The Destruction


Hello my friends

How was your Halloween? We just stayed inside and watched
a few of our comedy videos and Transformer cartoons LOL. It
was windy as heck last night. I feel sorry for any kid that got out
in that to try and trick or treat. They would’ve become a flying kite
without strings. I had to go and turn our chairs so they wouldn’t
end up in the next county hehehe. I kept checking though. I mean
the wind was literally rocking our trailer house. I thought we were
going to have a Wizard of Oz repeat up here in Maine LOL. Where
we are, we have nothing but an open field in front of us which acts
as a doorway to the wind. Oh well, it seems we’ve not moved from
where we were yesterday :). We’re still in Nowhere Ville LOL :).
I did buy some lollipops and left them on the table beside the front
door just in case we had some desperados that made the venture.
Yet we only have three neighbors and I’m guessing they stayed inside
as well LOL. I could barely open our screen door due to the wind
blowing it closed hehehehe and if I did not hang onto it when I did
finally get it open I better of had a good tight grip on it or the wind
would catch it and it would become nothing but a memory hehehe.
Last week was rainy, but we did have a few days of sunshine off
and on hehe. I see according to my PC weather station that this
week will be slowly drifting back down to the cold as normal and
what we’re seeing now will be gone. Last night it got up to 65 or
thereabouts. Hehehe it almost feels like Texas again. The weather
keeps bouncing around like it’s on a pogo stick. I wish it would
just settle somewhere so my old body can have a chance to sort of
get used to the weather LOL. Judy and I are both anxiously waiting
for the first real true snows to come and stay because it seems so
magical. Yet the beauty does wear off around February March
and April as well as sometimes May LOL. I find myself searching
the skies for snow clouds often hehehe :). Yeppers, I am a kid at
heart and still love to play in the snow. I guess it could have to do
with my being a born and raised Texan and not seen much snow :).
LOL, I’m like a kid in a candy store hehe. Not much new has gone
on in the Pearce’s household. Judy and the crew of the Elm Tree
Diner are still doing preparations to get the temporary diner ready
to open, yet they keep running into obstacles that slow them down.
Hopefully all will be done soon and Judy can get back to doing what
she was hired to do hehehe and that is cook, but I think she’s gonna
miss having weekends off and being sent home or only working just
a half a day or so due to running out of things to do or anything that
can be done that day while preparing the temporary diner hehehe.
That’s life in the fast lane :). My world here in this house never seems
to change much. I clean house, do laundry, cook and wash dishes
as a regular scheduled program LOL. Yet Judy does once in a while
give me a break and do the dinner or laundry and that’s nice :).
Hehehehe mom said, “now you know how I felt”! Yeppers, I sure
do mom LOL. I’ve gone from CNC programmer/operator/machinist
to housewife/husband. I figure I might as well dress the part LOL.
Here’s some news for ya. Friday November 6th is Judy’s birthday
and to keep from telling you her age I will just tell ya hehehehehehe
she will then be the same age as me LOL. Figure it out! I told her
I don’t know how I’m gonna manage to get her anything for her
birthday being we live a slight further from Wal*Mart than we lived
when we were in Texas. I could usually start walking and hitch
a ride. One year a guy picked me up as I was just heading out and
he took me to Wal*Mart and waited as I went in and got Judy a
cake and some flowers and he took me back home, but fat chance
of that happening way the heck out here LOL. Then we only lived
about a mile from Wal*Mart. Now we live 8 miles out in the middle
of nowhere LOL. I’ll figure out something. God has always given
me ways to deal with each issue. I am sure He won’t let me down
this time either. Many times we will get caught up in what all we’re
wanting to do and forget that God may have better plans for you
that you are not aware of. God’s plans are beyond our scope of
vision. Often we will only see the destruction. Our eyes cannot see
what good that is in the makings. Have a little faith that God can
and will make good come from the bad. He’s worked many miracles
with Judy and I as you have read about often. Find time to thank
God for what He has helped you with already and then thank Him
for what He will do. Peace will then abound. I reckon it’s that
time once again for me to begin my search through all the words
I’ve written and see if I can find a word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s poem. So it’s away to that place of my own
recollection. That place that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE!
While stumbling through all the rambling I’ve done, I think I’ve
found a good title. Now let’s see what I can do with it if in fact
anything LOL………Here goes!!!!

The Destruction

Scenic misfortune
might be the view
when the destruction
happens to you.
You may not see
what surely is done
when in fact God has
sent His Own Son.
Blessings from troubles
of our day to day
may be the portholes,
God sent our way.
Lessons will follow
from the destruction
that are the blessings
Godly instruction.
So when you’re troubled
with so many times
take time to look for
wonderful signs.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Nov 1, 2009

Yeppers, we’ve had our share of problems, but God has pulled us
through. I hope my rambling did not bore ya LOL. Also I hope that
my poem made you stop and think. To my lil friend Jimmy in Oregon,
Hang in there dude. Maybe you’ll get some snow this year hehehehe.
When ours gets overwhelming as it does often, I will attempt to pack
some up and UPS it to you LOL. I guess I need to begin my search
for that old off switch so I can finish this and get started on figuring
out what to fix Judy and I for dinner as well as getting the laundry
started. A housewife’s/husband’s work is never done hehehehehehehe.
Before I search for that bloody off switch, I reckon I need to tell ya
what I tell ya every week and that is I wrote some more poems and
yes some more haikus. I hope you like a few of em. I wrote three
wintry Christmas style poems also. I did not write as much YoVille
haiku as I have previously. I only wrote 4 this time LOL. Hey, even
I will take a break from writing ever so often hehehe. Anyways, I’ve
got 10 poems and 22 haiku plus the 4 YoVille messages for you to
read and that ought to keep ya busy :). OK, now it’s time for me to
wish you a most wonderful week. Remember, Jesus loves you and
we do too. Now where’s that dad burn off switch hiding at this week?
I believe I see it hiding behind my aspirin bottle LOL. See ya hehehe,
CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. Hehehe send Judy a birthday card if you can ­čÖé
sometime between now and November 6th hehehehehe.
That would not only make her happy, but me as well!!
I love that gal with all my heart…….Many hugs to you.

Now on with the poems
10 and 22 + 4

Subsequent Seconds

Windows of passion
have opened today
showing the beauty
within its own way.
Days full of colors
painted so true
sometimes with passion
of a similar hue
such as the colors
of oh so much more
in through the windows
which my eyes explore.
Windows have opened
and let in the sight
coming in daily
as minutes unite.
Seasonal moments
are coming around
as I admire
each sight, smell and sound.
Subsequent seconds
insert their own view
of all the blessings
God gives me and you.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2009

What He’s Bought

Little or nothing
greater or not,
I think that homemade
is better than bought.
Things we’ve created
with our minutes time
I think are better
than dollar or dime.
So often money
is all many see
when in fact price tags
don’t always agree.
Many will spend on
and not look inside
to see what Lord Jesus
has each day applied.
Little or nothing
greater or not,
I say that money
can’t buy what He’s bought.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2009

White Snows Array

Mirrors of feelings
are certain to show
how I am missing
that white Christmas snow.
I’m just awaiting here
daily in stride
for what the season
can no longer hide.
White snow to billow
in seasonal stance
seems to in some way
put me in a trance.
Yet now I’m waiting
as days each arrive
for what the season
brings surely alive.
Certain white snowflakes
to fall here and there,
mirror of feelings
now just stand and stare.
Awaiting the moments
of white snowy hills
and all that Christmastime
surely fulfills.
Links to tomorrow
from each dawning day
brings me much closer
to white snows array.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2009

Sight That They Need

If you have fallen
and trouble has come
let the one help you
that’s Jesus God’s Son.
Troubles may enter,
yet answers will find
a place from Lord Jesus
that enters your mind.
Many a threshold
we’ll stumble and fall,
yet God will help you
to conquer them all.
Many times people
will judge and compare,
yet they will one day
see how they are there.
Sometimes the minutes
of which they behold
might just be seconds
that surely foretold.
A minute, a moment
might surely succeed
giving those judging
the sight that they need.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2009

In Christmas Gaze

Winter has entered
with no time to spare
as it awakens
the mornings cool air.
Winter has risen
and driven its ride
as all the rhythms
each surely abide.
Sections of pages
are written in time
such as the ages
of winters design.
Winter has blossomed
with its scenes to see
that are so awesome
with Christmas degree.
Winter is bringing
the snowy detail
with us each singing
as it does compel.
Blossoms of white snow
so fluffy and true
I will be throwing
as snowballs at you.
Yet now I’m waiting
for winter white days
while in Christmas gaze.
Winter has entered
and bringing its flow
of which that’s centered
around Christmas snow.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2009

Strengthen Your Soul

Just when you’re breathless
you’ll find how to breathe
if you’ll say Jesus
in You I believe.
If you are worried
from times everywhere
take a little breather
and say a little prayer.
Just when a problem
comes clear into view,
let Jesus come then
and He will help you.
Timeframes might burden,
yet minutes will pass
and you’ll find blessings
that enter at last.
Just when you’re breathless
give Jesus control
and He will enter
and strengthen your soul.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2009

Days Are A Counting

Fall has been driven
from its point and time
and now there’s winter
with its own design.
Fall will return then
one day as desired
as every season
is surely transpired.
Winter is showing
so certainly true
scenes that amaze me
as also do you.
Fall is a memory
now in the past
seeming as minutes
that went a bit fast.
All of the colors
are now gone away
leaving the essence
of leafless today.
Snow is to follow
and paint it all white
as old man winter
comes quick in sight.
Days are a counting
as winter prevails
and I see snowflakes
of many details.
Each one that falls
is differently found
as it is landing
so soft on the ground.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2009

Answers May Surely

Answers to questions
might not of said
what that you wanted
to be in your head.
Little known fractions
of what that we hear
may be the answers
that aren’t so sincere.
Answers to questions
may need some fresh air
come from the blessings
of moments of prayer.
Many times questions
might fill up a place
with answers followed
by my moments of Grace.
Answers may surely
not seem very clear,
but they may one day
come from yesteryear.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2009

A Beautiful Rose

Seen are the clingers
that hold into place
now and tomorrow
without changing face.
So many people
will not seek a change
and their tomorrows
then end a bit strange.
Sometimes the clingers
of troublesome past
find that they’re worried
from shadows they cast.
Don’t let your clinging
to hold you away.
Let Jesus help you
as you kneel and pray.
Seen in the portholes
throughout clinging time
are all the minutes
of none changed design.
Let God to change you
the way that He chose
and you’ll become then
a beautiful rose.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2009

In A Whirlwind

Life in a whirlwind
blows there about
while sometimes seeming
that there’s no way out.
Life in the fast lane
so many will find
times of confusion
inside of their mind.
Life in a whirlwind
sometimes will foresee
as misdirection
a dismal degree.
Life that is hurried
leaves many around
standing and searching
for some solid ground.
Life in a whirlwind
can surely release
if ones will take time
to pray for some peace.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2009

for Oct 31, 2009

Yearning for moments
might just make the beginnings
for wanna gone mad.

Timetable seasons
make beginnings and endings
that many don’t see.

Now is a linkage
connected to tomorrow
with minutes passing.

Shadows are levers
which are used to envision
what eyes cannot see.

Long awaited winter
brings its footsteps into view
as snow painted hills.

Castles on the beach
made of sand from time gone by
will soon wash away.

A letter written
can become what’s regretted.
Your heart just might change.

A mere glancing blow
from an untimely moment
can make ones to pray.

In a looking glass
is the fragrance of people
that many don’t show.

Hashing through problems
will sometimes make more problems.
Haste might just make waste.

Timid as a sheep
many lose every moment
without an effort.

Time in the twilight
brings so many fears to life
that need not be feared.

A wind blown moment
makes particles remembered
as seasons in time.

Bells in the distance
ring sweet sounds of melodies
that Christmas will hear.

Many have passion,
yet some are just found clueless
of what it’s about.

Places are gathered
as people do their bonding
for unknown reasons.

Certain situations
are needed times of torment
to make us stronger.

A mere glancing blow
might be what that is needed
to get something done.

In place of anger
let your heart to find a prayer
and your anger might cease.

Camouflaged scenery
might be distant memories
that still live today.

The heat of moments
might ignite blazing fires
that don’t need to burn.

Ones in a portrait
might of forced the smile you see.
Some pictures will lie.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 31, 2009

YoVille Haiku

New days a dawning
makes the time for designing
much better to come.

Thrifty can be bad
if you ignore what’s healthy
to by something cheap.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 25, 2009

Hands held together
are the chains that will unite
one link at a time.

Inner most feelings
make minutes to fall apart
or surely blossom.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Oct 28, 2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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