Just Do Your Best


Hello my friends

It’s snowing again,  but the ground has gotten a chance
to warm up a bit,  so it’s at least not sticking to it hehehe.
Though it is sticking to the snow that is already on the
ground which is still quite a bit.  Right now it’s a bit cool
with temperature outside of about 34 F degrees.  It’s not
too bad,  but it still doesn’t feel like spring and nor does
it look like it.  Maybe it will get here one day or another.
Yet for now it’s snowing pretty heavy out there hehehe.
I just fixed Judy,  I and the boys some breakfast/dinner.
We always stay up late or should I say early hehehehe.
Yesterday was nice.  Our landlord got our shower fixed
and the weather was nice.  It got up to 63 F degrees and
clouds in the sky painted a beautiful picture in the blue
sky.  It was a sight to see.  I took quite a few pictures of
it and uploaded a few to my Facebook page.  I’ll more
than likely use a few for my stationery today.  There’s a
flood watch for all of Maine from Monday morning till
Wednesday Evening.  Of course we are on high ground,
but many are not.  With it raining,  snowing along with
the ice and snow melting,  it produces a lot of overflows.
Also with the ice breaking up in the rivers it is known to
create floods due to damming up the rivers with ice,  so
that is part of the flood watch.  I’m including a picture
of the river just a few miles west of us in Smyrna that
someone took of the East Branch of the Mattawamkeag
river in Smyrna and if you get this in stationery format
you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Anyways,  it’s pretty
much a yearly thing as winter leaves while still fighting
to leave it’s footprints to remember.  At least now I can
see our neighbors riding lawnmowers.  Before,  all that
was showing was the top of one of the steering wheels :).
Our driveway is now snowless thank God.  I was tired
of having to dig our driveway out so that we could get
out.  The reason I was having to shovel our driveway
was because our landlords snowplow busted.  He hired
a guy to plow our driveway,  but as soon as he plowed
into our deep snow a few times,  his busted also hehehe.
Would of been nice if we could of gotten the county road
crew to come and plow our driveway for us with their
extra large plows.  Oh well,  I survived,  but not without
a few bumps and bruises not to mention frost bite LOL.
I can normally handle to cold,  but not for a long time.
I’m ready for a different view outside such as green
grass,  flowers and trees.  The snow is pretty,  but it
does get old after about 5 months or more of it hehehe.
As I look out now,  I see that it has stopped snowing
and it’s supposed to start raining any time now LOL.
That’s Maine!  If it’s not snowing,  it’s raining hehehe.
There isn’t much else going on around here.  Pretty
much the same old thing hehehe.  Benny and Milo are
still as ornery as can be and think that they own the
place LOL.  We don’t even own the freaking place.
Judy and the boys are in the bedroom watching TV.
It’s a Hot in Cleveland marathon.  It’s finally warmed
up in here.  I had mistakenly turned the heater down
to the off position last night sometime.  With my bad
eyesight I thought it was up hehehe.  We were both
wondering why it was getting so cold in here last night.
Oh well,  we ended up going to bed to watch TV where
the heat was ON hehehe.  Of course it normally takes
both of the heaters to keep the rooms warm as they
warm from different areas.  We don’t worry much
about the other parts of the house.  We most times
only use the furnace to keep the pipes from freezing.
Yet,  as long as the temps are at a decent temp during
the day and not to much below 20 at night, then the
water pipes are OK.  It seems that the sun is going
down being it’s getting dark outside.  I can hear my
honey pie in the kitchen washing dishes.  I washed
a few dishes while cooking,  but had to get this written
so after we ate,  I headed in here to start writing :).
There’s no his or hers duties around here.  It’s only
who is able to do it or wants to.  My mom and dad
were the same,  which is where I got it from.  They
would often trade off doing chores.  Often they would
wash dishes together.  Our kitchen isn’t large enough
to do much of anything together in there hehehehe.
We’ll just get in each others way LOL!  Too many
people out there think they’re too good to do any type
of manual labor.  Even Jesus did manual labor.  Do
you think that you’re better than Jesus?  None of us
are.  If something needs to be done,  then don’t put
yourself on a pedestal thinking you’re too good to
do it.  I have seen so many that think that they are
too good to clean their house and so they either hire
some one to do it,  or attempt to find a relationship
that the person will do it all.  A person of that nature
does not feel that they are appealing enough so they
let people walk all over them.  In God’s Eyes you are
just as good as the next.  We might have different
gifts and talents  that we are better at,  but in His
Eyes,  they are all as great as the other.  If we were
all teachers,  who would there be to teach and if we
were all policemen then there would be no one to
protect.  The list goes on and on.  Find your place
in life and blossom.  Don’t let anyone to say that
you’re not gifted.  Our gifts might not be in the spot
light like a movie star or a musician,  but in God’s
Eyes they shine.  Just do your best!  If you fail then
seek for the lessons and try again or look within your
heart through prayer to see if you’re doing what you
should be doing.  None the less,  don’t think of your
life as without meaning.  Now,  I believe it’s time for
me to take a little looksee back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find me a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that little  place
of my recollection that I seem to always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found a decent
title and after checking to see if I have used it or not,
I see that it’s a go.   So here goes!

Just Do Your Best

Don’t let some others
to drag down your heart.
Just do your best now
with each time you start.
Let God to guide you
as days come to pass
and don’t let your shadows
get out of contrast.
Look for the lessons
as each day goes by,
then just do your best
to sometimes ask why.
Many times questions
that you’ve got no clue
can be well answered
by someone so true.
Don’t let the failures
of time and agin
to become your viewpoints
that you cannot win.
Seek for God’s guidance
through prayer and some rest
and then continue to
just do your best.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 13,  2014

I hope you enjoyed that.  I never know how a poem is
going to come out or what it’s gonna be about hehehe.
The title just gives me a starting point.  In any sense I
hope you enjoyed it and maybe even my rambling LOL.
It’s taken me a little longer to come up with something
to write about being that my right ear which is deaf has
been giving me some trouble with aching and bleeding.
It makes it real hard to think,  but so far every time I
have gone to the emergency room,  they just give me
a prescription and never really investigate to see why
it is giving me so much trouble.  Maybe one decade
or another I will be able to find me a doctor up here
that is taking new patients LOL.  It’s been giving
me trouble for quite few years now.  Oh well,  I have
had to live with much worse in my past and for that
matter am living with much worse hehehe.  I guess
I’ll survive hehehe at least until I die and then I’ll
take up residence in Heaven with a new body that
is minus all of my aching hehehe.  Yet for now,  life
goes on,  bumpy roads and all :)!  I know many out
there that have it much worse than me,  so,  I’ll be
OK.  Ok now,  it’s time for me get away from my
ailments and start telling you what I tell you every
week and that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems but none of them
are Christmas poems this week :).  I also wrote
once agin 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there.  With that said I reckon I need to begin
my search for that somewhat elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful and
blessed week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Now to find that freaking off switch!
I see ya you little whippersnapper.  This time it
almost worked with you hiding behind my aspirins
aside from the fact that I’m needing one now due
to my enormous headache.   Hehehe maybe next
time dude.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

On The Winds Wings

The journey of a thought
is flowers in bloom
thinking and deciding
what that’s in tune.
On the winds wings
are freeways of flight
sometimes on the inside
and sometimes in sight.
Points of perception
are found come to pass
on the winds wings
of shadows we cast.
Sometimes our rhythms
might not be in sync
on the winds wings
of how that we think.
Our thoughts might just fly
as a one winged bird
and end with a journey
that’s found so absurd.
On the winds wings
are breaths yet to breathe
flights that we’ve taken
of how we believe.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

Places We Find

Often our pathways
are found oh so dark
in places we find
to daily embark.
Yet it’s not often
a place that we chose,
but just a pathway
someone did propose.
The places we find
with each step we take
are often journeys
of a learning mistake.
Some of the lessons
that came from the path
are often bitter times
life’s aftermath.
Yet it’s the places
we find time agin
that help us next time
to better begin.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

Surging Waters

Rivers flowing
far and wide
carry fractions
found inside.
Surging waters
currents bring.
New horizons
shout and sing.
Moments ripples
come and go
after winters
melting snow.
Simple surging
waters find
spring and summer
peace of mind.
Then those waters
surging true
help to give a
brand new view.
Surging waters
times detail
colors blooming
oh so well.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

Heavenly Places

The people we’re meeting
each day we go by
might be as angels
that we wonder why.
Heavenly places
within our view
might not be found
so Heavenly true.
Sometimes our wanting
of daily affairs
is not so good
as our time compares.
Heavenly places
that our eyes see
might turn out surely
as not so Heavenly.
Let not your greed to
guide where you go
and Heavenly places
will surely then grow.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

Cold Laden Snow

While spring has sprung
there’s still some snow
found outside
in fields that flow.
Cold laden snow
that wintertime made
still finds a place
real deep I can wade.
Leaving some footprints
so snowy white
with every footstep
of my day and night.
Springtime is coming
so slowly each day
while cold laden snow
is melting away.
Soon will be summer
as green grasses grow
coming from under
the cold laden snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

The Wind Blows

Sunset’s beginnings
are shadows to gaze
while the wind blows
on a cold snowy glaze.
The trailer is rocking
with each blowing breeze
as it is also
with evergreen trees.
White snow is moving
as each breeze is blown
giving the scent of
our winters cologne.
Yet spring is coming
though it’s not so clear
as the wind’s blowing
in this time of year.
I hear the breathing
of where the wind blows
and see each picture
that timely bestows.
Seasons confusions
so windy each day
are as the wind blows
within its own way.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

Leftover Dreams

Somebodies heartbeat
and somebodies smile
can become glimmers of
a leftover while.
Leftover dreams
with leftover pain
can create hopeful
with time to attain.
Not letting hurtful
to live inside you
you can find peaceful
much better to view.
Leftover dreams
from a another dawned day
can become paintings
and real to display.
Allowing Lord Jesus
to help you along
your left over dreams
will show right from wrong.
Finding perception
through Jesus Christ Eyes
your left over dreams
will shine in the skies.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014


Storing sad times
in your mind
might explode
from time to time.
Keeping baggage
to and fro
needs you now to
just let go.
Let God help you
not to hold
onto moments
oh so cold.
Let your life to
find a path
away from saddened
Use the lessons
now and then
through your baggage
to begin.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

When The Day’s Gone

As sunshine is faded
and shadows depart
the night brings a glimmer
of a new work of art.
It’s when the darkness
displays its starlight
that the day’s gone
and it’s time for the night.
The whispers of night sounds
are joined with a view
found with some shadows
found thereunto.
The stage is well set
for the actors to play
as many dancing stars
just twinkle away.
All of God’s paintings
from dusk unto dawn
are found well alive then
when the day’s gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

The Age of Life

Our existence
of seasonal views
brings forth a sight
of good and bad news.
The age of life
so many will seek
the where’s and why’s
of week after week.
Our own conclusions
while questioning why
how that so many would
just live and die.
The age of life
of times details
find so many
deepened wells.
Ones found digging
for the truth
the age of life
from our own youth.
The bible has
so many answers
yet while leaving
questioned dancers.
Dancing prancing
all around
seeking answers
in the ground.
The age of life
is truly not needed
for the truth is
God has succeeded.
He brought life from
the soil he made
and gave us waters
which to wade.
The age of life
is now you see
you and I
from history.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

for Apr 10,  2014

While you’re waiting
time might pass you right on by,
so don’t just sit there.

A snowflakes journey
ends as it turns to water
reviving flowers.

Being real truthful
can turn into a bad thing
if you’re insulting.

Glimmering heartbeats
create joyful surroundings
unless they are lies.

Mornings arrival
gives way for a brand new day
to change perspective.

Love is a moment
that can last for a lifetime
and eternity.

Tomorrows choices
begin with what’s done today,
for now builds patterns.

Looking for doorways
might cause you to make mistakes,
impatience acquired.

Being popular
can become your destruction,
for we all need peace.

Some tree leaves will fall
as their colors paint the ground
awaiting winter.

Seasonal formats
come and go as they display
their own points of view.

Belief in a time
allows it to become true
at least in your mind.

Harvesting minutes
can bring you into turmoil
for some might be green.

A second from now
finds the past surely knocking
as time runs its course.

The deep oceans mind
shelters thoughts within its depths
as secrets to find.

Hand to hand combat
might cause someone to get hurt
if you’re not prepared.

Marks of deception
find places that are exposed
that you thought not of.

When donning makeup
make sure not to hide yourself
and lose who you are.

Meandering thoughts
can find you bumpy turnstiles
leading to trouble.

When you’re with worry
the minutes can seem endless
as hours unite.

God gives us choices
which we often choose wrongly,
but His Son forgives.

If your mind wanders
let it find peace in Jesus
to settle it down.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy

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