that the big one escaped us
which was in fact more true being it seems all of the fish did
a good job in evading us LOL. We are planning on having
an early fishing trip next. He told me he likes to go real early
and it might be too early for me. LOL I said and what time
is that? He said 5AM. LOL I said I am up all night long plus
Judy on most days has to be at work by 5AM or 7AM which
guaranties that she and I are up hehehe so give me a holler.
I saw him up the next morning, but I was feeling my oats
after me climbing up and down to the river below our house
to get some fishing bait from his trap. I’m not in as good of
shape as I used to be in my younger years :). The slightest
hills wear me down. Well, anyways, we will go fishing
again real soon I’m sure. I asked Brian if he had ever seen
a dolphin in reality and he said no, so I made him a copy of
our Port Aransas TX dolphin cruises we went on in 1995 🙂
Judy and I both miss going down there and walking on the
beach taking pictures. At least we have some good pictures
and videos that we can revisit whenever we wish. Yet I wish
we could return again and visit our little sector of peace on
the island. Maybe one day. God only knows. I am thinking
about uploading a few more pictures of our vacations in Port
Aransas to my FaceBook, but not today LOL. There are
a few of them already uploaded to my photos. Yeppers, we
spend a lot of time in FaceBook playing the games and all
as well as keeping in contact with old and new friends. I
like it tons more than MySpace or Tagged or any of the
other pages I have found on the net. Yet I do still keep in
contact with a few of my friends on Tagged and MySpace
that have yet to of switched to FaceBook. Judy and me are
slowly getting prepared for a picture taking drive. Maybe
this week if it ever slacks off with the bloody raining hehehe.
If not, then for sure another day. I have mapped out many
places for us to go hehehe that have a restroom in route 🙂
Yep, when ya have problems like mine, ya gotta make a
few extra plans for trips LOL. Now for another topic hehe.
Judy and I have been enjoying our TV programs such as
Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, NCIS, Criminal Minds
as well as the weekly episodes of Deadliest Catch. It’s so
sad about Captain Phil, but we all have our time that is
limited upon this Earth to experience all that we shall.
I welcome the doors to Heaven. It will mean there is no
more pain and suffering, but my time on this Earth is not
yet over and I feel that God has much more for me to do
and write. We each have our predetermined timeframes of
which we are allotted to do what we are meant to do. I’m
sure God has plans for us each one in some manner of form.
Good and bad create a work of art. Without the many
times of trouble that we face, we would not appreciate
the good that is to come. We learn lessons from stages
that are set up for the moments. The actors and actresses
such as you and I do what we are meant to do as time goes
its way. Yes even the bad things fall into the realm of need,
for they strengthen us if we allow and on many cases even
if we do not allow hehe. God sees the full picture and all
that is to be done. Let God use you as a tool through your
many lessons of life to help someone else that may be
going through what you have already been through. Do
not throw the past away and try to simply forget it. If
you do that, you might find yourself repeating the errors.
Let Jesus walk with you inside your heart and help you
when you are blind in the moments ahead. You do not
have to face life alone. He will always be with you even
when you think He is not. Often He allows us to endure
what He knows will be growth and we’ll most surely learn
from. Some growth is painful, but needed. Now, I think
it’s about time for me to be visiting that place of my own
recollection through all I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that
place that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE to see what
I can find hehe. I believe I found a good title a long ways
back in the journal LOL. Now let’s see what if anything
at all I can do with it 🙂 Here goes….

We Are Planning

Looking at seconds
sections and hours
we might not know
what surely empowers.
It might just be
what we have decided
that is with trouble
that’s daily collided.
Yes we are planning
each unknowingly
which way we’re going
through our history.
Many are planning
daily ahead
with their own greed
that feathers their bed.
Yes we are planning
and need to be true
for there are many
that see me and you.
They might start planning
the same as they see
and find Lord Jesus
and love given free.
So are you planning
to do what is right
and not continue
to just fuss and fight?
Life is too short
to waste it away
and not be doing
your best every day.
So now begin
to say we are planning
to give back to God
and without demanding.
Give of yourself
on times windowsill
doing your best
to always fulfill.

©By Bill Pearce
July 25, 2010

Ok so I know it’s a tad long hehehe, but I have been known
to write much longer poems hehehe for those of you that are
new to my writings LOL. Yeppers, when my thoughts begin,
there is no telling where the end may be hehehe. It could be
short winded or then maybe turn out to be a two pager hehehe.
Well Judy got home from work just a few moments ago sooo
I reckon it’s about time for me to be telling you what I tell you
every week and then finding that old off switch. So to begin
with, I wrote 10 more poems hehehe as usual with 3 of them
being wintry/Christmassy style poems and 22 haiku. Yeppers
the closer to Christmas, the more apt I am to write Christmas
poems LOL, HoHoHo. I have had to run to close the window
ever so often as the rains begin and cease. For now I have
it opened once again to let in some cool air hehehehehehehe,
but keeping an eye out for the rain. Ok with that said, I must
wish you a most wonderful week. Remember Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now to find that dad burned off switch hehe.
There you are you little bugger 🙂 Hiding on the bottom of my
koozy. Raised up my drink and there it was hehehehehehehe.
Gotcha! See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haikus
10 and 22 hehehe 🙂

Allowing Wintertime

Timely the seasons
bring on their view
the way they always
seemingly do.
In field of fashion
painted as seen
sometimes as only
found in a dream.
Summertime’s moments
arrived in the play
acted out surely
in each day to day.
Summer’s transposing
it’s very drive
allowing wintertime
to come alive.
All of the minutes
counted ahead
are that of summertime
going to bed.
Soon sorted fragrances
will be detailed
painted with white snow
winter’s exhaled.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Unique Force

Times situations
manners unfold
displaying stories
timely are told.
In many sections
worded and said
they are presenting
thoughts from the head.
Times may be found
as timeless arrays
seeming remembered
from distant days,
Yet of course timing
of all that is found
has its own flavor
of sights, smell and sound.
Even by touching
time might seem true
that it has one day
happened to you.
But of course time
in its own recourse
displays the moments
with it’s unique force.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

What’s Really True

Sometimes an angel,
sometimes not true
someone will act like
seen as you view.
Sometimes a moment,
sometimes a cause
will be displaying
breaking the laws.
Sometimes an essence,
sometimes a sight
will in fact tarnish
ones day and night.
Sometimes a journey,
sometimes right now
might display sometimes
less to endow.
Sometimes our reasons,
sometimes our view
might not be displaying
what’s really true.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Some Will Find Changes

Arrogant people
stand and just stare
looking at many
with out not a care.
Some are misleading
as they each go by
with all the arrogance
they can’t deny.
Many will tarnish
all that you do
just so their own time’s
better to view.
Yet of course Jesus
sees all that’s there
and He has ways of
answers of prayer.
Taking their arrogant
times of detail
displaying choices
Heaven or Hell.
Some will find changes
lesser the lies
and then some others
continue despise.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Christmas Displays

I can feel Christmas
coming each day
with its own magical
wonderful way.
Some of the feelings
are found inside,
yet I can feel it
with Santa’s great ride.
I sense the seasons
glorious view
coming up quickly
to be as brand new.
I can feel Christmas’s
wonderful time
scenting the moments
with its own design.
Cool breezes blowing
that nighttime details
brings Christmas dreams
with magical sails.
All of the wonders
that Christmas displays
I am now feeling
with oncoming days.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Minutes To Bed

In every minute
a second is born
giving us chances
to surely adorn
and then the hours
from minutes arrival
give us the lessons
for futures survival.
In every second
a thought is conceived
and then by many
is surely believed.
Minutes persistence
within each hour
gives us the chances
of hope to empower.
So many choices
that daily we do
lead oh so many
where they misconstrue.
Use good the timeframes
found there ahead
and put misleading
of minutes to bed.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Don’t Let The Things

Things might control
what you need to do
if you don’t hear what
God’s telling you.
Things are just things
as timeless displays,
for they will often
prevent better days.
So many things
can be just replaced
yet we will let them
hinder our taste.
Yes our distant view
foretasted with eyes
will through the things
be filled up with lies.
Don’t let the things
of your daily contrast
cause all the blessings
to drift right on past.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Counting The Rhythms

Another summer
has come into being
bringing the segments
my eyes are seeing.
Simple little flowers
grown from the weeds
are soon this summer
planted as seeds.
Another medley
played as a tune
tells me that summer
is ending real soon.
Yet I’m sure summer
has much more to say
as it continues
with its own display.
Counting the rhythms
I find in the breeze
summertime’s value
of flowers and trees.
But of course summer
will soon come to end
displaying colors
of fall its best friend.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Echoes Concurrence

Within an echo
is found what that’s heard
sometimes as noises
and sometimes a word.
An echoes journey
is started with phase
sometimes miscounted
as some other days.
In a mere echo
there is but a sound
sometimes as seen as
some time going round.
Echoes concurrence
is sometimes as seen
something ones finding
within a mere dream.
Within an echo
is its certain power
that might just go on
a day or an hour.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

Christmastime Cause

Life in the winter
is displayed with snow
as also Christmas
with Santa’s Ho Ho.
All of the blessings
that come into view
are snowy segments
of Christmas so true.
So many hillsides
from here that I see
will be well painted
with white snow for me.
Then Christmas angels
will come into view
as they’re created
by both me and you.
Life in the winter
with Christmastime joy
brings all the blessings
for each girl and boy.
Searching the skyline
for dear Santa Claus
only for reasons
of Christmastime cause.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

for July 24, 2010

Tasting journeys
with your imagination
can make them so fine.

Silence is golden
unless it is not wanted.
Search for the right time.

In a moments fear
is a choice to run or walk.
Learn from your own fear.

Things envelop us
as we seek for what we want
and lose who we are.

In ones portrayals
there might be some misleading
from the beginning.

Pointless are moments
if they are not with purpose
of some kinds detail.

Our links are gathered
while we do what all we do
deciding our paths.

Scenes found in sequence
of flowers and trees in bloom
are begun in springtime.

The clouds give shadows
as they float on over me
and create designs.

Letters from Jesus
are written within my heart
as blessings from God.

While looking onwards
I saw a fragrant flower
blooming in summer.

I feel many hands
of angels guiding my ways
with each step I take.

Time is but a frame
which many will misconceive
due to impatience.

Poor people standing
may have more than you or I
for they might know peace.

A piece of driftwood
determines its path by waves
as time moves its way.

The fan churns the air
and brings in a cool mixture
of fresh air to breathe.

Within a castle
kings and queens might determine
the kingdoms folly.

Lands said forbidden
could be filled with conclusions
that nobody knows.

In midst of turmoil
your decisions might be bad,
so count to 10 first.

A mere glancing blow
could destroy somebody’s life
so be real careful.

Ones jumbled lifestyle
might not be jumbled at all.
It may be your view.

In heated moments
lives are found misconceiving
without thinking clear.

©By Bill Pearce
July 24, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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