The Hemisphere


Hello my friends

So another week has passed has it! How have you been? We’ve
been OK. The weather has been not too bad. Yet we still seem to
be getting more rain every time I turn around. Hehehehe I guess I
should just quit turning around huh! The temperatures up here are
drifting down to what seems as an early glimpse of fall here lately
as the week moves ahead and temps begin staying in the lower 70’s
and upper 60’s as this week ends. Yeppers, this is not what this kid
from Texas is used to for sure LOL, but I like it. Yet, I’ve a deep
feeling that because of these temperatures, it may mean that we’re
gonna have an early winter. God only knows! Well I guess I need
to be off of the weather report and on with the journal. It is though
a tad hard with the blasted clothes dryer squeaking as it does. I
guess I should of waited till after I finished the journal to do laundry.
Hehehe oh well, I’ll try to tune it out. Judy and I went up north
to Caribou Maine and visited with her daughters and grand kids
Wednesday and we had a great time. Me and the kids misbehaved
as usual hehehehehe as we played kickball in the hallway LOL!!!
Hey I’m just a big kid at heart and love to play with the kids. We
didn’t break anything LOL, so no spankings hehe :). Thursday
Judy’s daughters came down here and took Judy and went to visit
her mom and all. I just stared at the walls while they were gone.
Getting quite a relationship with these old walls lately mwa hahaha.
Yep, it can drive ya batty. That’s why I will many times just suffer
and try walking a bit outside. Ye ole legs and feet though love to
bicker when I do that though. I haven’t been feeling much like
doing any editing on all the pictures Judy and I took a week ago,
but I will. I am feeling pretty well today, so I may do that today.
Ooooopsy, there went the dryer buzzer telling me it is finished.
Be right back. Yeppers, now I don’t have to try and ignore that
dad blasted squeaking dryer. We will one day I’m sure have to
buy another dryer, but I’m gonna keep using this one until it
quits drying clothes squeaking and all hehehe. Hey, I might as
well have a dryer with arthritis to go along with its owner LOL!
I’m old, it’s old. We fit together hehehe. Ok so it’s onwards
with my rambling self. We finally got fed up with the wireless
router that Pioneer had sold us when we signed up for their
service and went to Wal-Mart and bought a new one. The junky
thing that Pioneer Wireless sold us was a far cry from new
and it worked just like garbage. Lost the signal every chance it
got and I had to reboot it always. It had a yellow blinking light
on it that I did not find out until I installed the new router meant
that it was not working properly. Oh well, we returned it and
they’re supposed to credit it to our account which should mean
that we will not have a bill next month LOL. We shall see!!
That is why I demanded a receipt. Ok so what else is going on
in this part of the hemisphere???? Not much to speak of. God
is keeping me with thoughts to add to my poetry and haiku
as He has always. I find often that God is watching over me
when I seem to run out of words. It seems that somehow I
am filled with abundance of words and meanings. So many
people cannot see how I can write all that I write in a matter
of hours and the fact is, God gives me the way. He gives us
each a way to do what we need to do, but often we will ignore
His Hands and strive for our own. I am just as guilty of that.
Our humanity steps up to bat and says I want it that way,
yet God sees the big picture. Try to let go of your own will
as often as you are able and let God help you to do what you
were meant to do. You may find the words coming to you
as they do to me often. Use the tools that He has given you
and you will surely be OK, for the road leads to Heaven.
I guess I need to be hushing and starting my little venture
back through to that place of recollection of words I have
written and see what word or phrase I can turn up to use
for the title for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go
like flash to that place I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I believe I may have found a good title for today’s poem.
Now let’s see what I can do with it hehehe…….Here goes!

The Hemisphere

The simple view
of here to there
is that which
that many share.
A simple cloud
or mountainside
the hemisphere
ones coincide.
Oh so many
wish to see
many blessings
given free.
So many view
in times detail,
the hemisphere
that’s not so well.
Share the blessings
that you view
with the many
unlike you.
Each hemisphere
is oh so grand
and it’s held
in God’s Own Hand.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23, 2009

I hope that made at least a little bit of sense to ya LOL. I never
know if ones will understand or not. Oh well, I tried. So I guess
I need to be trying to find that old off switch on myself so I can go
and fold clothes huh, yet before I do that I need to tell ya what I seem
to always tell ya hehehe and that is, I wrote some more poems and
yes some more haiku. I added a few of the haiku that I wrote and
put in my YoVille messages. I wrote 10 poems again, yet 2 of them
are early Christmas poems. I also wrote 24 haiku which includes
the few that I wrote for my Yoville messages. So, ya got a lot to
sink your teeth (or dentures) into. With that said, have a wonderful
week and remember Jesus loves you and we do too. Now where’s
that dad gum off switch hiding at???? I sure wish it would quit
hiding from me LOL. Found it glimmering in the restroom hehehe.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.
10 and 22 + 2 🙂 hehe

Paint Wishes

Some paint a window
with only one view
as they are looking
to see what they do.
Some are just seeing
what they wish to see
as others search for
another degree.
Some paint a doorway
as where they will go
leaving behind them
all that they know.
Yet some are painting
their windows and doors
with all the visions
of wanting and mores.
So are you painting
your daily cuisine
with what you wish for
or what that you’ve seen?
You can paint wishes
onto all you view
and then add hopeful
that may just come true.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2009

Flutters of Leaves

Raindrops are falling
on an August filled day
leaving the feelings
that won’t go away.
With a little breeze
that comes late at night
raindrops are falling
to fill my delight.
With every essence
of raindrops that fall
I feel the blessings
that stand out so tall.
The night is so silent
with only a breeze
and all that echoes
is rustling of leaves.
Trees in the distance
are heard so to say
as flutters of leaves
till dawning of day.
Raindrops are falling,
yet lightly they speak
words in a memoir
of all that they seek.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2009

Filling The Bill

Wise is a minute
that time doesn’t speed
as it is seeking
what’s truly the need.
Many though hurry
and do not think through
all that a minute
of time then will do.
Then wisdom’s gathered
due to the hurry
to see what they see.
Wise is a minute
that time is allowed
and not just rushed on
with hurry and proud.
Pride is the issue
so often ones feel
when they think hurry
is filling the bill.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2009

Not Be In Sync

Ways of our days
are sometimes not sweet
as many seconds
will try to compete.
Use every moment
as best that you can
as you continue
with a God given plan.
Let not your worries
to tear you into,
for moments pass
and surely will you.
Ways of our days
may seem out of line,
yet they may lead to
a better design.
Let your time breathe
as it takes on its stride
and surely answers
will come then inside,
for your tomorrows
may not be in sync
with all your worries
and all that you think.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2009
Wanting For Christmas

Hands in dream worlds
are reaching for snow
while times December
is so long ago.
Hands in dream worlds
seek for the place
found in the boundaries
sweet snowy lace.
Tender reflections
are subsequent scenes
found in the hands of
worlds full of dreams.
I seem to reach for
Christmas of white
as I remember it,
as I delight.
Hands in dream worlds
seem to be found
wanting for Christmas
to hurry to town.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2009

Some Won’t Delight

More than a minute,
and less than a day,
time will continue
its own special way.
Many a minute
will surely come true,
yet many minutes
will only be new.
Times in a gateway
will lead to and fro
as we continue
to go where we go,
yet many turnstiles
need a little oil
as they go squeaking
with times that we toil.
More than a vision
and less than a sight,
some will see blessings
and some won’t delight.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2009

The View

Looking back often
I see where I turned
leaving the essence
of bridges I burned,
yet now while looking
I see where I flawed
not seeking blessings
given from God.
Some of the views
at times took my breath
making me feeling
as coming of death,
yet I continued
with times down the road
looking back often
see all the load.
I now see blessings
from troubles back when
that help me often
with time and agin.
Looking back often
I now see the view
that of Lord Jesus
and always so true.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2009

It’s Christmas Design

Portholes through time
to December days
make me remember
the white snowy gaze.
Lights were all glowing
with red, blue and green
and then enhancing
the Christmas white scene.
Portholes through time
are found in a wink
as I am dreaming
the way that I think.
Sweet Christmas smells
just seem to be found
grabbing my senses
of all there around.
White snow is falling
within this porthole
as it’s remembered
deep down in my soul.
The porthole opens
and closes with time
and lets me visit
this Christmas design

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2009

Just Different

Heard are the voices
that many will find
sounding like people
of a different design.
So many people
in a different array
share this world surely
with day after day.
Do you hear voices
much different than you?
They may be doing
the same as you do.
Let not your judgment
be clouded by fright,
for you may miss on
a wonderful sight.
Sometimes what’s showing
is not what’s within,
so don’t just worry
what’s color of skin.
Also the language
and also the phrase
may be just different
than your special ways.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2009

Giving By Praying

Pockets full of hope
can fill many dreams
giving the blessings
of much better scenes.
A little bit of hope
can paint a better view
found on a canvass
of both me and you.
We together gathered
as we together pray
fill the many pockets
with hopeful each day.
Help me to fill them
those pockets so poor
by giving blessings
from Jesus so pure.
Giving by praying
for all those in need
fills up the pockets
with hopeful indeed.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2009

for Aug 21-22, 2009

The first 3 are ones I wrote for my YoVille
messages August 19-21 2009 hehehehe.
The last two are the Yoville haiku I shared
for August 22 and 23, 2009 (Saturday) and
today (Sunday) LOL If ya don’t know what
YoVille is,,,,hehe well, Oh well 🙂

The grace of minutes
may be what you don’t enjoy,
yet you are needing.

A jumbled up life
might be results of your own.
Some coins are just coins.

Starry is the time
that’s spent in the days gone by,
that many forget.

The poets peace
is found in the reflections
as rivers of words

Many see cloudbursts,
yet many see the rainbow
that comes from the rain.

Stories are written
as moments time passages
that open the mind.

A sequential second
that comes from every minute
leads us to somewhere.

Hard minded people
from their hard minded timeframes
may find themselves scared.

Peace is a moment
followed by what was trouble.
The good needs the bad.

Secondary breaths
are not as good as the first.
First is remembered.

Leaves that are blowing
are memories of a breeze
flavored with passion.

Summer’s soon over
as fall comes beckoning time
with leaves of color.

Me is a wording
which many will overuse
when they are lonely.

Hearts are the blessings
found in a moment of prayer.
Together hearts heal.

Wisdom is weakened
when ones think they don’t need it,
yet time makes it strong.

Held is a flower
by the Earth in tender hands
with fibers of love.

Now is a moment
that God’s given us today.
Now use it wisely.

Leaders of people
may not seem at all that way
until time is right.

A feather floats down
when the breeze ceases to blow,
yet it lands with ease.

Don’t let a moment
to take away all your peace.
A moment will pass.

Learning is surely,
but some learn differently,
so be who you are.

Lost is a passion
when it’s filled with emptiness.
Fill it with true love.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 21, 2009

Time is concluding
whether we like it or not.
Grab the best you can.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 22, 2009

It’s sometimes not wise
to forfeit your own lifestyle
for someone else’s.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23, 2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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