A Moment Anymore


Hello my friends

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope you had a great day.
Judy and I spent the day before Thanksgiving with her kids
and grand kids. It was great. Later in the day I treated us
all to dinner at the diner down the road. It was snowing
off and on all throughout the day. Hehehe weird, as far as
I can remember back, I can not recall ever having a white
Thanksgiving in Texas hehehe. It may of happened, but
I don’t remember it LOL! I tried to call my mom, but it
seems she’s never home. I guess she’s busy with her life.
Oh well, I might try to call her again sometime this week
to wish her a happy birthday being it’s this week. Judy and
I have been watching a few Christmas movies lately. We
both love to watch them. It’s looking very wintry outside
which helps with the Christmas feeling 🙂 Yes it’s cccold,
but it’s still very pretty with the white snow glistening off
of the evergreen trees in the distance. Of course at the
moment with the sun shining brightly, it’s rather blinding
with the sunshine reflecting off of the snow LOL. Need
sunglasses just to look outside hehe. I just now took a
few pictures of the view. Had to just point and shoot 🙂
being I couldn’t look where I was aiming hehehehehehe.
Well, hmmmmm what else is going on in this part of the
world? Life here at the Pearce’s Place is pretty much
the same old same old. Not much changed. We’re still
hanging out at FaceBook and playing our farming games.
Yep, we’re still helping each other with our farms hehe.
To another topic real quick hehe. I just now had to run
around to the back of the house and chip away the ice
from the bottom of the screen door so I could open it.
It was frozen to hehe. I was trying to open it and look
out back to see if I can find the noise I’ve been hearing.
Couldn’t budge the door hehe. Went out in my robe
and tennis shoes brrrrr. Snow got in my shoes. Nope I
wasn’t wearing socks LOL. Didn’t think about it at
the time. Oh well, now I can open the door if we’ve
gotta get out of here in a hurry. I always like to have
our backdoor accessible in case of an emergency. I’m
now thawing my feet. I’m a tough old bird hehehehe.
I’ll survive!!! Yes, it looks and feels like wintertime.
It is the 28th of November ya know! Yeppers, God
knows how to decorate. He can do it far better than
anyone I know 🙂 Yet I do get tired of the color white
after a month or so hehehe. Not so much the white
but the ice. My old body don’t heal as fast as it used
to ya know LOL. Life has its ups and downs and we
will often better remember the downs. We need to
highlight the good times and find the joy that we have
seen through life. At the moment that joy might not
have been clearly seen, but later on in life, it will
become clearer. All those things that you bickered
about, might show their levity and enlightenments.
Let God help you find those good times and clear
up the view, so you see the blessings. Often many
blessings will come from thankfulness of not having
to endure a moment anymore. The misery of your
life can become joy in today with thankfulness.
Look now and see the joy that you may have been
overlooking. Now I think it’s about time for me to
begin my little venture back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find a good word or
phrase to use for the title for today’s brand new
poem. So, it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I believe I may of found a good title. Now
let’s see what if anything at all I can do with it.
Here goes nothing……..

A Moment Anymore

A minute passing
with seconds to none
a moment anymore
might then have begun.
A little signature
written in time
seen as a threshold
stopped on a dime.
A moment anymore
that seconds can see
might just become
the greatest degree.
Seen through a mirror
found in a frame
a moment anymore
might clearly exclaim.
Forming a heartbeat
of rhythm that’s heard
a moment anymore
might then become stirred.
Beating as memories
fathomed right now
a moment anymore
might clearly endow.
Given as blessings
a moment anymore
can become greater
than then times before.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 28, 2010

Well, I hope in my rambling I made at least a little sense
to ya. Also I hope ya likes/understood the poem hehehehe.
I never truly know if what I’m writing is going to make any
sense to anyone but me, but I hope it does. I’m truly loving
my new PC monitor. Yet at the moment my potassium level
is very low and I can barely see this large 28 inch monitor.
Oh well, thank God I have it. Hehehe I’m eating peanut
butter right now LOL actually Reese’s Peanut butter cups.
Peanut butter is the best way I have found in 15 years to
regain some of my potassium. It works fairly well. All else
just adds to my problem LOL. Life goes on hehehe with or
without me. I’m sure you wouldn’t miss my rambling LOL.
Well I reckon it’s about time I told ya what I tell ya every
freaking week 🙂 and that is I wrote some more poems and
haiku. 10 more poems with 4 of them Christmas poems
and 22 plus 2 haiku being I sort of had trouble finding a
stopping place hehehehe. I get to writing and my brain
kicks into overdrive LOL and I never know what’s gonna
come out in words. Well with that said I guess I need to
be searching for that old off switch, but not before I wish
you a much belated Happy Thanksgiving. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that freaking
off switch!! I believe I found it hiding behind the external
harddrive hehehe. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10+1 and 22+2 hehehehehe 🙂

The first poem is one I was not going to include
which adds to the others. It is a poem I wrote to
my good friend Ben Geurts and family in Holland.
They have been an inspiration to me for years as
well as Ben publishes all of my Christmas poems
on his wonderful Old Fashioned Christmas site.
I don’t know what I would do without friends like
them. This poem also will reflect the love I have
for all of you that have been in mine and Judy’s
lives for many years. Many of you we have gotten
to know as not only friends, but family at heart.
We are all families through Jesus Christ…..
I hope you like the poem. I wrote it and sent it
to them Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving

Since long ago
the doors of time
brought together
art and rhyme.
Friends united
from afar
you and I
most surely are.
Many ventures
have been made
found with God
and Heaven laid.
I thank Jesus
now for sure
for our friendship
true and pure.
I hope today
is greatly found
with our love
each time around.
This Thanksgiving
I rejoice
for your friendship
given choice.
For together
jou and I
have connected
by and by.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 25, 2010

Discerned and Viewed

Minds of times
of signs and ways
find the crimes
of later days.
Scenes of means
demean some sights
as unseen
of wrongs and rights.
Ones with funds
might just be found
did and done
just sight and sound.
Points of joints
might disappoint you
if not anointed
with how you view.
Moons attuned
to swoons array
could be tuned
to a different day.
We might see
both me and you
a mere degree
of not so true.
Sights delighted
rights and wrongs
cause the frights
from different songs.
Our entire
desires of age
could be fires
of a different page.
Turned or burned
discerned and viewed
could be learned
as misconstrued.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2010

Seasons Changing

In a season
comes a view
found as time
for something new.
Weathers minutes
play a part
in the seasons
daily art.
Warm some days
and others cold.
Some too hot
for ones to hold.
Seasons changing
make the days
as the good
and bad displays.
Some might seem
a bit too bad,
but enhance
the good we’ve had.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2010

Now and Then

Now and then
of Christmas past
displays what
we wish to last.
Then and now
from days apart
might be joy
of different art.
Now and then
of times arrays
could be better
Christmas days.
Then and now
to how and when
could endow
how to begin.
Now and then
of days gone by
Christmas joy
needs eye to eye.
Then and now
to future times
needs remember
thens designs.
Christmas joy
from childlike eyes
now and then
with no demise.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2010

Christmas Snow

Without windows
Christmas snow
there might be
no Ho Ho Ho.
Christmas blessings
come from signs
as remembered
Moments flourish
from the views
winters doorways
Christmas shoes
Many visions
better seen
are through windows
great cuisine.
Painted artwork
white and found
seen as blessings
on the ground.
White snow falling
from the sky
shows us artwork
that can fly.
Landing softly
billowy white
Christmas snow
is such a sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2010

Scenes From My Dreams

Within a wonder
dreamers will find
sights so magical
inside their mind.
Magical moments
come from a view
inside a dream world
seeming so true.
Wonderful segments
wished to remember
maybe from timeframes
of a December.
Wintertime’s wonders
find ways to show
segments of beauty
from falling snow.
Then as the snow lands
there on the ground
it makes displays
of all there around.
Maybe in flurries
and maybe so light
white snow is what all
many delight.
I with my snowshoes
and coat and gloves
watch the snow falling
just like turtle doves.
Flying so blissfully
without a care
landing as snowflakes
so debonair.
Then with the wind
they blow thereunto
as I am watching their
wonderful view.
I with my dreamland
now then awaken
to see the footprints
that I have taken.
Through the white snow
my dream was alive
found as wintertime
did so arrive.
Footprints of Heaven
with Christmas in mind
all of my dreaming
did then unwind.
It made the pictures
as true as can be
sights of Christmastime
filled full of glee.
Scenes from my dreams
had come into view
turning so magically
wonderfully true.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2010

Your Artistic View

An artistic mind
without not a color
might just be found
as seeing no further.
Creating limits
with your every view
you might continue
to do what you do.
Not ever growing
passed what you see,
for all your colors
are a minute degree.
Let God to change
your artistic ways
and help you to see
some much better days.
We are all painters
of our own accord
sometimes with things
we cannot afford.
Let your days painting
become better seen
as you let Lord God
come and redeem.
He’s the great painter
of so many ages
setting up canvases
for all the stages.
Yet we so often
take up our brush
due to our wantings
segments of rush.
Let your abilities
live within you
as God enlightens
your artistic view.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2010

A New Day

Are you weary
when times are sound
with you standing
on sinking ground?
Are you worried
about what to do
when a mere moment
is right there with you?
Sometimes our worry
is just misconceived
in all the fragments
that minutes have weaved.
It’s sometimes fear
of unknown events
that brings our worries
of future extents.
Take in a breath
and breathe out relief
leaving your worry
as yesterdays grief.
Today’s a new day
of which to transpire
giving you hopeful
if you so desire.
Through God above
and Jesus His Son
you can find more
to better become.
Let time to move
at it’s own array
while doing your best
with your everyday.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2010

Better Changes

Life is grand
when seen so great
now today
not what can’t wait.
Let today
to be seen and heard
as the sight
of a single bird.
Leave the sadness
on the shelf
and seek better
for yourself.
Life is grand
if you seek
better now
with week to week.
Moments come
and go the same
sometimes with
a saddened name,
yet those times
of days gone by
can become
some apple pie,
for as time
is thereunto
you can see
a better view.
Links to pages
turned and twisted
are sometimes
what we insisted.
Life is grand
if we will see
better changes
from history.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2010

Welcome Christmastime

Long awaited
now comes closer
in design.
Scenes of glory
painted white
now are scenes
within my sight.
Christmas blessings
come to be
through the signs
of history.
As remembered
stories told
I remember
then of old.
With That Baby
which was found
when so many
came around.
In the manger
I speak of
was Lord Jesus
full of love.
He gave hopeful
on that day
and it lives on
every way.
Long awaited
He forgives
for Lord Jesus
always lives.
Now today
and tomorrow
Jesus gives
a way from sorrow.
Let today
the Christmas season
show you every
rhyme or reason.
Let it venture
through your mind
as you welcome

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2010

Choices Chose

Soon will come
a choice to choose
what to win
and what to lose.
Yet the choices
might be found
right now seen
upon your ground.
We’ve got choices
every day
which to choose
of either way.
Some are large
and some are small
yet they still might
cause a fall.
Even small ones
choices chose
can become
our very lows.
Let your choices
be as found
standing on some
solid ground.
Let Lord Jesus
guide your day
through your choices
will and way.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2010

for Nov 27, 2010

Without a morning
there cannot be an evening
or any other.

Ones torn and twisted
become tornadoes of time
if peace is not found.

Granting a blossom
won’t guarantee it’s blooming,
for it might wither.

Christmastimes shadows
create hope for tomorrow
through every blessing.

The lines on a face
tell a long detailed story
that many misread.

Essence of winter
displays snow painted hillsides
and valleys of white.

Inner most feelings
are found within a rosebud
awaiting the sunshine.

Many will stumble
and many will watch and laugh
without first knowing.

Harnessing moonlight
through a dream of tomorrow
makes way for blessings.

Anger can destroy.
It needs not any action,
just a mere expression.

A tulip in spring
is frozen in wintertime,
but thawed soon after.

Nobodies perfect
in this world with confusion,
but some think they are.

Morning will blossom
even with a few rain clouds,
for it is all good.

Ones seen so shallow
tend to not see what’s inside.
They only see shells.

Leftover sunrise
makes the dawning much brighter
if seen with a prayer.

Fluffy white snowflakes
fall as blessings from Heaven
to cover our sins.

A Christmas angel
awaits every Christmas
for someone to help.

Stories of Christmas
are often our memories
of our first Christmas.

Early some mornings
many awaken very sad
for what they have done.

Gazing at moonlight
gives your dreams a chance to live
through much amazement.

Gathering moments
makes pocketfuls of hopeful
if not just despair.

Never Never Land
can thrive within you and me
if we’ll just believe.

Echoes of today
might be found in tomorrow
if we do not learn.

Beyond this minute
lies the hope for a future
awaiting to live.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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