Clouds of Gray


Hello my friends

How have ya been? I hope your fall season is a pretty one.
So far it’s rained more than not up here hehehe. I ordered
Judy a new camera for her birthday being her camera seems
to be going on the fritz. Her birthday isn’t for a few more
weeks, but she needs/wants it to take pictures with me hehe.
So it should be here Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully we’ll have
a few days without rain such as Wednesday and Thursday
so we can go and get some good pictures. I’m making a few
of our very first fall pictures that we took or should I say I
took down in Lewiston Maine back in October of 2008 as
today’s stationary. Judy was visiting with her daughter
while I went and took a little journey walking down the road
to find fall colors. I found them at a college just a couple
of blocks away and it was most surely worth the walk hehe.
I hope you that are receiving this in stationary format enjoy
the pictures. If you’re not and you would like to see some of
the pictures, they are uploaded to my FaceBook hehehehe.
Ok so it’s onto yet another topic! Today is a little cloudy,
but other wise it’s not raining LOL. It’s supposed to be a
high of 53F today with tonight a low of 36F. Tomorrows
high is supposed to be 47F with low of 29F brr hehehehe.
It ain’t as bad as it’s gonna get LOL! I expect the temps
to start dropping much lower in the next couple of weeks.
Oh yea, I’ve got some great photos to use in my stationary
for Halloween. Ones I took the same day we took our
drive up north of us to take some fall pictures last week 🙂
I might begin using them next week hehehe. We’re still
doing our every day thing such as playing farming games
on FaceBook and watching all of our specially selected
TV programs hehehe. Yep, this is life in the fast lane!?
We don’t do too much being it cost money to do a lot of
things, but we’re happy to just enjoy our time together 🙂
I’m still in search of our first snow. I know it’s gotta be
getting close hehehe. I do love snow! It’s just that I get
a tad tired of it after the first 2 months LOL. It gets to
the point of ridicules hehehehehe. Yet I turn into a little
kid when I see snow and love to play in it. Of course it
does get ccccold at times. I’ve said many times, that
God gives us blessings everyday, but we often will lose
them in our clouds of gray. Look through your many
problems and find those blessings. They surely do exist.
I myself at times will let the clouds clutter up my view.
Sometimes I’ve gotta force myself to look passed the
moments view. Sometimes Satan is found standing in
the path of our blessings and we’ve gotta go through
him. God will give us the power if we will just have
faith and move forward. Use common sense though
being sometimes that old evil guy has nothing to do
with it. Sometimes it’s our own wanna taking the reins.
Let time run its course, for there are things that must
be done to get us from here to there. Now I guess it’s
time for me to begin my little venture back through
all I’ve written here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s new
poem. So it’s off I go to that place of my recollection
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I
may of found I good title. Now let’s see if I can put
together some words in form of a poem using it hehe.
Here goes nothing!!! Maybe so LOL…….!

Clouds of Gray

Times might flurry
hurry to
what you scurry
worry true.
Clouds of gray
may be found
worn to fray
dismay around.
Time might find
entwined with gray
with your mind
aligned in way.
Onwards troubles
double true
in a bubble
Yet the times
of rhymes of force
lessons chime
Divine recourse.
Truth is seen
between our sight
as God’s sheen
shows what that’s right.
Clouds of grey
away will go
leaving days
of ways to grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 17, 2010

Well, there ya go hehehe. I went back to a little of my
old style poetry. I like to write different styles every once
in a while. I guess though my favorite is the lyrical ballad
styles hehe. Yes I tend to stray from the distinct ballad
formats of repeating, but most can be put into that format
without any trouble LOL. Being I’ve been writing poetry
for well over 40 years now, I think I’ve tried every way
possible which includes all of these below hehehehehe
Acrostic Style, Ballad Style, Clerihew Style, Diamante
Style, Epitaph Style, Free Verse, Haiku, Limerick Style,
Monody, Monorhyme, An Ode, Palindrome, Pantoum,
Quatrain Style, Shape Poetry, Sonnet, Tongue Twister,
-and Villanelle. I guess I get bored time to time and try
a different way once in a blue moon. Yet I do prefer the
lyrical ballad style. No matter, I hope you enjoyed the
poem. I guess I need to be searching to find that blasted
off switch, but before I do that I need to tell you what
I tell you every week and that is, I wrote 10 more poems
with 3 of them wintry Christmassy styles. Also I wrote
once again 22 more haiku. I hope you enjoy a few of
them. With that said I must wish you a most wonderful
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too 🙂
Now to find that confounded off switch hehehehehehe.
Found it acting as my shadow mimicking every move.
LOL GOTCHA, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehe 😉

Not Seeing Clearly

Signs of times
display so true
within our oceans
and skies of blue.
Certain moments
come into play
as the signs
display every day.
Ones mistakenly
leave their own shapes
found in the times
that never escapes.
Repeated thresholds
opened and closed
show how so many
certainly dozed.
Not seeing clearly
how that their time
makes up our futures
dismal design.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16, 2010

All The Actions

Within a fraction
of what we find
there is a portion
found in our mind.
Often the motions
led thereunto
are just a portion
of what we should do.
Yes many segments
of our own ways
are headed into
some selfish displays.
It’s when we seek
for God’s will to be
that we find better
for our history.
The future’s standing
in our shadows view
as it’s concurring
from what we do.
So if you change now
how you survive
you might also then
keep us alive.
For all the actions
done by each one
reflect on some others
with each rising sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16, 2010

I’ll Catch Pictures

Fall has risen
standing true
in the colors
now anew.
Scenes around me
show designs
of the colors
from the times.
Soon comes winter
in the scene
as it covers
leaves of green.
Snowflakes dancing
will be found
as they’re landing
on the ground.
Trees will catch them
one by one
in the winters
then and done.
Then I’ll frolic
in the snow
with my camera
as I go.
I’ll catch pictures
here and there
of the snowflakes

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16, 2010

See What You’ve Got

Open your eyes
and see what you’ve got.
Your might just find
that you’ve got a lot.
Open your mind
to what can be done
and then begin
with each morning sun.
Let not your worries
to live then and thrive.
Let Jesus have them
as He lives inside.
Open your eyes
and view different scenes
that you have always
sought as demeans.
See things with different
eyes as you view
all of the things
you once saw askew.
Often our viewpoints
found in a day
are just misleading
times will and way.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16, 2010

Change Your Past

If you’re seeing
in the mirror
your misfortunes
so much clearer,
then try changing
what you see
through your future
Now’s a moment
that can find
you a different
point and time.
It takes changing
here and now,
for much better
to endow.
It might not
be done too fast,
but in time
you can change your past.
Not the past
of yesterday,
but the past
of a different way.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16, 2010

The Joy of Christmas

Certain times Christmas
might seem to shine
oh so much greater
than nows Christmastime.
Yet if we let them
to live and breathe
then in the future
we can believe.
Finding in Christmas
certain times joy
inside the grownup
little girl and boy.
Find deep within you
that feeling you had
and then this Christmas
be happy not sad.
Let all those moments
that you remember
become a joyful
times burning ember.
Remember the tree
all lit up with lights
as it would twinkle
deep in the nights.
Don’t let this Christmas
to be sad and blue.
Let the joy of Christmas
to live within you.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16, 2010

The Raindrops

It’s rainy and wet
outside now today
and it looks as if
it won’t go away.
I’m now trying
to see past the rain
not to just sit here
and fume and complain.
I smell the fragrance
of mornings desire
throughout the rain
and all its entire.
I sense beginnings
of ending of fall
as I just sit here
now through it all.
The pitter patter
of raindrops on tin
sing me a song
with a fast blowing wind.
Sweetness of morning
now almost noon
sing a pitter patter
of raindrops in tune.
So now the raindrops
found in my sight
I have found surely
how they delight.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16, 2010

Dark of Night

In the night
of darkened hue
there’s not seen
a sky of blue.
Yet up high
within the night
there is seen
a ball of light.
In a starry
night in phase
there’s the moon
of which I gaze.
Seen up high
a little while
that big moon
shows its lifestyle.
In the night
it shines so bright
with the stars
in dark of night.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16, 2010

If You Have Shadows

Shadows of Christmas
shine on the walls
along with the blessings
someone recalls.
All of the shadows
might be misled
dreaming of Santa
while tucked in your bed..
Shadows become as
timeless to find
as Christmas comes then
time after time.
Some find the stories
shadowy viewed
a little troublesome
and misconstrued.
Don’t let sad shadows
to live in today.
Make this great Christmas
a wonderful way.
If you have shadows
then look for signs
of all the blessings
from thens Christmastimes.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16, 2010

So Many Letters

Letters are written
inside of my mind
and no one reads them,
but me time to time.
We all have letters
of timeless arrays
that we have written
inside of the days.
Times we remember
that no one can see,
simply because they’re
our own history.
Letters as journals
collected and stored
things that we hated
and also adored.
Often a letter
will one day be heard
told to another
as word after word.
Yet those that here us
might not understand
all of the letters
of times rubber band.
Times that we found
repeated as so
that turned to letters
that we used to know.
So many letters
of times that I find
I’ll just continue
to keep in my mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16, 2010

for Oct 16, 2010

Some see a storm cloud
and some see new beginnings
through storm clouds of time.

Tomorrows flowers
might not bloom until springtime,
yet they’re still alive.

Peace is a venture
many take without knowing
and end up confused.

Fall displays colors
in a short winded moment
that lasts a few weeks.

On display through time
could be your many blossoms
seen in the wrong light.

Heartbeats episode
is just a rhythm in time
keeping you alive.

Ones without conscience
end up living regretful
as truth comes to light.

Tomorrows questions
could have answers in today
through what you’re doing.

Windows and doorways
will open and close in time
with some confusion.

Often perception
is in the beholders eyes
and a bit unclear.

The weather of time
makes its portfolio seen
as echoes on stage.

Links to our burdens
find ways of connecting time
through our memories.

Sometime tomorrow
it will be as yesterday
with new tomorrows.

Learning a lesson
could become less tormenting
if we would listen.

The scent of the rain
brings to life all the feelings
of blessings from God.

Rainbows in the sky
make their way to stories told
as a pot of gold.

Temporary segments
are the seconds that we find
that lead to minutes.

Tumbleweeds blowing
remind us of the ghost towns
that have diminished.

Within an inkblot
there’s an imagination
awaiting to thrive.

Beyond a valley
there’s a story to be told
that has not been seen.

Stupidity lives
in the choices of many
and what all they do.

Ones playing mind games
will be found as the losers
for it will reflect.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 16, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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