Journey Back


Hello my friends

I hope you are doing well today. We’re still alive. Judy
has filed for unemployment and all. Hopefully things will
get to moving soon so we can still pay our bills LOL. I’m
sure it will all pan out. We’re still getting rained on every
day or at least every other day. I wish I could send some
of this stuff down south to Texas and thereabouts hehehe.
I hear Texas is having a drought. We’re waterlogged LOL.
There isn’t much to report from this part of the world except
we had some weak tornadoes come through a week or so
ago that were a tad out of place, but other than that, life
has pretty much been the same old same old hehehe. Judy
and I went and visited with her family Friday down at the
lake at Birch Point. We ate hotdogs and had a good time.
The kids tried to con me into going swimming with them,
hehehe but I knew the water was ice cold, so no way Jose.
Today is supposed to be a high of 66F degrees with a 50%
chance of rain LOL. Not quite Texas weather HUH!!!!!!!
I hear my neighbors kid riding his four wheeler right now
and it’s a little distracting. It seems he was doing the same
thing last Sunday HUH hehe! Well it is summertime after
all hehehehe. Judy has started taking walks down to the
river with me and thereabouts ever so often being she isn’t
working and needs the exercise. It’s nice to have someone
to walk with me. We’re still doing our Farm Town farms.
LOL. They upped the final score again from 210 to 235
and added yet another farm LOL. Sooooooo we both now
have 10 farms on Farm Town. We were both decorating
our new farm last night. We also finished off yet another
hidden object game yesterday and ready to begin another.
Both of us are just putting animals, facilities and trees on
our farms hehe. We may plant on our number 10 farm one
day, but not TODAY hehehe. Yea, I know, we be silly,
but there ain’t much to do up this way so we just try and
make do LOL. Judy wishes the black flies and mosquitoes
would leave. They are driving her nuts. They, for some
reason don’t care for my blood hehehe. Wonder why LOL!
Every once in a while though they will fly in front of my face
and bug me or hover near my ears and just BUZZ, but
other than that, they leave me alone. We’ve had our ups
and downs from day to day, but we’re still surviving with
love. God is still watching over us. I wish I were able to
go and see my family and friends, but life moves on. Today
is Fathers Day. I would love to go and see my daughter and
granddaughter, but this is the way life is, so I try my best
to accept it. Maybe one day, they can come up here and
visit. Judy’s oldest daughter Mandy came over Thursday
and brought the kids. We enjoyed visiting and got a few
pictures. God is good. Life is good. Life may not be great
all the time, but it’s with the down times that we notice
the up times much clearer. That’s why God allows both
good and bad of life. He knows we need something to
reflect upon or to compare with. Well I reckon it’s time
for me to begin my little journey back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find a good word or phrase that
might work well for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So it’s away I go to that place of my recollection that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I may have found
a good title. Now let’s see if I can write a decent poem
using it hehehe. Here goes….

Journey Back

Through the portholes
timeless voyage
things might seem
a little vague.
Pages turned
from then and there
might seem sometimes
as a plague.
Issues standing
from our so loved
Through the portholes
journey back
with a prayer
upon your knees.
Giving thanks
for all you’ve got
here and now
and then and there.
Journey back
through troubled times
and remember
you have prayer.
All God’s blessings
journey back
to live and breathe.
Journey back
to loved filled times
and remember
to believe.
Let not sadness
take control
and then guide
your daily views.
Journey back
through now and then
and then learn
to not confuse.
Let yours blessings
be as found
true love standing
as you pray.
Journey back
to how things were
and then blossom
now today.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

OK so it ain’t that great of a poem hehehe. I’m real tired
right now, being running on literal fumes hehehehehehehe.
I didn’t write any poems or haiku yesterday so I came in
here around 3 this morning and wrote them all. Yeppers
I wrote all 10 poems and 22 haiku early this morning, but
have yet to of edited them, so I will have to do that before
I add them to this journal LOL. I’m sure there are a few
typo’s hehehe. There has to be! Well by the sound of Judy
eating, I think it’s time for brunch hehe. I am sort of hungry.
So I guess I need to tell you what I tell you every week, but
then I just did a second ago LOL. I didn’t write any wintry
Christmassy poems this time hehehe. Maybe next week.
OK so with that said I guess I need to be searching for that
old off switch that loves to elude me, but not before I wish
you a most wonderful God filled week and also a HAPPY
Fathers Day to all the dads out there. Remember, Jesus
loves you and we do too. Now to find that freaking off
switch. I believe I see it trying to hide behind Judy’s bowl
of noodles hehehe. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

I love you dad. I’ll see you in Heaven!

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehe after editing ­čÖé

Summer’s Storms

Summer’s storms
come crashing through
as the mornings
start anew.
Lightning strikes
across the skies
with loud thunder
as replies.
Scenes so briskly
come to be
from this summers
own degree.
Summer’s storms
come in one day
and then they just
fade away.
Scenic lightning’s
comes with it’s own
fine design.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

A Different Time

Painted stories
from ones view
might seem sort of
as untrue.
Often people
not the same
will have stories
different name.
From another
walk of life
said and done
and filled with strife.
You might see them
as distorted
all the stories
they’ve reported.
Yet so many
different views
may just simply
just confuse.
Ones not known from
your design
might be from a
different time.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

Opened Windows

Now and then
and when and where
create circles
not so fair.
Often windows
opened true
just lead down
a bitter view.
Opened windows
timeless gain
may be found
with drops of rain.
Use those droplets
which have fell
to make better
times to tell.
Opened windows
said and done
can bring in
the shining sun.
All the bad times
then and there
can be lessons
Learn from then
the pages turned
how to change
what is discerned.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

Morning’s Beginning

Morning has risen
with its sunshine
come from the moments
seen so sublime.
Morning has begun
with it’s own display
beginning the moments
of now today.
Morning is shining
on through my window
as it’s deriving
how it shall grow.
Morning’s beginning
with its own phrase
painting the moments
every displays.
Morning continues
until it is gone
leaving me shadows
of its great dawn.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

A Thin Silence

Seen as sounds
of things we hear
from the times
of yesteryear.
A thin silence
faded view
displays sometimes
not so true.
Pictured wisdom
learned from sights
a thin silence
just ignites.
Often silence
found and seen
leads us to
a nightmares dream.
Silent words
that many say
might just be
a times display.
Not so true
from then and whence,
they might be just
thin silence.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

The Standing Stones

Onwards truly
here and there
seeking stones
to stand upon.
The standing stones
of timeless steps
come from times
of different dawn.
The mere minutes
found in frame
might be found
as said and done.
The standing stones
of timeless gain
might turn into
setting sun.
Don’t just stand there
step around
on the ground
from then and there.
Make some stepping
stones of time
from the standing stones
with prayer.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

Given Free

Now this morning
raindrops fall
here and there
and over all.
Breezes blowing
mornings view
while they’re giving
mornings dew.
Points of interest
in the way
now this morning
shout today.
Clouds just floating
in the sky
now I surely
can’t deny.
Now these raindrops
coming down
make their mornings
unique sound.
Pitter patters
I can hear
now this morning
very clear.
Now while searching
through the way
I can see
the light of day.
Through the clouds
of mornings rain
I can see
the greatest gain.
Such as blossoms
from the hours
as there’s soon
some wondrous flowers.
Now this morning
I can see
all God’s blessings
given free.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

Close Connections

Winter came
and left its sign
with the chance
for some springtime.
Close connections
through the way
spring allows
a summers day.
Summers bring
some times to view
through the sights
of skies of blue.
Then when summer’s
done and gone
fall comes in
to just move on.
With its colors
brightly strewn
fall displays
its moments sewn.
Then comes winter
once agin
with it’s snow filled
winter wind.
Close connections
to and fro
display spring
and winters snow.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

Use Those Pages

A book is read
of bumps and grinds
that which shows
some troubled times.
Sometimes books
of pages turned
need be read
as lessons learned.
A book read
of timeless hue
might be found
as now so new.
Seen from different
eyes today
learn to read
a different way.
Let the pages
your book shows
not be just your
bitter woes.
Use those pages
that you read
to determine
what you need.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

What You Need

The wildest times
of wants desires
can become
as troubled fires.
The wildest times
we wished for true
could become
a troubled you.
Many problems
stem from greed
and not truly
what we need.
The wildest times
of here and there
might be fed
with senseless prayer.
Take your wildest
times display
and then see
if it’s today.
If it is then
search indeed
and see if it’s
what you need.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

for June 19, 2011

Dawn brings the morning
filled with summertime’s displays
sometimes as a rose.

In today’s turmoil
a shadow might be displayed
as an illusion.

Looking passed today
might make tomorrow explode
leaving now as debris.

While searching summer
the flowers bring forth beauty
to shine in the day.

A river flowing
takes its life giving waters
downstream to enhance.

A morning glory
welcomes dawn as a blessing
then closes at night.

Matters of the heart
are sometimes just delusion
and not in true sight.

Wisdom of an owl
is made up from mere fiction
and how it appears.

Sometimes our lessons
are as a school of hard knocks
that we learned better.

The future of now
leads from the echoes of then
as shadows of time.

Allowing problems
to control your every moment
guarantees failure.

Always looking back
could end in an accident
that snuck up on you.

Look through the forest
and see the blessings growing
that you’ve overlooked.

A sigh might be heard
from a person in despair,
yet hidden from view.

Right now can evolve
if it’s allowed to exist
so learn when to cease.

Many see problems
while others see solutions
throughout the problems.

Seeing a flower
and letting it live today
makes for more to grow.

Tomorrow is not
for it is just a timeframe
that has yet to be.

A bicycle chain
gives a bike strength to gain speed
if linked together.

Sometimes a flavor
is only wishful thinking
of how it should taste.

Summertime’s storm clouds
gather across the blue skies
and fill them with rain.

A song in your heart
can become as a blessing
with tempos divine.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
June 19, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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