Stuff Ignored


Hello my friends

I hope you’re doing well this holiday season and the
bah humbugs have not taken over 🙂 Judy and I are
planning on driving on up to Caribou sometime during
the Christmas holidays and see the kids and grandkids.
It all depends on what the weather is like though. If
it’s a blizzard, then chances are we will stay put here
at home. I’m hoping we don’t have any bad weather
at that time. Right now I’m finding it hard to see being
my body is running on lesser sleep than normal due to
me hurting all night long with all of my many runs
to the bathroom. This is really beginning to wear on
me, but there isn’t anything that can be done about
it, so I shall continue on hehe. So, are you ready for
Christmas? Right now I’m wondering if I’ll even be
alive by then. It seems my strength is getting weaker
and weaker as the days go by. I can hardly keep my
eyes open right now. I’m hoping that what ever it is
will pass on by soon, because I hate feeling this way.
Oh well, life goes on with or without me LOL. Now,
it’s time for a topic change. Is it cold where you are?
It’s pretty cold up this way and outside is painted all
white with snow. Right now it’s 23F degrees. I know
I got another late start on the journal, but it can’t be
helped. Just be happy I did it at all LOL. Judy and
I were going to go to WalMart today and buy a few
groceries, but being I’m feeling so peaked, we’re
going to wait for another day. She might end up
having to go by herself. I hope not, but time will
tell. Yet, for now, we’ve got enough groceries to
last a few more days, but she’s just about out of
diet Pepsi’s. We’ve had a delivery of heating oil,
so we’re set for the winter, but I’m keeping the
thermostat set at 50 for the rest of our house so
that the oil will last longer. We use our radiator
heaters in our bedroom and PC room so it’s not
as cold in there. The PC room stays rather warm
all the time, being it’s small and our computers
add to the heat hehehe. We stay in here most of
the time. Not much has changed in the Pearce’s
home. Judy and I are still, when we’re up to it,
playing our hidden object games and farming
games. We’ve been watching a few Christmas
movies on TV lately along with all of our other
favorite TV programs. Yeppers, we’re not that
exciting hehehe. Have you been getting ready
for Christmas? Judy and I have been listening
to Christmas music while we sleep or should I
say while she sleeps hehehe. I thank God for
what sleep I do get even if it’s just a minute or
two. Every little bit helps. We should all try to
be thankful for the little things. It’s the little
things that we often overlook. Let your eyes
not always be focused on the big things at hand.
Let God show you the blessings in the small
stuff. Sometimes that small stuff ignored can
become some very sad times when they’re gone.
We each will at some point of our life not see
the blessings such as a smile from someone we
have met or a hug that we needed at a moments
crisis. Look now and see all those blessings no
matter how small they might of seemed at that
moment they occurred. Now see the blessings
that God has given us through a little baby
that was born amongst us. God sent His Son
to show us that He does care and understand.
Through Jesus He knows our pain and sends
his forgiveness, love and understanding. Let
this coming Christmas be an awakening as
you find all of the blessings God has given you.
Now I think it’s about time for me to begin my
little venture back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that will work for the title of today’s brand new
poem. So it’s way I go to that place that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I may of
found a good title. Now we shall see if I can write
a halfway decent poem using it hehe. Here goes.

Stuff Ignored

Through our moments
we might lose
many blessings
that we choose.
Stuff ignored
through here and there
might be answers
to our prayer.
Don’t let hurry
make your view
with your ventures
for you might find
stuff ignored
might be one day
what’s adored.
Let your vision
see God’s grace
as He gives smiles
for your face.
All those seconds
passing by
might be needed
to apply.
So if you’re
ignoring this
you might also
miss God’s Kiss.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 11, 2011

I hope that made some sense to ya. I can barely see
what I’m typing right now, so I hope Judy can help
me edit this mess LOL. She’s behind me at her PC
sorting out stuff for her FarmTown farms hehehehe.
I haven’t eaten anything yet. My old intestines have
been giving me more trouble than usual lately making
it real hard to eat. Being I only have 2 thirds of my
small intestines and no colon and no colostomy, I
tend to have many days like this and according to my
doctor/surgeon that performed my surgery, it will
get much worse as I get older. I’m sure he would be
surprised that I am still alive, being my daddy died
of this very problem and surgery. My health issue
is hereditary and each generation of males gets it
earlier in life. I got it about 20 years before him.
At this time of the year I find I’m thinking about my
dad even more than normal. I miss him very much.
We used to put up the Christmas lights together
and we’d sit in the floor putting up the train set
that drove my mom crazy hehehe. Yet I’m sure
that she misses all of that and more now as well.
I miss you too mom. Wish I could see you this
Christmas. Maybe you and Peggy can come up
next year. Well it’s time for me to cease all my
rambling and tell ya what I tell ya every week
and that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yeppers, 10 more poems with 6 of them this
time being Christmas poems. Also I wrote once
again 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there. Before I go, I want to thank everyone
for all of the prayers for my sister in law Barb.
She is doing well. Now I think it’s time for me to
be searching for that old off switch that loves
to try to elude me, but before I do that I need to
wish you a most wonderful God filled week and
holiday season. Remember, Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now to find that off switch hehe.
Found it looking over Judy’s shoulder being
nosy LOL, Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Christmas Settings

Christmas dreams
are found in place
upon every
young child’s face.
Christmas stories
read and told
create dreams
from times of old.
Christmas blessings
come to dance
in a wondrous
scenic glance.
Christmas trees
and houses too
all lit up
with such a view.
Christmas lights
all colors seen
help to start
a Christmas dream.
Christmas settings
here and there
manger scenes
with Jesus prayer.
Christmas dreams
are found in place
given freely
with God’s Grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Great Design

Scenes around me
seem to shine
that of wondrous
White snow glistens
in my view
as it’s landed
so anew.
The distant trees
of to and fro
seem to shimmer
white as snow.
Now in starlight
I can see
moonlight shining
Upon the snow
of whitish glaze
I’m stood watching
in amaze.
Seeing snowflakes
gathered true
for my wondrous
Christmas view.
Painted doorways
now and then
help remind of
way back when.
Timeless echoes
seem to shine
with a Christmas
great design.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Some Think Christmas

Some think Christmas
is for shopping
with their daily
starts and stopping.
Some forget how
it is more
to give gifts
not from a store.
Giving love and
peace to shine
as the gift of
Some think Christmas
is just found
as a story
Santa bound.
It’s much more than
that you see,
for it’s about
what God gave free.
On this time of
Christmas day
God sent Jesus
with a way.
Jesus gives us
ways to find
Heavens glory
peace of mind.
You see Christmas
is much more
than a present
from the store.
It’s about
Lord Jesus’s birth
saving mankind
on this Earth.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Your Goal

Freely given
day to day
God has given
when we pray.
Sometimes moments
minutes served
are the portions
we’ve deserved.
Yet some moments
that we see
are mistaken
We might often
not see true
how God’s angels
helped us through.
Freely given
blessings found
are with God’s Own
solid ground.
Let not worries
take control.
Let God help you
with your goal.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

A Dreamers Ship

A winter turnstile
entered through
gives me such a
Christmas view.
Magical moments
hung with care
that God’s given
so to share.
In this turnstile
scenes are found
with white snow
upon the ground.
Also is seen
in such detail
is a dreamers
ship set sail.
The dreams of times
so faraway
through a turnstiles
distant day.
Christmas scenes
that we remember
that are found
amidst December.
A dreamers ship
will sail on through
with what seems
as so anew.
Seeing shorelines
filled with glee
with each lit up
Christmas tree.
A winters turnstile
brings a smile
that’s remembered
for a while.
All the scenes
that shine so bright
bring to mind
that Christmas sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Sometimes Someone

Sometimes someone
might fall down
and not display
their true frown.
Sometimes someone
might just laugh
when ones watching
come to pass.
Sometimes someone
is not showing
how their pain
is always growing.
Sometimes someone
might be seen
in the shadows
then to lean.
Sometimes someone
needs a prayer
to show that you
truly care.
Sometimes someone
then might show
how that with you
they can grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Filled With Grace

A blaze of glory
shines so sweet
with the blessings
none compete.
Christmas portions
poured so fine
of Lord Jesus
so Divine.
In an instance
God has done
He has given
His Own Son.
Filled with passion
oh so true
for the likes of
me and you.
Christmas glory
comes in frame
now as echoes
Jesus Name.
Scenic moments
now in place
are with passion
filled with Grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Make New Dreams

Now and then
and when and where
bring us minutes
none compare.
Sometimes minutes
seconds too
bring us such a
Christmas view.
In those moments
that we find
some live on
inside our mind.
Christmas stockings
hung with care
while awaiting
Santa there.
Twinkling lights
upon the tree
seem to live
in you and me.
All those moments
sometimes seen
may live on
as just a dream.
Make new dreams
this Christmastime
with some blessings
so divine.
Let not problems
that you’ve found
prevent Christmas
sight and sound.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Looks Can Deceive

Looks can deceive
what lives on inside
while many people
just wish to hide.
Yet many people
seen daily true
are just deceived
the way that we view.
Looks will not always
show in detail
how on the inside
one’s going through Hell.
Looks can deceive
what’s truly the case,
for you might not
see pain on their face.
Learn to look deeper
than just what you see,
and see the person
that needs you and me.
Often our judging
just makes the things worse
as of a sad song
that’s sung verse by verse.
Look and see truly
how they may just need
a little hug truly
to help them succeed.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

Signs of Times

Signs of times
are in detail
with the bout
of Heaven and Hell.
Scenes are changing
daily true
signs of times
within our view.
Scenes around me
found in place
display things
of Saving Grace.
God gives blessings
through designs
found within
the signs of times.
Often viewpoints
we see through
show us not what’s
truly true.
Look for blessings
daily seen
maybe as a
running stream.
Maybe even
a passing cloud
or some thunder
very loud.
Let not worry
steal your peace.
Remember always
God’s Release.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

for Dec 10, 2011

The sound of thunder
makes known of lighting not seen.
Search for the lightning.

Pointing at someone
leaves three fingers pointing back.
You’re not without flaw.

Anger is a bomb
that explodes without warning.
Learn to control it.

A page that is turned
could leave pieces of you found
within yesterday.

Heavens great details
come as blessings from Jesus
born Christmas morning.

A mindset person
leaves no room for any change
and so they repeat.

Lessons from today
will be stories remembered
sometimes out of sync.

In our memories
live today’s and tomorrows
that we might not want.

A simple shadow
can determine how ones are.
They mock our actions.

The night shows glimmers
of white snow that’s on the ground
lit up by moonlight.

Sounding your anger
can expose stupidity
that lives on inside.

The Christmas morning
comes with children awakening
looking for Santa.

While thinking too hard
you might just find some headaches
ending your thinking.

Beyond tomorrow
lives journeys that await you
that are not today.

Ones stupidity
can evolve into anger
through them not knowing.

The scent of Christmas
floats heavily through each day
with the sights we see.

Beginnings arrive
when the endings are in place
for time to move on.

A written letter
that no one has seen or read
might just be wasted.

Hearing a bird chirp
brings to life what spring provides
as wintertime ends.

Sorting through doorways
could leave you in much despair.
Learn to let things go.

Blessings of flowers
are as aromas we smell
as springtime prevails.

Glassy eyed people
might be without any sleep,
so don’t judge harshly.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 10, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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