God Kept Us Safe


Hello my friends

How have ya been?  I guess ya might of kind of noticed
that I didn’t write anything last Sunday huh!  Well,  the
reason for that was that Judy I and the boys took a drive
down southbound to Texas Monday May 12th to see my
family and friends.  We had quite an eventful drive with
our little car and its age LOL.  We lost a cylinder in the
state of Massachusetts and had to drive the rest of the
way through the Appalachian mountains hehehe.   Our
little car struggled each of the up hill climbs with some
sputtering,  but it made it to its final destination Texas.
My mom gave us her car and she used our car for the
trade in so she could buy herself a new car.  The Nissan
dealer gave her 500 dollars for the trade in hehehehe.
Our little red 1995 Mazda is now headed for destinations
unknown.  I’m gonna sure miss that little car.  I’ve had
it for 19 years and it’s spent over 12 years getting Judy
and I where we needed to go.  It was sort of  like part
of our family :).  Yes I cried as I kissed its hood and
said goodbye to it :).  Many memories have been made
in that little red car.  Judy and I have made many trips
to Port Aransas in it,  not to mention all of my many
drives I took in it before Judy and I met and also the
many that we took together.  Yes,  I know it was only
a car,  but it was with us from the beginning and it was
the first brand new car I ever bought and it might be
the last.  Judy and I are now the proud owners of a
2009 Nissan Rogue that we’ve named the Phantom
due to its color hehehe.  My mom bought herself a
new one.  Now we’re a family of Rogues LOL.  Mom
has a bluish grey one and we have our phantom white.
We enjoyed our visit with the many that we were
able to see.  I’m sad that my sister couldn’t make it
to my moms house before we left.  She said she was
going to come up Friday May 16th,  but she couldn’t
make it and my side and back were killing me from
my sleeping on the roll about twin bed that my mom
had set up for me.  Judy slept on the one that was
stable.  Plus Milo was getting sick due to what we
think was homesick.  He couldn’t seem to find him
a place to light.  Every time we let him out to go to
the restroom,  he would start eating the grass which
most surely didn’t agree with him causing him to
gag and wheeze along with throwing the grass up
and yet still insisting on eating the mess.  He has
eaten grass up here before,  but it has never done
him that way.  I read up on reasons dogs eat grass
and found about 3 causes.  1- he has a tummy ache
and that is how they deal with it.  2- he is agitated
and bored or 3- He’s just acting out.  I think it was
the number 2 answer.  He was agitated and bored.
The grass must of been a different variety than
what he is able to handle.  He has no trouble with
ours.  We’ve seen a few times that he has eaten
a little and it didn’t make him sick.  Those times I
was pretty sure he had a tummy ache.  All though
I do know to keep an eye on him,  because while
eating grass he could get worms from the grass,
so I’m always watching how he’s eating.  His diet
will tell whether or not he has worms or not.  Yet,
for now,  he still eats and is always wanting treats
which we only give him and Benny on special times
of the day when they’ve been good LOL and yes
they are most of the times pretty good boys hehehe.
Anyways,  back to our visit!  My sister posted that
she was planning on coming up Tuesday the 20th,
but Judy and  had decided we needed to get back
home and take care of my back and side as well
as Milo,  but we would of stayed another day if
we had known that she was coming to see us.  I’m
sad that I didn’t get to see my sister.  I love you
Peggy and I wish now that we would of hung on for
another day so I could of seen ya and given you
a hug.  Hopefully,  Judy and I will make it down
another day,  but the drive shouldn’t be near as
stressful as it was when we were driving our old
Mazda that limped to Texas on 3 cylinders hehehe.
You never know,  but if we do once agin come to
Texas,  we will not be driving straight through none
stop as we did this time.  Hopefully we will be able
to afford to sleep in a motel and not just stop in
the rest areas to grab a few winks.  Believe me,
that was not very restful.  We made it to Texas in
2 days and made it back in 2 days hehehe.  Now
that’s driving!  While in Texas we got to see my
daughter Jamye and granddaughter Sami.  That
was great.  I even got to see my grandmother in
the nursing home.  She’s 106 years old.  It was
so great seeing her.  She remembered me and
my mom which is grandmothers daughter,  took
our picture.  Grandmother smiled real big.  She
was like a second mom to me.  We had a nice
visit.  I also got to see my good friends which are
too many to name,  but here are a few though.
Robin F and her daughters Rachel and Sarah
and their children,  David and Sheila E,  Jimmy
and Tina C with kids Alicia and Hailey,  Ron
and Mandy at Century Computers and Gilda
and Kathy at LongBranch Dental.  We also got
to visit our good friends at Whataburger Huey,
Meka and Marlene.  I’m sure I missed a few
such as friends at Vansickle Baptist Church,
but the list has to stop here or I’ll never finish
this journal LOL.  All in all,  Judy and I enjoyed
our visit.  We were sad to have to leave,  but
life goes on.  We hadn’t really decided a length
of time to stay  We thought we might stay until
Friday the 23rd,  but it just didn’t happen.  With
my side getting worse and Milo seeming to be
getting sicker and we were unable to watch him
24-7 to make sure he didn’t eat the grass agin.
Mom treated us to I-Hop, Glenda’s restaurant
and of course to Whataburger :).  Milo fell in
love with Robins little dog Ginger hehehehehe.
It seems that the feelings were mutual 🙂 being
Robin said that Ginger is still looking for him.
Yes Benny and Milo have been fixed hehehe,
but they still have feelings ya know :).  The
weather in Texas wasn’t to bad.  It was on the
cool side all the while we were there.  LOL I
think we may have brought a little bit of our
weather with us on our journey to Texas LOL.
I took 1000’s of pictures,  but was able to do
a bit of deleting of many repeats and blurry
pictures as well as pictures that were really
just of nothing hehehe.  I’ll put few of them in
the stationery so if you’re receiving this in the
stationery style you’ll see a bit of our trip down
south.  I’ll put a few more in next weeks journal
of our visit as well as many that I took on our
trip back home.  God kept us safe.  When our
little Mazda lost a cylinder we prayed that it
would continue on the journey and bring us safe
and sound to my moms house in Texas and
God held it together giving it the strength
that it needed to make each and every hill.
Our hills in life are often hard to climb,  but
with a little prayer,  you can find the strength
to overcome them.  We all have struggles,  but
through Christ we can withstand them.  No
the struggles will not just all go away.  Many of
our struggles are what that make us stronger.
Without a few struggles,  we remain weak and
do not grow,  so thank God for allowing those
struggles in our lives and for helping us when
we are too weak.  Don’t let your perceptions
of journeys lead you down bitter roads.  Find
the blessings in the miles.  Now I believe it’s
time for me to be taking a little trip on back
through all I’ve written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that I like
to always call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I believe
I may have found a good title and now after
checking I see that I haven’t used it as of yet.
So here goes nothing :).

God Kept Us Safe

Our southbound journey
far and wide
God kept us safe
along the ride.
He was there each
mile and more
to keep us safe
each opened door.
God kept us safe
as miles went by
with Hands of Love
that seemed to fly.
Our little car
fought every mile
to carry us
another while.
God kept us safe
and our car too
to let us see
our Texas view.
The Hands of God
are strong enough
to carry us
down roads so rough.
He saw our hearts
and climbed inside
to go along
our southbound ride.
Now we’re home
and safe and sound
but our old car’s
not around.
God let it find
a place to rest
in Texas soil
the very best.
So our journey
northbound way
had a better
day to day.
A better car
to bring us back
so safe and sound
a clickety clack.
God still holding
fast and tight
as our each day’s
found in sight.

©By Bill Pearce
May 25,  2014

Ok so it wasn’t one of my better poems hehehe.
I just thought I would write a poem about our lil
journey LOL.   I wrote another one about our
drive yesterday.  It’s a little better than this or
at least I think it is :).  No matter,  I hope you
liked this one at least a little bit.  We’re home
now safe and sound.  Benny and Milo hopped
out of the car excited to be home.  You could
tell that they were homesick.  Now they’re both
back to their old selves.  They’re lying in their
doggie beds in-between Judy and I right now.
So it’s time for me to hush and tell you what
I tell you every week and that is I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more
poems,  yet none Christmas this week hehehe.
I also wrote once again 22 more haiku for all
of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you find
a few of one or the other that you like.  Now
it’s time for me to be searching for that silly
off switch that may have gone in a coma while
we were away LOL,  but not before I wish
you a most blessed memorial day and God
filled week.  Ok,  so where are ya hiding at
ya silly off switch?  You’ve had over a week
to find a good hiding place.  Aw  come on now.
You can do better than that hehehe.  Hiding
behind my Mountain Dew can only says ya
wanna get caught hehehehehehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku.
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Miles of Road

Roads of milestones
gather true
to show us daily
greater view.
Miles of road are
found to be
with so many
sights to see.
Even bumpy
roads of time
have some pleasant
things to find.
Journeys blessings
are well found
miles of road
to sight and sound.
Scenes God’s given
every day
on miles of road
in every way.
Look and see the
journeys kiss
that so many
often miss.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24 2014

Dances of Dreams

Seasons remembered
of fishes in streams
are recollections of
dances of dreams.
Even the hillsides
of seasonal phase
the dances of dreams
are still in my gaze.
Found deep within me
those times I recall
are dances of dreams
from winter to fall.
Then that’s between them
is dancing around
spring then to summer
with dancing dreams found.
Glimmers of thought waves
roll then thereunto
as they go dancing
with each daily view.
Seasonal shadows
of dances of dreams
display their beauty
in many extremes.
Some found as mellow
and others not so
with dances of dreams
from raindrops to snow.
Even the clouds that
float over head
often are mellow
and then not instead.
The dances of dreams
are many times made
from what’s envisioned
as minds lemonade.
Sometimes as bitter
and sometimes real sweet
our dances of dreams
each daily accrete.
Let not the nightmares
of passed days affairs
to steal away dances
of dreams filled with prayers.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2014

Place In The Sun

As clouds billow onwards
the day is then done
found as a moments time
place in the sun.
Down on the ground are
shadows recruiting
a place in the sun
that daylight’s disputing.
Painted as morsels
with stories well told
a place in the sun
from young unto old.
Many find bitterness
others find joy
a place in the sun
that heavens employ.
God gives us chances
to better our gaze
a place in the sun
to our future days.
Pages are written
with seasonal hues
a place in the sun
from our daily views.
Look for the goodness
of windows of time
a place in the sun
that’s filled with divine.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2014

Dreaming The Mystery

Looking for magical
things clear to see
some are just found
dreaming the mystery.
Wonders so visional
from wanted ways
dreaming the mystery
brings its displays.
Often as wintertime’s
snow falling down
dreaming the mystery
lies on the ground.
Then thinking other
the raindrops will fall
landing on moments times
that dreams recall.
Dreaming the mystery
gives us a view
found as the chances
to see things brand new.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2014

Moon at Night

The glow I see
a ball of light
is that of joy
the moon at night.
It brightens hearts
as it shows true
the glow so big
and sometimes blue.
The scenes at night
are shadowed phase
the moon at night
which gives its gaze.
Times reflections
find their places
on the earthly
scenic faces.
Some as tree limbs
swaying around
the moon at night
that eyes have found.
The scene then changes
with its sight
to dawn of day
from moon at night.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2014

A Rhapsody

The words of many
are often heard
not so clearly
word for word.
A rhapsody
of times affairs
often says
our do’s and dares.
The words combined
into a phase
often gives
a bitter gaze.
So don’t let voice
to emulate
a rhapsody
that many hate.
You’ll find better
that ones hear
when you speak
words so sincere.
A rhapsody
not wrong but right
that’s found proud
to then recite.
Written essence
ones can find
a rhapsody
of peace of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2014

Mountain Roads

Travels southbound
mountain roads
found some patterns
bitter rose.
For with uphill
climbing true
our car sputtered
there and to.
It was gasping
for some air
on the mountain
roads up there.
It lost a leg
a cylinder
leaving three
to grunt and whir.
Our little car
then found the top
and coasted down
to never stop.
Soon the miles
had flattened flows
from the sight of
mountain roads.
Our red car then
found the end
Texas bound
around the bend.
Stopping then
within its way
to end its ride
from day to day.
It’s now found
to not return
to mountain roads
that twist and turn.
Another car
now surely goes
on those winding
mountain roads.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2014

Words Mistaken

Things we say
and show in sense
words mistaken
seem immense.
This and that
of then and there
words mistaken
Don’t let words to
be mistaken
that ones might just
then partaken.
Try to clearly
say so true
what you’re meaning
through and through.
Words mistaken
need to be
so ones can see.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2014

Lingering Warmth

Warmth of summer
comes each day
replacing coldness
winters way.
Lingering warmth
finds the night
after evenings
sunshine light.
Every moments
timeless hue
lingering warmth
is me and you.
Finding favor
in the window
things we see
a slight crescendo.
Lingering warmth
from sunny skies
fills the nights
with great surprise.
Starlight scenes
with beckoned hues
lingering warmth
conveys its views.
Summer sunny
skies find peace
lingering warmth
with slight release.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2014

Night Becomes Her

She looks with eyes
so dark and brown
and finds my eyes
a joyous sound.
Sweetest music
then displays
as her eyes find
future days.
Night becomes her
open eyes
as she fills me
with surprise.
Loving brown eyes
glimmer true
night becomes her
Each day dawning
she is seen
looking in
my eyes of green.
Night becomes her,
but she thrives
even as
the day arrives.
She’s my darling
honey pie
night becomes her
as blue sky.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2014

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce – Me 🙂

for May 24,  2014

Clouds accumulate
when they’re preparing to rain
or just decorate.

Life is a surprise
that makes many to ponder
just about the bad.

Looks can be hidden
behind a cloud of makeup
not showing the truth.

Forbidden pathways
can cause curiosity
and lead to trouble.

Morning comes shining
whether the sun shows or not,
so look for its signs.

Meaningless chatter
will often push ones away
for it’s waste of time.

Inside of nighttime
holds the imagination
that many dream of.

While standing alone
you create multiple sights
for ones to deduce.

Being too clingy
can cause ones suffocation
and push them away.

The storms of our lives
will often bring us lessons
that we can live by.

The sight of sunrise
brings glimmers of beginnings
with each breath we breathe.

Four paws found running
lay down a path of footprints
that tell where they’ve been.

A birds own echo
will be heard across the way
not showing its perch.

As minutes tick on
our future becomes our past
with no turning back.

Making decisions
needs you to accept the truth
and change if it’s bad.

Rooftops only leak
when it’s raining or snowing
so fix them before.

Looking for starlight
might first find a few glimmers
of distant planets.

Lingering footsteps
find a journey through turnstiles
leaving their imprint.

Beyond what we see
is a place we imagine
while seeking its truth.

Believing in God
needs be done without seeing,
for He is present.

Ventures of many
end up on long dusty trails
leading to nowhere.

Facing the wrong way
needs you to decide to change
and find the right path.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy

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