Don’t Let Anxiety


Hello my friends

It’s been a nice passed week around here with the weather
warming up a little bit.  Right now it’s 50 F degrees and the
high for today is supposed to 53.   It’s a little rainy outside,
but I don’t mind that.  I didn’t do much picture taking this
week mainly due to my forgetting to put the camera card
back in my camera after saving the passed pictures to my
PC hehehe.  We were headed off to WalMart the other day
and when I tried to take a picture the camera displayed that
darned old no memory card message LOL.  Oh well,  I have
a few pictures I took Friday plus one or two that I took this
morning.  Yep the snow is all gone or is as far as I can see.
Wintertime has finally released its grip on us up here at
least for a little while hehehe.  I haven’t seen any signs of
flowers growing yet,  but the grass is slowly turning green.
Hehehe Benny is still looking for the snow.  Before it all
melted away,  he would find a spot and stand in it,  but now
there’s no spots to stand in other than water puddles and
that is bothering him LOL.  I keep telling him,  it will be
back again in a few months,  so have some patience and
enjoy the change.  When there was some snow outside,
he wanted to stay out as long as he could,  but now that
it’s gone,  he’s pretty much ready to come back inside
almost the same time as Milo LOL.  Of course he still
likes to sit on the porch and watch the neighbors and he
has learned a bit from Milo,  that when he’s done with
the outdoors he’ll bark at the door to say I’m ready to
come back in hehehe.  The season brings us a bit of a
break from the cold.  I’ve been hearing that we might
have a cool summer and I don’t mean cool as in far out.
It don’t bother me none.  I can’t handle hot weather
anyways.  That’s one of the things I don’t miss about
Texas hehehe.  All this week it’s supposed to be in
the mid 50’s to lower 60’s  unlike Greenville Texas
which is supposed to be in the mid to upper 80’s for
most of the week.  The temperature has gone down
2 degrees since I began writing a few minutes ago :).
Now it’s 48 F degrees.  Judy and the boys are in here
with me.  Benny and Milo have been fed and are now
lying in their doggie beds in the floor in between Judy
and I.  Life up here at the Pearce’s Place isn’t what
ones would call exciting hehehe.  We don’t have much,
but what we have we are content with.  Each day brings
another chance for photos and playing with the boys.
Judy’s playing a word game called Fowl Words on her
computer right now.  I also play it when I’m bored or
just wanting to pass the time.  She’s hung up on a word
and I’m trying to help her,  but I ain’t much help LOL.
My brain isn’t good with scrambled letters.  It’s only
good for scrambled eggs hehehe.  It’s raining a little
right now,  but I have the computer room window open
being the rain rarely ever comes from that direction,
but if it does,  I’ll close the window.  Yet for now it’s
nice getting some fresh air in here.  Judy and the boys
retired to the bedroom to watch The Smurfs Movie :).
I just turned it on in here LOL.  I’ve never seen the
movie hehehe.  It’s sort of silly,  but it’s something
decent to watch.  I see that Neil Patrick Harris is in it.
Anyways,  I’ve got the sound turned down so it doesn’t
distract me from my writing.  Now on with my journal :).
Looking out the window I can see little rain droplets
on the window,  but not worth shutting the window LOL.
The temperature has gone down a bit.  Now it’s 46 F.
The days have gotten longer and I kind of like that.
During wintertime it seems just as the day has begun,
it’s ending shortly after LOL.  I do love to see the
first snow.  That is a magical sight.  I just called my
mom up on the phone to give myself a break from
writing and while talking to her,  Milo started his
scratching at the door saying in his own little way
that he needs to go outside and potty,  so I let him
and Benny out for a bit to do their thing hehehehe.
My mom is doing OK.  I do miss our little shopping
sprees that we used to take.  Mom and me would
head off to WalMart at night when Judy was at
work and I would often buy Judy some flowers or
something for her to come home to.  Mom used to
treat Judy and I each Sunday at the Caddo Cafe.
We enjoyed the together time and I miss it very
much.  Life moves on,  but leaves us some great
memories.  Maybe,  if we make it to Texas this
month,  we can do some of those wonderful things
again :).  I let Benny and Milo back in just a few
minutes ago and now Benny is lying in here with
me in his doggy bed.  Milo is in the bedroom lying
on our bed with Judy and Judy is sound asleep.
I guess the Smurfs were not worth staying awake
for LOL.  This home has most surely been blessed.
We might have a few problems,  but we can make
it because God lives here with us.  Jesus walks
with us through each turnstile of trouble and helps
us withstand them and find answers.  Sometimes
the answer is to be still and wait.  Letting hurry to
take you over will sometimes cause destruction
from not thinking clearly.  Let peace find a place
within you as you intervene with daily struggles.
Don’t let anxiety to cause you to do something
that you might regret later.  Sometimes a little
prayer can calm you and allow you to think more
clearly.  Ok,  so now that I have done my bit of
rambling,  I think it’s time for me to be taking my
little trip back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find me a good word or phrase that
I can use for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So,  it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I may have found a good title and now
that I have checked to see if it has or has not
been used,  I find that wildly enough it’s one
that I haven’t used yet, which is a big surprise :).
So,  here goes!

Don’t Let Anxiety

When worries find you
with now and agin
don’t let anxiety
to lead you to sin.
Let Jesus help you
to find peace of heart
through a little prayer
for Him to impart.
Let each days journey
begin with a smile
no matter if sadness
is there are the while.
For as you’re smiling
a piece might find true
that is then living
so truly in you.
Don’t let anxiety
to lead you astray.
Take time for Jesus
in your day to day.
He will give peaceful
if you will allow
Him in your lifestyle
to then show you how.

©By Bill Pearce
May 4,  2014

I hope you weren’t bored to death by my rambling and
you maybe enjoyed the poem.  I never know if there is
anyone but me that understands my thoughts hehehehe.
I haven’t much else to say and I really need to hurry
because one of our favorite shows is coming on in 45
minutes or so called (Believe).  So I reckon I need to
be telling you what I tell you every week and that is
I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more
poems yet with no Christmas poems this week hehehe.
I also wrote 22 more haiku,  but due to me getting just
a bit caught up in the moment,  I wrote 2 extra,  so I’ve
got 24 haiku this week for all of my haiku lovers out
there :).  I hope you find one or 2 of either or both that
you like.  Now it’s time for me to begin searching for
that semi elusive off switch,  but not before I wish you
a most wonderful and God filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now to find that silly
off switch.  So,  this week you’re not even gonna try
to hide huh LOL.  Standing right in front of me with
a silly grin says it all :).  Ya wanna be caught because
you’re lazy LOL.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
and Benny and Milo 🙂

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22+2 hehehehehehehehe 🙂

Wheels of Life

Wheels are turning
fast and slow
what we do
and where we go.
Wheels of life are
found in phase
of our now
and distant days.
Life’s surrounded
with our choices
wheels of life
with many voices.
Learning discerning
truth and lies
wheels of life
hellos goodbyes.
With our visions
sometimes clouded
we find fears
that times enshrouded.
Time brings journeys
with some strife
hidden blessings
wheels of life.

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2014

Pointless Viewpoints

Looks portraying
now and then
pointless viewpoints
turn and spin.
Seamless looking
patterns find
pointless viewpoints
frame of mind.
With each different
walk of life
pointless viewpoints
duck and dive.
Journeys headway
times conceal
pointless viewpoints
how we feel.
Many blessings
come in sight
pointless viewpoints
wrong and right.
Even bad times
teach us true
pointless viewpoints
that we do.
So as journeys
fill your day
pointless viewpoints
walk their way.
Lessons come when
we will end
pointless viewpoints
times transcend.

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2014

The Color of Silence

As we envision
each day that we see
the color of silence
is found a degree.
Painted as willows
and flowers and trees
there is an echo
of what our mind sees.
The color of silence
without a mere sound
sometimes is blue skies
and often the ground.
Scenes we’ve transfixed on
as just blades of grass
the color of silence
is as time will pass.
Seen as a doorway
that time entered through
the color of silence
becomes the best view.

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2014

I’m At A Loss

With the minutes
ticking on
often thinking
seems as gone.
Left with fragments
turned to toss
I will say
I’m at a loss.
Clouded insight
weathered through
many choices
don’t accrue.
I’m at a loss
as time will pass
often when I
go too fast.
Yet if rest will
find my day
I’m at a loss
I will not say.
Because with rested
peace of mind
my thinking process
will unwind.
Finding answers
come across
I won’t say
I’m at a loss.

©Bill Pearce
May 3,  2014

Aspects of Winter

The signs of winter
fade away
with the passing
of each day
Aspects of winter
are so cold
often with
some snow to hold.
The season leaves
when spring arrives
showing how
each plant survives.
Growing bestowing
colors found
in the trees
and on the ground.
Aspects of winter
we remember
often stronger
passed December.
The scenes still live
inside my mind
aspects of winter
snows designs.
Flavored with a
scenic hue
aspects of winter
shadow through.
As dear winter’s
doorways close
spring displays a
fragrant rose.

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2014

Celebration of Life

Finding the joyful
within now and then
the celebration of life
will surely begin.
Seeing God’s blessings
in here thereunto
will help the passing
of sadness in you.
Seek for the goodness
that times will conceal
and dig out that smile
with a joyful appeal.
There are many pathways
for us to move on
dawn unto dusk
and dusk unto dawn.
Yet we will often
choose our own will
seeking for pleasures
for times to fulfill.
Don’t let your ego
to fill you with strife.
See how God’s given
celebration of life.
Found within a child
newborn to this world
giving us blessings
that each day’s unfurled.
Look now within you
and see to and fro
how with God’s guidance
you better can grow.
See the celebration
of life within you
that can become as
your each day anew.

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2014

Out of The Ashes

Found in the ashes
of times long ago
lessons from turnstiles
teach to and fro.
Scenes we remember
that did not go well
out of the ashes
we find more detail.
Like the bird phoenix
with wings set afire
out of the ashes
with greater desire.
Look passed the problems
and see one by one
lessons survival
on what can be done.
Rise from the ashes
of yesterday’s bomb
and out of the ashes then
learn to move on.

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2014

Two Hands

Having holding
hands in time
you with yours
and I with mine.
Two hands holding
life together
love and friendship
now forever.
Even after
passing on
two hands hold too
life beyond.
Two hands seeking
days ahead
can become as
surely fed.
Strengthened daily
two hands find
that it’s easier
time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2014

Passion Sage

Many gestures
found with age
come to us with
passion sage.
Learned through time
with cost of few
passion sage
what not to do.
Many journeys
might seem best,
but our passion
fails the test.
For our wanting’s
raging fire
becomes passion
in entire.
Let those days of
passion sage
become lessons
age to age,

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2014

The Perfect Flaw

Chances taken
large and small
often makes the
perfect flaw.
Risky business
day and night
many find
that they’re not right.
The perfect flaw
in life’s accord
comes with grace
from our sweet Lord.
Different people
finding true
not like me
and not like you.
It’s our flaws
that make us whole
as each difference
finds its goal.

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2014

for May 3,  2014

Today has turnstiles
that have choices we must make
to enter or not.

Found in a footprint
are some directions to see
either good or bad.

With a little breath
there is life found within it
that we might not see.

Beyond a shadow
is the existence of life
hidden within time.

While watching the clouds
there are many things to see
found inside your mind.

An aging person
carries knowledge good and bad
found through their lifestyle.

With wandering minds
comes an elusion of life
transfixed on changes.

Seeing with closed minds
will only find you blindness
found in your journey.

Afterlife’s belief
gives more hope for our future
so why not believe.

Looks within wrinkles
holds the passing of lifestyles
found in frowns and smiles.

Springtime is in sight
as wintertime fades from view
leaving only thoughts.

A snow dog seeks snow
in the midst of only rain,
but it keeps searching.

Tomorrows insight
could become your own downfall
expecting the worst.

Pieces of minutes
live on inside the future
as our memories.

Found in the silence
are words that might be heard
as that of actions.

Looking in mirrors
might show you what’s deep inside
that others don’t see.

Scenarios found
are sometimes just ideas
not founded by fact.

Links to another
might be just from perception
and not by the truth.

When someone prospers
there’s often a price that’s paid
by yet another.

Now’s enlightenment
could be due to yesterdays game
that cost you a lot.

When in a nightmare
let yourself to find a dream
inside a blessing.

Changes through each day
come as many surprises
some good and some bad.

With but a moment,
time can become a gateway
leading to teardrops.

Angers explosion
can make it hard to find peace
after it’s been done.

©By Bill Pearce
May 3,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
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