For The Moment


Hello my friends

How have you been doing? Judy and I are doing OK. I do though
have some sad news. My sisters husband passed away Thursday
and is now with the Lord. DD was a great father and husband as
well as a great brother in law. The cancer finally took its toll. They
had the funeral Saturday the 10th. I wish I could have been there
to support my sister and her kids, but far too many miles separate
us and I didn’t find out about his death until Saturday. Well, God
has another angel in Heaven 🙂 Keep my sister Peggy and her kids
Zack, Holly and Whitney in your prayers. I love them all dearly.
Also keep my mom in your prayers. She is hurting from the loss.
So OK, time to find another topic, hopefully a little more cheerful.
It’s looking more and more like summer has left us and moved on
as our daily temperatures range from the upper 60’s to the middle
70’s F. It’s 73 F degrees right now at 3:00 PM. The high for today
is supposed to be 75 degrees. Tomorrow is also supposed to be
75 degrees, but Tuesday through Thursday is supposed to be 66
to 68 degrees LOL. Then it’s back to the lower to mid 70’s for a
few days. Yeppers, this is quite a change from the Texas weather
that I had gotten so used to all of my life. We’re expecting some
rain on Tuesday, but other than that, it’s supposed to be clear and
sunny with a few clouds here and there. Benny and Milo are doing
well. Milo went visiting today hehehe. I was looking for him and
he was at our neighbors house behind us enjoying being petted :).
I walked around the corner of our house and he saw me and came
a running. I was afraid he might of gone exploring again hehehe.
He’s lying on the bed with Judy now watching cartoons. Yeppers
Benny and Milo both like to watch cartoons. They’ll lie down at
the end of the bed with their eyes locked on the television if its
got cartoons on :). I just peeked in on them and Milo has gone to
sleep. He snores hehehe! I might be going to the emergency
room one day this week, because my ankle seems to be broken.
I had thought it was just sprained, but it’s getting worse. Oh
well, life goes on LOL. I have yet to of found an MD doctor up
here that is accepting new patients. They need more MD doctors
up here. Anyways, the emergency room will do as it has since
we moved up here. So what else is new? Well, I bought me a
refurbished PC that has Windows XP Pro on it. I haven’t yet
hooked it up. I’m firstly going to turn my old hard drives from
my old PC into external hard drives. I’ll hook this one and the
new one up to this monitor to work between them until I can get
everything switched. I asked Judy if she wanted a new PC and
she said hers was working good enough for her since I switched
out the memory chips on it with her old PC. So maybe I can get
this new PC set up to where I can continue my writings without
having to play musical chairs LOL. It has everything I need.
Outlook Express for one :). Ok onto another topic or two LOL.
Judy’s mom is getting situated at Judy’s twin sisters house.
They’re fixing the house up so that she can get around which
is quite a chore I hear. Life hasn’t changed much here at the
Pearce’s Place other than Milo always wanting more and more
attention than he used to LOL. When we first got him, he didn’t
like to be held, but now it seems that’s all he wants hehehehe
other than treats. I say no and he says WOOF and I say no
and he says WOOF. He doesn’t want to hear the word no :).
Just like a child huh! Benny just strolled in here to say hello.
He sat down under my chair waiting for me to pet him hehehe.
I petted him for a bit and then picked him up and carried him
in the bedroom with Judy and Milo :). Judy is sitting up. She
might be ready for breakfast. LOL I know it’s the evening,
but we don’t go to bed until around 4 or 5 in the morning so
now is morning to us LOL. I’ll fix us breakfast as soon as
I find a stopping place in this, which usually doesn’t happen
until I have finished LOL. I’m just like my dad. When I get
started doing something it’s hard for me to stop until I get it
finished. Benny wanted to come back in here with me, but
I told him to stay with mom and Milo. There’s not much else
to tell ya about. We live such an exciting life that it would bore
a bear into hibernation LOL! Ok, so maybe not quite that
boring hehehehehehe.. Benny and Milo keep us on our toes.
My granddaughter Sami turned 13 years old Saturday the 10th.
She’s now a teenager. My daughter said Sami had a great
birthday. I wish I could have been there, but 2100 miles is
quite a distance to travel for this decrepit old body. I hope
I am able to see them as well as my mom, sister and other
family and friends before I die. Maybe if God willing, it will
come to be one day, but for the moment I’ll try to accept
now as the way that things are supposed to be. God is in
control. I can only do what is before me with my capabilities.
Life is a journey that we might find at times a few roadblocks
that are under construction with their point and time not yet
meant to be. Or maybe just not meant to be! Don’t let the
troubles of life become all you see. Look for the joy that is
around you. Sometimes it might need clearer eyes to see it,
but it is there. Now I think it’s about time for me to begin
my search for a new title through the words and phrases in my
rambling perception. So, it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. It
looks like I may have found a good title that I haven’t used
before. Now let’s see if I can put together some words that
will form a good poem using it hehehehe. Here goes!

For The Moment

Life through the window
might look a bit gray,
but for the moment
it’s now and today.
Yet with the passing of
times that you see
life will continue
to fill history.
Now for the moment
you might become sad
thinking about all that
you one day had.
But a mere moment
of time that is found
is just a memory of
times going round.
Life for the moment
can change at a glance
if you will look for
joys song and dance.
Letting the blessings of
now and agin
to be for the moment
much better have been.
God gives us moments
that chances survive
filled with the blessings
so thankful alive.
Let not your worries
of now and today
to be as your only view
found as pure gray.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 11, 2013

Heaven is filling up with angels every minute of the day. I welcome
the day that my Earthly body withers and dies, for I know I will be
in Heaven with a brand new body with no ailments. Also I will see
my family and friends that have gone on before me. Yet, for now
I am enjoying my life with Judy and the boys as well as all of my
family up here. Also I enjoy getting messages and all from all of
my email friends and Facebook friends. So, life is good 🙂 I have
a loving wife and two boys/dogs that I love to spend time with :).
Taking pictures of our surroundings brings me a smile. I’m happy
to write poetry that others might enjoy. Also I hope that my words
through my ramblings bring a smile to many. When I’m gone, you
will still have my words to remember :). Though I’m pretty sure
that God isn’t done with me yet LOL. So continue I shall. Why
do you think I would have gotten an email through one the many
places I shop showing a PC for sell with XP Pro on it that we could
afford hehehehehe. Yeppers, so many things tell me that I have
a few more things yet to share with you. My bizarre humor and
my many thoughts :). God is always in control whether we think
it or not. Sometimes we wonder why ones die, but the fact is
that we’re not meant to know. That’s a grander picture that we
are not yet ready to view. Trust in The Lord! Have faith that
all will work out to His Will. Now I believe it’s time for me to
tell ya what I tell you every week and that is I wrote a few more
poems and haiku. Yep, 10 more poems with 2 of em being a bit
Christmassy. Also I wrote once again 22 more haiku for all of
my haiku lovers out there. So OK, it’s time for me to begin
my search for that off switch that loves to play hide and seek
with me, but not before I wish you a most wonderful God filled
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to
find that off switch! There ya are you little varmint. You’re
getting a little better at hiding, but still, under my keyboard
is not the greatest. It’s like trying to hide a person under our
bed. Gotta be really thin or you’re gonna make it wobble LOL.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the pomes and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Today A Story

As clouds of time
float over head
they leave the signs
of words they said.
Paving ventures
up there in the sky
today a story
is my by and by.
I with my camera
just snapping away
today a story
within my own way.
Time might form as
some clouds in the sky
awaiting their minutes
of raindrops to fly.
Today a story
is formed in my mind
written as heartbeats
in my by and by.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 7, 2013

With or Without

Times might change
to what’s not known,
but those times
will need be sown.
Yet some times
that come and go
might just need
be hi hello.
Acknowledging then
of times about
might be better
with or without.
Often times
we find each day
lead us in
a wondrous way,
yet some times
might be impaired
with or without
what all we shared.
Time keeps ticking
with now and then
to the moments
that begin.
God is there
with His Own way
to make each time
to be OK.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10, 2013

Many A Time

With many seconds
are minutes to find
counted as rhythms
in our time to time.
Many a porthole
will open and close
giving us chances
for time to disclose.
Many a time will
surely be found
as sometimes moments
just go around.
Often repeating
are what that we see
found in the turnstiles
of our history.
Signature stages
set up to play
many a time found
day after day.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10, 2013

My Times Of Christmas

So very long ago
of the days that I saw
Christmas was found with
a wonderful awe.
My times of Christmas
are deep down inside
found as the moments
my youth did reside.
Putting the train up
to circle the tree
my times of Christmas
is what I can see.
Lights glistening brightly
with red, blue and green
were the most wonderful
things I had seen.
Now as time’s passed on
I see oh so clear
my times of Christmas
of my yesteryear.
Riding around with
my mom, dad and sis,
Christmas light looking
I really do miss.
Those days are only now
shadows today
as I see Christmas
a wonderful way.
Snowflakes are falling
as Christmastime grows
building new memories
while surely it snows.
Wintertime’s ventures
are found in my heart
my times of Christmas
as God’s work of art.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10, 2013

Doorways And Windows

Within a mirror
you might just see
things you remember
from your history.
Doorways and windows
that moments concurred
often gave lessons
from seen, done and heard.
Sections of pathways
that we might just find
will maybe turn to
a warped sense of mind.
Doorways and windows
are found there and to
that are found sometimes
just better to view.
Yet often sometimes
the moments we see
are maybe better
for you and for me.
Doorways and windows
will open and close
with sometimes journeys
for our to and fros.
So as the doorways
and windows are found
look for God’s blessings
through His solid ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10, 2013

While It Snows

As seasons change
the days are found
with white snow
upon the ground
Christmas comes then
while it snows
turning the pages
as scenery grows.
Looking outside now
as summer will fade
I can see Christmastime’s
sweet marmalade.
Waiting for Christmas
is what I now do
as I look outside
at summertime’s view.
I’m seeking savory
Christmastime glows
found within wintertime
then while it snows.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10, 2013

Beyond Summer

The beginning of fall
is beyond summer
found as the leaves
are autumn times drummer.
Making their beauty
found on the trees
then they fall down as
great colored leaves.
After the summer
there’s colors galore
found within autumn
on trees and Earths floor.
Beyond summer
there’s many a sight
that are as colors
found in sunlight.
A photographers dream
that always revives
beyond summer then
when fall arrives.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10, 2013

Through The Haze

Tomorrows sunrise
brings about days
found as our choices
seen through the haze.
Scenes we remember
from pages that turn
are sometimes minutes
that we must discern.
Through the haze now
might become a view
that is just heartaches
our time must accrue.
A book of our lifestyles
written to think
with but a haze of
problematic ink.
Tomorrows journey
found through the haze
might just become as
much better days.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10, 2013

Various Shades

My sight now before me
finds certain grades
often as colors
of various shades.
Scenes found in summer
painted to see
live as the portions
that God gave to me.
Various shading
of here thereabout
are then discerned as
summertime’s route.
Painted as pictures
times do expose
as various shades
of some highs and lows.
My sight now before me
is just but a view
as various shades
of red, green and blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10, 2013

While I Dream

Found in a worry
of momentous views
I find I thinking
of falses and trues.
Things I remember
that come into play
then while I’m dreaming
they go away.
Letting my dream world
become alive
that which no sadness
can then survive.
So as my worries
try to take charge
I let my dream world
float like a barge.
Onto a glistening
wonderful stream
I find I’m peaceful
then while I dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10, 2013

for Aug 10, 2013

As many follow
there are those that are leading
heading the wrong way.

When a storm has passed
it leaves a few memories,
some good and some bad.

While we might struggle,
we’re also growing stronger,
for struggles bring strength.

Harboring sadness
will guaranty more sadness,
so don’t hold so tight.

Summertime’s venture
begins and ends with timeframes
leading unto fall.

The hurry of one
can cause others destruction,
so slow down a bit.

Cherished memories
become as driven heartbeats
when we are older.

A leaf that’s blowing
could become a moment found
that’s a pile of leaves.

Sometimes fantasies
are better if not begun
if they make you sad.

Wisdom of others
might not be so very great,
for they are stupid.

When today arrives
yesterday holds a shadow
as just memories.

Links to our parents
are so often found wrongly
as who that we are.

True awaited love
comes when God sees you’re ready.
Hurried finds sadness.

Emotions we find
as we struggle with our lives
often brings us tears.

Shallow are many
that just seek financial gain
to find happiness.

Believing in love
will not find you your true love.
Let God help find it.

Judging another
leaves you open for judgment,
for others see you.

Lessons from our lives
come as shadows of regrets
that will teach us well.

Within a timeframe
holds the seconds and minutes
leading into days.

Various people
are as connect the dot games
that involve us all.

Finding a snowflake
while the summers sun shines down
is an illusion.

The past is the past
and today is just today,
but the past teaches.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 10, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy
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