Possibilities of Hope


Hello my friends

How’s it going in your neck of the woods? It’s been rather nice
up this ways considering what it is normally at this time of year :).
Yet, it’s seeming according to my PC weather programs, by next
weekend we should be getting into the more normal weather for
up here, which is snow. It could change by then, but that could
also mean it could begin earlier LOL. None the less, I am sure
that the seasonal snows will begin very soon. We’ve already had
a few snows, but none that I would actually call our seasonal type
snows LOL. It’s rather cool right now at 36 F degrees, but that’s
warm compared to what it will be as winter sets in LOL. Well I
guess I shall get off of the weather forecast and onto another topic.
Judy is back to cooking now at work at the Elm Tree Restaurant,
which they are calling it hehehe, because they say there can only
be ONE Elm Tree Diner and it will be rebuilt next year sometime.
So for the time, the temporary place of business will keep Judy
cooking until the new diner is built. Life has been interesting up
here with all that has come into our paths and all that I’ve seen.
I am growing to love this place, yet I do have a slight bicker 🙂
about the cccccccccold weather. Love the snow! Hate the cold!
The biggest complaint I have up here is that I am so far away
from my family and friends. I miss them all so very much. It
seems I have turned into a loner up here being I don’t seem to
fit into anybody’s world as a Texan that I am. People tend to
steer clear of me for some reason. Oh well, I will just keep on
with my writing and photography as well as my music, not to
mention watching movies with Judy and playing all of our many
games together on the PC. It’s amazing how God was able to
find somebody for me that enjoyed all of the same things and
put us together even with us being well over 2000 miles apart
at the time with me in Texas and her in Maine, but He did it :).
My dad kept telling me that there was somebody out there for
me, but I needed to let God find them for me. So I ceased my
ongoing search that I had been on and lo and behold I found
Judy. I just wish my dad would of told me that I might have to
go 2000 miles away to find that special one LOL. I guess to
find perfection for needs, one must allow the gaps of time and
distance to become null and void. Well, here I am where I
surely never thought I would be, being I had lived in Texas all
of my life, born and raised. When you give your life to Jesus,
there is no end to the possibilities of hope. I found that my past
had given me the tools to provide a good life, maybe not with
money, but with the lessons I’ve learned and the gift of poetry
that God has given me. Judy loves it when I read my poems
and haikus to her. She has quit wondering how it is that I can
pour out so many poems and haikus each week in a matter of
minutes. She said she just considers it as my gift. We each
have gifts, yet often we are not aware of them and we may even
be using them every day without our knowledge. Yet many will
be seen tossing their gifts away, because of wanting another
and not seeing the full potential in their very own gift. Don’t let
your ego and pride to make you think less of your gift. Each
gift from God is priceless. No money in the world can buy it.
Look into your heart and see what you are feeling. You may
find that helping others in some way might be your gift. Have
faith, God has not forgotten you. Now I guess it’s about time
for me to be venturing back through all I’ve written to see if
I can find a good word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem in that place of my recollection,
which I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. So it’s away I go!
Hey, I think I stumbled onto a good title while I was writing
and I think I will use that LOL. It seems to be a good one.
Here goes nothing. Hope ya like it :).

Possibilities of Hope

Too many searches
in wanna style phase
leads oh so many
down miserable days.
There are possibilities
found in the frame
gathered together
in Jesus Christ Name.
Possibilities of hope
make venturous feats
found with conclusions
without repeats.
God gives the minutes
needed to find
all the possibilities
within our mind.
We need remember
possibilities of hope
are in His mention
and within His scope.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 22, 2009

Ok, so how was it? Hehehe I hope it made sense to ya at least a
little bit hehehe. I haven’t much else to tell ya except the usual 🙂
and that is, I wrote some more poems and haikus this week hehe
Ok, I actually wrote one poem Friday and all the rest, – Saturday
morning LOL. I wrote 3 brand new Christmas poems. The closer
to Christmas, the more Christmas poems I may be writing hehehe.
I wrote yet another 10 poems and 22 haiku to go with the 4 haiku
that I wrote and shared in my little YoVille messages this week :).
If you would ever like to read any of my past Christmas poems, then
take a visit to my friend Ben Geurts Old Fashioned Christmas site.
He has many years of my poems, but the grandest thing he has on
that fabulous site is all of his wonderful artwork and drawing art
screensavers. I hope you will make a visit to his site one day soon.
His link is at the end of the journal with all the others. You’ll most
surely be blessed! Ok with that said, I need to be searching for
that dab burn off switch so I can cease my writing for today, but
before I do that I must wish you a most wonderful week as well
as a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Remember, Jesus loves you and
we do too. Now where’s that off switch hiding at this time?????
Hehehe there it is. I wondered why there was a lump under my
keyboard LOL. Gotcha hehehe. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.
10 and 22 + 4 🙂

Heavens Delight

Raindrops of Heaven
with rhythm and sound
create many blessings
that fall on the ground.
Seeming as footsteps
right there in my view
raindrops of Heaven
help create brand new.
Nourishing waters
that Heaven displays
seems to make format
for wonderful days.
Raindrops of Heaven
make their presence found
as the clouds open
and pour on the ground.
Days will be followed
with lesser in sight
when the rain ceases
it Heavens delight.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 20, 2009

To Help Life Unfold

Holding a candle
burning quite bright
could be the essence
to guide you at night.
Yet held too closely
might give a burn
as the mere candle
makes you to learn.
Getting to caught up
in what we see
might become burdens
a slight degree.
Holding a candle
on life day to day
needs to be surely
held the right way.
Things that you’re seeing
from candle light view
might be a vision
of false not true.
So make the candle
of which you hold
that of Lord Jesus
to help life unfold.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 21, 2009

In Him Do Impart

Many are seeing
what that we do
when we are walking
a day out of skew.
So make your journeys
of days found ahead
doing what truly
is what that you said.
If you say one thing
and do another
someone will surely
one day discover.
You cannot hide
a night on the town
when surely Jesus
is always around.
Many are seeing,
yet not truly knowing
where that it is
that you’re daily going.
Yet Jesus Christ
can see in your heart
and see if you truly
in Him do impart.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 21, 2009

Outshines Them All

Years in a sequence
bring into view
seasonal settings
to surely come true.
So many blessings
found year to year
are seasons settings
found with much cheer.
Years in a sequence
find day to day
ways to encompass
every display.
Paintings of rhythms
seasonal times
seem to in some way
make great designs.
Yet it is Christmas
that outshines them all
even the settings
of colors in fall.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 21, 2009

Wisdom’s Gathered

Wisdom is flourished
when it is used
and not just daily
found as abused.
Wisdom is gathered
through thick and then
when we are ending
or then to begin.
Life’s dusty fragments
brings into view
so many lessons
to learn as anew.
Wisdom is portioned
how you perceive
and it is gathered
in how you believe.
So often wisdom
is just but a dream
found as a nightmare
the way things seem.
Yet wisdom’s gathered
in many details,
but it’s our motion
that fills up the sails.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 21, 2009

Wonderful Days

I can hear clearly
the seasonal songs
playing as moments
Christmastimes dawns.
Portraits in snow globes
shaken around
emulate settings
of Santa in town.
Familiar feelings
come into view
when every Christmas
does surely come true.
I smell aromas
of scented cuisines
seeming to enhance
what Christmastime means.
Sweet music playing
what surely is found
as that of Christmastime
coming to town.
All of our memories
blossom and bloom
as Christmas blessings
come into tune.
Sequenced by flavors
and also by sight,
Christmas is coming
with seasonal flight.
Heard as the echoes
that timeless portrays
Christmas enhances
the wonderful days.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 21, 2009

Our Time To Time

In a little while
now will be gone
leaving the minutes
of newness to dawn.
In a little while
time will be seen
maybe as moments
found in a dream.
In a little while
the sounds we hear
may be as visions
that we so endear.
In a little while
the times displayed
may be the minutes
as found Heaven made.
In a little while
we may surely find
so many blessings
from our time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 21, 2009

Cease The Barrels

Found in a barrel
of monkeys of time
there is much turmoil
found in design.
A simple barrel
with monkeys inside
simulates many
of time far and wide.
So much confusion
found in days sails
emulates barrels
with monkeys with tails.
Turbulent streaming
of unsorted views
simulates barrels
of all sordid news.
Found in a barrel
can also be seen
ones wanting nightmares
to be as a dream,
but it takes choices
to leap from within
and cease the barrels
of which that you’ve been.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 21, 2009

In But A Moment

In but a moment
the minutes set sail
bringing in Christmas
in every detail.
So many settings
of twinkling lights
make very joyful
all of the nights.
Home fires burning
with family and friends
paints very clearly
what never should end.
In a mere moment
Christmas is seen
found as a blessing
thought as a dream.
Smoke stacks billow
from fires below
as they’re awaiting
Christmas white snow.
In but a moment
the minutes will shine
and it will surely
be Christmastime.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 21, 2009

Learn Its Design

In through yesterday
comes in today
bringing the lessons
learned another day.
Memories rationed
as blades of grass
bringing the lessons
come from the past.
Throughout minutes
moments survive
with all the lessons
that keep us alive,
but it takes using
the things you’ve learned
through the yesterdays
times discerned.
If you’re repeating
a similar time
it means you didn’t then
learn its design.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 21, 2009

for Nov 21, 2001

Seconds are counted
when anger is a amidst
till the explosion.

Wise is the thinker
that rethinks what’s defining
the answers ahead.

Many will follow
when you hold you head up high,
yet don’t expect them.

Learning is defined
as wisdom from the problems
and how to react.

Iffy circumstance
brings certain indecision
which leads ones to doubt.

Letters to loved ones
may get lost in the pages
of our memories.

Cold winter mornings
bring us scenes full of wonder
awakened by time.

Fall has gone away
and left in place a journey
that leads to winter.

Many beloved
find their hearts are torn into
by their loved ones.

Ones that are hurried
with their own style directions
may fall into holes.

Time is turbulent
when our troubles become guides
blindly leading us.

With every heartbreak
is a chance for tomorrow
to be much better.

Left to our choices
so many will just fall prey
to their emotions.

Little is alot
where piece of mind is gathered.
Little can grow large.

Finding solitude
is a long winding journey
inside of oneself.

Hearing a whisper
leaves you opened for loudness
which can deafen you.

Clouds of perception
are the billows of forethought
awaiting a rain.

Timidness conquers
the chances for much greater
caused by so much fear.

Christmas scenery
brings alive our childhood thoughts
which it enlarges.

A tree with lighting
glittering within the night
brings Christmas alive.

A flame in the wind
will most surely be blown out
if it’s not cared for.

Hard times are teachers
that give us the end results
much later in life.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 21, 2009

YoVille Haiku

Peace paints a picture
that many wish to enjoy,
yet it has a price.

Pointing at others
does not take the blame away.
It sometimes points back.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16, 2009

Confusion paints days
when there is nothing to find
other than minutes.

Clearing of thresholds
leaves some doorways to venture.
Enter carefully.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 20, 2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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