God By Our Side/Mothers So Tenderly


Hello my friends

So how’ve ya been? It’s been fairly nice up this way with
a lot of rain. Judy put Benny out this morning so he could
go potty and he came in drenched LOL. She let him back
in and he shook rain water all over the place hehehe and
then came looking for me. I was in the bathroom at the
time, but heard the epidemic and grabbed up the towel to
dry him off when I came out. I finally got him dried off as
much as I could while he laid in my lap, then he wanted
to come up and lay with us. He’s such a cutie. He’s still
laying in there with Judy, but Judy’s on the phone to her
youngest daughter (Helena). She called to wish Judy a
Happy Mothers Day. Not much has changed up this way.
Judy and I are still doing our regular stuff. Playing with
Benny and doing all of our Farmtown farms on facebook.
Yes we still play our hidden object games from time to
time as well as always watch our favorite TV programs.
We watched My Ghost Story last night. That is one of
our favorites along with Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures
and many more. Wipeout is soon to come back on with
new episodes. We both love to watch that. LOL Judy’s
getting chewed up by Benny. I can hear her while she’s
on the phone to Helena. It sounds like she’s fixing to
come in here with him hehehe. You’d think it was too
late to be in bed, but we don’t get to bed on most days
until early in the morning LOL. Both of us are nightowls.
Well her and Benny are in here now and I held him in
my lap for a bit. I had to hand him over to Judy so that
I could finish this freaking journal LOL. He loves to
be held. I think I created a bond between him and I the
day we went to get him from the airport. Benny rode
the whole 2 hours home sitting in my lap. Now he feels
like he belongs there hehehe. Now Benny is laying in
his little bed in the floor beside me and Judy. Ok so
it’s onwards with the journal. I wrote my mom a little
Mother’s Day poem and sent it to her last night. I hope
she likes it. She’s the greatest. I love to call and talk
to her sometimes just about silly stuff. We both laugh
and cut up on the phone. I wish I could see her, but
traveling isn’t in our funds at the moment. I hope we
one day manage to save up enough to make a trip to
Texas one day. That would be great. I’d actually
like for us to be able to drive there so I could bring
my conga drums and play some music with some of
my musician buds. Oh well, God only knows what
the future will hold. Judy and I both miss our trips
to Port Aransas TX. We both love it down there.
Maybe one day. For now, Judy and I are happy
to just have these great times together with Benny.
God knew we needed Benny and Benny needed us
and so He helped us find him and put him into our
lives. Now neither Judy nor I can visualize our
lives without Benny. He has become part of our
family. Our little boy 🙂 He loves to ride in the car
and look out the windows hehehe and when I role
down the window he loves to feel the breeze hehehe.
He’s another reason that if we came back to Texas
we would prefer to drive. We wouldn’t want to
leave him behind. So that’s about all from way up
here in New Limerick Maine. Right now at 2:44
in the afternoon it’s 49F degrees. It’s supposed to
get up to 53 a bit later, but that ain’t bad. God
has been good to us. Judy and I have had our
share of problems, but nothing that we couldn’t
handle with God by our side. I’ve lived through
a lot worse times in my life. We had some major
struggles that began the day we moved up here,
but we survived. With God always watching over
us, there is nothing that we cannot handle. Life
might seem at times too hard, but looking back
on all that I have been through, I can see that I
have survived much worse times. You might also
be able to recall some things you’ve been through
that were a lot worse than what today presents.
Use that knowledge as a tool to get you through
today and tomorrow. Now, I think it’s time for
me to once again take my lil trip back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title of today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place
of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I found a title
in something I wrote just a few lines back LOL.
Hope it works. Here goes…. Oh yea, I might
also write a Mothers Day Poem to go with it 🙂

God By Our Side

Limited vision
that many perceive
find ones to wonder
to stay or to leave.
Sometimes what’s seen
is just but a phase
painted in pictures
of the coming of days.
Let not your worry
to tarry your stride.
Much can be better
with God by our side.
Look beyond sadness
and see what is true.
Find all the blessings
that live within you.
With God by our side
today can be great
even through problems
that many debate.
Let your days always
find Jesus inside,
for things can be better
with God by our side.

©By Bill Pearce
May 13, 2012

Ok so as I said, here’s a Mothers Day poem
for all the moms 🙂

Mothers So Tenderly

In the beginning
a mother of time
carried a baby
so wondrous Divine.
Then as the pages
were turned to today
mothers still carry
their love in that way.
As time moves on
then surely they know
their little babies
will most surely grow.
Becoming people
with personalities
often that came from
their own history’s.
Mothers through time
have carried this way
giving their love
saying that it’s OK.
Kissing our booboo’s
when we are in dirt.
Mothers so tenderly
kiss where it’s hurt.
I thank God for moms
that show us their love
that was God given
from Heaven above.
Now all I’m really
wanting to say
is thank you dear mothers
for then and today.

©By Bill Pearce
May 13, 2012

Ok so there ya go. Two poems for this morning hehehe.
There’s not much else to tell ya about. My sister in law
Barbara is doing fine. The cancer has ceased and she
is back at work and looking great. Her hair is growing
back. My mom is doing well. She spends a lot of time
visiting her grandchildren in Texas and playing all of her
hidden object games LOL. I love you mom and hope to
see you sometimes soon. Maybe this summer you and
Peggy can make a trip up here. Peggy said she wanted
to come up again and spend more time so she could see
more of the scenery around here and visit with Judy and
I. Mom and her also want to meet Benny hehehehehe.
I know they’ll love him. Even Judy’s younger brother
Ricky fell in love with him and he’s not a dog lover 🙂
Benny loved him too. He whined until Ricky petted
him LOL. Well, I guess it’s time for me to tell you
what I tell you every week and that is, I wrote some
more poems and haiku. 10 more poems and 22 more
haiku. Nope, no Christmas poems this week. Maybe
next week hehehe, but then Christmas is 7 months
away. It’ll be here before ya know it HoHoHo hehe.
So now it’s time for me to be searching for that old
off switch that always loved to play hide and seek,
but before I do that I must wish you a wonderful
God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves you and
we do too. Now to find that off switch. Found it
in there with Benny piled up beside him snuggling.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Better Ways To Choose

If you’ve gone there on your own,
God’s Son will be there too.
You might think He’s disappeared,
but He’ll be there for you.
A simple prayer amidst the day
will give to you a way,
directions from your moments will
that seemed to go astray.
Lessons from our own mistakes
will become tools to use
helping us through now and then
with better ways to choose.

©By Bill Pearce
May 10, 2012

Points Remembered

Points in time
connecting true
are resolved
to me and you.
Things we’ve done
so long ago
help us now
with what we know.
Points remembered
bad and good
help us see
what all we should.
Yet it takes us
looking true
to see the best
for me and you.
Often sadness
will be found
when some times
will come around,
but then surely
one day seen
it will be just
a bad dream.
Something real
another day
that is now so
far away.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12, 2012

Day of Prayer

A peaceful evenings
day of prayer
helps to bring
a breath of air.
A simple moment
kneeling down
while then finding
solid ground.
The scenes around you
will be changed
a little less then
so deranged.
Through your prayer
to God above
you will find
a lot of love.
Let your anger
fall from you
as you seek
a better view.
A peaceful evenings
day of prayer
will then be
God’s love and care.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12, 2012

A Times Surmise

Scenic wonders
sometimes find
a different view.
Different days
of times around
all you saw
might not be found.
A day of clouds
up in the skies
might just be
a times surmise.
Scenes all changing
with our gaze
with times surmised
of different days.
Times remembered
that we saw,
now might be
a different awe.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12, 2012

Moments Grey

As today
comes to an end
look for good
around the bend.
Don’t just find
a moments sorrow.
Find the best
within tomorrow.
Let not shadows
of today
to become all
moments grey.
See beyond
the sadness seen
and find goodness
in a dream.
When tomorrow
does arrive
try to see
with better eyes.
Look beyond
the moments grey
and then make
a better day.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12, 2012

Storms of Morning

Minds of wonder
glimmer on
storms of morning
found at dawn.
New beginnings
fair and true
create mornings
every view.
Invisible links
that we can’t see
connect each day
to you and me.
Storms of morning
can be seen
as a blessings
running stream.
It’s our vision
that might find
storms of morning
worried mind.
Let the storm clouds
that you see
become good
throughout debris.
See the goodness
to become
storms of mornings
shining sun.
Peace will venture
into sight
giving views
a different light.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12, 2012

The Dreamers Dream

When time falls away
with only a sound
found in the dreamers
dream to be found
scenes are described
as times in a way
the dreamers dream
of another fine day.
Within the depths
of a time submarine
many will find then
the dreamers dream.
Scented as dewdrops
with mornings arrival
the dreamers dream
is there for survival.
But often the dreamers
without seeing true
end up with sadness
in an ocean of blue.
Don’t end your dreaming,
but also make sure
you see the truth
in life there and pure.
Look for the goodness
that’s found in a dream,
but don’t be a dreamer
in a lie submarine.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12, 2012

Every Time

Distant sounds
I hear each day
seem to change
in their own way.
Some are cars
just driving by
and then others
are in the sky.
Birds just singing
there and to
up above
in the sky of blue.
Sometimes clouds
will dawn the day
with their decor
on display.
Every time
I look to see
I find a change
a slight degree.
Sights and sounds
that I partake
are the changes
days will make.
Sometimes changes
in my view
become seas
so deep and blue.
Some remembered
things in time
come to me
as God’s design.
Yet sometimes
might seem as Hell,
but they’ll pass
in just a spell.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12, 2012

Normal People

There’s no thing
which perfectly
makes us all
the best to see.
We all have flaws
as days go by,
but so many
just deny.
Normal people
are what’s found
when I daily
look around.
Yet perspective
is the view
when ones say
they don’t like you.
Bad and good
from you and I
is discerned
by Adonai.
In His view
we live each day
some will lie
and some will pray.
Normal people
need atone
for each daily
stepping stone.
Troubles come
that some will choose
causing many
different views.
Yet forgiveness
can be found
through Lord Jesus
Solid Ground.
Don’t let anger
drive your soul,
for it might then
take control
and become a
leading to pure
Hell to see.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12, 2012

Today’s Shadows

Seasons of sorrows
might be all you see
coming from all of
your history,
but today’s shadows
can become the view
making some happiness
to then come true.
Today’s shadows
only have power
if you allow them
a minute an hour.
Let today’s season
become what is true
living and breathing
right now so anew.
Lies will be just shadows
of yesterdays glance
maybe if you give
today now a chance.
Surely some sadness
from yesterdays ploy
will beat remembrance
that will annoy,
but telling truly
what all that is done
you can find joyful
with each rising sun.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12, 2012

for May 12, 2012

Days will come speaking
words in the essence of time
with minutes to see.

Confusions stages
come as pages that are read
and not understood.

Alone is a time
that we may each find sometimes
as a mere blessing.

Journals are written
when echoes are acknowledged
as past that is done.

Left over dreams
from yesterdays we’ve wished for
can become a smile.

Temporary heartache
can become an eternity
if it’s not released.

Morning times flowers
come with displays of colors
that springtime presents.

Wintertime’s dreamers
think of snowflakes of Heaven
falling down with grace.

Without a moment
a timeframe might fade away
leaving emptiness.

Lessons sometimes hurt
when they come from the mistakes
we chose to repeat.

Because of today
yesterday is just a time
that has surely passed.

Scenes from our lifestyles
can become as some nightmares
with many regrets.

Peace is a value
counted with our tomorrows
beginning each day.

Nobodies sadness
can continue forever
if you let it loose.

Trivial moments
come as patterns we’ve perceived
with many viewpoints.

Someone’s bitter pills
might be imagination
found only with fears.

Wintertime’s snowflakes
are but only a glimmer
of dreams of Christmas

A page full of time
with minutes that are written
can become a book.

Today’s mere journey
begins with a few footsteps
that we each must take.

In a submarine
the portholes are as hopeful
to see passed the depths.

A visionary
sees different colored styles
with flowers and trees.

A meadowlarks song
comes as serenading sounds
that are filled with peace.

©By Bill Pearce
May 12, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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