He Knows


Hello my friends
Happy Halloween

So how’s life in your part of the world? We’re supposed to get
about an inch of snow today and less than an inch tonight. Also
it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Who knows it might snow more.
Right now I’m having the dickens of a time seeing my PC monitor
being it went out and I was forced to hook up the old 12 inch one
off of Judy’s old computer from years ago. Hopefully I can find
a cheap 22 inch or larger sized monitor for sale somewhere soon.
This is killing me. I was going to trade off with Judy being she
has a 20 inch monitor, but this little monitor doesn’t have any
speakers and I would have to move all of my speakers over to her
side of the room where there isn’t any available plugs. Sooooo
I will try my best with this tiny monitor, but my eye is having
a hard time seeing it. It will be impossible in a few minutes so
I’ve gotta finish this article as soon as I can. My right eye gets
strained and weakened real fast due to my inability to retain
potassium and it gets low and takes my eyesight with it LOL.
Oh well, I can see for a brief, so I guess I need to hurry and
get this written :). Maybe Judy and I can venture up north to
Presque Isle Maine where I think they have a super WalMart
and I can find me a decent sized and priced PC monitor some
time this week. Ok so before my eyesight goes completely I
guess I need to move on to another topic. Judy’s birthday is
November 6th next Saturday. Ain’t telling ya her age hehehe.
She’d kick me in the rump, but she will then be the same age
as me LOL. I have already given her her present which was
the camera, but we’ll most surely do something special, unless
she doesn’t want to. We shall see! Well, it ain’t snowing yet,
but it’s 31F degrees right now at 8:00 in the morning, so it
could start any moment. I’ve got a die hard fly in here buzzing
around. He’s just trying to stay warm LOL. Our little radiator
heaters are still doing the job of keeping us warm. We have
not had to turn on our central heat as of yet thank God. The
heating oil prices are very high, but we do still have almost
a full tank of kerosene, so when we do have to use it, we
are set for the winter. LOL, that’s if it ain’t a repeat of the
2009 winter which stayed below zero for a month or so and
I do not mean centigrade :). There were a couple of weeks
that it stayed around 30F to 50F below zero. Brrrrr is right!
We shall see what this winter holds for us hehe. I’m sure
God will take good care of us. He always has. There might
be times in your life that you feel that God is not there, but
God will often allow us to live and learn as life goes by, yet
there will be times that beginnings and endings meet and
find us confused. No one likes to lose a loved one, but we
all have our allotted time in life and then it is time for us to
leave to a different plain of existence. Our journeys depend
on how we live and believe. Do you believe in God and do
you love His Son? Do you do your best to help others and
do you trust in The Father that He is there? Do you seek
for His Will in life even at times when your own will tries
to take hold? We will most surely make mistakes time to
time and fail, but through Jesus there is forgiveness and
understanding. Let Jesus into your heart today and find
that relationship that can help you to carry on through
life even through the torment. He will not allow more than
you can take. He knows our limits, yet we will often
think that we cannot handle many of the problems that
come our way. Keep in contact with God through Jesus
and you will find the strength. Now before I totally lose
sight of my itsy bitsy monitor, I need to be taking a little
trip back through all I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that might work well for the
title for today’s brand new poem. So it’s off I go to that
place of my recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I do believe I found a good title. Now let’s see
what, if anything at all, I can do with it. Here goes…

He Knows

He knows you
and He knows me
through right now
and history.
He knows timeframes
we become
sometimes silent
said and done.
He knows flavors
we will choose
and allows us
win or lose.
He knows pages
written down
with a smile
and with a frown.
Jesus knows us
as we are
when we’re near
or very far.
Do you know Him?
He knows you.
He knows if you’re
false or true.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2010

I hope you enjoyed that poem and it made some sense to you.
Also I hope you enjoyed my rambling. Keep me in your prayers
that I am able to find a decent sized PC monitor. I can hardly
see this tiny thing. I could barely see my 22 inch monitor so
you can figure this 12 inch one is giving me a hard time hehehe.
Hey guess what? It’s beginning to snow a little bit outside LOL.
I guess I need to be searching for that old off switch, but before
I do that I need to tell you what I tell you every week and that
is, I wrote some more poems. Yes, 10 more poems with 4 of
them wintry Christmassy style. Also yes once again I wrote
22 more haiku. I hope you like a few of the poems and haiku.
Oh yea, today is Halloween. Happy Halloween to those of
you that celebrate it. Don’t eat too much candy hehehehehe.
With that said I must wish you a most wonderful God filled
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now,
to find that confounded off switch. It’s found a place to hide
within this itsy bitsy monitor hehehe, but I see it. GOTCHA
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehe ­čÖé

Lessons Setting Sun

The days change
as dark to bright
as the same
as day and night.
Moments come
and then bestow
where the minutes
come and go.
The days bring
a chance to be
much more better
than history.
Lives are given
ways to breathe
with some choosing
to believe.
Let the days
that moments bring
show beginnings
such as spring.
Let tomorrow
be as done
seen as lessons
setting sun.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2010

Winds of Wonder

Winter winds
blow quickly through
with some clouds
in a sky of blue.
It’s conclusions
might just be
things of time
for us to see.
Many trivial
moments sights
might just be
someone’s delights.
Winds of wonder
sing and dance
as a winter
times romance.
Winters moments
drawn and seen
are the pictures
some demean.
Let those seconds
when and why
become blessings
days apply.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 20, 2010

Giving His Drumbeats

Drumbeats of rhythm
defeat the silence
sounding as voices
moments of violence.
Continued drumbeats
into the nights
sing of their rhythms
someone ignites.
Patterns so loosely
sounding insane
might be the voices
that you’re to attain.
Gathered as heartbeats
drumbeats are heard
as many patterns
of word after word.
Listen more closely
to what you hear
and you might find them
a bit more sincere.
They might be found as
moments so lost
into the night
of wintertime’s frost.
Singing the songs
as gentle drumbeats
within the rhythms
that always repeats.
Paving an echo
with timeframes to go
found in the drumbeats
amidst the white snow.
Then as the rhythms
sink in your mind
let yourself dream
of a great Christmastime.
That very drumbeat
of which that you heard
might not then seem as
oh so absurd.
It might be echoes
of the little drummer boy
doing for Jesus
what He does enjoy.
Giving his drumbeats
in the bright starry light
as they’re remembered
deep in the night.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2010

He Is Near

Points of thunder
make their goal
seeming as some
rock and roll.
God’s musicians
playing well
all the songs of
show and tell.
Some see thunder
as a fright
in the midst
a deep dark night.
Points of thunder
are best seen
as the fragrance
of a dream.
Hear the drum rolls
of its sound
that reverberates
all around.
See the lightning
here and there
as it lights up
Hear the thunders
every word
as a blessing
to be heard.
God’s meditation
given free
sounds to hear
sights to see.
Many nights
to see and hear
letting us know
that He is near.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2010

I Thought I Heard

Jingles of bells
are heard so clear
in my mind
this time of year.
Songs remembered
of a day
as a wonderful
magical sleigh.
A jolly guy
just flying around
Christmas eve
above the ground.
Magical times
of my memories
seem as a time
that nobody sees.
Old Santa Claus
late at night
delivers before
the mornings light.
This I recall
with my first toy
when I was just
a little boy.
All of the blessings
given so free
from Santa Claus
to little old me.
In my sleep
I thought I heard
a jingle of bells
as I inferred.
Then old Santa
said real clear
I will see you
soon next year.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2010

In A Dream

Long journeys
taken in time
are sometimes
in the mind.
Times remembered
found so sweet
are the journeys
none compete.
In the middle
found in frame
we find times
we wish again.
Looking closely
to the views
we find younger
pairs of shoes.
Times remembered
that we’ve found
have no strength
to come around.
So remember
all you’ve seen
and relive them
in a dream.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2010

On Passed Tomorrow

On passed tomorrow
the minutes will flow
leaving us wantings
of where we’re to go.
On passed tomorrow
minutes of snow
might leave the trails
of how we’ll bestow.
On passed tomorrow
moments will grow
to our own visions
we’re wishing to know.
On passed tomorrow
God might just throw
ways so unlikely
from days long ago.
On passed tomorrow
from times all aglow
now might conclude as
the wrong way to go.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2010

Time Might Change

Now and then
when and where
times might seem
to not compare,
Often fragments
that we view
might not seem as
good to do.
Yet some actions
dawning sun
might need daily
said and done.
Often people
will be found
judging us
each time around.
Now and then
when and where
some might seem to
just not care.
Sometimes people
hand in hand
simply do not
and their viewpoints
that they say
might be just a
day away.
Time might change
and help them see
who that’s you
and who that’s me.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2010

Learned All About

Lessons from actions
sometimes are learned
yet they are sometimes
not so discerned.
Often a moment
found out of place
one might envision
good on their face.
Lessons are painted
on our tapestries
sometimes as flowers,
sometimes as trees.
Many will concur that
then needs repeated
due their timeframes
a little conceited.
Lessons from moments
that we’ve acted out
might lead to pages
learned all about.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2010

I Long Await

Christmastime seems
living now as my
own moments dreams.
Ventures of sugarplums
dancing delight
seem to be visions
in my dreams at night.
Christmastime pleasures
seeming as gold
as all the stories
surely are told.
Singing the songs
of that special time
seems to now live on
inside of my mind.
White snowy pictures
painted and found
on evergreen trees
and also the ground.
Christmastime scenes
are found with a smile
seen on the face
of a wintertime while.
Subsequent blessings
I long await
for that of Christmastime
to come create.
Scenes all around me
seem to descend
displaying winter
just like a friend.
Snow is beginning
coming one day
displaying its own
wonderful way.
Long and awaited
it’s surely been
for that of Christmastime
to then begin.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2010

for Oct 30, 2010

Looking for answers
might lead you to conclusions
that you did not want.

Too many flowers
can disrupt all the beauty.
Sometimes less is good.

Snow falling earthwards
might seem to come from nowhere,
yet it floats and lands.

On a midmorning
a shadow might enlighten
what the day will be.

Memories from time
can reflect onto right now
and cause them to fade.

Gradual footsteps
lead many on a journey
that leads to nowhere.

Complacent people
desire to go no further
and become stagnant.

In wintertime’s view
is the sequence of snowflakes
falling to the ground.

Heavenly pleasures
come from Jesus and pure love.
Other pleasures lie.

An answer from time
might be found in a second
you were not ready.

I am only me
and myself cannot be you,
so why even try?

Yesterdays fury
can determine now today,
so be real careful.

Snow will encompass
all that it can land upon
and make it as white.

Evenings will follow
a moments long adventure
throughout the day.

Youth is a timeframe
we often take for granted
until it’s too late.

Words from a wise man
could be simply misunderstood
causing you to fall.

Many traditions
come from places far away
and are misconceived.

Opening a thought
allowing time to rush in
could suffocate you.

Windows of forethought
can become your own hindrance
if now is ignored.

Having a moment
and then using it wisely
might still fall apart.

Tall trees in the wind
wave goodbye to all the leaves
as they fall to Earth.

Patterns are displayed
as snowflakes lands gracefully
and await others.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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