Keep Us Entertained

Animal’s Greetings

Hello my friends

Yes it’s me again running late. The reason being is because my old
PC started causing too many problems trying to send email and I’m
going to have to send it to my computer friends in Greenville Texas
to maybe get it repaired. If he can’t then I’ll either have them make
external drives out of the hard drives or reformat the drives and put
Windows XP back on them. I have the software. In any sense, as
you might notice by the look of my stationery or lack there of hehehe,
that I had to buy a new PC and it has &^%^& Windows 8 on it with
Windows Live Mail 2012 on it which reminds me of the old style of
email from back in the freaking 90’s LOL. I has NO stationery at all
and no way to put one on it, or at least I haven’t figured out a way
to do it yet hehehe. In any sense, I am continuing on. Hmmmmm,
so what should I begin talking about? Well ya already know about
my bickers with this PC LOL. So I’ll start with, it was ccccccccold
yesterday and last night. The high for Sunday was 8 F degrees and
today it got up to around 24. Right now it’s 20 F and it seems we’re
due some more snow. It had almost all washed away due to all of
the rains last week, but we might be turning white again hehehehe.
It was getting nice not going snow blind every time I looked out
the front door . So what else is going on? Benny and Milo went
to the vet last Wednesday and they are both in great health aside
from Milo’s arthritis hehehe. He’s like his dad. Aches and pains,
but that’s part of life. Milo is the same age as Judy and I ya know.
Yeppers, he’s 8 years old, but older in dog years. It’s been an
icebox in this house the last couple days and nights. We ran out
of heating oil a month or so ago and due to all of our problems
such as the car costing us $448 to get inspected we couldn’t
afford to buy heating oil. Oh well, we have three little radiator
heaters that work fairly well, but last night it was impossible to
get the house warm using them LOL. Yep, and with us using
them our electric bill was $308 and will most assuredly be close
to the same next month LOL. That’s life! So if ya think that
being a Christian means everything will be rosy, think again.
It only means Satan will hit you harder, but you have Jesus
to go into battle with you and gather strength from. I know our
problems aren’t nothing compared to many, but it’s the owner
of the problems that discerns how large they may feel. Benny
and Milo are outside right now cause they had to potty hehehe.
I bet they’re ready to come in brrrrrrrrrrr I just let them in.
They were on the top steps and Milo was barking hehehe let
us in. Right now at 10:13 it’s 14 F degrees. Judy and I are
watching Top Gear on BBC. Those guys are funny . Benny
was just barking thinking somebody was at the front door LOL.
I had to open the door and show him that there is nobody out
there hehehe. Now he’s in the PC room with us. Milo has
been lying around on the floor in here. This is the warmest
room of the house . So what else is going on around this
place? Well as I said before, we’re expecting more snow.
Around a foot or so! Yes we are boring LOL. Hey, there
isn’t much to do up here in the boonies. God gives us things
to keep us entertained such as writing, photography and
playing with our boys. We do have our share of problems,
but God helps us through. If you’re having struggles that
are wearing on you, then give it to Jesus. He’ll give you
the strength to pull through. There’s nothing too big for
Jesus. Once again I ask for prayers for my brother in law
DD. He is still hanging in there, but in much pain and
my sister Peggy is really worried about him. She knows
that God is in control, but we never want to see our loved
ones to suffer. I love you Peggy. Keep the faith. Now
with that said, I reckon it’s time once again for me to
begin my little journey back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word or phrase that will
maybe work well for the title for today’s brand new poem.
And with that said, I’m off to that little place of my
recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I may have stumbled on a good title. Now let’s
see what I can do with it . Here’s goes…….

Keep Us Entertained

Minutes tick on
time attained
while times keep us
Life might seem to
fall apart,
but there’s always
new to start.
Finding flavors
in each day
needs us sometimes
just to pray.
Not just finding
times so bleak,
but yet finding
life to seek.
Let Lord Jesus
be attained
while times keep us

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

So, there ya go. I hope you enjoyed the poem and all of my
rambling hehehe. We’re watching Gizmodo: The gadget testers
now. It’s a new series on BBC. So far we’re enjoying it, but
time will tell. It’s 11 F degrees now. Getting colder hehehehe.
I’ll be glad when it starts warming up. I guess it’s time for me
to tell you what I tell you every week and that is, I wrote some
more poems and haiku. Yeppers, I wrote 10 more poems with
2 of them being of the Christmassy sort. I also wrote 22 more
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out there. Yes I wrote them
all today “Monday”. LOL on Gizmodo, their running weird
test on vacuums. Vacuuming up a chicken coop hehehe or at
least attempting to LOL. So with that said I need to begin
my search for that illusive off switch, but not before I wish you
a most wonderful God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now to find that off switch. I see ya you
silly contraption. Hiding behind the TV won’t work with ya
always popping your head up to see if I’m looking hehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe

Through Our Lives

Things we’ve seen
and things we’ve found
might one day
come back around.
Through our lives
are mysteries
here and there
through living seas.
Time might echo
all we’ve seen
as a fragrance
of a dream.
Moments journeys
might befall
things we somehow
now recall.
Through our lives
of here and there
we might find
an answered prayer.
Yet those prayers
of which we find,
might not be
the best of time.
So be careful
what we pray
through our lives
of day to day.
Let your prayers
to be your needs
then they’ll plant
as Jesus seeds.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

Jumbled Hearts

Winters windows
open wide
often bringing
snow inside.
Jumbled hearts then
find the view
best to see
each day anew.
Jumbled Heartbeats
find a rhythm
beating as
true love within.
When connected
to each sight
jumbled hearts
beat day and night.
Scenes of winter
become found
as two heartbeats
sight and sound.
It is where
those two unfold
that their hearts
are stories told.
Blissful blessings
time imparts
as the sight of
jumbled hearts.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

Morning’s Coming

Night is closing
it’s surmise
morning’s coming
cloudy skies.
Soon the clouds will
fade away
leaving sight of
sunny day.
Morning’s coming
with its sights
that is after
darkest nights.
Winters threshold
is in bloom
even as March
snows illume.
Morning’s coming
while I wait
for the night to
Seasons shadows
open wide
morning’s coming
found in stride.
Each new moment
shows a glance
of the mornings
song and dance.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

Christmas Comes

When our lifestyles
become void
of what Christmas
is enjoyed,
every moment
we remember
becomes only
just an ember.
Things we’ve let
to fall away
as the joys
of Christmas day.
Every heartbeat
time bestows
should be great
as Christmas grows.
Letting no one
ever killing
what Lord Jesus
is fulfilling.
Christmas comes
with stars aglow
sometimes found
in whitest snow.
Even where snow
doesn’t fall
Christmas comes
for one and all.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

Somewhere When

While tomorrow
comes in tune
somewhere when
is coming soon.
It brings chances
found today
as tomorrow
goes its way.
Soon those choices
that you chose
will be what that
time bestows.
Somewhere when
in pages turned
you’ll find time
that you discerned.
All of those moments
there and then
will be answers
somewhere when.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

Newer Dreams

Days we’ve wandered
with our minds
newer dreams
are greater finds.

Things we’ve thought of
dreamt of too
often bring a
different view.
Moments prayed for
newer dreams
can then bring us
rushing streams.
All the sights of
pacing feet
leave an echo
times accrete.
Newer dreams
that we have dreamt
might soon be
where all we went.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

Winters Parlay

The sights and sounds
of wintertime
bring a snowy
white design.
In this northern
place I live
God brings sights
to daily give.
Winters parlay
is often found
with the sights
that do astound.
When beginning
there are sights
I surely find.
Scenes are found
so great each day
that are known
winters parlay.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

Meaningless Squabble

Heated discussions
with meaningless squabble
often turn into
some heads found to bobble.
Squawking of different
opinions each day
heated discussions
will often go grey.
Don’t let your difference
of thinking to show
that you’re not willing to
daily to grow.
Meaningless squabble
can just tear apart
all of your blessings
God gave to your heart.
Let not your difference
of thought to portray
that you’re too stubborn
to learn a new way.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

A Christmas Type Mind

Sometimes we wander with
so faraway
and forget blessings of
that special day.
The things that so many
will just fail to see
leave them just saying
what will be will be.
A Christmas type mind
brings glimmers of hope
found as the blessings
helping to cope.
The Christmas type mind
will always remember
everything greatest
that’s found in December.
The celebrated birthday
of God’s Own Son
is with us always
with all He’s done.
A Christmas type mind
will never forget
all of the blessings
from God’s silhouette.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

Beyond A Thought

Without any actions
a thought cannot be
something you’ve ventured for
daily to see.
Beyond a thought
is something to find
things that we see
with movement of mind.
If you have let your
thinking to blossom
into what’s surely
something ill-gotten,
then you will surely
one day regret
what all you thought of
that’s now heavyset.
Don’t let your thinking
to put you in trouble,
because without Jesus
it could become double.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

for Mar 18, 2013

Too many people
leave their conscience with Satan
and end up in Hell.

A troublesome time
might find ways of repeating
if you did not learn.

Living in a dream
could turn into a nightmare
if you don’t wake up.

When winter winds blow
they cut through just like a knife
and chill to the bone.

A wrongful sentence
could make bad of a moment
that you could of saved.

Yearning for passion
often leads ones to trouble
due to bad choices.

The weather of now
brings glimmers of tomorrow
found as time moves on.

Entering today
needs release of yesterday,
so let then have rest.

Pondering your thoughts
leaves an open mind to see
what all you can do.

Many a flower
finds refuge under the snow
while waiting for spring.

A desert flower
seeks waters under the ground
to nourish itself.

Bad dispositions
leave memories in others
that take time to fade.

A doorway through time
makes itself known to many
as choices to make.

Tomorrow holds dreams
that we can give to Jesus
for Him to do best.

Holding too tightly
to somebody that you love
could cause them to leave.

Meandering thoughts
can become a winding road
leading to nowhere.

Our follies of time
can become greater lessons
if we allow them.

Knowing what’s the best
can often be drowned by wants
that we know are bad.

Loss of a loved one
leaves a heart with a big hole
only time can fill.

Fishing for answers
could find a bottomless lake
with thoughts out of reach.

The grand illusions
of our daily walks of life
might end in despair.

Living for Jesus
needs a truly opened mind
in what He has planned.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 18, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

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