Find Peace


Hello my friends

It’s snowing again hehehe.  Yeppers the
old snow miser isn’t being stingy this year.
Our homemade lighthouse is slowly but
surely being buried in snow.  It’s about
4 foot tall.  The solar light is still shining
bright LOL.  Although if it doesn’t get
enough of a charge from the sunlight,  it
might dim quickly being the sun was well
hidden behind the clouds today.  LOL one
of our solar motion sensor outdoor lights
does the strobe light thing when it sees
movement because it hasn’t gotta a full
charge from Mr. Sun 🙂  No matter,  we
have 2 others outside that work with less
of a charge.  It’s 23 F degrees right now
at 5:30 PM.  Judy and I are enjoying
the day together watching it snow,  but
the sun has begun its journey westwards
leaving not much light outside to see 🙂
Judy was just now searching trying to
find us something good to watch on TV
tonight,  but it seems the Oscars have
taken over many of our favorite things
to watch.  So,  we might just watch a
few game shows on GSN or maybe one
of our movies on DVD.  In any case we’ll
find something.  We could even play one
of our games that we began a while back.
The boys said they needed to go out
so Judy let them out for a bit so they
can go potty.  We should be hearing
Rocky barking at the front door any
minute now saying he’s done,  but of
course I am sure Benny will still be out
playing in the snow LOL.  He’s our lil
snow dog :).  I might go out and play
with them in the snow tomorrow if I
am up to it 🙂  Tonight we’re supposed
to get another 5 to 8 inches of snow
to add to what we got today.  Also it
looks as though it’s supposed to snow
a little more tomorrow.  LOL it’s a
good thing I love snow,  because if I
didn’t,  I would be really ticked off
right about now hehehe.  It’s such a
beautiful sight to see as it floats from
the heavens and decorates landscape
and many other things.  I love to take
pictures of all of the scenery.  It helps
me with my poetry writing.  It seems
that poetry,  photography and music
have played a large role in my life in
keeping my head above water.  They
help me to find peace when moments
are stressful.  I took my conga drums
outside last Thursday and did a little
conga video and took a few selfies.
I hadn’t done that in a long while 🙂
Judy and I went to town to do some
shopping at Walmart Friday and the
boys went with us.  When we got home
I played with them in the snow a bit
and Judy took pictures of us hehehe.
Oh yea,  on the way to town I caught
a picture of a guy shoveling snow off
of his roof.  I always take pictures if
it is light enough when we go hehehe.
Judy drives and I snap pictures LOL.
If that’s not what ya call team work,  I
don’t know what is LOL.  I’m going
to bake us some cookies tonight 🙂
As soon as I get near the end of this
journal,  I’ll go turn the oven on so
it can preheat.  Yes,  I cook.  We both
do.  I learned how to cook from my
grandmother (my mom’s mom)  and
I enjoy cooking.  Judy and I take turns
cooking.  I was raised that there isn’t
mens and women’s work.  It’s whom
that is able to do it.  We take care of
one another.  Yes we argue time to
time LOL.  When 2 people are retired
and stuck around each other for long
periods of time,  arguing about stuff
is gonna happen hehehe.  But,  when
we stop and look at he big picture we
usually apologize and move on,  being
some of our arguments are senseless 🙂
Anyways,  God has protected us and
watched over us all the while and I’m
sure He will continue as well as all of
the angels and loved ones that watch
over us.  Thank You God for all that
you have done for us and I that You
will do that we might not even know
of.  Now I believe it’s time for me to
begin my journey back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand
new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that
little place of my recollection that I
always call,  RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I found a decent title about
halfway back in my rambling and
now after checking,  I see that it has
not been used yet.  LOL maybe used
in another context,  but not in this
wording so.  here goes…

Find Peace

Time might infuriate
and become a fire,
but you can find peace
if you so desire.
Look beyond anger
and look beyond sight
and search deep within
for a brighter light.
You can find oceans
of peace from within
if you’ll but only
just let it begin.
Don’t hold onto anger
or senseless pride,
allow for the blessings
and find peace inside.
Life is just a moment
that might fade away
leaving you regretting
what you do and say.
So find peace within you
and let it to flow
and let God the Father
to help you to grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 24,  2019

I hope you enjoyed the poem and you
maybe understood it 🙂  I also hope you
enjoyed my rambling 🙂  I just checked
and it’s still snowing LOL.  Of course it
is,  It’s supposed to snow all night and
a big portion of tomorrow (Monday) 🙂
I can’t think of anything else to tell you
other than what I tell you every week
and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems
and 1 of them is sort of Christmassy 🙂
I also wrote 22 more haiku for all of
the haiku lovers out there.  I hope you
can find 1 or 2 of either or both that
you like.  Now I believe it’s time for me
to begin my search for that silly hardly
elusive off switch,  but not before I wish
you a blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now,
where can that ornery off switch be this
time.  Hmm,  searching top and lower
tier of my desk.  Nope,  not there,  but
I do think I see a little movement from
behind my Canon camera LOL.  Hey,
you hid there once before and it didn’t
work.  Why do it  again?  Oh,  hehehe
you thought I wouldn’t remember that
huh LOL.  Well I did and guess what?
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂


Inside of summer
beginning in spring
lupines become as
a magical scene.
Colors of purple
scented so sweet
they give a moment
a true heartbeat.
Their sweet aroma
enhances the time
as they grow wildly
creating a design.
Life may seem dull
but the lupines scent
brings alive seasons
of a full extent.
Blossoming flowers
as a sweet memory
they give the essence
of life which to see.
So if you’re driving
or walking around
search for their scent
and they’ll be found.
Purplish flowers
such wonderful finds
found within summer
the life of lupines.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18,  2019

Timeless Yesterdays

We might find paths
to guide our way
timeless views
from young to gray.
A path might seem
as a mere deterrence
to lead us astray
of a circumstance.
Yet the pathway
might hold in place
a moment in time
of a certain taste.
Timeless yesterdays
become as a sight
seconds through now
maybe wrong or right.
Following paths
to another view,
might then unleash
what’s there for you.
So don’t let a path
to be all you gaze,
for it might just be
timeless yesterdays.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18,  2019

Springtime Yellow

The colors of life
that our eyes perceive
are often as glimmers
of flowers and trees.
Scents of springtime
becomes our view
clouds in a blue sky
and flowers of hue.
Some are as violet
and some are as red
while many others
are found to be wed.
Married to seasons
of a colorful style
springtime yellow
with life to endow.
Yellows come alive
many flowers display
scented of moments
that night meets day.
Look for the beauty
so timeless as a rose
and let it to enlighten
what all that bestows.
With beautiful scenes
the season in sight
the colors become as
a springtime delight.
As time brings alive
the flowers of style
springtime yellow
displays with a smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 19,  2019

Haze of Orange

Within the sky
some clouds may be
a haze of orange
a sight to see.
They might display
the light of day
as haze of orange
with a shade of gray.
Scenes will change
as life moves on
like you and I
from dusk to dawn.
A haze of orange
might be complete
as rain might wait
for time to meet.
The pitter patter
of drops of gold
rain that envelops
a story foretold.
We might envision
a new day’s dawn
that might be right
or might be wrong.
Yet as the scenery
of a distant sky
changes with colors
as birds fly by
we’ll see conclusions
of timeless cuisines
as a haze of orange
creates many scenes.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 19,  2019

Withered Times

Life might become
a view in dispose
a time that we find
a time that we chose.
The moment passes
leaving petals to fall
as a withered flower
that lets go of all.
Scenes will change
as withering sights
times we encountered
once as bright lights.
Just like a flower
we’ll wither away
as minutes move on
to another display.
Seconds are ticking
leaving the past
times that flourished
now shadows cast.
Look for the good
in the changes in you
as signs of the times
come into view.
For lessons are gained
within our minds
if we learn from
the withered times.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2019

Another View

Seeking tomorrow
on yesterdays road
might hold a little
of life to implode.
Seek a new direction
a new way to go
using the lessons
of yesterdays flow.
Often another view
will be more smooth
seeking for tomorrow
a choice to choose.
Lose the negativity
of seasons despair
within another view
found with fresh air.
Breathe in a life
filled full of smiles,
but don’t forget all
of yesterdays miles.
For if you forget all
the potholes of time
you’ll find a roadway
of similar design.
So learn the lessons
of all that you do
and seek to be better
with yet another view.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2019

Just Say Hello

Morning’s a moment
that evening awaits
to just say hello
to the different dates.
Time begins changing
as each day finds end
and sunshine surely
is a time to transcend.
So when you wake up
or even go to bed
just say hello then,
not grimace instead.
The possibilities shine
as a beam of light
so just say hello then
to daylight and night.
Find all the blessings
that a moment beholds
and just say hello then
as each time unfolds.
Minutes turn to hours
as a lifetime’s cuisine
so just hello then
to every little scene.
Be happy for a breath
and a moment of life
as you just say hello
and goodbye to strife.
You may be surprised
at all that you find
as you just say hello
to a new state of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2019

Suddenly Confused

Various circumstances
bring forth a view
with a time and a place
that then needs to do.
Confusion might begin
as a cumbersome style
making so suddenly
a moment compile.
A time becomes alive
with questions of phase
found within confusion
of all that displays.
You might see a scene
that to you looks awry,
but others might see
the Earth and the sky.
You might even see
some branches of time
as that of a turnstile
a mysterious find.
Look with your eyes
and see with your heart
all the moments of life
as a great work of art.
Then as the minutes pass
you might be amused
that you for a moment
were suddenly confused.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 23,  2019

Dream of Flight

Our hearts may be sad
with the loss of someone,
but life must go on
as a bright shining sun.
Of course there’ll be nights
that darkness is seen,
but also within the nights
are chances for a dream.
Times that you remember,
times that you recall
life and all its glory
when you’d trip and fall.
We all have our moments
and they to shall pass,
for life is like a turnstile
with our shadows to cast.
So dream on about a time
or someone you remember
and keep the good alive
just like a burning ember.
Fly high with true emotion
as you move on to today
while life is also numbered
for when you’ll go away.
Heaven awaits our journey,
our time to come to end
as these worn out bodies
find time then to transcend.
Look beyond the moment,
see what shines so bright,
yet focus on your life now,
don’t just dream of flight.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 23,  2019

Then and Gone

Life is as pathways
sometimes to discern
then to become only
a second in turn.
Minutes tick wildly
as hours complete
as then and gone is
a moment to meet.
So don’t allow time
to just fall away
leaving but only
a moment of gray.
Search for the seeds
that blessings sowed
and let them flourish
on down the road.
You may remember
a Christmas so true
that with a picture
still lives with you.
You may then recall
a loved one of time
that is now gone
to Heaven divine.
You still remember
what lives on and on
the living life of love
now, then and gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 23,  2019

for Feb 23,  2019

Losing direction
does not mean you are hopeless
if you’ll stop and ask.

Daisies of summer
become artwork in a field
amidst the grasses.

Dandelions grow
showing as little sunbeams
from spring to summer.

Time is just a phase
that so many lose track of
and let it to pass.

Beginnings of life
are as the flowers blooming
showing their heartbeat.

The essence of love
is a flower within us
some misunderstand.

Life can be boredom
if you only seek one thing
and not for many.

Searching for a dream
might awaken some nightmares
that you knew not of.

Patience can bring joy,
where impatience has little
so enjoy your life.

Wintertime’s moments
can be frigid misery
or snowy blessings.

Choices that we choose
can be flowers in sunshine
or rain without shine.

Speaking too loudly
can give the wrong impression
of what that you mean.

Reliving autumn
in a timeless photograph
can become endless.

Walking too quickly
can be your Achilles heel
and cause a stumble.

Chasing after life
such as the morning dewdrops
can leave you all wet.

The scents of summer
might be of the ocean breeze
with waves rolling in.

An old rocky road
has a vivid memory
of all that comes by.

Inside of a thought
holds many things to decide
and time to do so.

A daffodil blooms
showing its trumpet shaped crown
often of yellow.

Life has conclusions
that are often disbelief
through close-mindedness.

Today gives chances
to correct our yesterdays
one day at a time.

The seams of our lives
are fashioned through our lifestyles
as needles of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 23,  2019

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