You Might Be Surprised


Hello my friends

So how have ya been? Did ya get snowed on? We got
a little snow last night. Most of it melted shortly after it
hit the ground. It looks like about an inch or so stayed
on the ground. I took a few pictures early this morning
that I might share next week in the stationery, but this
week I will share some of the Halloween pictures Judy
and I took earlier this month. Right now it’s 36 degrees
that’s of course Fahrenheit hehe. That would be about
2.2 degrees Celsius or 36 degrees Celsius would be about
96.8 degrees Fahrenheit LOL. Sheesh, it’s so confusing.
Well I guess it’s onto another topic. Judy and I are eating
a bowl of cereal right now. We watched TV all night or
at least tried to being the signal kept getting lost, so I put
in some cartoon videos of Rocky and Bullwinkle hehehe
and friends. I’ve got the complete series of it LOL. Yep,
we like to watch cartoons time to time. Not much else to
speak of up this ways. We’re still in our standard day to
day lives of doing FarmTown on FaceBook and playing
our Big Fish hidden object games. Judy’s birthday is
next Sunday. We might celebrate both of ours together
being mine in August was a disaster. Judy and I might
just stay home and watch TV, but ya never know hehe.
Right now it’s mighty white outside. If that sun ever
comes out it will be blinding. Hopefully the snow melts
away before it refreezes and becomes a slippery ice
hazard. Yet, I fear that there will be a few patches
of ice that cause some trouble. My sister in law Barb
is doing well. She’s still hanging in there with all of
the chemotherapy treatments. Judy goes and tries to
cheer her up time to time, but all in all I think Barb’s
doing pretty well. It’ll all be over with before ya know
it Barbara. Keep strong. My sister went through all
of that many years ago as she also had breast cancer.
She has all of her hair back and is cancer free, but still
goes back for a mammogram as scheduled to make
sure it hasn’t returned. Love you and miss you Peggy.
Maybe you and mom can come up next summer if
things go well. I wish I could travel, but being I can’t
drive but a very short while before my eyesight goes
blank due to my health issues, I can’t make the trip
by myself and at the moment Judy can’t help me out.
Oh well, life goes on. Hehehe believe or not, I’m
actually anxious for snow, but then I do get rather
sick of it by February or thereabouts LOL. It’s a
beautiful sight as it paints the valleys and hills, but
it’s a pain when it melts and refreezes into plain old
ICE #%##*&#. Hehehe I’ve had my share of falls.
I have cleats to wear, but don’t wear them all the
time being they tear up the floor in the house hehe,
so I’ve been known to step out onto our front steps
and begun my journey in flight as my feet slide out
from under me and end up over my head as I fall
to the ground below LOL. Ouch is right hehehe!
Judy is still waiting on the attorney to get her SSD.
It could be months, but she’ll get it. In the mean
time though we might be having to pinch pennies
when her unemployment runs out. We’ll survive.
God hasn’t let us down yet and I don’t believe He
will ever let us down. We might let ourselves down
time to time due to our humanity though. Yes we
all get weak time to time and fail to see what God
has done to help us. We each might at times turn
the wrong directions due to our free will and end
up on the wrong side of the road. Let God help you
find the right side of the road through Jesus Christ.
Life can be much better if we get out of ourselves
and see what we can do to help others. Sometimes
a simple smile from you can change the life of one
that is thinking suicide. Often people just need to
be noticed and feel that they matter. Everyone of
us matter to God. Not one is greater than the other.
Some of us might have a more spectacular job that
many see, but it doesn’t make you any better than
the ones that are home bound due to health issues.
We all have our purpose and places that we make
a difference whether we know it or not. We are
all important to God and He loves us. Some may
not know Him, but He knows them and is always
giving chances for meeting Him through His Son.
Let not today fall from view without you getting to
know God. You might be surprised at how fast
all of your troubles become smaller. Yes, you’ll
always have problems, but God will always be
there to help you through them. Now I think it’s
about time for me to begin my little venture back
through all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I
go to that place of my recollection that I like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I may have
stumbled upon a good title just a bit back, but
the proof is in the pudding hehehe. Here goes.

You Might Be Surprised

Your journeys ahead
that times do bestow
you might be surprised
where all that they go.
God gives direction,
yet we often lose
as we’re deciding
which way that we choose.
You might be surprised
how often you’ll find
God standing near you
each troublesome time.
Life might seem bitter
when things that you see
are just a figment
of what you wished be.
You might be surprised
as journeys are ended
that God has helped
since the day you befriended.
Let today’s journey
become better still
as you let Jesus
to guide what you will.
You might be surprised
at your daily view
as you see blessings
that surely came true.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2011

OK, so there ya go hehehe. Another bit of rambling
and hopefully you understood the poem. I know my
wording might elude some of you, but that’s OK 🙂
Life goes on. So, I hear snow plows driving down
the road. Don’t know why! I didn’t think there was
that much snow hehehe. For those of you that read
this today (Sunday) I’m guessing you’re noticing that
I am writing and publishing it a tad late huh hehehe.
Well, I was staying under the electric blanket as
long as I could. It was brrrrrrr ccccccccold in our
bedroom this morning. Still just using our radiator
heaters trying to conserve on our heating oil, being
we only have between a half and a quarter of a tank
left from last winter. Heating oil is freaking expensive.
Our computer room is nice and warm with our PC’s
running and the radiator heater running as well 🙂
So, we spend much of our time in here watching TV
and playing our computer games LOL. Well, me
thinks it’s about time for me to be telling you what
I tell you every week before I begin my incessant
rambling agin hehe. So here goes. I wrote once
again 10 more poems. 3 of them are Christmassy
wintery styles. Also I wrote once again 22 more
haiku. You’ll notice on a few of the poems that
I wrote them throughout the week while Judy
and I were watching TV hehehehe. I wrote 6 of
them yesterday (Saturday) along with all of my
haiku. Anyways, I hope you enjoy them and
maybe even understand a few of them hehehehe.
Now it’s time once again for me to be searching
for that old off switch, but not before I wish you
a most wonderful God filled week and a happy
Halloween. I bet some of the kids up here are
freezing their buns off trick or treating hehehe.
Stay safe and remember, Jesus loves you and
we do too. Now to find that freaking off switch.
Found it shivering under the electric blanket
that has been turned OFF brrrrrrrrrr hehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

When Worries Rise

When worries rise
with many fears
found within
the coming years
seek the One
that can be found
standing on
His solid ground.
Let not sickness
steal your joy.
Find the peace
that can deploy.
Let Lord Jesus
show you true
how now can
become anew.
Let your worries
fall from now
as you let God
show you how.
Find the rhythms
in the days
smiling greatly
with God’s ways.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 27, 2011

It Changes

Life might seem
at times not fair
when we find that
ones don’t care.
Often views
that many see
are hid well
from you and me.
They might find
their own accord
standing true
that they afford.
Yet the visions
in their eyes
might just be
a load of lies.
When life seems
as if it’s wrong
look for God
in all life long.
Look beyond
the moments seen
and see blessings
as a dream.
Life might seem
at times not fair,
but it changes
with a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 27, 2011

Look For The Rainbows

Within a heartbeat
many will find
scenery changing
from time to time.
For within heartbeats
timeless might be
just a mere moment
of scenery.
Pages are turning
timeless detail
stages of moments
we’ll win or fail.
Yet of course segments
of each heartbeat
brings us a moment
we can defeat.
Lessons are gathered
throughout each day
teaching us showing us
timeless a way.
Let not your heartbeat
fall in demise
as you see moments
of cloudy skies.
Skies will be cloudy,
but look for the view
found in the minutes
of thereunto.
Look for the rainbows
from up above
found in the heartbeats
filled full of love.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 27, 2011

Time Becomes

Time becomes
through the frames
of our past tense.
Echoes of
our memories
might seem as
a bad disease.
It’s the journeys
here and there
that bring forth
our do or dare.
Often found
are many days
forming up as
confused ways.
Time becomes
a chance to find
lessons from
a point in time.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 27, 2011

Day That He Came

Wintertime dreaming
comes into sight
with the conclusions
of day and night.
White snow comes falling
with its array
fluffily landing
day after day.
Wintertime’s mornings
come into place
with that of Christmas
smiles on my face.
Seasonal blessings
this time of year
wintertime’s dreaming
comes to appear.
Pages of snowfall
white as can be
land on the ground then
where I can see.
Christmastimes pictures
painted in style
with that of wintertime
and a big smile.
All my emotions
pour into view
as that of blessings
Jesus anew.
Gifts of our Savior
come into frame
displayed with Christmas
day that He came.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 29, 2011

Jesus Abound

Wonderful moments
found in design
are the reminders
of Christmastime.
Scenes all around me
painted so white
are oh so wonderful
filled with delight.
Christmastimes stage
is setting each day
as winter comes in
with its display.
Seasonal blessings
counted in time
are the reminders
Jesus sublime.
White snowy moments
bring forth the frame
that we’re forgiven
since Jesus came.
Washed white as snow then
Christmas is found
as that of blessings
Jesus abound.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 29, 2011

Fall In Place

Life of times
in pastel places
so many faces.
People seen
as mesmerized
maybe just
a bit disguised.
Looking true
so many find
faces pasted
time to time.
In our visual
we might see
life of times
from history.
Stages turn
with many sights
with so many
wrongs and rights.
Life of times
is sometimes seen
through a phase
of minutes dream.
So with that
let not your day
be confusions
Let the truth
to fall in place
as you journey
with your pace.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 29, 2011

In Each Word

Now’s but a story
that many will read
as they’re enlightened
with words as a seed.
Now’s but a fragment
seen in detail
maybe confusion
not seen so well.
So many pages
turned as a book
are as the letters
ones have mistook..
Take heed the story
that you arrive
and let it’s pages
truth come alive.
Let not the journeys
many perceive
be as untruthful
that you conceive.
Now’s but a story
needing be told
as the reminders
then from the old.
Let ones that read it
find in each word
truth there within it
not so absurd.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 29, 2011

Winter Is Here

Winter is coming,
white snow will fall
as it surrounds us
then over all.
Right now the weather
brings into view
wintertime’s essence
then thereunto.
I feel its presence
coldness in place
as it is blowing
now on my face.
Winter is here now
so I can see
white snowy minutes
so Heavenly.
Yet now just pictures,
but soon will come
white snowy pleasures
of wintertime’s sum.
Then as the snow falls
surely I’ll find
winter has come in
its own point and time.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 29, 2011

Often Our Journeys

I praise the minutes
that Jesus is found
in all the blessings
so daily around.
I’m also praising
what I can’t see
all of the blessings
well hidden from me.
God gives us blessings
that we might not find
in the conclusions
of our own point and time.
Many times blessings
that God gives each day
are many answers
well hidden away.
We might be needing
another days ride
before we will truly
see blessings inside.
Often our journeys
are wanted our will
so then the blessings
will wait to fulfill.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 29, 2011

for Oct 29, 2011

Engulfed with problems
doesn’t mean there’s no way out.
It means you must think.

Life is a journey
that many perceive bumpy
when it’s really smooth.

A page of a book
could be the one that’s misread
making the book wrong.

Literal moments
bring chances for agreements
found on common ground.

Today’s tomorrow
might not be written in stone,
so give it a chance.

Fictional people
live with lies of yesterdays
that truth is not found.

The weather is seen
through seasonal encounters
from winter to spring.

Casual occurrence
brings dejavu remembered
we might have forgot.

Scenes from wintertime
display as large white snowmen
that children have made.

A simple snowflake
falls to Earth as a blessing
that covers our sins.

Time is a moment
gathered with many seconds
to prosper hours.

Flowers will wither
as white snow comes blowing in,
but they will return.

The sign of winter
is that of many snowflakes
that fall to the ground.

Sitting in a room
all alone with no one else
gives room for Jesus.

With yesterdays gain
today might not seem with need,
but it needs your thought.

Pleasurable scenes
come from sometimes unpleasant
that God has allowed.

Without a heartbeat
there cannot be a rhythm
that’s found in true love.

Heaven sent blessings
often fall down unnoticed
until they’re needed.

Beginning journeys
needs a little thought in time
before making tracks.

Now might be a phase
that tomorrow might not see,
so do not worry.

Sounds of an echo
come as something or someone
begins its journey.

Profit can be false,
so find the benefactors
that are really true.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 29, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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