Gained Through Troubles


Hello my friends

Yes I know, I‘m a day late. LOL I’m also a dollar
short hehehe. OK a tad bit more than a dollar short.
How have you been? Our car has been giving us a
few problems. The clutch petal has been sticking
making it hard to drive. I’m taking it to a mechanic
tomorrow morning to hopefully get it repaired and
hopefully not cost too much. Oh well, that’s part
of life. So it’s on with the journal. The weather has
been very nice the last few days. It’s great to not
have to use to heaters and run up our light bill 🙂
Although the nights are still on the cold side LOL,
but it’s getting warmer. Tonight’s supposed to be
around 50 degrees by morning. Right now it’s 70
degrees. Not too bad 🙂 There’s a nice breeze
blowing also that makes it rather comfortable 🙂
We’re having fire warnings for the state of Maine
due to the low humidity levels. I hope that changes
soon. It’s out of my hands. Judy and I are thinking
about buying another wading pool for summer. I’m
sure Benny and Milo will enjoy it. The one that we
bought last year must of blown away LOL. It’s
either that or someone was being weird in the
cold of winter and stole it, because that was when
it became missing LOL. Oh well, they are fairly
cheap. For now, it’s still a tad too cold for us to
get in a wading pool hehehe brrrrrrrr. Judy and
I have been having our share of aches and pains
as the weather does its changing. Although many
of our aches and pains are an all year thing LOL.
Benny and Milo are doing well. I’m preparing to
one day soon take them both outside to sheer off
more of their hair to get them totally ready for
summer. We’ve already cut off tons of their hair.
LOL could of made two dog sized dolls using all
of the hair we got off of them hehehe. They are
our babies. Judy and I are still playing our games
on Facebook. Farm Town to be more precise 🙂
We haven’t played our hidden object games in
a while. Last week sometime was the last time,
due to us both getting stumped and not being able
to find what we’re needing, but maybe this week
we will take a looksee again hehehehe. We might
even find it. LOL I can’t even remember what it
was that we were searching for. Oh well, it will
come back to us 🙂 Nothing has changed in our
daily schedules. We pretty much do the same ole
same ole as always. Deadliest Catch has begun
a new season and we enjoy that every Tuesday
evening 🙂 Yeppers we do enjoy our TV programs.
I hope and pray that the mechanic tomorrow is
able to get our car fixed without it costing us too
much. Oh well, we have to have our car. We’ll
do what we must. I’m sure God will give us a
hand. He has always been there for us in our times
of need. Of course we will often think He is not
helping, because He is not doing what we want.
Yet God always does what that is needed and
what we are unable to do. He does expect us
to do our part though. There’s strength to be
gained from troubles. When we learn how to
solve many problems, we become stronger and
God sees us and smiles. Yet, we should never
step on another to try to better ourselves, for
that only ends up down a bumpy road of regret.
It will come back to haunt you. Learn to seek
what is needed and not let your greed to get in
the way. It’s OK to want things, but use good
judgment on what you strive to get. Sometimes
the things we want are very unnecessary and
we need to change our views. Let God help
you through prayer. So I guess before today
is over and it’s Tuesday, I better begin my lil
search for a word or phrase that I can use for
a title for today’s brand new poem through all
that I’ve written, so it’s off I go to that place
of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I may have
found a good title, but I guess we shall see.
Here goes nothing 🙂

Gained Through Troubles

Life and its problems
become many tools
sometimes discerning
the presence of fools.
So often many
will just look away
as they’re repeating
their troubles each day.
Yet gained through troubles
the lessons are learned
as ones continue
to use what they earned.
Life has a way of
changing its view
from all the things
we say and we do.
Often ones problems
are just seen as doubles
as all the lessons that
they gained through troubles.

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

So there ya go 🙂 I hope that I didn’t put ya to
sleep hehehe. Did the poem make any sense at
all to you? I hope so! There’s not much else to
report from the Pearce’s Place. My brother
in law is doing OK. Him and my sister Peggy
are enjoying their time together. God is still
in control as always. I’m not supposed to be
alive according to the doctors, so only God
knows when DD’s last days will be. None the
less, death is just the beginning of another
life. A life of eternity for the path that you
have chosen for yourself. Are you walking
with Jesus, or are you busy pointing out all
of the flaws in others and not looking at your
own. Remember, we are human and we will
make mistakes, but with Jesus there is still
hope for us. He gives forgiveness if we will
just let Him in our hearts. GOD is GREAT.
So now I believe I need to be telling ya what
I tell ya every week and that is, I wrote some
more poems and haiku. Yep, 10 more poems
with one of them being sort of Christmassy.
Also I wrote once again 22 haiku for all of
my haiku lovers out there. I hope you find
one or two that make you smile 🙂 Now it’s
time for me to begin my search for that old
off switch that loves to try and elude me,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful
God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now, where’s that silly
off switch hiding at this time? I see ya you
silly little contraption. Milo rolled over and
exposed ya hehehehehehehehehehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Without Memories

When time has passed
as rolling seas
you’ll find hope
in your memories.
To have no moments
within your mind
you might be
without design.
It’s the good times
and the bad
that create our
certain fad.
Things we’ve been through
can become
life of lessons
found and done.
Without memories
times detail
might just be a
dried up well.

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

A Simple Day

A time way back
without so much
as cell phones now
to stay in touch.
A simple day
that filled the sky
was just clouds
as they’d float by.
The pages read
were in a book
without PC’s
to have a look.
The worries of
identity thieved
then were found
with less achieved.
The viruses
of then of old
were maybe just
a common cold.
A simple day
of way back when
is in my eyes
much better then.

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

Within A Thought

As time will pass
a thought will thrive
to a way
to walk or drive.
Minutes arranged
in now and then
within a thought
will become wind.
Blowing as a
dusty mind
minutes change
from time to time.
Within a thought
a single sight
might just be
of wrong or right.
Looking for the
deepest views
might leave you found
with lesser news.
Many ventures
that we’ve sought
might just be
within a thought.

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

When Morning Came

I found God
when morning came
in the shadows
Jesus name.
I found blessings
in the sight
when morning came
with bright sunlight.
I saw Jesus
on display
in my sight
of each which way.
Greatest things
from big to small
when morning came
it showed them all.
The many things
of which I saw
were with God
and filled with awe.

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

When In A Dream

When you’re asleep
or wide awake
you might find
a life to make.
The sight might be
a running stream
as you’re found
when in a dream.
The things we wish
each day to do
within a dream
can become true.
But do not let
your dreams run wild
and end up found
with pain compiled.
Use the truth
in now and then
to help your dreams
to then begin.
Yet if truth
does not comply
don’t just let
yourself to cry.
God has many
plans for you
to make some dreams
to then come true.
So when a dream
is never seen
look for blessings
running stream.
The dreams we have
might just be peace
to help some sad
to then release.

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

When Christmas Comes

As time goes by
with setting suns
joy is found
when Christmas comes.
So many thoughts
of Christmas time
are found within
a days design.
Christmas blessings
without snow
and old Santa’s
Scenes of seasons
far and wide
are often found
with gifts applied.
When Christmas comes
it brings to view
the memories
of Who’s so True.
That day of wonder
none compare
is always found
within a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

Today’s Blue Sky

Right now today
the sights I seek
are found within
my week to week.
Today’s blue sky
is very bright
giving me
a wondrous sight.
The morning came
with sun to show
that once was found
with deepest snow.
Today’s blue sky
has greatest charm
with the feelings
very warm.
Yet as the night
becomes the view
today’s blue sky
will cease its blue.
But surely so
when morning’s come
today’s blue sky
will have begun.

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

Finding Joy

Waters running
as our steps
can become
so many breaths.
Finding joy
in places found
might need faith
to look around.
Often people
will be sad
wanting things
of which they had.
Finding joy
is then not seen
but as a troubled
running stream.
Let your wanting’s
be your needs
finding joy
within the seeds.
Let God plant
the very trail
in your life
away from Hell.
Finding joy
is not so hard.
It only takes
a prayerful shard.

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

Against The Wind

Troubled fractions
end to end
are often found
against the wind.
Times remembered
we’ve bestowed
might have been
a heavy load.
Against the wind
of then and there
might of seemed
without a prayer.
But the troubles
we’ve gone through
now can shine
a different view.
Things we learned
from end to end
were things we earned
against the wind.
Yet some moments
that we see
are meant to be
what they’re to be.
Often problems
come around
because of life
of sight and sound.

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

In A Moment

Now might seem
a similar view
but in a moment
it will be new.
Time will pass
as minutes tick on
as there is soon
a brand new dawn.
The values seen
in many sights
might be found
in wrongful lights.
In a moment
time could change
into something
not so strange.
Let your vision
look for good,
for now might be

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

for May 6, 2013

Now might be the end
so make the best of right now
doing what you should.

A long way away
might be inside of your mind
as it’s distorted.

New is a viewpoint,
for it might be new to you.
Old to another.

The length of minutes
is viewed by circumstances
that many go through.

Shelter is a roof
that’s often what ones can’t see
such as Lord Jesus.

Our wishful thinking
often gets us in a mess,
as the truth is lost.

Patience is virtue
for it gives empowering strength
to not become stressed.

The latest device
will soon become memories
as new things will come.

Willpower is great,
but only used correctly
so don’t get confused.

When windows are closed,
they do not block out the sight.
Curtains are for that.

Leading a blind man
needs one that’s able to see,
or it’s blind leading.

Sometimes a moment
becomes the shadows of then
as time moves along.

With ventures down stream
you might just find a waterfall
that pours into pain.

Looking for trouble
could find more than you wanted
and with no way out.

In today’s story
are the words that many read
with much deception.

In many doorways
stands the hope for a future
with the good and bad.

Beyond a cool breeze
is the change that will occur
as new days blow in.

White snow is a dream
that often becomes nightmares
when there is too much.

A sideways venture
can lead to off road travels
that become bumpy.

Many will follow
if you prove that you know best,
but many will not.

Nighttime brings starlight
that’s often hidden from view
by the clouds above.

Today is the day
to make the changes you can,
then try tomorrow.

©By Bill Pearce
May 6, 2013

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