We Have Each Other


Hello my friends

So how have ya been? I’m eating some Sugar Smacks
generic cereal right now hehehe. Judy is too! She just
got up. I have been in here writing all of my haiku that
I didn’t write yesterday due to me still feeling bad, but
I did manage to get all my poems written yesterday 🙂
I wish whatever it is that has a hold of me would please
let me go. I’m tired of being sicker than normal hehehe.
Of course I have been sick for years, but this crud I’ve
got is wearing me thin. I’m sick of my nose running or
stopping up, sneezing and snorting and hurting all over
to boot LOL. Maybe one day it will pass I surely hope,
but in the mean time I guess I’ll keep on keeping on 🙂
Due to the two days of 50F degree temperatures last
week as well as the freaking wind and rains, a lot of
our snow has washed away, but it’s still white outside.
it’s supposed to snow again late tonight and tomorrow.
Right now it’s 21F degrees at 12 noon. This is turning
out to be a rather mild winter. I had to buy us a new
mailbox, being the county snowplows did a number on
ours leaving it without a lid hehehe. I’ve had to dig our
mail out of the snow that got impacted in the darned
thing as well as get the mail out and dry it out when it
rained last week LOL. Maybe this mailbox will last
until next winter hehehe. We ended up having to go
back to Walmart yesterday to get a number to put
on our mailbox. I thought I would see if I could find
me a battery for my infrared air probe thermometer,
but as guessed, they didn’t have the one I needed 🙂
so I ordered 5 of them from Wallmart.com hehehe.
That way I’ll have back ups LOL. Judy and I are
doing well other than us both feeling peaked often.
These two boys might have a hand in that hehehe.
They do keep us busy. Milo apparently has a weak
bladder and has to pee all the time. Of course him
always drinking a gallon of water at a setting I’m
sure doesn’t help hehehe. He won’t have kidney
problems for sure LOL. It prevents either of us
from getting much sleep when we’ve always got
to let him out to go pee and Benny always wants
to go with him whether he’s gotta go or not LOL.
Benny loves his big brother, but darn it, he is bad
about always trying to steal whatever Milo has
in his grasp. Benny’s just like a little vulture just
waiting to pounce hehehe. We give them both
the same things, but Benny will carry his into the
living room and then come back in here to see
if he can get Milo’s which usually ends up with
a lot of growling and snarling LOL. They don’t
hurt each other. Milo just makes a point to say
THAT’S MINE. They were playing most of the
morning running back and forth from the living
room to our bedroom. Benny is just like a little
boy that wants what the other has hehehehehe.
Milo’s an old man like his dad and just wants to
be left alone while he’s eating or playing with his
toy hehehe. My toy is my PC hehehehe, but it
never fails that one of them is wanting something
at some point and time LOL. Gotta love em 🙂
Well it’s 12:30 PM and it’s still 21F degrees as
I look upon my Weather Watcher Live program.
I have many weather programs, but this is the
one I use most of time nowadays. It’s a good
reliable weather program. Judy is behind me
on her computer browsing FaceBook. There’s
not much else happening around here today.
The Pearce’s Place is a quiet one other than
the ever so often sounds of little galloping feet
running there and to throughout the house 🙂
Right now they’re both lying in their beds in
the floor beside me. Benny first came to lick
my leg wanting me pet him and then he went
to lie down in his bed beside Milo. They’re good
boys when they wanna be hehehehehe. They
both have their Whataburger sweaters on LOL.
They look so cute hehehe. Judy and I do Miss
Whataburger. All we have here is Burger king
and McDonalds. KFC closed the doors a few
months back, so we no longer have a chicken
place to go to. I didn’t care for KFC, but it was
better than nothing hehehe. At least there is
a Pizza Hut in Houlton. When I went to the
Shop and Save or what I call sop and shave
I found some chicken in a box and bought it.
It’s country fried chicken just needing heating.
Who knows, I might be onto something here 🙂
Tis no matter. Judy and I are alive and we
have each other and these two little boys that
love to be with us. They have brought us joy
in the grandest of details. God is always with
us watching over us with His Blessings. We
may not have a lot, but we are happy with all
that we have. Yes we would love to buy a new
car, but our little 95 Mazda is still puttering
along getting us where we need to go. I hope
it’s in good enough shape to pass inspection.
That with tags and insurance is all needing
to be done this month. Sheesh, why does it
all have to be in the same month hehehehehe.
Oh well, we’ll survive. God has never let us
down. It might seem like it at times when we’re
wanting beyond our needs. Many times God
will step back to let us do what He knows
we are capable of doing. He won’t do what
He knows we are able to do. Sometimes we
need to step out of our safe zone and look for
the answers that are to our many needs, yet
make sure they are the right things to do and
will not hurt another person. Often ones ego
will prevent them from asking for help. Don’t
let your ego to cause you to drown. Now with
that said, I reckon I need to be searching back
through all that I have written here to see if I
can find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem. So,
it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I may have found a good title. Now let’s
see what I can do with it hehehe. Here goes!

We Have Each Other

Though miles might find us
distantly seen
prayers can connect us
then in-between.
We have each other
no matter what course
if we’ll let Jesus
become as our force.
Many a mile away
might find a frown
as they are distantly
seen out of town.
Miles are just numbers
we’re truly to find,
for we have each other
in God’s frame of mind.
He’s the connection
to us one and all
if we will learn to
prayerfully call.
We have each other
no matter how far,
as prayer travels faster
than any car.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 3, 2013

So how was that? Hehehe I know, it’s not that
great, but if ya read it, you’ll get the message.
Well, it’s 1:24 PM and it’s still 21F degrees LOL.
It don’t look like it’s gonna get much warmer 🙂
My brother in law DD still needs your prayers.
The doctors have finally started Chemo on him.
I hope and pray it’s not too late. The cancer has
spread quite a bit. Please also keep my big sister
Peggy in your prayers, because she is really in a
distraught state worrying about DD. They have
been married for 38 years. I hope they have a few
more years together. Yes, I know that God is in
control, but we never want to see a loved one
pass away. So in Jesus Name I pray that DD
will be healed and given more years together
with my sister. Now I believe it’s time for me
to be telling you what I tell you every week and
that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku.
I wrote once again 10 poems, but accidentally
wrote 23 haiku instead of 22 hehehehehehehe.
Hey I get to writing and lose track. Anyways,
I hope you have enjoyed my rambling and poem
and that you find some peace in my other poems
and haiku. Now I think it’s about time for me
to be searching for that old off switch, but not
before I wish you a most joyful and God filled
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do
too. Now, where’s that darned off switch this
time? Found ya playing piggy back in Benny
as he romps around the room hehehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. hehehe I wrote another poem
about the boys 🙂 It’s last on the list.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22+1 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

My God Can Do It

Can you see reality?
Can you breathe a cosmic sea?
Can you fall in love for free?
I think that it could happen.

Can you catch fallen debris?
Can you swing from the tallest trees?
Can you tell the birds from the bees?
I think I can, can you?

Can you be a door or a key?
Can you be a window to open and see?
Can you catch me if you can’t see me?
I don’t really think you can.

Can you calm the wildest seas?
Can you heal the worst disease?
Can you give hope for all of these?
My God can do it, can you?

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 29, 2013

Answers Found as Questions

Words are found conclusive
with the things we hear
answers found as questions
maybe not so clear.
Many ask the questions
asking to and fro
things they wish as answers
that they do not know.
Yet so often wording
is found as confused
answers found as questions
language that we’ve used.
Journeys through our questions
often find us blind
as we make our footsteps
on throughout mankind
Answers found as questions
that so many say
lead us in directions
sometimes in dismay.
Then with times conclusion
answers might be found
when the ones with questions
see what comes around.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1, 2013

Yesterday’s Shadow

Moments like clockwork
seem as to past
yesterday’s shadow
will then only cast.
Summertimes shadows
might then display
scenes that we found
as our yesterday.
Passages turning
into our space
yesterday’s shadow
shows on our face.
Memorable moments
come into view
as that of yesterday’s
times that we new.
Yesterday’s shadow
is but a phase
coming from scenery
found in our days.
Wintertime’s witness
displays much snow
sometimes as
yesterdays shadow.
Then as springtime
shows us its sign
yesterday’s shadow
might then remind.
Patches of snow
that lies all around
yesterday’s shadow
shows on the ground.
And when the snow’s gone
yesterday’s scene
will be as snowless
covered in green.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 2, 2013

Places I’ve Gone

All through my journeys
I have found true
things that I’ve witnessed
greatest to view.
Each little venture
no matter where
found me a moment
none could compare.
Places I’ve gone
and things that I’ve seen
paint me a porthole
sometimes a dream.
Sometimes while sleeping
places I’ve gone
will become images
dusk unto dawn.
So many thresholds
I’ve entered through,
places I’ve gone
have shown me brand new.
Even the bad times
of which I have found
leave me the echoes
that change all around.
Places I’ve gone
that now does not show
can become visions
that pictures bestow.
So with my camera
snapping away
places I’ve gone
will always display.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 2, 2013

Grains of Time

God is counting
time we see
grains of time
for you and me.
Each is found as
seconds glance
often found
within a trance.
Grains of time
that God bestows
count as seconds
highs and lows.
People stirring
up a storm
become often
bent and torn.
With God’s blessings
truly found
grains of time
will end up sound.
Yet when seeking
only grime
you’ll find sadness
grains of time.
So let God to
change your view
making grains of
time brand new.
Let Him bless you
with His Hand
as he shows you
how to stand.
Grains of time
that then displays
will become
some better days.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 2, 2013

A Little Prayer

Scented moments
that we find
often stay
within our mind.
Even where we
daily go
become sometimes
all we know.
When in fact
we look away
we might find
a different way.
So when turmoil
is with you
a little prayer
can pull you through.
When somebody’s
hearts a lie
it becomes a
question why.
For so many
do not know
with a prayer
can help you grow.
Let Lord Jesus
show you how
with a prayer
that you endow.
Then those troubled
times you find
will have Heaven’s
peace of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 2, 2013

Churning Hearts

Living breathing
hearts of phase
become churning
hearts of days.
With the wanting
truly found
churning hearts
might wash aground.
Not allowing
God to show
what their hearts
should surely know
becomes factors
of a scare
churning hearts
without a prayer.
Let your heart to
become one
beating rhythms
of God’s Son.
Then your churning
hearts desire
will become
a pleasant fire.
Burning brightly
with pure love
that which came
from God above.
Don’t let Churning
hearts to steal
what that should be
in God’s will.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 2, 2013

A Scenic Drive

Fields of snow
are found in sight
as we drive
turn left and right.
A scenic drive
we sometimes take
sometimes shows
a frozen lake.
Scenes of grandeur
that we find
live and breath
within our mind.
The pages turn
with to and fro
as we’re finding
so much snow.
Through the windows
of our car
a scenic drive
goes very far.
Trees that glisten
in sunlight
become seen
from left to right.
Even houses
on our drive
become snowy
scenes alive.
Fields of snow
that seem to thrive
bring us smiles
our scenic drive.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 2, 2013

Time Might End

Beyond right now
what lies ahead
might be filled
with so much dread.
Things we’ve left
to not do good
time might end
with wish you could.
Time is ticking
as we move
here and there
our daily groove.
Time might end
before you can
find the good
in fellow man.
Let your ego
fall away
as you find
a better day.
Time might end
and leave you found
standing on
some sinking ground.
Find God’s Son
as your best friend
with no regrets
as time might end.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 2, 2013

Little Pooches

Running playing
little pooches
stop to give us
little smooches.
They then take off
once agin
running where all
that they’ve been.
Down the hall
they gallop fast
leaving only
shadows cast.
Sounds like tiny
horses feet
running quickly
food to eat.
Little pooches
carry on
dusk to dusk
and dawn to dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 2, 2013

To Benny and Milo 🙂

for Feb 3, 2013

Reasoning quickly
allows flaws within your sight
causing confusion.

Tomorrows visions
might not be how your wanting
when they do arrive.

Sorry is a word
that many use the wrong way
for they are lying.

Forgetful people
might find themselves missing out
on what all they forgot.

Looming with worries
can make each day so much worse
than it really is.

A snowflake melting
leaves some moisture in its place
to water springs flowers.

Wintertime’s windows
soon become faded from sight
as time moves along.

Terms of endearment
should never be for money.
Only for God’s Grace.

Seeking a doorway
might lead you through some rough ones,
but keep on searching.

Beyond a shadow
are the things that we surmise
as sometimes scary.

Some seek a flower
and some seek its beginnings
to plant and water.

Thoughts outside of box
will sometimes become bitter
as the wrong’s exposed.

Pestilent people
often take others with them
sometimes with regret.

Simply believing
won’t get you into Heaven.
You must love Jesus.

Yesterdays problems
can also become today’s
if we allow them.

The windows of time
are those that many look through
just wishing away.

Pleasurevilles paintings
will sometimes be imagined
as dreamers will dream.

During some lightning
some thunder will be echoed
telling its story.

Sights of some footprints
leave the thoughts of direction
of which way they went.

Sometimes a minute
is but only a minute,
while many seek more.

Times found in winter
are scents of the seasons snow
falling from the sky.

Cherishing shadows
leaves an emptiness in now
that then cannot fill.

A blossomed flower
shows itself as some colors
that springtime displays.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 3, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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