Passed The Rain


Hello my friends

How have ya been? I hope your weather has been a little
better these passed few days. We’re getting a bit of rain
now days. It’s a bit bizarre drifting from below zero to
today’s temp of 45F degrees LOL. It’s supposed to drop
to freezing again tomorrow. Yeppers this year has been
a weird one weather wise. Hehe try to say that five times
fast. Judy and me are looking forward to tomorrow. Yep
Monday begins her week of vacation. We won’t be able
to do much being strapped for cash and health, but that’s
OK. We’ll get to enjoy each others company with out her
being so tired that she nods off at her chair. She said
she wants to eat out at least one of her days off, so we’re
trying to think of where we want to eat at. I haven’t a
clue of what else we will do hehehe other than grocery
shop as we normally do. I am feeling a little better since
I found out why my chest, shoulders and neck were in
so much pain. I had a case of Angina Pectoris. LOL
I still have all the other problems, but nothing I can do
about them, but ache hehe. Yep it’s a bummer getting
old LOL!!! Well it’s time to be moving on to another
topic. I am at this moment working on Judy’s computer
trying to get her updates to install. Microsoft has sent
me some things to do, and so I am bouncing back and
forth from her PC to mine LOL. I’ll get it fixed I’m sure.
Boy that wind is sure blowing outside. Can almost feel
it in here hehe. There’s not much to report from way up
here in Northeastern Maine. We’ve still got tons of snow
outside, but the rain and high temps have melted a lot of
it away. I still wish I could see some of my friends down
south as well as my family, but life goes on. I just try
now days to find some happiness in where that I am and
how things are. I can’t wait for summer when my friend
Brian and me can go fishing and fly planes again. That
is the highlight of last summer and possibly this summer.
Of course I don’t fly the planes hehehehehe! I just take
pictures and videos. Also I try every once in a while to
get Judy to take me out to take some scenic pictures.
It’s going to be a good while before we can afford to
buy me some new glasses, so my PC glasses are all
I have now days which are no good for any distance
passed a foot or so hehehe. Oh well, that’s my life in
a nut shell LOL. Well I did all they told me to do and
her PC still does not install updates hehehe. Onto the
next version of solutions LOL. It never ends with the
PC problems hehehe. Yet it does keep me busy LOL.
Well now, what else is there to talk about? Not much.
It’s quite the same old same old up this ways. Yeppers
as far as life is concerned, it don’t change much one
way or another up here hehehe. We still enjoy all of
our favorite TV programs and also playing our farm
games on FaceBook. Yet while she’s off we might be
playing a few of our hidden object games. We love
to do that, because we can do that together. She rolls
her chair over here and we search together. Life can
always be worse. I try as hard as can to see the good
in the moments, though there are times I find I cannot
see passed the rain. Storms of life come and go with
their own bits of confusion. That is why it’s important
to have Jesus to help us through them. Without Jesus
the storms could envelop you. Of course there will be
days that the storms seem so great that you feel that
you cannot make it, but remember, God will not
allow more than you can handle. It’s often us with
our own view that says I cannot handle it. Yet if you
look back through your life, I’m sure you will find
many moments that you also thought you could not
handle, but you survived. Learn from the past and
let them help strengthen you for today and tomorrow.
Well I reckon it’s time for me to be setting off on my
little venture back through all I’ve written here to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that might work
for the title of today’s brand new poem. So it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found a good title
just a few lines back. Now let’s see what I can do
with it hehehe if anything at all. Here goes!!!!

Passed The Rain

Stormy settings
will and ways
seem as raining
on some days.
That’s why many
timeless views
need be finding
lessons shoes.
Find the footprints
from the thunder
maybe hidden
over under.
Don’t just stand
and just complain.
Take a look on
passed the rain.
Seek the blue skies
from a scene
that’s remembered
grasses green,
then make efforts
to inlay
passed the rain
a better day.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2011

Yep, that’s what keeps me going. Using my memories
of days gone by and dreams for tomorrows. I find that
when I get sad, I am cheered just a little by rekindling
the good times of my life through memories and photos.
I thank God for giving me the chances that I have had.
Yet, I’m just like most and find myself wishing that I’d
done things differently. You can’t undo the past. That
could be a good thing hehehe. Did ya ever watch the
Christmas program It’s A Wonderful Life???? That
would probably be my outcome by changing things of
my past life. So, lessons were learned and time moves
on hehehe. Oh yea, I have a special prayer for a friend
of mine that has come down with Breast Cancer. She
called me asking for prayers. So please send prayers
to my good friend. I don’t think she would like me to
mention her name due to embarrassment, so I will just
leave it as my good friend. Now before I get to rambling
too much more hehehe I think I need to be telling you
what I tell you every week and that is, I wrote some
more poems and haiku. Yeppers 10 more poems with
3 of them Christmassy wintery styles. Also yet again
22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there!!!
I believe my friend Scott R in the Landofquess egroup
rates very high up there as haiku lovers 🙂 Glad you like
it Scott. I like your writings as well. Now I believe
it’s about time for me to be finding that old off switch
that loves to elude me, but not before I wish you a most
wonderful God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now to find that off switch hehehe.
Found it dancing in the rain of confusion as it stares
at the snow LOL. Gotcha, See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehe 🙂


Sometimes journals
written down
only bring us
future frowns.
Sometimes thinking
needs to be
in the journals
Sometimes people
will be seen
writing journals
of a dream.
Sometimes dreamers
need to find
a little truth
within their mind.
Sometimes journals
about you
might display
another you.
Sometimes moments
pages said
need to be
much better read.
Sometimes segues
said and done
might just need
a setting sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Answers In A Prayer

Weary people
day to day
sometimes just
need kneel and pray.
Many people
time to time
sometimes just
are out of line.
Often peoples
moments force
is a little
bit off course.
Weary sections
of their minds
are the choices
of their finds.
So now people
now today
maybe seek
a different way.
Many people
here and there
can find answers
in a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Wits of Wisdom

In some phrases
moments thoughts
some might seem
a little lost.
Wits of wisdom
some confuse
with the times
their wants just choose.
Some use wisdom
only found
as a timeless
Wits of wisdom
can be good
if it’s not
Knowing fully
what to do
through the times
of distant you.
Wits of wisdom
are best laid
as the lessons
time has made.
Used as work tools
for tomorrow
wits of wisdom
might end sorrow.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Many Views

Views distorted
in a while
might be evils
moments smile.
Let your senses
choose each view
with God showing
what to do.
Look beyond a
moments scene
to see what that’s
Many views
might seem awry
when not seen
from eye to eye.
Let distortion
fall from view
as God shows you
what that’s true.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Like A Snowflake

As the seasons
come and go
times encounter
rain and snow.
Like a snowflake
none the same
many seasons
bring their game.
Some play hardball,
some play soft
with their choices
days aloft.
Like a snowflake
times befall
what they are then
Winter comes with
snow filled dreams
and then follows
flowered scenes.
Like a snowflake
seasons come
with each different
dawning sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Hearing Footsteps

Hearing footsteps
in the night
I then seek for
a flashlight.
With the footsteps
that I hear
there are sounds
of yesteryear.
Sounds reminding
of a day
long ago
and faraway.
Those sweet footsteps
I remember
of a time
amidst December.
With me and dad
in winters snow
walking talking
where we go.
I turn quickly
sought to find
my dad there
that special time.
Hearing footsteps
brings to view
my dad and me,
yes me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011


Christmas dreams
from times gone by
fill a wondrous
Christmas passion
finds a way
within magic
Santa’s sleigh.
Seen in children’s
days and times
a lullaby
is with designs.
Scenic wonders
Christmas filled
the lullaby
is not concealed.
It is clearly
seen on cue
within wondrous
Christmas hue.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Childhood Memories

In nows fragrant
times desires
there might be
some burning fires.
Burning churning
long ago
as some children
play in snow.
childhood memories
bring forth times
of distant seas.
Seen as waves
from shore to shore,
a child remembers
Held within
a starry night
a child remembers
that great sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Empty Shore

There might be
an oceans shore
held with moments
minutes more.
This same shore
of timeless waves
might just hold a
minutes gaze.
Yet of course
it might just be
an empty shore
from sea to sea.
Only visions
far and wide
are within
its moments tide.
There might be
not much in store
held within
this empty shore.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

Earth Dream

A sight unseen
of far and wide
might just be
a bumpy ride.
A simple dream
of times desires
might have moments
raging fires.
An Earth dream
of wanted ways
might be found
as just a maze.
Turns and twists
from thereunto
an Earth dream
might go askew.
Yet this dream
of far and wide
could have peace
found deep inside.
Let this dream
to live and breathe
with the good
that ones perceive.
Don’t deny
your dreams entire
unless it’s just
bad desire.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

for Mar 5, 2011

Often a flower
will hide beneath the white snow
while waiting to bloom.

Portions of hopeful
need be poured upon many
in times of struggles.

Looking to the west
the sun leaves us its imprints
of shadows begun.

Blinding white moments
discern their own importance
as winter concludes.

Linking a heartbeat
to another that’s beating
could create desires.

In Heavens portal
is the sight of Lord Jesus
with His Hands held out.

Avenues driven
might not be good to visit.
You might need to leave.

Handfuls of snowflakes
can build a wondrous snowball.
Don’t throw too quickly.

The lines on a face
only display what’s outside
and not what happened.

Troubles are unique
as each feels differently
in their own timeframe.

Lives are a story
that many will never read
until they are gone.

Yesterdays essence
fills our memories with sights
that we remember.

Onlooking people
only sometimes turn and look
when someone is hurt.

Playing a fools game
is the journey of many
through stupidity.

Lessons are gathered
yet often not acknowledged
until it’s too late.

With heated moments
comes elements of desire
without commonsense.

Anger that blossoms
can become as explosions
filled with much regret.

Trips through memories
leave a sometimes blissful scene,
but sometimes not so.

Winds of wintertime
blow the snowflakes thereunto
and create blessings.

Long and awaited
some just stare at illusion
waiting for their dreams.

A glance is enough
to create a simple thought
be it good or bad.

Clinging to people
could resolve as destruction
for the both of you.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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