A Stupid Mistake


Hello my friend

I hope you have been doing OK.  Judy and I have
been being lazy for the past few days.  Not much
to do,  plus since I’ve dropped off of my Mountain
Dews and started drinking Sprites,  I don’t have
any energy LOL.  No caffeine!  Being I stay in a
weakened state anyways due to other problems
the caffeine was the only thing keeping me going.
Oh well,  I’ve decided to drink maybe only 1 or 2
Mountain Dews a day to put a little caffeine in my
system to help me make it LOL.  That seems to
work at least a little hehehe.  No problem,  I like
Sprites being they don’t taste that much different
than Mountain Dews hehehehe and the good part
is they don’t leave a yellow stain in my mustache
the way Mountain Dews do from their yellow dyes.
Ok,  so it’s onto another topic.  Judy and I took a
little drive down south of us to Cutler Maine last
Tuesday.  We took tons of pictures and I once
again took pictures while Judy drove all the way
down there LOL.  Benny got to see the ocean for
the first time.  Of course Cutler Maine is built in
a little inlet to the ocean with outlets to open sea
in the near distance,  but I’m sure Benny enjoyed
it just the same.  There are many lobster fishing
vessels docked out in the deeper waters with one
at the docks preparing for their next trip out to
sea.  I took a few videos of them and other ships
coming in and going out.  Judy took some pictures
of me and Benny on the docks.  It was a peaceful
day.  A man came walking a Corgi Chiwawa mix
and Benny fell in love LOL and parting was such
great sorrow hehehe.  Yet, Benny soon forgot all
about her.  We stopped off here and there to take
pictures as we saw sights on the road back home.
We had fun going through all of the pictures when
we got home.  Oh yea,  Thursday an oil delivery
truck came to deliver oil that we did not order and
I kept telling him we did not order any being we
don’t even order from their company,  but he still
insisted that he had the right address.  He may of
had the right address on paper,  but not the right
address needing oil.  Anyways,  he delivered it only
to arrive at our house the next morning to tell us
that the guy that paid for the order gave the wrong
address.  So I said is that my fault?  I told him time
and again before he began pumping that we did
not order any oil and I did not know anybody that
would of ordered it for us.  I said my mom lives
in Texas and she couldn’t cause she would have
no clue where to order LOL.  Anyways,  he asked
if we could pay for it and Judy and I both said, NO.
We are barely making it as is and for sure cannot
afford to pay him 200 + dollars for that 50 gallons
that he stupidly deposited in our tank.  So he asked
if he could pump it back out and I said yes,  but on
one condition,  I will be moderating your every
move to make sure you only take the 50 gallons,
because I knew exactly how much we had in the
beginning being I checked it before he ever started
pumping.  So he came again Saturday morning
and the chore of pumping out his MISTAKE then
began.  It all got done and we lost nothing,  but
he lost a lot of time and gas/diesel having to return
back eight miles out of town to do this procedure,
but it was his and the guy ordering the oil that was
at fault.  I just did what I knew in my heart was
right,  being I didn’t want anyone to go without
heat because of a stupid mistake.  Anyways it’s
all taken care of and life moves on.  Today is yet
another day with more mysteries to be found in
our surroundings.  Life can either go up or down.
Many times it’s just our perception and the way
that we react that makes the difference.  Other
times it just happens and we need to deal with
it with acceptance.  If you spend your life trying
to change things that you have no control of
then you could find yourself just fighting a losing
battle.  I learned one big thing when I went to AA
back decades ago and that was this little motto.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things
that I cannot change,  the courage to change
the things that I can and the wisdom to know
the difference and live life one day at a time for
we can change tomorrow by doing our best
today.  I’ve been clean and sober since June 11,
1990.  I don’t do AA anymore, but the lessons
still live as I grow further in life every day.  God
is my higher power.  He is my rock which keeps
me in his midst through His Son Jesus Christ.
Let your mistakes in life become your lessons
in life and grow.  Don’t let the mistakes become
just merely horrible memories.  Learn that there
are two sides to a coin just as their are two sides
to a life.  You might be seeing the wrong side
on a bad day.  Let God help you with your
sight.  I find that when I pray,  the things that
I was praying for seem to become easier to
handle.  Sooooooo, I guess it’s time for me to
be taking my little waltz back through all that
I’ve written here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that might work well for the title for
today’s brand new poem.  So it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found
a good title,  but I’ve first got to check to make
sure I haven’t already used it hehehehehehe.
Ok it hasn’t been used.  So here goes nothing!

A Stupid Mistake

Times might envision
a scene thereunto
a stupid mistake
you saw someone do.
Often we make them
those timeless mistakes
and they become as our
lives of Earthquakes.
Don’t let the moments
that mistakenly came
live on as horrors
as each day the same.
Lord God allows us
our own humanity
to find through mistakes
what’s better to see.
Learning through mishaps
can help you to grow
giving you lessons
much better to know.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 14,  2012

Okie dokie,   there ya go 🙂  I hope you understood
that poem.  If not then hehehe Oh Well!  It snowed
a little early this morning and I hung my camera out
the front door and took a few pictures.  Of course it
has all melted being the ground is not cold enough
yet for it to hang around,  but it will soon be hehehe.
Judy said that when she let Benny out to go potty,
he stood looking a tad confused at all of the white
stuff that he remembered from when he first came
to us.  He absolutely loves snow,  just like his dad 🙂
Yeppers,  I become a little boy again when it snows.
I love to play in it and make an attempt to build a
snowman,  but so far have only made a very small
facsimile of one LOL.  Maybe this year hehehehe.
Yes of course I make snow angels,  which turn out
to be over weight snow angels being I’m a rather
big guy LOL.  OK so before I get too far into my
rambling mode again I need to tell ya what I tell
ya every week and that is I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  10 more poems with 3 of them
being Christmassy and one of them in a sort of
Christmassy feel.  Also yes I wrote 22 more haiku
for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you
find something that makes you smile.  Now I
believe it’s time for me to be searching for that
off switch that loves to play hide and seek,  but
not before I wish you a most joyful and God
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too. Now to find that rambunctious little
off switch that loves to play tag LOL.  Found
it once again hiding in my Aspirin bottle.  Looks
like he’s ran out of hiding places hehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂


Aching times of
then and there
sometimes come
remembered flare.
Headaches from
a moments game
might right now
seem as insane.
All the problems
now has told
become lessons
from the old.
Many headaches
once desired
now are just
our hell transpired.
Let the lessons
be well read
and not just
regret instead.
For it’s with your
times mistakes
that you learn from
the headaches.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2012

Living True

When in a moment
don’t let your thinking
become as words
of a ship that is sinking.
Don’t paint your pictures
for others to see
that are not you then
in not a degree.
Try living true
with now and agin
seeking for only
the lesser of sin.
Don’t let your shadows
to not live inside.
Make them as truthful
with nothing to hide.
Seek for the visions
that God wants for you
as you continue
your best living true.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2012

Moments Worship

When we’ve found
some things we see
as much better
for you and me,
we might also
not see true
that we worship
A moments worship
might expose
all of our own
cons and pros.
Don’t make wrong
the things you choose
moments worship
wanting views.
Let Lord Jesus
be what’s found
moments worship
solid ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2012

Christmastime’s Seconds

Songs deep within me
display such a scene
that can find surely
as Christmastime dream.
Singing of Jesus
and old Santa Claus
fills me with many
scenes oohs and ahs.
Christmastimes seconds
counted in frame
help us remember
why Jesus Christ came.
Those through the desert
from so far away
came to see Jesus
that wonderful day.
Then was a young boy
beating his drum
the best that he could
for Jesus God’s Son.
So, when I think Christmas
I truly behold
times filled with passion
from moments of old.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2012

Heaven Is There

Beyond our eyesight
this place does exist
more than a rain cloud
more than a mist.
This special place is
a wonderful joy
found then with Jesus
and love to deploy.
Without an ending
and filled full of prayer
God gave His promise
that Heaven is there.
Awaiting our moment
of time to release
leaving our bodies
and then finding peace.
Yes Heaven is there
just awaiting for you
when it’s the right time
to be made as new.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2012

Life With Christmas

Today and tomorrow
have minutes to see
a life with Christmas
through our history.
All of our moments
and all of our thoughts
found without Christmas
would surely be lost.
A life with Christmas
brings truly a stage
painted with happiness
page unto page.
Rhythms of singing
songs of God’s Son
a life without Christmas
would just be undone.
Let not the others
to take it away,
for a life with Christmas
is a wonderful day.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2012

Making a Face

Smiling not truly
might lead to a flaw,
but it can also
make many frowns thaw.
When making a face
make sure it’s a grin
and not just pouting
of time and agin.
Let your yesterdays
be what that’s learned,
but make the torment
the bridges you’ve burned.
Don’t forget Jesus
was there all the while
maybe beside you
just wearing a smile.
He allows lessons
we’ve daily acquired
to help us make it
much stronger transpired.
Let yourself blossom
with God’s Holy Grace
sometimes just smiling
or making a face.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2012

When in Disrepair

Forrest of problems
might come unglued
leaving your heartbeat
a bit misconstrued.
When in disrepair
kneel down then to pray
and say to Lord Jesus
please help me today.
Let not your worries
to cloud up your views.
Let Jesus help you
each step in your shoes.
Look for the blessings
that you might of missed
and then most surely
put them on the list.
So when you’re worried
or needing a prayer
let Jesus help you
when in disrepair.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2012

Sights of Christmas

When driving around
awaiting December
I can see signs
that I can remember.
The sights of Christmas
found here,  there and to
springing up slowly
within every view.
Soon there’ll be snow
all over the ground
with sights of Christmas
more to be found.
There will be glittering
lights here and there
lighting the nights up
their own special flare.
All of that beauty
I now anticipate
the sights of Christmas
I just cannot wait.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2012

That First Snowflake

Now and then
I search the sky
seeking snowflakes
that will fly.
That first snowflake
that I see
will become the
best for me.
Then as more fall
to the ground
they might build
the biggest mound.
Hiding all the
sights below
with the falling
of the snow.
That first snowflake
brings me joy
in this grownup
inner boy.
I still love to
play around
in the snow
upon the ground.
Making angels
and snowmen
when that season
does begin.
So I search on
no mistake
looking for that
first snowflake.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2012

for Oct 13,  2012

Placing a teardrop
in unnecessary times
might be crying wolf.

Letting tomorrow
to live on as it’s destined
could make now better.

Seen through a porthole
a view might seem much darker
than it truly is.

December snowflakes
become a part of the pictures
found within Christmas.

Yesterdays heartaches
could become ulcers today
if you allow them.

Summertimes flowers
soon find rest in October
as fall comes alive.

Saddening echoes
only keep alive the past,
so move to today.

Displays of snowflakes
might seem as the very same,
but they are unique.

Various people
have their own ways of living
that might seem the same.

Tomorrow evolves
from the patterns we have set,
so make them real good.

With many staring
there is sure to be a flaw
due to nervousness.

When wearing a smile
try to make it a good one
truth can emulate.

Seeking others stuff
might leave you feeling empty.
Be happy with you.

Moments surely come
with their many surprises.
Be ready for change.

A rose is a rose
as it changes formations
from opened to closed.

Good times we’ve been through
often come alive in time
after they are gone.

A hateful wording
is often times remembered
better than pictures.

Wintertime’s pictures
come alive as many snowflakes
land upon the ground.

Dismal perception
might find you standing alone,
so get out of it.

Bending what that’s true
could end in a total lie
so don’t bend too much.

Withered reflections
can evolve into the mind.
Seek good reflections.

Tomorrow awaits
while today brings us chances
to change tomorrow.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 13,  2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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