He Says Enough


Hello my friends

Well, here I am once again in the late of the day
attempting to put a few thoughts down for you to
read. It’s been another peaceful week here at the
Pearce’s Place. Yep, not much but a lot of puppy
play and FarmTown LOL. We’re kind of broke
so can’t do much of anything else LOL. It’s been
nice weather up here. Not too awful cold hehehe.
I went to the bathroom a moment ago and Benny
and Milo were snuggled together with Judy in bed.
They looked so cute. I was gonna try and get a
picture of Benny and Milo cuddling, but by the
time I thought of it, Benny had already gotten up.
Oh well, take my word for it, it was cute hehehe.
Judy’s in bed watching Family Feud while I write
my journal. Ain’t we exciting!? It’s sort of cold
outside right now, but not too cold. It’s only 28F
degrees at 5:30 PM. Nope ain’t cold at all hehe.
Soon the temperatures will be much lower making
28F seem rather warm 🙂 It’s supposed to get
down to 23F by morning. The snowing will soon
begin. Yeppers, winter is gradually getting a
footing. I know to many of you, our weather is
already looking like it huh hehehe. Nope, it’s
gonna get much colder. Off to another topic!
I bought four more Big fish games with the last
of my credits I had before they expired. Now
Judy and I have more games to play. Of course
we already have many that we have yet to play,
but I saw no reason to let those tickets expire.
They were paid for many months ago hehehe.
So, Judy and I might start playing some more
of our hidden object games in the next few days.
The reason I am so late starting this is because
I took some Benadryl early this morning due
to my sinus’s giving me a hard time and it made
it hard to think. So I waited for them to wear
off. There isn’t much new to report. Oh yea,
Benny’s getting neutered Wednesday. We
don’t want to be responsible for him getting
one of our friends dogs pregnant. Milo was
neutered before we got him, so he’s OK. I’ve
been taking care of Milo’s teeth lately. When
we got him, his teeth were atrocious, so I got
him some Dentist’s Best dental spray and also
a doggie tooth brush and tooth paste. Yes I
have been brushing his teeth for him hehehe.
It’s not like he can hold the toothbrush in his
doggie paws. We also bought some other
stuff like Dentastix and Prosense Breath mints
that help his teeth as well as his breath. We
give them to Benny as well. Preventative
medicine for the boy. Yes we love our little
boys and so we take as good of care of them
as we would children. They are a very big
part of our lives and bring smiles to us every
day. Yea, they do get in trouble time to time,
but they’re learning what not to do and what’s
good for them. Judy and I thank God every
day for the blessings He has given us. We’re
with blessings every day. Yes, we might not
see them at the moment, but as time goes by
we can look back and see how God had been
there with blessings to pull us through. Often,
troubles will come and darken the day, but
there is a light through Jesus that brightens
the day. Don’t let petty things to become
the outline of the day. Find the joy of life.
We all have our share of problems and what
seems small to one person, might be large
to another as also visa versa. Don’t ever
think that you’re in it alone. God is always
there to give you strength. Don’t blame Him
for the troubles, but yet thank Him for what
might become the best lessons you ever had.
I’ve had a real bumpy life through heartache
and misery as well as health issues, but now
as I look back I can see how they made me
a better man. Yes, I have bad health, but
it’s nothing I can’t handle. God knows that
I’m a strong man and can handle a lot of
pain and so He only allows what He knows
I can handle and then He says ENOUGH.
So with that said I guess I should be heading
off to that place of my recollection through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can find
me a word or phrase that will work well for
the title for today’s brand new poem. So
it’s away I go to that place that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. Yet I think
I might have found the title just a short
ways back hehehe. Yeppers, it’ll do! So
here ya go. I hope it makes sense hehehe.

He Says Enough

Life might seem grueling
as each day goes by,
but life is truly
a feather to fly.
Troubled emotions
might just find a way
to bring you down surely,
so take time to pray.
When you are fed up
with all that is done,
take it to Jesus
Lord God’s only Son.
When you’ve found bitterness
within your view
let yourself find some
blessings so true.
So if you’re weakened
with times all so rough
trust that the end comes
when He says enough.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 18, 2012

Ok, so there ya go. I hope that makes at least
a little bit of sense to ya. Well it’s 27F degrees
now at 6:22 PM hehehe. It’s gone down one
degree since I started this mess LOL. I’m still
in here alone. Judy and the boys are still in the
bedroom watching game shows hehehe. This
is such an exciting home LOL NOT! It’s OK
cause we like it. Yes we would love to be able
to do other things, but we do what we are able
to do and enjoy it. I wasn’t raised up having
much, so I’m content with all that we have.
I guess I need to be telling ya what I tell ya
every week and that is, I wrote some more
poems and haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems
with 5 of them being Christmas poems hehe.
Plus I also wrote 22 more haiku for of my
haiku lovers out there. I hope you enjoy at
least one or two. Now it’s time for me to be
searching for that dad burned off switch
that loves trying to hide from me, but not
before I wish you a most wonderful God
filled week. Remember, Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now to find that dad gum
off switch. Found it trying to sneak under
the computer room door to go watch TV.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Webs of Time

Sudden thresholds
come to dine
as our moments
webs of time.
Minutes tick on
as they’re made
giving often
troubles laid.
Seeming as they’re
meant to be
webs of time
fill history.
Yet so often
webs we find
are for futures
change of mind.
Webs of time
will then move on
showing where we
should of gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012


there and to
leave us with a
horrid view.
Left and right ways
many see
troubled times
in history.
Now is surely
time to tell
things that might have
not gone well.
Timeless portholes
found askew
might find one day
life anew.
might then find
places with some
peace of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

A Glimpse of Christmas

The story goes
as many read
how that Jesus
did succeed.
A glimpse of time
through thereunto
gives us blessings
every view.
Christmas stories
find a way
to become as
now today.
A glimpse of Christmas
white as snow
reminds us of ones
Santa Claus with
his delight
coming Christmas
eve at night.
Yet the stories
are found best
with God Divine.
A glimpse of Christmas
is then found
through His Son
on Solid Ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

The Edge of Night

So many days
will leave us standing
with a place of
horrid landing.
Sometimes pages
will be turned
the edge of night
with much discerned.
Lassoed troubles
we found seen
then live on
within a dream.
The edge of night
brings much to share
if we’ll take time
for a prayer.
Let not echoes
fill with fright
say a prayer
the edge of night.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Winter’s Wonders

Weathered pictures
find a glance
winter’s wonders
song and dance.
Scenes are painted
far and wide
found upon
a white hillside.
Then remembered
is the scene
found December’s
Christmas dream.
Winter’s wonders
find a way
to bring joy
upon display.
Christmas flavors
day and night
become pictures
within sight.
Twinkling shadows
I then see
as a scenic
Christmas tree.
Found as blessings
to and fro
all the joy of
Christmas snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Answered Prayers

Through our troubles
Jesus cares
filling life with
answered prayers.
Yet so often
what’s prayed for
will become a
saddened scar.
So then Jesus
answers true
what’s the best
for me and you.
Look behind you
and see clear
answered prayers
from yesteryear.
Now look forward
and attest
Jesus knows what’s
very best.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Their Christmas Surprise

Children all hurry
to write and to tell
letters to Santa
what they want so well.
Then off to Santa
their wishes all go
up to his workshop
at the North Pole.
Letters to Santa
gather with grace
then for old Santa
with his smiling face.
All of the children
will surely then wait
for Christmastime
as they anticipate.
Morning then comes,
they open their eyes
and run down to see
their Christmas surprise.
A package for her
and a package for him
hidden real nicely
up under a limb.
The Christmas tree
brings forth its view
the magic of time
of Christmas so true.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Leaves Will Blow

As fall subsides
and leaves will blow
soon will come
the flakes of snow.
Picturesque paintings
found on a hill
will soon be artwork
snow will conceal.
Also the times of
leaves of green
also once were
an elusive scene.
As fall came
with its desires
it brought forth
what time transpires.
Leaves will blow
as time moves on
and then one day
they’ll all be gone.
Hidden beneath
the snow of white
there will be signs
of falls delight.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Winter’s Wonderland

Soon in the threshold
snow will be seen
as that of magic
found in a dream.
Winter’s wonderland
is soon to come
painted as snowflakes
under the sun.
Christmas will follow
as it then inlays
magical moments
white snow portrays.
Then while I’m watching
snow falling down
I’ll dream of Christmas
coming to town.
Winter’s wonderland
comes as a gleam
scented with snowflakes
in every scene.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

Shadows of Time

Mornings remembered
Christmas and more
scenes are the blessings
that we adore.
Shadows of time
are found as a scent,
often we wonder
where that they went.
Pages are turning
as we move on
shadows of time
and then they are gone.
Let not those shadows
only to thrive
here now today
as we’re alive.
Let ones remember
how it should be
found full of joy
and a Christmas tree.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

for Nov 17, 2012

Lessons we have learned
might one day be forgotten
and need learned again.

The worries of time
might display many moments
that we need forget.

Beyond a morning
lies the shadows of details
that might not come true.

Nobody’s perfect
for we all have many flaws.
Some might just show more.

Breathing a moment
gives chance for an aroma
found as a flower.

Losing your temper
only gives something control
or maybe someone.

Snowflakes of Christmas
fall as glistening blessings
coming from Jesus.

When tomorrow comes
it might not be what you thought,
so focus on now.

Year long believing
keeps the new years well intact
for much good to come.

Every heartache
has its very own picture
and way that it’s viewed.

Death is not the end,
but the beginning of time
in another realm.

Adversity comes
as a knock on many doors,
but prayer will conquer.

Today marks a time
that we can change tomorrow
by doing our best.

Receiving true love
needs to understand true love
and how to share it.

Believing in spirits
will open a world of truth
in what Heaven is.

Break dancing not learned
finds many broken fragments
as the same as life.

Minutes will prosper
no matter if you do not,
so keep on trying.

Listen for angels
as they speak into your ears
to warn of danger.

Baggage that’s carried
and not released throughout time
might just hold you back.

Anger’s explosion
can ignite many fires,
so seek for some peace.

Various people
walk without looking forwards
and cause much trouble.

The butt of the joke
is often the one laughing
as time moves along.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 17, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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