God Has Control


Hello my friends

I might not write to much being my side is hurting
really bad right now, but I may surprise myself LOL.
How was your new years beginning? Mine was the
same as always. Home watching TV and messing
around on the computers. I haven’t shut mine down
as of yet hehehe. I’ve a sneaky feeling that when I
do, it will not start up again. I might have to send it
to my friends at Century Computer in Texas and get
it fixed. Plus, I was wanting them to put a larger
hard drive in it anyways. They will have to move all
my info from this one to the new one. Well, we shall
see what happens, being I might have to shut this
thing down due to weather conditions and you will not
hear from me for a while. I have though saved a lot
of my info to my external hard drives such as emails
and addresses. So I may try to use this rinky dink
laptop of mine, but it don’t work too well. In any
sense, I will be back one day or another. Until the
day I shut this thing down arrives, I’ll keep on with
my writing hehe. On with the journal! The weather
up here has been rather weird lately. A lot milder
than the previous years, but then wintertime is not
done with yet. Nope, we’ve got a few more months
of winter to endure. The snow at the moment is just
about melted away which is bizarre for up here, but
there’s a chance of snow tonight. There’s not much
new news up this way. Nope, we’ve been doing our
same old regular scheduled silliness. We still play
our farm games on Facebook hehe and watch all of
our favorite TV programs. I can feel God watching
over us. He is always there with an angel to send
in times of need. My prayer is that this new year
brings joy to each of your lives as well as our own.
Keep the faith that God has control no matter how
bad things might seem. Lives aren’t lost, Angels
are born. Well, before my side starts hurting too
badly, I guess I need to be revisiting all that I have
written here to see if I can find a word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand new
poem. So it’s away I go through my recollection
to that little place that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I believe I may of stumbled upon a good
title. Now, let’s see what if anything I can do with
it hehehe. Here goes……

God Has Control

The new year’s now
with days ahead
may be with the
things we dread.
Yet the new year
brings with glee
time to change
our history.
Not the past
but new days found
that in time
will come around.
God has control
through thick and thin
things we learn
from where we’ve been.
God allows us
our own time
through our will of
thens design.
He knows truly
through His Son
we will learn through
things we’ve done.
Yet the lessons
will not be
if we lose
our history.
If you’ve chosen
not to learn,
you might find
some Hell to burn.
Use good judgment
from your past
and make lessons
surely last.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 2, 2011

Hehehe do you know how hard it is not to sign and
date my poems 2010 LOL?? I had to go back on all
of my poems yesterday and re date them hehehehe!
It will probably be around March before I get 2011
locked into my head LOL. Oh well, until then, I’ll
just try not to sign 2010 hehe. Ok, it’s time for me
to be telling you what I tell you every week and that
is, I wrote some more poems and yes I wrote some
more haiku. Last week was just due to Christmas 🙂
the reason I wrote so little. Anyways, I wrote 10
more poems and 22 haiku. Hehehe 2 of the poems
are wintry/Christmas poems. Yep, I’ve got a head
start on this years Christmas poems LOL. I wrote
over a hundred last year. I’ve written over four
hundred and fifty Christmas poems in the past 8
years. Yep, I love Christmas. Ok, now before
my hip starts hurting any worse than it is right now,
I need to be searching for that old off switch, but
not before I wish you a most joyful week and a
wonderful God filled new year. Remember, Jesus
loves you and we do too. Now to find that freaking
off switch hehe. Found it hiding in the Christmas
tree making as an ornament LOL. Gotcha ya you
little varmint. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehe 🙂

Winters Moon

Winters moon
shines all night
with reflections
of sunlight.
Nighttimes fractions
are the shadows
I can see.
Winters displays
painted white
cover every
day and night.
Signs of morning
come to be
with the times
so wintry.
Pages turn
with each day
until winter’s
gone away.
Winters moon
then shall be
what that’s found
in history.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2011

The Snowflakes

Soft white snowflakes
float and fly
as their driven
from the sky.
Their soft bodies
day and night
paint the hillsides
purest white.
Scenes are founded
through a glimpse
found within
a time past tense.
from childhood days
softly billow
in the ways.
So much magic
seems to shine
in the snowflakes
own design.
Painting trees
so snowy white
and reflecting
the sunlight.
Glistening scenes
from far away
turn to dreams
of now today.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2011

New Years Beginnings

New is the day
beginning each year
giving us chances
now unto here.
Minutes to change
beginning one day
gives us a chance
to change our display.
New Years beginnings
start with an end
with oh so many
just needing a friend.
Lessons are learned
maybe sometimes,
yet there are many
just repeating crimes.
Don’t let this day,
this chance that you see
become the same
as your history.
Learn from the past
of your days gone by
what that this New years
should then comply.
Search your past
for lessons learned
and make them be
what you’ve discerned.
New Years gives
us all a way
to make now
a better day.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2011

The Sands of Time

The sands of time
might seem to fall
counting seconds
over all.
Yet those sands
that time displays
can depict
some better days.
Ways of wisdom
gathered true
from the things
you used to do.
Let the sands
of time be seen
lesser nightmares
more a dream.
Search to find
the patterns made
through the sands
of which displayed.
Find the rhythms
said and done
learned as lessons
setting sun.
God will show you
through the sights
all the wrongs
and all the rights.
The sands of time
can be so well
if they’re not
just bitter Hell.
Lives can find
a way to see
through the Hell
of history.
Bitter or not
the days will find
things to learn
from time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2011

Give Ones Chances

Finding heartbeats
through a sight
might not show
what’s truly right.
Through the outside
might be hid
what that’s truly
then amid.
Let your heartbeat
seek so true
what that’s inside
me and you.
Time might conquer
what you see,
because your seeing
Give ones chances
to show signs
of what’s truly
their designs,
For the moment
that you view,
might not really
be so true.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2011

Troubled Grooves

Weathered moments
then and there
may seem like
they have no prayer,
yet the moments
there and then
have a chance
to seek from sin.
Weathered turnstiles
sought to burn
might just have
something to learn.
Lessons given
from Lord God
as our self-will
seeks applaud.
We might follow
wrongful ways
and end up
in bad displays.
Let the turnstiles
then and there
find you with a
breath of air.
Through the daily
troubled grooves
with Lord Jesus
we can’t lose.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2011

Hear The Wind

Hear the wind,
feel it blow
as it goes on
to and fro.
See the things
all blown around
here and there
and town to town.
Hear the breathing
of its breath
sometimes more
and sometimes less.
Feel the texture
of its way
as it blows on
day to day.
Hear its voice
that speaks so loud
with the time
that it’s endowed.
Hear the wind
just passing through
now and then
and thereunto.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2011

Make It Christmas

Christmas shadows
come and go
some with presents,
some with snow.
Time will pass
and leave in place
Christmas smiles
from place to place.
Yet some people
will be found
with but only
one big frown.
Them not holding
as Lord Jesus
Great Divine.
Keep now Christmas
within you
as you do
what all you do.
Take some time
to then remember
that great time
that’s in December.
Don’t let joy
to fade away
Make it Christmas
every day.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2011

True Friends

Harboring sadness
as you go by
might leave you standing
alone till you die.
Don’t just hold it
as a fool.
Learn to use it
as a tool.
Let that sadness
help you grow
reaching out
to ones you know.
For just holding
it too tight,
might find you
a dismal sight.
Let some others
come along
and then maybe
you’ll be strong.
You’ll find truly
your true friends,
for they’re ones
without no ends.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2011


Pointless seconds
tick on by
as so many
try to fly.
Pointless anger
is just found
with so many
in astound.
Pointless people
stop and stare
watching others
here and there.
Pointless moments
come and go
leaving many
feeling low.
Pointless issues
sinking sand
need a Jesus
Helping Hand.
Pointless heartaches
said and done
need to seek for
God’s Own Son.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2011

for Jan 1, 2011

Helpless are people
that never try for themselves
to see if they can.

Wells filled with water
can determine a lifespan
if used correctly.

A lumberjacks axe
can create us much lumber
and also destroy.

Life might seem too hard,
but your past might of been worse
and prove a lesson.

Images display
as tomorrow and today bond
with our yesterdays.

Many might see winter
as a time filled with coldness
while others see snow.

Havoc has patterns
made through many emotions
as time runs amuck.

Pillows of blessings
are the clouds up in the skies
floating billowy.

Landing in the snow
might make for a soft landing
if not covered rocks.

In Christmas shadows
there might be images displayed
as your memories.

Writing a letter
will not ever make the point
unless it is meant.

Saving a dollar
can’t guarantee happiness
unless used wisely.

Many simple minds
can create conflicted moments
over small problems.

Errors in judgment
can be determined through time
of how things turn out.

Colored Easter eggs
can be found much easier
than white in the snow.

Lawns holding snow piles
can be used to build snowmen
with Christmas wishes.

Minutes will move on
leaving yesterdays shadows
as just memories.

Glancing at troubles
will not give a solution.
Find out an answer.

Searching for problems
might find you with abundance.
Search for happiness.

The seams of today
are held together by time
throughout history.

Raising an issue
that needs to be left alone
could create a storm.

Walking in the snow
leaves the essence of my feet
as footprints of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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