Life Goes On


Hello my friends

Spring is supposed to be around the corner, but it’s still
all white up here. Yep, the weather seems to be warming
up a bit, but we’re expecting 3 to 5 inches of snow Monday
night and snow on in to the week AGAIN. Winter is not
quite through with us up here. Right now it’s 30F degrees
and supposed to get up to 34F, but God only knows. OK,
so it’s onto another bit of rambling info. I fell AGAIN last
Wednesday when Judy and I had gotten home from the
grocery store/Wal*Mart. I busted up my leg and my arm
AGAIN. My forearm has a massive two inch bruise on it
and I cannot put any weight on my left arm or it begins to
throb and hurt. I may have fractured my arm AGAIN LOL.
That’s life. Hehehe I ain’t going to the doctor, because I
have had tons of fractures in the past and I already know
exactly what they’re gonna tell me. Don’t use it and rap
it in an ace bandage, being I don’t do well with cast hehe.
In any sense, I will survive, but with a lot of pain LOL.
Onto another subject. Judy had a doctors appointment
last Thursday and her doctor said her blood is looking
good. She still has a lot of work to do, but the levels
are looking good. Also me and Judy have decided to go
on a diet. It won’t do me much good, but it couldn’t
hurt hehehe. What I have is from the Prednisone that
the doctors OD’d me on in 1994 and 95 trying to get my
Ulcerative Colitis under control. Yet all it did was cause
me many more problems and almost my death. Yes, I
think some doctors refuse to admit they do not know
and do not send us to someone that does, in my case
was Dr. Reed at Medical City. Of course Dr. Reed has
since then come down with West Nile Virus and is not
doing well at all. He was a good Christian surgeon
at Medical City Hospital and he is most surely missed.
I remember him coming and praying with me beside
my bed and saying, “Bill you are out of my hands now
and in God’s, being I cannot operate on you again or
you will most surely die”. God did intervene that night,
but I believe He decided to leave me with all of my
many health problems, because He knew He could
use me best. Being a Christian and loving Jesus does
not mean you will not have problems. It only means
you will have Him to get strength from to make it
through the struggles. My dad always said that “if
things are going wrong, you must be doing something
right, because Satan don’t want no dead soldiers.
He attacks the living soldiers. So be prepared to
fight hehehe”. Yes, I do believe my dad spoke the
truth. Yet I’m sure a lot of our problems are just
life itself with the many things that follow. We are
human and we will get hurt, get sick and yes we
will die. That is how it shall be. Life goes on, but
we have Jesus to get strength from when we are
weak. That’s the only way that I am able to make
it day to day. I talk to Jesus almost every hour
sometimes aloud and sometimes silently praying.
Often I find myself bickering about the outcomes
of my life, and He listens to me with His Love
and understands. Ok, so I guess it’s time to get
off that subject huh. Yeppers, I find the lifestyles
of Maine just a little out of kilter from what I’m
used to in in Texas. Yet now that I am here and
it seems I am stuck, I may as well get used to it.
I just try to find happiness in the moments, for even
in Texas there was a lot of loneliness, yet not
nearly as much. Nowadays I just try to find the
blessings in the scenes I can see from day to day.
I’ll tell ya what hehehehe I’ve seen more than my
share of snow and as many slips, slides and falls
on the freaking ice that anyone could want LOL.
Can’t wear cleats all the time hehehe. They tear
up the carpet 🙂 OK so it’s come to that point and
time that I must take my little venture through all
I have written here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that might work well for the title for today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I believe I found a good title…Here goes nothing …..

Life Goes On

All our journeys
said and done
begin with
the morning sun.
Life goes on
within each minute
with the lessons
found within it.
Many problems
will be seen
here and there
and in between.
Time might show
its gnarling teeth
side to side
and underneath,
but comes times
of brand new dawn,
because my friend
life goes on.
God is there
with His desires
to put out
some moments fires,
yet there’s times
that He just says
life goes on
for future days.
So have faith
in now and then
and seek God
from where you’ve been.
Let your grasp
of dawn to dawn
be as lessons
life goes on.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 20, 2011

So, I hope that made at least a little sense to you hehehe.
Yes, I do tend to ramble don’t I LOL! I just hope I didn’t
bore ya to tears hehe. Well, it sounds like Judy just got
home from work. She just walked in here hehehe. She
said today went well. That’s always great to hear. So I
guess I need to be finding that off switch so I can cease
my writing, but not before I tell you what I tell you every
week hehehe and that is, I wrote some more poems and
haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with 3 of them wintery
Christmassy styles and 22 more haiku. I hope you enjoy
at least a few of them. So it’s time to say goodbye until
next week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that blasted off switch that loves to play its
hiding games with me hehehe. Found it this time hiding
behind this salt shaker that never made it back into the
kitchen hehe. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehe 🙂

The last poem is one about me and Judy.

Whispers of Night

Nighttime whispers
gentle words
heard sometimes
as flocks of birds.
Whispers of night
are often found
as some echoes
all around.
Here and there
in nighttimes air
some might seem
as everywhere.
Sounds reflecting
whispers tunes
found within
the singing loons.
Some might find
a magical sight
deep within
the whispers of night.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Winters Passion

Seeming glowing
is the snow
from day to day.
Winters passion
seems to be
in the meadows
that I see.
Wonderful scenic
paints each day
a great design.
Scenic blessings
I now view
make each day
so fresh and new.
Each cool breeze
of timeless fashion
gives to dine
the winters passion.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Christmas Mornings

In each morning
I can see
bits of time
from history.
Moments flavors
find a way
to make words
from yesterday.
Letters written
in the snow
are the things
that come and go.
Christmas mornings
seem to shine
in the written
so sublime.
With each morning
comes a view
new to see
for me and you.
Yet each morning
also shows
where the timeless
comes and goes.
Christmas fields
of joyful views
are remembered
daily news.
Yes each morning
that I see
plays a part
in history.
from dawn to night
is each mornings
scenic sight.
Christmas mornings
come to play
as remembered

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011


In ones worries
time might seem
as a nightmare
not a dream.
With our worries
come to mind
many troubles
we can find.
Sometimes worries
are just found
when we search
and look around.
Often worries
are best laid
as conclusions
Drank as what that
can be changed
to some good
from so deranged.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011


Without seconds
minutes die
leaving moments
with a sigh.
It’s the chances
seconds bring
that which sometimes
shout and sing.
Without seconds
we might find
we’re without
some peace of mind.
It’s the seconds
in the day
that bring forth
our will and way.
Chances seconds
can become
our own daily
beating drum.
Yet without the
seconds time
there can be
no scenic sign.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Christmas Breeze

Snow filled blessings
paint my view
here and now
and thereunto.
Snowy meadows
bring to sight
scenes so wondrous
day and night.
All my dreams
just seem to grow
in the daily
winters snow.
Christmas segments
seem as just a
moments gaze.
Minutes sightings
far and wide
make my heart to
beat inside.
Blessings from my
sail as winters
Christmas breeze.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Your Own Wisdom

With our wisdom
gathered true
we’d be better
me and you.
Yet it takes a
moments time
to bring forth
your own design.
Your own wisdom
gathered found
yours to use
each time around.
Yet of course
it needs to be
learned and earned
from history.
Without wisdom
you might find
more of troubles
time to time.
So let lessons
live and breathe
as the things
that you perceive.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Don’t Just Dream

People dream
of their desires
sometimes as
just burning fires.
It is often
our own greed
that determines
what we need.
Dreaming of
a moments time
that fills up
our own design.
Let Lord Jesus
fill your view
with His will
and all that’s true.
Don’t just dream
of better things.
Let Lord Jesus
fill your dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

See The Shadows

In a shadow
might be laid
a mere moment
you have made.
Left in timeframes
scenic views
you might find some
you filled shoes.
In a shadow
you remember
you might find
a burning ember.
You filled shoes
of days desires
burning screeching
hurried tires.
You might also
see in phase
shadows of
your future days.
So when shadows
come to be
find what is then
clear to see.
Yet some shadows
are just viewed,
as what ones have
See the shadows
as their sight
what is wrong
and what is right.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

Island In The Sun

Ocean filled dreams
of so faraway
bring me the view
of one distant day.
A day with bliss
from oceans sand
I now see us
hand in hand.
A timeless view
of then and there
with yesterdays
without a care.
Taking pictures
of the sea
this is you
and this is me.
A time that we were
having fun
just you and me
and island in the sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

for Mar 19, 2011

Many seek knowledge
without first understanding
what they are seeking.

Often it’s our minds
that lead us into despair
and not what that’s real.

Paths are often trudged
without knowing where they lead
due to impatience.

Many a flower
will hide under winters snow
and wait for springtime.

Leaves of an oak tree
fall to Earth before winter
and grow back in spring.

Lessons are gathered
as seconds are united
with sometimes unknown.

Tunes that are displayed
when many words are not there
can become the words.

One second of time
can often lead to an hour
that is not perceived.

In today’s heartbeat
a moment in time survives
as sometimes unseen.

Belittled people
will often find their demise
as unknown feelings.

Leaving a snowflake
to rest out in the sunshine
will cause it to melt.

Many a sequence
comes from here and there in time
connected somewhere.

Looking to the west
I see the sun sinking low
to welcome nighttime.

From another world
one might seem unusual,
but be quite normal.

Stars that shine at night
may just be a mere echo
of what they once were.

A make believe world
created within your mind
could be your downfall.

Mere situations
from many moments of time
can warp our viewpoints.

A path that’s followed
could lead many directions
due to your choices.

The grand illusion
is that sometimes the wrong thing
will work out this time.

Pointing at shadows
could become your own pitfall
if you don’t see truth.

Timid persuasions
will often mislead someone
to believe a lie.

Heaven awaits us,
yet we must first love Jesus
to be welcomed in.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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