Shopping For Christmas


Hello my friends

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.
Christmas is almost upon us. Have you gotten all
of your shopping done hehehe? Does anybody??
LOL I can guess that it is never really truly done!
Judy and I begin shopping for Christmas with the
start of the new year hehehehehe and we still never
succeed. Oh well, it’s not what it’s about anyways!
OK so what’s been happening in your part of the
world? Not much has changed up this way. It’s
still cold as usual. Right now it’s 23F degrees at
12:00 noon. It might get up to 27F degrees today,
but I doubt it. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow and
Tuesday, but not too much. Heck, it might snow
a bit more than that, for God only knows what it
will actually do LOL. The weathermen are most
times just guessing and my weather programs can’t
figure in every change that could come from now to
then. Weather has a way of making weathermen
liars hehehehe. Even my weather programs aren’t
correct all the time. To say what it’s going to be
like outside all over with a 7 or 10 day window is
most times an estimation or hehehehe guesstimation.
I was going to write this journal earlier today, but
I was way to tired from lack of sleep. I’ve rested
my eyes a bit since then. My eyes are still a little
weak and fading, but I think I will make it hehehe.
Onto yet another topic. Judy and I have decided
to just stay home this year and maybe watch some
Christmas movies together. Judy bought a small
ham to cook. She asked me what she should get
and said ham because neither of us like turkey
and we can also have ham sandwiches after we
get our fill of Christmas dinner hehe. I’ll make
us some mashed potatoes and maybe add a few
other items, but hehehe it’s just gonna be us so
why cook for an army LOL? Nope, no sense in
that! The clock on the wall tells me that Judy
will be getting home soon, so I better hurry and
finish this. She has to work Christmas eve, but
only till about 1 PM. Still it would be nice if she
didn’t have to work at all on Christmas Eve, but
that’s life! I hope and pray that the snow sticks
around for Christmas. This year has been weird
with the weather. Last year and years before, we
had tons of snow by now. Well let’s see what God
has in store for us hehehe. I know winter up here
really doesn’t get into full swing until around the
first of January. My fingers are already cracking
and bleeding from the cold. Back to the lotion 🙂
It’s been a good year minus a few speed bumps
here and there with troubled times. I guess there
will always be problems in life. God allows them
as our motivators. If things were to get to easy
going, then we would maybe just get off of our
guard and really end up in trouble. Yes loved
ones will die and friends will leave, but they will
continue to live in your hearts as memories. I
was revisiting some of our old pictures that we
took when we lived in Texas and I thank God for
all of those times. Judy and I have pictures of all
of our visits to Port Aransas as well as pictures
of all of our friends that we’ve come to meet.
I watched a few of the videos that we took off
and on. Yes we have tons of memories and they
will live on inside our hearts and minds. Learn
to be thankful for the time that you’ve had, for
they can still live as joy in your heart. Friends
never really die. They just move on to be found
in another place and time. Well, like I said
before, I better get on the move to finish this
before Judy gets home hehehe, so I’m off to
that place of my recollection through all that
I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I might be able to use for
the title for today’s brand new poem and it’s
off to that place I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I believe I may have found a good
title, but only time will tell hehehe. Here goes!

Shopping For Christmas

Often so many
seek for some more
to only be found
at the nearest towns store.
Seeking for many
with love here and there
often so many
forget about prayer.
Shopping for Christmas
so often is found
with ones just seeking
and looking around.
Not seeing Jesus
and His wondrous gift
many will end up
just shopping adrift.
Let Christmas blessings
to come and impart
with all that Jesus
can give to your heart.
Find all the love
that you can give true
that will most surely
then live within you.
Seek for the presents
that money can’t buy
and then your Christmas
will then multiply.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 19, 2010

I hope that message found its way to your heart.
We often will find ourselves seeking material gifts
and not seeing what we can do for one another.
Love is the greatest gift to give. The gift of true
friendship is a blessing that keeps giving. I’m just
the same as you. I will sometimes get lost in the
money game thinking it has to be bought, but I
try to remind myself time to time, that the best
gift to give comes from inside. The gift of a poem
you wrote, a picture your drew or a dinner you
cooked. There are many ways to give a gift that
doesn’t really involve going to a store, but still
buying your loved one a special gift that you wish
to give them is not wrong. Just don’t let it end
there. Let it be seen in your actions. Many will
spend money to keep from having to show true
affection. STOP!!! You know what I mean.
Here’s a dollar now leave me alone. Does that
sound familiar. So many families will fall apart
because of that action. The children grow up
with the same values and it wheels out of control
STOP now and change that pattern if that is you.
Well I guess it’s about time for me to be telling
you what I tell you every week and that is hehe
I wrote 10 more poems. HOHOHO :), this time
6 of them are Christmas poems. Hehehe what
did you expect this close to Christmas? Yes of
course I wrote 22 more haiku for all my haiku
lovers out there. I hope and pray that you find
some joy in my writings. Now I need to begin
my search for that old off switch, but not before
I wish you a most wondrous and joyful week
and Christmas brings you a smile in your heart.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
He is the reason for the season! Now to find
that off switch that each week tries to elude me.
Hehe found it hidden in my Christmas stocking.
See ya HOHOHO CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehe 🙂

Windows of Christmas

Windows of Christmas
seen from the past
display the moments
that I wished to last.
Some seen as echoes
heard oh so clear
sounds of my childhood
from yesteryear.
On through the windows
I try to see
all of the fractions
in my memory.
Scenes may be jumbled,
yet found oh so true
things in the windows
of yesterdays view.
Christmas’s blossomed
with every detail
within the windows
remembered so well.
Letters to Santa
with wishes galore
for things remembered
in our towns toy store.
So many windows
open and close
with all the blessings
that Christmas bestows.
Wishing for snowflakes
upon Christmas morn
finds me remembering
Who that was born.
Christmas with loved ones
singing sweet songs
about our great Savior
is how it belongs.
Scenes in the windows
found snowy white
help me remember
that Chrismas Eve night.
Us found in chorus
me, sis, mom and dad
I can remember
the greatest I’ve had.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2010

A Wonderful View

Onwards toy soldiers
marching in time
step now as blessings
in Christmas divine.
March to the music
from here to and fro
found sweetly playing
on the old radio.
Onwards dear Santa
deliver those toys
to all the blessings
of good girls and boys.
Onwards sweet snowflakes
fall from the sky
and land most graceful
to then multiply.
Onwards dear loved ones
now gather your hearts
before you find Christmas
with just broken parts.
Onwards now people
with love oh so true
and make this Christmas
a wonderful view.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2010

Christmas To See

Snow filled driveways
here to afar
make as a runway
for our little car.
White crushed tire marks
seem to inlay
imprinted journeys
of our day to day.
Rhythms of snowflakes
fall into place
while also landing
right here on my face.
Snow so billowy
seems to be found
painting the moments
of all there around.
Snow filled dreams
of yesterdays news
makes as a pattern
for so many views.
Seeming as Heaven
when winter appears
I can remember
my own yesteryears.
Wishing for snowflakes
upon Christmas Day
I now find pictures
in living array.
Painted as doorways
with welcoming signs
I see the snowflakes
of many designs.
The sounds of the wind
blowing so true
I now can find
each day so anew.
Found as the blessings
of Christmas to see
scenes of the ventures
all around me.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2010

In A Nutshell

Life in a nutshell
might seem cracked
as many moments
Sometimes glimmers
from a view
might just seem
to misconstrue.
Many nutshells
from a pile
might appear
without a smile.
Often moments
seen so clear
might be times
of yesteryear.
Points remembered
ones might find
as the tears
within their mind.
Life in a nutshell
time might be
fragments of ones

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2010

Built From Snowflakes

Trickling snowflakes
fall down to Earth
so to give hope for
a snowman’s rebirth.
Children are playing
just rolling around
big balls of white snow
all over the ground.
Building a body
from bottom to top
while they continue
with never to stop.
Seeking a carrot
to make its big nose
and maybe snowshoes
to cover its toes.
Then maybe a hat
to cover its head
or maybe leave it
uncovered instead.
Then as they finish
they look with a smile
and see a snowman
that they did compile.
Built from snowflakes
fallen one day
they built a snowman
to daily display.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2010

This Wondrous Season

With this great season
comes time to enjoy
what God has given
from One Baby Boy.
The Christmas season
is brought to display
all of God’s blessings
in a wondrous array.
Times we have stumbled
and found troubled views
Jesus is there then
with His Walking Shoes.
Walking beside us
in days trouble times
Jesus will help us
in our weakened minds.
This wondrous season
of Christmastime scenes
look and find truly
what it is that it means.
Look to the Savior
that God gave in peace
and find the blessings
of a moments release.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2010

Found in Minutes

Long winded minutes
might just compare
with that of short ones
of unwanted pair.
Often the displays
are just but a time
found as unwanted
in our own design.
Sometimes impatience
is painting the hue
of all the times
of then thereunto.
Maybe longwinded
and then maybe not
time might just seem
as a little or a lot.
It’s found in minutes
of moments desire
that paints the picture
of our own entire.
So have some patience
in ones that you know
and maybe one day
you will surely grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2010

Right and Wrong

Lessons come
and lessons go
some in time
to help us grow.
Many lessons
come to be
and sometimes
we may not see.
Some are painted
in our view
and some might seem
never through.
Lessons come
as stumbled ways
with the passing
of the days.
So those lessons
are you learning
or are you
just twisting turning?
Let the lessons
live and breathe
as a problem
you perceive.
Don’t continue
life along
just ignoring
right and wrong.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2010

Giving Love

Now is Christmas
coming soon
with a joyful
wondrous tune.
Kindred spirits
bringing true
for me and you.
Sounds of music
oh so clear
in this wondrous
time of year.
Songs of Jesus
and His birth
sound across
this big blue Earth.
Christmastime is
found in place
with the love of
Jesus Grace.
Since the birth
of Him then there
now we all can
have a prayer.
Christmas giving
from the heart
helps the blessings
to impart.
Let this season
find you true
giving love
in all you do.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2010

Moments To keep

Look at the clouds
up over your head
and see them form
a great riverbed.
Look at them now
and see what you find
as you look on
inside of your mind?
See their formations
of here there alike.
Some might just seem
as riding a bike.
You might see a house
or a car driving through.
So tell me now then
tell me do you?
Do you see someone
just looking and smiling
as all the clouds are
quickly compiling?
Look at them now
and form in your eyes
pictures of beauty
up high in the skies.
Can you see blossoms
of flowers that bloom
or maybe valleys
so timeless in June?
Look at the clouds now
and make a wish.
You might see rivers
with many a fish.
Look now and dream
of the clouds you see
and make believe
you’re a bird flying free.
Now close your eyes
and drift off to sleep
making those feelings
some moments to keep.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2010

for Dec 17, 2010

People mistaken time
with turnstiles of ins and outs
and go the wrong way.

Looks can deceive you.
Don’t let a moments design
to corrupt your sight.

How is a question
many ask when they’re confused,
yet fearing answers.

Christmas beginnings
find ways inside many hearts
through some memories.

Inside a doorway
stands chances to move forwards
or to fall back in.

A feather floats down
as an angel with true love
and gracefully lands.

The hearts that unite
are the ones that grow stronger
through the Grace of God.

Tomorrows lessons
might come in form of today
with speed bumps of time.

Points of a timeframe
may have meanings not so clear.
Only things to argue.

Our lemons in life
can be mere limes in disguise
just waiting to grow.

Snow angels frolic
as many arms and legs
dancing in the snow.

Building a heartbeat
takes a little love and care
and Lord God above.

Watching the snow fall
finds mysteries in the view
as it lands softly.

Manic depression
creates trouble from within
that’s exposed outwards.

Mornings arrival
brings forth a new beginning
with chances to choose.

Missions of mercy
can be made unknowingly
as angels desire.

Descriptive meanings
can often be illusion
painted with a dream.

Heat found in passion
fills the room with emotion
that’s often confused.

Listening to time
might lead you to hear wrongly
if not understood.

A mind in trouble
is someone thinking they know
when having no clue.

Meeting new people
gives way for many chances
with friendships of time.

Fireplaces crackling
brings the essence of Christmas
alive in winter.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 17, 2010

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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