Life Can Be Changed


Hello my friends

So how have you been? It’s been pretty quiet around
these parts. As usual we’ve had rain almost every day
or every other day. Today there is a 62% chance of
more rain LOL. It rained yesterday evening and into
the night off and on. Yep, I wish I could send some of
this down south to my friends in Texas and thereabouts.
They are frying down there. Today’s high for up here
is supposed to be 79F degrees. Not too bad. Oh yea
I went fishing with my bud Brian yesterday. Neither
of us caught any fish hehehe, but I caught a few good
pictures with my camera as we floated on the lake.
It was cloudy, but then the clouds made the artwork.
It started clearing up a bit after we were out there
for a while, but yesterday evening the dark clouds
began rolling in once again. Judy and I walked out
to check the mail and heard a loud clap of thunder
nearby and knew that the rains would soon follow.
Right now at 11 AM it’s 74F degrees. Judy is still
asleep. We were up late last night watching TV or
should I say she was. I nodded in and out every
once in a while being that’s the only kind of sleep I
get. Catnaps keep me alive. Sure wish I could sleep
like normal folk, but I ain’t normal by no means.
Nope, I’ve never been normal. So be it hehehehe.
Judy and I have been enjoying our time together.
Although we do need time to ourselves which was
part of the reason I went fishing yesterday, being
I could care less if I caught a fish or not hehehe and
I enjoyed just floating in the lake taking pictures.
I thought Judy would like some time to herself and
it did me good to get out of the house. Everybody
needs some time to themselves. Judy goes every
once and a while and spends time with her sisters
and leaves me at home. Not complaining. It gives
me time to myself. Yet I do wish I could see and
spend some time with my friends and family that
are now 2100 miles away. With funds as they are
and my health issues it prevents me from flying or
driving down there, so I try to keep in touch by
phone and internet. I thank God every day for
the phone and internet, for many years ago if
you lived just few hundred miles from friends and
family you may not of seen or heard from them
but once in a great while through slow message
transactions, being riding by horse or walking
without any form of long distance communication
made it very uncommon. Nowadays we can see
and talk to ones we love via internet and phones.
It may not be in person, but it’s better than it
has been. So thank God for all of the blessings
you have received and quit focusing on only
the negative. Life can be changed by changing
your perception of it. Now it’s time once again
for me to begin my little venture back through
all that I’ve written here to see I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title for
today’s brand new poem. So, here I go to that
little place of my recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I might have
stumbled upon a good title. Now let’s see what
I can do with it hehehe. Here goes………

Life Can Be Changed

Today’s a day
that might seem deranged
but my dear friend
life can be changed.
By your perception
of all that you’ve known
you can make better
the life to have grown.
Sometimes the bad times
might stand on stage,
but you can change them
by learning from age.
Life can be changed
if you now today
learn how to look from
a different way.
Let your perception
to be better found
with that of blessings
of all there around.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2011

Ok so there ya go. I hope you enjoyed my rambling,
all though it was sort of short and sweet wasn’t it LOL!
Also, I hope you liked the poem and understood it 🙂
Well, I’m hungry hehehe and it’s hard to write when
your stomach is growling. So to cut this short and get
on with it, I guess I need to tell you what I tell you
every week hehehe, but this week as I’ve done in the
past, I didn’t write any poems. I was going to write
them Saturday morning before Judy got up, but then
Brian sent me a message Friday night asking me if I
wanted to go fishing Saturday morning, so I never
got the time. No problemo hehehe. I thought that
I would share some of my old poems from my 2006
Animal’s Greetings hehehehe. I wrote a few more
poems back then, but didn’t share haiku then, so
this morning I wrote some. I accidentally wrote 25
haiku instead of my regular 22 hehehe. I should be
back in my regular routine by next Sunday hehehe.
So there are 12 poems dated Aug 12, 2006 for you
to read. I’m sure many of you have not read them.
I reckon it’s about time for me to be searching for
that old off switch, but before I do that I must wish
you a most wonderful God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that
freaking off switch. Hehehe I see ya there hanging
from the chandelier. Come down here this minute.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10+2 and 22+3 hehehehehehehe 🙂

Storming Clouds of Pain

Storming thoughts
from times away
are in there minutes
day to day.
Playing saying
what they know
from remembered
long ago.
They hinder thinking
to a degree
of looking truly
to clearly see.
I pray now for
some peace today
to take the storming
times away.
Lord my Father
I pray to You
to make today
a sky of blue.
Take the storming
clouds of pain
and cease their painful
daily rain.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

Done Your Best

Little thought there
won’t you stay
and have a little
rest today.
Cease your running
here to there
and sit a while
and say a prayer.
Little thought there
won’t you smile
as you face each
little while.
End the thinking
more to do
and little thought then
think so true.
Take the thinking
thoughts acquired
and then little thought
be inspired.
Think a little
about what not
and then rest then
little thought.
Thinking needs be
done in time
so to not just
nickel and dime.
Yes the thinking
could be blue
if you think the
wrong to do.
Little thought there
now please rest,
because I think you’ve
done your best.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

Cloudy With A Breeze

I find at times
the cloudy skies
are so peaceful
for my eyes.
The cloudy skies
somehow just clear
with their floating
so sincere.
I find those times
I seem to be
a little bit more
The clouds just drift
and take away
the inner sight of
cloudy day.
Inside my mind
the thoughts at ease
thanks to cloudy
with a breeze.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

Let It Go

Today’s the day
to release your sorrow
and focus now
on your tomorrow.
Let yesterday
to fade from view
and cease its somehow
hold on you.
Today’s the day
to let it go
and let the then to
help you grow.
Face tomorrow
with a smile
as you learn to
Let the yesterdays
that you had
not to always
make you sad.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

When Adrift The Miffed

Have you ever
stared adrift
maybe even
a little miffed?
Have you ever
wondered why
that those minutes
fill your sky?
I reckon that you’ve
had that feeling
a little miffed
adrift your ceiling.
A reckon also
you’ve no clue
of the thinking
I believe it has a
little meaning
coming from
what needs some cleaning.
You might be
upset that day
about something
you’ve not forgave.
Search your heart
to understand
why the miffed up
is at hand,
then when adrift
the miffed you’ll see
as something
you need set free.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

Little Breeze Blowing

Why does the little breeze
blow so askew
like the little breeze
just seems to do?
I seek for its meaning
of blowing so wild
and then it calms down
it seems for a while.
Leaving me thinking of
what all before
allowed the askew breeze
inside of the door.
I watch there while waiting
to see then agin
the askew then there blowing
to once agin begin.
It then in amazement
seems to blow through
as the little breeze blowing
just blows thereunto.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

Need To Perspire

The early morning hours
leave so much in thought
of words in a shadow
that are brought in a lot.
The sun and my waiting
in this morning scene
seem to paint paintings
upon my eyes screen.
Pictures of rainbows
in cloudy cloud burst
come from the needing
of quenching of thirst.
The early morning hours
bring thought in detail
of a hopeful rainstorm
to soonly set sail.
In this crackling town
with way too much heat
that you must wear some shoes
unless burn your feet.
The grounds are a baking
due to a whole lot
of the sun beaming down here
with its oh so hot hot.
I’m needing a whole lot
of rain to transpire
to help me to cease my
need to perspire.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

Pictures in The Making

I’ve prayed about things
that I know God has done,
before all my praying
had ever begun,
but yet I kept praying
in hopes of a clue
of something or some thought
of what’s right to do.
I found in a moment
that Jesus was there
just listening to me
as I said my prayer.
I prayed in a heartbeat
and He then so fine
showed me the things
that I knew all the time.
He made me to see
how I really knew
the journeys of which that
I needed go to.
I knew that I mustn’t
worry that way,
but I still worried
before I would pray.
I prayed about things
that God had set sail
it’s just that I did not
see the detail.
The pictures in the making
in frames yet to see
were the things that Lord Jesus
had there just for me.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

Changing The Temperature

A simple little thermostat
tried to comprehend
how by heating and freezing
that he was my friend.
He sat there on the wall
while thinking every day
how it is that when it’s hot out
I cool down that way.
Many times I, just like you, will
make it cold to be
the same as winter when it’s cold out
at the same degree,
but yet when winter comes
the heater will show
the same of which Summer time
brings us to know.
Then there in summer agin
the thermostat each day
changes to the cold weather
we wished go away.
The simple little thermostat
confused looks at me
and says in his way hey,
what’s the right degree?
Should it be cold now
or should it be hot?
The simple little thermostat
knows not what’s not.
He still without complaining
does his best task
by changing the temperature
each time I ask.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

Through Jesus His Son

God waits for me
with Arms open wide
as His Son tells me
in Him to confide.
God waits for me
each and every day
to see if I’ll take time
to kneel down and pray.
God waits for me
to do what is right
each and every day
and each and every night.
God waits for me
through Jesus His Son
as He watch’s daily
to see what’s begun.
God waits for me
as He waits there for you
to do the very right thing
of which you should do.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

Calling Old Santa

Calling old Santa
quick come Ho Ho Ho.
Quick take this heat
and bring us some snow.
Hey there old Santa
are you hearing me
as I so wishful
want some snow to see?
Calling old Santa
this hot August day
please bring some snow
to take heat away.
Hey there now Santa
are you listening?
I’m asking for snow
past Winter and Spring.
Here it is Summer time
and Santa it’s hot!
Won’t you bring snow now
and please bring a lot?

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

We All Complain

Foraging through meadows
of thoughts long gone by
I tip toe through moments
that now seem so dry.
The scenes of the journey
are with seasons turn
with temperatures surely
that ones can discern.
I forage with vision
in my day to day
as I search for a season
not so hot today.
I know though the seasons
will bring day and night
a scene that I foraged
and me not delight.
It’s proven through seasons
that we all complain
weather it’s freezing or hot out
or rain or no rain.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 12, 2006

for Aug 14, 2011

Today might scare you
with its quickening display,
but be not that bad.

Mornings arrival
comes with chances for choosing
a different route.

Today is just a time
which is filled with desires
of may or may nots.

The length of a chain
can deduce the momentum
by its many gears.

Within a shadow
we might see a formation
that’s misunderstood.

The places we visit
become minutes history
sometimes as lessons.

A lakes reflection
might seem as a looking glass
as waters of time.

When a flower blooms
it gives way to another
with seeds to be sown.

A persons heartbeat
may be hidden under pain
without emotion.

Forgetting lessons
might guarantee a repeat
of things you forgot.

With simple lifestyles
comes dreams more affordable
without a high price.

Sometimes tomorrows
are just filled full of worries
that now does not need.

Seeds that aren’t watered
will wither away in time.
Take care of seedlings.

Patterns may display
in the shadows of our mind
that are not so true.

Portions of ripples
come from oceans of scenes
of phases of time.

Sometimes a footstep
towards today’s decision
needs a little faith.

A painted moment
on a canvas of dreamland
can bring you a smile.

Faded memories
can awaken once again
in a song you hear.

Radios playing
bring the essence of heartbeats
found in the music.

Sunshine shining
gives way to a few white clouds
to enhance its view.

Sections of blue sky
form a bridge to tomorrow
with displays of time.

A flowers patterns
are begun from its seedling,
yet it may be changed.

Hurrying moments
could find you loads of torment.
Patience can bring good.

Hearing birds chirping
reminds me of a spring day
found within Texas.

Tomorrows virtue
might be misrepresented
in today’s value.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 14, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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