Your Ego


Hello my friends

I hope you had a safe and sound new years greeting. Judy
and I just did our usual everyday thing as we always do and
watched TV while goofing around on Facebook hehehe. At
New Years we said HAPPY NEW YEARS and we gave each
other a big new years kiss and hug, then went back to doing
what we were doing LOL. Even if I were still into fireworks,
(which I haven’t been for many decades) neither of us would
have gone out to watch or shot off any, being it was way too
freaking cold with the freezing rain and all. So we just did
as we do every year and watched the year change dates as
we continued on with our lives. Not much to report from up
here. So far it’s been a rather mild winter with the snows at
a lesser state than that of previous years, but we did have a
white Christmas and all and that’s what matters to me. Our
landlord came by early this morning to scrape the ice off of
our front porch steps and move our car so that the sanding
truck could get in and sand our driveway and melt off all
the ice. That was very nice of him. I guess he remembers
all the previous years that I slipped out our front door and
busted myself up being that you can’t see it until it’s too late.
I was going to try and rest a bit more, but my intestines
had some other plans for me, so I figured while I was up,
I would get this journal written. Our Christmas was great
with our drive up to Caribou Maine to see the kids the day
after Christmas. We played a lot of trivia games while we
were there. I had a blast 🙂 Judy and I were teamed and
we lost the first game, but won the second called LOGO.
Our granddaughter Rylee was on our team hehehe and
she actually gave us some of the correct answers. Not
bad for a 4 year old hehehe. I took pictures all the way
up to Caribou and they all came out great. Also Judy
and I took pictures of us all at her daughters house that
are surely keepers. When we got home late that evening,
both Judy and I were pooped and went to bed after we
popped in on Facebook for a brief hehehe. All in all the
day was great. Christmas was joyful as we watched
Christmas movies most of the day hehehe and ate our
Christmas dinner that evening. I just wish I could of
seen my family and friends for Christmas, but at least
I was able to spend it with the love of my life 🙂 I thank
God for giving me such a great gift. You never know
when a gift will leave, so be thankful for the time that
you have with a moment. Some gifts are meant to be
as just but a moment in time and others to last till the
day you leave this physical plain. Find the blessings
in the moments that are before you or that have passed
and are now but only memories. Last year was full
of chances and choices and with this new year comes
more chances with choices to make. Look back and
see what all you learned and try to make this year the
greatest of all. Leave all the would of, could of and
should of as just a reminder of what not to do this
year. Lessons are in the pages as the numbers are
counted. Let God help you this year to do what you
need to do. Don’t let your ego to inflate and cause
you to lose perception of reality. Now with that said
I reckon it’s time once again for me to be heading off
to that place of my recollection through all that I have
written here and see if I can stir up a good word or
phrase that I can use as the title for today’s brand new
poem. So it’s away I go that place that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I might have stumbled
upon a good title just a little ways back. Now let’s see
what I can do with it. Here goes…..

Your Ego

The minutes time
of endless pride
could destroy
true love inside.
Let your ego
find its place
deep within
God’s Saving Grace.
With your ego
comes a frame
that will choose
to win the game.
Losing reasons
for the view
your own ego
will lose you.
Let your ego
not be seen
as just living
in a dream.
Now this new year
you can find
that your ego
can remind.
All the troubles
egos show
when they’re what
you think you know.
Sometimes views
your ego sees
are just found
as a disease.
Let your ego
now be said
as a lesson
in your head.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 1, 2012

Hehehe I almost signed it 2011. I’ll be having trouble with
that probably until the middle of the year 🙂 hehehehehehe.
Oh well, it’s not like I will die by accidentally signing 2011.
So, it’s 2012 now and according to the Mayan calendar,
the end of this year is supposed to be the end of time, but
I think they might of just started thinking to themselves
and saying. “Hey dude, quit with the calendars already,
it’s not like it freaken matters ya know! We’re gonna
be worm dirt before that year ever gets here”! Hehehe,
I could be right ya know. Even so, we each need to be
ready for the coming days that our time finds an end
and Jesus returns. Don’t waste a moment just playing
with the minutes. Find the blessings in the time that
God has given you and do your best. Well, I think
I heard Judy stirring about in the bedroom. She might
be getting up, or then maybe just rolling over hehehe.
We stayed up late watching TV till about 6 o’clock
this morning. I’m tired, but that’s always the case
with me LOL. No sleep for the intestine deprived 🙂
Dear Arthur or Arthritis as he is called loves to keep
me up as well LOL. Oh well, I might pass out in a
moment and sleep for a few minutes, but not before
I tell you what I tell you every week and that is, I
wrote some more poems. Yeppers, I’m back with
10 more poems with 3 of them being Christmassy
and also 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there. Well I guess it’s about time for me to be
searching for that old off switch that I just ignored
last week hehehehe, but before I begin searching
for that thing, I need to wish you all a wonderful
God filled week and brand new year. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that
freaking off switch. Found it once again under
our electric blanket trying to stay warm. Hey,
get up, you’re in my spot hehehehehehehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Shifting Sands

Shifting sands
of minutes seen
sometimes might
seem as a dream.
As tomorrows
come in view
shifting sands
might go askew.
Some tomorrows
that we find
might just be
unwanted time.
Yet those shifting
sands we see,
might be needed
then to be.
Sometimes things
one understands
is not best of
shifting sands.
Many problems
seen in time
could be needed
God’s design.
Shifting sands
of future days
might be what
sets hearts ablaze.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31, 2011

Soul Doors

The doors of souls
with shadows found
leave their echoes
all around.
Painted minutes
seen and said
bring to life
all there ahead.
Scenes arriving
on the floors
walking softly
through soul doors.
Pitter patters
feet of time
come to life
within a rhyme.
The doors of souls
of thereunto
live in me
and live in you.
We’re united
through the signs
found within
our time to times.
The little things
we do each day
could become
an echoed way.
Through soul doors
of memories
we might find
the shifting seas.
Silently churning
all we’ve done
we might think
we’ve hurt no one.
Yet those moments
that we’ve chose
could be all
that someone knows.
Let your soul doors
open wide
while allowing
God inside.
Let Him guide you
with His Will
and you’ll see
His Joy fulfill

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31, 2011

The New Year

The year is done
with time ahead
while we think of
done and said.
of days gone by
bring us to
today’s reply.
What will we do
with new to see
that’s with you
and that’s with me?
Will repetitiveness
live in this year
or will you change
your life sincere?
Will the minutes
you remember
become as a
burning ember?
The new year gives
a chance to change
or try best
to rearrange.
Don’t let failure
tear you down.
Use those lessons
that you found.
Let tomorrow
find you peace
as the past
you then release.
Yesterdays sorrows
can be destroyed
if you will make
Lord Jesus deployed.
Start the year
with hopeful true
for the likes of
me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31, 2011

Christmas Stars

The things remembered
moments found
bring us views
around and around.
The Christmas stars
that shined so bright
on that wondrous
scenic night.
All the stories
we remember
bring us back to
that December.
Pages turning
through our lives
are what live
and never dies.
Those Christmas stars
of wondrous hue
live and breathe
so very true.
Marking minutes
long ago
that were surely
without snow.
Yet that white snow
we remember
is forgiveness
in December.
Through the blessings
of that day
we’ve each got
a way to pray.
So each wondrous
look to see
Who’s So Divine.
Also when it’s
passed on by
take Him with you
don’t be shy.
Those Christmas stars
of timeless scenes
can live on
within your dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31, 2011

A Fantasy

In a fantasy
lives but a dream
sometimes distorted
causing a scream.
Sometimes fantasies
are just a place
displayed as portions
smiles on a face.
In a fantasy
you might arrive
with but a dream
that should not survive.
Often our fantasies
live as just hope
that live beyond
our realistic scope.
So if a fantasy
lives within you
keep it’s perception
of what that’s true.
Don’t let deception
to take you away
into a fantasy
not meant today.
Sometimes a fantasy
needs better view
to see what’s harmful
for you to do.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31, 2011

Heaven’s Sight To See

Christmas Dreams
of timeless prayer
live and breathe
with love and care.
Picture paintings
hung to see
show what Christmas
is to be.
Soft sweet snowflakes
in a frame
display why that
Jesus came.
For His Love
as white as snow
washed our sins
of to and fro.
All those dreams
of Christmastime
hang on walls
as thens design.
what was done
when God sent
His Only Son.
Look beyond
those scenes displayed
and see what that
Jesus made.
He made hopeful
come to life
when we’re living
filled with strife.
He made peaceful
come to be
giving Heaven’s
sight to see.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31, 2011

Before You Step

A simple answer
many hear
might be heard
a bit unclear.
Often words
so many find
are confusing
in their mind.
Many people
speak too fast
or to low
with questions asked.
A simple answer
needs be said
clearly heard
without bloodshed.
Let your meanings
of each word
not be just a
bit absurd.
Think it out
before you say
what that might
turn disarray.
Find a moments
prayer be found
before you step with
sight and sound.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31, 2011

Life Is Beautiful

Sing for the moments
that now are in place
for God has given
His Son filled with Grace.
Life is beautiful
and needs be seen
as that of pure love
in God’s running stream.
Today and tomorrow
are on mercy street
paved with the actions
of Jesus Christ’s Feet.
Life is beautiful
but needs our sight
looking passed sorrow
and seeing God’s Light.
The stages are set
for pages of prayer
even in timeframes
we think as unfair
Life is beautiful
with each shining sun,
for it’s a blessing
from Jesus God’s Son.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31, 2011

Remember That Feeling

Soon after Christmas
so many will cry
for they will have to
tell ones goodbye.
So many people
with family and friends
think after Christmas
it just always ends.
Christmastime joyful
should live on and breath
always forever
and never then leave.
Also those loved ones
of so far away
can live within you
in your day to day.
A heart can hold love
no matter how far
just as a twinkle
of a bright shining star.
Let not your Christmas
to end with despair.
Remember that feeling
with true love and care.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31, 2011

Here And Now

Here and now
might seem to be
as the same
from history,
but the now
that’s on display
is a different
day today.
Some might seem
to look the same
as from where
you surely came,
but look deeper
in the sight
and then see
what’s truly right.
Here and now
might just belong
to the pages
now long gone,
yet the pages
that you’re reading
might just be
a bit misleading.
Lessons from the
days gone by
here and now
might just reply.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31, 2011

for Dec 31, 2011

The days all change dates,
but actions determine life
through the days ahead.

An enraged temper
will cause a forest to burn
inside of the mind.

Flowers of winter
grow even with the snowflakes
with colors divine.

Hearing the thunder
brings attention to lightning
that you may have missed.

A simple dewdrop
brings life to a daffodil
as summer resides.

Icicles hang down
as Christmastimes ornaments
dangling from trees.

Windows of today
open wide with our perception
and choices to choose.

A decade that’s passed
leaves reflections of itself
found inside our minds.

Time paints a picture
that many will never see
due to not looking.

A dream is ventured
when the mind allows hopeful
to grow beyond sight.

Planning a journey
takes the mystery away
from where you’re headed.

A flake of snow falls
landing softly on the ground
where others have fell.

Strings of Christmas lights
decorate a distant house
with reds, blues and greens.

Time has a purpose
that makes many to worry
about tomorrow.

Moments need to change
so to give us enjoyment
and not become bored.

Lessons look ugly
when they’re seen through our mistakes,
but they are needed.

Wasting tomorrow
begins when today is slack
without direction.

Counting the snowflakes
helps the time to pass quickly
while waiting on winter.

Someone’s evidence
might be in form of a lie
made up from blunder.

Cherishing heartbeats
keeps the rhythms deep inside
with true love to grow.

While walking briskly
in the dead of winters snow
you leave your footprints.

Foraging for love
needs be done with help from God
so to know what’s true.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 31, 2011

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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