Just Robots


Hello my friends

How’s life treating you? So far, it’s been rather
smooth up this way. I see that Minnesota and the
neighboring states are getting a bit of snow. It’s
looking like it will be here soon enough, but for
now, it’s just rainy and cold. Yet today it’s 44F
and sunny. It’s supposed to get up to 50F today,
but more rain for tomorrow evening. We might
get a bit of snow Wednesday and Thursday, but
that is a few days away and things can change 🙂
I’m very tired right now, so I may not ramble too
awful much, but then again in my lack of sleep
I might ramble more LOL. Whos knows!!????
Well to begin with, do you remember me saying
something about FarmTown in the nature of me
getting close to the final score LOL? Well I did
and lo and behold they moved the final score up
to 160 from 135. They also added yet another
farm. Now Judy and I have 7 farms hehehehe.
Gives us some cheep entertainment 🙂 so I guess
I won’t complain LOL. Judy’s place of business
finally started offering insurance (AFLAC) and
it comes out her pay check every week. Oh well
hopefully after she gets past the 3 month waiting
period, she can use it. Yet for now, it’s useless.
Now to another topic! I think shut eye is a good
topic hehehe. My right eye is fading quick. God
willing I will be able to rest for a few minutes
after I finish this. I’ve got dishes to do sometime
before Judy gets home or for that matter maybe
afterwards if I don’t get some rest. Never wish
you didn’t have to go to work unless you make
sure to make your wish clear LOL. I never said
I wanted to freaking be disabled and retire. Yet
here I am. I thank God for all of my gifts such as
poetry and photography as well as the wonderful
woman God gave me to share my life with. If it
were not for all of that, I think I’d go freaking
nuts LOL!!! Yep, God gives us what we need,
but expects us to do our part. He knows we will
get weak time to time and so His Son comes in
with grace. He helps us when we’re in need of
help. Yet often things will happen in life simply
because we’re human and life and death must
go on as well as sickness. Without those things
we would be just robots. God gave us all free
will and choices to choose. If we choose a bad
direction, we will have to answer for our choices,
but in Heaven if we know God’s Son, our slate
is wiped clean. Do you know God’s Son. He’s
my friend and He can be yours. All you need to
do is ask Jesus into your heart and love Him
and trust in Him. He knows we’ll screw up time
to time. That’s why He came to us in flesh and
blood. To live and die for our sins. He is very
much alive today and watching and waiting
for you. Don’t let life get you down too much.
Things will always happen that will be out of
our hands. Give it to God. Hehehe I told ya
that with me being tired, I might ramble a bit
more hehehe, but I do believe it’s about time
for me to be ceasing my rambling and begin
my venture back through all I’ve written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase that
I can use for the title for today’s new poem.
So it’s off I go to that place of my recollection
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I do
believe I may have stumbled upon a title that I
haven’t already used hehehe. It gets harder
every week LOL. Now let’s see if I can find
some words inside my mind that I can put in
form of a poem using the title. Here goes…

Just Robots

Found in our actions
here and there alike
things might surely mess up
one two three four strike.
We are not just robots
acting out the same.
We are human beings
sometimes a bit insane.
Often it’s our judgment
that portrays our view
when we look at something
that we saw you do.
We are not just robots
given flesh and blood.
We are all God’s children
risen from the flood.
Let not your decisions
to be that as portrayed
as that of just robots
with mistakes you’ve made.
Let God live within you
as you find your cue
how you’re not like robots
in the things you do.
We all have our choices
found with every day
painted as the moments
that we do and say.
So find those choices better
in your blessings now
and then let Lord Jesus
help to show you how.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 14, 2010

Ok hehehe that might of not come out as clear as
I had wanted it to, but there ya go hehehehehehe.
I hope at least a few of you understood the poem.
Now to prevent me from beginning my rambling
again, I need to tell ya what I tell ya every week
and that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yes 10 more poems with 3 of them Christmassy,
wintry styles and I also wrote 22 more haiku. I
wrote one of the poems Monday and the other
one Friday. The rest I wrote as usual Saturday.
Every once in a while I have a poem that insist
on being written the moment it comes to mind.
LOL go figure!!!!! Ok, with that said I reckon
it’s time for me to be searching for that old off
switch, but not before I wish you a wonderful
and joyous week. Remember, Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now to find that confounded
off switch. Found it hiding behind my sleepy
eyelids hehehe. See Ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehe 🙂

All Of The Beauty

The fragrance of time
can surely be found
sometimes as moments
within sight and sound.
The sorted emotions
found as so scented
might not be displayed
as time had intended.
For in the fragrance
found in a valley
there might be minutes
that we need to tally.
Taking a deep breath
of all that you view
the fragrance of time
might then live in you.
Let all your emotions
found then that day
create their own timeframes
any which way.
Find all the blessings
from all there around
within the blue sky
as also the ground.
Search deep within now
as you gather thought
and see if you’re finding
more than you sought.
You might be surprised
at all that you see
with each blade of grass
and every tall tree.
Let yourself wander now
through all the views
using the moments
of times dreaming shoes.
Close your eyes tightly
and then look around
inside your head now
with each sight and sound.
Open your eyes now
and look now and see
all of the beauty
that God gave for free.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8, 2010

Friendship Always Waits

Friendly midday mornings
woken time again
in the midst of thinking
of losses and my gain.
These are scenes I’ve painted
in those seconds passed
that all display journeys
friends that didn’t last.
Also found highlighted
are the ones that stayed
as the friends of minutes
that I truly made.
Friends as such as people
that were not attained
by me drinking beer
and all that I had gained.
Friends have surely blossomed
even miles away,
for they did not choose me
for a certain day.
These are friends I’ve gathered
as time’s found it’s course
leaving me no moments
of my times remorse.
Yet of course I miss them
as time trudges on,
but I know they’re my friends
never to be gone.
In my heart they live now
as my memories
lasting now forever
deeper than the seas.
I now thank those people
for their truth and love
that of which I truly
always now think of.
Even when they pass on
through sweet Heavens Gates
I know they’ll be standing
for friendship always waits.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12, 2010

Change The View

People seek
and find a view,
yet they often
Many see
what all that find
and then make up
their own mind.
Some see beauty,
some see pain
as they view things
time again.
People searching
may just see
a bit their own
Found within them
as they seek
many find their
week to week.
It’s our choices
sought and found
that determine
all around.
Let God help you
see much clearer
all that’s found
within your mirror.
He will help you
change the view
in the things
you saw in you.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13, 2010

Christmastime Soon

Winter progresses
soon now today
as it comes quickly
within its own way.
Wintertime’s scenes
are found in the fold
sequenced together
with moments so cold.
The winter winds blow
no struggle at all
after the endings
of Spring, Summer, Fall.
I’m now found searching
high up over me
for the white snowflakes
to touch and to see.
Seeking their blessings
found up in the sky
with winters answers
of certain reply.
Snow will then blossom
as flowers in June
bringing the essence of
Christmastime soon.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13, 2010


Peas of a pod
might seem alike
yet they may just
sort of psyche.
Looks alone
from outer layers
might just hide
the inner players.
So if you see
someone the same,
take a good look
at what they attain.
Many will seem
alike as you view
yet many also
are looking at you.
Try to remember
that we each might seem
often a nightmare
and others a dream.
Nobody’s viewpoints
are found exact
for we are different
a matter of fact.
Use those differences
to make good anew
maybe with one day
that’s living in you.
Different people,
different times
we are ones that

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13, 2010

Your Choices

In ones doorway
might stand tall
times that may just
cause a fall.
Many doorways
here and there
lead in circles
See the doorways
near and far
for what truly
that they are.
Don’t let doorways
make your choices,
for they often
have bad voices.
Listen to your
common sense
gathered from
a times past tense.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13, 2010

Become Cleaner

Inner windows
we see through
might not be so
very true.
Every scene
from every sight
might have things
that are not right.
Inner visions
found displayed
might be messes
that we’ve made.
Let those windows
me and you
become cleaner
through and through.
Let not filth to
layer on
with each moments
daily dawn.
Make your windows
in your mind
display clearer
then in time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13, 2010

Poems of Christmastimes

Winter’s coming
bringing scenes
shining as some
whitish sheens.
Here and there
and far and wide
so much beauty
is applied.
Lights that twinkle
far and wide
and here and there.
Winter’s bringing
its own shine
that which welcomes
Seasons journals
are so true
in the meadows
whitish hue.
Wantings wishes
Christmas tree
in this seasons
Written in the
children’s minds
are the poems
of Christmastimes.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13, 2010

Timeless Minutes

Looking upwards
and then down
I find beauty
all around.
Timeless minutes
found in frame
upwards shows that
Jesus came.
Lessons painted
there and to
shape the stories
me and you.
Many visions
ones compare
mislead many
without prayer.
Look now upwards
and then down
and see blessings
that are found.
God is always
there each day
with His Will
and with His Way.
Yet we often
will ignore
leaving moments
we’ll deplore.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13, 2010

Christmastime Symptoms

Christmastime symptoms
might seem to show
ones playing childlike
in the white snow.
Many much older
not moving fast
all of the symptoms
seem as the past.
Making snow angels
and a snowman
with a round belly
to help it to stand.
Christmastime symptoms
might be displayed
in all the dinners
that they have made.
The smell of the pot roast
or maybe a Chicken
or maybe turkey
cooks in the kitchen.
Cooking so tender
soon then to eat
then ones will come
and wipe off their feet.
Then to the dinner table
many will run
quickly most surely
for it is done.
Christmastime symptoms
might be well read
as ones make ready
to go to bed.
Awaiting Saint Nick
with their oohs and aahs
for he’s none other
than Santa Clause.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13, 2010

for Nov 13, 2010

In through tomorrow
comes journeys of yesterdays
if they’re not in time.

Pleasure of a rose
displays to a honeybee
as it’s sweet nectar.

Before and after
connect with strands of minutes
that we may not see.

While looking downwards
you might miss the very view
that moves overhead.

The plots will thicken
if we lose our direction
and let anger win.

Running through meadows
might cause you to miss the view.
Take time and enjoy.

Morning’s arisen
when the sight of the sunshine
makes its arrival.

A breath of nature
brings forth a minutes beauty
that lasts for hours.

Glancing at someone
you might misinterpret them
for their outer shell.

The hands dewdrops
hold fast to morning flowers
to be then their drink.

Shadows are portrayed
as misty mornings comments
arranged by the sun.

Lines on someone’s face
display their laughter and frowns
gathered within time.

Nobody’s perfect,
for we can find many flaws
if we will just look.

Errors are lessons
hidden in portholes of time
and sometimes not seen.

A blade of green grass
turns brown during wintertime
for hibernation.

With brisk winds that blow
there’s paragliders sailing
as eagles in flight.

Guiding a footstep
needs cautious understanding
of where you’re to step.

Anecdotes of time
are best viewed with another
to make clear the view.

Knowledge is power
if it is used correctly
and not just wasted.

Someone’s comedy
might not seem very funny
if it’s aimed at you.

A heated moment
can make dynamite display
as bombshells of time.

Singing of sunshine
can make the day much brighter.
It’s how you view it.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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