Hello my friends

It’s been a sore bum ride around here with it being hard to sit
or even lie down, but my bum seems to be healing up gradually.
It’s still bruised and swollen, but it’s getting better. Yet still
hard to wear pants being the waist area where my pants fasten
and belt goes through the loops is where the sore swollen spot
goes up to. Oh well, it’ll heal I HOPE ;). So, what else has
been going on around here this week? Not much! The boys are
still their little ornery selves. Milo drives me nuts often with his
backing up to my legs and bumping me to get my attention LOL.
Benny does that to him, so I guess he learned it from Benny.
I have no clue of what that means other that he just wants me
to do something, but can’t put it into words. One site I went
to said that it could also mean that he is claiming me. So who
knows. LOL We claim him and Benny as our kids. Milo just
does it so often LOL. Judy cracks up in laughing tears when
she sees Milo using his backside, NOT REAR to nudge at
me hehehe. Benny does the same thing to Milo when he wants
him to play with him, so heck, that might even be the reason
Milo does it to me LOL. In any sense, the boys are nutty as
always. I would say as the day we brought them home, but
they both had to have a few days to get to know us and their
new home before they found they loved it and began their on
playful ways. They both will ask permission if they can get on
the bed with us and if I say no, then Milo will go lie in his own
bed and Benny will do whatever hehehe. Remember, Benny
is still a pup. He does though most times end up in his bed
beside Milo especially since the weather has gotten much
colder. We don’t keep the living room as warm as we keep
our bedroom and computer room for apparent reasons LOL.
The only time we actually go into the living room is to head
out the front door hehehe. OK so, we also do our exercises
in there, but we kind of like it being a little colder in there
for that. We haven’t done our exercises lately due to my
sore bum and all, but we will get back to doing them soon.
It’s 34 F degrees right now at 4:30 PM. It wasn’t supposed
to get above 31 degrees, but only God truly knows what
the days will be like exactly :). It’s supposed to get down
to 25 F degrees by Monday morning. No snow as of yet
over this way, but I’m sure it will come soon enough. Up
50 miles north of us in Caribou they got a bit of snow last
week, but I’m sure that even it did not stay on the ground
for long. The temperature has to stay at freezing or below
for at least a day or two before the ground can get cooled
down enough to actually hold snow upon it. Of course there
have been times that it freaking snowed so much so fast
that the snow didn’t have a chance to melt and it piled up
and stayed on the ground. But the ground might have been
at least close to the freezing point to where the snow gave
it a helping hand. So there ya go hehehe a lesson in snow.
Also another factor is the big snowflakes are often not
as likely to pile up and cause problems because the very
reason they are humongous is because they had begun
to melt on the way down and stuck together with others
causing a big one which will often melt as soon as it hits
the ground. Although that’s not always the case and if
the temperature is right, then they can be the benefactors
of compiling weight due to the moisture within them and
cause to pile up on homes and trees causing them to be
overloaded and break and crash while crushing homes.
But it’s actually the smaller snowflakes that will most
often compile making snowdrifts and become many feet
deep if it continues, being they are frozen and do do not
melt as they just gather thousands upon millions. I’ve
seen more than my share of both. Many trees were
unable to hold the weight of those heavy flakes and as
soon as they built up on their limbs came crashing down.
That’s often what causes downed power lines. OK, so
it’s off of the snow lesson 101 hehehe. Judy went over
her sister Trudy’s house and all of the sisters and their
brother Rick celebrated their birthdays even if a few
were not for a few months or had already past hehehe.
Me and the boys just stayed home enjoying some guy
time hehehe. I think milo has been worried about me
since I was hurt. He knows I don’t feel well. Benny
also shows that he’s worried, but Milo does a slight
overkill LOL. They love us, what can I say! We love
them also. Judy’s birthday is November 6 and we’re
still in thought of what we will do to celebrate. Either
get subs from Subway, or if I can manage to afford it
get her something else to eat, but she says she wants
Subway, so I reckon that might be it. I wish we were
rich and I could buy her something fancy like that
purple jacket that she’s had her eyes on at WalMart,
but after paying all our bills, it doesn’t leave me with
much. Of course she pays her part of the bills, but we
have it set up where I pay half and she pays half. It
doesn’t actually round off to half, but we don’t view
our money and hers or mine. It’s ours! It all goes to
the same place. LOL, Milo is having a dream and
making funny noises in his sleep while he lies in the
floor right beside me in his doggie bed. Benny is in
his own doggie bed to the left of Milo. Of course
they often play musical doggie beds and end up in
one or the other so they are owned by both hehehe.
They will every once in a while end up lying in the
same bed together to keep warm and snuggle. Yep,
they love each other. I’m getting a tattoo of them
running up my arm Wednesday. It’s also sort of
a birthday present to Judy being she’s been wanting
me to get that tattoo for a while. She told me she
can’t wait to see it. So, I’ll have the boys with me
wherever I go hehehe unless I lose my arm LOL.
The things we do for one another for love hehehe.
I thank God for allowing me to meet her and for
us to have bonded together while bringing these
two boys also within our circle of love. Yes, we
do get irritated with one another time to time, but
love heals the wounds and calms the spirit. The
days we spend together I could never put a price
upon. They are priceless. And if we should ever
be separated for any reason, those memories will
still thrive as blessings. I’m sure death will take us
one day, but even after death, love lives on and
the spirit still lives with you. Then when the other
finds their time knocking on Heavens door, we will
be reunited and made whole with joy for our boys
will be there too along with all of our family and
friends that have gone before us or that will be
there in time. Judy and I know that Jesus is here
watching over us as well as many angels such as
ones that have gone before. My dad is here, for
I can feel his presence. I talk to him often and he
answers me inside my mind. I can hear his spirits
voice speaking to me. If a loved of yours has
passed on from here and entered Heavens gates,
then they are not faraway, for their spirit will
still be there with you. They can be with you at
the times that you need them. Just speak their
name. Their spirit knows not of distance or of
miles. They can be in multiple places to be as
comfort to you. Have faith in God and don’t let
the loss of the flesh to bring you the conclusion
of the end. It’s just the beginning. Our time here
in our fleshly bodies should be used as a growing
time. Learn to love and to have faith in God in
all that there is. Life should be cherished as we
watch the sunrise and the clouds drift on by with
the sequences of blessings that come as artwork
that God has painted. Look beyond the turmoil
that you might be perceiving at the moment and
find the beauty that is sometimes hidden behind
blind eyes. Now with that said, I guess I need to
cease my rambling and begin my title search back
through all that I’ve written to see if I can find a
good word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So, it’s away I go
to that place I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I believe I might have found a good title and
after checking to see if I have used it before I’ve
found that I haven’t, so here goes 🙂


Through our perception
the days found ahead
might be connections
to a mindful of dread.
Scenes that we’re viewing
of each day gone by
we might be choosing
the wrong how and why.
Perceiving a moment
of time that you see
might need atonement
to change your degree.
Let not the seasons
that you see each day
to give you the reasons
to act a bad way.
Find all the blessings
through God’s Only Son
by not transgressing
with each day that’s done.
Find now the rainbows
in many hearts breathing
through all the windows
of better perceiving.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 3, 2013

Ok, so there ya go. I’m in a gabby mood today, can ya tell?
LOL, hey, I have my moments! So today has been rather
calm. No rain and the sky has been fairly clear. Yep LOL
clear enough to hopefully charge up our solar powered out
door lights. Cloudy days don’t do much good hehehehehe.
The lights are for the boys when they go out to potty. We
have a porch light, but the bulb in it takes a little while to
warm up and get bright enough to see LOL. I could change
the bulb, but it hasn’t blown sense I put it in there 6 years
ago, so I’ll leave it till it blows. It’s 30 F degrees right now
at 6:00 PM. Judy’s not feeling too well, so I think she’s
heading to bed to watch TV in a bit. Her allergies are just
about to get the best of her. She knows she’s lucky to not
have them 24 7 every day of the year as I’ve had for most
of my elder life LOL. There has not been a day that I have
not been sneezing, with a stopped up or runny nose hehehe.
There’s not anything that I can take for it due to my other
health issues other than generic Benadryl hehehe and it
don’t do very good other than send me to the bathroom :).
That’s life! So, I try to find the rainbows through the
the storms. Ok, before I begin rambling incessantly
again hehehe I guess I need to tell you what I tell you
every week and that is I wrote 10 more poems with 4
of them this week being Christmas poems. I also once
again wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out
there. LOL this week I got in a writing mood and wrote
all of my poems for next week as well. So, all I’ve gotta
write next week are my haiku :). I hope you enjoy a few
of my poems and haiku. Now it’s about time for me to
be searching for that off switch, but not before I wish
you a most wonderful God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that off
switch of havoc hehehe. There ya are ya little varmint.
I see your little eyes peeking out from behind Milo’s
backside. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. Oh yea, Milo turned 9 years old on the 31st.
He’s a Halloween boy hehehehe. We took a lot of
pictures of him and Benny wearing party hats hehe.
They looked so cute :). I’m putting a few pictures of
Milo’s birthday in my stationery. I’m also putting a
picture of Judy and I in our Halloween masks LOL.
Like I needed a freaking mask hehehehe!

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Seasons Change

Time will pass
as seconds move
seasons change
within their groove.
On through spring
and into summer
seasons change
that we discover,
Life might seem
to drift on by
seasons change
we can’t deny.
Then as autumn
fades from view
seasons change
to winters hue.
White snow falling
here and there
seasons change
with debonair.
Then as snowflakes
find their home
seasons change
to what we’ve known.
Living pages
turning fast
seasons change
with shadows cast.
With each morning
that will dawn
seasons change
to just move on.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2013

The Waiting Game

As we sometimes
wait and wonder
we might see
lightning and thunder.
The waiting game
that ones perplex
is just often
words of text.
Scenes one seek for
in their stride
often changes
with the ride.
The waiting game
that time perceives
sends emotions
tangled weaves.
Changing with their
could of been
the waiting game
is time agin.
Lessons from their
hurried strive
leave so many
half alive.
Use some patience
to attain
much better from
the waiting game.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2013

Christmas Morn

With snow that falls
on winters day
soon is seen then
great array
Minutes seconds
hours too
Christmas morn
comes into view.
Sparkling crystals
snowy white
is by morning
quite a sight.
As the snowflakes
land in place
Christmas morn
is saving grace.
Scenes that display
far and wide
Christmas morn
will then confide.
Painted as a
Christmas comes
for us to see.
Decked with billows
times adorn
this is greatest
Christmas morn.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2013

Heaven’s Waiting

While we walk on
moments mile
life might be just
in a while.
Things we’ve sought for
days ahead
might become just
stories said.
Heaven’s waiting
us to find
Jesus Christ
and peace of mind.
Many might just
hurry on
leaving us to
miss when gone.
Yet those loved ones
Heavens mile
might now look
with joyous smile.
For they’re watching
you and I
as God’s angels
by and by.
Heaven’s waiting
for the time
of our story
then sublime,
Yet until then
and above
we must fill our
hearts with love.
Letting Jesus
deep within
for forgiveness
of our sin.
Heaven’s waiting
surely so
for the way
that we’re to go.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2013


With our actions
comes results
from some children
and adults.
The bittersweet
of things we’ve sought
might be seen
as Satan bought.
Let not wanting’s
fall awry
and just haunt you
by and by.
Look to Jesus
for your needs
and He’ll plant His
wondrous seeds.
The bittersweet
of times accord
might be Hell
you can’t afford.
Look to see if
it needs be
what you’re seeking
now to see.
Yet if life finds
troubled feet
learn to learn from

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2013

Winters Shine

Beyond our footsteps
are the makings
what we’re wanting
or partaking.
Winters shine is
found as snow
beyond our footsteps
high and low.
Scenes are billowed
snowy white
winter shine
comes into sight.
Moments wondered
sought for too
become glimmers
in our view.
Winters shine then
shows its face
with a snowflakes
falling grace.
Floating down so
winters shine
for us to see.
Then as each one
is then found
winter shine is
on the ground.
Snowy fields
of time to time
are the echoes
winters shine.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2013

In The Midst

In the midst of a storm
some rain will fall down
maybe then dowsing
everyone there around.
The storm might just come
as a season of trial
bringing about troubles
mile after mile.
In the midst of today
a storm might arrive
bringing about segments
that nobody’s dry.
The troubles emotions
might be sink or swim
in the midst of a storm
of a time and agin.
Within the storm clouds
in the midst of each day
there are some clear skies
coming your way.
Each daily moment
that displays so fine
might be with troubles
and end with sunshine.
Let not the emotions
the storm clouds bring you
to hinder your vision
that God gives to view.
Life is with turnstiles
through journeys in time
that display sorrow,
but end with Divine.
Seek for the lessons
through each stormy blitz
and find the many blessings
found in the midst.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2013

My Yesterdays Christmas

Through portholes of time
and yesterdays seen
I can remember
my life as a dream.
My yesterdays Christmas
is living in me
as a voice I’m recalling
of which I can see.
Sounds and aromas
displayed as some pictures
found within fragments
of sweet Christmas fixtures.
Times that were childlike
of me long ago
my yesterdays Christmas
displayed white as snow.
I still remember
my loving family
together while singing then
so Christmassy.
My mom played piano
while dad, sis and I
sang Christmas songs
of the sweet by and by.
My yesterdays Christmas
will always live on
as a memory within me
of times other dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2013

A Snowflakes Dream

Through all the snowflakes
I find a dream
floating so gracefully
as a sky stream.
Pouring as floating times
then white as snow
the flakes fall as blessings
to us down below.
Christmastimes scenery
decked out so sweet
as some snow ice cream
that many eat.
Even ones Christmases
might be displayed
as that of pictures by
Thomas Kinkade.
A snowflakes dream
can grow beyond sight
displayed as Christmas
with thoughts we delight.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2013

Christmas Grows Closer

Seconds make minutes
as hours will pass
Christmas grows closer
with each shadows cast.
Decembers snowflakes
will be soon found
as that of Christmastime
coming to town.
Seasonal wonderful
ways we recall
found after autumns great
colors of fall.
Christmas grows closer
with each step in time
bringing the wonderful
thoughts so divine.
Then with the moments
that we each remember
Jesus becomes our
great burning ember.
Though we should always
thank God above
for sending Jesus
so filled full of love.
Christmas grows closer
with each passing day
when soon it is here
the greatest display.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 30, 2013

for Nov 1, 2013

When seasons arrive
they bring forth many blessings
that we may not see.

While shadows move on
they display many actions
of whom they follow.

Autumn leaves falling
brings forth a welcoming sight
as winter is found.

Beneath ones worry
is often a silly thought
that brought the worry.

Links to our problems
are often found in pages
read in bad lighting.

Within tomorrow
thrives the thoughts of yesterday
that live in today.

A simple journey
can become as troublesome
if blown out of view.

Today’s perception
might be found just misconceived
as lights are so dim.

Winter winds now blow
as the gates of winter shine
to show December.

Morning comes quickly
as a sleepless night concludes
with a few tired eyes.

Looks can be shadows
of what others might perceive
and not who they are.

Life can be better
with a little help from God
and a little faith.

When a storm begins
look for shelter in Jesus
and He will give strength.

Lessons from flowers
begin with many seasons
of rain and sunshine.

A simple heartbeat
can grow to be a blessing,
so don’t overlook.

Having a mindset
and not letting the truth breathe
might cause your demise.

Wonders of Christmas
come as thoughts from long ago
that live in today.

Moments we prosper
might be downfalls of others
so don’t gloat too much.

A little hopeful
can bring joyful to others,
so send them a prayer.

Knowing when to stop
can prevent an avalanche
of troubles ahead.

Belief of a lie
that ones say that is been said,
might be just gossip.

As the Earth rotates
it shows signs of it’s patterns
that many will see.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 1, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy
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