Long Enough


Hello my friends

My eye is sort of fuzzy right now being I took a couple of
Benadryl early this morning to hopefully give me some rest.
My old allergies are wearing me down LOL. Plus I have
been aching quite a bit more lately due to all of the weather
changes. If it would just stay one way or another I would be
able to maybe adjust LOL. Ok, maybe not hehehehe, but
right now it’s 45 degrees and tonight’s supposed to get down
to 28 F degrees LOL. It is getting close to the end of April
and it still don’t feel like it hehehe. Well, I guess there’s
nothing I can do about the weather, so it’s time to drift off
to another topic LOL. So how have you been? Judy and I
have been doing fairly well. Neither of us has had much of
a want to go anywhere or do anything other then stay home
and veg out LOL. So, we’ve been just watching TV and
playing our many computer games as well as Farm Town
on Facebook. Yes I’m still having a dickens of a time with
this PC, but having to wait till we can afford to send my old
one to Texas to get it repaired. In the mean time, I’m just
doing what I can do with this piece of garbage. We had to
go to our Pioneer internet server and get another modem to
replace the one we had, because our modem was always
ceasing to work. The new one seems to be working well.
It got old having to reboot the darn thing all of the time to
get it to work again and often that didn’t even work LOL.
The weather today is bright and sunny, but it’s still a tad
on the cold side. Today’s high is 45 F degrees which is
what it is right now at 2:40 PM. I’ll be glad when we can
turn off the heaters and lower our light bill a little bit, but
it don’t look like that’s gonna happen any time this month.
Maybe during a few days, but the nights are still rather
cold. Benny is always wanting me to come outside and
play with him, but nowadays I can’t hardly run, due to
my messed up legs. All I can do is sort of hobble hehehe,
but he don’t mind. Maybe when\if it gets a little warmer.
My right knee is messed up bad as well as both of my
ankles. Don’t ya just hate getting old LOL! I sure wish
I could turn back the hands of time on my body, but that
is just a fantasy :). It’s a wild dream I have when I strain
to just get up out of my chair. My right eye is clearing up
a little bit now, so the Benadryl must be wearing off LOL,
so it’s on with my sneezing which should resume shortly.
Hehehe I sneeze in rapid fire. Never just one sneeze :-\.
Yeppers, I think the neighbors can even hear me with our
windows closed LOL. Me and my mom both sneeze loudly.
That’s what I inherited from her hehehehe, thanks mom.
So, what else is going on around the Pearce’s Place? Not
much of anything other than our regular stuff that I’ve
mostly already mentioned. Oh yea, Judy has been finding
some great recipes on the net and been fixing us many
different menus. Some are great, but some didn’t pan
out so well. It’s a hit and miss to see what works and
so far, most have turned out pretty darned good hehehe.
She made some Cheese Danishes yesterday for breakfast
that were great and we had some left over so that’s gonna
be breakfast for today. LOL yes we eat breakfast in the
evening, being we don’t actually ever go to bed until it’s
around 4 or 5 AM in the morning and we will often watch
TV till we fall asleep |-) Yeppers, we’re both night owls.
It’s almost time for me to feed the boys. They get all
excited when I’m fixing their food LOL. Milo jumps
around like a little kangaroo. Benny does that all the
time 🙂 so that’s nothing new hehehe. Yet Benny also
gets real excited when I am fixing their Mighty Dog
for them to eat hehehe. They love their Mighty Dog.
Of course they actually mostly just love FOOD LOL.
They’re both in here lying in their doggy beds beside
Judy and I. They love to be near us as well as each
other hehehe. It’s still 45 F degrees at 3:11 PM, so
no change there. The temperature should start going
down in a few hours Yee haw 🙁 So what else is there
to talk about? I’m thinking about buying us a portable
Air Conditioner to use when summer does get here,
because we do often have a few days that are in the
90’s and many in the 80’s which added with all of the
humidity that we have up here makes it very sticky
and uncomfortable. I wish we could use a window unit,
but all of our windows open sideways and a window
unit won’t fit. It looks like there’s no rain in our
forecast for this week and that’s an oddity hehehe.
Yet, I do know that the weather can change at the
drop of a hat and I’m always dropping my hat LOL.
Judy just brought me my breakfast, so I’m gonna
stop and eat my Cheese Danish that’s yummy for
my tummy 🙂 I’m almost finished eating hehehehe.
Done! Now it’s back to my rambling 🙂 I just took
our dishes to the kitchen and ran some water in
them so they can soak. Now, what else is there
to talk about? Hmmm, it seems I’m just about
empty of rambling material LOL. Now, it seems
that Milo is wanting to talk a bit hehehe as he tries
to mutter words in his low volume barks and grrrrrs.
I know, he wants me to feed him, but he’ll have
to wait just the same as Benny. Benny is lying in
his doggy bed and now Milo has finally gotten in
his as well. Now, maybe I can write without them
trying to get our attention. I never feed them before
4 PM and its not quite 4 yet. The Pearce’s Place is
most surely blessed. Judy and I have found many
blessings in our lives and yes, we are both in bad
health, but we have each other and we have our
little boys as well as our families and friends. Of
course most of my family and friends are many miles
away. But in this day and time I am able to call
them, send them emails and even send them some
pictures which we could not of done if this was the
olden days back before computers and even before
telephones. Back in those days we relied on the
snail mail which would often take a while to reach
its destination back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s
and most assuredly before then. Yes, we have
a lot to be grateful for nowadays. So, have you
thanked God for all that you have and all that He
has done for you? We might not be aware of it
often, but God is always at work in our lives, but
many people ignore His word and ways and head
off down their own road to destruction. Sometimes
they’ll live long enough to find their way back, but
often they do not. Many are misled by the lies
of Satan. Don’t fall for it. Satan promises only
things that will work for your demise and loss of
your soul. Seek for the ways that are good that
only God can give. Don’t let greed to infiltrate
your mind and cause you to lust for another’s way
of living or to become better than you need to
be. We are each unique in our lives and ways
that God works with us. Become a useful tool
that God can mold into a beautiful blessing to be
found. Now since I have gone and rambled more
than normal LOL, I guess I need to cease it and
begin my little journey back through all of this
rambling and try to find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand new
poem. So, it’s away I go to that lil place of my
recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I think I found a good title, but once
again, the proof is in the pudding hehehehehe
so we shall see huh. Here goes!

Long Enough

Some think they have
long enough
time to time
to do their stuff.
Yet so often
they will find
they were lacking
in their time.
When God shows us
things to do
we need to find
His greater view.
Yet so often
times so tough
makes ones think
it’s long enough.
Not perceiving
what’s in turn
from long enough
for us to learn.
Lessons surely
come in place
as long enough
is filled with Grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 21, 2013

Ok, so there ya go. I hope that poem made sense to ya.
My rambling didn’t put you to sleep did it hehehehehe?
I hope not! Well, there isn’t much else to talk about.
My brother in law DD is still hanging in there. My sister
and him have been trying to do things together to enjoy
their time together. Being DD is not expected to live
beyond this year. I too was not expected to be living
due to my many health issues, but God still has work
for me to do, so I am still alive. I feel that if your time
is up, your time is up and doctors can only guess at it.
Remember, they are PRACTICING MEDICINE and
learning new things every day, but much is out of their
field of expertise. So, I am still with faith that God
will heal DD unless DD’s timeframe on Earth is at
end which God will show him a new life. All in all, it
will all work out, but please continue to pray for
DD and Peggy as well as their kids. So what else
is there to say. My mom is doing well. Her mom
is keeping her busy. My grandmother, (my mom’s
mom) is still alive at 105 and will be 106 in September.
Grandmother is in the nursing home, but still does
a lot of walking about the halls hehehe. I can still
smell and taste her fried apple pies that she used
to bake and send over to me to stuff my tummy 🙂
I love ya grandmother and yes you already know
I love you mom hehehe. So now it’s time for me
to be telling you what I tell you practically every
week and that is, I wrote some more poems and
haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with one of them
being a Christmas poem. Also once again I wrote
22 more haiku for all of the haiku lovers out there.
I hope that you find one or two that bring you a
smile. Now it’s about time for me to begin my
search for that confounded off switch, but not
before I wish you a most wonderful God filled
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now, to find that off switch. There ya are you
little whippersnapper. Hiding in the same old
places won’t save ya, so under my keyboard surely
won’t save ya hehehe. You need to find you some
new hiding places LOL. Gotcha, see ya CLICK

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Out Through The Window

A new day has risen
with each sight I view
out through the window
with a sky maybe blue.
Sights are partaken
as each day is found
out through the window
with many a sound.
I hear the wind blowing
and feel every gust
out through the window
that’s opened quite just.
In blows the breezes
of now and today
as out through the window
the moment’s at play.
Seen oh so clearly
as the day comes to end
out through the window
becomes a good friend.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20, 2013

Springtime Comes

Winter’s subsiding
with each rising sun
while it’s allowing
dear springtime to come.
Seasons are changing
as a daily surprise
while springtime comes in
to fill up the skies.
Rain showers pouring
as spring waters flow
helping the flowers
to blossom and grow.
When springtime comes in
it gives us so true
the settings of beauty
of which we can view.
Wintertime’s windows
will open agin
when spring and summer
have led fall to end.
Yet springtime comes now
as I’m looking out
seeing its beauty
without any doubt.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20, 2013

Painting A Morning

With many colors
of days cloudy skies
painting a morning
creates a surprise.
Sometimes with colors
that blend thereunto
bringing the moments
alive then to view.
Yet often morning
is gradual to see
as all the colors
of an in flowing sea.
Scattered with blessings
each morning is found
painted with glimmers
of sights all around.
Yet often mornings
are painted so light
that they still glisten
the colors of night.
Rainclouds have hidden
the sunshine above
painting a morning
with waters of love.
Then with the showers
of morning times art
there are the paintings
that God does impart.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20, 2013

Links To God

Our lives might seem
times not so great
when we view what’s
out of date.
Links to God
in many places
often have
so many faces.
Sometimes links
are found in frame
of a time
we can’t explain.
Often our links
are hidden from view
in what we daily
often will do.
Links to God
are many times found
when we don’t think
that He is around.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20, 2013

Winter’s Style

Beginning in winter
snowflakes will fall
as they awaken.
sometime over all.
Many will hang up
lights all aglow
then oh so Christmassy
found in the snow.
Even on rooftops
hung with a smile
there is dear Christmastime
in winter’s style.
Winter’s perception
then lit very bright
as that of Christmastime
deep in the night.
Lights all a twinkling
here thereunto
found within winter’s style
as Christmas view.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20, 2013

Losing Their Mind

The wall’s closing in
as time moves along
leaving the thoughts
of all that is gone.
Those are the times
that many will find
thinking that they are
losing their mind.
Overdoing thinking
of timeframes of past
will surely make some
bad shadows cast.
Don’t let the troubles
of yesterdays view
prevent you from starting
right now fresh and new.
Many will hold to
a bad times design
and it will find them
just losing their mind.
Find now the peace in
God’s Holy Grace
as you then find a
much better place.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20, 2013

While Seconds Pass

As hours are counted
the minutes tick on
now and forever
from dusk unto dawn.
While seconds pass
with every occurrence
time passes on
that many can sense.
Hours make days
as minutes are counted
while every second
is surely surmounted.
While we are watching
our shadows will cast
as all the minutes then
while seconds pass.
Seasons will beckon
their timeframes to come
while seconds pass
to each dawning sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20, 2013

Cloudless Days

Sunshine shines
so bright to see
on cloudless days
God’s given free.
The storms of time
are faded sights
with cloudless days
and cloudless nights.
Yet some clouds might
come to view
and make the skies
a grayish hue.
But those clouds
up overhead
might need fill
a riverbed.
So those clouds
might pour some rain
for that time
to then attain.
Then the cloudless
days return
for God’s beauty
to discern.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20, 2013

Long and Winding Roads

Our daily journeys
that we take
often are
a big mistake.
Long and winding
roads of time
often have a
bad design.
Sometimes roads
we’ve taken true
were just wanted
moments view
and those long
and winding roads
led us where
something explodes.
While not allowing
God to guide
the roads were just
a Hellish ride.
Yet some lessons
can be found
when you stop
and look around.
The long and winding
roads we drive
might need us
to look alive.
Opened eyes
through then and there
can make roads
to go somewhere.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20, 2013


A simple shadow
person fed
seems a little
bit misled.
It might look as
it if it’s owner
is the one
around the corner,
but the misled
shadow seen
might just be in
someone’s dream.
A misled moment
found somewhere
might just be
what ones compare.
It might not be
bad at all.
It might be
a bouncing ball.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20, 2013

for Apr 20, 2013

When now is saddened
find a smile in memories
and then move along.

Morning brings illusions
hidden within the shadows
that ones mistaken.

Lives are as blessings
that many take for granted
as future meets past.

A moment recalled
might become either lessons
or just a nightmare.

Tree leaves are growing
as springtime’s alive and well
and winter is gone.

A flowers beauty
comes as honesty in time
found in a rose bud.

Things we remember
are often the things in time
that will hold us back.

Nobody’s perfect
for we all make mistakes each day,
but might not see them.

Various turnstiles
lead us to many places
that end in despair.

A normal person
will be misled by people
that are not normal.

A twitching shadow
will show a nervous person
or having a stroke.

Needing another
is the normality found
in ones honesty.

When a flower grows
it creates its family
as seeds strewn about.

Hearing one lying
is not the same as hearsay,
for it might be false.

Trying times will come
bringing lessons to grow on
that we might not like.

No is overused
when people don’t understand
and do not wish to.

Making a flower
out of a persons lifestyle
needs a little help.

Beyond this moment
lies the glimmers of hopeful
that we need to find.

Meaningless chatter
often fills the room of time
while many will sleep.

Harvesting a thought
needs you to know it’s ready
or end up empty.

Pining over things
leaves you open to some things
that you might not need.

Hard headed people
will often find destruction
through many lessons.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 20, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

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