Brush Strokes of White


Hello my friends

It was snowing this morning and now it’s turned to sleet,  but
this evening it’s supposed to change back to snow.  Yippy LOL.
We got a little more snow Friday.  We drove up to Presque Isle
for Judy’s doctor appointment and it snowed all the way from
our house to there.   Thank God it was in the upper 30’s and
it wasn’t sticking to the roads.  I just heard the snow plow as
it went down the road LOL.  Those guys aren’t getting a break
this winter/spring hehehe.   Yep,  we’re expecting another 6 to
10 inches of that white stuff,  but God only knows.  I don’t see
myself ever quite getting used to the weather up here,  because
I was raised where spring was actually a season that flowers
would bloom hehehe.  Not up here.  The only flowers you will
see are the ones they sell at WalMart or a florist’s hehehehe.
Other than that,  you might see some ice that looks like flowers
in a peculiar way LOL.  Yep,  this is most surely a strange place
up here,  but I can’t say that I don’t enjoy the snow from time to
time.  It is a beautiful sight as it paints the hills and valleys with
brush strokes of white.  🙂 I think I just found a title for today’s
brand new poem hehehe.  We shall see if I stumble on a better
one when I look back on what I’ve written.  So onwards with my
rambling.  Hehehe,  Judy and the boys just came in so I stopped
and fixed us some breakfast.  I fixed the boys a couple of small
sausage links :).  Milo’s getting better at doing what I say LOL.
When he starts barking and begging,  I go shhhhhhhhhhh and
he quietens to a small roar hehehe.  I’ll tell him real quietly
“you don’t want me to yell do ya” and if he continues my voice
will change to where he knows he better listen LOL.  I do have
a forceful voice.  I can bark louder than any dog hehehehehe.
Benny and Milo are now lying down beside and behind me.
Benny is lying in the floor and Milo is lying in one of their beds.
Judy is browsing Facebook.  The boys started scratching at the
door wanting their dentist sticks,  so that’s how they ended
up in here :).   Benny just got up and went to lay in the other
doggie bed near Milo.  Milo just got up and parked right by
my side wanting me to hold him.  I picked him up for a while
and then said,  I’ve gotta put ya down now so I can finish my
writing.  LOL when I put him down he tried to jump back
up in my lap.  I gave Judy some small treats to give him and
Benny and now they are happy.  This is our life in a day to
day venture.  The house is always riddled with tiny footsteps
running around with little smiles.  If the sleet ever ceases
I might go outside for a bit and play with them.  Right now
it’s 30 F degrees which isn’t too awful bad for this time of the
year,  but I will be happy when it warms a bit more and the
snow melts.  Of course that will also be followed with a lot
of mud and water.  So people in low lying areas will be with
a lot of water coming their way.  Our driveway will turn to
a muddy playground for the boys LOL.  Not that bad,  but
there will be places that they will be magnetically drawn to
just like every year hehehe.  Benny loves to dig holes and
put his face in them for some dumb reason hehehe.  Its the
same with snow.  Of course Milo has taken up doing the
same in the snow.  He has yet to of wanted to dig holes and
bury his face in them and I hope it stays that way hehehehe.
I think Benny’s looking for things that he’s buried out there
in the snow,  but yet forgotten where he buried them.  LOL
he will often run out of the house with one of his toys and
not find it till the snow has melted hehehe.  He is a little
boy ya know!  They are now lying in their beds in the floor
in between  Judy and I.  Well,  it’s gone back to snowing
outside.  YEAH!  Just what we needed,  NOT.  I walked to
the front door to take a few pictures and Benny followed
me in there.  He also followed me back in here and is now
lying in his bed again.  They’re like little shadows that you
trip over hehehe.  Judy and I have been putting in some
footwork on the treadmill since we got it.  We’ve started
using the radio in the living room to help us with our walks.
We walk to the music.  It does get hard though with the
commercials LOL,  but it’s better than walking in silence.
My legs and feet are still in bad shape,  but at least it’s
better than giving in to the pain and letting myself become
bedridden or confined to a wheel chair.  Judy seems to be
getting around a little better now.  We are hoping to one
day when she gets her surgery on her legs to get us some
bicycles with doggie carriers so we can go riding,  but
that’s in the future.  I thank God for giving us the many
blessings that we have found and maybe even have yet to
of seen.  We may not have but another day to share as
time ticks on,  but I’m thankful for right now.  None of us
truly knows when the end will be.  It could be one minute
from now for all we know.  A truck could come crashing
through your wall and end your life.  The point is,  are you
ready?  I always stay ready while I stumble around with
life.  Yes I make mistakes,  but I am forgiven through The
Son of God.  I always talk to Him and ask forgiveness
as my screw ups make themselves apparent and I see that
I need to change.  We are all found with flaw whether we
want to admit it or not.  It’s with our many mistakes that
we can find growth to another level of joyful.  Let Jesus
be your guide and if you get off course,  look back and
you will see Him giving you directions through maybe a
friend or acquaintance.  Don’t let your ego to hold you
back to where you begin digging a hole filled with only
misery.  I guess it’s time for me to be searching back
through all that I’ve written here to see if I can find me
a word or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  I think I found a good title to use just
18 lines down hehehe.  Now,  to try and write a decent
poem using it hehehe.  Here goes.

Brush Strokes of White

Our nights and days
of seasonal hue
are found disguised
for what’s really true.
Brush strokes of white
are found all around
on houses each day
with road trips to town.
Paintings remembered
as brush strokes of white
are winter’s colors
within every sight.
Scenes such as flowers
are not now in view
for brush strokes of white
are hiding their hue.
Yet when it’s over
and the snow is long gone
the brush strokes of white
will seek winters dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

Ok so it isn’t one of my best hehehe.  What do ya expect :)?
LOL Milo was saying in his own scratching of the door way
that he needed to go out and potty,  but after Judy took him
to the door and he looked outside,  he ran down to the bottom
of the steps and went pee and then ran quickly back inside.
Benny needed to go also,  but after he looked outside and saw
it sleeting and snowing he changed his mind.  He don’t mind
the snowing part,  but sleet and rain are things he does not
like at all.  But yet,  I’m sure he will in time have to go out
and potty,  because he won’t be able to hold it forever hehe.
Maybe it will stop sleeting soon and turn to only snow.  It’s
either that or he’ll just have to tough it out LOL.  We bought
a pee pad for him when we got him,  but he would never use
it.  He always preferred going outside the same as now :).
Milo will go out and potty no matter what it’s doing outside,
but he might make it a quick one hehehe.  I’ve had the radio
playing peaceful music since I began writing.  It’s set on
Moodscapes.  Our favorite music channel for when we’re
wanting to relax or go to sleep.  It helps me with my writing.
It’s music without words.  I provide the words.  It will often
give me a title I can use though.  It displays the names of
the songs.  None the less I find titles for poems in places
such as scenes or passing thoughts from past to present.
Now,  before I get too far back in rambling mode I need
to tell you what I tell you every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers 10 more poems
with 1 of them being a sort of Christmassy poem.  I also
wrote once again 22 haiku for all of my haiku lovers out
there.  Believe it or not hehehe I wrote all of the poems
and haiku early this morning.  I wasn’t feeling too well
Friday and Saturday when I had planned on writing them.
So I started writing them all around 3 AM and finished
them (poems and haiku) at around 6 AM.  I hope you
find a few of either or both that bring you a smile or
teach you something that you can use.  Now,  it’s time
for me to begin my search for that silly off switch,  but
not before I wish you a most wonderful and God filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.
Ok,  where is that off switch hiding this week?  Hmm,
I think I see it hiding inside my Claritin-D box hehehe.
Hey dude,  my allergies are acting up,  so I think ya
might of messed up.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Another Day Gone By

The times that we find
as the days and weeks
are sometimes as mountains
with virtual peaks.
The minutes might shadow
your yesterdays dream
with that of some waters
of a momentous stream.
Flowing and growing
as minutes seem to fly
displays all the shadows
another day gone by.
Sometimes many feelings
might be just a thing
another day gone by
while wishing for spring.
Often our perception
of a timeless array
is another day gone by
with day after day.
Painted with emotions
with thoughts flying high
are scenes many find with
another day gone by.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

Within A Rainbow

As clouds accumulate
in the sky overhead
some raindrops may fall
to fill a riverbed.
Then as the raindrops
slowly fade from the sky
there’s within a rainbow
a wondrous reply.
Words found as colors
with an arch there and to
there’s found then displaying
some red,  green and blue.
Colors all united
displaying many more
found within a rainbow
of a skylight open door.
Cherished are the glimmers
of the rainbows design
that are found displaying
in a moment of time.
Those colors God has painted
are found to and fro
as heartbeats of the raindrops
within a rainbow.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

The Dawn

The end of nighttime
is found without stars
and lesser of moonlight
or Venus and Mars.
The dawn is a moment
that comes with daylight
while saying farewell
to the darkness of night.
The day might still show us
some nighttime reviews
that before the dawn
were starlight’s night cruise.
Nighttime will return
with its glittery face
lit up by the starlight
each magical place.
Yet at the end of it
time will move on
finding the formation
sunshine and the dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

A Snowy Spring

The sense of springtime
does not show
way up here now
only snow.
Winters values
are still seen
as that of
a snowy spring.
The days are counted
snowy white
found in daytime
and at night.
Yet the white snow
that I see
reminds of Jesus
love so free.
Cleaning sins
as white as snow
giving passage
where we go.
A snowy spring
is love so well
how Jesus gave
a way from Hell.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

A Distant Thought

So long ago
we might remember
a distant thought
found in December.
A thought of Christmas
times of joy
when we were
a little girl or boy.
That special time
which surely shows
might remember
how it snows.
Seasonal shadows
glimmer so bright
times we remember
filled with delight.
Those special moments
so timelessly sought
are Christmas echoes
of a distant thought.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

The Sea At Night

Islands of memories
found with starlight
are with the waves
of the sea at night.
Shimmering moonlight
found on the waves
reflects as a blessing
that Jesus Christ saves.
The sea at night
is a wonderful thing
found as blissful
and comforting scene.
The sound it makes
as it comes ashore
is one that I truly
do so adore.
It’s flavors of ocean
with waves crashing in
the sea at night
agin and agin.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

Watching For Rain

As snowflakes are falling
I’m watching for rain
seeking for springtime
with snow to abstain.
Yet now this moment
I can only see white
as snow is falling
each day and each night.
I’m watching for rain
while time ticks along
seeking for the day
that the white snow is gone.
The snow is real pretty,
but I’ve had my fill,
for there’s such a thing
as a true over kill.
The sunshine’s so blinding
while as a reflection
making no difference
with your sights direction.
So I find myself now
just watching for rain
while I try hard to
not daily complain.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

Written Words

Thoughts we read
as written words
live as moments
flock of birds.
Thoughts we’ve found
in black and white
are written words
of wrong and right.
Often written
are mistakes
words we wrote
in our Earth quakes.
Don’t make written
words you say
to be mistaken
day by day.
Take some time
to think it out
before you write
a certain bout.
You might find
your penciled thought
might just change
the way it ought.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

Drifting Away

As sleep is found
the end of day
the mind finds peace
while drifting away.
A restful sleep
so needed true
drifting away
makes life anew.
Then as slumbers
dreams will soar
there might be
an oceans shore.
The waves of time
so filled with peace
drifting away
as its release.
Displaying journeys
as a soufflé
when sleep is found
while drifting away.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

The Universe

The sky above
beyond our view
is found as black
what we see blue.
The universe
so far and wide
has some planets
deep inside.
Some as glowing
sparks of light
seen as stars
our every night.
Yet some planets
far away
are just glimmers
sought array.
The universe
holds many places
with some wondrous
open spaces.
Beyond our sight
there might just be
someone there
like you and me.
God’s creations
we can’t perceive
needs us all
to just believe.
For His power
has no end
what He’s made
that shall transcend.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

for Mar 30,  2014

A simple journey
could be just disillusioned
for what’s expected.

Having a problem
gives room for a few lessons
if viewed correctly.

If a time is missed
it might of been necessary
due to your knowledge.

Growth is a factor
that comes from many speed bumps
as well as our years.

Catching a snowflake
needs you to have a warm heart
and hands not so warm.

When today is gone
it might be a memory
found in our future.

Knowing the answers
does not mean that they are right.
They are just answers.

Meanings of a word
are often found deciphered
in ones own wave length.

The sight of the moon
does not mean that it’s nighttime,
for it might be day.

Wisdom’s a turnstile
that many need to go through,
before using it.

Life as a light bulb
often finds times not so bright
as wires are crossed.

The practice of love
with Jesus as the teacher
makes it much better.

Leaving yesterday
as a timeless experience
will help you to grow.

Nobodies heartbeat
is greater than Lord Jesus,
for His Love is pure.

A wave in motion
makes a crashing sound ashore
that displays peaceful.

Morning comes dawning
as a goodbye to nighttime
and smile for today.

Flavors of starlight
come as twinkling reunions
of distant stages.

The words that we say
might just come back to haunt us,
so careful with words.

Meaningless chatter
fills a room with confusion
that might need not said.

Leaning to greatly
on someone you call a friend
might run them away.

Not seeing the truth
could cause you to live a lie
until it explodes.

Beyond what we see
is a journey we must find
one step at a time.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 30,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
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